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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on GL
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Monday, July 27, 1998

When Blake admits that Ross shot her and adds that Ben could not have raped her, Frank orders Ross to come down to the station house because he's under arrest. Blake becomes hysterical when she learns that her husband has been arrested for attempted manslaughter and tells Holly that she can't remember what happened with Ben. After blasting Ben in the hospital corridor and threatening Frank with a lawsuit, Dinah threatens Blake and demands that she save Ross' life by lying to the police. Rick suggests to Holly that she let him and Abby take care of Blake's kids until she's able to do so herself. After she agrees, Hart warns her that he thinks Rick is going to try to gain permanent custody of his son. Sean reveals to Cassie that Ben was the attorney who put him in jail. He admits that he's going to have to exert pressure on Ben to get his name cleared. Thanks to Michael, the Spaulding lab goes up in flames after his bomb blows up, fatally injuring him as well. After it does so, Josh and a guilt-ridden Vicky try to save Michael's life. Vanessa rushes in and cries as she finds his bloody and bruised body lying amidst the smouldering lab rubble. However, he dies in her arms. Meanwhile, Alan orders his men to douse the fire so that they can find the cloning research files.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Due to coverage of the memorial service to the two officers killed in the recent shooting at the Capitol, Guiding Light was pre-empted.

Wednesday, July 29

by TV Guidel

Cassie complains to Sean about the senseless death of Michael. Dinah is thrilled to find Sean in Cassie's room and assumes that they are having an affair. Caught when she lies about being one of Cassie's long-time friends, she then rushes to find Hart to give him the news that Cassie is harboring a fugitive from the law. Finding her daughter refusing to eat and still traumatized by what happened, Holly tries to convince Blake to tell the police that Ben raped her. She warns her daughter that she will never get over it if she allows her relationship with Ben to become similar to her relationship to Roger. Harley's surprised when Selena stops by with a paste version of her engagement ring but tells her friend that she can't accept it. She admits that she wonders if she was telling herself something when she dropped the real ring down the garbage disposal. Emerging from the shower, Phillip places the paste ring on her third finger again and is completely fooled. After Selena leaves, Phillip talks about how Michael's quick decision to destroy the lab has affected some many people. He tries to get Harley to make some changes in her life before they get married by finding a new and safer place to run her business. When he offers to pay for the place, she refuses and goes on and on about how she doesn't want to start wearing designer clothes. She stops her ranting when her phony diamond falls out and he accidentally crushes it with his foot.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Sean accuses Dinah of trying to use him to stir up trouble for Cassie and Hart. She threatens to turn him in to the police, but he hands her the phone, calling her bluff.

Josh can't get a court order to get inside Alan Spaulding's house to reclaim Dolly, so he opts for another plan instead.

Alan spoils Dolly with silk sheets, expensive clothes, champagne, and maid service. He flatters her and promises to make her the most famous woman on earth.

Matt goes to Vanessa's office where she's grieving over Michael. She is determined to get some vindication for the man who saved her life. She blames Vicky for what happened, and despite Matt's view that it's really Alan who is to blame, she is determined to start by making Vicky pay. She intends to work at Spaulding in order to restore it's respectable good name, the one her father worked so hard to create.

Vicky and David have lunch. She confides in general terms how she lied and schemed to claw her way to the top. David confesses that he was hired by Josh to find out what she was up to at Spaulding.

Drew encourages Jessie to call the gallery owner who is genuinely interested in Jessie's art. She swears that the owner did not accept her bribe money. Jessie wants no part of it, believing it to be another of Drew's schemes.

In the midst of Alan's flattery, Dolly realizes that Alan is really interested in cloning Annie Dutton. The question that gave it away was: "Do you fall in love immediately with the man for whom you're created?" (This last question he asked while picking up a photograph of Annie.) At first she is suspicious of Alan's motives, but is later appeased by his promise of "the best of everything"..."bigger and better than what Reva has."

When Dinah calls the TV station to report Sean's whereabouts, she reveals her last name, causing Sean to hang up the phone and point out that they have a common enemy -- Ben Warren.

Beth drags Ben out to a restaurant to eat. Everyone stares, so Ben stands up and jokingly tells the crowd that the next round of fried cheese sticks are on him. Beth gives Ben the brutal truth -- that he played a significant role in Blake's shooting. Ben seems confident that no one will come between him and Blake now -- not even Sean McCullough. But Beth warns him against overconfidence, saying, "The last thing you need is a ghost from your past rising up to haunt you."

Vanessa receives some paperwork that sends her running to Alan's office.

Vicky's conscience drives her to quit working for Alan Spaulding.

Drew admits she wants to have sex with Jessie. Jessie tells her he's in a committed relationship with Michelle.

Dinah tells Sean she hates Ben Warren, who is the reason her father is behind bars. They swap stories of how they want to "bury that guy." But when Sean suggests they team up to establish a history of deceit, Dinah says, "Not in this lifetime, pal."

Reva bangs on Alan's door, pretending to be the clone. She tells Alan that Dolly is really Reva, sent by Josh to spy on him. When Alan gets confused by the two women, Josh runs in and grabs Dolly. While he's calling security, Vicky shows up and accuses him of criminal action. He turns it around on her, saying that he plans to hold her personally responsible for the recent financial loss at Spaulding. BUT...then Vanessa shows up! She says her digging turned up Vicky's real reason for coming to Springfield -- a secret that was so dangerous it resulted in Michael's death.

Back at home, Josh and Reva explain to Dolly how Alan was lying to her. They break the news to her of Michael's death, showing her a newspaper article as proof. Dolly is crushed to lose this man who created and raised her.

At show's end:

  • Dinah agrees to help Sean get back at Ben Warren, but only if Sean will "come on" to Cassie. He refuses, but she decides to help anyway.
  • When Alan tries to throw Vicky out, Vanessa says, "Oh, Alan, is that any way to treat family?...Alan, meet your niece."
  • Dolly grasps the meaning of death as she contemplates never seeing Michael again. She bursts into tears, sobbing, "It's all my fault. I killed him. I did. I killed him."

  • Friday, July 31, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

    Dolly shared her memories of Michael with Josh and Reva and told them that she will never fit in with society. She blamed Michael's death on herself and believes that she is the key in preventing Alan from hurting them. Marah and Shayne run in and ask Reva when Dolly is going to leave so that they could go on their family vacation. Unaware that Dolly was listening in, they are told that they will just have to be patient -- not only for their vacation, but for the wedding as well. Josh also looked into the past and remembered how Dolly grew up. After hearing their conversation, Dolly decided to make things right and took a big gulp of the aging formula!

    At the Spaulding residence, Alan was shocked to hear that Vicki is his niece, but thinks that she is simply a con-artist trying to make some money. Even if she is who she says she is, Alan lets her know that he won't be giving her a dime. After he orders to leave at once, Vicki told him that no one tosses her out of the house her grandfather built, not even his son! She also lets him know that she is there to claim what is hers, and that he can either move over gracefully or be prepared for what will happen. As she leaves, she tells Vanessa that she looks forward to working with her. Alan; however, attempted to fire Vanessa, but backed down when she threatened to bury him under bad publicity.

    Griffin visits Ross in jail with the bad news that his bail was denied. Apparently, Ben petitioned the court to withhold bail based on threats against his life. After Griffin apologized for not being able to help him out, Ross began to regret not pulling the trigger again and killing Ben.

    Ben visited Blake and told her that he would stand by her until the end. His visit is cut short by Detective Teri DiMarco, who will be investigating the case. After she agreed to try, she remembered Ben stopping by to give her the pin and that she had the feeling he was there for something else. Slowly, she began to remember fragments of what had happened and realizes that they had made love. Just as she told Teri that she remembered it all, Ben walked into the room.

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