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Monday, July 27, 1998

Giselle Fernandez (a real reporter in real vs. reel life) is speaking about the earthquake and the damage caused to Sunset Beach and how it appears to be random throughout the community. As Giselle is reporting another quake hits. She takes cover under her desk as the building collapses around her.

Meg embraces Hank and Joan as Ben and Tim look on breathing a sign of relief at having found her. Dana is not with them. Meg begs Ben to help get Dana out, but she hesitates at accepting Ben's help. "Grab my hand," he begs her. "You'll be safe." Dana gives Ben her hand as she moves forward, inching toward him. Dana is fighting Ben as the second quake hits; pulling away from his hand, crying, as he implores her to come toward him. The building collapses. Hank is hit with pipes. Hank appears to be hurt. A paramedic is there (pretty quick timing) administering to him. Meg reminds everyone that Dana is still in trapped as Hank is taken to the hospital. As Hank is rushed in for care Joan and Meg are steps behind him...Joan seemingly falling apart. First the loss of the farm and now this--Meg holds her mother close as she cries for her father's recovery. Tim and the paramedic try to get Dana but the paramedic chickens out; afraid another shock will come and he too will be trapped. Tim is furious and continues attempting to release her; free her, by himself. Joan is as Meg tries to calm her with a story about an incident in Kansas causing them both to laugh and cry as they wait to hear of Hank's fate. Ben tries to tell Meg this is not her fault as she blames herself for her father's condition. "If I had not moved to Sunset Beach, if they didn't come here....." Ben drew her to him, hugging her close as they both wait to hear.

Gregory and Olivia are rushing to the hospital with Trey. Gregory loses control of the care and Olivia screams. The car crashes, Olivia screaming as the windshield shatters. Olivia and Gregory lay unconscious calls out her name. He lovingly wipes blood from her mouth and cries, "Oh God Olivia,no"as he holds her close and cries (this man is in love). "Wake up Olivia, damn it, your grandson needs you, I need you, Olivia WAKE UP, YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME.' as he holds her close. She begins to come out of it. "Its all right Olivia, I'm here....everything's going to be fine..." Olivia is having a dream. It is Gregory coming toward her (and very handsomely dressed, I might add) carrying Trey in his arms. He told her is aware he is the father; that he had a paternity test and he knows everything. He informs her (in the dream) Caitlin knows everything and wants them to raise Trey. He kisses her (in the dream). My precious baby she is she comes out of she comes to ..."my baby." Gregory has a question mark on his face...he wonders what she is talking about. Olivia is conscious and worried about the baby. Gregory reaches for the little guy and places him in his (moms) warm and loving hands. She seems ready to tell Gregory that he is the father. Olivia sees his tears "Were you frightened?" she asks, "Were you crying?" Gregory blames his tears on the 'dust.' He wants to know about "my baby, my baby.' -- wondering why she said those particular words. Gregory is wondering how Olivia could be so caring and so compassionate, risk her life for a baby-for Trey-yet so 'carelessly lose her own baby with her behavior -- like two people.." "No, just one," she smiles at him. She begins...she begins to tell Gregory, "Trey" she says, then becomes frightened; Trey isn't breathing!

Annie, AJ, and Leo fall to the floor as another quake hits, appearing to land on top of Lourdes, the maid. AJ is calling out for Leo, his son. He spots him on the floor, unconscious, but he is soon revived and seems to be okay. AJ embraces him, and it is clear that this boy means a great deal to him. Annie, spitting out dust, remarks, This is really getting old." She tries to get up as she pushes at Lourdes nearby. "Get up, Lourdes," she hisses, screaming. "Lourdes NOW." Lourdes isn't listening. "'HELP" Annie screams "somebody HELP.?AJ find Annie and Lourdes. Lourdes is dead. "May she rest in peace," AJ said as he carried her away. Annie feels that its her fault. She thinks Lourdes saved her life by protecting her. In any case she is stuck under debris as Leo and AJ frantically seek to see her. Annie and Cole are waiting for AJ and whatever plan he has to free her from under the mass of boards and debris she is under. Cole is mentioned and Leo, knowing nothing of 'this Cole,'' asks Annie who this is. She looks at him, aghast he doesn't know about his own brother (actually his half brother). Leo doesn't believe Annie when she told him about Cole. "Dad never said anything;" --AJ comes into the room and Leo confronts him with a picture of Cole; "Who is this guy ?" AJ doesn't look too happy....gulp.

Tyus and Michael have found Virginia and Vanessa, and they are just getting their bearings when the second quake hits Michael covers Vanessa's body with his own as he tries to shield her from the falling debris. They both are knocked down. Michael appears to be hurt. Tyus and Virginia seem to be okay and go to help Michael and Virginia. Virginia cries out, "There is a gas leak," as Tyus tries to grab a hold of her "we've got to get out of here," he bellows but Virginia won't go without Michael. Vanessa finds Michael under some rubble and as they are all moving towards getting out of there an explosion is seen. Michael's body is covering Vanessa. They are ok; they are alive but there are somewhere in the bottom level of the hospital Michael looks at her with such love in his eyes ,"I thought I'd ever see you again but here you are. I love you Vanessa heart - I thought I 'd never see you again." Michael appears not to notice anything but Vanessa's heart and the soul he fell in love with. He holds her tight. They are concerned about Tyus and Virginia; and hope they got out before the explosion and are able to send help. Of course they want someone to rescue them, and this is not the reunion Michael wished for, but nevertheless he is obviously so happy to have Vanessa in his arms it seems almost where they are. Vanessa looks deep into Michael's eyes as they wait for help. "If it were up to me, you would never have seen my face again," Vanessa is looking at him and is stunned that Michael is so forgiving; and he doesn't seem repulsed by the sight of her.. "There is so much you don't know and it's time I told you everything." She is unaware, of course , Michael already knows everything. As Vanessa begins the tale of Martin's Syndrome Michael lets her know he is aware of all of it. "Your soul is more alive than anyone I know" ..she is crying...she is so full of love for this man. Michael takes her in his arms and kisses her long and hard. Now this is a kiss!! They hear sirens...will they be saved? Tyus grabs his bag with the 'cure' as he searches for Virginia but before long he collapses obviously hurt from the explosion. The firemen are there, they see Virginia, they see Tyus--they think no one else is in the building. The cure in Tyus' medical bag is left there on the floor. Tim has broken through, he is with Dana; she is crying; she shies a way from him-as if she thinks he will hit her. Vanessa's heart and the soul he fell in love with. He holds her tight. They are concerned about Tyus and Virginia; and hope they got out before the explosion and are able to send help. Of course they want someone to rescue them, and this is not the reunion Michael wished for, but nevertheless he is obviously so happy to have Vanessa in his arms it seems almost where they are. Vanessa looks deep into Michael's eyes as they wait for help. "If it were up to me, you would never have seen my face again," Vanessa says and is stunned that Michael is so forgiving. "There is so much you don't know and it's time I told you everything." She is unaware, of course , Michael knows everything. Tyus grabs his bag with the 'cure' as he searches for Virginia but before long he collapses obviously hurt from the explosion.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Sara overhears Amy gossiping about her and the Congressman. As she is feeling awkward, Casey walks up and told her that she looks beautiful. Sara and Casey dance to Beach Boys' Little Surfer Girl.

Gabi and Ricardo are standing at the railing. Ricardo told Gabi a story about Andromeda while they look at the stars. Ricardo and Gabi dance on the deck. They kiss.

Antonio is standing, looking at a statue. Philip walks up and asks him about the statue, his donation. "How much do you think my donation will bring in, padre?" Antonio replies, "Now it all makes sense. " Philip tells Antonio that he underwrote the entire charity cruise. Antonio says, "To what end?" "I'm supporting your philanthropic work, both here and back in Mexico." When Antonio implies that Philip is lying, Philip says, "Religious rhetoric doesn't suit you, Antonio." When Philip mentions all that Rosario gave him and Francesca, Antonio says, "Rosario didn't give you anything. You took." "With your blessing, Father. Remember?" Antonio says "I have paid for my mistakes. Have you?" to Philip. Antonio says that he was tricked by Philip. Philip says that the Mexican police have a long memory and so do the people of Rosario.

Leo is asking A.J. about who Cole is. Annie overhears the questions. A.J. told him that Cole is his first son. A. J. told him that he didn't know about Cole until just recently. Then he proceeds to recount the story. A.J. is upset with Annie for telling him about Cole. She says that she is just pinned down and did not know that he did not know. A. J. told Leo that he was not planning on keeping it a secret, but did not want to tell him in a phone call and did not know that he was coming to Sunset Beach. Leo wants to know how many other brothers and sisters he has out there. Leo storms out. A.J. follows him. Annie tries to remind them that she is still trapped. A.J. returned and warns Annie that if he loses his son because of her, she will pay. Leo comes back with a shovel to help get Annie out.

Cole and Caitlin are kissing when there is a knock at the door and someone delivers a package. Caitlin opens it and thinks that it is from Cole. It is a bracelet. Cole flashes back to a scene where he says something to Francesca about how she always wears her bracelet. He suspects that the bracelet is a present from Francesca. Caitlin says that she knows that the bracelet is from him, but Cole denies it. Cole goes to visit Francesca to find out what is going on. Francesca tells him that walking in on Cole and Caitlin making love earlier was not something that she meant to do. "I don't want anything from you." "No, then why did you send this to my wife?" Francesca looks puzzled. She says that the bracelet looks similar to hers, but she has never seen this one before. Cole suspects that Philip sent the bracelet to Caitlin. He rushes out to find Philip. Francesca calls after him that he has no idea how dangerous Philip is.

Bette does her Queen of the Night bit on Francesca. She wants to find a dress of Francesca's that Emily can wear. Francesca gives her a dress for Emily and Bette promises to say nice things about her in her column.

Melinda talks to her cameraman until he leaves her because his stomach can't take what he sees Melinda pulling. Melinda walks up to Sara. Melinda starts to cry in a phony way and told Sara that she is ashamed. She gives her a package that she says she hopes will make things right. She says that it contains the tape of their fight. She says that she will send an email to her publisher saying that she does not want to continue. Casey reminds her that even if she was sincere, the connection to shore is not available. She invites Sara to her room. She walks away. Back in her room Melinda told her cameraman that she wishes he had taped her encounter with Sara. Then she prepares drinks for them saying that they will never know what hit them.

Sean and Emily discuss how she has never met Bette. Emily says she almost met her, she talked to her through the door of the changing room. Amy walks up to them and lays a few more insults on Emily. Emily realizes that Amy is the one who ruined her dress. Amy says that the situation reminds her of something she learned in psych class about people who need attention doing creepy things to themselves. Sean leaves to check on Cole and Caitlin. Emily went to see Casey about her lifeguard shift.

Bette talks to Antonio about Francesca letting her have a dress to give to Emily. Antonio says that he knows Francesca. Bette wants more information, but Antonio says that he doesn't know them very well and walks away.

A seismologist on shore is on the phone telling someone that the latest quake was off shore.

Sean walks up to Emily wearing other clothes and hands her the dress from Francesca. Emily is pleased. Sean told her that it was Bette's doing. Amy looks on, unhappy.

Cole reaches A.J. on deck and told him that he is sick of his little games and wants to know what Phillip wants with him.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

As the cruise continues down the coast of California, Cole angrily demands to know what game Phillip has been playing. At South Bay General, Joan and Meg learn that Hank's head injury requires a special machine which was damaged in the quake. After Trey stops breathing, Gregory gives the infant mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while Olivia frantically prays for a miracle. A bristling Antonio faces off with Francesca. The Neptune's captain invites Ricardo down below for a tour of the boat's inner workings. Clutching Trey, Olivia thanks Gregory for saving their "grandson's" life. Tim gently coaxes "Dana" to let him lead her to safety. Fearing an explosion, Gregory tries to extricate Olivia but discovers that her leg is pinned. Antonio reminds Francesca that God knows the truth about how she and her husband tricked him into helping them steal Rosario's most prized possession. Ben decides to take the Liberty Corporation's helicopter up to San Francisco to fetch the medical equipment Hank needs. Finally able to free Olivia, Gregory declares his love to his startled ex. Meg persuades "Dana" to come stay with her at Ben's house.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Annie, A.J., and Leo walk into South Bay General Hospital. Leo talks about how he just found out that he has a brother and a nephew. He also wants to know how Olivia fits into this. A.J. told him that he and Olivia share a grandson. And, Leo wonders why they can't tell each other everything like in the past?

Olivia tries not to tell a doctor that she is Trey's mother, but someone needs to sign the medical release in case he needs surgery, so she tells him that she is his mother. Gregory and Annie both overhear her. Annie tries to tell Gregory that Olivia said that she is Trey's mother because she is still disturbed by losing her baby. Gregory told Olivia that what she did, telling the doctor that she is Trey's mother, is wise because now they can make the decisions about Trey, and not have to wait until they can contact Caitlin.

Seismologists discuss a tidal wave that is headed for Sunset Beach.

Sara and Casey discuss Melinda. Casey does not believe that Melinda is sincere. He is not even sure that the tape she gave Sara is really the tape that she secretly recorded. Casey told Sara that he cares about her.

Emily walks up to Sean and thanks him for getting her the new dress. Sean told her to thank Bette. Amy told Brad that Emily is going to be sorry if she does not leave Sean alone. Amy walks up to Emily and tells her that she knows that Emily wants Sean for his money. Emily says that it is clear that, even though she is with Brad, Amy wants Sean. Emily told her that she and Sean are just friends.

Gabby asks Caitlin about Francesca. Caitlin says that she is a friend of Cole. Gabby asks her about Francesca's connection to Father Antonio. Caitlin told her that Father Antonio and Francesca met in Mexico. Then Caitlin leaves and Antonio walks up. Just as Gabby is about to question him about Francesca, Ricardo walks up and invites her out on the deck. Gabby told Antonio that they need to talk later.

Francesca walks up to a door and overhears her husband talking about his plan to kill Cole. Just then Cole walks up and told her that they have to talk. Cole wants to know why Philip considers him to be a threat. Francesca says that it is not her doing. Cole wants to know how far Philip is going to go to screw up his life. Francesca told Cole to stay away from Philip and from her. Cole told her that if Philip tries anything, he is a dead man. Then , he walks away. As he disappears down the hall, Francesca says softly that it is Cole who is the dead man.

Bette asks someone where his boss, the captain of the ship, Captain Nelson is. She told him that she is on official business as Queen of the Night. He leads her toward him.

Ricardo and Gabby walk up to Sara and Casey and Ricardo told them that the ship's radio is out. Ricardo and Casey leave. Gabby questions Sara about her relationship with Casey. She says that they are just friends. Gabby says that it appears that they are more than just friends. Sara admits that she does have feelings for him.

Bette walks up to Cole and Caitlin with Captain Nelson. They discuss the radio. The captain says that they are headed back to shore. They will be there in a couple of hours.

The seismologists continue to monitor the tidal wave.

In their stateroom Francesca and Philip discuss their encounters with Antonio. They discuss how they went to Rosario and Francesca tempted Antonio. But, he took his vow of celibacy very seriously. Francesca apologizes for how she has acted on the trip. Philip says that it is because of Cole's presence. Francesca told him that she doesn't know why he is so hung up on Cole. She prefers her life with Philip to anything that Cole could offer. They kiss.

With Olivia listening, Annie told Gregory about how she fell on Lourdes and Lourdes died. Olivia asks about A.J.'s condition, showing much concern for his welfare. Gregory listens, then turns and kisses Annie, telling her how relieved he is that Annie survived.

Emily and Sean walk on the deck and Sean mentions seeing Emily talking to Amy downstairs. Emily told him that she now knows what Amy's problem is. "She is jealous. She actually thinks that there is something going on between you and me. The joke is on her, because you and I are just friends." "Are we?"

Bette and Capt. James Nelson dance. Bette asks him if he is married. She wants to get better acquainted. He directs her to Ricardo for whatever she needs and walks away. Bette mutters to herself "except a warm body." He overhears her and says that she should have told him what she wanted. Then he invites her to his stateroom later.

Gabby talks to Cole and asks him about Francesca. She told him that Francesca looks dangerous.

In bed in their stateroom, Philip and Francesca have just made love. He talks about a new beginning for them. Then he starts to get up to do something that won't take long. She asks him not to leave. .

Melinda hears a knock on her stateroom door. She says "Sara, you are so predictable." And opens the door to let Sara and Casey come in. Melinda shows them the email to her publishers that she is waiting to send. Casey comments on her willingness to walk away from all that money. While he comments, Sara gives him a nudge, as if to say "Don't bring that up." Melinda says that she understands Casey's concerns. She tells them that she wants them both there when she sends the post. Then she suggests making a toast while they wait and offers them drug-laced drinks.

A.J. hugs Leo and told him that he has no secrets from him. A. J. says that the reason Leo did not know about Cole is because he himself only just recently found out. Leo says "Well, I guess I'll meet him soon enough." When A. J. told him that he wants him on the first flight to Europe after the airport reopens, Leo says "No way, Dad, not until I meet my brother."

Cole asks Antonio how he knows Francesca Vargas. Antonio told him that it is none of his business. Cole says that the Vargases are bad news. Antonio says, "Don't worry, my association with the Vargases ended a long time ago." Cole told him that Gabby is concerned. Antonio says to tell her thanks for her concern, but there is no need. Cole told him that the Vargases are twisted people and he doesn't want to see a nice guy like Antonio get mixed up with them. Kurt is observing and looking at his watch.

Francesca reaches from the bed for Philip and asks him not to leave. She promises him that things will be even better in the future. He accuses her of knowing his plan. "What are you talking about?" "You still love him this much."

Emily asks Sean to confirm that they are friends. He says, "Why do you think I entered training? Why do you think that I came on this stupid cruise?" "I had no idea that you felt that way about me?" "How do you feel about me?" "Pretty much the same." They kiss.

Annie told Olivia that she knows why Olivia told the doctor that Trey is her child. "You'd better be darned happy that Gregory thought it was a ploy." Olivia doesn't think that she can keep this secret. "You had no right to take Trey from me and give him to Caitlin."

Caitlin and Cole dance. He gets a note from Antonio asking him to meet him in the auction room.

When Francesca tries to get Philip to stop his plan, he throws her against the wall and she is knocked unconscious.

Melinda talks Sara into having a glass of wine.

Bette interrupts Sean and Emily's kiss on deck. Then she discovers that Emily is her daughter!

Gregory watches as Olivia and A.J. greet each other with an embrace. Then a doctor told them all that Trey may not be all rig ht.

The seismologists continue to worry about the tidal wave.

Gabby runs into Antonio. She says that she knows that something is going on. He told her that she is right.

Cole walks into the room to meet Antonio and finds Philip with a gun pointed at him.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Bette's reunion with her daughter proves to be an awkward one when Emily reveals that she's been in town for more than a month. Melinda proposes a toast to forgiveness but is disappointed when Casey refuses to drink on the grounds that he's still technically pulling lifeguard duty. Pointing the gun at Cole, Phillip promises his one-time rival he'll no longer be an obstacle looming large in the Vargas' marriage. As Emily tearfully reminds her how much she missed having a real mom, Bette vows to make a fresh beginning but the girl insists it's too late to start over. Antonio told Gabi that Francesca and her husband are dangerous people. After Cole disarms him, Phillip picks up a nearby sword and the two begin to duel. Casey accuses Melinda of drugging the wine after Sara suddenly keels over. Francesca warns Caitlin that their husbands are on a deadly collision course. Casey tries to carry his friend to safety but realizes too late that his glass of water was also spiked with Valium. As the Neptune's radio is restored, the first mate is horrified to see an enormous tidal wave on the ship's sonar scope. Melinda and her photographer pose the unconscious Casey and Sara in a compromising position. As the tsunami hits, the Neptune's panicking passengers are engulfed in a massive wall of water.

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