Another World Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on AW

Marley vandalized Vicky and Jake's tree and blamed Cindy. Sophia broke things off with Matt when Matt agreed to marry Lila. Rachel returned to town. Josie learned Cameron was Gary's brother.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on AW
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Monday, July 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Sofia gets upset and runs away when she hears Matt tell Lila that she and the baby were more important to him than Sofia. Matt wants to chase after her, but Lila says he will never see her or their baby if he does. Matt makes it clear to her that he wants to marry her because it's the best thing for the baby, but that she will not stop him from seeing whoever he wants. Lila agrees to marry Matt and not to try to run away anymore. Then Matt leaves to find Sofia.

Sofia turns to Joe and Paulina in emotional agony, as Matt desperately tries to explain his actions. Matt told Sofia that the only way to protect his parental rights was to be married to Lila when the baby was born. He told her he still loves her, but Sofia declares that their relationship was over. Paulina urges Matt to let Sofia go, now that he has made his decision. If he truly loves her, the best thing he can do for her was to let her go.

Lila tears up the note she wrote for Matt and fantasizes about life as Mrs. Matthew Cory. Rachel comes home to find Lila in her bed waiting for Matt.

Jake and Vicky discover that their tree has been vandalized, and that their etching "VICKY + JAKE = 4EVER" has been chopped away. They speculate about who could have done the damage. They consider Cindy and Grant as people with motives, but do not suspect Marley, the true culprit.

Marley returns home to find Cindy extremely agitated after the phone call from Grant. Cindy questions why he asked for Marley. Marley explained that since it was a new number, he must have been calling for someone else. She calms Cindy down and sends her to sleep. Alone, she feels the guilt of what she has done to Jake and Vicky.

Vicky went to Marley's house and discovers wood chips on the floor. Marley makes up an excuse for them. Then Vicky told her about the incident with the tree, and Marley pretends to be shocked and asks who would do such a thing.

After Vicky leaves, Marley talks to Cindy about Grant. She told Cindy that if she talks into a tape recorder and says what she would like to tell Grant, her fear of Grant will eventually disappear and she will realize that she was a strong person. Cindy makes the recording, telling Grant that she hates him, that he hurt her, and that he will pay for what he's done to her.

At home, Vicky told Jake about the wood chips at Marley's house and says she thinks Marley may have been responsible for the damage to the tree. Jake defends Marley, saying she could never do something like that. The phone rings, but they let the machine answer. It was Marley, playing Cindy's tape that says "I hate you, you hurt me, and you will pay for what you've done to me."

Tuesday, July 2828th">

Rachel returns to Bay City and was annoyed to find Lila making herself at home in her bedroom. Felicia keeps a vigil beside Cass' hospital bed until he awakens. When Joe questions him about the assault, Cass told him about the threat Cameron issued just minutes before he was knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, at Cory, Amanda has to talk fast to convince Scott that she believes him to a trustworthy friend. Quizzed by Josie, Cameron insists he had nothing to do with the attack on Cass. Gary confides to Felicia his concern that he's alienated his wife by jeopardizing her career with his illegal antics. Matt explains to an appalled Rachel that he's become engaged to Lila but fully intends to cut her loose right after the baby was born. Josie takes Cameron's side when Joe interrogates him about the incident at Cory Publishing. Gary told Felicia he fears he and his kid brother both inherited the family curse of a violent temper. Lila laughs off Cass' warning that her future husband was dead broke.

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Wednesday, July 29, 1998

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Amanda asked Gary to find out everything he could on Cameron. She wants to know once and for all who was behind Carl's shooting. She was afraid for her daughter, as well as the rest of the family. Gary finally agreed to take the case. Amanda told Gary everything she knew about Cameron and begged for his confidentiality, especially from Josie.

After her meeting with Gary at Carlino's, Amanda phoned Scott to tell him she was on her way to Cory Publishing. Scott said he was on his way as well. Outside of Cameron's apartment building, Scott found a silver bracelet in the street.

Josie wanted to know how Cameron knew Gary and why Cameron hated Gary so much. Cameron insisted that he just wanted to be on the case and didn't want anyone else to be on the case. Josie knew better.

Paulina went to Sofia's apartment to tell her that Matt was marrying Lila. She wanted to get to Sofia before Lila did. Much to Paulina's surprise, she caught Remy and a shirtless Nick in an embrace. They quickly informed her that she was hugging him in appreciation for his help on the computer (he typed the chapters to Felicia's book that Remy was supposed to). Just then, Felicia arrived to collect the chapters. She was so impressed with Remy's typing that she gave her another batch of pages to type. Remy continued to hide her inability to type from Felicia.

Remy tried to get Nick to open up to her about Sofia. Nick tried to convince her that he was over Sofia. Remy didn't believe him.

Josie went to Cory Publishing to meet up with Joe while he was investigating the attack on Cass. Joe and Josie just knew Scott had something to do with it. Scott came in expressing his "concern." Just as he left, Josie noticed that her bracelet was missing. Scott knew that the bracelet he found was Josie's. Gary arrived at Cory Publishing only to find Amanda and Scott in each other's arms. From there, he went into the office where Josie and Joe were. He heard Josie mention Cameron's name. When he asked her to check him out in the computer, she got very defensive. She tried to cover her defensiveness when she realized she was obviously overreacting. While discussing Cameron, Gary found Cameron's note to Amanda in Josie's pocket. The note was a break up letter ending their relationship. No names were mentioned in the letter. Gary was suspicious. Scott informed Joe that he thinks that Josie was bedding Cameron and that she was not being very ethical. Joe was offended on her behalf.

At Carlino's, Paulina and Felicia discussed Nick and Remy and Matt and Sofia. Later, Nick joined Felicia followed by Remy (Paulina went into the kitchen). While they were chatting, Remy started screaming. She ran into the kitchen and dragged Paulina out. Just as Paulina, along with Nick and Felicia, demanded to know what she was doing, a loud noise came from the kitchen as they all screamed.

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Thursday, July 30, 1998

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Rachel expressed her concern about Matt marrying Lila. Matt assured her that he was only marrying Lila to make sure that he gets parental rights to Lila's baby.

Remy pulled Paulina out of the kitchen at the restaurant just before the ceiling collapsed. Nick quizzed her about how she knew that it was going to happen and she finally confessed that she has premonitions about the future. Remy's latest premonition was that Felicia was going to fire her unless she learned the typing program that Nick gave her.

Lila went to visit Cass in the hospital again. Cass tried to convince Lila that the Cory's have lost all of their money. It does no good. Lila leaves the hospital thinking that the Cory's are still loaded and that Cass just doesn't want her to marry Matt.

Gary accused Josie of having an affair after he found a note from Cameron meant for Amanda, breaking off Amanda and Cameron's relationship. Gary and Cameron finally met today, but no clue as to how they know each other.

Scott found Josie's charm bracelet (from Gary) and implied to Joe that something was going on between Josie and Cameron.

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Friday, July 3131st">

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

As Cameron and Josie share a friendly hug, Gary walks into the room. He attacks Cameron but then recognizes him. Gary reveals to Josie that Cameron was his brother. It was obvious that Gary has been harboring very negative feelings towards his brother.

Gary and Cameron argue, they obviously have a lot of anger towards each other about the past and they nearly come to blows. Josie, angry that neither one of them told her about the other, storms out of the room.

Gary and Cameron discuss the past. Gary says he's changed, but Cameron tells him that some things never change. Gary warns Cameron to stay away from him and his wife.

Rachel and Amanda discuss Cameron. Rachel warns her that she has to base her actions on what she knows rather than on what she feels. She advises Amanda to stay away from Cameron, but Amanda says it's too late to do that. Amanda told Rachel about the "evidence" that has been popping up against Cameron and that she thinks Scott was responsible for having planted it. Rachel agrees that Scott was up to something. Meanwhile, Scott breaks into Cass's office.

While discussing Scott, Amanda and Rachel piece together that the crest Scott has in his wallet was the Hutchins' family crest. Amanda says that when Cass asked Scott if he recognized it, he said he didn't. They now know he was lying... about his connection to Carl, about his resume, about so many things.

Scott finds what he was looking for in Cass's files, but was interrupted when Rachel arrives. He hides as she went through the files. She takes a file and leaves, but did not get the document Scott held on to.

Cameron and Amanda meet in the park and she tries to get answers out of him. He admits to her that his name was not really Frank Cameron, but Cameron Sinclair, Gary's brother. They argue and he leaves, but Amanda is confident that he'll be back.

Josie told Gary she's hurt because he doesn't trust her enough to tell her everything about his family and his past. Gary told Josie that Cameron was the biggest disappointment of his life. Gary said Cameron could have been a talented track star, that he had the potential to do anything, but he just went downhill like all the Sinclairs.

Jake and Vicky show the tape of Cindy's threats to Toni. They all agree that Cindy sounds unbalanced and dangerous, but they are not going to let her ruin their party. Grant shows up at the party to say he's looking for his wife.

Marley arranges the rental of a car and told Cindy that they are going out. Cindy was thrilled because she has been in the house for so long. Donna shows up and wants to take Marley to the party, but Marley insists that Donna leave and that she'll be there later. Marley begins to feel overwhelmed by her guilt over what she has done and what she was about to do. Her mirror self told her that both Donna and Vicky can see she was upset, and if she wants to get Jake, it's now or never.

Marley then calls Vicky to tell her that she can't come to the party because she was too afraid to leave the house and face everyone. Vicky insists on coming right over. Marley continues to struggle with her feelings of guilt and anger. When Vicky arrives, Marley was nearly hysterical. Vicky suggests that Marley go to sleep, but Marley insists she has to bring flowers to Michael's grave and that it must be done tonight. Vicky assures her that she will take care of it and leaves Marley to sleep.

Vicky leaves when she thinks Marley was asleep. However, she isn't, and Cindy asks her if she's still going to take her for that drive to help her remember.

Back at Vicky's house, Donna told Grant she's going to tell the truth, so that he can't control her anymore and so that Vicky will be safe.

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