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Monday, July 27, 1998

The minister starts the vows for Lucy and Kevin. Scott describes the scene for Serena. We get shots of the people in the church looking happy, and Ellen tearing up. Eve arrives in the back of the church causing everyone to whisper. Serena asks about the whispers and Scott told her it's because Eve has arrived late. The minister has L&K face the church and he asks if anyone knows any reason that they shouldn't be married. Eve knows, she walks up to the altar. Lucy told her to leave, but Eve shows her the pictures and told her they can do this in private or in front of everyone. Lucy apologizes to the crowd, and told them the organist knows some snappy tunes to amuse them. He breaks into "Freebird" (or maybe it's "Love Will Keep Us Together") Lucy, Eve, and Kevin go to the minister's office while everyone wonders what pictures Eve has. Victor told Mary he's only seen a wedding interrupted one before - in Barcelona and it involved guns.

Eve shows Kevin the pictures, Lucy told him she has to protect the ones she loves. Kevin confronts Lucy - she accuses Eve of using Kevin to get at her. Eve leaves to give them privacy, pausing outside the door, looking sad. Kevin tears into Lucy for lying to him. She says she was afraid to tell him the truth. Then she told him she did it so she could look like the hero but didn't know Eve would be so stupid to leave Serena alone in the car. Kevin sees this for the pathetic rationalization that it is. She told him she just wanted to protect Serena, but he doesn't see how lying to him protects Serena. She accurately describes herself as vain, impulsive, stubborn, and willful. He tells her he feels like he doesn't even know her. Lucy told Kevin she needs and loves him. They understand each other's frailties. He agrees, but says he always counted on the fact that she respected him and always told him the truth when it was important. She swears that she'll never lie again - he doesn't believe her. She told him she'd do anything at all for him - just say it. He tells her to let him walk out the door alone. She asks if that means he isn't going to marry her - he says he won't say that - but he will say he won't marry her today. He starts to leave, she tries to stop him. If asks if she was lying when she said she'd do anything for him. Lucy lets him go and breaks down in tears.

Outside, Scott asks Felicia and Mac what's going on. They don't know - Felicia wants to go see, Mac says they'll find them if they want help. Scott goes to see what's up and runs into Eve. He starts yelling at her - she tells him about the photos. Later, he went back to Serena, who is with Gail and Lee. He told her that they have to go and he'll call Gail later. They leave.

Mac stops Kevin on his way out. Kevin wishes them happiness. He tells them it just wasn't his and Lucy's day - Felicia went to check on her. Kevin announces to the church that he and Lucy have decided to postpone their wedding, but Mac and Felicia will still be getting married.

Lucy told Felicia that Eve told Kevin that Lucy lied to him. Felicia thinks he'll come around, but Lucy doesn't think so. In a Scarlett O'Hara move, Lucy pulls herself together. She says she'll get Kevin back - meanwhile, she has a maid of honor job to do! Lucy sends Felicia out to get Mac ready, then pauses at the door and takes off her veil, struggling to keep her emotions in check.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Eve visits Scott and Serena. Why did you stop Lucy and Kevin's wedding? Serena asks. Before Eve can answer, Scott told Serena that he and Eve need some "grown-up time" and that he'll take her into her playroom where she can listen to her headphones. When he returns, Scott starts yelling at Eve for ruining Lucy's wedding. You got the revenge that you wanted, he says. Only you did exactly what Lucy would've done. Eve tries to explain that she wasn't looking to clear her name, only that she wasn't as irresponsible as Scott had thought. Scott told her that now he blames both her and Lucy for taking chances with Serena's life. Eve apologizes again and points out that if Lucy hadn't siphoned her gas, she wouldn't have been stuck in the first place. He asks what she could've been thinking to leave a child alone in the car without supervision. I learned the hard way that I was wrong, Eve says. Not as hard as Serena, Scott replies. I can't take back what happened, but I've loved Serena since the first moment I met her. I would never want to hurt her, Eve says. She starts to leave but Scott stops her. I know you didn't mean to hurt Serena, he says. That almost sounds like forgiveness, Eve replies. It is, Scott says. But even though I care about you, I have to dedicate all my time and energy to Serena now. He told her that he wishes things could be different. So do I, Eve says as she walks out the door.

Joe and Karen talk about the wedding. Joe admits how moved he was by Mac and Felicia's ceremony and that it made him realize how important that kind of commitment is. Frank comes up to them and hears the details of Kevin and Lucy's failed wedding. Joe leaves to bring Neil the sweets he took from the reception. Frank asks Karen about Joe's attachment to Neil, and if it bothers her. She told him that she's happy that Neil can depend on Joe. Frank warns her about Courtney. Later, Joe asks Frank how he feels off of the DL56. Joe doesn't notice when a vial falls on the floor. Frank discreetly kicks it under a table and told him that he's never felt better. Joe told him how he thought Neil might have been his son, but that Courtney denied it.

At the lighthouse, Victor told Kevin that he should forgive Lucy and not let her get away. Lucy comes home, saying "Maybe I shouldn't have come, but this is my home and I didn't know where else to go." She tries to explain to Kevin what happened, but he can't get past the fact that she lied to him. She apologizes and asks what she can do. Nothing, Kevin replies. Your actions are something we both have to live with now. She says she will accept all responsibility for her actions. Okay, but not here, Kevin says. I want you to move out. Lucy tries to convince him to change his mind but to no avail. I begged you to stop scheming and trying to one-up Eve, Kevin says. I told you that you were putting Serena in the middle and you promised that you weren't going to do that anymore. But what I don't understand is how you can look me point blank in the eye and lie to me. Lucy tries to convince him that they can fix the broken trust between them. If you think this is fixable, then you really don't know what you've done, Kevin says. Scott will probably never let you near Serena again. Lucy gets hysterical and told him that she can't lose another baby. Our wedding was supposed to erase the memory of losing our baby one year ago today, she cries. We were going to create a miracle tonight. She walks out in tears, and starts packing. Kevin asks where she'll be staying. At the Port Charles Hotel, she responds. She starts to say something, but Kevin cuts her off. Don't make this any harder than it has to be, he says. I don't see how this could be any harder, Lucy says. She walks out the door as Kevin turns away in tears.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Kevin and Lucy were both miserable as they spent what was supposed to have been their wedding night apart and alone. Victor did everything he could to try and get Kevin to reach out to Lucy, but he refused. Victor told Kevin that Lucy's actions had been wrong but were not unforgivable. Victor then advised Kevin not to throw his love for Lucy away. Meanwhile, Lucy commiserated with Sigmund and feared that she had lost Kevin forever. Lucy was glad to see Victor when he showed up at her door and Victor said that Kevin was miserable without her. Back at the lighthouse, Kevin thought back to happy times with Lucy, but couldn't get over the fact that she had lied to him about Serena's accident. Joe and Karen reminisced about their shared childhood and ended up playing a game of Twister. Joe then gave Karen a box of Cracker Jacks and inside was a toy ring that they had traded back and forth when they were kids. Joe professed his love for Karen and then asked her to marry him. Karen accepted Joe's proposal and he slipped the Cracker Jack ring on her finger.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Lucy called Scott, who was home but let his answering machine pick up, and left a message begging him to let her try and explain what she had done. Scott then erased Lucy's message as Serena tried to make her way down the stairs. Before reaching the bottom, Serena asked Scott to carry her the rest of the way and he reluctantly did so. Lucy then arrived at the firehouse to speak to Scott in person. Scott didn't want to let Lucy in, but Serena insisted and then tried to get Scott and Lucy to make up. When Serena was out of the room, Scott refused to forgive Lucy and told her to stay out of his and Serena's lives. Later, Scott told Serena the truth about Lucy siphoning the gas out of Eve's car and Serena wondered if she would ever see Lucy again. Alone in her hotel room, Lucy began to sob uncontrollably. Joe and Karen told Frank, Julie and Courtney about their engagement. Frank and Julie were thrilled by the news but Courtney could barely hide her disappointment. Frank got more DL56 from Chris and narrowly escaped being caught injecting himself with it by Courtney. High on the drug, Frank then grabbed Courtney and kissed and she responded by slapping him. Meanwhile, an unknowing Joe, Karen and Julie discussed how happy they were that Frank had successfully been weaned off the drug.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning

Detective Garcia informs Julie that he has the results from the tests done on the letter she received from Cooper. The paper and copier ink were traced to a copy store in town where Julie is a regular customer. He believes Julie sent the letter herself. Garcia told Julie none of the other suspects look as good as her. She later yells at Matt over a lost file and says the whole town is full of idiots.

Kevin brought Serena a gift of clay. She says she can't use it because she can't see but Kevin told her she can feel the clay and see it with her imagination. Kevin later notices that Scott is doing almost everything for Serena. Scott says she isn't ready for her independence yet but Kevin told him that the only way she will regain her independence is if Scott lets her go. After Kevin has left Scott tries to get Serena to come down the stairs but she is afraid to try alone. When she becomes upset Scott went to her and holds her. He told her they are going to Canada on a fishing trip. Matt overhears Chris and Frank talking about DL56. Matt told Chris he is going to tell the Board. Frank later told Matt that Bennett Devlin is the one who got him hooked on the drug after his fall. He told Matt that he is off the drug now but Chris is trying to use the information to make money. He asks Matt to keep this between the two of them and Matt agrees.

Later Chris and Frank overhear a repairman say he has fixed the air conditioner in Matt's apartment but there are still a few minor electrical problems. He says everything works and he left the key under the mat. Frank and Chris agree they need to find a way to keep Matt quiet about what he knows.

Someone went into Matt's apartment, tampers with the wiring in the bathroom, then lays a button on the floor near the sink. While Kevin listens to the radio the killer calls the station and says he is tired of being ignored and it is time for someone to die.

Later, while Matt is showering, the light went out in the bathroom. Matt pulls the cord to the light over the bathroom sink. There is a bright flash and the lights blows. Matt then falls to the floor.

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