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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, July 27, 1998

Emily and Tom are in bed together. Emily starts to undress Tom and kiss on him. Tom opens his eyes and looks at her. He starts kissing her on the lips. They are going at it hot and heavy and the phone rings. It is Margo. Emily answers and Margo apologizes for calling so late and asks if Tom is still up? Emily tells Margo that Tom has had to much to drink and is passed out. Margo laughs hysterically. She says she will call tomorrow and hangs up the phone. Emily gets back to Tom, but to no avail. He is totally passed out. Emily is totally frustrated.

Margo is with Eddie at his place. They have been working hard to get the place cleaned up. Margo tells Eddie how proud she is of him and that Dina would be very pleased with him. Georgia knocks on the door and Eddie ask her what she is doing there. Georgia wants to know why Margo is there and Margo says it is time for her to leave. Eddie is not pleased about this. When Margo is gone, Georgia tells Eddie that he is a lot of trouble. He gives her a look as to what are you talking about. She says that the biker babe Lizzie will not like the redhead being there. Eddie tells her to mind her own business and Georgia says that she is only teasing him. She then asks Eddie if she can crash with him and he wants to know what is wrong with her digs on the Valletta? She says the boat makes her seasick. Eddie thinks that she doesn't want to be around Sam. Eddie tells her that she just needs to tell Sam that Georgia is her daughter.

Carly and Hal are in their bedroom and Hal starts to kiss Carly. She pushes him away and says she can't. Hal wants to know what the problem is. Something has changed and he wants to know what is wrong. Carly makes up a big lie and tells him that she knows that someday he will leave her. She doesn't feel worthy of his love. He tells her that no matter what, she is stuck with him.

After Jack and Brad have another fight, Brad goes to Camille. Camille tells him that the two brothers need to sit down and talk things out. Brad tells her that the doesn't understand. She tells him to explain. He tells her about before he came to Oakdale, he was involved with a rich, married women. And when her husband found out, he dragged Brad into court on phony embezzlement charges. The DA knew they were phony and got Brad off and told him to leave. Camille tells him that she is not without sin and tells him the story of Lew and how she was involved with a married man and being the mistress.

Back in Julia's hospital room, Jack is telling Julia about the night their father died and that Jack had hit him with a car. He tells that he keeps beating himself up because he wasn't there that night and if he was maybe his father wouldn't have been killed. Julia tells him he can't think that way. He says just like the night that she was hit, if he had been there to meet her that she would not have been on the dark road by herself. She tells him it is not his fault. Later, they have fallen asleep and Julia starts to dream. She dreams that someone is shaking her and telling her to wake up. She lets out a gasp and that wakes up Jack. Jack asks her what is the matter and she says that she was dreaming about the accident. Someone was shaking her, she smelled perfume. Jack asks was it a woman and Julia says yes. Jack calls Hal and tells him what Julia has remembered. With Carly standing next to Hal, he says "so it is a woman that hit Julia?"

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Tom and Emily are sitting in bed together, naked. Tom is trying to figure out what has happened and Emily is not helping. There is a knock on the door and Tom asks who is there and Margo says room service. Tom asks if they can come back and Margo tries to fake her voice but gives up and says come on you guys, you ruined my surprise. Tom and Emily look at each other in horror and start to scurry around the room putting on some clothes and making it look like someone has slept on the couch. When Margo enters she asks what took them so long. Tom and Emily are acting very sheepishly and Emily excuses herself to go to the pool and leave Margo and Tom alone. Margo tries to get Tom to eat some breakfast, but Tom says that he has a hangover and does not want anything to eat. Margo asks Tom why he is acting like he is and if he and Emily had a falling out. He says no and if she had come to New York with him like he asked, he wouldn't be feeling the way he is. He noticed that Margo has some paint on her hand, she lies and says that she was helping a friend do some painting. She tells him they have the whole day in New York and they can go do some sightseeing. Emily comes back in and Margo says that she is going to go rent one of those carriages for the day and leaves. When she is gone, Tom tries to apologize to Emily again and he tells her that he thought she was Margo. This makes her very mad and she doesn't want to talk about it and she leaves the room.

Holden, Lucinda, Sam and Kirk are all gathered around a table making plans to get rid of David. David walks up behind them and asked them what is going on. He tells them to congratulate him on his engagement, to Molly. He tells Sam and Kirk that Molly will become an influential part of the Falcon Club. Then he orders champagne for everyone and that is signal for all to leave.

Molly goes to visit Carly and tell her about her engagement. Carly has something bigger. She needs Molly to say that they were together on the night of July 20th. Molly wants to know why and Carly won't say. But, Molly won't just lie and Carly tells her about hitting Julia and that it was an accident. She is afraid that Jack won't believe her because they were fighting about Julia before the accident.

Jack and Julia are working on her trying to visualize the night the accident happen. Julia just can't remember anything else. Hal comes in and starts asking her questions. Jack tells him that she is tired because they had been working on it before he got there. Hal says that he is going to leave but if she remembers anything else to call immediately. As he is leaving, Julia says to wait something else came to her. There was a 4 in the license number. Hal leaves and the phone rings. It is Carly and she wants to know if Hal is still there and Jack tells her that he has left already. Carly asks if Julia is getting better and he tells her about the things that she has remembered so far. Carly says that isn't much to go on and Jack tells her it might be enough to catch the driver. Carly hangs up and drops her head and says oh my god, what am I going to do? She picks up her keys and heads out of the house.

Molly meets David at the Falcon Club and he has a great idea. Why doesn't she write about him in her next book. He asks her to run it by her publisher and she says no. She is not going to use the same publisher next time because this publisher let Lucinda butcher her last novel. She also tells him that the next book that she writes she wants it to be fiction, about nobody that she knows. This does not make David very happy. Later he calls her publisher and tells him that besides the differences that he and Molly had, she was still going to use him for her next novel. He says that they are not going to publish her anymore. Her last novel was trash and he only published her for a favor. David wants to know a favor for who? The publisher hangs up on him.

All the Hughes run out on Nancy for breakfast. She has fixed a very nice pancake breakfast for them. Kim comes back later and finds out that nobody stayed for breakfast. Later, Kim, Bob and Andy meet at the Falcon Club for lunch and discuss what they can do for Nancy to show how much they appreciate her.

Georgia asks Sam if she can have a few hours off. Sam tells her sure. Georgia tells Sam that it is her birthday, July 28th. Sam gets a little irate with Georgia and tells her to hurry back, they are trying to run a business. Kirk asks Sam why she jumped all over the kid, she just wanted a few hours off for her birthday. Sam says that it just reminded her of something and brushes it off. Later, when Georgia returns, Sam and Kirk have a birthday cake and sings happy birthday to her. Georgia is very happy. Eddie gives Georgia a present. Kirk pulls Sam aside and says that he has an idea to get rid of David. They will sink the Valletta, Titanic style.

Lucinda has a final job for Molly. She tells Molly that she is to go along with all the wedding plans with David and take it right up to the day they walk to the alter and she is to dump him.

Last scene of the day, Carly is sitting in her car. She is saying, come on Carly girl, hit it just right. She steps on the gas and hits a tree.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Brad and Camille arrive in Julia's room just as Jack is recounting how much he now knows about the driver-the partial license plate, the fact that the car was driven by a woman...A woman? Brad sputters. Then he's off the hook. When was Jack going to tell him this? You don't own me, Molly tells Lucinda. Lucinda tells her employee, either dump David at the altar or she'll tell David all about Molly working for her.

Sam and Kirk discuss his plan to "do a Titanic" on the Valetta as Molly's purse with the tape recorder listens in from the counter. Holden tells his in-laws that Lily is in tears and wants to come home, but Holden won't let her with David still around. They've got to get him out of town now, he warns. Susan and John get ready in the ER for a pregnant victim of a car accident. John is stunned to see that it's Carly they are wheeling in. The paramedic tells them it was a single-car accident, and according to an eyewitness, it looks like she tried to do it deliberately. John lectures Carly about harming the baby. Hal arrives and tells John to stop yelling at her and make sure the baby is okay. Carly smiles when Hal tells her he doesn't care about the car being messed up, just as long as she is okay.

Jack tells Camille she's a brave woman for letting Brad drive her, and leaves. Brad trails after him. Julia tells Camille that she's acting like a teenager with a crush over Jack. Brad and Jack argue in the corridor when Jack won't admit he was wrong. Brad is at least alive, he tells his brother, which is more than their father can say. Julia and Camille look on as Brad then leaves. Kirk tells Holden that he has a plan, but it's not fully formed. He tells Sam that they could be rid of David in a week. Molly agrees to Lucinda's terms, but her fingers are crossed under the table. Kirk and Sam accept when Kim asks them to host an 80th birthday party for Nancy on August 7th. Sam wants to have one last big celebration, then they'll close for repairs and sink it. It's the only way to get rid of David. Sam tells Holden she'll try to cheer Lily up by giving her niece a call.

Molly goes to the bar to retrieve her purse and tells Kim and Holden that yes it's true, she's engaged to David-and there's nothing either one of them can do to stop it. When Molly's away, David takes his tape recorder out of her purse. Ben talks to Valerie, the nurse who helped him with Julia, and reassures her that she won't get in trouble-it was all his doing. Ben and Bob exchange words about his not being allowed to testify at the committee meeting-it's his career that's on the line, Ben says, and storms out. Camille catches up to Brad and tells him that as long as he doesn't tell Jack the full story, Jack is going to believe what he wants to. Ben sees Camille comforting Brad.

Jack and Julia are talking in the hall when they see Susan treating Carly. Jack visits her as Julia looks on. He asks about the baby and then leaves. A frantic Molly arrives and quickly discerns that Carly did it on purpose. Julia tells Jack she was disturbed seeing Carly. Jack denies being concerned about Mrs. Munson. Jack promises-it's over with him and He admits to her that he was with Carly the night of the accident. David rewinds his tape recorder to find out what Holden said to Molly and instead hears Kirk and Sam's plot to down the boat.

A visibly hurt Julia listens as Jack tells her everything, about agreeing to take back Carly if she left Hal. Julia tells him that she's numb-she doesn't understand how he could be so hung up on someone else. He agrees to give her time. Molly tells Carly about Lucinda's order to dump David at the altar. She's going to get him out of town after the wedding-that way everybody will be happy, including David. David looks over at Kirk and Sam-when the boat goes down, they'll be going down with it, he promises.

Dr. Samuels has Carly admitted overnight for observation. Carly shoos Hal back to work. John and Susan head for Ben's hearing. Camille tells Ben about arranging a meeting with Aileen, the cancer survivor. Camille tells Ben he can leave and "go be a doctor". She talks to Aileen about her fears of being sterile after the chemo. Camille is relieved when Aileen suggests having some of her eggs frozen before she starts treatment.

Ben talks to a supportive Valerie about her testimony before the committee. The committee meeting includes Lucinda, Bob, Susan, John, and Dr. Samuels. Bob, John, and Lucinda all come out in support of Ben's actions. Outside, Ben rages on against Bob. Bob recommends that the hospital make a policy change so they can do the procedure legally-he'll only give Ben a talking to, because Ben has suffered enough. Ben bursts in on the committee meeting and before Bob can talk to him, he announces he's quitting.

David, pretending to be Kirk, takes out a new insurance policy on the Valetta, and hires someone to sink the ship in a week's time. Holden and Jack meet at the bar. Jack tells his cousin that he may have lost Julia for good by telling her about his meeting Carly. Julia remembers hearing Carly say "Oh God" as she leaned over her and realizes that Carly was the one who hit her. The orderly brings Julia her roommate-Carly. Julia tells her she knows she did it.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Julia lays into Carly and accuses her of trying to knock Julia off to have Jack all to herself. Carly can't deny Julia's facts and when her rationalizations and bribes don't work, she pleads with Julia not to turn her in for the baby's sake. Meanwhile, Jack is shocked when his investigation leads him to more and more clues that force him to conclude that Carly was the driver. Eddie is upset when he finds out Margo went to see Tom in New York. Georgia and Eddie act out what they want to say to Sam and "Lizzie" (Margo) to each other. Lucinda goes to the construction site to see Brad and they exchange barbs with each other. Bob tells Ben he shouldn't have blown up at the board and quit. Ben takes off and vents his frustration by lashing out at the Church construction site with a sledgehammer.

Friday, July 31

Eddie leaves to buy a present for Margo, whom Georgia terms his "biker babe." Margo and Tom arrive at the park for a picnic. Margo tells him to be honest-someone has been coming between them for a while, and they both know who it is. Lucinda tells Brad that she knows about his getting kicked out of Palm Beach-he was not "the brightest bulb in the chandelier," she tells him. Brad laughs when she calls him "just a gigolo," and tells her she didn't have to pay somebody to check into his past-he would've told her for free, had she asked.

Julia tells Carly she's off the hook-she doesn't have to be nice to Julia anymore. Carly wants to be sure Julia's not going to tell Jack. At headquarters Jack can only stare at the computer screen that has matched the prints from the crime scene to Carly's fingerprints, knowing she was the one that hit Julia. Hal wants to talk about any new leads Jack has, including the fingerprints lifted from the emergency call box. The lab must have run them through the computer by now, he says.

Eddie blows up at Georgia, who backs down and apologizes for having offended his "goddess." Eddie tells her she can't possibly understand what it is like to hate someone and then turn around and fall in love with them. He remembers buying a pin for Deena and wants to get Margo some nice jewelry with his first week's pay and tips. Georgia invites herself along-she's good at spending other people's money.

Julia packs up her stuff to check herself out. She tells Carly that Carly is just afraid of her, and she expends so much energy lying, it's a wonder she doesn't have to go through life with a scorecard. She's only concerned with knowing if Julia has called Jack or not, and she's going to make her wait to find out the answer to that question. Jack clears the screen of the fingerprints before Hal can see it. Brad tells "Luce" that he is not as he seems. Lucinda tells him that he destroyed a solid marriage. She wants to know one thing-is she the next designated target of his charms? Does she want to be? Brad answers.

Tom recovers quickly from his surprise when Margo tells him that the person who's been coming between them is Eddie. She tells him about her having given Eddie money for an apartment. She is relieved when Tom isn't upset. Eddie arrives with his present for Margo. Margo tells tom she's not complete without him and they embrace as Eddie watches.

La Walsh tells Brad that she doesn't like being taken advantage of. She hasn't been...yet, he tells her. He had to start over after being accused of embezzlement by his lover's husband. He tells her she doesn't have any right to ask him questions about his feelings for his ex-lover-he remembers how the two of them met, when Lucinda was "dancing with America's most wanted gangster." He tells her that underneath they're exactly alike-they can't resist people who challenge them.

Tom and Margo cuddle and Eddie runs away. Two thugs follow him. Hal calls Carly in her hospital room. She hangs up when she sees Jack in the doorway. He lets her flounder before shocking her by connecting her to Julia's accident. Emma senses Julia's upset-and by more than just the accident. Julia is bitter about how ideal she thought Oakdale would be, how simple, yet she's encountered someone who makes her want to leave. Emma commands her not to let anyone break her spirit. She wants to know what Carly did when they were in that hospital room to make Julia feel this way.

Jack castigates Carly for taking "selfishness" to new depths. Carly casts aspersions on Julia's saintliness, for telling Jack when she had promised not to to Carly. Jack is mystified, and sets her straight-he hasn't talked to Julia. Back at his apartment, Eddie is upset. The two thugs arrive at his door. He orders them out after they refer to themselves as Deena's friends. They want him to sell drugs for them, just like his mother did.

Brad kisses Lucinda, then after she leaves he tells himself, "that was easier than I thought it'd be." Jack tells Carly about the fingerprints. She tells him that the reason Julia agreed to keep quiet was mostly because of the baby. Carly says she knows she can't compete with Julia, and Jack says he can't compete with her either-she's the only one of the three of them to act with any humanity. A tearful Carly tells him she's sorry, she never wanted it to be like this. Neither did he, he says, then exits.

The thugs want Eddie to spy on Margo and her police co-workers. Eddie goes crazy when they tell him he's just like them. He attacks one of them, causing him to drop a vial, and the other pulls out a knife. Georgia comes in and Eddie screams at her to leave. She runs out and goes to Margo in the park. Margo hesitates and then comes along with her. The two thugs hold the knife to Eddie's throat.

Carly hears Hal, Jack, and Julia's voices scolding her in her head. She pulls the ringing phone out of the wall. On the other end Hal wonders where his wife is. She stares at herself in the mirror. Emma tells Julia that Jack bought a beat-up wicker chair and remodeled it-for Julia. He was going to surprise her with it. But even if he bought it, that doesn't mean he's over Carly, Julia murmurs. She feels a hand on her shoulder and turns around to face Jack.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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