One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on OLTL

Will and Roseanne arrived in Llanview. An angry Joey told Clint off. Sam blamed himself for Todd's condition. Todd woke up, but he was not himself. Dorian comforted Viki. Cassie set a trap. Todd stood on the hospital roof.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, July 27, 1998

Act One:

Scene One: (Todd's room at the hospital)

Dr. Lange speaks to a worried Téa about using the option of electro convulsive therapy to rouse Todd out of his catatonic state. They've already started antidepressants for him. A stunningly beautiful Carlotta comforts Téa, coming to her rescue by reminding Dr. Lange that this is a very difficult decision, and asks for some time for Téa to think about it. Dr. Lange understands and backs off, leaving the room. Téa looks as Todd, wishing he'd give her a sign. She turns into Carlotta's arms, so both of them miss it when Todd moves his hand.

Scene Two: (in an airplane headed for Llanview)

Will and Roseanne continue their bantering. Will is quite intrigued, but Roseanne is clearly *not* impressed with him. She doesn't want him to ever touch her, or lie to her. She won't reveal her name to him, but admits she's staying in Llanview for a while.

Scene Three: (Llanfair)

The new Mr. and Mrs. Clint Buchanan beam at the suddenly tense and extremely uncomfortable Buchanan clan. Joey's pretty angry. Kevin wishes them luck. Cassie refuses Lindsay's offer for help with her wedding. Viki struggles admirably to retain some shred of composure and dignity, and hopes Clint and Lin will be very happy.

Act Two:

Scene One: (hospital hallway)

Sam asks Blair if she accepted Max's proposal, and she admits that she's still considering it. They discuss how they got together while both on the rebound, and Blair asks Sam what he thinks she should do. "I think you should follow your heart," he easily replies. But what if that leads her down the aisle with Max?

Scene Two: (Club Indigo)

Max snaps shut the empty ring box. Bo is at the bar, and he and Max discuss Rachel, who decided to spend her last night out of jail alone. Bo relates that Hank and Nora are driving Rachel to Statesville tomorrow. The phone rings. It's for Bo. It's Asa. We get to witness Bo's disbelieving reaction to the news that Clint up and married Lindsay.

Scene Three: (Llanfair)

Asa is perfectly composed and apparently delighted with the prospect of having a new daughter-in-law. He is also the only one, besides Clint and Lindsay, who seems actually comfortable and happy. Viki bravely retains her thin veneer of happiness for Clint, while it is obvious to this viewer that she's falling apart inside. Joey is openly angry, won't listen to Kelly when she tries to calm him, but obeys Viki's command that he behave, for her sake. Kevin picks at and bites his nails, asking Lindsay if they've decided where they're going to "settle in." Lindsay puts Viki on the spot, asking her what her big announcement was that they interrupted. Viki looks panicked, but still courageously holds her fixed smile.

Act Three:

Scene One: (airplane)

Roseanne must be in the bathroom, and Will digs through her bag. He finds her wallet, and a picture of herself with a guy, but his face is cut out. He pockets the picture, puts her stuff away, and is able to feign sleep by the time she comes back to her seat. She looks gently amused, seeing him "sleeping."

Scene Two: (hospital hallway)

Blair is upset with the idea that Sam is going to accept whatever she decides. She admits that she doesn't know how to handle his understanding. He wants her to do what's best for her. "That's what you want?" "Yeah, that's what I want." There's a pause. "Fine." she says, distressed. She huffs off.

Scene Three: (Llanfair)

Viki flusters, on the spot, as everyone waits for her "big announcement." Kevin bites a thumb nail. Finally [and to my horror] she promotes Kevin! To "associate managing editor!" And then even tells him he's a "brilliant editor" (!) but also that he's not publisher, and she will stay firmly in charge of content. Everyone congratulates Kevin, of course, although Joey looks pretty disgusted. Cassie doesn't look all that happy. Uncomfortable tension still reigns supreme in the room. Everyone except Joey, Viki, Kelly, and Jess head to Club Indigo to celebrate. Joey asks Jess and Kelly to leave him alone to talk with his mom. Once alone, he confronts her with the way she's showing support for Clint's marriage, and vows to never forgive him for what he did to her.

Act Four:

Scene One: (Todd's room)

Sam sits alone with Todd, reiterating that he feels that he's to blame for Todd's condition because he pushed him too hard; he was only trying to get Todd to stop hurting himself and others. He goes on to tell Todd that he doesn't understand why anyone would could hurt a child, and that he would have been proud to have Todd as his son. Sam kisses Todd's forehead before leaving the room. Todd's right hand clutches the blanket.

Scene Two: (Club Indigo)

Max, Bo, and Nora briefly talk about how shocked they are at this sudden turn of events in the Buchanan family (re the marriage), when Asa, Renee, Clint, Lindsay, Kevin, and Cassie burst in to celebrate Clint's marriage and Kevin's promotion. Various private conversations commence. At the bar, Bo questions Clint about his decision. Clint firmly believes that he did the right thing, though he can't say he's in love with Lindsay. Nora responds to Lindsay's overtures of friendship by telling her that Viki will always have Clint's heart, and that the Buch's don't take kindly to gold diggers. Lindsay is unruffled. Cassie tells Kevin that she can't believe Clint would pass up a chance to work things out with a wonderful woman for a blonde he barely knows. Blair arrives, but hesitates when Max asks if she will marry him. Asa shares with Renee that he feels sorry for Viki tonight.

Scene Three: (Llanfair)

Viki still retains a firm hold on her façade of "happiness" for Clint, despite Joey's anger at Clint. Finally she points out that there's nothing she can do, but Joey encourages her to fight back. Joey confronts her directly, telling her he knows that her announcement was going to be that she was going to accept Clint's proposal.

Act Five:

Scene One: (airplane)

Roseanne takes out a voodoo doll and sticks some pins in it's face. Will asks what that's going to do to someone; Roseanne replies that he doesn't want to know.

Scene Two: (the diner!!)

Cris, Téa and Carlotta hang out at the counter. Téa and Carlotta tease Cris a bit about the beaded "letter" he had received from Roseanne. Téa complains that all she ever receives from her niece are cards at the holidays. They all reminisce about the times they all had together in New York, when Téa says Roseanne was crazy about Cris. Téa leaves, not wanting to lose any more people from her life.

Scene Three: (Llanfair)

Joey gets Viki to admit that he is right, that she was going to accept Clint's proposal. Viki believes that this sad state of affairs is nobody's fault but her own. Joey defends her again, and kindly hugs her when she cries.

Scene Four: (Club Indigo)

Asa toasts Clint and Lindsay, and Kevin's promotion. Max promises that he'd do *anything* for Blair, so she asks him to make Asa leave. Now. Cassie asks Kevin if he's sure he loves her. She doesn't want him to feel "guilted" into marrying her, since he took her away from her husband and son. Kevin insists that he loves her and there isn't a *thing* that can change it. Max talks to Asa, who, with Renee, immediately understands what the deal is. When Renee threatens him with no more honey glazed barbecue ribs, he relents and leaves. Blair's thoughtful.

Act Six:

Scene One: (Todd's room)

Téa tells Dr. Lange that she's decided to do the therapy. They leave to deal with the paperwork. As soon as the forms are finished, they can begin treatment. Todd blinks very slowly, and hard.

Scene Two: (airport/airplane)

Sam impatiently waits for Will's plane, which is hovering around the airport, waiting to land. In the plane, Roseanne gets fed up with Will. She stands to try to leave him, but the plane lurches and she's thrown breathlessly into his lap.

Scene Three: (Club Indigo)

Max asks Blair if, now that he's proved he'd do anything for her, if she'd consider taking a little time off with him. Lindsay and Clint chastely kiss goodbye as she leaves to meet Will.

Scene Four: (Todd's room)

Viki somberly enters Todd's room and sits quietly by his side.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

(Ed. note: Today will be Marcia's last recap for OLTL Online. She has been providing us with Tuesday recaps since last November and I would like to thank her for all of her hard work and wish her all the best. Thanks, Marcia!)

The airport:

Lindsay panics when she arrives at the airport and Will isn't there. When Sam explains that Will's plane is having trouble, Lindsay is glad because it gives her a chance to break the news to Sam that she has married Clint. Lindsay is hurt when Sam doesn't even act a little disappointed. She says that he could at least show some regret. Sam says that he regrets that everything turned out so bad and that "the promising sculptress I married turned out to be a very accomplished queen of high society." Lindsay wants to know how they should break the news to Will, then begins to berate him for choosing Blair over her. Sam informs Lindsay that Blair is wearing an engagement ring from Max, so she doesn't have to worry about Blair anymore. Sam says that it will be a very long time before he commits again because the two great loves of his life have taught him to be careful. But, what matters now is that they break the news to Will.

Up in the air, Will and Roseanne's plane suffers severe turbulence, but manages to make it through alright. Afterwards, she still evades all his attempts to find out her name. Will tells her that since he is forced to spend the summer in the burbs he'd like someone to hang out with. Roseanne tells him to hang out at the university with the other preppies.

Will and Roseanne get off the plane and he asks if he can drop her off. Roseanne tells him that she doesn't want him to know where to find her because "that would spoil the fun of the chase". Since he is going to be stuck in Llanview all summer, he can kill some time looking for her. She tells him her name and walks away as he stares longingly after her.

Lindsay and Sam welcome their son and hit him with the news that he has a step-parent. Will erroneously jumps to the conclusion that Sam married Blair. Sam corrects his son by telling him that Lindsay married Clint. Will is shocked, but manages to be happy for his mom.

The diner:

Jessica runs to Cristian and begs him to hold her as she tells him about Clint's marriage to Lindsay. Cris says that now the "cute guy in the photo" will be her stepbrother. Jessica says that she was never interested in Will. She just wanted to make him jealous since he is always so sure of everything. Cris admits that he is very nervous about getting the scholarship, but Jessica says that she has complete confidence in him.


As Viki comes downstairs to turn out the light she hears a noise. Kevin enters the living room through the patio. An obviously concerned Kevin hugs his heartbroken mother as she admits that while she is hurt, she'll survive. Viki and Kevin discuss how badly their relationship has gotten recently. Kevin admits that since the fire he has a whole new energy and drive that he finds hard to control. Viki says she understands that facing his own death has changed him. He apologizes for hurting her, but says that he has his beliefs and has to stand by them. Viki says she wouldn't want it any other way. Kevin states that they will probably never agree on Todd. It hurts him to see her support and forgive him the way she does. But Kevin also realizes that Viki shows Todd the same acceptance that she shows everyone else in her life. Viki assures Kevin that he will be getting the same love and acceptance from her that Todd gets.

Kevin asks Viki about his promotion and wonders if it was just a reaction to Clint's news. But Viki tells him that she had come to the decision because of a lot of thinking on her part. He will still have to answer to her, but hopefully with dialog they can reach decisions together. Kevin tells Viki that they had better start that dialog now, because he has showed copies of Todd's medical records to some experts and they have said that it is possible he is faking. Viki warns Kevin that there is so much more to Todd's story than he knows and he should leave it alone. Kevin asks what else is there to know about Todd and she says that she can't tell him. Kevin says that he will then have to find out Todd's story for himself. The two of them agree to disagree. Viki then asks Kevin about Cassie. He recounts Dorian's accusations. Viki tells him that if he has any doubts at all about marrying Cassie, then he shouldn't marry her.

Club Indigo:

Joey confronts Clint, who is sitting at the bar alone, by asking "Where the hell do you get off treating Mom the way you did?!" Clint tries to calm his younger son down, but Joey doesn't want any part of his apologies. Clint tries to explain that just because Viki wants to live her life without passion or sex doesn't mean that he has to. Joey points out that Clint could have had sex with Lindsay without marrying her, so why tie the knot? Joey wonders if the reason Clint married her is because she wouldn't sleep with him unless he did. Joey calls Lindsay "a snake who slithered into town, checked out the size of your bankbook and then went for it!" Clint screams at Joey for insulting his wife and asks if the reason that Joey is taking the news so hard is because watching Clint pine away for Viki made it easier for him to do the same with Kelly. Clint tells Joey to move on or else he's going to face a future filled with a lot of sad lonely nights. Joey says that he'd rather have that because Clint has settled for a future of people laughing at him behind his back. As Joey looks up, he sees Kelly standing in the door.

Kelly tries to make Joey see that whatever happens between Clint and Viki is between them. She also reminds him that Viki wouldn't want him at Clint's throat this way. Kelly and Joey are about to leave without saying goodbye to Clint, when he approaches Joey and apologizes again. Joey demands to know why Clint married Lindsay. Clint says that when Asa had his heart attack it was a wake up call that he had wasted a lot of years wanting someone who doesn't want him back and it has been a long time since he had the company of a woman. Lindsay wants him, Viki doesn't. Joey tells Clint that he is "even more stupid than I though you were!" If Clint is after hot sex, "then great, Dad! Go get it!" But Lindsay is only after his name and money. Clint tells Joey to lay off Lindsay. Joey tells Clint he should have taken his own advice. He then spills the beans that Viki was going to accept his proposal tonight. Clint stares at his son with a lock of shock on his face.

After Clint leaves, Joey and Kelly share a drink and he thanks her for being his friend.


After Kevin leaves Viki sees that she has another visitor--Clint.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Llanfair- Viki and Clint

Viki is looking at Clint's ring as they make idle chatter. She wonders aloud why he stopped by on his wedding night. Was it over concern for the children? Clint admits that no matter how old they get, you don't stop being a parent. Viki mentions Joey's rudeness to the newlyweds. Clint replies that Joey stopped by Indigo and had some choice words for his father's actions. But he understands that his son was being chivalrous toward his mother. Viki discusses Kevin's visit and that it went well. Clint says he could not help but notice Jessica's frozen smile. Viki is certain Jessie was just shocked, but she knows her daughter likes Lindsay and that all the kids are rock solid and will not be traumatized by the suddenness of the marriage. Clint has to admit that Joey knocked him for a loop with what he had to say. Does Viki know of any reason why he (Clint) should not have married Lindsay?

Viki says that like the children she was taken by surprise, but when you know it's right to marry, it can come quickly. Lindsay is lovely and Clint deserves happiness. Viki wanted to tell Lindsay that she hopes she appreciates the wonderful partner she married, but was afraid it would not sound appropriate. She asks Clint if he has met Lindsay's kids. Clint confirms that he met the boy, Will, and he is 18 and a handful. Viki laughs a little nervously and replies that their boys were a handful too. Clint adds that they still are in their own way, which gets him to Kevin and how surprised he was to learn she promoted their son to associate editor without talking it out with him first. Viki replies that she was going to include him in the decision, but when she came back from the cruise, he was in Las Vegas. They both agree on the really bad timing.

Clint decides to confront Viki point blank about the proposal. Before she left, he asked her to marry him and she turned him down, no ifs, whens or maybes. Somehow Joey got the idea that when Viki returned from the cruise she was going to accept the proposal. Clint asks Viki for the truth. Just why did Joey think that? Viki assures Clint that their son was just hoping too hard. Clint feels like the proposal was eons ago. Viki replies that a lot can happen in a short time. Clint says he wants to apologize for being pushy instead of having patience. He knows now that he gave her an ultimatum she might not have been ready for. Viki tells him that things happen for reason. Clint admits that he could not imagine a more perfect partner than her, but when she let's go, she lets go for good. Viki has had the rose clippers in her hand and she drops the rose from her hand. Clint is willing to pick it up, but Viki assures him she can do it for herself. She can't expect his help in the garden any more.

The Diner- Will, Sam, Jessica, Cris, and Téa

Jessica and Cris are kissing. Roseanne opens the door and watches for just a second and then she is gone. Jessica somehow feels her presence and she and Cris look for somewhere a little more private. They decide to go to his apartment.

Meanwhile Will comes in with Sam and they sit down. Sam is asking Will what he feels about his mother's marriage and about having a step family, but Will is sidestepping the issue When Téa comes in, she really gets his attention. Téa is glad to have found Sam. She is beginning to panic about her decision on Todd's treatment. Sam introduces Téa to his son and Will is intrigued by her looks. Will tells Téa that he figures he owes Todd something for giving Sam practice at being a Dad. He would like Téa to know that his friend's mother had shock treatments and the family was worried she would be toast, but everything turned out just fine. Téa confides to Sam she is worried that Todd will stop being Todd. Sam replies that he is worried that Todd will go on being Todd. Sam promises Téa he will be at the hospital in the morning to keep her company while the doctors administer the shocks to Todd.

When Téa leaves for the hospital, Will asks Sam why, seeing as Lindsay told him Todd is a lunatic, he would feel he has to watch over him. Sam admits he feels a sense of obligation because he knew Todd as a kid and he still thinks of him as one. Why? Is Will resentful? Will replies that Lindsay always said that Sam spent all his time saving his clients. So Todd is just one more rescue mission? Will wants to know if this need to rescue is the reason Lindsay and Sam broke up.

Cris' Apartment- Cris and Jessica

Cris can't get rolling on his submission for the scholarship. The canvas is still blank. Jessica says not to worry, he is just stuck and it happens to all creative people. Cris thinks that the scholarship may be out of reach and when Jessie goes to New York, he will not being accompanying her. Jessie says that she will just go to Llanview University for a year and then he will get his scholarship by next year and they will go together. Besides with her father marrying Sam's ex wife, Viki might need her attention. They begin to kiss passionately and before you know it they are horizontal on his table with Jessica on top of Cris. Then a siren goes off and Jessica pulls back. Cris tells her it is just the Angel Square Fire Department and they test the siren every night. Jessica makes some lame excuse and leaves.

Hospital-Kevin, Drew, Todd, Barbara

Drew is guarding Todd's door. Kevin tells him that he wants to see Todd. He just came from Llanfair and he want to talk on his mother behalf. Suddenly, there is a noise in the room and Drew and Kevin come bolting in. Drew has his gun draw, but lowers it when they see Todd lying as if nothing ever happened and the phone receiver dangling from its cord over the side of the end table.

Drew and Kevin believe that Todd is faking it. Drew gives Kevin permission to speak to Todd. Kevin tells Todd that he will have to come around soon or zip with the shocks. Of course he could make a full recovery tonight. Todd's sister's ex married Sam's ex and it would lift Viki's spirits if her brother called her. How many times has she done that for Todd? In fact she is willing to do for Todd more than what she would do for anyone else in the family. Kevin picks up the receiver and puts it to Todd's ear and asks him to call Viki and make her feel better. Barbara has been listening as Kevin tells Todd that he does not have to say he was faking it. He could have a miraculous recovery. Viki is pulling for him and he felt it. That's what he could say. Come on she is in agony and Todd has the power to change it and he won't do it. Kevin leaves the room in disgust and tells Barbara that he is through pleading with Todd. He would love to do the honors on the ECT and see Todd lose it. Viki believes in the guy, he would like her to see the truth and not get sucked in again. He can't let Todd do that to his mom again. Barbara has an idea.

Meanwhile Téa is at a pay phone picking up her voice mail. She is shocked to hear a message from Todd saying, "Téa, you got to help me". Téa runs like a bolt of lightning.

Diner- Will, Sam, Joey and Jessica

Sam says that whatever happened to his marriage had nothing to do with Will and his sister. Will has been hearing the party line since he was 13, now does Sam think he is grown up enough to hear the rest? Sam says he does not regret his marriage because he got two great kids out of it. He does regret not having come home to them every night for the last four years or so. Will asks him to tell him about the hot blonde bimbo he has been seeing. Sam says her name is Blair Cramer and that she is hot, blonde but not a bimbo. She had a prior emotional commitment and Sam chose not to get involved. Joey and Jessica walk in and Joey asks Sam why he did not give them the head up about his ex's marriage to their father. Sam tells him that he didn't know either. Will realizes these are two of his new step siblings and Jessica introduces Joey to Will. She knew him from Lindsay's picture of him.

Will asks Jessie if she was blown away and she admits she was surprised about their parent's wedding. Jessie asks why he was not here sooner. They gave him a welcoming party and he never showed up. Funny, Will remarks, none of this would have happened if I didn't delay my arrival. Clint and Lindsay came looking for him and then booked him on a flight for Llanview. There was only one seat so he went and they said they were going to see Wayne Newton. Sam asks if Will thinks this is his fault. Will says no, Lindsay looked happy. Jessie agreed so did Clint. Joey does not want to deal with Will. He says he is taking his sister home. Will sarcastically asks if Joey has a curfew. Joey replies, no but he has manners. After they leave Will asks Sam if his new step brother hates his guts. Sam replies that Joey doesn't know him yet. Then changes the subject to the dark haired beauty he saw Will with at the airport. Will wonders if Sam believes in love at first sight. He shows his father the picture he stole from Roseanne's wallet. Sam says he believes in the possibility and remarks on the guy she cut out of the picture. When Will mentions that the girl has a voodoo doll, Sam asks him he is sure that he wants to pursue this. Will says that he can take care of himself and Sam should stifle the dad talk. Getting in trouble doesn't stop people from falling in love.

Cris' apartment- Cris and Roseanne

Cris is frustrated by the lack of progress on the painting. Latin music is playing in the background as he closes his eyes and lays down. Suddenly a peacock feather tickles his face and he looks up and says Roseanne. Although they have not seen each other since they were 11, he knew her right away from her eyes and she says he looks the same. He still has that pouty mouth. Everyone in her apartment back home was surprised at how often her cousin wrote her, until recently. She looks at the empty canvass and says he mustn't have a model. He has always been so particular about his art. When he was a kid he stole his brothers bottle cap collection and made a collage. He wound up giving it to Abuellita for Christmas. Carlotta was so mad at him he had to buy a lot of sodas for Antonio. Cris begins to sketch Roseanne and asks her to sit still. She replies she is not a cocker spaniel. Cris laughs. She has too much fire in her eyes to be a puppy dog. She could never sit still and whether she got madder or gladder, there was always the fire in her eyes. Is she sure she wants to model for him. Roseanne replies haughtily that she never does what she doesn't want to do.

Llanfair-Joey, Jessica, Clint and Viki

Jessica and Joey discuss Will and Joey thinks that his sister is attracted to their new step brother. She replies that she is with Cris, but not the way Joey thinks. Why is love so confusing? Joey asks if she and Cris had a fight. No, Jessica replies, but things are different. Tonight it was deeper than anything, almost like drowning in not a bad way. The struggling stops and you give yourself over. Well, did she? No the fire whistle went off and she resurfaced and got her breath back. She made an excuse because she didn't want him to know what she was feeling. Joey says he believes she has crossed over from puppy love to grown up love. And Cris is a good guy and loves her like a grown up. Jessica thinks she should tell him what she is feeling right now. Joey get protective and says she is not going back now. Jessica accuses him of being like Dad, which does not sit well with Joey considering how he feels about their father right now. Jessica decides to stick around and find out what is going on with her mother. Just then Viki and Clint walk through the french doors from the garden. Viki hands Jessica the cut rose saying that she cut it by mistake because she could not see in the dark that it was alive.

Hospital-Drew, Kevin, Barbara, Todd, Téa

At first, Kevin does not want to listen to Barbara's idea. He has to go home to Cassie or she will be angry. Barbara replies that Cassie wasn't there when Kevin protected all the hostages from Todd. She noticed that Todd likes control and thinks they should give him a drug that will make him lose control. Kevin asks why she is willing to get involved. Barbara answers that she was in the wine cell too and it changed her. That's why she wants to help.

They go into Todd's room. While Barbara fills the syringe, Kevin plays his hand to get at the truth. He tells Todd that the syringe is filled with truth serum and that if he is catatonic it won't work, but if he is faking it , it will make him feel so good, he won't care about letting the cat out of the bag. He and Barbara and everyone else will be laughing at him. Maybe Todd thinks because he didn't pull the trigger at the lodge, that he won't pull the trigger on the needle. But he is wrong. When it comes to him, Kevin is not a nice guy. And if Todd thinks that someone here will help him, he better think whether he wants to risk that. Kevin tells Todd he can't fool him. He knows he is faking and then he asks Barbara to do the honors. Just as Barbara is about to inject Todd with the sodium pentothal, Téa comes running up to Todd's door. Drew tells her it is past visiting hours. She begs Drew saying that Todd called her to say he needed her. Drew says that is impossible and blocks the door. She screams, Todd! Todd!. Inside the room, Todd gets a happy look in his eyes and she softly calls Téa....Téa...

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Asa's House (Asa and Lindsay)

Lindsay paces the floor and waits for Clint on their wedding night. Asa enters and asks if she needs anything, to which she replies "only my husband". Asa tells her that he has fine boys and that "she done good" by marrying Clint. He then asks "can I say the same for Clint?"

Dorian's (Max, Blair, Cassie & Dorian)

Standing in the doorway, Blair gives Max his ring back. Max begs her to keep it. Cassie tells Dorian that she loves Kevin. Dorian finishes the statement by saying "but something is not quite right, your instincts are trying to tell you something". Dorian goes on to give Cassie an exact almost psychic like reading of how she has been feeling about Kevin.

Hospital (Drew, Téa, Todd, Kevin, BB & Dr. Lang)

In the hallway, Téa calls out to Todd and tries to get past Drew. Inside the room, Todd softly calls Téa's name. Pinky and the Brain, oops I'm sorry, Kevin & BB hear Todd speak and rush out of the room like they've discovered America. Téa enters and tells Todd she's there, Todd calls her name again. The doctor enters and after hearing what Todd's been doing, asks him to hold up his fingers. Todd doesn't respond. An ecstatic Kevin and BB run onto the roof of the hospital proclaiming their victory of proving that Todd was faking. Kevin sings his own praises and BB joins in. Then in the middle of worship service she asks Kevin if he would have really injected Todd. Kevin replies "what the hell, it was only saline". "Still" says BB, "it was a needle". Kevin tells her he has to leave and tells her to do the same. She says that tonight was the most exciting thing she has ever done in her life.

Dorian's (Cassie, Dorian, Max & Blair)

Cass says that she hates doubting Kevin. Dorian answers "you hate admitting your mother was right". Cass asks Dorian what makes her so sure Kev and BB are doing the humpty hump. Dorian explains that it started a long time ago, that there was something peculiar about Kevin's behavior. Then she brings up BB's morning after birth control pills. Cass counters with "BB was seeing Joey". Dorian asks her if she really believes that. She then tells Cass that she can either live a lie or look the truth in the face and move on. Cass says if she really believed this about Kevin she'd leave in a heart beat. Out on the porch, Max asks Blair to give him a chance to prove that the bad times are behind.

Asa's (Asa, Lindsay, Sam & Will)

Lindsay tells Asa that she thought he like her. Asa says, "I like you just fine, you're easy on the eye, nice enough, and you toss around $10 words like rice at a wedding". He then gives her two categories of women, trustworthy like Nora or back stabbing like Blair, and asks which one she falls into. Lindsay says she's a Lindsay. ( You just gotta love Asa, he's a hoot) Asa replies "well whoever the hell you are you managed to drag Clint down the aisle, so what's your secret?" Lindsay says chemistry. Asa says "you mean sex, so now that we know how, what's the why? Love or money?" Lindsay says neither, it was the timing. They hear voices in the hall and assume its Clint, but Sam and Will walk in.

Dorian's (Dorian, Max, Cassie & Blair)

Dorian walks Cassie to the door and they bump into Max and Blair. Dorian attempts to close the door on Max, but he sticks his foot in and blocks it. A quick witted Dorian says "this must be a trick you learned in your days as a snake oil salesman". She then kicks Max in the knees and slams the door on him. Outside, Max yells for Blair to show Dorian the ring. Dorian snatches Blair's hand and nearly pulls her arm out of socket. Too funny.

Asa's (Sam, Lindsay, Asa, Will, Clint)

Big daddy asks Sam and Will what brings them by so late. Lindsay says that they've made arrangements for Will to stay there (obviously without asking Asa first). Asa tells Will he is welcome and assigns him a room. Sam then says he has to get back to the hospital to see Todd. Asa tells him to be sure and let him know when Manning croaks because he has a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge. Asa leaves, Sam and Lindsay exchange words, then Clint walks in.

Hospital (Dr. Lang, Téa, Todd)

The doc says that there are some changes in Todd's vital signs. Téa tells him that Todd called and left a message on the answering machine and that he called her name. Doc says he believes her, but that Todd is still catatonic.

Cass & Kev's House (Cassie & BB)

BB walks in and Cass asks where she's been at this late hour. BB says she was at the hospital with David. Wrong. Cass says that she just got off the phone with David's doctor and he said David had been asleep for hours. "Was there anything else that kept you there?" So BB says that there was a little excitement in Manning's room. (you can just reach out and touch the tension between these two) Anyway, she tells Cass that Kev had a brilliant idea to prove that Todd was faking and it worked. Cass tells her that it was a good thing Téa didn't catch them. BB says she almost did but she and Kev escaped onto the roof just in time. Cass sarcastically replies that it all sounded very romantic. Then she tells BB to help her get her suitcases. BB turns with a raised eyebrow. Cassie says "I'm leaving".

Dorian's (Blair & Dorian)

Ed. note [where is Mel? Has he gone the way of Langley Wallingford on AMC?] Dorian continues to disperse advice to the lovelorn.

Cass & Kev's house (Cassie & BB)

Cass tells BB that she has a really big story to cover and will be gone all weekend (I smell a trap), and she hopes that won't be a problem. She tells BB that she should enjoy the time alone, but actually she won't be alone, she'll have Kevin. Cassie goes upstairs to get her suitcase, then asks herself if she's doing the right thing. You can just see old BB's wheels turning.

Asa's (Clint & Lindsay)

Lindsay gets on Clint about not being there on their wedding night and asks who he was with.

Hospital (Drew, Kevin, Téa & Todd)

Drew asks Kev how he and BB got out. Kev tells him and thanks him for helping distract Téa. Inside the room, Téa continues to talk to Todd.

Cass & Kev's house (Cassie & BB)

Cassie leaves and inside BB picks up Kev's picture and smiles.

Dorian's (Dorian & Blair)

Dorian tells Blair that she should go off with Max in order to make Sam jealous. Blair says if she does that she'd be using Max. Dorian replies "so what, he used you, and for money even". Blair says yeah like Lindsay used Clint. Dorian stops her with an "excuse me" So Blair tells her that Lindsay married Clint. Dorian's mouth falls open.

Asa's (Lindsay & Clint)

Lindsay asks Clint if he was with Viki. Clint says yes because he had to set things straight. Lindsay tells him that she was married 14 yrs to a man who was in love with someone else and she doesn't want the same. She then walks out. Clint goes after her but Asa stops him and says "let her go, if you chase her now you're gonna be running the rest of your life".

Dorian's (Dorian & Blair)

Dorian says Lindsay must have tricked Clint and goes to see Viki. Blair calls Max.

Asa's (Will, Clint & Lindsay)

Will sneaks out. Clint sits alone nursing a drink, then walks into the hallway where he sees Lindsay. They kiss and head upstairs.

Cass & Kev's House (BB & Joey)

BB lights candles (in her negligee), hears a car and rushes to the door thinking it's Kevin. It turns out to be Joey. Joey comes in notices the negligee and candles and asks if Cassie is home. BB says no, so Joey asks what time Kevin comes home. He accuses her of chasing Kevin. BB says it's not over between she and Kevin.

Hospital (Kev, Hank, Sam, Todd, Téa)

Kev drags Hank to see Todd and take him to jail. Sam runs into them in the hallway and overhears their conversation about taking Todd to jail. The all enter Todd's room, and hang on to your hats folks, but Todd is sitting up in the bed sipping on a straw with the most innocent, sweet look on his face. Then when he finishes, he tenderly asks Téa for more and actually says please. Everyone looks shocked.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Erika Slezak's OLTL Memory

Viki has a very strong and a very wonderful relationship with her brother Todd (scene of Todd kissing Viki on the cheek). The thing that I find interesting in their relationship is that they are probably the only two characters on the show who are totally, completely honest with each other. (Viki: "Every marriage is complicated." Todd: "Well you ought to know, you've had enough of them.") Viki can be honest with him because she doesn't need his approval, (scene of Viki giving Todd the ring to give to Téa) she doesn't need anything from him. She is giving to him. (Todd {in jail}: "Can't count on anybody." Viki: "You can count on me") He can be honest with her (Todd: "God help anybody who tries to take what's mine") and as a result they tell each other the truth. (Todd {to Viki}: "If you want to compare criminal histories, it's no contest. I could kill a guy just by dropping my police record on his head.) She knows that there is something deep inside Todd that is good and decent (scene of Todd hugging Starr at the community center) and kind and I think Todd has a very begrudging respect and liking for Viki and he's learning to love her(scene of Todd letting Viki kiss him on the cheek).

Viki, Dorian and Joey

Viki, in her bathrobe, opens the front door at Llanfair to find Dorian standing there. She is surprised to see her, especially since it's after midnight. Dorian wonders how Viki could possibly have been sleeping after what Clint did to her. What can I do to help, Dorian asks.

Dorian tells Viki not to try to hide her feelings, she must be furious at that "gold-digging, conniving witch", Lindsay. I'm not really angry at anyone, Viki replies. Dorian suggests that she should summon up one of her alters, Tommy or Tori or whoever gets the angriest and let it all out. Viki asks Dorian why she's so upset about this. Dorian can't really explain, but from the moment she heard about this it was like the earth turned upside down. Viki thinks that's a bit melodramatic and besides, Viki is the one that rejected Clint first. And fortunately she hadn't told Clint she had changed her mind, Lindsay came in first and announced she was the new Mrs. Clint Buchanan. "You are the only Mrs. Clint Buchanan", Dorian declares, pointing at Viki "in every way that matters". Just think of everything you have been through with that man. Looking up at the full moon, to the background music of When You Love Someone by Bryan Adams, Viki remembers her relationship with Clint and we see clips of them through the years.

Viki asks Dorian to please not do this, Viki can't allow herself to fall apart just because Clint married Lindsay. She can't let herself shatter over something that she knew had to happen someday, in fact she encouraged it, she wants Clint to be happy. Viki wonders if maybe she wasn't as gracious as she could have been and wonders if she owes them apology. Absolutely not, Dorian tells her, Clint's marriage to Lindsay was a slap in the face to everyone in town, especially Viki. Viki admits it was humiliating when Clint announced that he'd married Lindsay, everyone was staring at her and feeling sorry for her. "Which probably wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't feel so sorry for myself". Viki starts crying and buries her face in her hands. Dorian hesitantly comes over and puts her arms around Viki. Joey comes upon this sight and declares, "it's got to be the full moon." To the accompaniment of "Bosom Buddies" from Mame, we see clips of some of Viki and Dorian's battles, including Dorian's struggles with several of Viki's alters.

Dorian really hates to leave Viki alone. Viki thanks Dorian for coming over, it was really nice of her. I'm never going to forgive him, Dorian says and then the two shake hands before Dorian leaves, wishing Viki to "be well".

Nora, Bo, Asa and Renee

Nora and Bo are taking a stroll through the park, looking at the full moon. Nora's not sure she's going to be able to make it through 6 more full moons before Rachel is home again. I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep, Nora says, so Bo leads her to a bench and they sit down. "You're beautiful", he tells her and gives her a kiss. Nora hopes she didn't behave too badly toward Lindsay tonight, she wasn't exactly congratulating the happy couple. Bo thinks it's inevitable that Nora would clash with Lindsay because of her past with Sam.

Sam is in the past, Nora tells him and Bo apologizes for even bringing the subject up, it's the last thing Nora need tonight with Rachel going to jail the next day. Nora swears she's going to try to face everything head on and from now on, her marriage is the most important thing. Nora admits that she has relied on Sam too much lately. When she thought Bo was having an affair with Georgie, she felt like the most undesirable woman in the world and she needed someone to look at her the way she imagined Bo was looking at Georgie. But Sam was her past and Bo is her future, she tells him. When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge begins playing and we see scenes from Bo and Nora's relationship.

Bo explains that the reason he pushed Nora away when he was in jail was because he was afraid of getting hurt, he was afraid he was losing her to Sam. They tell each other how much they love them and start kissing. They are spotted by Renee and Asa. Asa jokes, can't they get a room? Nora just couldn't help herself, she says. Renee replies that "there ain't nothing like a Buchanan man", which leads into a selection of clips of the Buchanan men over the years, accompanied by the song Cannibals by Mark Knopfler.

Cassie, Kelly and Blair

Cassie walks into to Dorian's house and tells Kelly and Blair that Kevin is having an affair. They insist that it's not true, that Dorian is the one that put the idea into her head. That may be true, but Cassie's set up a trap to find out the truth. She explains how she told Barbara she was going out of town and now she's going back to stake out the house. She asks Blair and Kelly to go with her. Kelly agrees to go and the three Cramer women share a hug. This leads into the first of the special anniversary segments, clips of the Cramer women to the song Treat Her Like a Lady by Celine Dion, including Dorian's fan dance for Mel, Dorian and Kelly's trip to the beauty salon in NY, Kelly in the fashion show, one of Kelly and Blair's catfights, Andrew and Cassie passionately kissing, Kelly throwing the drink on Blair at Club Indigo, Blair slapping Kelly in court, and the Cramer women toasting with champagne.

Kelly, Cassie, Kevin and Barbara

Kelly and Cassie stake out Cassie's house and wait for Kevin to arrive. Cassie figures that if she's wrong, Kevin will come right back out and head to the Banner to find out where she has gone. But, if she's right, Kevin will stay with Barbara. First, though, they see Joey leave and Cassie wonders if she has misjudged the whole situation, maybe Barbara is seeing Joey and not having an affair with Kevin after all.

They've just about decided to leave when Kevin arrives home. He goes inside to find Barbara waiting for him, wearing a negligee and with lit candles all over the living room. She informs him that Cassie has gone out of town on a story. And David's at the hospital, she continues, "so it looks like it's just you and me."

Kevin calls the Banner, but they can't give him any information on where Cassie went. Kevin plans to go to the Banner, but Barbara challenges him, asking if he's afraid to be alone with her. He says he's not afraid, which is apparently what Barbara wanted to hear. She goes up to him and starts kissing him. To give him credit, Kevin does try push her away. "Maybe it's not supposed to be Cassie, maybe it's supposed to be me", Barbara says, kissing him. Kevin pushes her away more forcefully and tells her to knock it off. Barbara turns her back on him and bursts into tears and apologizes, she doesn't know why she thought he would ever like her. Kevin puts his arms around her from behind and tries to comfort her. "I'm stupid and ugly", she continues and as Kevin tells her it's not true, the phone starts ringing. Kevin doesn't pick it up, which is a bad move since it's Cassie calling from outside to see if he'll answer. When he doesn't, it confirms her suspicions and Cassie heads inside. What she finds is Kevin sitting on the couch with Barbara in his arms, after he has told Barbara that if he wasn't already with Cassie, he would want to be with her.

Todd's Hospital room

Téa, Sam, Dr. Lange, Hank and Kevin are all standing around Todd, watching as he finishes his drink and asks Téa for more, *please*, maybe some flavored milk this time. Sam is thrilled Todd is back and gives Todd a hug. Instead of pulling away, Todd gives Sam a playful punch on the arm. Kevin and Hank are all ready to haul Todd back to jail. It's done, Kevin tells Todd, but instead of getting angry, Todd merely asks Kevin what his mother would say if she heard him talking to Todd that way. Kevin is furious and has to be physically restrained from going after Todd. Dr. Lange insists they leave so that he can examine Todd. Kevin has to get in the last word, pointing a finger at Todd and proclaiming him a fraud. Hank and Kevin go outside to wait and Sam pulls Téa aside, asking her if Todd doesn't seem to be acting a little strange. Todd just looks at them and smiles.

Outside in the hall, Kevin is complaining to Hank that he doesn't see why Todd can't go back to jail now. His whining is interrupted when Hank is called away to go see Commissioner Sykes. Kevin then starts in on Téa, who has just walked out of Todd's room, asking her if she really buys Todd's act. Drew has to literally drag Kevin away and put him in the elevator to get him to leave Téa alone.

Inside, Dr. Lange says that Todd's vital signs look good, but when Sam asks Todd what he can get for him, Todd replies "video games". Sam looks worried and pulls Dr. Lange aside to ask why Todd is acting so strangely. Dr. Lange agrees to set up some more tests to measure Todd's brain activity. "Boomer, everything's going to be OK", Sam tells him, sitting down on the bed. Todd grabs Sam and gives him a noogie. Todd laughs and has a big smile on his face, "I like it when you call me Boomer", he tells Sam. Todd asks why he's there and Sam explains that he's kinda sick. Todd reaches out and touches Sam's jacket. Sam falls for it and looks down, and Todd brings his hand up and hits his nose. Todd has this *huge* smile on his face. Sam doesn't know how to react to this new Todd and quickly says he has to leave. Todd wants to talk to Téa because he knows she's very angry with him. At that moment, Téa walks in.

"You're really angry?", Todd says to Téa, hugging his pillow to him more tightly. Should I be, she wonders, then mentions that Kevin thinks he's faking it. Kevin doesn't like me, Todd says simply, showing no anger. Téa says if all this is an act to keep from going to jail, then yes, she is angry at him. "You have pretty hair", Todd tells her out of nowhere. Téa is annoyed and asks if he's heard a word she's said. "No, I'm really sorry", Todd says sincerely. "That's a first", Téa says, "but sorry doesn't mean you're not going to go to trial". Todd replies, "I didn't like watching you get hurt like that. You didn't do anything, you were just trying to be loving" (Sounds like an alternate personality to me). Téa doesn't know how to respond.

Out in the hallway, Blair is trying to make Sam jealous by telling him about her vacation with Max. It doesn't work, Sam is too distracted with worry about Todd and he has no intention of getting in between Max and Blair. Blair is annoyed by his lack of response. Sam asks her what he's supposed to say, he's trying to be respectful of her decision to be with Max. I haven't accepted his proposal yet, Blair points out, waving her right hand, which now has the ring on it. But you're committed enough to go away with him, Sam says. "Are you telling me not to go?", Blair asks hopefully. They are interrupted by Téa, who suggests that Sam go in and talk to Todd. Todd is talking about weird things for him, like "love".

Téa has had enough for one night and she leaves. Sam leaves Blair alone in the hallway when he goes into see Todd. Max finds her there and asks if Blair has changed her mind about the vacation. With one last backward glance towards Todd's room, Blair agrees to go with Max.

Viki arrives at the hospital to see Todd and runs into Sam as she steps off of the elevator. Sam explains how Todd's been acting and that the doctor will be running more tests, but Sam thinks this has more to do with Todd's abuse as a child than anything else. They head over to Todd's room and are surprise to find no police guard at the door. Up on the roof, wearing only a bathrobe, Todd steps out onto the ledge and walks along it. He stops and looks down, "What can I lose?", he says to himself. The song Ghost by Live plays in the background as we see scenes from Todd's life in Llanview: Marty's rape, Todd cornering Marty outside Rodi's (when Luna hit him and gave him the scar), Peter Manning turning away from Todd's bedside when he was in the hospital, Suede's death, attacking Nora at the beach house, Peter Manning's death, fighting with Bo, alone in solitary confinement in jail, his marriage to Blair, getting shot in Ireland, seeing Patrick and Blair making love, his reunion with Viki, burning down the stage for the play in Angel Square, Téa waking him from his nightmare, Téa touching his shoulder and Todd grasping her hand and hugging her, Todd and Téa kissing, then a collage of pictures of everyone in his life flashing by: Starr, Blair, Téa, Viki, Sam, Peter, Starr again. The scene ends back in the present with Todd standing on the ledge of the roof, looking down.

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