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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, August 3, 1998

Lisa realizes what Emily has been up to with Tom. When Emily stops by the office to give Lisa the Endicott award, Lisa confronts her. Emily acts like she doesn't know what Lisa is talking about. Lisa tells her that she knows that Emily and Tom shared a room together in New York. Emily acts all innocent and says that there was a mix up and there was no more rooms. Emily tells Lisa to go ask Margo, she was there. Lisa says she will. Tom walks in and Lisa leaves. Emily and Tom are acting very tense with one another and Emily says lets just forget what happened, it was an accident. Lisa is listening around the corner. When Tom leaves, Lisa comes back in and closes the door and fires Emily. Emily says that Lisa can't do that, they have a contract, she will sue. Lisa says sue for what. Emily says the rest of my years' wages and punitive damages. Lisa says fine and writes her out a check and tells her she has one hour to get out. Lisa leaves, Tom walks in and Emily has tears in her eyes and Tom asks what is the matter. Emily replies, your mother just fired me. Tom says "what...why?" Emily gets a strange look on her face.

Carly is going crazy in her hospital room. Will Julia tell anyone that Carly hit her with her car? Will Jack tell? The phone starts to ring and she rips the phone cord out of the wall. It is Hal trying to call. He decides to go to the hospital to see Carly. Carly leaves the hospital. Hal gets there and finds her outside the hospital. He tells her he has been looking all over for her and then he asks if it is the baby, thinking she might have lost it. She says no. He wants to know what is going on with her. Finally, she tells him that she is the one that hit Julia. Hal doesn't believe her at first. She convinces him and tells him about the night that it happened. Hal can't believe she did it and then he says "you just left her there on the road?" Carly says no, she got out of her car and saw that she was still breathing and then left to go to the emergency phone. She tells him about a car driving up and she saw it was Jack and knew that he would take care of everything, so she left. Hal asks about the damage to the car. Carly says there was a big dent in the car and that is why she ran into the tree to hide the dent. Hal gets very upset that she would put herself and the baby in danger. At first, Hal says that they won't tell anyone, he will mark the case unsolved. Carly says that she can't let him do that and she is going to the DA to confess tonight and she would like Hal to be there with her. He says he will be there for her through everything.

Julia accuses Jack of being the father of Carly's baby. He says he is not and that he and Carly never even slept together. She doesn't believe him. He tells her honestly, I never slept with Carly. Julia realizes that Carly led her to believe that Jack is the father. Jack says that he wants another chance with her and she says she doesn't know. Jack says for her not to give up on him or them. Jack invites Julia to come and stay at his house and he will take care of her and she says that she doesn't need a man to take care of her. She says that she will stay at the farm and Jack says that he will visit her everyday and bring her hotdogs and cherry sodas. He fixes up the swing for her and gives her a ride in it. When she is too tired and needs to go inside, he helps her up and leans in to kiss her and she says no. She tells him that she is not ready yet. Jack says "yet?" as in someday...she says goodnight to Jack and goes inside.

Georgia brings Margo back to Eddie's house. Margo bust in the door with her gun aimed and finds Eddie unconscious on the floor. Margo gets him to wake up. Eddie tells her that it was Chuckie Wells, the drug dealer and he wanted Eddie to sell drugs for him just like his mother. When Eddie told them that he wouldn't do it they beat him up. Margo wants Eddie to go to the station and make a report but Eddie won't do it. Margo remembers that she left Tom in the park with their picnic and she calls him. Once again, she lies to him and tells him that she had to go and help a citizen in need of assistance. She apologizes and says that she really loves him and he tells her to be careful and that he will see her later. Eddie hears her tell him that she loves him. Margo is checking Eddie over, Eddie tells her to leave, go home and take care of your family and tell Tom I said hi. Georgia starts making excuses to Margo for Eddie's rudeness and Eddie tells her to shut up and mind her own business. Margo leaves and Eddie tells Georgia to leave. He goes to the bathroom to clean up his cuts and the phone rings. Georgia answers it. It is Chuckie and he tells Georgia to tell her boyfriend that they are not finished with him. She rushes to the station to tell Margo. Margo has her call Chuckie and tell him that Eddie will meet him at the Junior High tonight. Margo tells Guzman that they are going to bust Chuckie Wells tonight. Later, Margo and Guzman are at the school, Margo is on the cell phone with the station. She is telling them to get to the school, they have to perps on the scene right now.

Back at Eddie's, Georgia tells him that she brought him some disinfectant for his cuts. As they are talking, she brings up his girlfriend, Lizzie. Eddie says that they broke up. Georgia questions him and then she puts two and two together and realizes that Lizzie is Margo.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Georgia is teasing Eddie about having feelings for Margo and he tells her that she is crazy and to leave him alone. Georgia tells him that he may not care for Margo, but Margo cares a lot for him. She is risking her life by going after the drug dealers that beat up on him. He says where is it going down and she tells him at the junior high school. Eddie rushes out.

Guzman is trying to convince Chuckie and his cohort that he is a friend of Eddie's and he will be there soon. Chuckie's buddy realizes that Guzman is a cop and Margo rushes in with her gun aimed. The buddy runs off and Guzman runs after him. Margo tells Chuckie to stop and he does and he turns around and faces Margo. Margo orders him to lean over so she can frisk him. She finds a knife and some drugs on him. She is going to handcuff him and he starts talking about when she killed Dina. Margo gets distracted with flashbacks and he turns on her. He hits her and knocks her out. He finds her gun and is aiming it at her. Eddie rushes in and tells him not to shoot. Eddie says that he has had a change of heart and he will sell drugs for Chuckie. He wants Chuckie to go with him and leave Margo there. Chuckie wants Eddie to take the drugs that were on him and deliver them to a diner. If he does this, he will not kill Margo. Eddie does not want to leave Chuckie there with Margo. Margo wakes up and distracts Chuckie and Eddie fights with Chuckie and Margo gets her gun back. Guzman and the other police arrive and take the drug dealers away. Margo hugs Eddie and tells him thank you for saving her life.

Emily tells Tom that his mother has fired her because she thinks that they are having an affair. Lisa walks in and Tom starts defending Emily. Lisa asks Emily to leave. Tom says that he doesn't know how he will manage without Emily. Lisa says that he will do just fine. Lisa makes a comment about Emily being somewhat of a hussy and Tom reminds her of her past. He brings up that she was married 8 times. And she didn't always marry for love. Tom asks Lisa one last time to rehire Emily. She refuses and Tom quits and walks out.

Emily goes to a bar and orders a drink. She picks up a paper and reads about David Stenbeck's problem with the FCC and WOAK. She gets a bright idea and leaves the bar. She goes to see David and ask if she can buy his shares in WOAK. He asks her why she thinks he would do that. She says to him that he always wanted the best for her. He agrees and decides to sell the shares to her. Molly walks in just as they are shaking hands. She wants to know what Emily is doing there. Emily leaves and Molly gives David this lecture about being trustworthy. David explains to her that Emily was there on business only. David's private detective walks in and Molly leaves. David tells him he no longer needs the information he sent him to get. The PI asks if David would like to know who has been bankrolling Molly. David looks at him and he says Lucinda Walsh. David is not happy.

Tom finds Emily at WOAK and tells her that he quit the Argos. She tells him about buying the WOAK shares and they go off to talk about working together again.

John is looking for Lisa at the Mona Lisa. He sees Barbara sitting alone at a table. He walks up to her and she invites him to sit. They discuss getting together to work out their relationship problems and John asks Barbara not to wait to long. She agrees. Then her dinner companion comes back to the table. John leaves them and goes back to the bar and Lisa walks in. John is asking her about the bed and breakfast week-end that they won at the open mike night. Lisa makes up some excuses but John persist. He tells her that getting away is just what she needs. He leaves to make reservations and Lisa has a very guilty look on her face.

Molly tries to convince Holden that David is very dangerous. Holden just mocks her and says "ooh, I'm scared". She tells him to be serious and that she is going to try to get David to elope with her. Holden is surprised that she is going through with the wedding. Molly asks Holden if he thought she was going to dump David at the alter like he did to her. She tells him that she really loves David and she is going to marry him and try to get him to move away so he won't cause any more problems for Holden and Lily. She asks Holden to help her with Lucinda.

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

Tom reunites with Margo at the police station. She tells him that the drug bust involved Eddie. Tom spots Eddie across the station room. Lisa comes upon Emily examining Tom's award at the Argus and tells her to put it down. Julia confides in Emma about being torn over whether to get Jack out of her life for good or not. Jack arrives with yellow roses-he remembered that she said she liked them. Hal and Carly step off the elevator in the courthouse to find a media frenzy, with one of the reporters asking Carly if there is another man in her life. Hal reprimands the reporters and they escape to the courtroom, wondering how the press could've found out. I told them, Nikki says.

Margo tells Tom that Eddie saved her life. Tom approaches a truculent Eddie and surprises him by thanking him. Emily and Lisa spar over her returning to the office to get her things. Lisa tells her she's already warned Kim about her. Emily terms her a "paranoid mother." Lisa then softens and begs her to back away from her son, that she knows from experience the hurt it can cause. Emily tells her that what Lisa thinks will always be just a fantasy.

Jack shows Emma the newspaper article about Carly confessing. While Emma is trying to digest the fact that Carly was responsible for hitting Julia, Jack and Julia get into a fight about his defending Carly again to her, and Julia runs upstairs. Jack warns Emma not to even mention Carly's name to him again. Nikki refuses to back down, telling her dad that she doesn't have to be a detective to figure out that Carly's still involved with Jack. Jessica arrives to represent Carly and she leaves with Hal to talk to the D.A. In the interim, Carly tells her stepdaughter that if she wanted war, she's got one-and she knows how to play dirty. Hal returns and tells Carly that the D.A. has changed his mind about letting her off with community service.

Jack confesses to his aunt about being with Carly the night of Julia's accident. Jack goes upstairs to convince Julia that she's the one, but she's not there. Jack divines that she used the other set of stairs to sneak out, and is on her way to the courthouse. Julia takes a seat behind Carly as the hearing begins. Kirk and Sam are discussing their plan to sink the Valetta when he gets a collect call for her-Cody from Kansas? Sam gets upset and hangs up the phone. On the other end, Georgia hangs up-apparently Sam didn't want to talk to "dear old dad." Lisa brings Bob to breakfast to try to nudge their son. Bob tells her there's nothing they can do if Tom is indeed headed for a fall.

Eddie looks on as Tom apologizes to him and smooches Margo in front of him. Emily arrives and Tom turns down her invitation to brunch, saying he wants to take care of Margo. Eddie tells Margo that they have to break it off between them, this time for real. Emily tells Tom that she doesn't think Eddie views Margo like a mother. Emily tells Tom to turn around and really look at the two of them. Tom looks on as Eddie tells Margo they're even now. He holds her hand as he tells her goodbye for the last time. Tom then walks over, as Emily smiles.

The judge listens to the arguments from the two sides about Carly's sentence. Carly speaks on her own behalf. Julia then stands up and says she wants to say something, just as Jack arrives in the courtroom. Julia tells the judge that whatever Carly did, her baby shouldn't have to pay for it. The judge calls a recess and Jack stares at Julia, while Carly looks at the two of them.

Tom tells Margo about quitting the newspaper because of Emily's being fired. Margo can't believe that Lisa didn't have some reason for firing Emily. Georgia urges Eddie to go home, but he wants to stay and wait tables. Bob denies Lisa's statement about having to only look as far as Susan to see what Emily is like. Lisa terms Emily "a shark in a miniskirt." Eddie hears Lisa telling Bob that from the way Tom and Emily are acting, it looks like they already have something to hide.

Sam brushes away Kirk's concern for her reaction to the phone call. Georgia overhears them talking about the police not being able to trace the sinking back to them. Bob warns Lisa to back off, that Tom isn't ready to hear it. Eddie tells Georgia what Lisa said-he just can't let it go, he tells her. Tom tells his wife about he and Emily starting work at WOAK. When Margo questions Tom's TV experience, Emily jumps in to defend him. Tom and Emily go to brunch after all when Margo shoos away Tom's concern.

Hal tells Carly that she owes Julia big for what she did. Nikki berates Julia. Hal and Carly thank Julia. Nikki overhears Jessica talking to Carly about signing some papers for her other legal matter. The judge returns and sentences Carly to six months of community service, saying it is because of Julia's statement. When asked, Jessica tells Nikki that she can't discuss Carly's legal matters with her.

Jack protects Julia from the reporters, saying he's not going to lose her again. Margo arrives to talk to Lisa about Emily's firing and Lisa says she can't talk to her daughter-in-law about it, but that Margo should not consider Emily to be her friend. Georgia warns Eddie not to do anything crazy, but Eddie walks up to Tom and berates him for being out with "slut" Emily when his wife is still recovering.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

Brad, Camille, Bob and Kim are shocked to see that someone has vandalized the church construction site. Margo arrives to investigate and reports to everyone she doesn't think the vandalism was racially motivated. Although Ben feels tremendous guilt, he does not admit to the others that he was the one who ripped the place apart. Ben tells everyone he will pay whatever it costs to fix the place, but the others insist they will help. Ben then argues with Camille about her decision to postpone chemotherapy until she can talk with a fertility specialist. Angrily, Camille tells Ben to leave her alone. Frustrated Ben ends up at Yo's. Valerie Dansby is there and talks to Ben about what happened at the church. No longer able to hide the truth, Ben confesses to Valerie that he destroyed the construction site.

Lucinda is jealous to see Brad comforting Camille after her fight with Ben. Lucinda "orders" Brad to come back to her house, but Brad firmly tells her no one tells him what to do. Lucinda questions Brad's feelings for Camille.

Eddie seethes when he spies Tom and Emily together. Confronting Tom, Eddie accuses Tom of having an affair with "that lying slut." Tom counters by telling Eddie that he's the one who has a thing for his wife. Tom tells Eddie to stay away from Margo and Eddie tells Tom he doesn't deserve Margo.

James surprises David at the Falcon Club. He tells David it won't be long before he's a free man. David is spying on Molly and Lucinda and informs his father that Molly has been working for Lucinda all along. James tells David he will take care of Molly, but David informs his father that he will handle it. David approaches Molly and tells her he doesn't want them to have any secrets from each other. He tells her he can forgive her anything if she will come clean right now. Molly assures David she loves him and has no secrets. Coolly, David contacts Cameron and informs him he is now working for him and not Kirk and Sam. He also tells Cameron "the Valletta sinks tonight."

Friday, August 7

Jack goes to the farm to see Julia and unveils a present for her in the barn-a hayride. Carly goes to the Valetta to talk to Molly and Kirk harasses her about seeing her on the news. Holden tells Molly he doesn't want her marrying David so he won't be hurt-he doesn't want anybody to get hurt, he says before walking off. She's not going to let her marry David, Carly tells her cousin. When James deduces that David is going to sink the Valetta before Kirk & Sam planned it, David informs his dad that the less he knows about it, the better. He has no intention of marrying Molly, but will dump her in a very public way at the altar. He whispers "goodbye" to James when he leaves.

Ben talks to Valerie about his destroying the church rebuilding. Camille comes home to find Sara Ruth tidying her apartment. She wants to have everything with Ben, including children, she apprises her mother. Brad takes Lucinda's check and stuffs it down her blouse-he can't be bought, he declares. Lucinda tells him that they have to be seen in public together, and he can't be seen with other women, including Camille. Go to hell, he tells her.

Julia is not readily forgiving of Jack, despite the gift-she thinks he's still not over Carly. He denies it and boosts her into the wagon for the world's first stationary hayride. Carly tells Molly that she's going to regret marrying David. She knows-she's regretted every day of her marriage to Hal.

Kirk and Sam try to soothe Holden-hold on just one more day, they reveal. They won't tell him the details but advise him that the further away he is, the better. David listens as Molly tells Carly it's not the same, she's doing this because she loves him, and that if Carly had only married Jack, she'd be happy too. Carly leaves before Molly can ask her to be her matron of honor.

David promises Molly that he'll give her a wedding night she'll never forget. Ben talks with Valerie about how he feels that Camille doesn't trust him with her disease. He's not going to tell her what's been going on in his life-the least he can do is protect her from that. Camille says that nothing is normal anymore. Sara Ruth says that she could fight with Camille, and then it'd be normal, which makes Camille laugh. Camille then discloses the fact that Ben doesn't want her to have the hormone treatment necessary to retrieve her eggs, because of the risks involved. She hates the fact that she's put the pity and fear in Ben's eyes.

Brad's not going to make her jealous by seeing other women, Lucinda declares. She tells him about Nancy's party, that he'll be expected to be there with her. She gives him an ultimatum-ignore her, and kiss her and all that she has goodbye. He grabs her for a kiss, then breathes, "goodbye!". Jack and Julia's banter about his farming skills is broken up when Julia starts sneezing, which is how Jack finds out she's actually allergic to hay.

Ben goes to Camille and tells her it's her decision to make, but he's scared because he knows what the hormones can do. It's not their only option. The cancer has taken so much from her, she wants to take something back, she explains. Ben answers her phone and it's Kim wanting to talk to him about Nancy's party. When he tells her he's not going, Kim tells him that she knows about his fight with Bob. He can't talk about that now, he says, and hangs up. Camille thinks he's not going because she herself is not ready. He tells her to drop it, then later tells her he'll go to the party after all.

A tuxedo-clad Ben later arrives at Yo's, while Camille worries to Brad about him. Ben tells the bartender he's avoiding a big party. Brad talks Camille into attending, and she is partly motivated by the thought of dancing with Ben all night long. Lucinda agrees to attend the nuptials-wear rubber, David mutters under his breath. Kirk and Sam meet with Mr. Cameron, and pay him for his work to sink the boat the next night. Cameron then contacts David and prepares to sabotage the boat. By the end of the night, the boat will be lying in peace on the bottom of the river, David opines.

Brad picks up Camille, who at first hides behind the door before showing him her outfit. Kirk and Sam plan their "farewell tour" of their favorite places on the Valetta for after the party. James calls David from the airport, and David asks him for help with Holden. Holden sees Julia leave for the party and gets a call from James. He has a proposition-meet him on the Valetta to work out an agreement between them. If Holden calls the police, James cautions, his loved ones will suffer. Carly goes to Jack's, who's getting ready to leave for the party. He doesn't want to listen to her when she says she's been a fool for marrying Hal. She tells him her water's breaking-it's too soon, she cries.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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