Another World Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on AW

Nick and Paulina tried to help Remy. Sophia wanted for her and Matt to adopt Matt and Lila's baby. Joe took Cameron in for questioning. Cameron insisted Scott was the real shooter. Lila found Cass unconscious.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on AW
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Monday, July 2020th">

Lila enjoys living in the lap of luxury at the Cory mansion. Vicky can't shake the feeling that her twin was in some kind of trouble. Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Marley coaxes Cindy to come home with her and hide out in the attic. Remy keeps Nick guessing about the reason for her mysterious vanishing act. Sofia was pleasantly surprised by a late night visit from Matt. Donna informs Grant she's decided to tell her daughters the truth about her part in the hit-and-run. Unaware of her hostess' real agenda, a grateful Cindy thanks "Marnie" for coming to her rescue. As she tries on some of Rachel's diamond jewelry, Lila assures Cass she'll have Matt proposing on bended knee before another month was out. Matt reminds Sofia that nothing has changed his love for her. Grant warns Donna that she'll lose everyone she loves if she comes clean about the accident. Marley gives a puzzled Vicky and Jake the bum's rush when they drop by to check on her. Remy reads the tea leaves and predicts two very different futures for Sofia and Nick. Vicky is rattled to receive a threatening note.

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Tuesday, July 2121st">

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Wednesday, July 2222nd">

Remy showed her enthusiasm to Paulina and Nick about her new job working for Felicia as executive assistant. After getting her first assignment from Felicia, Nick took Remy to the farm so he could let her use his laptop. In the barn, Remy found a photo album filled with pictures of Sofia. When they finally found the computer in a box, Remy revealed that she does not know how to type, and she did not want to get fired. She convinced Nick to teach her.

Paulina confided in Felicia that she was interested in helping Remy. She considers it returning the favor, since she was saved from Gold Street.

Cass was anxious to find Matt to warn him about Lila, but Matt and Sofia had already found Lila in the park trying to give up their unborn baby for adoption. Matt and Sofia tried to convince Lila that joint custody would work for them. Lila said that she will not have anything less for her child than a mother and a father full time. At Sofia's suggestion, Matt took a crying Lila back to the Cory mansion. After discussing the adoption, Matt convinced Lila to give him a day to figure things out. After he left, Lila called Debbi, the adoptive mother, and thanked her for acting performance. Matt went downstairs to find Sofia in the living room with an idea...for Sofia and Matt to adopt Lila's baby.

Against Amanda's wishes, Scott wanted to get a little closer to Amanda. Amanda insisted to hold off on a relationship until she was assured that Rachel and the twin's are safe from Carl's shooter. Implying that Cameron was the shooter, Scott assured Amanda that Cameron will soon be out of the way. Scott told Amanda that he was falling in love with her. He pledged his love for her and everything about her. When he asked Amanda if she felt the same way, the phone rang. It was Josie calling on behalf of Cameron. Amanda pretended that it was a call for Rachel. When she hung up, Scott once again asked her if she loved him. They were interrupted by Cass, who was still looking for Matt.

Amanda didn't know Matt's whereabouts. Cass snapped at Scott for being too much at home at Cory Publishing. Cass and Amanda then compared the postcards Rachel sent them from England. The postcards had a crest on them. Cass and Amanda thought it was strange for Rachel to send them the same weird postcard. Scott heard Cass and Amanda say that Rachel was in England. As Amanda was leaving, Scott asked if they could finish their conversation later. Amanda agreed.

Cass asked Scott if he had ever seen it. He abruptly said "No." Scott became agitated when Cass said that he would tell Rachel that he remembers the picture on the postcard from Carl's belongings. Cass informed Scott that only he and Rachel has the keys to the "locked files." Cameron showed up at Cory Publishing, and Scott ran into him in the lobby. Cameron tried to punch Scott and made some threats. Luckily Cass was there to get between them and prevent a brawl. A glove had falled on the floor. Cameron feared that Amanda was hurt or in danger. Cass assured Cameron that Amanda was fine and just left. Scott called security and forbade them from letting him back in the building. Cass wondered why he was giving Cameron a second chance.

Cameron came home to find Josie and Joe in his apartment with a search warrant. They found the muddy boots. It was clear that an anonymous person gave Josie and Joe the tip about the boots in Cameron's apartment. Cameron insisted that Scott was the real shooter. Joe took Cameron to the police station. After Joe questioned Cameron, with Tyrone in his defense, Joe released him due to lack of evidence.

Amanda went to the police station to try to convince Joe that the boots were not Cameron's. Tyrone agreed with Amanda.

Amanda then met Cameron in the park. She vowed to never let him go back to prison. They kissed. He pushed her away because he feels that she doesn't really know him. Amanda said that she was falling in love with him. He told Amanda that he went over to Cory Publishing to kill Scott. Amanda knew that he could never kill anybody. Cameron said, "Why do you think I went to prison?"

Later, Scott overheard Cass leaving reminders to himself on his tape recorder about investigating the crest on the postcards and that Rachel may know something. Scott found the glove on the floor. He picked up the glove and a statue and hit Cass over the head with it leaving Cass unconscious.

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Thursday, July 2323rd">

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Friday, July 2424th">

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Lila finds Cass unconscious on the floor at the Cory offices and summons help. Cass was rushed to the hospital with head injuries.

Sofia discusses her desire to marry Matt, and to raise his and Lila's baby, with Felicia. While being supportive, Felicia warns her that the situation may be more complicated than she was ready for. But Sofia insists that even though this was not the way she would have planned things, she was determined to do whatever it takes to make her relationship with Matt work.

Meanwhile, Matt ponders the advice he received from Tyrone, that the best way to hold on to his parental rights may be to marry Lila.

Lila waits at Cass's bedside. She was very worried, and breaks down when she realizes that Cass was the only friend she has. Cass wakes up and implores Lila not to trick Matt into marrying her, but instead to do the right thing, if not for herself, then to do it for him.

Because of what Cass told her, Lila leaves Matt a note that says she won't force him to marry her and that he'll always have a place in their baby's life. But before he can read it, he asks her to marry him, just as Sofia comes in and overhears the question.

Vicky and Jake are determined to find out who was behind the anonymous note she received stating "Next time, I won't miss". They are sure it was Cindy, but Grant and Donna argue about the note and who sent it, knowing that Cindy wasn't responsible for the hit-and-run. Grant decides to call Marley.

Vicky was worried about Marley, who seems to be shutting herself off from the rest of the world. At Marley's house, they argue while Cindy hides in the attic. Vicky nearly discovers Cindy when she makes a noise in the attic, but Marley covers for it and told Vicky she just needs some time and space to herself. But after Vicky leaves, Marley talks to her "self" in the mirror, who told her that if she uses Cindy right, she can have Jake all to herself, and Vicky will just be a bad memory.

Cindy later questions Marley about Vicky, but Marley doesn't give out any information. However, Cindy was sure that she knows Vicky, she just can't remember how she knows her.

Jake then visits Marley to let her know that he has brought the tree from Lassiter for Vicky. He also told Marley that he and Vicky are planning to have a baby. She acts happy, but as soon as he leaves, she gets upset and was urged by her mirror "self" to do something about it.

Cindy hears Grant leave a phone message on Marley's answering machine. She was upset, thinking that Grant has found her. She was also confused because he calls her Marley instead of Marnie. Meanwhile, Marley went to the tree that says "VICKY + JAKE = 4EVER". Enraged, she starts chopping it with an axe.

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