Another World Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on AW

Lila collapsed. Sophia was upset to find Matt and Lila together again. Marley and Cindy formed an alliance. Cameron failed to get Amanda away from Scott.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on AW
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Monday, July 13

Not realizing Marley wants Jake for herself, Vicky and Jake show their support for Marley and vow to always be there for her. Later, while Jake visits Paulina and asks for her help to plan the celebration, Marley assumes her new identity as "Marnie" when she runs into Tyrone. Gary hides Cindy when Grant returns home unexpectedly and then to protect Cindy, Gary admits he was on to Grant. Grant fires Gary and before Cindy can escape, Grant has Gary escorted out. While Gary tries to rescue Cindy, Cindy overhears Grant talk to Dr. Perkins and realizes everything Gary said about Grant was true. Gary rescues Cindy. Cass finds Lila collapsed and rushes her to a clinic and so that she can get his insurance he claims she was his wife. But despite all Cass has done for her, Lila turns to Matt when he arrives.

Tuesday, July 14

Josie shows up at Carlino's, where Joe asks her to go interview hospital staff because Grant was launching a nationwide search to find Cindy. She leaves, and Sofia arrives. She's down in the dumps and Joe once again blames Matt. Sofia has a daydream about a giant meteorite obliterating Bay City. She snaps out of it to hear Joe on the phone with Paulina. She told him that his phone call changed her whole life.

When Cass tries to get information on Lila, the hospital refuses to give him any information because he's not a relative. He walks into the CEO's office and snaps when he sees Scott sitting there. He apologizes to Scott, saying it's just strange to see someone else there. When he makes a comment to Scott that Carl was out of his gourd the last several months of his life, Scott becomes upset and leaves the room.

Cameron has his nightmare about Amanda being trapped again. He wakes up to find Amanda next to him. They argue about her safety with Scott. Amanda leaves when Josie arrives. Cameron makes a nasty crack about Josie staying with Garye even though he treats her badly. Josie gets ticked and stomps off.

Cass runs into Amanda in the hallway of Cory Publishing. She drops some things, including her tracking device which Scott pockets. Amanda invites him to go to Chicago to try and get funding for Cory.

Lila and Matt learn that the baby's okay, but Lila needs to remain rested and cared-for during the remainder of her pregnancy. Cass calls to check on her and she thanks him for his help but told him that she has Matt and she'll be fine, hanging up the phone. Matt offers to let her stay with the Cory's and she accepts his offer. Matt takes off and Cass shows up to finish Lila's paperwork. After Cass gives her the advice that people who think nobody cares about them have no idea when somebody does care. Lila declares that she and her baby don't give a damn what Cass Winthrop thinks, but then doesn't seem quite so sure.

Toni and Chris have a small tiff over Chris' article, which insinuates that Toni and Josie lost Cindy. When Josie arrives back in Carlino's, Joe asks her about Cindy.

Matt calls Sofia to cancel lunch. Joe told her that Matt will keep letting her down, but she brushes off his advice. She went to Matt's and puts on her New York gown, but when Matt arrives, she's shocked to see that he's carrying Lila into his apartment.

Wednesday, July 15

Matt carried Lila into his apartment. He didn't want her to walk or do much of anything else for that matter since the doctor labeled Lila's pregnancy "high risk." Much to their surprise, they found Sophia standing in Matt's apartment ready for a romantic evening. Lila, in her manipulative way, insisted on leaving Matt and returning to New Orleans. Of course, Matt declined her offer. Lila tried to convince the tortured couple that she would only get in the way of any plans they ever try to make. She then stated that moving in with Matt would never work out. Sophia left the two of them to work things out and (as usual) was upset. Matt told Lila that someone needs to be with her 24 hours a day on account of her delicate condition. That was a service he could not provide. So he took her to a place where they could both live and she could get round-the-clock attention...The Cory Mansion.

Gary tried his hardest to make Cindy remember where the tape is, but Cindy couldn't even remember that the tape existed or that Grant was even an evil person. Joe and Josie argued about Cindy's whereabouts. Joe knew that Josie knew more than she was letting on and warned her that both of their jobs were at steak. He reminded Josie that Gary stood by him when he was trying to trap Grant, so he would try to do the same. Later, Josie tried to convince Gary to end the charade of hiding Cindy. She told Gary that this was the last straw. This put her job in jeopardy long enough. Reluctantly, Gary agreed to Josie's demands. When Gary walked into Cindy's apartment to tell her that it was over, Cindy ran over to Gary crying, "I'll remember anything you want just please, please, please don't ever leave me again."

Scott sent the tracking device to Cameron so that Cameron would know that he is on to him. When Cameron received the tracking device, he yelled at Holly, the intern/messenger, trying to find out where he could find Amanda. After talking with Holly, he knew that Scott had fixed it so that he would not be able to find Amanda. A desperate Cameron turned to Josie for help.

Scott told Amanda that he changed their plans involving their trip to Chicago. Amanda said that that was fine as long as they made it to the meeting on time. Scott told Amanda that he found a tracking device in her purse when she dropped it. Amanda acted surprised. Scott played along and said he changed their plans so that Cameron would remain clueless as to their whereabouts. She was shocked yet pretended to be grateful. Amanda was even more shocked when Scott told her that they were driving to Chicago instead of flying. Later he told her that he cancelled her hotel reservations and booked one room for them at some inn. When Amanda questioned their sharing a room, he replied, "Isn't that what you wanted?" Of course Amanda said yes. Amanda tried to look for reasons to call "home." Every time Amanda looked for a reason to call home, Scott found a logical reason why she shouldn't call home. His last reason was at the inn. He insisted that she enjoy the view first. Amanda accompanied Scott over to the window and stood in front of him. Scott held a long ribbon in his fists, tight, as if he were to strangle someone. Then, he brought the ribbon, held by his fists, over Amanda's head.

Thursday, July 16

Vicky ruins a dinner she's been cooking for Jake and the boys. After Jake sets up plans for a barbecue, the phone rings with Marley on the other end. She told Jake that she needs him and she'd really like for him to come talk to her. He agrees, but neglects to clear it with Vicky first. She told him it's okay, and he heads out to see Marley. As soon as he leaves, Grant shows up, demanding to see Kirkland. When Kirkland runs to him, he asks him why he hasn't come to visit anymore. Vicky sends Kirk out of the room and argues with Grant, telling him that if she had her way, after what he's done, she'd shut Grant out of her kids' lives forever. Kirk and Steven overhear the broadcast of Grant's plea for Cindy and worry for their mom and aunt Marley.

Jake and Marley have a talk. He told her that he wants to uproot his and Vicky's tree from Lassiter and plant it at the house. Marley told him she'll help make all the calls, then asks him to look at the sink because something's wrong with it. She has another episode of mirror-talk. Later, as they have the TV on, Marley learns that Cindy was loose.

Gary arrives at Cindy's, where Cindy was in a panic and worried that he'll leave her again. Gary told her that he can't keep hiding her but Josie is going to help her. Gary leaves after Josie calls for his help and Cindy freaks when she sees Grant's television plea.

Cameron begs Josie for help in finding Amanda but she told him that the police won't do anything until she's been missing 24 hours. He told Josie his theory that Scott may be the shooter and Amanda's in danger if she's with him. Josie told him that while she may not be able to help, Gary can.

Scott and Amanda talk about her lousy relationships with men, and Amanda tells Scott she wants to go slow with him because she thinks he's different. Amanda begins to reminisce about Carl and says she'd like to have him back. Scott gets a call from the front desk, telling him that there's a problem with his credit card. When he went down to check it out, Cameron shows up, telling Amanda that she's leaving with him. She refuses.

Friday, July 17

Realizing Cindy could be very useful to her in her plight to destroy Vicky, Marley finds Cindy and pretends to want to help her. Marley and Cindy form an unholy alliance. When Scott finds Cam and Amanda together, Cam was forced to pretend that Amanda and Cam aren't in cahoots. After Cam leaves with a threat from Scott never to come near Amanda, Amanda finally gets a chance to see the photo Scott was hiding, with Carl's handwriting on the back. Scott catches Amanda snooping, but Amanda pretends she was interested in Scott and promises soon, they can make love.


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