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Camille died in the explosion. Gillian was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Tad and Dixie shared a sweetly awkward moment. Dimitri convinced Brooke to flee the country. Jack faked amnesia after overhearing Erica telling Mike that she loved both Jack and Mike.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on AMC
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Monday July 13, 1998

"Would you mind saying that again?" Those were the first words to leave Mike's mouth after Erica confessed that she loved him. Erica wondered if Mike hadn't heard her. Mike assured her that he'd heard her, but joked that he wanted to get her admission on tape. Mike didn't think that he'd ever hear those words again. It had been thirteen years, after all, since Erica had told him that she loved him. Before Mike had a chance to savor the moment, Erica was ready to bring him back down to Earth. She told Mike that while she did love him, she loved Jack, too. "I love you both," she said softly. Needless to say, that was not what Mike wanted to her. "That's impossible," he fumed. Mike accused Erica of creating a "safe relationship" with Jack so that she wouldn't have to be alone. It was a scathing accusation. Has Erica been running from man to man simply because she was afraid to be alone? Erica was in the middle of a response when Mike's cell phone chirped. Mike turned his back and answered the phone. On the other end of the line was Dimitri. He told Mike that he needed his help. Mike announced that he was in the middle of something that required his full attention. Dimitri reminded Mike that he'd saved his life and that he owed him. Mike disagreed. Since Dimitri had "ratted" him out to Erica, Mike felt that his debt to Dimitri had been paid nullified. Dimitri told Mike that Brooke life was "hanging in the balance" and that his help was needed immediately. Mike hung up the phone and told Erica that he needed to head off on some business. Erica blasted Mike for putting other matters before her. That was when he informed her that she'd be tagging alone with him.

At Brooke's house, Dimitri phoned his pilot and told him to make sure that the jet was ready at a moment's notice. Brooke, fighting back tears, told Dimitri that she had "always thought that living in exile was glamorous." Now, she thought otherwise. Brooke realized that fleeing the country meant that she'd never be able to see the people she loved ever again. She began to wonder if fleeing was the answer. Jamie would be taken away from his father. How could she do that to her son? Dimitri argued that Brooke doing the right thing by leaving the country. Sure, she was "sacrificing everything," but from time to time Phoebe and even Laura could visit with her. Phoebe wheeled into the room. She had overheard Dimitri and Brooke's entire conversation. Usually, Phoebe would urge her niece to stand tall and fight for her honor. This time, Phoebe had different advice. She surprisingly agreed with everything that Dimitri had said and urged Brooke to cast away her feelings of doubt. Phoebe knew that it was nearly impossible for Brooke to get a fair trial, If it was a possibility, she surely would have demanded that Brooke stay in town. "The only saints I know are dead," Phoebe stated as she urged Brooke to stop being a "sacrificial lamb." The doorbell rang and Mike entered the house. He was followed closely behind by Erica. Dimitri told Mike that he was supposed to have come alone. Mike reminded Dimitri that he had told him that he was in the middle of something. Dimitri wasn't the only one nervous by Erica's appearance. Phoebe said that Erica shouldn't be there "at a time like this." A time like this? Erica looked around the room and wondered why now was different than any other time. Then her eyes rested upon a passport that lay conspicuously on the table. Brooke noticed that Erica had spotted the passport and quickly moved to do damage control. She claimed that Dimitri wanted her to flee, but that she had changed her mind and decided to stay put. "Well, then you are dumber than I thought," Erica replied. Everyone was caught off guard by Erica's comment. "What did she say?" Phoebe asked Dimitri, perhaps wondering if her ears were on the fritz. Erica told Brooke that while she doesn't condone her decision to flee the country, she certainly can understand what she's going through. Erica told Brooke that when she'd been sent to jail for kidnapping Maddie, she knew that she had violated the law. Brooke's case was much different, according to Erica. Brooke hadn't done anything wrong. In fact, Erica said that Brooke should be lauded for taking out a danger to society. The toughest part of being in jail, Erica said, was being separated from her daughter. Things were complicated even more by Bianca's battle with anorexia. Erica urged Brooke not to allow a travesty of justice to take her son away from her. "Well put," Phoebe said after Erica finished speaking. This was an odd moment for two women who shared a long, rocky relationship. Erica wished Brooke the best and gently placed her hand on Brooke's shoulder. Just as awkwardly, Brooke did the same as she thanked Erica for her support. Erica said that she hopes that the pain and suffering that she and Bianca had undergone would somehow be able to help Brooke and Jamie. The two women shared a hug just before Erica headed to the door to leave. Mike finalized plans for Brooke to leave out of La Guardia airport. He also arranged for two fake passports, one for Brooke and one for Jamie. A second phone call rang through on Mike's phone from Adrian. Mike's former partner told him about the explosion at Holidays and that Jack was seriously injured. Rather than break the news to everyone, Mike lied and said that the call was to double-check the flight plans. Erica and Mike left and outside Mike told Erica that Jack had been injured in the blast. Erica reacted in horror and dashed off to her car. Back inside, Brooke gave Phoebe a farewell kiss. Dimitri offered to walk Brooke to the car that was waiting to take her on the first leg of her great escape. Brooke, now waging a losing battle against her tears, thanked Dimitri for all he'd done to help her and Jamie. She told him that she didn't want him to go with her because it would only get him in more trouble. With a final hug, Brooke and Jamie walked out of the house.

The rescue crews descended on Holidays and immediately scoured the shell of a building to find signs of survivors. Tad told one set of rescuers that Jack was in the basement. Across the room, another crew helped remove Kelsey from under a pile of debris. Kelsey moaned in agony as she said that her leg had been hurt badly. Hayley and Mateo entered the restaurant and assessed the damage. Ryan flagged the couple down and asked them to give him a hand with Gillian. It seemed like hours before the paramedics turned their attention to Gillian. Gillian wasn't in good shape and a series of errors only served to complicate matters. First the rescue team didn't have the necessary equipment to transport Gillian to the ambulance. As they waited for a stretcher and "flatboard" to arrive, Gillian's condition continued to deteriorate. Her blood pressure crashed as she went into shock.
Stuart agreed that it would be nice to return to a time when things between him and Marian were better. But no one, he said with remorse, could turn back the hands of time. Marian suggested that they both try to forget about the bad things that had happened. Marian claimed to be the world's best forgetter. Stuart closed his eyes hard and tried to erase his memory. He couldn't do it. Stuart said that no matter how hard he tried, he wasn't able to forget about all the "smart, handsome men" that Marian had dated in the past. Again, there was another misunderstanding between the pair. Stuart had meant that he felt somewhat inferior to the men that Marian was used to dating. Marian, however, believed that Stuart was hung up on the number of men she'd been with. "When a woman crosses the boundary of tradition, she's scorned," Marian said of the double standard that exists between men who sleep with a lot of women and women who sleep with a lot of men. Marian accused Stuart of being no different than Adam. Before the two had a chance to sort things out, Scott called out to his father. Stuart responded to his son's cries and a team of rescuers was soon on the scene to help Marian and Stuart regain their freedom.

Outside, Lee looked on at his handiwork with a smile. He seemed quite pleased at what he'd done... until Hayley and Mateo exited the burned out building. Suddenly, his face dropped. He motioned for the married couple. Hayley and Mateo were surprised to see that Lee had escaped the explosion unharmed. Lee claimed that he had stepped out for a few minutes because he'd been suffering from a dizzy spell. Hayley and Mateo didn't question his story. Lee asked Hayley if anyone in her family had been injured in the blast. Thankfully, Hayley said, everyone appeared to have escaped with their lives. Lee did his best to hide his anger. "No one?" he snapped. Lee looked coldly at Mateo and told Hayley that she owes Mateo her life. "Several times over," Hayley agreed.

At the hospital, Adam was infuriated when the specialist on duty failed to show up to treat Liza's condition. David, an expert cardiologist in spite of his differences with Pine Valley Hospital, was allowed to remain on the scene and treat Liza. Liza eventually came around and was soon talking. She called Jake over to her bed and asked him if her ability to have a child might have been compromised by the injuries she'd sustained. Jake assured her that she would still be able to have a child.

In the waiting room, Joe told Palmer that it appeared that his eyesight had been saved. Joe was so impressed by the medic's quick thinking, that he asked Palmer for the name of the person who'd performed the on-the-spot procedure. Palmer was about to tell Joe that Allie had been the one to help him, but Opal stepped in and told Joe that things were so hectic that they have no idea who's performed the procedure. After Joe left, Opal told Palmer that he was "dumber than a stick." She worried that by telling Joe about what Allie had done, Allie would end up in even more hot water.
Adrian waited while Belinda's injuries were patched up. Belinda was less concerned about her banged-up shoulder than she was with Adrian's behavior at Holidays. "One night, you're a bumping, grinding hunk of love," Belinda said with a smile, referring to Adrian's sudden transformation into a "National Guardsman." Belinda didn't mince words. She asked Adrian "just who the heck" he really is. Adrian swallowed hard and called himself a "man of many talents." He told Belinda that the only thing he doesn't like about lawyers is that they are always so suspicious.

David thanked Adam for allowing him to stay in the emergency room and tend to Liza's injuries. He took it as a sign that Adam had realized that he wasn't such a bad guy. Adam said that he'd done no such thing. The only reason he left David tend to Liza was because he was still a top-notch cardiologist. But if you strip away that title, Adam still believed that David was a murderer.

Gillian was raced into the operating room in serious condition. Joe asked Ryan to sign a release form so that the hospital could operate on Gillian. Ryan became nervous when he saw a disclaimer on the form that stated that Gillian could die in surgery. He was told that all release forms contained the clause and reassured that Gillian would be fine.

Keith arrived at the hospital to learn more about the explosion. He hoped that interviewing the survivors might help him figure out what had happened. Adam approached Keith and told him that he needed his help. Keith asked Adam if he had information on the blast. "One thing at a time," Adam said shortly. "I want you to arrest that man!" Adam pointed towards David.

Back at what used to be Holidays, the fire marshal told Tad that he believed that his men had located the woman he'd been so concerned about. Tad's face formed a smile and he asked to be taken to Camille. The fireman told Tad that Camille had been killed in the blast. Tad refused to believe that Camille had been killed and asked to see the body. The marshal told Tad that Camille's body had been badly disfigured in the blast and that the coroner would perform the identification.

Outside, Hayley and Mateo told Lee that "Camille Hawkins" had been killed in the explosion. Lee watched in horror as Camille's body was wheeled past him. Lee grew even closer to the boiling point when he saw Stuart leave the scene under his own power. Hayley pulled Mateo aside and asked him to tell her the truth once and for all. Hayley knew that Mateo had somehow known about the explosion---and the explosion at their apartment for that matter. She now knew that Mateo's irrational behavior was all in response to these dangers and that he really had been trying to protect her. The question that remained, however, was how did Mateo know that these tragedies were going to occur?
Inside, Tad sat in a chair and struggled to deal with Camille's death. The young woman had done everything in her power to warn the partygoers about the impending explosion. Her only reward was an abrupt end to her life. Tad slumped over in his chair with his head in his hands. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up. Standing there with a comforting smile was Dixie.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Adam's sudden announcement that he wanted to have David arrested didn't confuse just Keith. David slowly walked towards Adam with a look of disbelief on his face. Keith asked Adam if he was certain of what he'd just said. If there was any doubt, Adam clarified it when he said, "I want this man bound over and held for trial." David extended his hand and introduced himself to the new assistant district attorney. David casually worked himself into the conversation. David played it smooth and never flashed any anger at Adam. Instead, he explained that he had, in fact, given Adam, the wrong medication. He was quick to add that he hadn't deliberately given Adam the wrong medication as Adam had implied. He let it be known that the mix-up came after a forty-hour shift without a break. David next addressed Adam's claim that David had used the mix-up to get back at Jake. Why, he asked, would he want to ruin Jake's career? Jake overheard the discussion and approached the three men with an answer to David's question. Most of the background information on David and Allie's past was left out of the explanation. Jake did, however, state that he had the proof needed to put David behind bars. That proof, of course, was eyewitness testimony and a videotape of David confessing his crime. David urged Keith to check his personnel file. The file would show that no charges had ever been brought against David. Jake suggested that they all go to Myrtle's so that they can view the videotape. Adam wanted to go, but he opted to stay at the hospital with Liza.

Erica hovered over Jack's bed and prayed aloud that her on-and-off-again fiancÚ would be okay. Joe entered the room to check on Jack's vitals and offered Erica a preliminary diagnosis. Joe was almost certain that Jack would be okay. From what he could tell, the attorney suffered a hairline skull fracture. It wasn't a serious injury---Joe expected the fracture to heal on its own---but Joe wanted to run some additional tests just to be on the safe side. Jack's eyes slowly opened. He was surprised to see Erica by his side. He smiled weakly and asked Erica if she could spare a few aspirin. Considering what he'd just been through, it was amazing that he was able to crack a joke. Erica told Jack that she'd be waiting for him to return from his tests. Jack was wheeled off to radiology and Erica turned and walked towards the door. She looked up and realized that Mike had been standing by the door the entire time. She knew that it must have been awkward, if not difficult, for Mike to watch the way she's gushed over Jack. Mike offered to take Erica home, but Erica wanted to stick around the hospital. Mike surprised Erica when he plopped down next to her on the waiting room sofa. Erica had expected Mike to leave. Mike said that he was certain that if the tables had been turned, Jack would stay by Erica's side. "I need you," Mike said, "but he needs you more." This was a side of Mike that Erica hadn't seen before. Mike put his arm around Erica. She leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder.

Allie returned to the boarding house and told Myrtle about her adventures at the explosion site. Keith, Jake, and David showed up in the middle of Allie's tale about how she'd helped restore Palmer's vision. Myrtle recognized Keith as the man who was "trying to out Brooke behind bars." She then turned to Jake and asked why "Dr. Shifty Eyes" was in her house. Dr. Shifty Eyes, of course, was David. Jake told Allie that Keith was there to investigate attempted murder charges against David. Jake asked Allie to get the videotape of David's confession so that they could put David behind bars once and for all. Allie lowered her head. She told Jake that she'd thrown the tape away after David left town. She said that she'd never thought that David might return. And the copies that they'd made? Allie claimed that she'd taped over all of them. She flashed David a peculiar glance before redirecting her attention to Jake. David announced that since there was no longer any proof to validate Jake's claims, he'd be leaving. Jake told Keith that he had witnesses to verify what he'd said. Allie, Keith said, wouldn't do them much good considering that she was known to have committed fraud. Liza was the wife of the victim and Stuart was the brother of the victim. Keith told Jake that he wasn't going to take on a case that he couldn't win. Myrtle walked David and Keith to their cars. Allie apologized to Jake for getting rid of the tapes. He assured her that it was okay. He vowed to get even with David one way or another. Allie worried that David was back to ruin her life and begged Jake to protect her. Jake gave Allie a big hug and promised her that he wouldn't let David harm her. As they hugged, Allie's eyes scanned shiftily back and forth across the room. Jake was paged back to the hospital and Allie was left alone in the house. She scurried to the door to make sure that no one else was around. She then headed for the closet and pulled out a black handbag. She reached into the bag and removed a videocassette. "Now you're gonna have to stand by me," Allie said to herself.

Inside Holidays, Tad looked at Dixie in astonishment. "Can you hear me?" Dixie asked her former husband. He didn't respond. Dixie offered to get some help for Tad, but Tad grabbed on to her hand and wouldn't let her leave. He then wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close to him. Tad pulled away a few seconds later and apologized for his actions. Dixie told him that she didn't mind what he'd done. She again asked Tad if he was okay. He nodded weakly, his face covered in soot. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" he asked, showing a glimmer of the Tad everyone knows and loves. Tad asked Dixie why she'd returned to Pine Valley. It led to a very brief explanation of the court order that allowed Adam temporary custody of Adam Junior. Dixie explained that Adam had wanted his son to return to Pine Valley so that he'd be safe from danger. Dixie was no longer sure if that was a wise choice, considering the war zone-like atmosphere she'd just entered. Tad solemnly noted that the explosion didn't have to have happened. Camille had tried to warn everyone about the impending danger. Dixie was surprised that Camille had been at the restaurant before it exploded. She asked Tad if Camille had been hurt. "She's dead," Tad said, nearly breaking down in tears. Dixie offered her sympathy to Tad and told Tad that she'd been led to believe that Camille was some sort of monster. Sometimes, she said, it's hard for people to believe that someone they care about could be capable of such bad things. Dixie used her denial over her late brother, Will's, as an example. Tad insisted that Camille could not have been responsible for any of the accidents that had taken place. He explained that Camille was only out to get Adam to confess to killing her mother. "Were you in love with her?" Dixie asked delicately. "No, I wasn't," Tad replied. "I wanted to be." Tad said that he nearly forced himself into caring for Camille because he needed some magic in his life. As he got to know Camille better, however, that magic started to wane. Tad admitted that he was somewhat scared by Camille's desire for revenge. The revenge had consumed the young woman. Dixie asked Tad if he had any idea who might be responsible for the numerous accidents. Tad shook his head. He said that he doesn't know yet, but he promised Dixie that he'd find out. A pair of rescue workers approached Tad and Dixie and told them that they needed to clear out. The crew had been trying to stabilize Holidays, but their attempts had failed. The only course of action left was to bring in the bulldozers and raze the building. "Take care," Dixie smiled as Tad helped her over a piece of debris. "You too," he smiled.

Hayley again asked Mateo how he'd known that Holidays was going to explode. Mateo insisted that he didn't know, but Hayley didn't buy it. She asked Matt if someone had tipped him off to the explosion. She didn't believe that it was a coincidence since this was the second time that her husband had saved her from an exploding building. Mateo claimed that he didn't have answers and urged Hayley to move away from the building because it wasn't safe. "Why?" Hayley snapped, asking her husband if he'd had "previews of coming attractions." Hayley begged Mateo to tell her how he'd been able to see into the future. Mateo led his wife to a nearby bench. Once they were sitting down, he admitted that his visions began while he was in a coma. Hayley remembered that Matt had "seen" the shooting at the gallery as well as a vision of a dress that she was supposed to have worn to Janet's wedding. Mateo finally confessed that he'd had more than just those two visions. He told Hayley about the visions of her frenzied dancing at their apartment and of the vision he had of Holidays. It took a lot of effort for him to tell his wife that in both visions, she'd "died." Hayley was visibly shaken. She pushed her husband's shoulder and asked him why he hadn't told her sooner. Mateo admitted that he was afraid and added that he wasn't exactly sure what to make of his visions. Hayley wiped tears from her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. She believed that the worst was now over. Both visions had been averted due to Mateo's quick thinking. Hayley knew that had Mateo not shown up at Holidays, she could very well have been fixing the air conditioner when the boiler exploded. Mateo lacked his wife's certainty that they were in the clear. He told her about his third vision, the one that took place at the carnival. With this third vision looming over them, Mateo wasn't ready to concede that the danger had passed.

Lee returned to the cabin in a fit of rage. "Joy, my love, my life," he screamed. "Our baby's gone!" Lee went on a tirade that had him pacing erratically across the room. "Damn you, Adam Chandler!" he yelled on several occasions. Lee saw the locket that Adam had given Joy resting on the table. This caused him to go even further over the edge. He raced to the fireplace and yanked a picture of Scott and Hayley off the mantle. He ran back across the room and slammed the picture onto a table. "An eye for an eye, a life for a life," Lee growled. He took a large knife from his pocket and stabbed it right into Hayley's forehead. "A daughter for a daughter..."

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

A new day meant yet another day in Brooke's ongoing trial. Tad showed up at Brooke's house hoping to give her a last minute pep talk before heading off to the courthouse. Instead of being greeted by his ex-wife, Dimitri was the one to appear at the door. Dimitri looked at Tad's still bruised face and asked him what happened. Tad simply remarked that Dimitri needs to watch the news more often. Tad quickly forgot about Dimitri and called out to Brooke. "She's not here," Dimitri replied. A puzzled look crept across Tad's face. Brooke had to be there---she was due in court in a little over an hour. Tad slowly became aware of the fact that Brooke---with Jamie by her side---had left the country. Tad was furious and concerned all at the same time. He blasted Dimitri for having a negative influence on Brooke. If Brooke didn't appear in court, Tad knew that her chances for acquittal would drop to zero. Dimitri insisted that Brooke already had nearly no chance of being acquitted. He pointed to the countless number of newspaper articles and television reports on the case. Tad told Dimitri that the media puts whatever spin is needed on case in order to sell papers or boost ratings. Tad called Dimitri "so damned selfish" for not thinking about what would happen to Brooke and Jamie by having them flee. Tad demanded to know where his son was. He threatened to beat Dimitri "half to death" if that was what it would take to find out where Brooke had gone. Dixie entered the house and demanded to know what was going on. Dimitri, still yelling, told Dixie that it was nice to see her again. It was a far cry from what one might consider a warm hello. Dixie wasn't taken in by the niceties. She knew that Dimitri must be causing trouble and asked Tad what was going on. Tad told Dixie about Dimitri's role in Jamie and Brooke's disappearance. The more Tad went on about the troubles that his son could face, the more furious Tad became. Dixie tried to calm Tad down, but it didn't do much good---and Dimitri's arrogance didn't make things any better. Tad ultimately tried to beat the information out of Dimitri. He clocked him with two good blows, but Tad went to the well one to many times and by the third shot, Dimitri was waiting for him. He grabbed Tad's arm, twisted it behind his back, and shoved him to the sofa. Dixie stood by helplessly. Dimitri might have clobbered Tad had the phone not begun ringing. Dimitri dashed across the room to answer the phone. On the other end was Brooke, presumably with news about her location. "The pilot confirmed that?" Dimitri asked her. Tad yanked the phone away from Dimitri and urged Brooke to return home. Brooke responded by hanging up on him. Dimitri told Tad that by hanging up on him, Brooke was trying to "protect" him. The fewer people that know where Brooke is, Dimitri said, the better. Dimitri left without saying another word. Dixie did her best to assure Tad that he'd see Jamie again. Since Brooke was the fugitive, Jamie could return home for visits. Tad disagreed. He told Dixie that Jamie would never leave Brooke's side because that would mean that she'd be alone. And Tad wasn't thrilled by the idea of having to leave the country in order to spend time with Jamie. "He's like my heartbeat," Tad said. Tad feared that Jamie's life would crumble by being on the run. Dixie agreed that it would be best for everyone if Brooke returned to Pine Valley. What they needed, she said, was "wiggle room." "Wiggle room?" Tad quipped. "You've been in Pigeon Hollow too long!" Dixie agreed to help Tad in his plan to get Jamie back in town. Tad had asked her if she was doing it for him. "Let's just say that I would do anything for Jamie Martin," Dixie replied. The two shook hands to seal their pact. They weren't sure how they'd do it, but they knew that they had to act fast. Tad told Dixie that he was going to buy them some "wiggle room." He instructed Dixie to stay put and to tell anyone who asked that Brooke was "indisposed."

Jake told Ryan that Gillian had just gotten out of surgery. The surgeon had to repair damage to one of Gillian's kidneys. Jake also told Ryan that Gillian had lost a lot of blood---too much blood. Ryan was permitted to sit with Gillian for a while. He sat by her bedside and showed a surprisingly sensitive side. "It's weird, you being so quiet," Ryan said with a slight smile. "I was just getting used to you." Ryan wondered if his wife could hear him. He took her hand and gently caressed it, but there was no indication that Gillian knew that he was there. Ryan told Gillian that he needs her and encouraged her to keep fighting. Ryan was nearly crying before he decided to step out of the room for a few minutes. When the door closed behind him, Gillian's mouth began to quiver. "Ryan?" she called out. She repeated Ryan's name several more times, but Ryan was not there to hear it.

Marian sat by Liza's bed telling her daughter how glad she was that she hadn't been killed in the explosion. Liza slept peacefully, unaware that her mother was by her side. Marian was nearing tears and decided that it might be best for her to get some fresh air. Soon after Marian left, Adam entered the room. "Stuart was right," Adam said barely above a whisper. "I never should have let you go." Adam began poking around Liza's room and started to look over her medical file. Silence---or at least quietness---was not one of Adam's better traits. He created such a ruckus that Liza woke from her sleep and caught sight of Adam reading her medical records. Her voice weaker than normal, Liza called out for a nurse. Liza didn't appear to be really interested in getting a nurse into the room. It seemed more like a continuation of their sassy, teasing, and difficult relationship. Adam was so overcome to hear Liza's voice that he hopped onto the bed and gave Liza a big hug. Stunned, the priceless look of bewilderment on Liza's face showed that she could do little more than wonder what the heck had gotten into Adam! Liza told Adam that he was embarrassing himself and asked him to stop squeezing her. Liza looked around and wasn't quite sure where she was. She figured that she was in the hospital, but how she'd gotten there remained a mystery. Adam told Liza about the explosion at Holidays. Liza remembered bits and pieces of the incident, primarily that David Hayward had been there. Liza worried that others had been hurt in the explosion. Adam callously rattled off a list of the injured---"Dimitri Marick's cousin and Palmer Cortlandt." Adam was miffed that Palmer hadn't been killed in the explosion. "Did anyone die?" Liza asked softly. Stuart entered the room and simply said, "yes." Liza offered her sympathy to Stuart when she learned that Camille had been killed in the blast. Adam, however, was not as forthcoming. "She got what she deserved," Adam snapped. His voice raised, Stuart demanded that his brother join him on the sun porch for a conversation. After Stuart left, Adam rolled his eyes and told Liza that Stuart must be having a bad day.
On the sun porch, Adam tried to defend his reaction to Camille's death. He reminded Stuart that he had opened himself up to Camille, but that Camille wanted nothing to do with him. "The explosion was your fault," Stuart said out of the blue. Stuart told Adam that had he not detained Camille at the front door, Camille might have been able to fix the boiler before it exploded. Adam argued that Camille had been the one to rig the boiler in the first place. He thought it was too convenient that Camille had happened to be at Holidays just before the blast. He also found it odd that Camille had been the one to call the paramedics after Scott's electrocution. Adam called Stuart "too trusting," to which Stuart called Adam "too paranoid." Stuart warned Adam that if he believes that Camille was the one who'd arranged all of the accidents, he was leaving himself blind to the fact that the real villain was still on the loose.

Marian returned to Liza's room and told Liza all about her encounter with Stuart after the explosion. As stated in a previous recap, Marian had mistook something that Stuart had told her. He'd mentioned that he couldn't forget about the "smart, handsome men" that Marian had dated. Stuart meant that he felt inadequate when compared to the other men that Marian had dated. Marian, however, believed that Stuart thought she was a tramp! Marian swore off all men, "especially Stuart Chandler." What she didn't know was that Stuart was at the doorway. With a frown on his face, a dejected Stuart moped down the hallway. A few seconds later, David entered the room. Marian cleared out at the sight of the doctor. When asked how she felt, Liza said that she felt "annoyed." Liza worried that her heart might have stopped because there is something seriously wrong with her. David assured her that her heart stoppage was an "anomaly" that he'd seen many times before in perfectly healthy patients. He likened the stoppage to the seriousness of Liza's injuries. Liza asked David why he'd returned to Pine Valley. "Apparently to save your life," David replied. Liza couldn't help but laugh. Adam was furious when he entered the room and saw Liza and David sharing a chuckle. "My wife," Adam started before he realized what he'd said. "Liza has no intention of being friends with you!" He demanded to know why David was still hovering around. David explained that Dr. Gregory, Liza's attending cardiologist, had consulted with him on the case. David also took joy in telling Adam that Keith had decided not to press charges against him because Allie had gotten rid of his videotaped confession. Adam ordered David to scoot, something that Liza later scolded Adam for. She pointed out that since they were no longer married, Adam had no say in who she talked to.

At Wildwind, Edmund asked Hayley and Mateo not to tell Eugenia about Gillian's condition. The talk quickly turned to Mateo's visions and the need to find "the real psycho" responsible for the explosion. At the doorway, Lee recalled his vow to himself to get "an eye for an eye." He stumbled into the room, claiming that he wanted to see how Mateo and Hayley were doing. Hayley reintroduced Lee to Edmund. Everyone, of course, still knows Lee as "John." Edmund left the room and Hayley told Lee that Edmund's cousin had been injured in the blast. Lee handed Hayley a key and told her that it was supposed to have gone along with the music box he'd given her. Hayley titled her head to one side and told Lee that she'd never gotten a music box from him. Mateo puckered his lips and realized that he'd never given the gift to his wife. He raced upstairs to find the item. While he was gone, Lee became quite spooky. He told Hayley that "you never really recover when someone you love dies." Hayley nodded in agreement and said that she knew what Lee meant. "Do you?" he said sinisterly as he walked towards Hayley. He flashed a scar on his arm and told Hayley that he'd gotten the wound while trying to save his wife from "an accident." Lee began to cry slightly and told Hayley that he'd rather not talk about his wife. Mateo returned to the room and saw how upset both Lee and Hayley were. Matt asked if there was anything that he or Hayley could do to help him out. With Hayley's new music box playing in the background, Lee said that it would be great if the couple could get him a job at Wildwind. Matt and Hayley called Edmund back into the room and told him that they'd really appreciate it if Edmund would put Lee on the groundskeeping staff. Since Hayley had observed Lee working, she testified that he was a very hard worker. Only familiar with Lee from his stay in the hospital, Mateo smiled and said that, "He doesn't snore." Edmund agreed to hire Lee and told him that he'd start the next day. Mateo and Hayley offered to show Lee around. While they were gone, Dimitri stormed into Wildwind and groused about how cold the coffee was. He told Edmund that he'd spend the night---the whole night---at Brooke's house. Edmund was quite concerned, but Dimitri refused to answer any questions about what he was doing at Brooke's. Edmund cleared out and Dimitri went on his way. Lee returned to the room a short time later and plopped down on the sofa. He commented that he could get used to the cushy living at Wildwind. He put his feet up on the table and began reading a copy of the Pine Valley Bulletin. On the back page, was an advertisement that caught his interest. In August, the ad said, the carnival would be returning to Pine Valley.

Edmund headed directly to Brooke's house. He was overjoyed to see Dixie and even gave her a big hug. The two made plans for Adam Junior and Sammy to get together for a play date. Edmund asked if he could speak to Brooke and Dixie suddenly became distant. "You can't see her," she replied.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Tad gathered Jake and Joe on the sun porch. The purpose of the meeting was, well, unknown. Tad told Joe that he needed to get Jamie back no matter what. He had a plan, but the plan required a little bending of the rules. Joe wasn't keen on breaking any rules, but when Jake accused him of not wanting to help Jamie, Joe agreed to go along with the plan. The plan, as it were, was never divulged. Joe's agreeing to go along with the plan was not without reservation. Joe insisted that things had to be done his way. He then added, "I hope to God we don't screw it up."

Thursday, July 16, 1998

"Brooke is sick," Dixie blurted out. Edmund's lips pursed together ever so slightly as he asked Dixie about the extent of Brooke's illness. Dixie hadn't anticipated having to give a lengthy explanation---and it showed. She shrugged her shoulders and explained that she wasn't exactly sure how sick Brooke was because she hadn't spoken to her. By now, Edmund was on to Dixie, but it didn't stop him from having a little fun at her expense. He asked Dixie if she was concerned that she might catch whatever had Brooke feeling under the weather. Dixie remarked that she'd gotten all of her shots this year and that she wasn't worried about getting sick. Edmund nodded and said that he, too, had gotten all his shots and decided that it would be safe for him to go upstairs and check on Brooke. Dixie dashed in front of Edmund and told him that he could carry the virus back to his children. She struggled to come up with an excuse that would convince Edmund to go back home. "The truth is, we really don't know what it is," Dixie said of Brooke's virus. She then said that it could be one of those "strange viruses that takes over entire villages." Edmund finally flashed a grinned and told Dixie that he believes she is giving him the "Pigeon Hollow Shuffle." The pair got to talking about their long-time friendship and how they'd both comforted each other when their lovers (Brooke and Tad) had fallen for each other. It was the time when Tad returned to town believing that he was Ted Orsini. Brooke, just off a relationship with Edmund, had fallen hopelessly in love with Tad. Dixie told Edmund that he's always been "good for her soul." The banter failed to make Edmund forget that he still hadn't seen Brooke. Edmund remembered Dimitri saying that he'd spent the night at Brooke's house. It wasn't that far of a leap for him to determine that Dimitri was somehow involved in Brooke's "illness." Edmund asked Dixie to tell him the truth: Had Dimitri ordered her not to let anyone see Brooke. Dixie firmly said, "No." She then caved and told Edmund that Tad was the one who'd given her the instructions. Tad and Dimitri working together? Something didn't seem quite right to Edmund and he headed back to Wildwind to get the full story. "I smell disaster," Dixie said with a sigh, "like fat on a fire."

It was definitely not a regular morning at the Dillon home. Janet found Trevor fussing over which tie he should wear to court. Trevor, poster boy for the loud ties, said that he didn't want the jury to see a "busy" tie and think that he was some kind of eccentric. "Juries love eccentrics," Janet said encouragingly. Tim wandered into the room and announced that Harold wasn't himself. The Dillon family dog wasn't eating his food. Amanda moped into the room and told her parents that she wasn't going to day camp because she was suffering from "that post traumatic disorder thing." And just in case that wasn't enough drama, Belinda burst into the house with a copy of the Bulletin in her hand. Belinda asked Trevor how Brooke was supposed to get a fair trial when the headline of the morning's edition announced that the case was lost before it even began. Janet solved Harold's problem by suggesting that Tim add some cheese to the dog food to break up the monotony of being served the same food day after day. Trevor remained optimistic about the trial and told Belinda that they couldn't let the newspaper dictate their strategy. Amanda was still down in the dumps. She felt that she needed to be punished for running off at Holidays and then nearly getting killed in the explosion. Janet and Trevor, of course, felt that Amanda had already been through enough and didn't think that punishment was the answer. They enlisted Belinda's help to issue a fair and just verdict in the matter. Belinda ruled that Amada had to give her mommy and daddy a big hug and to swear on her "beanie babies" that she'd never wander off again.

Mike Roy was beginning to become more and more of a thorn in Erica's side. He followed Erica into Jack's room, completely disregarding Erica's request for some time alone with Jack. Jack remained fast asleep in his bed, or at least he did not respond to the presence of Erica and Mike's voices. Erica asked Mike to step outside, explaining that Jack would "rather eat glass" than see Mike. Mike claimed that there was no reason for Jack not to like him. According to Mike, all he'd done was to come back to town and "claim" Erica. "Claim?" Erica chirped. "I am not a piece of luggage!" Mike asked Erica to stop "playing both sides of the street" and the come clean to Jack about her feelings for both of them. Erica refused to break the news to Jack at a time when he was fighting for his life. The pair remained by the doorway and bickered for several minutes more before Erica escorted Mike into the waiting room. Jack's eyes opened up and his face flashed an expression showing that his heart had just been broken. Outside, Erica and Mike's voices grew even louder. In fact, there were easily heard inside Jack's room. Erica accused Mike of being afraid that Jack's condition would "tip the scales" towards Jack's side. Mike said that he wasn't worried that Erica would choose Jack over him, but he was concerned that Jack would try to milk his injuries for all they were worth. Erica flagged Jake down as he walked past them. Erica didn't believe Jake when he said that Jack was out of danger. He pointed out that he would never have moved Jack out of the Intensive Care Unit if he were still in critic condition. Quoting advice she'd heard on a talk show, Erica claimed that people who are unable to commit to long-term relationships become spies. Mike rolled his eyes. He didn't want to be the only one who came off looking bad. He stated that Jack was also not suited for a long-term relationship because he could not tolerate imperfection. That, he said, is the reason that Jack walked away from Erica. Erica's mouth gaped. She quickly explained that she had not been dumped---and said that she'd never been dumped. Mike called her bluff, and Erica ultimately admitted that several "misguided men" had "stumbled away" from her---but added that they all came back to her eventually. Erica again asked Mike to allow her a few moments alone with Jack. He nodded his head---and then followed Erica back into Jack's room! Erica leaned over Jack and whispered to him. "It's Erica," she said softly. Jack's eyes fluttered and he looked deep into Erica's eyes. "Erica," he said groggily. "Erica who?"

On the sun porch, Joe, Tad, and Jake's tete-a-tete grew increasingly complex. Joe stated that in order for their plan to work, he'd need to forge test results---and to come up with a body! Not just any body would do for this top-secret plan. Kelsey opened the doors and walked onto the sun porch. She laughed giddily about a call she'd received from Tad telling her that he had a job for her. Kelsey, of course, assumed that she'd been hired as the new weathergirl for WRCW. That wasn't the case. From the somber looks on her relatives' faces, she knew that her job was an "uh oh" job. Jake informed Kelsey that there were in the midst of an emergency family crisis. Joe sighed deeply and said that he hopes that they will not live to regret their decision. Jake escorted Kelsey back to his office so that they could discuss her role in the scheme. Meanwhile, Tad thanked his father for helping him. Joe told Tad that if someone approached him and told him that he'd never be allowed to see his children again, he was sure that he'd go to the same lengths as what Tad was doing. There was one major difference---Tad was asking Joe to put his career on the line. If the plan didn't work, Tad said that Allie would not be the only one on the unemployment line. "If we can't stand together in tough times," Joe replied, "we might as well pack it in."

After his discussion at the hospital, Tad returned to Brooke's house. Dixie told Tad that Edmund had dropped by and that he didn't buy her story that Brooke wasn't feeling well. Dixie wondered what would happen to Tad if his plan didn't work. Tad told Dixie that he was aiding and abetting a fugitive. If he was caught, he'd be sent to prison. He joked that imprisonment would allow him the opportunity to do special editions of The Cutting Edge---live from inside jail! Dixie teased that she was pretty good at baking a cake. Tad smiled and hoped that he wouldn't need Dixie to bake a cake with a file in it. If everything worked out as planned, there'd be nothing to worry about. If it didn't, his entire family could be sent to jail. Even in the face of such a serious situation, Tad found his sense of humor. "Do you think they've got a family package at Attica?" Dixie assured Tad that he was doing the right thing. Tad headed off to start the next phase of his plan. Dixie sat down on the sofa and listened as a call played over Brooke's answering machine. The call was from Belinda, telling Brooke that the judge was demanding that she appear before him immediately.

Dimitri was still in a foul mood. He couldn't help but recalling Brooke's farewell... or the kiss that they shared before she walked out the door. Edmund returned to Wildwind and asked Dimitri if he'd been able to get his hot coffee. Dimitri nodded and asked Edmund where he'd rushed off to. Edmund, sitting down in a chair across from his brother, said that he'd had to run by Brooke's house to run a few ideas by her. Edmund said that the meeting wasn't the most productive meeting he'd had with Brooke, but noted that he and Brooke were able to iron out a few things. Dimitri was stunned. He told Edmund that it was impossible for him to have spoken to Brooke. If Edmund had any doubts about what might be going on, those doubts were now erased. He demanded to know what Dimitri had done with Brooke. Dimitri claimed that he had helped Brooke save her life. "Her life was being sucked away," Dimitri said angrily. He yelled that Brooke does not deserve to spend her life in jail. Edmund, his voice now growing in intensity, might not have had to go to jail if the jury found her not guilty. Now, by fleeing, Brooke was almost certain to do jail time. She could never return to Pine Valley because she'd be apprehended immediately. Edmund called his brother "selfish" for not thinking about the implications that the fugitive life would have on Brooke and Jamie. Dimitri refused to be labeled a selfish man. He said that if he was selfish, he never would have made the sacrifice that he had. Edmund's eyebrows twitched as he asked Dimitri to explain what sacrifice he'd made. "I let her go," Dimitri bellowed. Dimitri said that Brooke was the only woman who was still able to look him in the eyes---and he encouraged her to leave his life. Edmund grabbed Dimitri by the lapels and demanded that he tell him where he'd sent Brooke.

In court, Judge Foster's patience wore thing. He summoned the Keith, Belinda, and Trevor to the front of the courtroom and informed them that unless Brooke showed up within a minute, he'd be forced to issue a warrant for her arrest. Trevor sweated bullets as Keith flashed a slightly puzzled smile. Attention focused on the back of the courtroom and Tad straggled in and announced that he knew where Brooke was.

Friday, July 17, 1998

The courtroom gasped collectively as Tad announced that he knew why Brooke hadn't shown up for court. "She's not well," Tad said solemnly. Judge Foster looked quite peeved and told Tad that Brooke had better be "hospital ill," or she'd be in big trouble. "As a matter of fact," Tad replied. "She's in quarantine." Tad told the judge that Brooke had contracted a "highly contagious" and "possible fatal" disease. The courtroom erupted in a cacophony of gasps and whispers. Judge Foster sounded his gavel several times and demanded that order be restored. He threatened to boot everyone out of the courtroom if even one person disobeyed him. Keith appeared to be the only one who questioned Tad's announcement. The assistant district attorney called it "highly suspicious" that Brooke hadn't called the court to tell them of her hospitalization. Tad blamed the lack of notification on himself. He claimed that he'd dropped by Brooke's house and found her unconscious on the floor; because of this Brooke was obviously not able to pick up the phone herself. Keith was still unconvinced. He told the judge that he wanted to visit Brooke first-hand and verify that she was, in fact, sick. Tad cast Keith a piercing glance and told him that he's welcome to visit with Brooke---but only if he wants to end up in quarantine too! Tad added that even Brooke's family isn't allowed to visit for more than five minutes at a time. The thought of contracting a rare and possible fatal infection changed Keith's mind awfully quickly. He decided that speaking to Brooke's attending physician would satisfy him. Tad announced that he could have the physician appear before the court in a matter of minutes. Keith followed Tad out of the courtroom and quizzed him about Brooke's supposed illness. He found it somewhat puzzling that Tad had helped Brooke, a woman with a highly contagious and potentially lethal virus, to the hospital and had not been asked to stick around the hospital to be checked out himself. The look on Tad's face showed that he hadn't really thought about that part of the story. He quickly scurried to come up with a reply that would satisfy the attorney. He said that he was headed back to the hospital later to have himself checked out. Keith simply said, "Mm hmm," and headed back to the courtroom. Joe appeared some time later and before Tad could find out if his father was still going to take part in the scheme. A bailiff ordered Joe to appear before Judge Foster. Joe told the court that he believed that Brooke was suffering from a "rare form a pneumonia," one which was nearly resistant to all conventional drug treatments. He explained that to be sure, they were running a series of tests on Brooke. The results, however, would take several days. In light of the news, Trevor made a motion that the judge grant a continuance until Brooke was in better health. Keith vehemently objected. Just in case no one else had noticed, Keith pointed out that Joe was the former father-in-law of the supposedly ailing defendant. Trevor argued that Joe was the Chief of Staff at Pine Valley Hospital and that he would not lie about a patient's health. Judge Foster listened to the two men go back and forth with Tad offering an occasional interjection. When the men seemed to have run out of things to say, he asked them if he could get a word in edgewise. Judge Foster told Keith that he knows Joe on both a personal and professional level. His wife, he said, had been treated by Joe and he had even served on the hospital board with Joe a few years back. Dr. Martin was a man of the "utmost integrity" and Judge Foster wasn't about to doubt what the doctor has said. Judge Foster still wasn't too thrilled by the idea that the test results would take several days to analyze. He gave Joe forty-eight hours to get at least an inkling of what was wrong with Brooke and how long she might be hospitalized. Joe nodded his head and left the courtroom. Tad quickly met up with his father outside the courtroom and learned that getting fake test results wasn't going to be an easy task. Joe told him that all paperwork would have to go through "the proper channels." The implication was that the more false documentation they had to come up with, the more likely they were to get caught.

Emotions went from high to low in just a matter of seconds for Liza, as she sat peacefully on the sun porch. Dr. Clader mused that Liza was his "errant patient" because she'd left her room without telling anyone. That, however, wasn't a problem and Dr. Clader assured Liza that her injuries did not threaten her ability to have a child. In fact, he gave her the green light to begin artificial insemination at any time. Liza hugged the doctor and Dr. Clader went on his way. Soon after the doctor left, Liza received a visit from yet another person with ties to the medical community---Allie. Allie, a cold expression on her face, commented that Liza looked well. Just as quickly as Allie seemed to want to make small talk, she went into a belittlement of Liza's decision to get pregnant using Jake as a sperm donor. "How do you do it?" Allie asked. "How do you win everybody's sympathy and at the same time make me look like a villain?" Liza didn't have the fortitude---nor the desire---to get into a shouting match with Allie. She simply explained that her decision to go through artificial insemination was in no way any of Allie's business. She also noted that she hadn't decided to use Jake as the donor to get back at or hurt Allie. Allie insisted that Liza's choice did affect her. Liza had asked Jake, the man that Allie loves, to father her child. "I can't even give him his first born," Allie growled, referring to that fact that Liza would be the first woman to father Jake's child. She then urged Liza to find her own man because Jake was all hers. Liza sadly noted that she didn't have a special man in her life. She explained that she was not trying to steal Jake away from Allie---and remained adamant in her claim that she wants Jake and Allie to live happily ever after. While Liza was not in love with Jake, she was madly in love "with a baby that hasn't even been conceived yet." Liza asked Allie to look into her heart and realize that she never meant to hurt her. For a moment, Allie seemed overtaken by emotion. Then she snorted and snapped, "Nice try." Allie turned and walked away.

Edmund pushed Dimitri away and asked him to hit him. Dimitri shook his head and told his brother that he was not going to fight him. Edmund sighed. He'd asked, begged, and now threatened to beat Brooke's whereabouts out of Dimitri---nothing worked. Dimitri failed to see why Edmund was so concerned for Brooke. "What's your personal stake?" he asked Edmund. Edmund reminded Dimitri that Brooke has always been one of his best friends, not to mention his co-worker at Tempo. He didn't want to face going to work every day and knowing that Brooke was running around the world to escape prosecution. Dimitri argued that Brooke had made up her own mind to flee the country. Edmund knew that his brother had prodded Brooke along during the decision-making process. In addition to one of his friends that was already out of his life, Edmund didn't want to lose Dimitri. He marveled at the long way they had come in their relationship. Edmund noted, however, that Dimitri was risking it all by refusing to say where he'd sent Brooke. To Edmund, the fleeing the country scenario reeked of another of Dimitri's famed attempts to beat the legal system. When Maria had learned that Kelsey was going to regain custody of Sammy, Dimitri suggested that she flee. That led to a painful downslide that ultimately resulted in Dimitri and Maria sleeping together. Tad stumbled into the castle and asked Dimitri where he could find Brooke. "I can't tell you," Dimitri replied pigheadedly. Tad tried to convince Dimitri that he needed to have his son back in his life. The he realized that appealing to Dimitri's paternal side would do little good because he has a record of "stealing children." Dimitri didn't acknowledge the remark. He turned and walked away. Tad started to chase after Dimitri, but Edmund told him to stop. If beating Dimitri would have resulted in finding out where Brooke was, Edmund said that he'd already have done it. Both men knew that he needed to locate Brooke within the forty-hours allotted by Judge Foster.

Jack told Erica that she looked familiar, but explained that he had no idea who she was. "I am Erica Kane," Erica trumpeted proudly. "We're engaged to be married!" Erica flashed the diamond engagement ring on her finger. Still, Jack looked dazed. Erica worried that Jack was in serious condition and dashed out of the room to find a doctor. While Erica was gone, Mike walked over to Jack and introduced himself. "Who the hell do you think you're kidding?" he asked after introducing himself. Jack shook his head and asked Mike was he was talking about. "You can't con a con man," Mike laughed. Jack again shook his head and muttered in confusion about Mike being a con man. Mike laughed loudly and he commented that he'd created a monster. Once Mike's laughter subsided, he told Jack that his attempt to gain Erica's sympathy wouldn't work. Jack could only stay injured for so long, Mike stated confidently. And while Jack was bust being bedridden, Mike announced that he'd be wining and dining Erica in "the lap of luxury---or any other lap I can get her on to." Jack observed Mike's reddened face and asked if he needed a nurse. Jack said that it wasn't a good sign for a con man to be hot under the collar. Erica returned "Would you mind saying that again?" Those were the first words to leave Mike's mouth after Erica confessed that she loved him. Erica wondered if Mike hadn't heard her. Mike assured her that he'd heard her, but joked that he wanted to get her admission on tape. Mike didn't think that he'd ever hear those words again. It had been thirteen years, after all, since Erica had told him that she loved him. Before Mike had a chance to savor the moment, Erica was ready to bring him back down to Earth. She told Mike that while she did love him, she loved Jack, too. "I love you

In the hallway, a panicked Allie tracked down Jake and told him that she's been unable to get any sleep knowing that David is back in town. She claimed that she had nightmares about David trying to hurt her. Jake titled his head to the side and reminded Allie that David no longer had anything to hold over her---the truth about her forged transcripts was out, the videotape confession had been destroyed, and Allie had not accepted David's offer to pay off her student loans. Allie begged Jake to return home with her, but Jake told Allie that he had more important things to do. When Jake walked away, Allie was furious. She slapped her arms against her side and frowned miserably. Jake headed down the hall and into a small room. Pacing nervously inside, Kelsey began to reconsider taking part in Tad's plan. Jake entered the room and handed Kelsey a red wig. He urged her to put it on. Even with the mousy red wig, Kelsey knew that she couldn't pass for Brooke. Jake assured Kelsey that she'd do fine---and explained that a guard was going to be stationed outside the door so that no one could get inside the room. Kelsey seemed appeased, but she still wasn't thrilled about being locked in a room by herself. Jake left and Kelsey resumed her pacing pattern around the room. As she peered through the window, she noticed that Keith was approaching her location. She lunged across the room and got into bed, the back of her head facing the window. Keith pushed open the door and readied to walk inside. A nursed raced up to him and told him that he couldn't go inside the room---until he'd put on a protective garment and mask. With outfit in place, Keith headed back to the door.

On the sun porch, Liza told Jake about her latest encounter with Allie. Jake said that he hated to disappoint Liza, but said that he might have to back out a donor. Liza nodded understandingly and told that she supported his decision. Jake asked Liza if they could still be friends now that he'd dashed her hopes of having a baby. Liza smiled broadly and gave Jake a big hug. "Always," she said. Neither knew that Allie was standing in the doorway. Allie's placed her hand over her mouth and tried her best to keep from making a sound. She quickly ducked behind a corner so that she wouldn't be seen. Allie hadn't heard any of Jake and Liza's conversation---she'd only seen the hug. Liza headed back to her room and Jake went off to perform his rounds. Allie scurried to a pay phone and placed a call to someone, saying that she had important information about Liza. Time went by and the mystery person still hadn't shown. Then, he appeared----Adam! Adam groused that he isn't used to being summoned by anyone. Allie explained that she had a good reason for calling Adam to the hospital. She then accused Adam of being the reason that Liza and Jake were back together. The divorce, she said, left Liza looking for the first man she could get her hands on. Adam refused to believe that Jake and Liza were once again a couple. Allie's face, serious throughout the conversation, told Adam that Liza had asked Jake to father her child---and added that Jake had said yes.



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