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Joey caught Kevin and Barbara in a passionate kiss. Bo promised to support Nora and Rachel. Sam urged Todd to surrender and tried to get Todd to talk about the past. Max offered to partner up with R.J. at Club Indigo. Todd turned to Blair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, July 13, 1998

Everything with Everyone happened in and around the grounds of the country club today, and it was all so tightly twisted together that I'm going to have to relate the day's events in an "as they happened" way this time.

On the Terrace:

What was on Friday violently passionate, but today has slowed down to a deep, but still frighteningly public smooch, Kevin and Bibi's kiss slows further until they have stopped kissing and are gazing adoringly into each other's eyes. As their faces part, we see Joey standing there watching, sighing, and momentarily turning his head away in shock and disappointment. Barbara strokes Kevin's face, and smiles, kissing his hand, which is holding hers. Kevin breath is deep and whistles. Suddenly Barb spies Joey out of the corner of her eye, turns, and Kevin sees too. Joey, looking angry, cautious, and unafraid, steps forth while Kevin and Barb break apart, startled. Kevin recovers mighty quick, and in an arrogantly angry way tells Joey, who hasn't yet said anything, that "she was just giving me c.p.r." Barbara thinks his comment was funny. Joey doesn't. "Why don't you just tell me what the hell's going on?"

In the Ballroom:

Lindsay, sitting at a table with Cassie, Asa, and Renee, congratulates Cassie for being about to become a Buchanan. Cassie teases Asa as she replies that although she's engaged, she isn't sure one ever actually *becomes* a Buchanan. Asa's amused. Renee chucklingly points out that one has to prove oneself to be permitted to learn the secret handshake, and as she speaks, Clint crosses the room to come to Lindsay's side. Bored?, he asks. Nope. Clint takes Lindsay out for a romantic walk. Cassie speculates that perhaps Lindsay going after Clint is the reason Kevin's been acting so crazy. But Asa approves of them. He's worried about Bo. And Nora, adds Renee. How does anyone get through the fact that your own daughter is a murderer?

At the Bar:

Bo comfortingly advises Nora that the only way they're going to get through this is together. Nora looks up from her hands and "what if's", but Bo tells her to forget about his job, because no matter what, he's going to be right there beside Nora and Rachel, supporting both of them. Nora gives Bo a look like he's just the best thing to come around since cheeseburgers :-).

In the Stable:

Sam asks Sykes what's going on, and Sykes obliges that Todd escaped after trading places with his ex-wife. Blair, who's holding Starr, angrily reminds Sykes that Todd chloroformed her. Sykes continues, pointing out how suspicious it looks with all three of them there this late at night. Looks like collusion. He suspects Todd was saying goodbye to Starr. Sam scoffs that's a crazy notion, after everything Todd did to them, and points out that there is a party for *Asa* going on right here. In fact, Sam swears that he hasn't seen Todd since he was in jail. Blair cuddles her little girl.

In the Cabana:

Téa wonders why Todd came back, since he was free. Unfinished business, Todd replies. Téa doesn't know what he's talking about, since it's over and there's nothing between them anymore. As long as she's alive, Todd warns, there will always be something between them. (Outside, Drew, in uniform, takes over for Téa's guard.) You were a fool to come back, Téa tells Todd, calmly. Everything's been said and done between them, well, almost everything, she adds. Todd knows about Sykes, and insults her for having another man already. "Even if that were true", Téa chants, "what do you care? Our marriage was never consummated." Todd snorts that she did that with the reverend. Téa interprets that comment to mean that *that's* why Todd is there. Does he finally want her?

On the Terrace:

Joey comes at Kevin, asking how he could do this to Cassie, but Kevin interrupts, pointing to the sky, and menacingly warns Joey not to "get all Holier than thou" on him. Barbara proclaims that this isn't Kevin's fault, it's hers, but Joey isn't swayed. He sees two willing participants. Kevin remains completely unrepentant. Joey wants to know who Kevin is becoming! Kevin orders Barb to leave, and once she huffs off, Kevin points at Joey, telling him that he doesn't know a damn thing about it. Joey tells Kevin that he's concerned about Barbara's vulnerability, troubled because she is still dealing with being raped, and is also concerned because Kevin is engaged to Cassie. This statement Kevin interprets as his cue to reveal that he and Bibi had sex at the lodge, insisting that what they did was reasonable considering the pressure they were under. Joey can't believe it He thinks Kevin is "absolutely pathetic". Kevin, concerned that Joey has his number, insists that he knows it was wrong and he's trying to nip it in the bud. "And kissing her out here on the terrace is your way of doing that?!?" Joey brings up Cassie, reminding Kevin that he took her away from her husband and her son and promised to love her, but questions whether Kevin even knows what love is. Or is this some kind of game?

In the Ballroom:

Barb storms through, but Cassie sees her and catches up with her. Barbara, a weird, cold smile dancing across her face, breathy and obviously agitated, tells Cassie that Kevin just made her decide to stay on as David's nurse.

At the bar:

Bo and Nora have a pleasant chat, in which Bo, the sweetie, tells Nora that the best thing they've got going for them, their greatest strength, is their love. Nora just loves what he's saying. Bo thinks that they were just sidetracked by other people and crazy events, but they can't let that happen anymore because in the end all they really have is each other. And our kids, Nora adds. Bo agrees. He assures Nora that they are going to get through this, because there's no one in this world who means as much to him as she does. Nora basically says the same thing to him, and they both look pretty damn happy :-).

In the Stable:

Sykes backs off Sam and Blair, but warns them to find him if either of them see or hear from Todd. He leaves. Sam sighs in relief, and Blair wonders what happened to Sam's belief that they needed to turn Todd in for his own good. It's easier said that done, Sam replies. Blair agrees. They talk about the good side of Todd. Sam thought he was going to be the one, and Blair thought she was going to be the one, to break through to Todd, so that he would let his good side out, instead of being so afraid of it. They are both disappointed that they couldn't do it.

In the Cabana:

Todd asks Téa what she'd do if he touched her right now... run away? fight him? Téa tells Todd that he should have trusted her enough to let himself do that long, long ago, when she was making it crystal clear that it was what she wanted from him. Interestingly, Todd suggests that maybe he wanted to be the one to make the first move, instead of feeling forced. They continue to discuss their past, and eventually, shockingly, she offers herself to him, and when, at that moment, Drew calls in to ask if she's alright (he calls her "Mrs. Manning"), and she calls back that she's fine, Todd kisses her. But she breaks it off. "I can't", she says. Todd accuses her of trying to make him feel bad, but of course he's wrong. Téa speaks of how she lost her self-respect, which he tortured out of her, and kissing him made her lose it again, since she told herself that she wouldn't get involved with him anymore. To Todd, Téa just betrayed him for the last time.

Outside the Cabana:

Drew hears Todd through the door and draws his gun. Sykes arrives.

In the Ballroom:

Bo and Nora dance, but Nora can't relax. (Nora's dress is just lovely) Nora frets about Rachel, while Bo supports and sympathizes with her, drawing on his recent experience with Drew. Bo handsomely, charmingly, tells Nora that he will be there to help her through it tonight and every other night. Nora's heart is in her eyes. They happily kiss.

At Cassie, Asa, and Renee's pleasant table, Clint and Lindsay arrive to announce that Manning was just discovered in a Cabana with Téa.

Back on the Terrace:

Kevin huffs to Joey not to question him about love. He insists he loves Cassie. Joey laughs that he has a funny way of showing it. Joey won't back off, and asks "why Barbara?" Kevin rambles on about how intimate they became after he was burned in the fire at Canton, and that it just developed from there. Joey, again, is sickened. He is appalled with Kevin for having Barbara live in that house with all of them, if they were becoming emotionally close. In the face of Joey's continued anger, Kevin suddenly changes tactics and becomes .. i dunno.. conciliatory?.. awkwardly places his hand on Joey's shoulder and asks Joey if he's "gonna tell Cassie on" him. Cassie excitedly arrives to tell Kevin about Todd being discovered in the Cabana holding Téa hostage, and come on! Kevin reluctantly leaves Joey, who, once alone, tries to digest everything he now knows, looking shocked, angry, disgusted, and bewildered in turns. (nicely done)

Outside/Inside the Cabana:

Sykes yells at Todd, who, his hand loosely on Téa's arm, retorts with a threat to kill her (but we see Téa give him a look, and he shrugs lamely back at her in response, and Téa looks wryly amused). Drew knows Todd is bluffing, but Sykes doesn't want to take any chances. Blair, holding Starr, and Sam arrive on the scene. Sykes' first concern is for Starr, who he kindly asks to go off and show an officer her toy. Once Starr steps a ways away with an officer, Sykes lets Sam and Blair know that he expects sharpshooters here any minute, that Todd has no way out, and asks Sam if he wants to help now. Sam shouts to Todd. Blair begs Todd not to do this to Starr. Sam yells to Todd to let Téa go and to take him instead. Sykes shakes his head no, so Blair pleads with him to let Sam in. Kevin arrives, yelling and pointing until he actually pokes Sykes in the shoulder accidentally. Cassie is right behind him. Sykes wants these people out of here. An officer gathers Kevin and Cassie, backing them up, but Kevin points at Sykes, yells about the freedom of the press, and shouts to Sykes that he "outta be Commissioner of Sewers." Sam tells Todd that he's trapped, and he's going to have to face everything. Todd shouts that he's not going back to jail, coz "jail sucks!" Starr cries out for her daddy, and Todd is visibly moved to hear her voice. Téa softly asks him to listen to Sam, and Todd lets Sam in.

At the Bar in the Hotel:

Renee slides into a bar chair beside Nora, sighing that they have lost their men again to the Great Todd Manning Hunt. She asks Nora about Rachel. Nora admits that Rachel is coping better than she is, and that her plea bargain will be held tomorrow. Renee assures Nora that the sentence should be light, since there is a good case for self defense. Nora believes any sentence is too much. Lindsay shows up and reminds Nora that she has her husband back, which should be a comfort, and also mentions that the Buchanans remind her of an old western, riding in to save the day. Nora speaks of Todd's history, and Lindsay gives an interesting perspective of Sam and Todd's relationship. She relates that Sam was always bailing that boy out of one jam or another. She never understood why Sam was always standing up for Todd, but that there must be something to it.

Outside/Inside the Cabana:

Now in the room, Sam urges Todd to surrender, but of course Todd doesn't see why he should trust anyone, and regrets ever opening up to Sam. Sam brings up Peter Manning, asking if this whole thing was about his father. Todd balks. But Sam has had enough. In the past he (Sam) had been willing to let Todd keep his secrets about the night Todd tried to kill his father, but "the penny just dropped here", and now he wants to know what happened. Sam starts remembering that night, remembering a girl, a cheerleader, named Michelle. As he goes on, Todd becomes angrier and angrier, finally saying he'll talk about it, but not in front of Téa. Téa tries to stop Sam, but Sam has realized that by protecting Todd, not only is the problem getting worse, but also that he has become part of the problem, and it's got to stop.

Outside Bo arrives, with Clint and Asa behind. Sykes tells them to leave, and Bo offers to help. Sykes refuses. Drew says they've got everything under control. Kevin comes up behind Bo and asks for a statement, or is Sykes the "Commissioner of the Secret Police" now? Sykes gracefully ignores the taunt and tells Kevin what Kevin already knows. Kevin isn't satisfied and keeps after Sykes, eventually pointing, while an officer bustles them back. Cassie asks Kevin to cool it and he calls her his mother before leaving. Bo is left to talk to Sykes. He advises Sykes to keep Blair around, because Manning may listen to her. Sykes thanks Bo and asks Blair to stay. Blair will, and sends Starr off with Cassie.

Back inside, Todd won't allow Téa to hear the story, and shoves her out of the room. Once she's outside, Sykes considers "rushing" the room, but stops when Téa pleads with him not to, even lying that Todd has a weapon. She begs him to let Sam have a chance to get through to Todd.

Inside, Todd is busy being mad at Sam, but Sam won't let up because he loves him, and since "we're as sick as our secrets" wants to know the truth about the past, about the night Todd nearly killed Peter. Todd, slowly, begins to tell the story about that night. It was his birthday, and a girl, who liked him, surprised and touched him by stopping by with a birthday cake. He didn't want to let her in because his father hated it when people came over, but .. she was so nice. Todd hadn't seen a cake with candles since his mom split, and it felt really nice. It's supposed to, Sam comforted. Todd continues that she hadn't brought a match for the candles, though, so Todd took his father's lighter to light them. This was an enormous mistake, because Peter came in and went nuts right away, right in front of the girl, Michelle. Peter threw the cake down on the floor, called Michelle names, told her Todd was a loser, and threw her out. Todd explains that Peter used to abuse Todd by forcing Todd to hold his hand over the flame from that lighter for one minute. If Todd didn't hold his hand over the flame for the allotted time, things would just get worse. Sam is horrified, and afraid to hear more, but doesn't give up, not letting Todd stop.

At the Bar:

Asa, Clint, and Bo arrive to reunite with their lady-loves. Bo says that Sykes removed all the civilians, thinks he can't handle Manning, and is too "pig-headed" to ask for help. Nora puts a positive spin on it, for if Sykes messes up again, it'll only prove that he's the wrong person to be the commissioner. Asa proclaims that for the well being of his family and of the city, Manning must be put down, and he has a plan. Renee immediately orders him to stop, worried about his health. She is not going to lose him to some foolish sense of Buchanan honor!

In the Stable:

Joey sits on a block of hay, looking pretty sad and troubled. Barb shows up, and asks if he hates her totally.

Inside the Cabana:

In order to get through these horrible bouts of abuse, Todd would disassociate, would ignore his body and withdraw totally within his mind. He wouldn't even make a sound, and that made Peter more angry. Sam asks if what Peter did was to punish him for stealing the lighter or what? Todd says that what happened wasn't anything that hadn't happened before. So what was different this time, asks Sam, pointing out that he never wanted to kill Peter before. Todd looks terribly vulnerable and afraid. Sam warns him that now isn't the time to go back into his head. Todd goes for it. He doesn't know why it was different, if it was the lighter, or the girl, or that someone cared for him enough to bake him a cake, but this time, Peter decided to do things differently, a new experiment. This time, Peter wanted to know how long he could hold Todd's hand over the flame until Todd finally moved it away. But, for the first time, Todd said "No." Sam sadly asks what Peter did then. "Nothing, at first, then it was like a storm." Peter shoved Todd face first to the ground, lifted his shirt, and beat him with the buckle end of the belt. Sam is sickened, and feels awful for Todd. If Todd would have told him, he would have gone to the police.. he would have done something.. and then, heartbreakingly, Todd tells Sam that he deserved it. Sam quickly says he didn't. Todd thinks he did, and continues on with the horrible tale. This time, Peter didn't want to stop with the lighter, or stop with the beating.... Todd pauses, face contorted.. and Sam tries to help, "and that's when you went for his throat?". Todd's face changes, hardens, and he speaks of putting his hands on Peter's throat. Sam knows this part, since this is when he himself stopped by to give Todd his birthday present. Todd wanted to kill Peter, and admits to Sam that if he hadn't shown up, he would have.

In the Stable:

Joey doesn't hate Barbara. He hates the situation, and wants to know why she didn't control herself. At this, Barb defensively throws Kelly in his face, as in "oh, like you controlled yourself with Kelly?!" Joey attempts to explain the difference. Barb insists that she loves Kevin. Joey is afraid that if things keep on as they are, someone, probably all of them, are going to be hurt. Barbara refuses to deny her feelings anymore. Barbara goes on about how she used to be such a fighter, how proud she was of herself that she wouldn't allow herself to become "a perfect little political wife" to John Sykes. That's the real her. Then the rape happened and she wasn't in control anymore, wasn't herself anymore, but now "I am back" and she proclaims she will follow her heart from now on. Joey, in the face of this, simply states that he doesn't want Barbara to get hurt, but when Barbara insinuates that he's a little jealous, he adds that he liked the other Barbara better. Joey is pretty disgusted and decides to leave, which makes Barb mad, and she demands of Joey how she's going to get home. Joey has a great comeback. He tells her that with her newfound strength, he was confident she'll figure something out. Perhaps she could ask for a ride from the Buchanan brother she really wants to be with. (ha!)

On the Terrace:

Cassie is comforting Starr in her arms. Kevin arrives, complaining that Sykes has no right to make them leave. Kevin is afraid that Blair will scoop them in the Sun. Cassie asks what's with him tonight, and haughtily tells him that she doesn't appreciate being called his mother. Kevin apologizes, blaming the story and Todd. Cassie doesn't buy the excuse. Cassie tells Kevin that he's been out of control ever since he was held hostage. He sulks that Todd is the one who's out of control, and he won't relax until Todd's behind bars. Cassie tries to cheer him up by telling him that Barbara has decided to stay permanently. Kevin looks at her with no expression.

At the Bar:

Bo and Nora kiss and leave happily together.

In the Cabana:

Todd accuses Sam of being turned on by the story. He is angry because all this talk isn't making him feel any better. Sam thinks Todd has to figure this out because there's someone inside of Todd that keeps messing things up, and that he's got to get in control over whoever's in there! Todd insists that he knows exactly who he is. Sam says if that's true, then tell why he tried to kill his father that night. Todd says that that day, he discovered what he did best. Sam won't let that remark go. He tries to convince Todd that that statement was just a lie he told himself to make everything seem OK. Sam keeps on, asking what happened .. that they're so close.. tell him...

Outside, Sykes calls for the swat team, and asks Téa why Todd let her go. Téa tries to convince Sykes that Sam can talk Todd into giving himself up. Sykes doesn't want to wait any longer, but Blair leaps in with a desperate "No!" Blair begs, for her little girl's sake, to please not shoot Todd.

Inside, Sam keeps on Todd. If it wasn't the lighter, and it wasn't Michelle, then what was it that caused Todd to flip out and lose control? Todd faces Sam, and though he tries to smirk and say "nothing", Sam knows he's lying. The final shot is of Todd's face, which wears a thinly held, controlled expression over what appears to be a mass of fear.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Bo and Nora's

The couple arrives home after Asa's party. Although they are very much in love, Nora wonders if they can put it behind them. Bo assures her that they will face what the future holds together because all of their troubles have only made them stronger. The two then make love. Afterwards, the couple is happy to realize that they can still shut the world out. Bo says that as long as they can remember how to do that they will be okay. Later as Nora sleeps, the phone rings. It's Drew calling with an update from the hostage scene. Bo leaves Nora so he can go to the country club. Nora has a nightmare about her daughter, calls Rachel and decides to go for a visit.

Cassie and Kevin's home:

Dorian, Mel, David and Andrew are enjoying a fun evening while David beats everybody at chess. Dorian mentions that it is good that Barbara is leaving because it isn't good to have someone so attractive and needy around Kevin. Andrew wonders if there really is something going on between Kevin and Barbara. While they are downstairs talking, Dorian goes upstairs to search Barbara's room and finds morning-after birth control pills.

Barbara returns from the party and tells David, Mel and Andrew that she has decided to stay on at the house then goes upstairs to get ready for bed.

When Barbara enters the room Dorian hides until she steps into the shower, then beats a hasty retreat. Downstairs, the party breaks up, but Dorian ask to wait for Cassie to return from the party. When Cassie gets home, they argue over Dorian's suspicions. Upstairs, Barbara realizes that someone has gone through her room.

The Country Club:

Kevin asks Cassie how long Blair expects them to babysit "Todd's kid" since he would rather be covering the story. Cassie says that since they can't cover the story why don't they enjoy their time together. Cassie mentions that he should be happy that Barbara has decided to stay. Kevin is obviously disturbed by this news, but claims that he is distracted because he is desperately hoping that the police shoot Todd in the head. Cassie tries to distract Kevin from his vendetta and the two kiss. While they are kissing, Starr sneaks away to go check on her daddy.

Hank's apartment:

Rachel and Hank reminisce over family photos. Rachel apologizes for the mistakes she has made acknowledging the pain she has cause her family. Hank tries to make her understand that no matter what she decides he will stand by her always. Rachel has resigned herself to jail time. Nora visits Rachel and they continue to leaf through the family pictures.

The cabana:

Sam continues to ask Todd about the night he tried to kill his father. Todd screams at him to shut up because "nobody and I mean, nobody is going to make me talk about what happened that night!" Sam insists that Todd talk about it so he can free himself. Todd rages "You are not my father! My father is dead! They're both dead. They were both..." "What?" says Sam, "What was the same about Victor Lord and Peter Manning?" "They were both miserable.... bastards." says Todd. Sam agrees but he also realizes that something had to happen THAT NIGHT to make Todd snap. "I think I know what happened that night. I know that Peter Manning did something terrible that night, something he never should have done and I want you to tell me what that was." Todd continues to grow more agitated as Sam presses on, insisting that nothing happened. "I think Peter Manning taught you a lesson that you would never forget. I think he made you turn around and try to kill him for a reason. I think he used you, Todd. Did you father try to rape you? Did he rape you, Todd?"

Todd denies that any such thing ever happened. But the tears in his eyes tell another story. Finally, Todd is so enraged by the suggestion that he grabs Sam by the throat and slams him against the wall threatening to kill him like he should have killed Peter, simultaneously breaking into tears. Sam realizes that Todd is flashing back on what happened and brings him back to the present.

Sam is angry at himself for having been there that night and not realizing what happened. Todd once again denies that anything happened at all and accuses Sam of watching to many talk shows. Sam tells Todd to talk about it in order to deal with it. Todd is obviously on edge and says "what's it going to take to get through to you, Sam? Okay, fine, my f.... I flipped out, OK?...and I damn near killed him...and I wish I had!" "I got it." says Sam."Your father flipped out. Your father just about killed you and you're protecting him. All these years you've been protecting what he's done to you and you've got to punish yourself for that." Sam realizes that's why Todd has never been able to let anyone love him. "Todd, I love you. I wish to God I'd been your father. I wish I'd been your father then. I wish I was your father now. I'd never have let that happen to you." Sam begs Todd to trust him and asks "Am I right?" Before Todd can answer, Sykes yells that Todd has two minutes to surrender or they are coming in.

Todd insists that he won't go to jail and prepares to throw himself out into police fire. Sam begs Todd to let him use what he learned in court. Todd turns on him and says "You use one word from your sick, twisted mind - if any one hears about your demented, little fantasy, I will kill you." He then throws open the door and begs the police to shoot him. But Téa screams that he isn't armed and Sam throws himself in front of Todd. Just then Starr, runs onto the scene, ecstatic to see her father. Todd orders Blair to take Starr away. Todd and Téa look directly at each other as he is cuffed and listens to his rights. Sam says that he is Todd's attorney and will accompany him to the station. Before the police take him away, Todd whispers to Sam--"You breathe one word of what I said in there...and I'll kill you."

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Blair and Sam

Blair opens the front door of Dorian's house to find the latest edition of the Banner. "350 Years is Not Enough!!", the headline reads. As she is reading it, Sam appears and she asks if he's OK. He's tired from being up with Todd the night before. He's very worried about Todd, "they've really got him this time". Blair invites him in. Hank wants to hold the preliminary hearing that afternoon and Sam feels completely unprepared, he has no idea what he's going to do to defend Todd. For once he's at a loss for words. Blair gives him a hug to comfort him.

Sam is pacing back and forth, thinking about what Todd has endured. Blair asks what he and Todd talked about in the cabana, she's never seen him act the way he did after they came out of there. Sam is unable to tell her because of attorney-client privilege, but it explains so much about Todd. Sam's upset with himself for not doing enough for Todd, he should have taken him out of that house and away from Peter Manning. Blair tries to assure him that he did the best he could, he can't protect Todd from every bad thing that will happen to him in the future and he certainly can't go back and change the past. Sam knows that she's right. He then changes the topic to Will, he should never have let him go away on his own like that, he needs to know that Will's OK. Blair tells him that Will's a teenager and they do things like this, he's probably having the best time of his life. Relax, Blair advises him, rubbing his shoulders and then resting her head on his shoulder.

Blair gets off the phone, writes something down and then kisses Sam awake(he was asleep on her couch). She surprises him with the name and phone number of the hotel where Will is staying. Sam is very happy and impressed that she found Will, he tells her, giving her a kiss. She explains how she did it, she picked his pocket and got his wallet, then called and got the recent charges on his credit cards. Sam walks over to the phone and starts to dial the hotel's number.

Sam reaches Will and tells him he's not calling to bust his chops, he just missed his son and wanted to hear his voice. Sam asks Will to come to Llanview and spend the rest of the summer with him. Will agrees and Sam is very happy to hear it. Did I sound like an overprotective father, he asks Blair when he gets off the phone. Yes, Blair tells him, but she thought it was very sexy. Sam gives her a kiss.

They continue kissing until Sam decides he has to go see Rachel and then take care of Todd. He promises he'll be back. Blair thinks she managed to perform a miracle, getting him to accept help from her for a change, usually Sam is the one helping everyone else. Sam thanks her and Blair tells him she'll be down at the courthouse later for Todd's hearing. Blair opens the door and they start kissing again. Just then, Max appears in the doorway with some boxes(presents?) in his hands.

Asa, Renee, Max and R.J.

Asa, Renee and Max are sitting at a table in the country club dining room. Asa is gloating over Kevin's headline, glad that the whole thing is finally over, once and for all. Aren't you forgetting something, asks Max. Asa agrees to pay Max the money they agreed upon. Max thinks it's only fair, seeing as it was Asa that caused him to lose Blair. Asa doesn't think losing Blair is a bad thing, but Renee steps in before Asa and Max can start fighting. Asa agrees to give Max the money only as an investment in some project, and it has to be legitimate, Asa wants to see plans. Just then, Max notices R.J. enter the dining room.

R.J. is given a hard time about entering the club until Max tells the maitre de that R.J. is his guest. R.J. wonders if the problem was that they're not used to seeing "my peoples" there at the country club, except in the kitchen or carrying golf clubs. "If by 'my peoples' you mean kidnappers, you've got that right", Renee tells him. R.J. knew that meeting Max there, or anywhere, was a mistake. Asa and Renee are surprised that Max would want to have anything to do with R.J. Max tells R.J. that he wants to buy Club Indigo.

Max and R.J. go over by the bar to discuss the issue in private. R.J. tells Max in no uncertain terms that Club Indigo is not for sale, it's like a part of his family, it's his baby. "What about being partners?", Max suggests. Max understands how much Club Indigo means to R.J. and he can help him keep it. Max has the cash to put into the club and he can get a liquor license, which R.J. can't. Besides, they distrust each other just enough to be good business partners. R.J. finally agrees, reluctantly and they shake hands on it. Max goes back over to Asa and Renee and tells them he and R.J. are partners. They both think it's foolish, but Max says he needs to do it to get Blair back. (cuts to shot of Blair and Sam kissing on the couch)

Kevin, Dorian, and Joey

Alone at a table in country club dining room, Kevin is looking over his newspaper article. Cassie is apparently supposed to be meeting him to discuss wedding plans, but it's Dorian who arrives instead. There's been a change in plans, she informs him, and they're not going to be talking about wedding plans, at least not directly.

Kevin asks her not to be a "meddlesome mother-in-law" before he and Cassie are even married and starts to leave, stating he's tired from being up all night. "With Barbara?", asks Dorian. No, at the paper, Kevin tells her, he thought they'd gone over all this before. That was before I found out about Barbara's morning after birth control pills, Dorian informs him. "Are you sleeping with Barbara", she asks him. "I love Cassie", is the only answer Kevin gives and denies any knowledge of Barbara's sex life. Dorian doesn't believe him and keeps after him until he blurts out that it's Joey that Barbara is sleeping with. That shuts Dorian up, at least for a moment.

But not for long. Joe and Barbara, Dorian turns the thought over in her mind. "It's ridiculous", Dorian decides and Kevin proceeds to try to convince her that it's true. And don't you think Cassie would be furious if she found out Dorian was poking into Barbara's things, Kevin says threateningly. Kevin suggests that he and Dorian should try to get along and trust each other. Dorian gives in easily, far too easily for Dorian and says she'll have to congratulate Joe and Barbara the first chance she gets. Dorian leaves and Kevin immediately calls Joey to ask for his help.

Joey is still extremely ticked off at Kevin and not in the mood to help. What do you need, the keys to the carriage house or a lift to a motel, he asks Kevin sarcastically. "I need...", Kevin begins. "I don't care what you need", Joey says and hangs up on him. Kevin gets up to leave, he is briefly stopped by Renee and Asa, who tell him they like his article. Kevin tells them he has to go and quickly leaves.

Joey, Jessica and Lindsay

Joey, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts (and thankfully having shaved off his mustache), bounds down the stairs at Llanfair to answer the door. It's Lindsay, who thought with their mother out of town they could use some looking after. Jessica comes downstairs as Joey is telling Lindsay she has the wrong house, Clint doesn't live there anymore. She didn't comes to see Clint, she tells them, but admits she does have an ulterior motive.

They go into the library and she tells them that Will is coming to Llanview soon and she would like their help planning a party for him. She'd like him to meet some of their friends and get to know people here, since Will will be spending a few months here with his father. Joey wonders if Lindsay will be staying around too and she says she wants to be here to help him get settled. She starts to show them some pictures of Will, then realizes she left them out in the car and goes to get them. Joey doesn't believe a word Lindsay said, he tells Jessica. Lindsay only has one thing on her mind and it's not a party for her son, he says. Lindsay is listening at the door.

She listens as Joey tells Jessica that Lindsay's kissing up to them because she's after Clint. Jessica doesn't think it's true, she thought Lindsay was sincere and Joey is just suspicious of everyone. And did you see her check out this place, Joey asks, you could hear the cash register in her head and see the dollar signs in her eyes. Joey doesn't understand why Jessica isn't more upset, she's the one always wanting Clint and Viki to get back together. She does, but she's realized it isn't going to happen, not after Viki turned down Clint's proposal. And she hasn't seen Clint this happy in a long time. That might be true, says Joey, but he's going to keep an eye on Lindsay, he's tired of people latching onto their family for a free ride. Lindsay comes back inside with the picture of Will that was in her purse all along. "Very cute", Jessica decides, looking at the picture. Who's cute, asks Cristian, who suddenly appears in the doorway of the library.

Cristian shows a little bit of jealously, finding Jessica looking at the picture of "some half naked guy". Jessica finds that funny, considering he has naked models running around his apartment. Jessica introduces him to the "guy's" mother. Cristian and Lindsay discuss their art, Lindsay used to do sculpture in stone, but she hasn't done any for quite some time. After getting Jessica to agree to the party and giving her the picture of Will for "inspiration", Lindsay leaves the library. She runs into Joey in the hallway and tells him she really does like him and Jessica, and Clint too. After closing the front door behind her, she runs into Dorian. Never one to be subtle, Dorian says, "So, you're stepping up your plan to reel in Clint Buchanan."

Dorian and Lindsay begin sparring with each other, Lindsay insisting her visit with the children had nothing to do with Clint. Not that it's any of Dorian's business.... unless she's interested in Clint herself. She's very happily married, Dorian assures her. Dorian's just not sure that Viki would appreciate Lindsay scavenging around her back door while she's away. Lindsay thanks Dorian for the warning, but she can take care of herself.

Inside, Jessica is looking for the perfect frame to put her picture of Will in and teasing Cristian about his jealousy. Cristian doesn't see that Will's anything to be jealous of, besides, Jessica doesn't even know him. That's right, Jessica agrees, if anyone should be jealous, she should be about his "little pen pal", Roseanne. Cristian pulls out his wallet and shows Jessie a picture of Roseanne, wearing a basketball uniform. I did a whole lot better, Jessie teases him. Cristian steals her picture of Will and they start wrestling for it, which turns into kissing. Joey interrupts them and starts to leave, but Cristian tells him it's OK to stay. Joey tells them that Lindsay left. Cristian leaves after giving Jessie another kiss.


Kevin arrives at his house and calls Cassie's name several times. When he gets no reply, he heads for the stairs and goes up to Barbara's room. She's apparently not there either because he comes back down the stairs. He calls Llanfair, but gets Jessica on the phone instead of Joey, just as Joey is opening the front door to let Dorian in. "Congratulations Joe, I understand you have a new girlfriend", says Dorian.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Dorian asked Joey if he and Barbara were dating and he reluctantly covered for Kevin. Dorian didn't believe Joey and swore vengeance on anyone who hurt Cassie. Kevin suggested to Barbara that since nothing more would happen between them, she should move out. Barbara refused Kevin's request saying that if he could stay away from her, she could stay away from him. Kevin later tried to explain things to Joey about Barbara and swore it would never happen again. Hurt by Kevin's brush-off and dressed to kill, Barbara went out for the evening. R.J. had to give Rachel a pep talk when she hit rock bottom. R.J. said that Rachel would get through whatever her sentence was and he would be there to support her. Max brought Blair gifts and told her about becoming partners with R.J. in Club Indigo. Max tried to get Blair to forgive him and tugged on her heart strings by saying he wanted to watch their kids grow up together. Blair almost gave in, but she told Max that she couldn't be bought and threw him out. Max showed up at Club Indigo and wound up fighting with R.J. because he suggested a few changes. Sam and Nora met with the Assistant DA about Rachel's plea bargain, but they wound up fighting over how to plead the case. Hank and Nora started to argue and blamed each other for the situation Rachel was in. Sam went to see Todd in jail and told him things didn't look good. Sam urged Todd to allow him to use the facts of his childhood abuse at the preliminary hearing. Todd got angry with Sam and refused. Blair showed up and Todd turned to her for help again.

Friday, July 17, 1998

DA's office- Hank, Bo and Nora

Bo tells Hank and Nora to knock it off, their fighting is not helping Rachel. Last thing she needs is them taking pot shots at each other. Hank and Nora apologize and Nora worries about how badly the plea bargaining went. Hank reminds her that this is just the first round and wants to lend his support to telling Rachel what happened, but Todd's preliminary hearing is in 20 minutes and he will have to meet them later. Nora promises to keep their daughter company.

At St. James Cemetery- Rachel, Andrew and Nora

Andrew wonders if Rachel should not wait to pray at Georgie's grave or leave it for another time. Rachel remarks that tomorrow may be too late. She may be going to prison.

Rachel kneels on the ground and asks Georgie if she thinks she is crazy to ask her for her forgiveness. She needs it. Nora comes from behind and tells her that Andrew phoned her and said she was here. Rachel is troubled by the fact that she wanted Georgie to die. She could have left, but she stayed, even after Georgie picked up the poker, just to wipe the smug look off her face. She wishes she had some time back and she could change everything that happened, but she can't. She is guilty of taking another's life. Nora says that Rachel had no choice but to do what she did. If she hadn't, Nora would have been in Rachel's place now. Rachel says she is the one who did it and that no one knows where the line is until they step over it and she stepped over it. Things will never be the same again. Nora swears she will take care of everything and Rachel is not to worry. Rachel buries her head in her mother's lap.

At the Jail- Todd, Blair and Sam

Todd asks Blair to have a little talk with the judge, maybe offer financial or political support. Blair argues that that is bribery. Todd will make it worth her while. Blair says that money is no good in jail. Todd is confident that she can be subtle, she can do this and besides, he has no one else to ask. He pleads on his knees, arms reaching through the bars "please I am begging you". Sam arrives and asks what he is doing. Todd replies that he is trying to get Blair to pray. She leaves and Sam wonders why Todd is so calm. Sam says he is not a miracle worker, that Todd can not expect a slap on the wrist after kidnapping 14 people. Hank has a roster of Llanview's finest lined up to testify against him. He begs Todd to allow him to tell what happened to him as a child. Todd says that he is paying Sam and he does not want him to talk about his father. 'Put em away Callaway' is going to eat Todd for lunch. She is one tough female judge. When Todd bemoans this fact, Sam asks the guard to open the door. It is now fairly obvious what is going on.

Meanwhile at the judge's office...

Blair takes off her jacket and unbuttons a few buttons on her blouse to prepare to seduce the judge. She is shocked to see that the judge is a woman, but she gives it all her best shot. She appeals to the judge as a mother and tells her what a wonderful father Todd is and how supportive he is of what she is doing to be fair. He is publisher of the Sun and he would like to help her financially and maybe bring in the votes. The judge reminds her that bribing an officer of the court brings sever penalties. Blair suggests maybe a charity of some type. Sam walks in on the discussion and rescues Blair, dragging her out of the office before it is too late. It is bad enough that Todd shot himself in the foot, now she is shooting him in the other foot. He is determined to not let her out of his sight for the entire day.

In the Courtroom-Asa, Kevin, Sykes, and Téa

Asa wants to get a good seat for an unblocked view of Todd. Kevin can't wait for Todd to see him testify against him and he would just love Viki to see her brother for what he is. Asa agrees they should bury him.

Téa and Sykes talk about her testimony. She says she is not looking forward to it. He is testifying, but for him it is just a part of his job. He wanted to call her to see how she was doing but he did not want to intrude. Her testimony is important and will determine whether Todd goes to trial.

DA's office- Hank and Bo

Hank thanks Bo for stepping between him and Nora. Bo says they have had a lot of pressure. Hank is upset with the fact that he is the DA and cannot save his daughter. Bo replies that Carr is the DA on this one and he is playing hard ball. Hank is sorry that Rachel let Bo and Drew be locked up, but Bo understands she was just scared. Hank loves his daughter, but it frustrates him that he can't protect her.

At The Courthouse..

Asa says that Todd, that rattlesnake, almost took him down for the count. Hank says not to worry he is about to get skinned. Then Hank asks Bo if he has been reinstated. Bo tells him not to hold his breath. Hank can't believe he hasn't been rehired after he gave his blood for this job. Asa is convinced that the whole country is going to hell in a hand basket. Bo tells Hank to keep an eye on Sykes. He has a cop's instinct about him.

Téa tells Sykes that after reclaiming her soul, the hearing is a snap in comparison. Once the trial date is set, she will be free.

In The Courtroom....

Sam seats Blair by the aisle and asks an officer to watch her and make sure she does not move.

Drew escorts Todd, dressed in a suit and tie, to his seat and says,"Next stop, Statesville". Todd tells Sam the Cowboy Clan is looking for a hanging. Sam hopes they forgot the rope. The honorable Norma J. Callaway enters the court and asks Hank to begin. Hank cites Todd for 14 counts of kidnaping, 14 counts of illegal restraint, 14 counts of simple assault, 14 counts of terrorist threats, 2 counts of aggravated assault, 1 count burglary and trespassing and 2 counts of possession of an instrument of crime.

Then he puts Blair on the stand and pushes her until she admits that Todd's terrorist threats frightened her at the time because she did not know until later the dynamite was fake.

Next Kevin is called to the stand. He tells the judge that Todd insisted that Kevin call everyone who could have killed Georgie and that he had no choice but to comply because Todd had a knife to his mother's throat.

Asa tells the judge that Todd refused to call an ambulance when he had a heart attack and then said "Die, you old man". As Asa gets down from the stand remarks to Her Honor that he would not have had his heart attack if not for Todd.

Hank next asks Téa about being held hostage. She says in some ways she was even more a hostage than the others. Hank's next question is about when Todd took the hostages to the original shallow grave site where Georgie was buried. She tells about the confusion and how Todd slipped away into the woods. She tracked him down and offered to help him if he gave himself into the police. Instead he grabbed her and tied her up and held her hostage in the garden shed. Then she escaped. Todd says that she escaped because she tricked him. The judge calls Todd to order and states she will tolerate no further interruptions. Téa admits she did trick Todd and once she was free she used a shovel, tied Todd up and called the police. She believes Todd is a menace to society. Sam objects that Téa's opinion is not relevant. Téa becomes livid. How can he say it is not relevant after all Todd put her through in the past few weeks? The judge overrules Sam's objection. Téa tells Hank and the court that she does believe that Todd Manning is a menace and she recommends that he be punished to the full extent of the law.

Hank says he has no more witnesses.

Sam asks to address the court. At preliminary hearings the defense does not offer any witness. However, Sam says that the witness who should be in the courtroom is not there today. Peter Manning is deceased. Todd was out of control at the lodge and all of them say the effect of his behavior, but none saw the cause. Todd was raised by a man who belittled, beat, berated and tortured him.

Asa says to Kevin that this blaming the parents bull turns his stomach.

Sam hears him and looking directly at Asa replies that he wonders if he would be so quick to judge if he had seen the welts on Todd back that Peter gave him with the buckle end of a belt or the burns on his hands from the cigarette lighter Peter used on him. These wounds took years to heal. Todd did not have a loving father. Yet Todd is a kind loving father to his daughter Starr and the father he is was the young boy Sam knew- loving, intelligent, gifted. That young boy is still in Todd Manning and he is still salvageable. Sam begs the court to allow Todd to undergo therapy so that he can be the man he would have been if his father had not destroyed him. Justice will only be served by ending the horror in his life.

Bo and Nora's

Nora tells Bo that Rachel is not so great and that she found her at Georgie's grave. Bo says that he is sorry for getting between her and Hank. He asks her the last time she and Hank fought that way and she says when they were divorced. There is something about Nora's demeanor which convinces Bo there is something she is not telling him. She denies that there is anything. She admits that she now understands why he took the rap for Drew. Love of your child overpowers everything. He gives her a shoulder to cry on, but she sheds no tears. She just tells him to hold her and that she will remember this moment forever, feeling safe and warm this way in his arms. But she thinks he should go to the courthouse and see how Todd's hearing is going and that she should use this time to be alone with Rachel. Nora kisses Bo fervently and tells him how much she loves him. When he leaves, she takes out her bag and begins packing.

Rachel comes up with two mugs of coffee and sees the bag. Nora says that they going someplace and it is a surprise. She wants no more questions. as for the coffee, they can get some on the way.

The Courthouse

The judge asks Todd to rise. She tells him that despite the harrowing circumstances of bad childhoods, most abused children grow up to be responsible citizens. Therefore, the case will proceed to trial and be glad that bribery was not added to the list. Considering how he terrorized the citizens of Llanview, it is only fair that twelve of his citizens should decide his fate. Téa smiles. Sam jumps up and tells the court that there is something else they should know about Todd's childhood. A horrified Todd looks stricken and clutching the papers on the table, slowly falls to the floor. He lies there motionless with his eyes wide open!

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