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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on GL
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Monday, July 13, 1998

Dinah brings Hart back to her apartment after dinner. She starts to listen to a message that Rob left on the answering machine, but stops it before Hart hears any of the incriminating things. (The message from Rob says that he'll be in town for the night, and hopes for a replay of the hot and steamy night that they shared together). Hart becomes suspicious, and wants to know what is going on? Dinah plays it off like Rob is just trying to scam her for some money. She then asks him to go back to the restaurant and look for her vitamins.

Then, Rob comes to the door, and tries to make a move on her. Dinah doesn't tell him that she is pregnant, but convinces him to stay at her place, instead of going to visit Cassie and Tammy. Rob tells her that he is on his way to work in Alaska, and will be catching a plane that night. She offers to drive him to the airport, and upgrade his flight to first-class.

Hart runs into Ross at the Towers Restaurant, and finds him in an awful mood. Ross makes it clear that he doesn't want to hear anything about Dinah and the baby. Hart also finds that there are no vitamins left by Dinah.

Blake is shocked to find Beth at Ben's apartment, but Beth makes Blake stay and have a talk with her. Ben excuses himself to go to the Towers, and have a drink. Beth cautions Blake that if she doesn't pull herself together, and forget about Ben, Ross will leave her. The talk seems to make an impression on Blake.

Ben meets up with Ross at the bar, and Ross tells him that he will no longer fight him for Blake any longer. However, he tells Ben that if he really has any love for Blake and her happiness, he will quit tempting her, and leave her to continue her family life.

Beth and Blake run into Ross at the bar, and Ben says that he has an announcement; he is leaving Springfield. Blake looks stunned.

Cousin Dolly makes her appearance before Cassie, Shawn, and the kids. Marah and Shane comment on how similar she looks to Reva. Reva then mentions the upcoming wedding between she and Josh, and Cousin Dolly nearly blows her cover. Later she admits that she is still in love with Josh and can't seem to get on with her own life. While Josh and Reva are in another room, Dolly encourages Shawn to express his feelings for Reva. Shawn gets pretty mad at her even bringing up that idea. But, he later seems interested when Dolly proposes that they help each other out (so she can have Josh, and he can have Reva).

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Ross says he's surprised to find Blake with Ben and Beth. Beth tells him she invited Blake to ask that she take it easy on Ben. Ben announces to a surprised Blake (and a relieved Ross) that he has decided to leave Springfield for the west coast. He explained that Ross promised not to disbar him if he agreed to leave town. Everyone wishes Ben good luck (and good riddance, except Beth).

Michelle and Jesse are babysitting Coop and the baby for Buzz and Jenna. Michelle leaves to go get her school books which she left at home, and Drew shows up with a proposition! She tells Jesse that a friend of hers owns a gallery and agreed to show Jesse's work, if he likes it. He needs to go by and show him what he has. He tells her he doesn't want any favors from her, but she asks him to forget about her and take this golden opportunity. She tells him he can tell Michelle it was arranged by a guy friend of his, instead of her, if he prefers.

Jenna and Buzz go over to Harley and Phillips' to have dinner. Harley and Phillip announce their engagement to a delighted Jenna, but when Phillip asks Buzz for his blessing he says "no way!"

Ross tells Ben he'll see the judge tomorrow and ask that all disbarment proceedings against Ben be dropped. Then when Ross is out of earshot, Blake thanks Ben for ending their relationship when she couldn't. Ben tells her that he and Ross talked, and Ross offered to drop the disbarment against him if he left town, so he agreed. He then tells Blake that he never really cared about her, but only used her to get back at Ross. Then he says goodbye and good luck. Ross and Beth return, and they all toast his departure. Ross and Blake leave, with Blake staring at Ben in anger and disbelief (does she believe his lie?).

An angry Harley informs Buzz that she and Phillip will marry without his blessing, but Phillip adds that he would rather have it. He asks Buzz what his objection is, and Buzz tells him he is afraid he will hurt Harley. Phillip explains that although no one can give iron clad guarantees regarding relationships, he promises that he loves Harley and will do his best to make sure that she doesn't get hurt.

Meta and Bill are at the Bauer house talking when Meta suddenly asks him if Michelle knows that he is in love with her. Bill insists they are just friends. Michelle runs in to get her books and sees Bill. She rushes past him and kisses him on the cheek, and he obviously enjoys it! Meta excuses herself when Michelle comes back in and Bill tells Michelle he was accepted to college, so now they can study together, etc. They talk about old times, including their first kiss (each other). She asks him about Lauren and he informs her they are no longer dating. She says she's sorry and he says he assumes she and Jesse are still together. She says they are, and that they are babysitting for Jenna and Buzz and insists that he come back with her to hang out. She tells him Jesse is a great guy and he replies that if she says so, then he must be.

Jesse tells Drew he'll agree to show his work at her friend's gallery if she comes clean about her involvement in the auctioning of his nude drawings of Michelle. She admits her guilt and when he asks her why she did it, she says because she isn't "miss perfect" like Michelle!

Meanwhile, Phillip admits to Harley that her dinner was pretty awful, but he knew how important it was to her. She tries to get him to eat something, but in the end they decide to forgo the food!

Ross asks Blake why she talked with Ben at the parking garage. Blake asked if he thought she was upstairs with Ben, but Ross said "no". She then countered by asking Ross what he was doing there, and he said that he and Ben talked about his offer to forget the disbarment, and that they also discussed Blake. He says he explained to Ben how Blake fought to get and keep her relationship with him, and that she was happy with him and the twins. Blake tells Ross she loves him, and they both agree to stop fighting with each other.

Beth accuses Ben of lying about having job prospects in the west, and he admits it. She tells him she knows he is hurt and doesn't want to let Blake go, but he made the right decision. She commends him, but he says he is not a good guy and doesn't understand why he decided to leave after speaking with Ross. Beth tells him he is doing it for the woman he loves. Ben then asks her what she told Blake and she says, "I told her to run like hell from you and never look back!"

Meanwhile, Jesse tells Drew that he can't look at her the way she wants him to, and that she should find someone else. She replies she doesn't want anyone else. Then while Jesse and Drew are pretending to be chickens and dancing around to make Coop laugh, Michelle and Bill walk in . Bill gets disgusted, says, "I'm out of here!", and leaves. Drew leaves, after telling Michelle about the upcoming gallery show of Jesse's work, and making some snide remark about Michelle being a prude! Michelle asks Jesse if Drew is his agent now, but he says that he would love see his work hanging in a gallery "for us". Michelle replies she'd rather see Drew hanging instead!

Blake tells Ross he was right about Ben being a jerk all along, and that she can't believe she thought he might have some good qualities (I guess she believed Ben's act after all!). Ross tells her it's because she is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, even if they don't deserve it, and that's one reason why he loves her. She tells him she has been thinking of their wedding day and how much she wanted it and how much she loved him, and still does. They agree not to discuss Ben anymore, and begin to kiss.

Ben asks Beth why she told Blake to get away from him; he thought Beth was his friend. She says because she didn't want to see Blake make the biggest mistake of her life, and lose Ross like she lost Phillip. She also tells Ben that a relationship with Blake would have been bad for him too, and she didn't want to see him get hurt. He admits that he couldn't bring himself to hurt Blake, and that's why he backed off when Ross asked him to. Beth asks him if he hates her now, but he says "no", he only hates Ross for meeting Blake first. Then he asks a surprised Beth to take a vacation with him. She tries to tell him she doesn't think that would be a good idea, but he is not convinced.

Harley and Phillip talk about what their future together will be like. Harley says that although she can't imagine his father Alan accepting her, that she will try her best to win him over. They talk about their dreams, and Harley tells Phillip that he is her dream come true.

We then see Jesse and Michelle kissing outside of Jenna and Buzz's house, Jenna and Buzz and Coop cuddling together as a family, Phillip and Harley kissing, Ben taking Beth's hand and leaving the restaurant, and finally Ross and Blake! They express their love for each other, and while they are getting ready to make love, Blake looks up and sees BEN'S face instead of Ross'!

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

At the Lewis house, Reva and Cassie are exercising together, when Cassie's cell phone rings -- it's Rob Layne. Cassie tells him to quit bugging Dinah for money, but Rob denies that he's done that. Instead, he tells her that he and Dinah have become "closer" lately. Cassie, thinking he's giving her a load of bull, hangs up on him. Reva and Cassie resume their exercising, and Cassie confides that she's never really made peace with Hart's having slept with Dinah, and with Dinah having Hart's baby -- she just acts like she has for Hart's sake. Reva advises her to remember that while Hart may have been physically with Dinah, he never stopped loving Cassie. Then Cassie asks Reva about her and Sean on the island -- was she ever "tempted"? Reva says, "No, no, of course not." But Cassie presses her, and Reva admits that she had at one time thought about what might one day happen between her and Sean if they never got off the island. Cassie then asks Reva if it might not be dangerous for Sean to stay there with them, but Reva says no, it's fine, they're just friends. Then, Rob calls back on Cassie's cell phone, begging Cassie not to hang up. He explains that he's in the middle of a layover on his way to a new job in Alaska. Cassie asks him why, if he has a new job, he was bugging Dinah for money. He says he wasn't -- he was seeing Dinah for other reasons. He tells Cassie about sleeping with Dinah. Cassie asks him when this was, and he tells her a couple of months ago. Cassie hangs up, and, with fire in her eyes, takes off for the hospital to meet up with Hart and Dinah!

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dinah and Hart are getting ready for Dinah's sonogram. Hart asks Dr. Sedgwick about Dinah's fainting episodes, but Dinah makes light of them. She says to Hart, "even you've passed out before." He says, "I never have." "Yes you have," she replies, "you passed out at my place the night you came over drunk." "Wait a minute," says Hart, "if I passed out, how did we conceive this baby?" Then Dr. Sedgwick leaves the room, and Hart tells Dinah to tell him what's going on -- she had earlier told him that they'd made love several times that night. Dinah spins a tale: he came over drunk, they made love, and then he passed out. She was so hurt by his passing out, that she made up the stuff about having done it over and over again that night. Hart has some doubts, but basically seems to be swallowing her story. Later, after the sonogram is over, Dinah gives Hart the sonogram pictures to show around to people. Just then, Cassie arrives. She asks to see the sonogram pictures. "Wow," says Cassie, "I see a resemblance already -- it has his eyes, his nose, his mouth -- yes, it looks just like Rob Layne!"

Back at the Lewis house, Dolly sneaks into Sean's room and peers at him as he sleeps. He wakes up and, sleepily thinking he's in danger, he lunges at Dolly, then calms down as he realizes where he is and who he's with. Dolly points out to him the fact that he's standing there stark naked, and he wraps a towel around his waist. Dolly presses Sean for the "truth" about what happened between him and Reva on the island. To try to intimidate Dolly and get her to shut up, he tells her that he really did kill his wife. She believes it at first, but then realizes it's not true. She again tries to sell him on the idea of working together to split up Josh and Reva, but Sean refuses. He tells her that Josh will never love her, and Reva will never love him. Sean tries to explain to her that you can't make someone love you, and that if Dolly really loved Josh, she'd let him be happy with Reva. Dolly decides to think about this, and, as she's leaving Sean's room, thanks him for being her friend. Later, "Reva" arrives to talk to Sean (a "Reva" who acts suspiciously similar to Dolly!). "Reva" tells Sean that she's been having "feelings" for him!

At Towers, Josh and Michael are having lunch together. Michael again apologizes for the cloning business, but Josh says it was his fault, too. Then they see Alan and Vicki arrive. Josh asks Michael if he's sure he got rid of all his research, and that Vicki doesn't have any of it, and Michael reassures him that that's true. At Alan's table, Alan asks Vicki what's taking so long with the cloning -- he's given her everything she's asked for -- money, lab, assistants. Vicki says it takes time when you're working from someone else's notes. Alan shows Vicki a swatch of hair and tells her this is the DNA he wants cloned -- it belongs to Annie Dutton. Vicki warns him that she doesn't have Michael's aging formula, so it will be years and years before the clone grows up. Alan orders her to do whatever it takes to get that aging formula. He encourages her to go break in to Michael's apartment to get it. She leaves. A short while after, Michael leaves, too.

At Michael's apartment, Vicki can't find any research. Then Michael walks in and catches her in the act. He starts to call the police, but she stuns him by telling him that she has part of his research and that she's given it to Alan. He's appalled. He tells her to call the whole thing off, but Vicki says she can't -- Alan's determined to clone this Annie person. Michael then says, "ah, but you don't have the aging formula, and I've destroyed it!" Vicki says that it's still in his head, and that she's afraid what Alan will do to her and Michael if they don't cooperate in cloning Annie. Michael tells her he's going to do whatever it takes to put a stop to Alan's cloning business, and then he throws Vicki out!

Back at Towers, Vivian and David are having lunch. She tells him that Jilly is coming back to Springfield soon. She then sees Alan alone, and reintroduces David to Alan. She hints that maybe Alan will hire David, but this disgusts David, since he remembers what a scum Alan is. He tells Vivian to back off, and then leaves the table. He runs into Josh in the little hallway by the restrooms, and tells Josh about Vivian trying to get him hired by Alan. This gives Josh an idea. Remembering that David was a private detective, he tells David he wants to hire him to find out what Vicki and Alan are up to in the research department. David agrees, and goes back to Alan. This time David sweet-talks Alan into giving him a job in Spaulding security.

In some unknown town or city, a mysterious woman dressed all in black is in a jewelry store. She's showing a huge engagement ring (similar to the one Alan had given to Annie) to the jeweler, who tells her that he'll give her $5,000 for it!

Thursday, July 16, 1998

The Clone (pretending to be Reva) tries to seduce Sean, saying she has hidden feelings for him. As she climbs into his bed to kiss him, he let's her know he knows she's not Reva, just as the real Reva enters the room.

Phillip and Harley have an awkward moment with Beth as Phillip tells her he's going to move in with Harley while Lizzie is still at camp.

Cassie makes fun of Dinah's baby's sonogram, saying it looks just like Rob Layne. She tells Hart that she talked to Rob on the phone today and discovered that he slept with Dinah just days after her supposed encounter with a drunken Hart. Dinah goes nuts, insisting that Cassie is lying and trying to upset her enough to lose the baby.

Beth says she needs a vacation while Lizzie is at camp -- to Hawaii. She won't tell Phillip who she is going with (although we know it's Ben Warren).

Ben packs his bags and tries to forget about Blake.

Blake privately laments Ben's leaving, but tells herself it's for the best.

Holly's brother, Ken, who has been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for years, sends her a letter saying he's been released and that he'll "see her soon." (He's the guy who shot and tried to kill Ed Bauer years before.)

Dinah tells Cassie to call Rob to verify her "story," but she can't, since Rob went to Alaska to work on the pipeline and can't be reached for months. Hart decides to settle the matter by having Dinah take a paternity test.

Holly is disappointed that Blake isn't happier about Ben's leaving. She accuses her of lying to herself about her feelings for the man.

Harley answers the phone at the Spaulding Mansion and learns that it's Ben Beth is going to Hawaii with! Should she tell Phillip?

Beth threatens Harley, blaming her for the breakup of her family. She tells her she's got a real enemy now, and that she will spend the rest of her life seeking revenge. "Watch your back," Beth tells her.

Dolly (the clone) argues with Reva and Reva sends her back to her room. Sean tells Reva that he thinks the clone is a poor imitation and pathetic actually. Dolly overhears and says, "I'll show you pathetic, jungle boy."

When Dr. Sedgwick won't recommend the CVS test ("it's an unnecessary risk," she says), Dinah adopts the martyr attitude and insists on having the risky test to satisfy the ravings of Hart and Cassie. Besides, she says, Hart doesn't care what happens to her or her baby, so what about the risk?

Phillip walks in just as Harley and Beth almost come to blows, but when he asks if there is a problem between them, they both lie and say no.

Ross calls Detective Levy to tell him someone left at his office a gun confiscated from a school-age kid. He says he'll be dropping it off at the station, and puts it in his jacket pocket.

After Holly leaves, Ben knocks at Blake's door. He says he has something to give her before he leaves town.

At show's end:

  • Hart puts it together that the baby is not his, because of Dinah's story that he passed out after they had sex. Wouldn't he have remembered that?, he asks.
  • Sean tells Reva the clone wouldn't have survived on the island the way she did -- she didn't have the grit! Sean recalls their time together and says that Josh is a lucky man.
  • Dolly calls the Springfield police to turn Sean in.
  • Ben gives Blake the pin from the auction, and in doing so, caresses her face.

  • Friday, July 17, 1998

    Dolly makes an anonymous call to the Springfield Police and tells them that she knows where Sean McCullough was.

    Vanessa stops by Ross' and he asks her about her previous trip to Aruba. He tells her that he had been thinking of taking Blake on vacation.

    Ben drops by the Marler residence to say goodbye to Blake. He tells Blake he loves her and questions her once again about the videotape, while she begs him to leave. Ben is persistent though and says that there is something unfinished between them and they are going to finish it.

    Cassie, with a bottle of Tequila in hand, stops by Harley's with the good news about Rob and Dinah. Harley says she can't imagine the two of them together and they celebrate with a toast for the "Good Guys".

    Ross tells Vanessa about Ben's twisted obsession with Blake and how relieved he is that his brother is finally leaving town.

    Blake, finally worn out, gives in to Ben and tells him to just do it and get it over with. He tells her that he loves her and would never touch her unless she admitted that she wanted him. She must admit her desires for him for anything to happen.

    Sean tells Reva that their friendship isn't good enough -- he wants more. He also said that the situation was made harder by the fact that he actually liked Josh and thought he was a good man. Despite her wishes of him staying, he already had his mind made up and kissed her goodbye. On his way out, he apologized to Dolly (who was waiting for the police). When she realizes that he was really sorry, she starts to feel guilty just as the police start to knock at the door.

    Vanessa tells Ross that she is concerned because Ben had bought the pin that Blake wanted at the auction that morning. Ross is convinced that his brother is up to no good and heads home.

    Harley had some good news of her own and told Cassie about her engagement. Rather embarrassed that she had bought a bridal magazine, she briefly tells Cassie a few of her wedding plans. Cassie then leaves to go celebrate with Hart.

    Unable to resist anymore, Blake tells Ben that she wants him and they make love.

    Dolly tells Reva that she was mad and had called the police on Sean. Reva tells the police that she has no idea what they're talking about and Dolly "passes out" at the mention of Sean's name. Realizing she had gone too far, Dolly tells the cop that she was just trying to get back at her boyfriend who looked a lot like Sean. The cop threatens to press charges but backs down when Dolly apologizes and Reva tells him that her cousin is somewhat immature and unstable. After Dolly apologizes to her, Reva tells her that she is starting to learn.

    At home and ready to celebrate, Cassie is glad to hear Hart in the shower. She gets ready to join him, steps in the shower and tells him he's just the man she wanted to see. She is stunned to see it isn't Hart at all -- it's Sean!

    After they make love, Blake realizes what she has done and starts to get very emotional. As she pushes Ben away, Ross walks in and sees how upset she is. As he pulls a gun from his jacket, he tells Ben to get away from her. He fires the gun and shoots Blake!

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