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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on GL
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Monday, July 6, 1998

Harley and Beth overhear Rick telling Jenna of a conversation that he just had with Phillip, where he announced that he was getting married, especially since Lizzie is making a great recovery. Beth is certain that Phillip is going to marry her, since there is no way that he could spend his life with someone else. Harley is not so sure that Beth is right. Later, Harley sees Phillip and Beth embracing in the Bauer kitchen.

Vivian asks Rick to take a look at Charles, as he is not feeling well, and has some evidence of memory loss and stutters over his words. He is later taken to the hospital for a stroke. Vivian says that Gillie is not able to make it home, but David will be home soon.

Ben wins the bidding war for the pin, and gives it to Blake. She turns around and donates it back to the auction. He keeps following her around, telling her that he can give her everything that she would ever want. Holly warns Ross to watch out for him. Ross has a conversation with Ben, and thanks him for saving Kevin from drowning in the hot-tub. He says that sometimes, Ben almost seems human.

Matt tries to convince Vanessa that Holly should not be spending so much time with Maureen. Vanessa refuses to believe that her friend would be of any harm to her child.

Real Reva blesses out Clone Reva for showing up at the Bauer barbecue, and makes her go back home to the pool house. It would be a disaster for the children to see the two of them together. Josh figures out that from Marah talking about how Mommy keeps changing outfits, that Clone is around somewhere, and he heads home. Real Reva reads Josh the riot act for making the decision to clone her, especially while in a drunken state, and ruining everyone's lives. Josh begs her to understand that there was no other way that he could face his kids and tell them that once again, Mom was dead.

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Harley explains to Phillip about the confusion, and he apologizes for the mix-up. All is forgiven. She asks him what he plans on doing about Family Services and the custody battle for Lizzie. He replies that he will fight like a "Spaulding"

David accuses Griffin of trying to move in on Vivian while his dad lies helpless. Griffin assures him that he just happened to be there with Vicky. Vivian tells David he's just upset by his father's illness and asks him to back off, if not for her sake, then for his father's.

Selena holds Jenna and Buzz's baby, but Jenna comes and takes the baby away. She asks Selena how things are going at the restaurant. She says fine, but tells Jenna they need to talk. She assures Jenna that she and Buzz are just friends, and she doesn't need to worry about her taking him away. Jenna says thanks, but that she is not in the least threatened, so there's no problem! Sure she isn't!

Meanwhile, back at Cedar's, Vivian and Griffin assure David they are not involved with each other. Vicky tries to tell David that Griffin was just there on an errand with her, and reminds him that his focus should be on his father. He insults her, but she tells him if that makes him feel better, fine. David apologizes and asks his mother how his father's doing. She says he isn't doing well, and warns him that his father doesn't look like himself, after all that's happened to him. Charles defends David to Vicky, and Vicky replies she thinks David is a jerk! A tearful David speaks with his comatose father and begs him to wake up and play a game of chess, but Charles doesn't respond.

Back at the diner, Michelle warns Bill about Drew. Bill replies that he doesn't like Jesse for Michelle. Meanwhile, outside, Jesse accuses Drew of trying to destroy Michelle and she once again denies any involvement in the nude pictures incident. Jesse tells her he doesn't believe her. Drew tells him she thought they had something special, and that she still thinks Jesse is a great guy, and still has hopes that he will one day be a great artist. She asks him to promise her that he will never stop drawing or painting. Back inside, Bill tells Michelle he can't help caring about her, and offers to apologize to Jesse. Michelle tells him he's her best friend. Bill apologizes to Jesse, and Jesse does likewise, telling him to forget it. Michelle takes Drew aside and tells her she's crossed the line by causing trouble for her and Jesse. She threatens her to back off and leave them alone, or she'll be sorry.

Beth admits to Meta that Phillip is the only man she'll ever love, and that she doesn't know how she will explain Harley and Phillip's upcoming marriage to Lizzie. Meta tells her everything will work out, and tells her it's all for the best, as she wouldn't want to be married to someone who was in love with another woman. She deserves better. Meanwhile, Phillip and Harley celebrate their engagement by making love!

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

It is morning, and Cassie and Hart are in Dinah's suite, having spent the night there. Dinah is still sleeping, as Hart and Cassie talk. Hart tells Cassie she doesn't have to stay around and subject herself to Dinah's abuse. But Cassie insists on staying, for Hart's and the baby's sake. Dinah wakes up, and resumes her usual snotty behavior toward Cassie, to Hart's disgust. He just can't understand why Dinah would mind having Cassie's help! Dinah goes into the bathroom, but returns in time to hear Hart tell Cassie that he wishes she were the one carrying his baby. This hurts and angers Dinah even more. Cassie decides to leave for a while to give both Dinah and herself a break. Once she's gone, Dinah accuses Hart of not really caring about the baby -- if he did, he wouldn't insist on Cassie hanging around since he knows that upsets her, and she shouldn't be upset for the baby's sake. Hart just tells her that if she treated Cassie with respect, they'd get along better and she wouldn't keep upsetting herself. He tells her that this baby is not going to change things with him and Cassie, or change the way he feels about Dinah. She accuses him of thinking about her as just a "holding tank" for his baby, and threatens to get an abortion, which really upsets Hart!

David arrives at the diner, and reunites with Buzz and Frank. They catch each other up on what's been going on in their lives the past couple of years. Later, David and Buzz are sitting in a booth talking, when Vicki comes in to get a folder she'd left there earlier. David tries to apologize for his behavior last night at the hospital, but Vicki won't cut him any slack. He tries apologizing a second time, but again she shoots him down. This aggravates David, but Buzz hints about romantic sparks flying between them!

At the Marler's, Ross is acting very distant toward Blake. She presses him about what's wrong, and soon it all comes tumbling out: he's upset about Ben's remark about "whose son is this, yours or Rick's?" It raises all Ross's old fears about a possible custody battle for Kevin. He really lets Blake have it, saying that none of this would be happening if she hadn't slept with Rick. Blake tries to make Ross see reason -- that this fighting is just what Ben wants to happen, so don't let Ben win! But Ross stomps out of the house still angry.

Later, Ross runs into Rick outside the diner. Rick notices that Ross seems upset, but Ross insists everything's fine. Rick arranges to pick up Kevin on Saturday. Rick then leaves. Ross goes into the diner and sits in a booth. Buzz joins him, and Ross spills his guts about his and Blake's fight -- it's clear that Ross is regretting the things he'd said to her. Buzz convinces him to go home and make up with her, and Ross, feeling cheered up, leaves to do just that.

Meanwhile, back at the Marler's, Ben arrives! His excuse is that he has a gift for Jason, but Blake knows that's a bunch of hogwash. Blake threatens, very weakly, to have the police come to enforce the restraining order, but Ben blows that off, and, of course, Blake doesn't call the police. Blake confronts him about his cruel remarks to Ross, and tells him she'll never give up her family or husband. Ben says all he wants is for Blake to be honest about her feelings for him. Blake breaks down and cries and confesses to being confused. Ben turns tender toward her, and says that he knows she's scared, and that he's scared, too. Just then, Rick (not Ross) walks in on them!

At the Lewis house, Sean is back to return Cassie's car. Josh thanks him and thanks him for bringing his Reva back to him. Reva and Josh convince Sean to stay with them while he looks for his ex-wife and ex-partner and their lawyer. Cassie arrives, and they tell her about Sean staying with them. Cassie asks if that's going to be a difficult arrangement what with "the guest" in the pool house. Sean picks up on that, and is amazed that the phony Reva is still around -- why hasn't Josh kicked her out of town, never mind out of the house? Josh and Reva go outside to discuss what to do about Clone Reva. When Sean and Cassie are alone, he voices his anger at Josh for not getting rid of the phony Reva. Cassie tries to explain things to him, but he just doesn't understand. Cassie picks up on Sean's true (romantic) feelings for Reva, and says it would be a bad idea for him to stay there with Josh and Reva.

Outside, Josh and Reva discuss Clone Reva. Reva convinces a reluctant Josh to let her take the lead in dealing with Clone Reva, since Josh has too many conflicted, guilty feelings about her. Then Reva tells Josh she's got an idea about what to do about Clone Reva and starts to tell him about it. Later, Josh says, well, it's a crazy idea, but it just might work!

Thursday, July 9

Harley and Phillip enjoy their happiness the morning after making love as an engaged couple. Harley makes Phillip laugh with a tale from her elementary school days. Just as Ben confides to a nervous Blake that he's as frightened as she is about where their relationship could lead, Rick arrives which sends Ben on his way. Afterwards, Blake is quick to defend Ben's visit though Rick wonders how she can support a guy like Ben. He blasts her for associating with Ben and reminds her that he's concerned about how she's raising their child. Blake insists that she is raising him just fine but as they argue, Ross suddenly enters. Ben returns home and finds a shattered Beth curled up on his bed. She mumbles that she has lost Phillip because he chose to marry Harley. When he offers to get her help, she pleads with him to just hold her. Later, she begins to consider whether life is worth living without Phillip. Going after Hart with a vengeance, Dinah announces that she's going to terminate her pregnancy if he doesn't start giving her the kind of support that she needs and wants. Hart responds by asking her what kind of mother would use an unborn child that way. When she refuses to back down, he angrily storms out. After a few minutes, he returns and apologizes, agreeing to take her out for some lunch. Leaving her place, Dinah misses a call from Rob.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Cleva complains about being "cooped up" in the pool house while Reva tells her of her options. She tells her that she is her "Fairy Godmother" and all of her wishes are about to come true...

Dinah and Hart return to her apartment (she forgot her purse) just after Rob leaves a message as well as a comment about the night they shared together.

As Beth is in anguish over Phillip's decision to marry Harley, Ben shows up at the Towers looking for her and asks the Bartender whether he had seen her. When the Bartender tells him that he hasn't, Ben realizes that something isn't right.

Blake watches the videotape and learns that Ben was right, she has undeniable feelings for him. As she is rewinding the tape, Ross walks in and asks if this is the end of their relationship or had something come between them that couldn't be fixed? Frustrated with her silence, he says that the problem is Ben and asks her to either confirm or deny it. She finally admits that he needs to know the truth.

Sean accepts Josh's offer to stay in the den and then asks what will be done with the Clone? Cassie becomes suspicious of Sean's feelings for Reva and, after Josh leaves, warns him that someone will get hurt if he tries to come between the two.

Reva tells Cleva that her and Josh had discussed the situation and that it was time to work on creating a life for Cleva. She tells her it's time to sit back and relax -- her real education was about to begin!

Meanwhile, Cassie and Sean continue their conversation, this time Sean wants to know about her -- how were things with this "great" guy she had? Somehow, he was able to sense heartache and lets her know it. After she tells him about the manipulative Dinah, he tells her about his ex-wife faking her own death and framing him for her murder.

At the Towers, Hart accepts a dinner invitation from Cassie while he waits for Dinah to finish her meal. She reminds him of all the arguments they used to have and how she always thought it was their way of avoiding how much they really loved each other. She also tells him that she's afraid the pregnancy will make her fat and unattractive.

As Beth is crawling across the ledge, she thinks of her daughter Lizzie and starts to get down just as Ben spots her and rushes out to save her.

Blake tells Ross she can't hide it anymore, she feels sorry for Ben and how he grew up. This makes Ross furious and he reminds her of all the terrible things he had done to people she knew -- he claims Ben is using her.

Shayne and Tammy meat Sean and are curious to know how he met Reva. Josh leaves to talk to Reva and runs into Michael. Michael claims he has had an "epiphany" and apologizes for all the damage he's caused. He then asks Josh for a job in the Lewis Lab and even offers to work for free -- he just wants to right his wrongs.

The Clone and Reva continue their talk and Reva suggests she pick a new name. Cleva can't decide, but shows Reva a book she's been reading about the cloned sheep "Dolly". Reva wishes her happy birthday and tells her today's the day she became someone else.

Dinah upsets Hart by telling him the baby may have been a gift instead of a mistake if it was a year earlier. He tells her that he never wants to hear that again.

During their argument, Ross compares her father, Roger, to Ben. He can't understand why her and her mother are drawn to men like this. Blake is deeply offended by what he says.

Ben takes Beth back to his apartment and talks to him some more about Phillip. She tells him that she was unable to tell Lizzie about the upcoming wedding and was unsure of how she would.

Michael continues to beg Josh for a job, telling him that he was working on an antidote for the aging formula. Josh doesn't give him a definite answer and tells him he'll let him know. When he enters the pool house, Reva and Cleva are gone and he assumes the worst.

Back at her place, Dinah asks a reluctant Hart to come inside. She freezes when she hears Rob's message -- as does a stunned and curious Hart! How will she get out of this one?

As Beth is about to leave Ben's, there is a knock at the door. Both are surprised to see that it's Blake who walks in saying: "I guess that answers my question!".

As Sean and Josh plan their search for Reva, she shows up and tells Cassie to set another place at the table, they had a guest. All are completely shocked when Reva introduces them to her "cousin" Dolly!

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