Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on SB

Ben and Derek tumble off a cliff. The mystery woman sneaks into Tim's room. As the baptism gets under way, Olivia remembers that Annie stole her baby.
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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on SB
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Monday, July 6, 1998

Annie is rushing like a house-a-fire to get the wedding ceremony concluded by the strike of l2:00. Each time the priest begins another part of the ceremony Annie breaks in "blah blah blah, yada yada yada, man and wife, I take, he takes,"--' whatever area of the ceremony they are in she is rushing to get it done and over with by l2:00 (Later Gregory asks if they were in a marathon or she was trying to get in the Guinness Book of Records?). As the priest gets to the 'you may kiss the bride' part, Annie practically has Gregory on the floor with her kisses before the good priest gets the words out of his mouth. (Annie has another of her fantasies where she is climbing up a snow covered mountain -the top of the world - in her usual well chosen snow-suited attire and places a flag atop 'the world' --"I did it she says to herself, "I did it." Wedding done the clerk comes to Annie (while Gregory is taking care of the financial aspects of this 'ceremony,`)with the marriage certificate for her signature. Annie is aghast to see the time stated is no no , this will not due. She begins an 'artful' conversation with the clerk informing her the document has the incorrect time of the marriage. She argues on and on with this clerk who is adamant about the time being correct. Annie pulls out the big guns. She blabbers on how her dear departed father would have loved to see her marry on his birthday, however, the certificate as is, is one minute past that date showing ceremony and wedding date the following day and oh my,oh my, she just couldn't live with herself if this happened, whatever would poor daddy think... She wears down the clerk sufficiently and once again Annie has gotten her way. Gregory and Annie share a toast together and Gregory told her she will get everything she deserves --this said after he has presented her with a very large and beautiful diamond ring -- but somehow we get the feeling that isn't what he's talking about.--------- Later, in bed, after what seems like an energetic round of lovemaking, Annie tells herself (out loud) how happy she is...that she knew she NEEDED Gregory but never knew she would WANT him. Wishing Gregory were awake to hear how happy she was she snuggles close up to him--but--unknown to Annie, Gregory seems not to be sleeping at all and appears to have a great big grin on his handsome face as he listens to her prattling.

Michael continues to bang on Tyus' door calling out for him, screaming to the door (and he assumes Tyus on the other side) that he knows Tyus knows more than he is saying about Vanessa and her whereabouts and he DEMANDS he open the door or he will break it down. Soon a man walks up and asks Michael to leave or he'll call the cops. Michael begins to argue but when he sees this man (the manager of the bldg.) is ready and willing to call for help Michael relents and agrees to go. He yells to Tyus's door that he will be back, and he wants answers. -------Virginia having heard Michael's incessant rantings was terrified he would break down the door and ruin her plans, not to mention catch her there with no possible reasonable explanation. Having heard Michael leave she continues with her original plan. She finishes taking a picture of a half-naked Tyus and Vanessa, clothes disheveled, lying in his arms. She leans toward Vanessa to spit out one of her nasty little utterings when Vanessa grabs her by the hair, yelling WAIT! Virginia is startled and doesn't move. "Mom,'' Vanessa purrs in a voice half-asleep; "You look beautiful mom, you must have taken the medicine too, now we're both cured," Virginia plays along. Vanessa continues: "Mom, hold me like you did when I was a little girl," and with that Virginia takes Vanessa in her arms cooing and soothing her until she falls gently back to sleep. Virginia puts Vanessa back in Tyus's arms and breathes a very large sigh of relief. -----After Virginia leaves, Tyus and Vanessa slowly awaken; each groggy and not quite sure what has happened. "I thought you were Michael," Vanessa shakily reveals. Tyus explains he expected side affects but ???? did they or didn't they--?? The two decide nothing had happened. They HAVE TO BELIEVE that nothing happened.

Cole entering the bedroom sees Caitlin disturbed by something she sees on the news. It turns out to be a story about Ben and his escape from prison. Caitlin is furious when Cole admits his part in helping Ben escape but she calms down and totally understands when Cole reminded her of his own time in jail when everyone thought she was dead (after the car accident) and he was helped to escape jail in order to look for her. As they talk Cole confronts Caitlin about her odd friendship with Annie. He is having a difficult time understanding any attraction for a friendship with 'that troublemaker.' Caitlin talks 'aound it' and the conversation went to Trey's baptism and Caitlin's desire to have Cole's father there. Cole contends it is bad enough to have Olivia as a godmother; there is no way his father is welcome at the baptism...NO WAY. Seems these two have some talking to do.

Joan, Sarah and Tim are waiting for word on Meg and Ben. A scream is heard in the other room and it turns out to be the young woman who walked into Tim's room sometime before. We see her being comforted by a nurse. 'It must have been a nightmare,' she says and the nurse agrees. She is a lovely young woman but her name is not mentioned nor anything else about her. The nurse leaves her and before long we see her once again peering into Tim's room listening as Tim and the others are hearing news about Ben and Meg.

Ben and Derek are over the cliff. Meg is screaming Ben's name. She is terrified that Ben may be gone. Wait, wait a minute...we see a hand...Meg runs over and grabs it, helping him up. He's up. It's Ben ...are we sure?? Meg and Ben embrace "I thought I'd lost you," Meg crys in his arms, and then a scream, a plea for help. It's Derek, he's falling and he's reaching out. .... ...(Casey and Ricardo hear Meg scream....they have found the cabin and have been checking out the area....they rush to her.) Ben went to help Derek as Meg tries to stop him, "He's still my brother Meg," Ben told her as he gets in position to grab Derek's hand. It seems Derek is trying to pull Ben down but seconds later it's over, Derek has lost and is gone, his hand slipping away from Ben's as he disappears into the darkness below. Casey and Ricardo check to see if they can detect anything but are unsuccessful and suggest they go back and radio for help. Ben and Meg slump to the ground, embracing, numb with what has just happened. There on the ground they huddle as the camera pans away and we, just for a moment, take in the joy of their reunion-------------Casey and Ricardo, back at the cabin, are aghast at what has happened there. "It looks like World War III," Casey tells Ricardo. They believe Meg is better off not seeing this (I don't know why, she LIVED it), however, Meg and Ben approach and prepare to gather their things and leave. Meg seems to be in a state of shock, and not the emotional Meg we've come to know. Ben is punishing himself for the way he hated Maria; now it seems for no valid reason if she indeed did not have an affair with Derek. Meg reminds Ben this is in the past to which Ben reminds her that Maria is also dead.

Meg is sympathetic and told Ben that Derek was trying to make him feel guilty. "You won, she reminds him, "You won and he can't hurt you anymore." Ben and Ricardo go into the other room leaving Meg with Casey. She once again thanks Casey for trying to save her. He lets Meg know he will ALWAYS be there for her and by the look on his face we know he means it. All of a sudden Hank flies through the door, Meg rushes into his arms and they cry, she to see her father and he for the sheer joy of having his daughter safe and sound.------Ricardo takes Ben aside and apologizes for not trusting him. He is sorry for not believing his 'twin' story and he told Ben if he had let his instincts lead him this time around it would have been disastrous. Ben is understanding with Ricardo, he reminds him he thought the worst of someone too, Maria, and he was wrong. ( We see Tim and Joan and Sarah hearing the good news, they are happy and so relieved.) Everyone is ready to go. Ben and Meg the last "I'm not going to let you out of my sight," Ben announces to Meg. "And nothing is gong to come between us again." Meg has a funny look on her face. Could she be thinking how she will tell Ben she and DEREK made love. Little does she know he knows!

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

At The Beach
Sean runs into Emily on the beach and asks her why she ran out on him last night without even saying a word. Emily apologizes and told Sean she was going to call him, but she had a meeting last night. Sean excuses her and then she asks Sean why he seemed so busy with the lady he was talking to. Sean explains to him that the lady was Bette a good friend of the families and she had just informed him that his parents went through with the divorce. Emily feels for him and admits that her parents are also divorced. Sean told her about all of the things that led up to the divorce and adds that he isn't that surprised, his father is a real jerk. They then talk about more pleasant things and Sean invites Emily to the party celebrating his nephew's christening. She gladly accepts and Sean leaves. Once he is gone, Emily notices he dropped his wallet and calls after him, but it is too late.

On The Limousine Ride Home
Gregory and his new bride head home to attend Trey's christening. Annie asks Gregory what is the last thing he expected to be doing this morning and Gregory told her the last thing he expected to be doing is riding in the back of a limousine with her. Annie says you're riding back in the limousine with your wife. Gregory says this wife, Annie says your only wife and Gregory told her the only wife I want as they kiss each other. Annie told Gregory that one or two people at the baptism just might not be happy for them. Gregory told her that one of two people at the baptism just may be very happy for them. Annie says well I can think of Olivia for one and Greggy pooh told her that Caitlin use to have some romantic notion that Olivia and he might get back together, but she'll just have to get over it. Annie has a flashback of Caitlin telling her (If and when her dad does decide to remarry, it'll be to a woman with substance and class like her mom.) Gregory brought Annie out of her trance by asking her where did she go. Annie told him she was just wondering why he would think Caitlin would approve of their marriage. Gregory says that Caitlin asked Annie to be Trey's GodMother and if she asked her to do that, then it's a good indication that she'll approve of the marriage. He then adds that he hopes Caitlin does approve, because her approval is very important to him. Annie says what if Caitlin doesn't want me to be Trey's GodMother, do you still want me to be your wife. Greggy pooh told her that they both know how Caitlin feels about her, so why worry about it when they have so little time. He then leans over and they start kissing each other passionately.

At The Richards
Cole comes into the study carrying Trey and asks Caitlin doesn't he look lovely. Caitlin told him that they both do and then adds that she has been trying to call her mom all morning to let her know they have decided to let her be Trey's GodMother, but she can't seem to find her. She then urges Cole to invite his father to the baptism but he stubbornly refuses to give in. Before Caitlin can badger him some more, Bette arrives to get a gander at Trey before the baptism begins. She then told Caitlin that she remembers when Sean and her got baptized in the same christening gown. She also mentions that Olivia was going to use the christening gown to baptize her own baby. She then changes the subject and asks where Grandpa Greggy is. Caitlin says that's a good question because Olivia is missing to and then speculates about them probably getting back together. Bette told her that she doubts that, but before any of them can further speculate about where Olivia and Gregory may be, Gregory walks in carrying Annie over the threshold. As they all gather in front of the doorway, Annie flashes her big diamond ring in front of a shocked and astonished Bette, Cole, and Caitlin and told them that they got married last night. Caitlin says you can't be serious and Gregory told her that he wanted her to be the first to know. Annie jumps in and told Caitlin that she had a yearning to be a June Bride. Ignoring Annie, Caitlin told her father that she can't believe he divorced her mom and then turned around and married Annie. Gregory says nothing, but Annie told her that she knows this was kind of sudden, but she is Mrs. Gregory Richards. Gregory asks to speak to Caitlin alone and they go into the study. After they are gone, Annie asks her Aunt Bette when is she going to get over it as Cole stands there silently still digesting everything. Bette told Annie she is not going to get over it and can't believe that she just married Gregory. Annie told her they were both feeling impulsive. Bette told her they were both feeling no pain is more like it. She then chastises Annie for not listening to her about leaving Gregory alone and stopping whatever it is she was doing to snare him, but no, Annie wouldn't listen and now she has set herself up for her life to be ruined. Cole still stands there tripping on all of this and Annie told Bette that she always thinks she has all the answers, but she doesn't and she is happier than she has every been in her entire life and Bette can't take that away from them. Bette laughs at her and told her that Gregory's divorce is only one day old and she managed to seduce him into marrying her in record time. Annie asks her if she thinks that is the only reason why Gregory married her and Bette says that she hopes Annie doesn't think that Gregory married her because he loves her. She then told Annie that there is only one person on this earth who he is ever going to love and that is Olivia. She then remembers that Olivia doesn't know yet and Annie told her that she cares more about Olivia's feelings than her feelings. Bette says NOT, you don't have any feelings anymore and then told Cole that she better go tell Olivia about this before she gets the same kind of rude awakening that they just had and hurries on out the door.

Meanwhile in the study, Gregory told Caitlin that he is sorry that she had to find out this way. Caitlin says carrying your bride over the threshold of the morning of my sons baptism, did you think we'd be sleeping in. Gregory says that he knows this must be a shock to her, but he thought she'd be happy for him. Caitlin says well you thought wrong and Gregory told her to try to understand. Caitlin says she understands why Annie would want to marry him, because she has been after him for months; what she doesn't understand is why he would marry her.

Up At The Cabin Lodge
As she and AJ arrive at the cabin, Olivia contemplates entering in the place. AJ told her that they have come to far for her to turn back now and urges her to enter the Lodge. Olivia agrees to do so and upon entering starts already having flashbacks about being there. Olivia begins to recollect her first visit there and fears that she might have been responsible for her baby's death after all. AJ refuses to believe that and told her he doesn't give a damn what Gregory thinks, he believes she can remember what happened and urges her to continue on. With words of encouragement like that, Olivia agrees to keep on trying to remember and has miraculous breakthroughs. Olivia remembers giving birth in the cabin and holding her crying infant son in her arms. Realizing that Dr. Brock has been lying all along, Olivia struggles to recall who took the baby away from her. AJ urges for Olivia to try to remember anything more about being there, because he feels she is so close. Unable to recall anything more, Olivia has A.J. take her back to Sunset Beach.

At Sunset Beach Police Station
After spending a night in jail, Antonio and Gabi contemplate how they've jeopardized their futures but agree that the risk was worth it. As they discuss what possible ramifications could happen to them, Ricardo shows up and told the two jailbirds that Ben and Meg are safe thanks to them. Antonio and Gabi asks him when are they getting out of here and Ricardo told them he is working on it. Just then, District Attorney Hallie shows up to inform them that she intends to prosecute. Ricardo reminds the district attorney that media coverage of such a fiasco could ruin her career. With some timely help from Bette, who threatens to inflame public opinion against the prosecution if they decide to pursue this, Ricardo convinces Hallie to release his brother and Gabi and to also put in a good word to get Gabi back her job at the station. The D.A. told him he has got to be kidding, but Ricardo told her he is very serious. Having forced her hand, the D.A. agrees and leaves in a huff and Ricardo, Antonio and Gabi celebrate their freedom.

Back At The Richards
After the exiting of Bette, Annie turns around to find Cole ready to throw his 25 cents of what he thinks about her, at her. Cole told Annie that there is nothing she wouldn't do to get what she wants is there. Annie told Cole that she made his father-in-law a very happy man last night. Cole laughs and says it's obvious a man can get what he wants for the right price. Annie asks him what is that suppose to mean and Cole told her that she weaseled her way into this house, in spite of the fact that Caitlin can barely stand her. She then talked her way into Gregory's bed, down the isle in a heart beat after Gregory and Olivia's divorce was final. Annie told him that their divorce was just a formality and their marriage was history along time ago. At least as long ago as when he had an affair with his wife's mother. Cole told her she doesn't know what she is talking about and Annie told him yes she does and so does he. Cole gets up on her and threatens her by telling her that Trey's baptism is today and he is not going to let her completely ruin this day for Caitlin with her malicious garbage about him and Olivia. Annie says she is not the one who.....Cole cuts her off and told her to shut-up and back off his family. Annie told Cole that they are all family now whether he likes it or not. Cole told her no they are not and don't make him prove that to her today and then walks out.

In The Study, Gregory told Caitlin that he knows she is hurting. Caitlin cuts him off and told him no she is not, she just wonders what he is trying to prove. Gregory says prove, and then told her that Olivia and him were not getting back together again. Caitlin told her dad that he loves her mom, but Gregory told her that it is over and now his life with Annie is just beginning. Caitlin told her dad that she can't believe this and Gregory told her that he thought she liked Annie, after all she did asks Annie to be Trey's GodMother. He then told her it is because of her that he has started to look at Annie in a different light. As if on cue, Annie appears and asks Caitlin if she is still going to be Trey's GodMother, but before Caitlin can answer her, the housekeeper comes in and told Gregory he has an important call. Gregory leaves to take his call, leaving Caitlin and Annie alone. Cole also comes into the study and asks Caitlin how did things go with her father. Caitlin told him that her dad wants her to understand and Annie chimes in that they both do. Caitlin shoots daggers at Annie and Annie asks Cole if he'll let her speak privately with her stepdaughter for a few moments. Cole leaves and Annie asks Caitlin if they are still friends. Caitlin told her they were never friends, she only used her to get closer to Gregory and now Annie knows she won't tell her because...Annie cuts her off and says because if it weren't for me you wouldn't be having a son to baptize today. Caitlin then asks Annie if she has it all and did she get everything that she wants. Annie told her no not yet, she still has one thing and Caitlin is going to give it to her. As they argue over Annie still being Trey's GodMother, Olivia and AJ arrive back from the lodge. AJ told Olivia to go on in and he'll wait to drive her to the church in the car. Olivia told him that she wishes Cole would reconsider letting him attend the baptism, but AJ told her it's okay, he'll now have plenty of time to let Cole warm up to him. Olivia went inside and finds Caitlin and Annie arguing and asks Caitlin what has Annie done now. Caitlin told her mom that she won't believe it and Olivia told Caitlin that she doesn't think Annie has anymore surprises left. Annie says don't bank on it and Olivia told her to get out of this house because she has no place here. Gregory returns and told Olivia she doesn't have any place here. Olivia told him her children and Grandson is here. Gregory told her fine, visit your children and Grandson, but don't you ever speak to my wife that way again. Olivia says what, and Gregory told her that Annie and he got married last night. As Annie flashes her big diamond ring in front of Olivia's face, Olivia looks at Annie's hands and has a flashback and remembers seeing a womans hands and that it was a woman who was with her at the cabin, much to Annie's horror.........

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

Cole and AJ are seen having a less than cordial conversation (on Cole's part). AJ asks that Cole have a change of heart and let him attend Trey's baptism. Cole's response: 'WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER.' Father Antonio walks up and the two (he and AJ) introduce themselves before AJ excuses himself to check on Olivia. Antonio asks why Cole won't let his father attend Trey's baptism; and, hearing Cole's hostility for his father, tries to reason with him. Antonio reminds Cole that Trey will be in this position twenty years from now -- not knowing his grandfather and he could hold this against him. He tries to convince Cole to remember that nothing is more important than family. Nothing seems to phase Cole, however, his hatred runs deep.

Gregory has just announced to Olivia she is welcome to visit her children and her grandson and other than that she has no right to be in this home. She is stunned and even more so when she learns of Annie's marriage to her 'one-day-divorced-' x-husband. Annie extends her hand so that Olivia may see her gigantic ring and suddenly Olivia has a flash...a pair of hands...reaching...reaching for her baby...she is almost there. Gregory becomes impatient "this stuff is getting old, the baby's dead' he blasts. Then he turns to see AJ march in and in his flippant Gregory-style verse says, "Well, if it isn't PRINCE CHARMING." AJ goes to stand by Olivia. He is concerned and a staunch support here in what seems the face of enemies. Caitlin then hits her with the bombshell that she will be sharing godmother rights with her new stepmother, Annie. Olivia doesn't believe it. She told Gregory that Caitlin would never let this 'slut' be a godmother to her grandson. Caitlin is having flashes of Annie's blackmail. She is caught between a rock and a hard place. She tries to soothe Olivia but Olivia is beyond destroyed. She attacks Caitlin; she told her she is being deliberately cruel. How could she do this to her. She cannot believe her daughter is having anything to do with this witch, let alone have her as a godmother to her grandson. Olivia is devastated, Caitlin has her baby; she (Olivia) should not have to share him with this trollop and it seems more than she can bear. Caitlin is visibly shaken and tries to come up with something that sounds reasonable but Olivia isn't having any of it. (Cole isn't either and later asks Cait if Annie has 'something on her.'). While Caitlin and Olivia are talking in the other room Gregory saunters up to A.J. ready to talk business. He told him is he willing to make him a partner in the Liberty Corporation. AJ is astounded at Gregory's coldness. He expresses to Gregory that this is no time for business. Olivia is suffering; doesn't he care???? Gregory shrugs; (I could just slam him) and remarks that Olivia made her choices and I made mine. When AJ leaves Annie is furious at Gregory for making him a partner but Gregory assures her he knows full well what he is doing.

Olivia and Caitlin continue talking - hurt feelings hurled at her daughter. She told Annie she will not get away with this and leaves with AJ for (we find out later) the church. Annie decides to give Caitlin and Gregory some time together and leaves as well. Before she takes off she leans in to Caitlin whispering threats and that Caitlin remember where she got her baby or there would be hell to pay.

Sarah is alone and answers a knock to see Casey standing before her. He is anxious to know how she's doing and if she's told the truth about her affair to her folks yet. She asks about the cut on his head and questions him regarding his heroic efforts (??) to help save Meg. She does thank Casey for being Meg's guardian (jealous or not - Meg is her sister). Sarah is ready to talk; to tell her parents about her affair with the Congressman, and tells Casey but later Melinda (and naturally with her trusty recorder)shows up and has a little discussion with her about what a dire mistake it would be. "Look at Monica Lewinsky," Melinda reminds her; "how her mother had to testify...." Sarah listens to her and in moments Casey is back to see how things went. Seeing Melinda he has a greeting that slithers contempt...when Melinda informs him she's going back to DC Casey says goodbye so fast I'm surprised she didn't blow out the door. Sarah told Casey she'd decided not to talk, not yet and he is deeply disappointed.

BETTE is frantic for Olivia and how she must be feeling. Sean shows up and Bette finds he knows nothing (as usual he's always the last to know anything). Bette told him the bad news and he is astounded. "One day divorced!!" he can hardly believe it. He conveys that at least his mother will be "rid of that jerk." and now he is Annie's problem. Sean decides to stick around and wait for his mother (who will not be showing up) and while Bette primps upstairs, he answers the door to find Emily with his (lost) wallet. She suddenly can't make it to the party he'd invited her to and nothing else that involved meeting his family or friends was she available to attend. For some reason all of a sudden she doesn't want to meet ANYONE Sean knows.

AJ and Olivia are sitting in the church. Olivia is feeling badly for the words spoken to Caitlin earlier.

In another room of the church Antonio and Madam Carmen (aka MOM) are talking about what has just happened to and with Ben and Meg. Carmen is telling Antonio how it all makes sense; how she had known--felt Ben wanted to hurt Maria. Antonio reminds her it wasn't Ben but his brother who had killed all those people. Carmen still can't seem to let go of her suspicions and at one point she utters in a low purr of a voice that she will pray Maria returned one day.

Carmen sees Olivia and AJ and stands beside them. She told Olivia to 'STAY HERE AND ALL YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!" Antonio joins them and apologizes for his mother's behavior. Carmen reminds Olivia to "remember...remember what she said." Olivia is so sad and down that Antonio offers her confession, to hear her, to help her. Olivia agrees and went into the confessional booth

We see a nun walk by with some flowers......we see a nun walk BACK by with flowers....This nun stands in a spot directly within earshot of Olivia and Antonio. They talk; Olivia told him how she lashed out at Caitlin; how Caitlin has a beautiful baby and she doesn't; how maybe she blew what happened out of proportion; how she was starting to get her memory and then zip-- it went. Antonio asks Olivia if her affair with Cole has anything to do with any of this.

The "nun" hearing this swings around to the camera (facing us, the audience) and with a LOOK only ANNIE (the nun) could conjure up says: 'I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT.'

Thursday, July 9, 1998

At Ben and Meg's Place
As Ben and Meg return to their home and enter their bedroom, Meg is riddled with guilt over sleeping with Derek. Ben tries to reassure a guilt-ridden Meg that she couldn't have known he had an identical twin, let alone such an evil, treacherous one. Nevertheless, Meg still feels very guilty. Ben feels guilty himself and told Meg because of him all of those innocent people got killed. Meg told him that he couldn't have known that Derek was still alive, but Ben told Meg that he thought Derek died the same night Maria did, the night he caught them in bed together. Meg feels a twinge of guilt and told Ben thank God it is all over now. Ben told her the police have called off the search and Derek's body was never found. He then adds there is no way he could have survived his fall from the cliff and his body must have washed out to sea. Meg told him she knows, but would feel better if they had found a body. Sensing Ben is thinking of Maria, Meg urges him to put his feelings of guilt behind him. Ben told Meg he loves her very much, but the fact is he made a mistake in not trusting Maria and he has to live with that. He then told Meg he is going to go for a walk and get some fresh air and he'll meet her over at Tim's later. Alone Meg told herself that Ben isn't the only one who has made a mistake and struggles with the fact that she has made one also by sleeping with Derek and speculates whether or not to tell Ben.

At Cedar Oaks Hospital
The mystery woman sneaks into Tim's room and startles him, but before he can asks her who she is she places her hands over his mouth and makes him promise not to tell that she is there in the hospital. Tim asks her how can he tell when he doesn't even know who she is. He then asks her who is she, but before she can answer one of the nurses comes in looking for her and she quickly went and hides inside Tim's restroom. The nurse told Tim she is sorry to bother him, but she thought she saw the patient come in here. Tim told her no one is in here but him and the nurse leaves. The woman comes out of the bathroom and makes a hasty retreat out of his room. As she is leaving, Tim calls after her to tell him who she is, but she won't say. Later Meg comes to see Tim and as they talk about the crazy incidents that she and he both experienced under the thumb of Derek, Meg told Tim that she has been having a hard time dealing with it and is grateful that Ben loves her so much. Tim apologizes for thinking it was Ben and Meg told him none of them knew about Derek. Meg told Tim she has to go, but she'll be back later and as she is leaving, she runs into the mystery woman.

The Pier At Sunset Beach
Ben is there taking a stroll and can't seem to shake the guilt he feels over Maria's death. He continues to keep having flashbacks of him and Maria in the water and her him not being able to hold unto her hand as she sinks into the water. After coming out of his flashback, Ben told Maria he is so sorry.

At The Church
While Bette and AJ are talking about whether or not Olivia may attend the baptism, AJ informs Bette that Caitlin asked Annie to be Trey's GodMother as well and Olivia wants nothing to do with sharing GodMother duties with Annie. Bette told AJ she was there at the Richard's house when Annie and Gregory dropped their bombshell on everybody. She then asks AJ if Caitlin really thinks Olivia and Annie can share the same space, but before he can answer her, Gregory comes into the church and asks AJ what the hell is he doing here. AJ told Gregory that his Grandson is being baptized today, his namesake and does he need to remind Gregory of that. Gregory told AJ he may have wormed his way into his company, but he is not going to by his way into his family. He also told him that there is a celebration going on here today, but it is for his family not AJ's. AJ told Gregory not that it is any of his business, but he is not there to attend the ceremony. Bette jumps in and told Gregory that this is certainly not the place for him to be marking territory. AJ told Bette to tell Olivia that he will wait for her in the car. After AJ leaves, Bette smells a rat upon learning that AJ is now a partner in the Liberty Corporation. Gregory told Bette he's been forced to make AJ a partner in the Liberty Corporation to guarantee rights to his beachfront access. Bette told Gregory she has never known him to roll over for AJ Deschanel for anything not even real estate, but then realizes that Gregory is up to something.

At The Confession booth, Annie eavesdrops on Olivia's confession and is thrilled to overhear one of her enemies darkest secrets, that she did indeed sleep with Cole. Overjoyed by her excitement in having her suspicions confirmed, Annie bumps up against the door alerting Olivia and Antonio that someone is outside listening. Olivia comes out and almost catches Annie, but Antonio told Olivia that it is just one of his helpers and Annie hastily walks away. She went inside of the bathroom where she relishes on the fact that little Trey may not be Gregory's at all, but a true Deschanel. As she is spinning around jumping up and down over learning this juicy tidbit, Bette walks in and demands to know what Annie is up to. Annie told her nothing. Bette asks if Annie knows where Olivia is and Annie told Bette she can't confess that now. Bette wonders if Olivia is going to be able to stomach sharing GodMother duties with Annie. Annie accuses her Aunt Bette of being mean to her and told her later on she is going to regret it and then went skipping out of the bathroom.

Meanwhile in another part of the church, Cole is confronting Caitlin about why she decided to let Annie be Trey's GodMother and guesses that Annie has something on her. As Sean listens in on their conversation, Caitlin attempts to ease Cole's suspicions by claiming that she's simply trying to appease her new stepmother for her father's sake. Cole excepts her explanation for now, but privately vows to find out if there is more to it. After Cole leaves to see how the preparations are coming along, Sean comes up to Caitlin and ask her what is going on between her and Annie. Caitlin nervously confides to Sean how Annie has been threatening to spill the beans about the baby. Sean asks Caitlin how long does she think Cole is going to by all of this about her and Annie's budding friendship. Caitlin told him that she very well can't tell Cole about Trey and adds that in the long run, Trey will suffer for it. Sean gets ready to confront Annie, but Caitlin stops him and told him not to test Annie's patience. Cole returns with Trey and Sean and Caitlin get real hush-hush. Cole asks what they were talking about, but Sean plays it off that Caitlin was just asking him to do her a small favor and since he can't turn her down, he agreed to do it. They all then walk into the main area of the church and get ready for the Baptism. On there way inside, they run into AJ and Cole told Caitlin and Sean to go ahead. AJ told Cole that he's not staying he is only there for Olivia and gets ready to go wait outside in the car. Taking Antonio's advice to heart, Cole stops his father and invites a grateful AJ to stay for Trey's baptism. As the two Deschanel men walk into the main church area together, where the Baptism is to take place. Caitlin is happy to see that Cole has invited his father to stay, as is Father Antonio. Gregory however is not a happy camper at the site of AJ at the Baptism. Olivia comes up to Caitlin and apologizes to her daughter and assures her she'd be honored to be GodMother to Trey, even if it is with Annie. A grateful Caitlin hugs her mom and the ceremony begins. During the christening Father Antonio asks Caitlin to asks someone to hold the baby. As a nervous Annie watches Caitlin hand the baby to Olivia, Olivia begins to remember again. As Olivia's memory kicks into high-gear, everyone is concerned about whether or not this is too much for her, while Annie privately stands there in horror hoping Olivia doesn't remember. Desperate to stop Olivia from remembering anymore, Annie takes the baby from her and as Olivia watches Annie take the baby from her arms she suddenly realizes why the scene of Annie holding Trey looks all too familiar to her.........

Friday, July 10, 1998

Ricardo and Madam Carmen (his mother) are discussing the shocking turn of events of late. There is a knock at the door and when opened Ricardo is face to face with Ben. Ricardo asks what Ben wants and is told that he (Ben) believes it is time Ricardo knew the truth about what happened the night of Maria's death...and his part in it. "I'm listening," Ricardo sneers; he is still very suspicious of Ben even with the knowledge of his twin's existence. Ben continues to explain to Carmen and Ricardo how Derek always wanted to take over his life; his money, and his wife: Maria. As they stared in horror Ben explains about the night of Maria's death. How he had walked in on her and Derek and assumed they had been lovers; how angry he was and how he blew out of the house heading for the boat. "What happened," chimed in Madam Carmen," He spoke of Maria's running to the boat wanting to reason with him; how he didn't want to hear it and how she jumped on the boat unwanted and unwelcome at that particular time...when he was so angry at what he'd just seen. "The weather was brutal" he told them; and then the awful truth of how Maria had fallen overboard and how he couldn't help her-couldn't save her. Ricardo was seething. No matter what he blamed Ben for his sister's death. "You wanted her dead, DIDN'T YOU," he cried out. "No, No," Ben agonized. "You let her drown," Ricardo spit out. Ben tried to explain, "I didn't come to argue, I think I did everything I could to save her." Madam Carmen meanwhile looks blank. "Why talk about it; Maria isn't dead...I can see her. My daughter is alive!!" It seemed useless; Ricardo couldn't forgive and Madam Carmen couldn't accept. Ben left to take a walk on the pier. He stood looking out over the beautiful water and on his handsome face showed such pain. The pain of knowing he hadn't believed the woman he loved and it may have cost her her life.

MEG is visiting Tim in his room (where they have a few touching moments) and hearing a noise she went to the door and comes face to face with the " screamer." She asks if she can help but the beautiful girl turns and runs. Sarah shows up and while Tim is away for tests Meg told her the horrible truth. (re making love to Derek). She told Sarah how terrified she is to tell Ben. " Look what happened to Maria...what Ben thought about her; how he hated her.. .thinking she slept with Derek." She relates the story of how Ben was tied up in the next room but doesn't know if he heard anything.

Ben is suddenly standing at the door--"Hey -room for one more visitor". Tim told him he'll be 'watching,' and Ben replies that "all his skeletons of the past are dead and buried." Tim can't help but tell Ben that it was his face he saw when he went over the scaffolding; a difficult memory to let go of. Meg leaves for a moment and hears sounds coming from one of the rooms. Seeing no one around she went in and it's the 'screamer' sleeping and having a nightmare once more. Meg tries to wake her. Finally the girl jumps up, startled to see Meg. When she has settled down Meg offers to help but 'the screamer' isn't very receptive so Meg turns to leave but the girl calls after her: "DON'T GO."

THE baptism is to begin. Olivia is holding 'Trey'...she shakes. Her shaking is worsening. Annie is nonplused: "Hit it father," she purrs....wanting to get this show on the road. 'WAIT,' Olivia shouts; "WAIT; (to Annie) STAY WHERE YOU ARE." Annie is nervous...very, very nervous. Gregory is impatient and not interested in Olivia's distress as he told Antonio to get on with the ceremony. "BEST ACTRESS at a baptism" Gregory quips. Olivia has collapsed and Bette and AJ try to calm her. Annie grabs the baby, knowing this may be a memory trigger and wanting Olivia away from Trey. Annie's dress gets a (well-deserved) deposit from the baby. She begins to get very ugly (damn kid); relieves herself of the baby and heads for the bathroom. ( It was mentioned that Trey was giving an OPINION of Annie with this 'deposit.') AJ sat with Olivia reminding her the last time she held Trey she had another flashback, just such as she had that few moments ago. (Earlier Annie had been on Olivia's heels when Caitlin grabbed her arm and told her quite forcefully to stay away from "my mom.") Olivia told AJ the seemed like HER baby....she knows her baby is alive.

Olivia went to the bathroom to freshen up. Annie breezes in to clean her expensive dress. They have words. Olivia told her "Look at you....some silly stain; you have Gregory; you have money and you're still complaining." WAIT...Olivia is getting more flashbacks...the baby's birth...someone taking the baby...something Annie just said....those words were spoken to her that night....WAIT, oh my god,"--Annie is getting nervous, very, very, nervous. Olivia is staring at her...hard...recognition coming, coming. 'WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?" Annie speaks in a small frightened voice. "YOU, YOU....I REMEMBER," Olivia cries out as she grabs Annie hard and shakes her 'YOU ARE THE ONE WHO STOLE MY BABY."

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