Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on PC

Serena was in need of a cornea transplant to save her vision. The interns received invitations to a memorial service for Jake. Kevin was found in an elevator holding Dr. May's lifeless body. Frank is forced to admit that he's been self-injecting with DL-56.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on PC
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Monday, July 6, 1998

Karen told Julie about Serena's blindness and how she needs a cornea transplant. Karen scolds Chris about posting the Ellen/Matt pictures. Julie gets snarky, but is interrupted by the arrival of Garcia who is looking for Karen. She tells him her theory that Jake was taking their experimental drug. Garcia informs them that Jake was a murder victim, not a murderer. They realize that means the murderer is still out there - just then Frank walks up. He's looking for Lark. He told Alejandro about Lark's death threat. They leave. The others talk about Jake - Eve comes up and they fill her in.

Ellen, Matt, and Lark are looking at the death threat. Lark is terrified and Ellen send her to splash cold water on her face to calm down. Ellen realizes that it could have been meant for Matt, since he and Lark have the same kind of backpack. Later, Garcia told them about Jake and that they all need to be careful. He tracks the path of the backpack - Frank's truck to Eve at the nurses station to Julie to Lark. Lark think Julie must have done it because she hates her. Matt and Ellen go get Julie and send her to the lounge. Every one leaves except Matt and Chris. Matt accuses Chris of writing the note, Chris vows retaliation for all his accusations.

Back at the lounge, Julie defends herself. She points out that Lark could have written the note herself for attention. Julie leaves and went out and yells at Lark. Julie accuses Lark of being the murderer.

Meanwhile, Matt is talking to Garcia - Matt is accusing Chris of writing the note. Garcia returns to the lounge and asks Chris about the note. Chris thinks Matt is paranoid - Garcia doesn't see that as always a bad thing. Chris asks if he's being charged with anything. Not for now, answers Garcia.

Eve looks in on Serena, Scott is in with her. He leaves to yell at Eve about staying away from his child. Scott went back in to Serena with a bunch of little toys for Serena. She's not completely distracted, she wants to know when she'll be able to see. Gail arrives with some books to read to her. Serena thinks she'll be able to read them herself soon and asks Scott for reassurance. Scott gently explains that she needs new corneas. Oddly, Gail compares Serena to having a bunch of people there for her just like Humpty Dumpty did. Apparently, Gail has never read the end of the story - but Serena has. Scott told her that her team is better than HD's. Outside, Gail and Scott talk - he feels bad that Serena is trying to spare him pain. Gail thinks he should tell her it's okay not to be brave. Eve gives him the name of the best eye doctor in the US - Scott has already called him. He tears into her again, and she apologizes profusely again - he doesn't soften.

Karen is scared that a psychopath is still roaming around. Joe distracts her with sweet talk. Eve comes up to the floor - Chris sees she's upset. He tells her about Matt coming after him. Garcia comes up and asks them if they've seen the movie North by Northwest. He shows them how you can see what was written on a sheet of paper by shading the next sheet (using the Suspect). He did that to a page in Chris' notebook and came up with the "You Die Next" message. He folds the paper that says Suspect and sticks it in Chris' pocket.

Tuesday, July 7

Kevin told Lucy to stop blaming Eve for everything, and that Eve is his friend and wouldn't set him up to take the fall for the murders. Victor, Kevin and Lucy agree to meet in Serena's room later on.

Scott apologizes to Eve for coming down so hard on her when she gave him the name of the eye doctor. I'm sorrier than you know, Eve replies. Lucy walks up on them and Eve leaves after Lucy continues to insult her. Scott told Lucy that Eve didn't mean to hurt Serena, but because she did, he can't forgive her.

Garcia told Chris that most of the evidence points to him. Chris responds by saying he's been set up. Chris returns the car that he bought. He told Eve that Garcia is after him and that he wasn't the one who wrote that letter. Dr. May told Eve that she has now been awarded the Quartermaine fellowship. Chris congratulates her and they decide to celebrate at the Recovery Room. Kevin hears the news and gives Eve a hug, when Lucy walks up. Lucy starts criticizing Eve again until Scott wheels Serena over. Serena learns that Eve won the Quartermaine and asks Scott if they can throw her a party. Not until you're better, Scott says.

Victor runs into Mary Scanlon in Serena's room. He shows her all the toys he bought for Serena and Mary convinces him to give some to the other children in the hospital who don't have any. They decide to get a drink at the Recovery Room, where they talk about the murders. Victor told her about his chart and realizes that Mary is his alibi for Jake's murder. They dance, and Victor asks her to be his "steady." She refuses, saying how she's happy being alone.

Over drinks, Eve confides to Chris that she would trade the Quartermaine fellowship for Scott any day. She asks him why he's being such a good sport. He told her how he greatly admires her, both as a doctor and a woman, and that Scott is missing out. They take a cab home and start snuggling on the couch. The snuggling turns into kissing until Eve breaks away, saying that she's still hung up on Scott and it wouldn't be fair. You might have to wait forever for Scot to come back, Chris reminds her. Is he worth it? Absolutely, Eve responds. At the hospital, Scott flashes back to the good times he's had with Eve.

While waiting for Victor, Kevin tries to talk to Lucy about their wedding, but she is distracted, and is constantly harping on Eve. Kevin told her that she's obsessed with Scott's life and that he's fed up with it. She tries to deny his accusations, but he refuses to listen.

Wednesday, July 8

All the interns receive an invitation to a memorial service for Jake to be held at Chris' apartment. Eve asks Chris what his motives are for hosting such an event. He told her that he bought all sorts of party stuff to celebrate his winning the Quartermaine fellowship, but since it was taken back, he has to use the party stuff anyway.

Gail told Kevin that he can't blame himself for the murders and that maybe he's confusing the murder on Jasmine Island with the GH murders in his mind. Kevin told her that he's decided to go to the police with the information he has and Gail responds by telling him that he's being premature. If I can accept that I did this, maybe I can find some peace, Kevin says. Gail told him that he has no serial killer instincts or predisposition, and to hold off on making any confessions.

Kevin comes across Dr. May as he's having visions of Ryan. She asks him if he could give her a lift to Jake's memorial. He initially refuses, but changes his mind after she mentions that her car has been experiencing a bit of trouble. Kevin remembers that her character in his book has car trouble right before she is murdered. He insists she drive with him, in order to ensure her safety.

Frank told Lark about following a guy who cut him off and then smashing in his headlights when the guy went inside. Lark is scared, and pleads with Frank to have Joe help him get off the DL56. He refuses.

At the memorial, Julie says that she doesn't trust anyone anymore and that anyone of them could be the murderer. Frank and Lark show up, and a drunk Julie toasts the new father-daughter pair. She starts railing on everyone, suggesting that they play "Who's the killer?" Whoever leaves first after being confronted would suggest that they are the guilty party. She starts in on Eve, who after a couple of choice words, throws her drink at Julie. Julie moves on to Joe and Chris joins in. After Joe almost punches Chris, Julie throws a couple zingers at Eve about Lucy and starts in on Lark. Frank turns the tables on her and suddenly, it's not so much fun anymore. Matt starts in on Chris, who insists he had nothing to do with it. Joe and Karen have decided they've had enough and leave. When the elevator door opens, Kevin is holding Dr. May's lifeless body inside.

Thursday, July 9, 1998


As he frantically continues CPR, Kevin explains to a shocked Joe and Karen how Dr. May simply collapsed while they were riding up in the elevator together. Though Karen rushes to summon help from the other interns gathered in Chris' apartment, no one is able to get Dr. May's heart started again. Meanwhile, Frank takes advantage of the chaos to phone his chemist and order a fresh supply of DL-56. After the paramedics depart, Chris and his guests debate Kevin's assertion that Dr. May was a victim of cyanide poisoning, exactly the way her character was eliminated in General Homicide. Lark tries again to convince Frank to seek professional help for kicking his habit, but he orders her to shut up and stay out of the way while he meets his connection. Kevin warns all the interns to be on guard and take what happens to their fictional counterparts very seriously. Garcia finds new evidence that seems to point once more at Julie. Lark and Frank get busted as they pick up the drugs. Kevin has another unsettling encounter with Ryan.

Friday, July 10, 1998


Garcia told Julie her handwriting exactly matches the note Lark found in her backpack. Frank and Lark manage to talk their way out of trouble by convincing the cops they only pulled over to ask for directions. When Victor guesses that Dr. May was the latest victim of the serial killer, Kevin demands that his father explain how he could have known such a thing. At General Hospital, Eve decides to ask Dr. May's family if they will donate her corneas to Serena. With his dealer under lock and key, Frank searches for another way to get his hands on the drugs he so desperately needs. Julie finally admits to Garcia that she sent the death threat to Lark but insists she was only trying to scare the girl into leaving town. Despite his grief, Dr. May's husband readily agrees to let her corneas be harvested for transplantation. Afterwards, a jubilant Eve gives Scotty the good news. Victor cheerfully informs his son that he was the model for the killer in General Homicide. Confronted by Garcia, Frank is forced to admit to a horrified Joe that he's been injecting DL-56 for months.

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