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Gary tried to help Cindy get her memory back. Marley had trouble accepting Jake and Vicky's reunion. Cameron was concerned for Amanda's safety with Scott. Matt was willing to do anything to keep Lila in town -- except marry her.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on AW
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Monday, July 6, 1998

At The Cory Lake House
After Cameron warns Amanda that Scott was dangerous, Amanda asks Cameron if he cares about her. He dodges the question and says she doesn't need a guy like him in her life. Amanda told Cameron that he talks to much and she kisses him. As they are going at it hot and heavy, Cameron pulls away and told Amanda that she needs to forget about him. Amanda told him she knows he feels something for her, something real and wonders why he keeps denying it. Cameron told her to listen to Josie, because getting involved with him might mean big trouble. Amanda told him she doesn't care and throws herself at him, telling him that she wants him. Cameron told her not now and not here, because Scott was waiting for her.

At Cory Publishing
Scott tries to find Amanda and learns that she might have left with Cameron. Scott becomes upset and says that if Amanda was setting him up then she's making a big mistake. He pulls out his gun and calls the Herald to find out if she was there or if she was with Cameron. When all of his calls lead to a dead-end and he can't seem to find Amanda anywhere, Scott speculates about the real connection between Amanda and her "chauffeur" and decides to do a little investigating and heads to the boarding house to see if she was with Cameron.

At The Boarding House
Gary visited Cindy in the hideout and brought food and things to keep her occupied. Cindy asked more questions about her life, and Gary filled her in. Gary asked her to try and remember the evidence she had on Grant in the shoe box. She couldn't remember. Cindy asked him to tell her things about his growing up, and that might help her remember her own life. Gary told her bits and pieces about his drinking father, who was like Grant. Cindy couldn't believe she'd sleep with a man like that and not try to stop him. Gary told her that Grant was a monster and she stood by him and helped him cover up the bad things he's done. Gary showed her photos and she didn't recognize anyone. He then tried explaining what Grant was like to her, and how she had been very crafty and smart in the past when it came to getting Grant out of tight situations. Gary then showed Cindy some of the press articles about her and Grant and Cindy noticed that in one of them it mentioned her having a miscarriage. Gary told her that was just a story Grant gave the press and Cindy begins to wonder if she had a baby maybe Grant would love her. She then begins to remember a wedding, possibly her wedding, and she says she has a bad feeling about it. Gary asks what was wrong and Cindy loses the feeling.

Meanwhile, Scott has shown up and breaks into Cameron's room carrying a gun. He doesn't find anything inside and then leaves and heads to Carlino's where he calls Amanda on her cell phone. The phone rings at the Cory lake house and Cameron told Amanda not to answer it. Amanda told him it may be her mother or Allie, but when she answers it, it was Scott. Scott remains cool and asks Amanda if she forgot about their date. Amanda told him she was just going to call him and lies that she got hung up with business at the Herald. Scott knew she was lying, but didn't say anything and then asked Amanda to meet him at Carlino's and Amanda agrees. After hanging up with Amanda, Scott says to himself, so long Tramp. Back at the lake house, Cameron told Amanda he doesn't want her to go and tries to stop her, but she told Cameron that she was going. Amanda and Scott meet up at Carlino's and plan their date for tonight, while Cameron watches from outside the window.

At The McKinnon House
Marley was glad to see that Jake was back home, but Jake has a lot of unanswered questions for Marley beginning with why she went to meet Grant at the cemetery on that fateful day. Marley told Jake she already told him about that and what does it matter any way after all that has happened. Jake told her that he was getting a divorce and he needs to talk to her first because she was the only one who can be honest with him. Marley then admits to meeting Grant to talk with him about Vicky's affair with Shane. Jake told Marley that Grant was Vicky's worse enemy and asks her why would she seek him out to give him information that he could use against Vicky. Marley told Jake she didn't tell Grant anything she just met with him to found out what he knew and what he was up to. Jake told her that Vicky was sure that Grant was part of some plot to break them up. Marley asks Jake if he thinks she plotted with Grant. Jake told her he just finds it weird that she would want to talk to Grant about anything. Marley continues to stone-wall and told Jake she knew that everything was starting to fall apart with Vicky, from what Donna told her, but she didn't tell Grant anything he didn't already know. Jake asks her how did Grant know about Shane and Vicky. Marley told him when she was in the hospital, Grant came to see her and told her he was having Vicky followed and when he talked to Shane about it, Shane told him it was true. Jake says and you just believed him and Marley says yes. He then quizzes her more about it because the story sounds lame and Marley becomes upset and told him he should ask Grant how he found out about the affair because she doesn't know and walks out to the patio. Jake follows her and told her that he thinks it's weird that she showed up without calling anyone and when she was here, she didn't tell anyone and the first person she calls was Grant and asks him to meet her at the cemetery. Marley says she went to the cemetery to talk to Michael and she figured she could talk to Grant there as well. Jake says he knows she's not telling him something. Marley says it has to do with him. Jake doesn't understand and Marley says that she thought she could help him get over Vicky and move on, possibly with her. Marley says she came here to be with him when she learned he knew the truth about Vicky and Shane, which she knew would happen soon. Marley told Jake that Vicky admitted to having an affair with Shane for months. Jake was touched and thanked Marley for being honest with him and says he has one last question. Jake asks Marley how she and Donna learned about the affair. Marley says she didn't see any proof, but she knew about the affair long before. she then told Jake that Grant showed up on his and Vicky's wedding day and tried to blackmail her about the affair, but he thought she was Vicky. After Jake realizes that Marley had no real proof only Grant's word, he says Vicky was right about this entire thing being a plot of Grant's, A one man conspiracy to break them up. He then runs out of the house to go find Vicky. Meanwhile, Marley breaks down and starts crying about Jake.

On Shane's Boat
Donna, Grant, and Lila are all puzzled as to who asked them to come to the boat until Vicky appears from out of nowhere and told them she has asked them all there to get to the bottom of what was going on. Startled to find that Vicky was the one who led them there, everyone was speechless and Vicky says "Aloha gang, Welcome To The Cruise From Hell." She asks them if they think she was just going to let them destroy her family and turn her sister against her and she wouldn't do anything about it. Vicky told them it's payback time and asks who was going to be the first to step into her little confessional. Grant talks first and told Vicky he knows how upset she has been these past few days, but Vicky cuts him off and told him that she would have never pegged him to be the first one to confess. Grant clams up and told Donna to talk to her, but Donna told Grant there was no talking to Vicky when she was like this. Lila decided to leave, and Donna followed her. They returned soon, realizing the boat was in the middle of nowhere. Thunder rolled. Vicky told them to start talking and they could go home. Lila starts accusing Marley, but Donna says that Marley wasn't behind this. Vicky told them all that she has all the time in the world and can wait until someone starts talking. Lila was still panicking and Grant was becoming sea sick. Vicky says that if someone doesn't talk then they'll stay out on the water all night long. Donna attempts to talk and Vicky pleads with her to tell her the truth. Grant yells out in the background, don't let her brow beat you Donna. Donna clams up and Vicky realizes that Grant was somehow blackmailing Donna and pleads with her mother to tell her the truth. Grant told Donna to go ahead and tell Vicky, she has his blessing. Vicky tries to convince Donna to tell her the truth, but she won't. Vicky grew more suspicious. She thought Grant must have something on Donna or Donna would have gone after Cindy with a lawsuit. Vicky said she'd personally would have moved heaven and earth to get the person who ran down her own kids. Grant becomes sick and Vicky helps him along by talking about how she's got a hankering for some raw oysters smothered with peanut butter, which causes Grant to almost heave. Vicky can't believe that Donna and Lila are both protecting Grant. She then told Lila that she knows Lila set out to destroy her life and she did it. She has to listen to Kirkland crying at night, Steven trying to be the big man, although his heart was breaking and Jake use to have a smile about himself and confidence and now it was all gone, thanks to her. She then told them all that she really doesn't give a damn what happens to any of them after what they have done to her. Donna eventually cracks and says that they all hurt and betrayed her. Lila jumps in and told Donna where did she get this we stuff. Donna told Lila to shut up and continues telling Vicky that she found Lila trying to destroy a journal a while back and Lila claimed it was Shane's. Donna says the journal described her and Shane's love making. Vicky was stunned and Lila says she doesn't know what journal he's talking about. Grant jumps in and throws Lila to the wolves and says that Lila forged the journal and tried to sell it to him. Grant says that he's been working with Donna to try and get the journal back from Lila. Donna was stunned that Grant would place the blame solely on Lila and admits that she believed the journal was real because it explained what happened so graphically that it couldn't be a fake. Vicky says that she was turning this boat around to go get her husband back. Vicky told Lila that she should get out of town and Donna should tell Marley the truth and tell Jake that she wants to see him. Vicky went up top and Donna, Lila, and Grant start arguing. Lila told them both that she's not going to take the rap for this and the journal was going to disappear as soon as she gets home. She then says sayonara suckers and leaves. Donna attempts to leave, but Grant told Donna that he's still going to break up Jake and Vicky and she will help him do it, or he'll tell the truth about the accident. Donna says Vicky will never believe that she was driving the car. Grant laughs and pulls out a tape recorder, which has her confession on it, and says isn't modern technology wonderful. Grant reminds Donna that he still holds the trump card which will come as a shock to both of her daughters. He then informs her that it's not over until he says it is.

At Vicky's Place
Vicky went home and prepares to enter her house, however before she can, Jake calls her name. She turns around and sees him standing in the yard and runs to him.........

Tuesday, July 77

Gary tries to pry what Cindy remembers about her wedding to Grant out of her, but she clams up out of fear. He leaves, telling her that if she remembers anything to let him know. She runs to the door screaming that she remembers something, but he's already gone.

Josie went to Grant's to question him about Cindy. While she's there, the phone rings. On the other end was a silent Cindy. An annoyed Grant begins to hang up the phone, then realizes that it's Cindy and tries to get her to talk. She remembers Grant's threats to send her to Switzerland and hangs up. Josie determines that the call came from a cell phone. Grant accuses Josie of following him. Josie makes it clear to Grant that she thinks he's done something with Cindy. She brought up his manipulations of Sharlene in a wheelchair and shooting himself. As she went on, someone knocks on the door. Grant opens it to reveal Gary and stuns him with the news that Cindy just called. When Gary asks how he knew it was Cindy, Grant counters that he knows his wife. Grant turns on Gary, asking if he knows where his wife is. Gary says he's looking for some sort of pattern to lead him to Cindy. Gary brought up Paulina, saying that she migt be the one helping Cindy. Gary wants to know what the drug was that Grant gave Cindy. Gary's beeper went off and he uses Grant's phone to call Cindy, who told him that she needs him. Gary hangs up, telling Grant that he has to go work on a case. Grant calls the doctor, asking what Cindy will remember when the drug wears off.

Cindy freaks out, looking for money to get out and begins to make another phone call. Gary rushes back over to find her calm. A minute after he arrives, Josie calls, telling him to put Cindy on the phone because she knows she's there.

Lila returns to her apartment from the boat, and immediately, Matt went to her door. When she told him about Vicky keeping them on the boat, he's concerned. She breaks into tears, saying that she ruins everything. Matt tells her that she can't keep getting so upset about things. Lila says she'd like to blame Grant and Vicky, but it's all her fault. When Matt asks what she'd like to blame them for, she told him about the journal. She tries to kick Matt out, and told him that the baby will only have her to depend on. Matt told her that she's not going to do anything to hurt his child. Lila accuses him of sending his mother over to scare her. She threatens him that she'll leave and go so far away that he'll never see her or the baby again. She begins to cry, upset that everyone in the town thinks she's trash and she'll have to go further away to get away from that reputation. Matt says he won't abandon her and no one thinks that. When she says she'll leave, Matt quietly responds that he can't let her do that. Lila told him to leave, and not to worry because no matter what happens, the baby will be just fine. When she says she's leaving, he says he'll do anything and just to name what she wants.

Marley answers her door, thinking it's Jake and was disappointed to find that it's Donna. Donna told Marley that the journal was a fake and Marley doesn't believe her. Donna clues Marley in that Lila forged the journal. Marley begins planning a day with Jake and Donna interrupts her, trying to make her understand. Marley yells at her mother that she hears her, she lost her face, not her hearing. Donna makes Marley sit down, telling her that Jake and Vicky are back together, but Jake won't abandon her. She'll have her sister back. Donna says she's strong, but Marley says that she's crazy because she thought that she could get Jake back. Everything's over and everyone can live happily ever after. Marley assures Donna that she's all rightand told her to go, that she needs to be alone. After Donna leaves, Marley covers the mirrors, telling herself that she really was crazy and begins to cry. She hears laughing, only to go to the mirror and see herself laughing. Her mirror image insults her, asking her increduously if she actually thought Jake would stay. As Marley starts to cover the mirror again, her image brought up Vicky, telling her that there was no way she could take on her sister and she'll always be alone.

Jake and Vicky reunite outside of the cottage, and Vicky told Jake that everything was a lie. Jake told her that he believes her and he loves her, and they share a passionate kiss. Jake apologizes, and they go inside. In their bedroom, Jake carresses her hair, and told her that he can't believe they came so close to losing each other. Vicky says they didn't, and they begin to make love. In the afterglow, they talk about the kids. Vicky says she dropped them off to go bowling with the sitter and then begins to laugh hysterically, saying she took them before she kidnapped Lila, Grant, and Donna. They talk about surprising the kids when they get home. They go downstairs, and Jake hides. The boys come in fighting and Vicky told them to calm down. Jake walks out of the kitchen and the boys ask what he's doing there. He told them he lives there, and the four of them share a touching reunion. Donna shows up at Jake and Vicky's, and Vicky reiterates to her mother that she's willing to forgive her. Jake and Vicky ask Donna to keep an eye on the boys so they can go see Marley.

Jake and Vicky walk into Marley's, where Marley told Vicky she looks beautiful, and glows. Vicky replies that she does too, and Marley told her not to lie. Vicky says she's not. Jake and Vicky tell her that the journal was a lie, everything was made up. Marley stuns them by saying what was in the journal wasn't a lie.

Wednesday, July 88

Matt visits Lila and says that he will do anything to keep her in Bay City except marry her. Lila hints that she was considering giving the baby up for adoption; she wants the baby to have a mother and a father who will look after her. When she told him that she has mentioned this with her doctor at the Public Health Clinic, Matt wonders why she was going there. She told him that she can't afford a private doctor. Matt told her that he will support her and the baby. I don't want your money, Lila told him. I want my baby to have a name and a good life; a life like I wasn't able to have. She doesn't expect Matt to marry her. Suddenly, Lila begins to have severe pain in her back. Matt helps her over to the couch then went to get her some juice. He was surprised to find an empty refrigerator. He leaves to buy her some groceries.

As Sofia's graduation party gets underway, Joe gives her a very special gift, one that he rescued from the fire. It was a picture of their parents which he has had restored. Cass and Felicia also have a gift for her. When she asks about Matt, Cass told her that he was about to fall into Lila's trap. He says that if Sofia loves Matt, then she had better go to him.

Remy was working at Carlino's. She was still enamored of Felicia. Remembering that Remy stole a tip from a table, Paulina watches her closely. Before long, Paulina sees Remy steel another tip. When Paulina speaks to her about it, Remy says that she was only borrowing it; she will pay it back tomorrow. Paulina told her not to con a con; she knows all the tricks because she has been where Remy is. She warns her not to blow this chance. Later, when Nick finds out that Remy hasn't found a place to live, he insists that she stay at his place.

Cass went to see Lila and told her that he was no longer her attorney. They argue about Matt and Cass advises her to take Matt's offer. No way, Lila says. She wants it all! She WILL marry Matt. Cass reminds her that she was the same person who swore to break up Jake and Vicki; the same person who swore to have Shane's estate. Lila accuses Vicki of blabbing about the journal, but Cass doesn't know what she was talking about. When she explains it to him, Cass walks out in disgust, telling her that she was on her own. Lila calls Matt and told him that her back was really hurting her bad and she was afraid she might lose the baby.

Josie told Gary that she knows about Cindy and they are both going to be in serious trouble unless he does something to fix it. Gary makes arrangements to meet Josie at the Lucky Lady; before he leaves, he told Cindy to be careful. Don't make any calls and don't leave the apartment. Cindy was afraid, but Gary assures her that there was no way anyone can find her here. No one can get in since he installed new locks and he has the only keys. After he leaves, Cindy tries to climb out the skylight, but falls and hits her head instead; she was knocked out.

When Gary meets Josie at the Lucky Lady, they begin arguing about Cindy. Even though Gray claims that he was protecting Cindy from Grant, Josie doesn't believe him; she says this was all about nailing Grant. Gary says that ever since Josie went to Quantico, he isn't able to confide in her; where should we go from here? Josie says that if he doesn't turn Cindy over to the cops, she will have to arrest him. I can't do that, Gary told her. It will mean the end of Cindy's life if I turn her in and I can't live with that. Josie doesn't buy it; she says that se was going to find Cindy and bring her in, with or without his help.

When Gary returns to the apartment, Cindy, who has now regained consciousness, attacks him. She thinks he was Grant. She remembers Grant and doesn't want him to find her. She begs Gary not to leave her alone tonight.

Marley told Jake and Vicki that even if the journal was a forgery, what was in it was true. She knows that Vicki slept with Shane! You can't mean what you are saying! Vicki cries. Why are you doing this? Vicki told Marley that Grant used her, but Marley declares that Shane himself told her that they were sleeping together. She told them that once, Shane saw her and thought she was Vicki; he kissed her and made it clear that they were having an affair. What exactly did Shane say? Vicki asks. Marley says that Shane said that he loved last night and couldn't wait until the honeymoon was over so that they could sneak up to their playhouse and make love. Vicki accuses Marley of lying and asks her why she was doing this to her. Turning to Jake, Marley reminds him and Vicki that she has never lied in her whole life; why should she start now? Maybe it was because of Michael's death, Vicki suggests. She turns to Jake and told him that she was not going to defend herself any more; either he believes her or he doesn't. Jake told Vicki that he believes her. He then told Marley that Grant and Lila have fed her a load of garbage and maybe she misunderstood what Shane said. Or, he adds, maybe Shane lied to her, but in any event, he believes Vicki. Vicki told Marley that she still loves her; she knows that Marley has suffered and she won't forget that. As Jake and Vicki leave, Marley stares at herself in the mirror. The image staring back at her was unfamiliar and it begins to laugh at her. Marley breaks the mirror but the laughter doesn't stop.

Thursday, July 9

Nick takes Remy to Sofia's to crash. He tries to help her look for a place to live in the classifieds, but everywhere was too expensive. Remy told Nick he looks like her brother. Sofia comes home and the three of them have a good time talking, when Matt shows up.

Matt runs to Lila when she calls him and says her back was hurting her. He gets suspicious when he sees the compresses lying around, but Lila covers and says that Cass made them. She also informs Matt that she's considering moving back to New Orleans, which he immediately calls as a no. He gets a call from Cameron, who's pretending to be a member of the BCPD, asking questions about his mugging. Lila promises not to leave town after hearing that Paulina's on her side. When Matt talks to Cass about Lila, he realizes that Lila was pulling a fast one and wasn't really sick.

Lila went to the Cory mansion to ask Paulina if her pregnancy made her back hurt. Paulina says yes and that she should talk to her doctor. She shows Lila out, and Lila went home to call Matt. Matt told her he doesn't want to hear it and hangs up.

Amanda and Scott show up at the Lucky Lady for a date. They're followed by Cameron, whom Amanda lays into in the alley. He says that he's concerned for her safety and asks her to wear a wire. She and Scott leave the Lucky Lady for the Cory mansion where Scott kisses her and they make plans for the next day.

Friday, July 10, 1998

At Lila's Place
Cass was at Lila's and advises her to accept the settlement Matt was offering her before Matt withdrawals it. A stubborn Lila refuses and remains focused on obtaining a wedding ring for her finger and the Cory name for her unborn child. Cass told Lila he has a law firm to run so if she just invited him over to play shotgun wedding then he was leaving. Lila pleads with Cass to tell her if there was something she can do legally, but Cass says that he was not her attorney anymore he quit, remember. Lila pleads with Cass not to do this to her and went on about not having a wedding ring on her finger. Cass told her that single parenthood was the least she has to worry about and when Lila asks him what he was talking about, Cass informs her that forging the journal was considered fraud and criminal mischief. Lila was shocked that Vicky has called him about it already and Cass yells at Lila for not knowing that what she was doing was a crime. Lila puts it all on Grant and told Cass with Grant being an attorney that she thought he was doing something that they wouldn't get in trouble for. (PLEASE) Cass asks Lila who got the journal to Donna and Lila admits she did. After Cass runs the whole scenario down to her the way he thinks it played out, he told Lila that he does not intend to help her pick up the pieces of her shambled life.

At Carlino's
Gary was at Carlino's when Grant arrives and told Gary that he was expecting him to call him this morning. Gary told Grant he was following a lead in Boston. Grant says if Cindy can't remember her name, why would she remember anything about her life in Boston. Gary told Grant that was why it's a long shot. His phone rings and it was Cindy calling to tell him that she was scared and asks him to bring her a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. While Grant was close by listening in, Gary told Cindy he'll be right there and then quickly hangs up. Grant asks Gary who was that and Gary lies and told Grant it was Josie. Grant says really just as Josie was approaching inside the door of Carlino's. Josie walks up and hugs Gary and he asks her when she just called him on the phone, why didn't she tell him that she was just outside. Josie catches on and plays it off telling Gary that she wanted to surprise him. She then asks Grant if he has gotten anymore phone calls from Cindy. Grant sarcastically told the both of them if he doesn't get a lead on her soon, he will find somebody who can. Alone together, Gary thanks Josie for covering for him and then told Josie that Cindy was starting to regain her memory. When Josie asks him where he has Cindy hiding, Gary again balks at revealing the woman's location. Gary convinces Josie to distract Grant for an hour so he and Cindy can search Grant's apartment. Josie agrees and halls Grant down to headquarters to play out the stall tactic.

At The McKinnon House
While Marley sits on the couch lighting matches one by one and telling herself that Jake doesn't love Vicky. Her mirror image continues to taunt her about her silly behavior in thinking that Jake will come back to her. Marley told herself that Jake doesn't know Victoria like she does, while her mirror image told her that Jake knows that Vicky has the face he loves. Marley told her image that she can get Jake back, but her mirror image laughingly told her she'll never get Jake back. Marley disagrees, but her image told her she had Vicky's face and use to be able to pretend she was Vicky. Marley told her image that she'll make Jake see that Victoria will only hurt him, but her image says yeah right, and told Marley that Jake and Vicky are so into each other that they don't even know her name. She adds that pretty soon there'll be the pitter-patter of little McKinnon feet. Marley cries out that Victoria can't have it all and she can't end up with less than nothing. Her image told her that she had the chance to rewrite history and she blew it. Marley told her that she wants Jake back and asks her how can she get him back. The image asks her what was she willing to do and Marley says anything. Marley then asks how does she do it and her image told her that she has to start thinking like Victoria. She sets her mind on a goal and then she went for it. Marley begins to imagine that Jake was back there with her and telling her that he loves her, but the moment becomes broken when her image told her that the only thing standing in her way was Victoria. Marley told her image that she will not stoop as low as to harm her sister. Her mirror image continues to taunt her and told her that something should happen to Vicky, something she can't walk away from. Marley told her image no, not even Victoria deserves that. Donna walks in and says Victoria doesn't deserve what and asks Marley who was she talking to. Marley says herself. Donna apologizes and told Marley that she will make it up to her and help her to get through this. Marley told her mom that she made her believe that Jake could love her again and that she was the right woman for Jake, because she could never betray him like Vicky would. Donna says that was only because everything she believed was based on a lie and she thought that Victoria was unfaithful. Marley asks Donna how does she know Vicky wasn't unfaithful, especially when she lied about going up to the cabin. Donna told Marley that Vicky only lied because she made her lie and Vicky wanted to tell Jake the truth from the beginning. Marley says Michael died because of Victoria and Donna told her Michael died because he was driving on a terrible night. Marley asks Donna why she was on Victoria's side, but Donna told her she was not on anyone's side and she herself has made terrible mistakes and she was trying to make it right for all of them. Marley asks Donna to help her get Jake back, but Donna says she can't because Jake loves her sister. Donna then encourages Marley to let go of her desire for Jake and get on with her life. Marley plays it off and told Donna she was sorry, she was just acting silly. Donna accepts that and told Marley to call her if she needs her and leaves. After she was gone, the mirror image continues to taunt Marley who decides to go over to Vicky and Jake's.

At Jake and Vicky's Place
Jake brought Vicky breakfast in bed as the two relish in the fact that they are back together. Vicky told Jake that they came so close to losing all of this and Jake told her that nothing will ever drive them apart again. As they lay in bed basking in their renewed love, Tyrone calls to tell Jake he has the papers and Jake told him to bring them right over. Jake senses something was wrong and Vicky told him that she still can't get over the look in Marley's eyes, like she was so angry. Jake told Vicky that Marley was hurt and Vicky told Jake that Marley wants him back. Jake told her that Marley has just came to depend on him and it's going to be a rough transition for her, but he was back home with the woman he loves and Marley will be fine and probably happy for them. Privately, Vicky says she hopes so. Then Jake and Vicky get dressed and wait on Tyrone to come. Tyrone arrives and gives Jake the papers and told them that it was nice to see them back together again. Vicky invites Tyrone in for coffee, but Jake shakes his head at Tyrone giving him a signal that he wants to be alone with Vicky. Tyrone catches the hint and leaves. Jake told Vicky to close her eyes and then places the divorce settlement into her hands. Vicky opens her eyes and Jake told her to do the honors. Vicky told him they should both do it. They tear their divorce papers up into tiny little shreds and Vicky told Jake she loves him as they share a passionate kiss. Jake sweeps Vicky up off her feet and carries her inside the house, while Marley stands off in a distant watching the whole thing. Feeling distraught over Jake and Vicky's happiness, Marley leaves. Inside, Jake and Vicky spend a blissful day together and Jake told Vicky that he has to run a few errands and will be back.

At Bay City Police Station
Grant asks Josie how long was this going to take because he doesn't have a lot of time. Josie told Grant to make the time because his wife was missing and she has a lot of unanswered questioned. Grant told Josie instead of wasting time questioning him she should be out looking for his wife. Before Josie can respond, an officer comes up to her and told her that the commissioner was on line one. Grant told Josie to advise the commissioner of whose time he was wasting. Alone, Grant calls Lila and told her she has something of his and he's coming over to get it. he then told one of the officers to tell Josie to call him at home when she frees up some time and leaves to head to Lila's.

Back At Lila's Place
As Cass continues to chastise Lila for her involvement in trying to break up Jake and Vicky, Lila told Cass she can't deliver her baby in a prison and pleads with him to help her. She then begins to experience another round of abdominal cramps and Cass becomes sympathetic and told her to lie down and take it easy. Just then the phone rings and it's Grant telling Lila he'll be over to get the journal and she better not leave until he gets there. Not wanting Cass to know that Grant was coming over, Lila asks him if he could go and feel a prescription for her and Cass happily obliges and leaves to get her medicine. Grant shows up and demands to know where was the journal. Lila told him he must be stupid to think she would actually still have the journal around and lies and told him she destroyed it. Grant doesn't buy it and told Lila he needs the journal and was only trying to protect them. Lila says just like you protected me on the boat and chastises him for selling her out the first chance he got. Grant told Lila that criminal charges could be brought against them and asks her if she wants to have her baby in a prison hospital. Lila told him he'll get the journal over her dead body and Grant told her that could be arranged. Before they can bicker anymore Lila gets a knock at the door and opens it to find Jake standing there. She tries to slam the door on him, but Jake barges his way in and was not surprised to find them two together. Grant told Jake whatever Victoria told him, it was grossly exaggerated. They both think that Jake was going to do them bodily harm, but he ends up telling them he doesn't have to do that to make them pay. He gives Lila a warning and takes away the one thing that truly matters to Grant, by gleefully serving Grant with an injunction ordering him to keep his distance from Kirkland. Grant becomes enraged and Jake relishes the moment. Cass returns as Jake was leaving and becomes enraged himself when he learns that Lila only got rid of him because she knew that Grant was coming over. Lila starts experiencing abdominal pains again and pleads with Cass to help her, but Cass told her next time she wants to team up with Grant again, not to call him. Lila's pains intensify and as she calls out for Cass not to leave her alone with Grant, Cass told her that he was out of town to her and not to call him again ever, because he won't come running and slams out of the door. Grant who was oblivious to all of this because he was trying to track down his attorney, was also not responding to Lila's cries for help. Lila told Grant that something was wrong and Grant told her damn right something was wrong he was about to lose his son and storms out the door behind Cass. Lila's pains worsen and she reaches for the phone to call for help, but ends up collapsing on the floor.

At Grant's Penthouse
In hopes of stirring Cindy's memory and to find the evidence against Grant, Gary and Cindy break into Grant's house. They search the closet and find the box Cindy had that contains all the information on Grant. As they go through various things of Grant's and Cindy's, she doesn't seem to remember as much as Gary would have liked her too. She sees some wallpaper they decorated Kirkland's room up with and Cindy has a strange reaction to the wallpaper in Kirkland's room, but she can't remember what. Gary told Cindy stories about his father that he's never even told Josie, while Cindy finds herself wishing she could have a man like Gary. Just then Josie calls to warn them that Grant was on his way home. With the duo inside, Grant returns home, unaware his wife was in the house and just as he was putting his key in the door, Gary and Cindy are heading for the door.

The Pity Party At The Docks
A disappointed Marley ends up down by the docks and contemplates suicide. Later, Tyrone shows up and upon seeing Marley getting ready to take her own life, he prevents Marley from committing suicide, then lends his unhappy new acquaintance a sympathetic ear. Tyrone calms Marley down and says the "person" who gave up Marley must be nuts, but if he doesn't return another man will love her. Unaware of who Marley really is, Tyrone urges her to fight for the man she loves. He then gives her his business card and told her to call him if she needs someone to talk to again. After he leaves Marley told herself that she knows what she has to do now and heads to Vicky and Jake's.

Back At Jake and Vicky's Place
Jake returns home and feels Vicky in on everything that happened over at Lila's place and informs her that he was also lucky enough to find Grant there as well. Vicky can't believe it, but was glad that it has happened. They get ready to make love again, but there was a knock at the door and it turns out to be Marley. Marley told them that she was sorry about the night before and says that maybe she misunderstood Shane. She told them that she wants them to be happy and even gives Vicky flowers and told her that she wants to start over again. They accept her apology and she and Vicky hug, while Vicky told Marley that she just wants her sister back. While they are hugging each other, Marley pretends to be happy for them, but really plans on getting Jake for herself..........


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