One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on OLTL

Clint and Lindsay started dating. Rachel insisted she would plead guilty to Georgie's murder. Jessica offered to be Cristian's model. Asa threw a party in celebration of returning home after a heart attack.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, July 6, 1998

Love, desire, and emotional manipulation shone down on us this afternoon, with nary a cloud of violence to be seen, for a nice, refreshing change after the deluge of the past couple of weeks.


Kevin practically winces in pain when Cassie smooches all kinds of love and devotion over him in the presence of Bibi in their gorgeous living room. Bibi looks stricken. As Cassie blissfully leaves to go shopping, Bibi and Kevin bemoan their fate, wondering how they're supposed to handle this squirmingly uncomfortable situation. Bibi feels an enormous sense of guilt, and can't possibly pretend she and Kevin didn't do the dance of the two-headed beast. She claims that they made a mistake, but Kevin thinks what they did was just great, considering the life-threatening situation they were in down in that quiet, solitary cellar. He is under the delusion that they'll never give in to temptation again, but Bibi is dubious about that. She is also pretty distraught over the way Cassie has been going on and on, praising her for her bravery, etc. etc. She's just saying what I want to say to you, Kevin soothes, only serving to make Bibi feel worse.

Again, BeeBee threatens to move out, predictably causing Kevin to express his desire to have her near. Oh, and David needs her. BeeBee reacts by accusing Kevin of thinking of her as a mere convenience, and needles him that maybe he just wants her to stick around because he's afraid Cassie will learn the truth if she (BeeBee) really did quit her job. She thinks he just doesn't want to hurt Cassie, but surprisingly, Kevin is more worried about hurting BeeBee. Upon hearing this, BeeBee begins to babble something about how she "thought maybe... thought maybe.. but no, no, no.." -ack! Dorian, with a catlike grace, enters the room, obviously interrupting an emotional moment between the two. "shhhhh", Dorian hushes them, informing them that David is asleep. BeeBee and Kevin look, for a moment, like deer frozen in the gaze of headlights. Kevin chokes out that he didn't realize Dorian was in the house. Obviously, glitters Dorian, looking at the two knowingly.

When Dorian notes that BB appears to be upset, Kevin leaps to her defense, excusing BB's emotional state by pretending BB was just defending Cassie. I'm not sure why he thought that would work, because Dorian immediately defended Cassie's strength, reminding Kevin that no one needed to defend her daughter. BB tries to flee the room, but before she can make a getaway, Cassie returns with a sack of groceries, breezing in without noting who's there and chatting away happily about cooking dinner. She's surprised to see her mom standing there, and, pausing to place the bag of groceries in Kevin's surprised arms, she invites Dorian to stay too. As Dorian politely declines, saying that she only stopped in to see David, (who is doing just great), but wouldn't dream of intruding on the lovebirds, while in the background we see Kevin and BB look miserable. BB, flutteringly claiming a lack of appetite, makes a hasty exit to her room. A frown crosses Cassie's face momentarily, but she shrugs it off as she returns to lovin' Kevin.

In Barbara's room, we see her checking out her reflection again, deep in thought with her hairbrush held forgotten in her hand. There is a soft knock at the door. Barbara and I both expect Kevin, but instead Dorian reveals herself, sees instantly that Barbara is surprised, and doesn't hesitate to comment on it. Expecting someone else? Barbara gulps in reply. Dorian holds a smile on her face, but her eyes are wise and steely. Barbara's smile freezes and she looks terrified. Divine Dorian purrs to Barbara, remembering how close Barbara has been to Kevin ever since the fire, and now she's developed a friendship with David. Does she develop such attachments to all her patients? Barbara fumbles. Dorian goes on, bringing up Cassie's current happiness, which is because of Kevin.. and she wants Cassie to stay happy. Barbara quivers.

Meanwhile, out on the couch in the living room, Cassie is trying her heart out to be all womanly, soft, and inviting, but Kevin doesn't even notice her. When confronted, Kevin lamely babbles about work, and kinda tries to talk his way into leaving for the office, but Cassie won't hear of it. She wants to take advantage of their time alone together (?), so he makes out with her. Things progress and he's in the process of awkwardly kicking off a shoe when Dorian reluctantly interrupts to say goodnight. Before she leaves, however, Bibi enters and announces with a flourish that she's leaving her position.


Clint and Lindsay lock gazes, as she looks up at him from her position on the floor of the entry way into the hotel restaurant, where she had fallen when he bumped into her when he was leaving. They flirt as she tries to stand, but seems to have sprained her ankle.

At a table, Blair and Sam laugh over their meal. He teases her about being in the bathrobe, and then compliments her on how she looked in that dress he had bought her. He charmingly claims that she looked better in it than Lindsay, and while Blair coos, they notice Lindsay and Clint, arm in arm, body to body. Blair wonders if Lindsay's flirting with Clint to get at Sam, but Sam realizes that it's not a ploy to bother *him*.. Lindsay's just playing with her prey. Sam notices that Clint doesn't seem to like Blair, and Blair admits that she's not too popular with the Buchanan clan. Sam wonders if it's because she married Asa or if it's because she was after Asa's money. Yes, grins Blair. Blair hints around that once, when she was married to Asa, and he needed his medicine, the Buchanans claim she didn't quite get it to him. But that was back when money was important to her, and it isn't so much anymore. Sam seems quite happy to hear it :-).

Over at the other table, Clint and Lindsay make jokes and laugh, but soon the conversation turns to Sam. Clint, quite obviously taken with Lindsay, thinks Sam is a fool to let her go. Lindsay twists the truth about Sam, spinning that Sam's expectations were hard to live up to, but still it was hard to let him go, especially when *he* insists that they still celebrate their anniversary, even now after the divorce. Clint agrees that it's hard to let a marriage die. He notices that she seems uncomfortable around Sam, so they move to a table on the terrace. Blair watches them go.

"Lindsay is good", admires Blair. Sam changes the subject. He approves of Blair's appetite, commenting on how she ate every bit of her dinner, but she grins that she isn't done yet, as she hasn't had anything ooey gooey and really chocolatey yet. She's awfully cute as she lists off the available desserts, and when she can't quite decide on which treat to have, Sam, adorably, suggests that they have one of each sent up to his room. Sam has the best ideas :-).

Clint puts some ice on Lindsay's ankle, then pours them each a glass of champagne. Lindsay chuckles that she didn't know champagne worked on twisted ankles, and wonders if it'll work as well on broken hearts. She notices Blair and Sam as they leave together, and expresses sympathy for Blair, having to fight against Sam's love for Nora. When Clint suggests that perhaps she and Sam will get back together, she sounds pretty convincing when she says that it's really over between them. Clint claims that they have more in common than he realized. How does he mean? Well, he tells her about Viki, about how their differences worked for them in the beginning, but that eventually she left him for someone she could talk about books with, and Lindsay commiserates that it's hard to make a marriage between two different people to work. Lindsay coos that Clint seems like a man of action. Clint glows. He reveals that Viki was here earlier, and that he had proposed to her. Lindsay is agog that Viki turned him down, but Clint contradicts that it's kind of a relief, because now he can move on, instead of hanging out in the limbo he has been in for so many years now.

In Sam's room, Blair and Sam kiss deeply over several empty dessert plates. Sam has another great idea to move on to the bedroom, but once they get there, Blair discovers a big, long, shirt-like, ankle length, nightshirt- type- thing lying on the bed. Blair is angry, knowing Lindsay left it there, but Sam does an admirable job of making her forget allllll about it. Just when it's starting to get good, the phone rings. Blair answers, and thinking it's Lindsay, makes some catty remarks... but it's actually Nora...


In the living room of Bo and Nora's home (sans Bo, who's off on police business), Hank, Nora, R.J., and Rachel silently and uncomfortably choke down some asian take-out. Hank, attempting to make some conversation, asks R.J. how things are going down at the community center. R.J. drawls that he's there every day, paying off his debt to society. Hank and Nora scowl at R.J., but Rachel insists that everyone stop the pretense and wake up. She tells her mother that she can deal with being a murderer, can take the consequences, can "deal", but can Nora? Nora reiterates to Rachel that what she did was self defense, and that she shouldn't have to go to prison. But Rachel doesn't want to live through a trial, having to relate what she did in front of a jury, and also doesn't want to be given a lighter sentence, because she wants to pay for what she did. R.J. supports Rachel, angering Hank and Nora, who firmly believe that they know what's best for Rachel, despite what Rachel claims is best. Rachel hugs R.J. good night, and when she's upstairs, Nora and Hank rail at R.J., blaming him for how Rachel feels. R.J. attempts, again, to explain how Rachel feels, and that they should *listen* to her. Nora goes upstairs.

Sitting on Rachel's bed, Nora tries to comfort her daughter, telling her that no matter what she did, it doesn't change the fact that she loves her. Rachel thinks she's disappointed her mother yet again, causing Nora to remember all the times Rachel has had to fight all her battles all by herself. This time, she wants to help her daughter, and pleads with her daughter to let her and Hank help. Rachel refuses, because if she lets her parents help her escape justice, then that would be taking away the one thing she actually likes about herself.. her strength. Rachel wants to make a fresh start, and wants to be proud of herself, and she can't have that if Hank and Nora and Sam make it so she doesn't have to pay for what she did. Nora doesn't listen. She tries again to get Rachel to agree to self- defense. Rachel doesn't want to argue about it any more. She turns to sleep, while her mother weeps silently at her side. Hank enters and comforts Nora.

Nora heads off to Sam's hotel, pausing before going up there to call him first (good thing, too). Blair realizes that such sacrifices are a part and parcel of being with one of the good guys, and lets him go to Nora. Sam meets Nora in the restaurant, where Nora pleads with Sam to help Rachel. She takes on all the blame for Rachel's actions, thinking she didn't raise Rachel well enough. She wants to be able to support her daughter now, but Sam wonders who's supporting Nora. Nora looks at Sam. Sam suggests that Nora go back home and take care of her daughter. Nora leaves quickly, without a word.

While Nora is gone, Hank comes downstairs to an empty living room. He sits heavily on the couch, worried, when R.J. comes through the kitchen door with a drink in his hand. Hank scowls that he thought R.J. had left. R.J. scoffs, elegantly sitting down and sipping his drink, placing a napkin across his thigh before resting his drink there. R.J. asks about Rachel, and then they start arguing over her. R.J. tries to get Hank to understand that the most important thing they can do for Rachel right now is to listen to her and believe in her. Hank is afraid. R.J. keeps trying to talk sense to his brother, but Hank balks at the notion of R.J. actually giving advice. R.J. tries again, defending Rachel, trying to get his brother to understand what Rachel really needs.

Later, we see Rachel asleep, and Nora is sitting over her, looking very sad. Hank holds Nora to him from behind, as they both gaze at their daughter.


As Sam prepares to leave the restaurant and return to his room where Blair is waiting, he sees Clint and Lindsay. Clint has decided to carry Lindsay up to her hotel room, and that must 've inspired Sam, because when Sam gets back to his room, and discovers that Blair has put on that long shirt thing (open to her belly, revealing her pretty bra), he picks her up and carries her to bed, where joyous love-making begins.

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

The Banner city room:

Kevin and Cassie gleefully gloat over the news that Todd has been arrested. Mel is in the process of writing his column and has just discovered some new information about Peter Manning that he wants to include in the column. Kevin is angered at the thought that the Banner might print anything that might make excuses for Todd. Mel states that he isn't making excuses, but he would like to provide some explanations. Clint says that he will run it past Viki, but when Jessica shows up to start her internship, she informs Clint that Viki has left on a cruise. Kevin gloats some more at the prospect that Viki will be unable to stop his story. Mel continues to protest, saying that going after Todd will damage the Banner's reputation as a real newspaper. Clint says that he will read Mel's column and then decide.

Cassie continues to ask Kevin to talk Barbara out of leaving as Dorian arrives to speak with her daughter. She relays Barbara's message about the interview and says that Barbara would like to be gone by this evening. Cassie becomes even more insistent that Barbara stay and demands that Kevin join her back at the house to choose a new nurse for David. But Kevin begs off and tells Cassie to do whatever it takes to keep Barbara. When Cassie leaves, Dorian asks Kevin point blank whether or not he is "fooling around with Nurse Barbara." Kevin ducks the question and walks away. Then Dorian asks Mel whether he thinks Kevin is fooling around with Barbara and Mel says that ever since Kevin got out of the hospital he has been a different person. But her warns her that no matter what Dorian should stay out of it.

Just then Clint gets a package from Lindsay Rappaport containing a toy doctors kit and calls her to thank her and they agree to have lunch. Later, Lindsay shows up with a picnic basket. Clint introduces her to everyone and the two of them go to Clint's office to have lunch, amid much winking and eyebrow-raising. Dorian seems worried for Viki as is Mel, who is worried that the Banner is about to hit a crisis while Viki is on her cruise.

In Clint's office, Clint tells Lindsay about his problem with Mel's column and she encourages him to go with his instincts, while outside the door Dorian says that she needs to protect Viki's interests (huh?) And barges in on Clint and Lindsay while Clint is checking Lindsay's ankle. Mel tries to get her to leave, but Clint tells them to wait. He explains to Mel that he would prefer it if Mel would remove any reference to Todd's childhood so that he doesn't seem to sympathetic. Mel reminds him that his agreement with the Banner included total control over his own writing and tells Clint to "stuff it."

Sam's hotel room:

Sam and Blair are sharing a cozy morning after when they are interrupted by a telephone call from Todd, who is at the police station and in desperate need of legal assistance. Sam needles Todd on the phone and makes it sound as if he is not going to come to the police station, but immediately after hanging up, Sam get dressed and heads to the station with Blair in tow.

The police station:

Todd is disappointed when he tries to reach Viki and finds out that she is on the cruise. When Sykes approaches Todd, Todd demands that Téa be arrested for hitting him in the head with a shovel, tying him up and trying to set him on fire. Sykes agrees to take Todd's statement. Téa and Todd scream at each other over the events of the lodge. Téa says that its basically "the word of a convicted felon against the word of a respected member of the bar." Since there are no witnesses, Sykes can't arrest Téa. Todd continues to rage and threatens Sykes' job, but Sykes is not too concerned. He reminds Todd that kidnaping the congressman's daughter and holding her hostage pretty much guarantees a long stay at Statesville. Just as Todd calls the Sun for a lawyer, Sam and Blair arrive and Sam agrees to represent Todd. When Sykes informs Todd that he is going to ask that Todd be held without bail, Todd flies into a rage and is led away to a cell. Sam tells Sykes that Todd had better not be harmed while he's in custody. At the same time, Blair asks Mrs. Manning if she is happy now that she has turned on Todd. Téa claims that she wanted to help and that she knows how hard this is going to be on Starr. Téa says that she plans to move back to the penthouse so that live seems a little normal for Starr. Blair informs Téa that will not be necessary because Starr's home is with her mother. Téa says that she knows what it's like to have a parent disappear. So do I, says Blair.

Sykes is very sympathetic to Téa and asks her to lunch, but Téa says she has to face "round two" with Todd.

Downstairs in the jail, Sam checks on Todd's head injury. Todd asks Sam if Lindsay ever hated him so much that she tried to kill him and Sam says yes. "So, this normal, right? That's good because I was beginning to think something was wrong between me and Delgado." Todd is happy that Sam is going to stick by him. Sam lays it out for Todd and tells him that he is in more trouble than he has ever been in before. All the tantrums and histrionics in the world won't keep Todd out of prison. Téa returns to Todd's cell to taunt him some more and, once again, Todd demands that she drops the kidnaping charge. Téa tells Todd that it is really over this time. "Yeah," he says, "I though it might have been over when you hit me over the head with a shovel. If you cared about me at all, you would have finished the job." "If you ever come near me again," says Téa, "...I will." Todd then says that he has had it with both of them and demands to see Blair.

Upstairs, Sam tells Blair that Todd is asking for her. When Blair leaves, Téa asks Sam why he is still defending Todd. Sam says that he feels guilty for not getting Todd away from Peter when he was a kid. Maybe if he had, things would be different now. Téa tells Sam to set his limits and be prepared to stick to them or else Todd will pull him into his own insanity, she knows this from experience.

Downstairs, Blair asks Todd what he wants from her.

Kevin and Cassie's home:

Barbara is packed and prepared to leave, she informs Dorian that she has arranged for some nurses to stop by for interviews. Dorian promises to pass the information about the interviews on to Cassie when she sees her at the Banner and leaves. David grills Barbara about her reasons for leaving. but Barbara dodges his questions by asking David to teach her a song on the piano. Cassie walks in on Barbara and David's friendly moment and once again demands an explanation for Barbara's leaving. When she again refuses to give one David becomes angry and goes to his room, while Barbara insists that she is not leaving to hurt him. "Then why are you leaving us!" demands Cassie, as Kevin walks in the front door.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

At the Diner- Cris, Joey, Jessica, Kelly, Drew

Cris is interviewing for artist's models. Joey is taking snapshots. He cannot find the perfect candidate. Drew walks in with Kelly and Joey walks over to talk to them.

Joey would like Kelly to go with him to Asa's coming home bash, but she already has a date with Drew, who is now with his grandfather after being throw out of Dorian's. Drew has to get to work and Joey asks them both if Kelly can stay for a cup of coffee. After all, they are still friends. He insincerely tells his cousin he is sorry he can't stay.

Meanwhile, the last model on the list is Judith Bucher. A tall blond girl with glasses walks in and Cris declares she is perfect and asks her up to his apartment because he has a good feeling about her. Cris tells her that she can go in the bathroom and prepare for the work. She asks where the uniform is.

Downstairs a knockout of a brunette shows up and tells Jessica her name is Judith Bucher. Jessica says she just missed Cris.

Upstairs, Cris tells the blonde what the job is about and she informs him that she came to see C. Vega for the experienced waitress position. She is not a porno bunny. Her name turns out to be Judith Cunningham and she tells Cris curtly that she can't believe he has his mother's permission to indulge in such debauchery. She ought to be ashamed. After she has left in a huff, Jessica steps out of the bathroom with just a blanket wrapped around her.

In the Diner, Joey tells Kelly she is throwing her life away in the garbage. He can't believe she went from him to Drew in just a few days. Kelly says that Drew had the loss of both Georgie and her baby. Joey tells her that his family was thrown for a loop too. Nora and Bo haven't gotten back together yet, Todd is in prison, and Viki left on a cruise without telling Clint. He and his father have a lot in common these days. Kelly informs him that he can't blame Georgie for what did or didn't happen to them. Joey replies that maybe they were just meant to be friends and that he really wants to try.

Mill House- Barbara, Kevin and Cassie

Cassie is conducting a "spanish inquisition" grilling Barbara for the real reason she is leaving. Exhausting every other thing she can thing of she finally asks if her going has anything to do with Kevin. He has after all been flying off the handle lately. Barbara says he has been a perfect gentleman. Cassie persists that there is nothing Barbara can't tell her. She does not notice that Kevin has entered the room until he says for Cassie not to push Barbara.

Barbara explained that after the rape she was devastated and she went into hiding,all she wanted was to quit her job and look for a safe place. Cassie does not know how lucky she is to be surrounded by a loving family. It is certainly better than what Barbara got. She can't pretend they are her family and hide out forever. Cassie begs that her father needs her. Barbara replies what David needs is his daughter and a nurse cannot replace her love. Cassie begins to push Kevin to get Barbara to stay. Barbara still declines, saying that she knows where he is coming from and she has been tempted, but she knows herself and must go. Barbara goes off to get her luggage.

Cassie tells Kevin that there is something wrong here. He is usually so persistent when he wants something, nothing gets in the way. He blows up about having a hard day and coming home to the spanish inquisition and then apologizes, but Cassie begins to question what is going on between them. She asks him if there is something she needs to know about. Kevin stonewalls her and says that they are both stressed and Cassie is just being a little paranoid. Cassie becomes defensive and says that he acting strangely around Barbara. He questions whether she is jealous. Should I be, she asks. Kevin says she is the woman he is marrying and why is that? Because he loves her, Cassie answers. He hugs her and says they will always be happy and there is nothing to worry about. Cassie admits maybe she was over reacting. Kevin reasons that there are other nurses. Cassie argues that David shares a special connection with Barbara and that her father is teaching the nurse to play "Heart and Soul". He promises Cassie he will talk to Barbara again, but first he must go to the office. He asks her to keep Barbara there until he can get back.

Barbara comes back downstairs and Cassie detains her with a conversation about Cassie's own predicament when she was a Preacher's wife. She knows what it is like to find a safe place like the parish house and then to find out her needs came last. She had to break away not only to be with Kevin, but to find a life of her own.

Barbara says that her career as a nurse was a way out of the trap her father built for her. Congressman Graham wanted her to go to an ivy league school and to marry John Sykes. Cassie is amazed that Graham wanted his daughter to marry Bo's replacement!. Yes, Barbara says, she was to be the perfect politicians' wife with the perfect smile. Her mom died with that perfect smile on her face. It was not going to happen to her. She knows what a real smile looks like and if Cassie looks at David hard enough she will see he is smiling and it is the real thing. Cassie asks Barbara to check in on her dad. Barbara agrees and a short time later Cassie herself smiles when she hears the two play Heart and Soul.

Kevin comes back with a bouquet of sunflowers. He takes his future bride upstairs. The doorbell rings and it is Joey. He asks her to Asa's party. Barbara is undecided, she hates Country Clubs. Joey does also. He reminds her that she could wind up stuck with Mr. and Mrs. Love bird.

Upstairs, Kevin and Cassie kiss and he gives her an engagement ring, which she says is gorgeous. He replies that she is gorgeous. He was just sorry he took so long. Cassie says it was worth the wait. He asks if she is going to marry him or what. She reminds him she already said yes. He jokes he was just checking and they begin to make love.

Llanview Police Department

Hank tells Sam there is no way that Todd will get bail, not with threatening to blow up 14 people. Hank says that if he has any say so, Todd Manning will go to jail until the day he dies.

In Todd's Cell

Blair questions whether what Todd wants is just another alibi. Todd says he did not rape the nurse. Blair agrees that is true but Todd can't say he went out for coffee this time with 14 witnesses. Or does he have an evil twin? Todd wants Blair to take over the running of the Sun. He can see the headline now: Manning Unmasks Murder. Blair replies that no one will buy that. He was holding people captive. But the dynamite was fake, Todd says. He is a hero but he needs her. Blair agrees to print the headline if she can run the Sun and if she gets a pay hike in writing. Todd agrees and tells her there is one more thing. She must move into the penthouse because Starr needs her mother. Blair asks about Téa and Todd says that she is out of the picture. She is a lunatic who tried to burn him and that is not a figure of speech. Blair tells him he is lucky that Téa did not rip his heart out. In the end Blair does agree to care for Starr but not in the Penthouse. Todd does not want her in Dorian's house. Blair reminds him he lost Téa, Sam is fed up and she doesn't see Viki there either, so that makes her his only friend. Todd says that he thinks he is her only friend. Blair asks how he figures that. He tells her "We are two losers. Does that ring a bell?". No, she replies. Todd says that there is something wrong with both of them. After all didn't Max tell Blair he loved her and then shaft her for the money. And Téa, she hit him with a shovel and Sam,she should watch out for him. Blair says that Sam has no reason to turn on him. Todd reasons that he and Blair are soul mates and that he will always be in the picture. If she moves into the Penthouse, he will make it worth her while. Blair says she will think about it.

Upstairs Sam is telling Hank that if Rachel was his child, he would plea bargain. Hank says Nora will never agree to that. Hank replies that Nora will listen to Sam and he should talk to her. Sam is hesitant and says he is trying to distance himself. Hank again tells him to talk to Nora, but if he is so hung up that he can't help, then forget it. Sam gives in and leaves a message on Nora's answering machine.

Blair comes back and asks if Todd will get bail. Sam says no. Drew informs them that the judge is waiting. Sam asks her to stay put and he will take her to lunch.

A little while later, Sam gives Todd the bad news that bail was denied. Todd doesn't believe Sam tried hard enough. Sam reminds him he has 14 counts of kidnapping against him. Todd says that his head still hurts from Téa hitting him with the shovel. He wants a doctor. He is still dizzy. Drew shows up and orders Todd away from the door and hands behind his back. He is going to the hospital for a full physical exam. Todd is not happy with a Buchanan manhandling him. Sam swears that he is taking pictures and Todd better come back in the same condition as he left. Drew cuffs Todd and Sam shakes his head.

Sam goes back upstairs and tells Blair that Todd was denied bail and now he is going to the hospital to have his head examined. He would love to take Blair to lunch, but he got a message from Nora waiting at the Country Club to talk about Rachel. Blair is Ok with this. It is work and she has some things to take care of herself too since she will be running the Sun. He promised to call her later. After he leaves, Blair mutters, Damn you Todd.

Meanwhile at the Hospital...

Todd acts bored and yawns and Drew asks sarcastically if they are keeping him up. A nurse informs Drew and the other officer that it will be necessary to remove the handcuffs to perform the MRI. Todd gets a look in his eye like a cat ready to pounce on his prey.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

Cristian's Apartment (Jess& Chris)

Jess continues to try to convince Chris to let her be his nude model.

Palace (Sam & Nora)

Nora begs Sam to help her with Rachel. She explains how the gouge on the bat matches the poker shaft exactly and how that should be enough to prove that Rachel killed Georgie in self defense. She has Rachel's case all planned and asks Sam to present it in trial.

Téa & Police Commissioner

Téa and the Commish sit down to dinner and as the waiter begins to take their order, Téa starts crying.

Hospital (Todd Drew and unknown officer)

We see Todd handcuffed to a gurney. The nurse asks Drew to remove the cuffs because they will interfere with the MRI machinery. Drew removes them and as he does Todd pushes him over. Drew tells him to freeze or he'll shoot. Todd clocks him (slang for punch), Drew hits the floor and Todd casually strolls down the corridor. Drew recovers and goes after him. He yells at Todd's back, "freeze or I'll shoot" Todd says you haven't got the guts. Drew fires and Todd jerks and falls backwards as if shot in the back.

Palace (Nora & Sam)

Sam tells Nora that Rachel is grown and in charge of her own destiny. He says that she should let Rachel plead guilty, pay her debt and move on with life. (amen Sam).

Téa & Commish

Téa apologizes for crying and tells the Commish that she had forgotten what it felt like to be treated well. The Commish tells her that she stood up to Todd and won, so she should be proud. During his insight into Téa's abusive marriage, Blair strolls up and demands the keys to the penthouse because Todd had given it to her.

Hospital (Todd, Sam, Blair, Nora & Téa)

Todd remains on the gurney and looks up into the faces of a surgical team only the team is Sam., Nora, Blair and Téa. Sam, in scrubs, stands over Todd and says that the patient isn't worth saving. Nora, Téa and Blair all discuss his case. Sam then says that he sees a shriveled up organ, probably shriveled from disuse (Todd's heart). Téa chimes in with "tell me about it" we all know which organ she's referring to since they never did consummate their marriage. Dr. Sam says they'll have to remove it.. We see Nora with a scalpel and a smile asking if she can cut him. Té tells her that she should be the one since she received the most abuse. Todd wakes up and as you all may have guessed by now this was all a big Dallas type dream episode. He was never shot. At any rate, Drew sits near Todd when he awakes and tell him that he has been doing some math. With 14 counts of kidnapping @ 20 yrs apiece, plus criminal trespassing and aggravated assault, Todd will do 350 years in jail, which will give him plenty of time to have more nightmares.

Chris's Apartment (Chris & Jess)

Chris makes Jess put her clothes on. She can't understand why he can't paint her. He tells her that she's beautiful and innocent and that her innocence would come out in the painting and innocence is not what he wants to submit to the institute of arts.

Palace Terrace (Commish & Téa)

Blair tells Téa to hand over the keys. Téa tells her that the penthouse is still her legal residence. They argue over Starr and Téa finally gives Blair the keys, saying God help Starr with parents like Todd and Blair for role models.

Hospital (Todd & doctor)

The doctor prepares to take Todd for his MRI. Todd asks him what the MRI entails and when he finds out he'll be immobilized inside of a tube, he pretends to freak. He asks the doctor to do him a favor.

Palace (Nora & Sam)

Sam continues to explain to Nora that Rachel is grown. Nora rants on, sees Blair over Sam's shoulder, then storms off. Blair asks Sam if Nora was the "business" he had to take care of then she tells him to save his explanations, because she no longer gave a damn. She storms off and poor Sam is left standing with his mouth gaping open.

Chris's Apartment (Chris & Jess)

These two continue their debate over the model thing and it all leaves me a little flat so I'll spare you.

Stable (Nora & Sam)

Nora walks into the stable and plops down on a bale of hay. She then picks up a pitchfork and begins to shovel it. Sam comes in and apologizes about Rachel. He tells her that he won't take Rachel to trial and that he won't come running after her anymore either. Nora calls him a coward and says that he won't go after anything that he thinks he won't win. Sam heatedly asks her what she thinks he's being cowardly about. He asks Nora what she wants "to be swept off her feet or for him to take her in the hay". He picks her up and tells her he thinks she wants him to force her to leave Bo to be with him. Then they fall onto the hay.

Commish & Téa

These two share a tender moment when he shows Téa his family photos and reminisces about his childhood.

Hospital (Todd & Blair)

Todd is still on the gurney, only now outfitted in a helmet and bandages (apparently this is what he asked the doctor for). Blair walks in and asks him what's going on. He tells her that he was feeling claustrophobic. She tells him he isn't, then gives him some papers to sign. Todd tells her that she's the only one he has left. Blair replies "then you're in trouble". Todd tells her that he is not going back to jail and says that he can make it look like her forced her to help him. Blair asks why would she help him, she owes him nothing. He tells her that she owes Starr a better life. He then tells her that he will give her everything including Starr if she'll help him disappear. Ching Ching, you know Blair can't refuse a dime.

Chris's Apartment (Chris & Jess)

I only mention these two because the package that comes in the mail may be relevant later. Chris and Jess are in lip lock when they're interrupted by the mail. Chris receives a package from Téa's niece, Roseanne.

Téa & Commish

Téa reciprocates and tells him about her childhood.

Stable (Sam & Nora)

Breathing hard in the hay, these two pull back from the brink of a hay roll. Sam tells Nora that he would have taken Rachel to trial just so he could be with Nora if only she had feelings for him, but he knows she loves Bo. Nora tells Sam that she did love him.

Hospital (Todd, Drew, unknown officer, & Blair)

A officer rushes in and asks Drew if he knows Kelly Cramer. He then says that she has been in an accident and is being brought into emergency. Drew prepares to rush off to Kelly. The officer tells him to go and that he'll look after Manning. (do you see it coming?) Todd asks for Blair. Blair rushes to his side and insists on going into the MRI with him to calm him down.

Chris's Apartment

Chris walks Jess to the door. After she leaves, he rushes back to his package from Roseanne. He opens it and examines a feather, a tarot card and some other New Orleans/Mardi gras/voodoo looking paraphernalia. He asks, what's she into now?

Stable (Sam & Nora)

Nora explains why she never told Sam she loved him years ago. Sam says he thinks that everything works out in the end.

Hospital (Todd, Blair, officer and doctors)

The doctor rolls the gurney out of the MRI room and the camera shows the legs and feet of someone in scrubs, pushing the elevator button. The doctor picks up the arm from the gurney and discovers it's a female arm. The police call security and say that they have an escaped prisoner. Blair, on the gurney, lolls her head about as if she's trying to awaken from some sedative, asks what happened. The camera shows the elevator door closing on Todd.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Inside the Country Club

Blair walks into the dining room just before Asa's party is about to begin. She runs into Nora, who has already heard that Todd escaped from the hospital. Nora wants to know how Todd pulled it off. It was horrible, is all Blair will say and she changes the subject to Rachel. She's hanging in there, Nora explains. Blair asks her to tell Rachel that she's thinking of her and makes a hasty retreat toward the stables, where she's going to take a ride.

Across the room, Joey is teasing Jessica, saying the reason Cristian isn't here yet is because he got caught up with one of his nude model candidates. He'll be here, Jessica says, not worried. She does get upset, however, when Kevin mentions that Viki isn't there and Todd is probably on the cruise ship with her. Please let's not talk about Todd tonight, Cassie asks. Jessica admires Cassie's engagement ring. "You'd think the person who gave it to you was somewhat romantic", she says, making a dig at Kevin. Barbara arrives to be Joey's date, she thinks it's wonderful that Asa's throwing a party like this. "Well, after everything that happened at the lodge, there's a lot to celebrate", says Cassie. Kevin and Barbara exchange uncomfortable glances. Clint arrives with Lindsay and announces to his children that they are on their first date. The news is greeted with complete silence.

Kelly and Drew walk over and say hello to Nora. Nora looks uncomfortable to be around Drew, but answers him that Bo is not back from Harrisburg yet. Drew's sure the governor will give Bo his job back. "I'm not", Nora replies.

Asa enters the room, hand in hand with Renee and makes a speech welcoming them all there. Asa thought he was a goner, but his 'ticker' is a fighter, just like his family. They've been through a lot and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. They know who their friends are, and who their enemies are. So let's celebrate, he tells the crowd, one of his grandsons is about to get married and another one is back in the fold. "I'm very proud to have my lady at my side", he says, hugging Renee to his side. They start dancing.

On the patio, Blair joins Sam at his table and helps herself to his food. Sam has already heard about her "escapade" at the hospital, he's surprised the police let her go. Blair pretends to be the victim and claims to be offended Sam would think she'd help Todd escape.

Kevin, a pink rose in his teeth, comes over to ask Cassie to dance. He hands her the rose and Barbara watches jealously from a table. Joey comes over to ask her to dance and she agrees. She and Kevin exchange glances across the dance floor. Cassie notices this time, but just asks if Kevin will talk to Barbara again and convince her to stay for good. Right now, Barbara has only agreed to stay until they can find a replacement.

Lindsay tells Clint that she thinks Asa is kind of cute. Asa's been called a lot of things, but Clint doesn't think cute is one of them. Lindsay excuses herself for a moment to go talk to Sam.

Asa and Nora are talking at the bar, Bo is still in Harrisburg, she tells him. Asa bets she wishes she weren't at the party tonight. Nora says that she does want to be there. Besides, Hank wanted her to go to get her mind off of Rachel, as if that were possible. Asa knows how Nora feels, having a child facing going to prison. Asa wants to get something straight while Nora is there. He signals to Drew to come over and then insists that they dance together. They reluctantly give in and head for the dance floor. Asa's right, Nora says, she owes Drew an apology for thinking he killed Georgie. It's not necessary, Drew insists, he's the one that made everyone think that. And besides, if hadn't brought Georgie to Llanview in the first place.... Nora interrupts him, telling him it wasn't his fault. They both accept the other's apology and agree that they are OK with each other. Bo walks in to see them dancing comfortably together.

Out on the patio, Sam asks what kind of game Blair is playing, "Todd is a menace to society, a menace to himself, and he's out there on the run". Blair insists she had nothing to do with it and says he should ask the cops, they're the ones that lost him. Lindsay comes out and comments that they're already fighting like an old married couple. "I'm going to go ride my nag, I'll leave you to yours", Blair tells Sam and leaves to go to the stables. Lindsay sits down and announces to Sam that she intends to be the next Mrs. Clint Buchanan.

Drew and Nora are still dancing, when she notices Bo across the room. She thanks Drew for the dance and walks over to Bo, looking very happy to see him. They hug and then Nora says they need to talk. Bo asks how Rachel is. Nora tells him they are going to plead guilty and Bo agrees that that is the best thing to do. Nora agrees, but doesn't seem so sure, she's worried about what will happen to Rachel in prison. She asks Bo how things went in Harrisburg. The governor is going to reconsider his suspension, Bo tells her. Nora knows how much this job means to him. "Not as much as you mean to me", Bo replies and the two of them start to dance.

John joins Barbara, who is sitting at the bar, and says he's surprised to find her here. Unlike my father, I like and admire the Buchanans, she informs him. And they have a lot to thank her for, says John, like getting Drew back his job. Barbara tells John to give up, he'll have to find some one else to be the perfect political wife for him. Why, because "you'd rather be Kevin Buchanan's secret squeeze on the side?", John asks.

Clint is telling Asa he's glad he's feeling better and that he's gone public with his relationship with Renee. Asa thinks Renee is very good for him. Asa in return, is glad to see that Clint has "cut one out of the herd", he thinks Lindsay is a very nice lady.

Sam tells Lindsay he doesn't care who she goes after or why she goes after them. Lindsay is upset that Sam doesn't care. Sam tells her she doesn't need to chase after a man for his money. I'm not getting any younger, Lindsay says and she's grown accustomed to having a lot of money thanks to Sam. And Clint Buchanan is the right man, asks Sam. Lindsay replies that she knows Sam would rather have her go after Bo and kill two birds with one stone, but Bo isn't going to leave Nora. Sam warns her that from what he has learned about Clint, he's in love with Viki and probably will be for the rest of his life.

Inside, Kelly asks Drew what's wrong, she thought patching things up with Nora would make him happy. It did, Drew insists, he just can't stop worrying about Todd being on the loose somewhere. Kelly goes off to get them some drinks and Joey takes the opportunity to come over and get in Drew's face. Just because he's polite to Drew in public, doesn't mean he likes Drew, Joey informs him. Joey also tells Drew to not hurt Kelly. You're wasting your time, Drew says, because he has no intention of blowing it with Kelly.

Cristian arrives and he and Jessica are talking to Kevin and Joey. Joey brings up the topic of Lindsay, what do they think about she and Clint being together. I like her, Jessica decides. But she couldn't hold onto to Sam and he seems like a nice guy, Kevin comments. Maybe it wasn't her fault, maybe it was Sam's, Jessica retorts. They hardly even know them, how can Kevin make such a decision about them and blame Lindsay, says Jessica. Look at how well they know their own parents and Jessica still can't figure out what's going on between Clint and Viki. Clint comes over to join the conversation and asks them to at least give Lindsay a chance. What about Viki, Joey asks. Clint informs them that he asked Viki to marry him again and she turned him down. Clint will always care about Viki and respect her, he hopes his children will show Lindsay the same respect.

Lindsay tells Sam not to worry, she's not afraid of the first Mrs. Buchanan. Don't underestimate Viki, Sam warns her. I won't, says Lindsay, but Viki's the one who made the mistake of leaving town, assuming Clint would be there waiting for her when she came back. Sam says she looks desperate and it's unbecoming. So's poverty, she replies, and since Sam's not supporting her anymore, she needs to find someone. Clint comes out on the terrace and Lindsay goes back inside with him.

Sitting down at a table inside, Clint asks her if everything is OK. Lindsay lies and says that Sam was just a little bit jealous. Sam had his chance, says Clint, he has to realize it's time to let go. Lindsay agrees and says that's exactly what she told Sam.

Asa tells Bo that his sources say things didn't go well with the governor. Bo admits he didn't get anywhere at all, he just didn't want to tell Nora right now and spoil the party. Asa says that they'll beat him in the end, and Bo agrees, he'll do whatever it takes to get his job back. Nora overhears the conversation.

Out on the terrace, Kevin finds Barbara and puts his jacket around her, despite the fact that it's July and she doesn't appear cold at all. Barbara and Kevin agree that things have been hard lately. Which is exactly why I wanted to move out, she says. She loves working with David, but staying there is a recipe for disaster. Kevin tells her he can't stop thinking about her.

Nora tells Bo she heard him tell Asa the truth, about him not getting his job back. Bo doesn't want her worrying about him. I'm worried about us, she says, "I need you now more than ever, Bo. Please don't get lost on me again". Bo smiles at her in reply.

Joey asks Cassie if she's seen Kevin. Cassie tells him that Kevin and Barbara are out on the terrace, Kevin is trying to convince her to stay. Joey goes to go find them.

Clint asks Lindsay if she's seen enough to convince her this isn't a family she wants to be a part of. On the contrary, she's never been part of a big family and she's looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

Barbara tells him she's sorry it ever happened. Kevin's sorry it happened to, he never wanted to fall for her when he's in love with Cassie. Their argument escalates until Kevin grabs her and kisses her. Just at that moment, Joey comes out on the terrace and sees them kissing.

In the Country Club stables

When the stables are empty, Todd stands up from his hiding place behind a bale of hay.

After Todd has called Téa(see below), Blair arrives at the stables. Where's she been, he asks. Doing you the favor of your life, Blair replies, then goes outside and brings Starr into the stables. "Daddy!", Starr shouts happily, then runs to him and gives him a big hug.

Todd asks for a moment along with Starr, but Blair refuses to leave. She knows Todd would never hurt Starr, but she won't risk Todd taking off with Starr. Todd admits he has thought about it, but Starr will be best with Blair. Todd tells Starr a fairy tale about a king who has to go away because the other princes want to hurt him. But if the princess goes to the pond and talks to Freddy the Frog, who is a magic frog, her daddy the king will hear her. Starr asks if Todd is going away and he admits he is. He doesn't want to go, but he has to.

Blair is in tears as Todd gently touches Starr's face and tells her to take good care of her mother. Starr promises that she will. I won't forget what you did for me, Todd tells Blair. He knows that things are all wrong between them, but they did one thing right, he says, looking at Starr. Todd has Starr close her eyes and count to ten. He places a stuffed frog on a hay bale as she counts and reluctantly heads toward the door. He hesitates there until the last possible moment, when she reaches ten, he slips out the door. Starr opens her eyes and sees Fred the Magic Frog. As Blair is hugging Starr, Sam comes in and realizes right away that Todd was there. He tries to convince her to call the police, but she refuses, she doesn't want Starr to see her daddy in prison. As they are about to leave, John Sykes arrives looking for Blair.

John asks where Todd is, but Blair refuses to tell him anything. She denies that Todd has contacted her and tells him she just brought Starr to visit her horse, Araby. John reminds Sam he could be disbarred for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Neither Sam nor Blair will tell him anything.

By the Country Club pool

Téa and a cop are waiting by the pool when John Sykes comes outside. She's upset because the cop told her she can't leave the country club. It's for her own protection, John explains, Todd has escaped. "Who in their right mind would help Todd escape", Téa wonders.

Téa can't believe they let him just walk out of the hospital, and why are they keeping her here, in public. John insists that she'll be safe, Todd won't know where she is. Then they don't know Todd, Téa tells them, because Todd will find her. When he puts his mind to something, he will do it, no matter what. John suggests Téa relax, take a swim. John leaves, instructing the police man not to let Téa out of his sight. Téa's phone rings, it's Todd.

Téa alerts the policeman that Todd is on the phone, then asks Todd where he is. The important thing is that I know where *you* are, Todd tells her and quickly hangs up. John arrives just as Téa hangs up and assures her that Todd doesn't know where she is, she's safe there. "He'll find me, if he wants to", Téa insists. Téa decides she will go swimming. John has the officer check the changing room before Téa goes inside. Téa steps inside and looks around nervously, expecting Todd to appear out of nowhere.

Téa comes out of the changing room, now wearing a bikini. After some ogling, John leaves to go make some calls. When the officer goes to get Téa a towel, she suddenly gets nervous and calls out Todd's name, but he's not there. Téa goes to take her swim.

Téa gets out of the pool and goes to get her towel, but it's not on the chair where she left it. John has it and wraps it around her, saying her husband must be insane to have left her behind. Téa asks if they've found Todd yet. John says no, but he's long gone, they're expanding their search to neighboring counties.

Téa goes to get changed in the dressing room. She steps inside and is about to take off her bikini top when Todd suddenly appears behind her. Téa gasps and is about to scream, but doesn't. "What do you want", she asks. "I want this over, I want this over once and for all", replies Todd.

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