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Monday, July 13, 1998

Ricardo and Madame Carmen are sitting together (an infrequent sight) as she appeals to Ricardo to give some thought to the possibility that Maria did not drown. "Can't you consider it," she begs, but Ricardo told his mother that if Maria were alive why would she not have come home? However, nothing can dash his mothers' hope. "We're not going to change each other's mind," she says angrily and with a mighty huff turns to leave. Right outside the door she comes face to face with Gabi; "Must you follow my son everywhere?" she gripes. Gabi explains she is only there to see how Ricardo is doing after his visit from Ben but Carmen looks into her beautiful face with such venom, and replies coldly that "he has family for that!" She told Gabi to rewrite history and take back the rape charge against her son, which she so obviously still holds against Gabi. She continues blasting Gabi verbally. But Gabi stands up to her; Gabi has gained strength and maturity these past months and as Ricardo looks on, she holds her own with Ricardo's mother-- insisting that Ricardo needs BOTH family AND friends. Later Gabi asks if he knows any way to win over his mother....he hasn't a clue... "You're asking the wrong one about that."

ON THE BEACH Ricardo and Gabi meet (she's looking especially lovely) as she thanks Ricardo for going to bat for her to keep her job. Ricardo asks Gabi to accompany him on the upcoming cruise and she happily accepts.

Meg is in room 818 at the hospital trying to help the 'screamer'. Meg speaks to her in a soft voice offering any help she can be to this stranger. Meantime, Ben, looking for Meg, is told where to find her. He is at the door --ready to go and find 'the missing' Meg--the door to the room which may change all their lives forever when Casey pulls him aside and asks after Meg. He is voicing his concern as Sarah, unbeknownst to either Ben or Casey stands near them listening. Meg comes out of the room and told Ben about this strange girl. When the beautiful stranger is alone she is trying to remember ???

THE CHURCH (AND the powder room)
While everyone is waiting for Olivia's return to begin the baptism, she remains in the ladies room confronting Annie. -SHE KNOWS-- a remark from Annie triggered the last bit of the puzzle. Everything makes sense--Annie accusing her of drinking, Annie not wanting her (Olivia) to hear the music--the music box--which triggered more memories.-Olivia EXPLODES,, her face contorted with anger, "You didn't want me to remember, did you,? What have you done to my baby??? DID YOU KILL MY BABY????" Annie is trying to wiggle her way out of Olivia's memory, trying the same (tired old) accusations of Olivia drinking and not knowing what she is talking about. She accuses Olivia of trying to break her and Gregory up (desperately attempting to divert attention). When Annie starts her abusive charges, trembling and livid with anger, fear, and fright, Olivia hauls off and gives her what she has long deserved ( a good smack in the kisser). Olivia is trembling with fury as she relives EVERYTHING now that her complete memory has returned. Annie continues: "You are crazy," and, as she tries to leave, but Olivia blocks her and locks the door. Olivia then gets in Annie's face, first demanding and then pleading for Annie to reveal where her baby is. Suddenly, she has the horrendous fear that Annie may have killed her baby. "OH MY GOD, Annie, have you killed my baby??" Annie denies killing her baby and, in fact she told Olivia if she "cares about her 'stupid' baby she'll keep her mouth shut!" Olivia is aghast at the realization that her baby is ALIVE. Annie seems ready to talk; her face welling with tears; but tears for herself and the realization that her goose is cooked. Olivia cries out with joy and relief for her baby's life. She the turns to Annie, "Where is my baby?" Olivia takes Annie by the THROAT and demands to have her baby's whereabouts or she will 'KILL YOU AND THERE'S NOT A JURY IN THE COUNTRY WHO WOULDN'T CALL IT JUSTIFIABLE." Annie refuses to speak, however Olivia continues; she threatens to have her phone calls traced the day of her baby's birth; anything and everything that would implicate Annie...she threatens to tell Gregory, call the cops on Dr. Brock...whatever it takes. Annie turns on Olivia: "You left out one important piece of the puzzle Olivia....whether this is Gregory's baby or COLE'S??" There is a knock at the door, "Olivia, are you all right?," Cole shouts. Cole went back to wait with the others as the twisted Annie repeats what she had heard Olivia reveal in the confessional booth. Olivia is bowled over by this revelation and remembers feeling someone was outside the booth; overhearing her and father Antonio's conversation. Annie lambastes Olivia and turns everything that has happened in 'her' favor. Olivia, enraged listening to Annie babble about her affair begins to leave when Annie told her "I'll take you to your baby." Annie told her this will hurt a lot of people--especially the person who's been taking care of him. Annie grabs Olivia's hand and propels her to where the family is waiting: 'THERE'S YOUR BABY OLIVIA," -pointing to Trey! With a gasp Olivia looks at her 'grandson'--"Trey-Trey is my grandson???????" -she is thunderstuck!!!

Bette is seen talking to Gregory, advising him to pay attention to the fact that AJ was the one who comforted Olivia when she passed out a short time ago. He turns to Bette and sarcastically remarks "No Bette, I'm deaf, dumb, and blind but I still play a mean game of pin ball." Bette gets to the point--she seems to worry that soon AJ and Olivia will find out what 'THEY' (Gregory and Bette) have done. Bette is appalled at Gregory's coldness. She is worried about what might happen to her and Olivia's friendship if "what they did all those years ago" were found out. Greg isn't at all concerned. Sean asks Bette what's with his father but Bette steers the conversation in another direction.

AJ talks to Cole about coming to work for him and when Cole refuses AJ implores him to "do this for Trey."

Gregory 'requests' that AJ stay away from anyone in his family to which AJ responds "If you mean Olivia--she is no longer a part of your family."

Joan and Hank are reunited with Meg and Ben (Casey and Sarah nearby). They, of course, express their happiness to see all is well. Casey asks Sarah how she's doing (and we next see Melinda speaking with someone - her tape in hand- discussing Sarah and the affair with Congressman Blythe and how much money they will make with this story). Sarah and Meg are discussing whether Meg should tell the truth about her and Derek.

Casey has a talk with Sarah: "Stop being a coward," he implores her; "Own up to your mistakes, tell your parents what you've done." Hank and Joan walk in and Casey smiles as Sarah asks them to stay for she has something to tell them; but before her confession is out of her mouth, reporters are banging on the door--tape in hand- as they all listen to Sarah talking about her affair (via Melinda and her trusty recorded conversations).

Ben and Meg walk along the beach. Memories of Maria surface; Ben told Meg they both have to get past what has happened. BEN AND MEG GO HOME...Meg thinking only of what happened between herself and Derek as she and Ben begin to make love.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Hank told the press that nothing happened between his daughter and the Congressman. His daughter has made that clear. Press person asks him how he explains this. she plays the tape-recorded message. Someone else asks Sara if that is her voice. Sara destroys the tape.

More press questions. "Do you understand the ramifications of lying under oath?" "Did the Congressman give you talking points, Sara?" Hank interupts. "For the last time, my daughter did not have an affair with Blythe." "One more question. Will there be an investigation?"

"How dare those guys call you a liar." Hank says maybe they should hire their own representation and have their own press conference. Mrs. Cummings asks Sara if the tape is a fake.

Sara doesnt know how to say this. "Mom, I am so sorry." Hank doesn't believe it. "It's true , Daddy, I had an affair with him." Casey stands nearby, concerned.

As she sits of the bed next to Ben, Meg replays what Sara said in her head. If Ben finds out what happened between Meg and Derek, it will be like having a third person in bed with them. Ben interupts her thoughts with "We did it, Meg. Nothing is ever going to come between us again." They kiss. Meg can't stop thinking about Derek. Ben asks what is wrong.

"Ben, I don't feel safe when I am away from you", says Meg. "You are safe now. I won't let you be hurt again." Meg asks, "Can I tell you something? I'm having a really hard time getting past all that we have been through. More than anything I just want to be here with you." "Look, we have been through something terrible, Meg. We can't just say it did not happen. We have to work every moment at putting Derek out of our minds." Meg replies that it is easier said than done. She doesn't want to hurt him anymore than he has already been hurt. Ben starts to interupt her. She says "Please just let me finish. Ben, there is something that you need to know."

Ben says "Whatever it is Meg, you can tell me." "I just can't stand the thought of you being hurt by this anymore, Ben." The phone rings. Meg answers it. It is Casey calling from the Cummings house. "The press has proof that Sara had an affair with Congressman Blythe." "What?!" "Yea, they are all over it, Meg." "Where is everyone?" "We are here at the house." "Be sure no one leaves. We'll be right there."

Hank asks Sara how it happened. "How does it happen with a married man, twice your age?" "I know it was wrong. And, I knew it was wrong then. I just don't want to lie to you guys anymore and make you think that I didn't do this with my eyes open" Joan says "You couldn't possibly have thought it was going anywhere." "I didn't think that far ahead. There was some legistlation that we were trying to get through before the end of the session and I was asked to work late every night for about three weeks." "Just you?" "No, at first there were a bunch of other interns and Congressman Blythe would dismiss them earlier because he really listened to my ideas. He valued my opinion more than anyone anywhere has before. It was a new feeling for me, Daddy. I was never anyones first choice, not at school, not with friends, and not at home." Joan chimes in with "Honey, we love you every bit as much as we love Meg." "But I have made some bad choices haven't I?" "That's not fair." "You would never have said that to Meg. I love her, but do you know how difficult it is to live in someone's shadow for that long? I never felt noticed and in Washington I did." Hank says "Is this how you want to be noticed?" "No, of course not. I didn't plan for this to happen. It just did. We'd just go todinner after working late and then one night, after a fund-raiser, he offered me a ride home. And..." Hank completed the statement "....then you slept with him." "Yes."

Meg walks up to Sara and asks her if she wants to go upstairs with her so they can talk alone. Sara does not want to go. Meg asks whether what the press is saying is true. Sara shakes her head yes and says "Feel vindicated? Well, I could only stay in Mom and Dad's good graces so long before you rose to the top of the heap again." S"ara, I love you." "Stop it! You make me sick sometimes, you know. You are so understanding. The only time I felt that I measured up was when I got that job in Washington." Joan asks "Measured up to what?" "To her. For you, for both of you. I finally do something, I feel like somebody, and I blow it. And, I try to keep it from you which only made me look worse. I have screwed up ten ways to Sunday and I didn't want to let you down. And look how good I am at that." Hank says "This isn't about not loving you." Sara replies "It is about me not being good enough. If I didn't have the affair or if I didn't lie about it I would have found some other way to mess up. And, you know why? Because I am not Meg and I'm never gonna be, and I never do anything right. I have to get out of here." Casey warns Sara about the reporters. She says "I don't care." Meg starts to follow her, but Casey says "No, Meg, let me."

Annie leads Olivia to where they can see Trey and told her that Trey is her baby. Olivia says "What are you talking about. Oh, my God. Are you telling me that Trey is my son? How could you be so cruel? Trey is Caitlin's child." "He was yours. I gave him to your daughter." Olivia is stunned.

Bette walks up to Father Antonio. The Sentinel has asked her to cover the fund-raising cruise. Sean makes light of the implications of the cruise's name, Titanic II. He said that a friend invited him to go. It is for a good cause. Father Antonio says "The mission needs all the help they can get. Be sure you tell everyone you know to buy a ticket."

Nearby, Cole and Caitlin are talking about their perfect, incredible baby. Caitlin asks if he is sure that her mom is okay. "Yeah, she seemed fine. Maybe she just overheated and fainted, that's all." If she is sick, Caitlin won't feel comfortable going on the cruise tomorrow. Caitlin hates leaving Trey even for a few hours. Cole asks if Caitlin ever found out who sent the tickets. "No, the card got lost, I think, with all the presents that came for Trey." Caitlin doesn't know what she would do if anything ever happened to Trey. Cole assures her that nothing will ever happen.

Olivia calls Annie a terrible human being. Annie replies "You wanted to know what happened to your baby and I told you. I gave the baby to Caitlin, understand? Caitlin's baby wasn't born. She needed a new one. She had a miscarriage because of you."

Incredulously, Olivia asks Annie if Caitlin lost her baby. Annie corrects her. "Cailin's baby died because of you, Olivia. Don't equivocate." "Annie, you are a monster." "No, Olivia. A woman who causes her baby to miscarry is a monster." "She carried it to term, Annie. We all saw it." "No, we saw her pretend, Olivia. When are you going to get it? You got in a car accident. Then, she miscarried." "If it were true, Caitlin would have come to me. She and I..." Annie butts in with "...are not as close as you may think. Don't you remember how little Caitlin talked about the accident and her recovery?" "She was traumatized." "No, she was covering up. She stayed away from you and she put Cole on hold in the bedroom so that he wouldn't discover that she was not pregnant. It was no small chore, but she did it." "No, this can't be true. Oh, my God. Caitlin didn't lose her baby in that accident, she didn't. Please, Annie...." "Yes, she did. And, if that wasn't horrible enough, her own mother caused it." "No!" "You are the reason Caitlin lost her baby. And you know it. And so does Caitlin."

Olivia told Annie that she did not cause that horrible accident with my daughter. "That is how you see it. I was there. I urged her to slow down." "Do you have any recollection of why she was so upset?" "There was so much happening..." "You know, Olivia, I'll tell you why. Caitlin knew that you were going to take her baby and tell her that it was dead.' "No, that's not what happened." "What, so you are going to tell me that it was all Gregory's idea?" "Yes." " Read my lips, Olivia. Caitlin knew what you were going to do, and that is why she crashed the car." "No, in all the times here she would have confronted me." "She told Gregory while you were on the love boat. They hashed the whole thing out. Go ahead, ask him. He'll tell you." "If Caitlin believes that of me, why is she being so loving? Why is she being so wonderful? Why did she ask me to be the Godmother?" "Well, she asked me. What does that tell you?" "Don't. Annie. Just stop it, stop it.' "You know, Olivia, there is a plus side for you. She forgave you, and that shows how much she loves you. That kind of devotion is beyond me, but, whatever." Olivia asks what Cole knows. "Cole doesn't know. She couldn't tell Cole. Cole wanted that baby more than anything and she couldn't tell him or she would lose him. But, even if she wanted to tell him, it was too late. The deal was done. He wouldn't understand." "How can you be so insensitive, Annie? Cole adores her. He would have married her regardless. They would have had other children." "Think again. Caitlin can't have children ever. The injuries she suffered in that accident were nasty. That's why she came to me for help. That is why I got her Trey. And, that is why you had to believe that your baby was dead. Any more questions? "

Bette lights a candle and Cole asks her who it is for. The candle is for her own daughter because she misses her. Cole says he is sorry. He didn't know that she lost a child. "No, she is alive. She lives with her father. I don't get a chance to see her as much as I would like. She is very busy with her life." Changing the subject, Bette says thing look like they are working out with Cole and his father. Cole says it seems more like closure than happiness. Bette says Trey will have both of his parents there for him as he grows up. "A lot of stuff will go on with the person who means the most to you in your life. And it is going to get very, very complicated. And you are going to try and do what is right for him, because you are a good guy. But, you are still going to hurt him. It is the law of nature." Cole says sometimes he just gets scared that he is not going to be a good enough father for him. Bette says "But, you treasure him. You let him know how much you value him and you won't lose him." (By saying this, Bette seems to be letting us know that that is where she failed in her relationship with her daughter. Her daughter did not know how much Bette valued her.) Cole hugs her.

Gregory walks up to Caitlin and Sean. "Caitlin, this is getting ridiculous. Don't you think that we should go on with the ceremony?" "Annie's not here either, Daddy." Sean says "Mom only fainted. Annie had to clean regurgitated milk off her dress." As A. J. walks up from behind him, Gregory says "It is a mistake to ask Olivia to be Trey's Godmother, especially considering what she did to her own child." A. J. told Gregory that his daughter has inherited none of his sanctimony and all of her mother's compassion. "A.J., this comes under the heading of none of your business." "You are so desperate to lay blame for the unblamable. It is entirely beyond you to give your wife credit for loving the child that she loves as much as you do." Gregory retorts that he "spent 20 years married to Olivia, twenty years that A.J. wasn't even on the radar screen. I think that I am a little more qualified to speak of what she is capable of."

A.J. told Gregory that the duration of a marriage is no measure of its success. Gregory responds that he did not have the woman in shackles. There must have been something about her life that she enjoyed. A.J. says "I saw how you ran things when you were young and foolish. I don't think time has changed things much." Cole speaks up. "Do you two want to take this outside?" A.J. says "You are right. I shouldn't let him bait me." Gregory says "You come to this private family affair, you worm an invitation out of my daughter, and I am baiting you?" Caitlin says "Daddy, Cole asked A.J. to be here. We wanted both of you to be here for Trey." "Caitlin, I love you. But, this is as ridiculous as asking your mother to be Trey's Godmother, considering what she did to you and Cole and how she hurt the whole family." Cole says "Please don't pretend to be on my side. Caitlin and I would like this to be a day we can tell our son about when he is old enough to ask. And, I would rather it not include a bloodbath between his two grandfathers." Gregory says "None of this would be happening if Olivia wasn't such a drama queen." A. J. says if she is not here in a few minutes, I'll go and get her."

Olivia asks "Caitlin can't have children?" Annie says so you can see my dilemma when she came to me for help." "You used me, through Caitlin, to get Gregory." "Well, you know it was no cakewalk. I thought this would be too difficult for me to do. How can I find a baby? But, then I saw a mother, pregnant way too late in life, due to give birth to her baby at the same time as her own daughter was due. Poetic justice, it is called. Just what you were going to do to your own daughter, taking her baby and telling her it is dead and keeping it for your own. Suddenly, it gets done onto you." Olivia says "You made Gregory think that I killed my baby to ruin my marriage." Annie says "Yeah, and it worked like a charm." Olivia says "You cannot possibly, for one minute, think that I would believe that Caitlin would go along with that." "Well, Caitlin wanted a baby so badly. You should have heard her.' "Caitlin told you to take my baby and tell me that it died?" "Of course she didn't tell me. She doesn't know that Trey is your baby. She thinks he came from an unwed mother that just couldn't deal. Who could make up something like this?" As she heads for the door, Olivia says 'I'm going to put a stop to this right now." "Oh, fine. Go tell the whole family, why don't you? That I stole your baby and I gave him to Caitlin and I told you that he was dead. You know what you will get? Nothing. You will lose Caitlin forever. Caitlin will lose Cole. And, you are not going to get near that baby. But, you know what. I'll do you the favor of adding in the part that the baby might be yours and Cole's and not yours and Gregory's just to make sure that you are empty-handed. How does that sound now?" Just then A.J. opens the door and walks in. "Olivia, feeling better? Are you waiting to become Trey's Godmother?" Annie asks "Are you, Olivia? "

Casey and Sara meet on the beach near the pier. "You didn't have to come after me, Casey." "I know. I'm sorry." "Did you see the look on my dad's face when he realized that I had an affair with a married man? Or, my mom, when she figured out that I had been lying about it? I'm never going to forget that moment." "Hank and Joan were stunned, but they are not going to go south on you, Sara. They love you." "Did you see how my dad just totally defended me with those reporters? He stood there and he heard the tape where I admit having an affair with Congressman Blythe to Melinda and he still defended me." "Like I said, he loves you, Sara." "No, he just wanted to believe that it wasn't my fault." " I know." "Damn it, why didn't I tell them the truth when you told me to. I just never believed anything like this could happen. I mean, a taped conversation, a private conversation, with Melinda. Who would do that to me?" "I was wondering the same thing."

Melinda Fall is talking to a woman about publishing her book. "I kind of can't believe how easy this was. I gave the tape to the press like you said and..." The woman interupts with "...Congressman Blythe and Sara Cummings are the lead story on every newscast across the country." "Well, now that we created a media frenzy, are you going to get me that book deal that you promised?" "Not so fast. There is one more thing that you could do to make this book less like everything else and more like a bestseller. Or, we can close your deal right now, Melinda. Whatever you like." Melinda calls out to the waiter "Two Manhattans, please." Then, to the woman, "I'm listening."

Sara and Casey walk along the beach, talking. "I have met some pretty ruthless people in Washington, D.C., but I never thought that anyone in Sunset Beach would be capable of this." "Maybe the person who taped your conversation came from Washington." "How could that be? Who would care that much?" "Wouldn't be the first time, Sara." "Casey, I was so careful not to tell anyone. I only told Melinda because I was going crazy keeping it to myself and she was the only person that I trusted. You know, if you can't have a private conversation without worrying that there is a tape recorder hidden in the centerpiece....what?" "Sara, you are assuming that there was someone else listening in on your conversation with Melinda. And, I guess, I'm not." "What are you saying?" "I'm saying that I think Melinda tape recorded your conversation and leaked it to the press."

Melinda told the woman "I am not seeing Sara Cummings again. She will claw my eyes out." The woman replies "Sara Cummings will give you the last chapter of your book if you see her again. And it won't read like some boring epilogue. I promise you that. She will have nothing to lose. And when she is through ripping you apart, she will do the same, or worse, to the Congressman. And, if you get it on video, all the talk shows will be tripping over themselves to get to you. Does the phrase passive income for the rest of your life sound like something that you would be interested in, Melinda? Or, are you happy with your yearly cost of living increase?" Melinda answers with "Book two tickets back to Sunset Beach, one for me, one for a cameraman."

Sara and Casey stand on the beach near the pier. Sara says to Casey "I know what you are thinking. It seems like the obvious thing. But, you don't know Melinda. You don't know how important she has been to me." "She was your confidante." "Yes." "And you totally trusted her." "Yes." "And I think that she used that to her advantage." "Melinda came out to California to help me, not turn me in. There is no way." "Sara, who else knew the truth besides you and Melinda? Think about where those conversations took place. Who could have recorded them." "Well, the press for one. They have been all over me for weeks." "That's not an option." "So, it is easier to blame my friend? No. People don't do things like that. People are not that horrible." "Sara, I don't think that you should stay out here too long. They are gonna find you." "I can't face the press again." "I know." "And, I can't go home. I can't face my mom and dad. They are never going to look at me the same way again." Casey pulls herto him. "Everything is going to be okay, Sara. I'll take care of you. I promise."

Ben is on his cell phone. Meg asks Joan and Hank if they are going to be okay. Joan says "I keep thinking about how alone Sara must have felt. She made a mistake. She was ashamed of herself. She didn't feel that she could come to us for help." "Mom, she didn't come to you because she loves you. She didn't want to burden you or hurt you. No matter how much you guys say that she could have come to you, (She looks over at Ben, thinking to herself that what she is saying applies to her and Ben, as well) sometimes you just can't say something that you know is going to help yourself, if you know that it is going to cause the ones you love pain."

Ben approaches Meg and says "I made a few inquiries." 'About Sara?" Hank asks. "About the legal consequences she is going to have to face if she lied in her affidavit to the Special Prosecutor." Joan turns to Hank. " We are going to have to find a lawyer." Ben says "I'll take care of it, Hank. We don't have to speak of it again. I've put in a call to Gregory Richards, but he is still at his grandson's baptism."

Ben and Meg walk in. Meg says "I just can't stop thinking about how hard it must have been for Sara to keep a secret like that for so long." Ben says "It must have been very lonely." Meg looks at him, lovingly. "What?" "You were really great with my mom and dad back there." "What did you expect? We are family." "I know." "You know, Meg, Sara is a very different person from you, but, there is one family trait you both share. You both put taking care of yourselves aside in order to protect the people close to you." "I guess you are right. We both do that." "I'm glad you saw it today, because maybe it will help you to tell me whatever it is that you were afraid to tell me earlier." Meg responds "I don't want any secrets between us.' "Tell me." "Ben, it is about Derek and me. He..." "It is okay, Meg. I know."

Olivia walks up to Caitlin, who is standing near Cole, holding Trey. Cole asks if she is going to go through with this. Olivia turns to Annie and says, pointedly, "Yes." Caitlin hands Trey to Cole and approaches her mother. "Are you feeling better?" Olivia cannot take her eyes off Trey. "This means so much to me, Mom." Olivia continues to stare at Trey. Annie looks worried. "Mom, something has happened?" Fade to commercial.

Worriedly, Caitlin asks her mother if she is sure everything is alright. "Did something happen outside, Mom?" "No, I just want to say that I love you. And I want the ceremony to start right now." Gregory asks Annie what she was talking about with Olivia for so long. "Oh, we were just coming to an understanding about Trey." Father Antonio says "Okay, everyone, I think that we are ready to procede." Caitlin takes Trey from Cole and gives him to Olivia. Olivia is overcome with emotion as she holds Trey for the first time since discovering that he is hers. "My angel!"

Father Antonio says "Cole, Caitlin, what name have you given your child?" Cole responds "Armando Dechanel,III." "And what do you ask of God's church for Trey?" "Baptism." "In asking your child to be baptized, do you accept the responsibility to train him in the practice of the faith?" While this is being said, Olivia is in a world of her own with Trey. She remembers all the things that led to this moment. "It is your duty to raise Trey to keep God's commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor. Do you understand what you are undertaking?" "We do." "Annie, Sean, Olivia, as Trey's Godparents, are you committed to helping Cole and Caitlin in their duties as Christian parents?" Annie says "Yeah. I mean, of course." Sean says "We are." Now, it is Olivia's turn to respond. She just stands there , stunned, holding Trey until Caitlin says "Mom." "Cait, I can't do this." There are looks of great concern on all faces. Olivia hugs Trey tightly.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Vanessa and Tyus are talking about finding themselves in a state of undress in each others' arms after taking the medication he is testing for Martin's Syndrome. Tyus believes the large dosage accounted for some sort of "uncomfortable heat" which he believed to be the reason they were partially disrobed. (There had to be some explanation for their state of undress, and that seemed plausible.)Vanessa was embarrassed, "I didn't know what to say." Tyus broke in "...about the condition we were in." She wonders and they both voice the same belief that nothing could have happened...although neither one of them is sure. Vanessa is feeling odd that she thought (upon awakening from the drug-induced sleep) that Tyus was Michael. However, Tyus, unshaken by this, told Vanessa not to worry. He also explains to her he will continue to search for a cure. He has already begun and leaves for the hospital to check on his latest research.

Virginia is looking at her handiwork (pics of Tyus and Vanessa asleep in each other's arms); dropping them as she is startled by Michael walking in the door. She quickly retrieved the pictures before Michael can see them. However, Michael has other things to think about. He is very excited; as he talks with Virginia he realizes that not only does Lena have Martin's Syndrome, but he discovers in his computer search that the condition is hereditary. It occurs to him that this may very well be the reason Vanessa has hidden herself away. Virginia, looking sick, listens to Michael's explanations, and the information he has gathered, wondering how in the hell she can turn this around in her favor. Michael can't wait to confront Tyus with what he has learned, and will demand that Tyus fess-up. As Michael leaves, he is called to the phone; an emergency at work; Tyus will have to wait.

Meg feels she must tell Ben about her and Derek. She begins "Derek and I, uh...." as she fights to get it out. But before she can finish, Ben breaks in and in a loving voice told her, "It's okay, Meg. I know." She whirls around to look at him as he proceeds, "I know how upset you've been... that you slept with my brother." Meg begs for his forgiveness and told him of her love for him. "I knew something was wrong," Meg weeps; "I wanted to make things right." Ben is forgiving, gentle and understanding, telling her "I love you now more than I ever did. Don't let Derek have a victory out of this." Gabi drops by and informs Ben and Meg of Gregory's marriage to Annie. They decide to go over with congratulations.

The baptism is in progress. Olivia is holding Trey as if he were an angel, which at that moment we surely think is what she believes. We can see the pain in her eyes and the happiness as well, for she now knows she is looking into the eyes of her child. She is overcome with emotion and remembering Annie's words that Caitlin can have no children in the future. "I can't do this," she cried, "I just can't go through with it," as the others look on. She grabs the baby tightly uttering softly, "You mean everything to me, my baby, my baby." Annie is having a fit that Olivia might, right there, right then, divulge that she is Trey's biological mother. Olivia cries, out, "NO, NO, I won't let him go. Not this time!" Sean tries to calm Olivia as Caitlin takes the baby. Everyone thinks her babbling is for the baby she lost. Annie, with her big mouth, spits out "Olivia, snap out of it! YOU'RE RUINING THE BAPTISM FOR EVERYONE." Olivia whirls around, hissing, "You shut your disgusting mouth, after what you've done." Olivia cannot stand it a moment longer, and she races out of the church. Antonio recommends they go ahead and finish the service and, as always, Annie gets her two cents in, gleefully agreeing "for Olivia's sake."

Ricardo catches up with his brother, Antonio, offering him an autographed cast photo of Days of Our Lives for auction on the cruise. Ricardo, with a twinkle, told Antonio they owed him a favor. Ricardo talks for as moment about Gabi and the smile on his face says eons. "Finally giving you a shot," says Antonio, as Ricardo grins broadly.

Ricardo sees his mom, Madam Carmen, urging her to have some fun and join him on Antonio's fund-raiser Titanic cruise. Carmen starts with her "Can you feel this???..." at which Ricardo throws up his hands as if his mother will never change.

Olivia, trying to make sense of everything that has happened, is devastated at the knowledge that Trey is her baby: "It's even worse knowing the truth," as she relives in her mind what happened a short time ago. She suddenly turns to see AJ rushing towards her. Believing she is having flashbacks, AJ encourages her and continues to offer her whatever help and support she needs to find out about her baby. She told AJ her baby is lost to her. AJ urges her that no matter what, should she find her child, that child belongs with his mother. "Do you hear me, if your child is alive, he needs you and you need him!" AJ says sternly with his commanding presence. He continues, "HE IS YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD. YOU CAN'T GIVE UP. YOU MUST KEEP TRYING." Olivia looks at him, her face filled with hope, "My son does belong with me!"

SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (We don't know who, we don't know where, we don't know why)
A man is eager to see Cole on the Titanic Cruise. A picture of Cole is seen on the table nearby as he speaks with somebody else.

Everyone is gathered to celebrate Trey's baptism. Caitlin asks Cole if they may forego the cruise, and Cole agrees. Gregory confronts Annie as to what is her latest scheme. She told Gregory how Olivia is close to losing it and can't be trusted with the baby. Ben and Meg drop by. Olivia barges in, calling out for Caitlin. She looks at Trey in Caitlin's arms, looks up and tells Caitlin they must talk, and they must talk now, as Annie looks on, totally terrified.......

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Michael and another lifeguard discuss people who cannot swim and still go out too far. Michael calls Tyus' office and Stacy told him that Tyus is not there. He is due at Cedar Oaks. Michael will track him down there.

Vanessa hears an incoming telephone message from Dr. Lisa Estrada at Cedar Oaks. Lena Hart, Vanessa's mother, has suffered some complications and is being transferred today to Phoenix. Upon overhearing this, Vanessa becomes concerned about her mother. She has to see her before she leaves. But, what if someone sees her, like Michael? She decides to take that chance.

Virginia told Tyus that if he wants to help Vanessa, he must act now. Michael knows that Lena has Martin's Syndrome. He thinks that Vanessa may have it, too, and maybe that is why she left. Michael thinks that Tyus can lead him to Vanessa. He might even be on his way over there now. If Tyus doesn't do something, it is just a matter of time before Michael finds her.

Tyus says "I cannot help you, Virginia. It's my research. I feel that I'm close to a breakthrough. If I can cure Vanessa, there is no reason for her to run. I will stop at nothing to find a cure. She deserves everything I have to give. Do you understand?" Virginia does understand. "You are in love with her , aren't you?"

Tyus told Virginia that he doesn't know what Virginia is talking about. Vanessa and himself are helping each other. He needs her for his research. Virginia's take on it is that he is doing all this to keep her close because he loves her. Tyus told her "That is enough! I don't have time for this. I have work to do." Virginia says "You should open your eyes. Now is your chance" "For what?" "Take Vanessa and your research and get out of Sunset Beach. Then you can take all the time you need to find a cure. And after you do, you two can live happily ever after." "You are crazy, Virginia." "Tyus, you can finally get what you want." "What you mean, Virginia, is that you can finally get what you want."

Tyus says to Virginia "You think I don't know what you are up to? You don't give a damn who Vanessa ends up with, just so long as it is not Michael. You want him for yourself.' "What if I do? It doesn't meann we can't all be happy." "You are shameless. You know that?' "Is it so wrong for the two of us to get what we want, especially if it is the best thing down the line for Michael and Vanessa?" "How the hell do you know what the best thing for Michael and Vanessa is? That is for them to decide." "Does that mean that you are not going to help? " "Vanessa is the only one I am going to help, and not by telling her to run away. I plan on giving her hope for the future. Now get out!" "That future could be with you, Tyus." He grabs her arm and pulls her tward the door. "Come on." "You are hurting me." "Not half as much as I would like to. " And he slams the door shut. He says to himself "You are right Virginia. I do love Vanessa. Which is why I'm going to save her, if it's the last thing I do."

Tyus is alone. He says to himself "This could be it. This could be the cure. If I just give this to her, who knows what it will do. It could save her or it could kill her."

Tyus is alone. He slams a book shut. "There is no way of knowing how my cure is going to work on Vanessa. The only way to protect her and make sure it is safe is to try it out on someone else first. I can't ask anyone...unless..." Tyus shakes his head yes. "For Vanessa it is all worth it."

Gregory explains to Ben that he brought A.J. into Liberty corporation because he owns the beachfront. Ben jumps from that change to the surprise marriage of Gregory and Annie, who is standing by herself, nearby. Gregory's phone rings and he walks away to handle the call. Without a word to Annie, Ben wanders over to Bette and Meg, who are sitting nearby. In response to Meg's question about the baptism, and while Annie hovers nearby, listening, Bette told them that it was just too much for Olivia and she just lost it. Holding Trey brought back all those painful memories of losing her own child. It was just too much for her. Meg hopes that she is going to be okay. Annie thinks to herself that some of us just hope that Olivia wises up and accepts her son as Caitlin's now without making a federal case out of it.

Olivia and A. J. enter the room and Caitlin greets them, holding Trey. Annie walks up to the group and Olivia told Caitlin that she wants to talk with her privately. Annie says that she can't haul Caitlin off when they are about to toast Trey's special day. Olivia says that she and Caitlin are going to talk whether Annie likes it or not.

Caitlin suggests to her mother that she come upstairs to put Trey down for his nap. Annie watches them leave. Cole and A.J. are now there. A.J. casually looks Annie over as he walks by her. This is easy to miss as there are no words exchanged. Annie worries to herself about Olivia spilling the beans to Caitlin. Annie could lose everything, especially Gregory.

Gregory introduces A.J. to Meg and Ben. Sean suprises Annie and asks her where she thinks she is going.

Bette told Gregory that she saw him making nice over there with A.J. "Was that for Ben's benefit? The way you are sucking up with the enemy means that you have something up those custom-maid shirt sleeves of yours." Gregory tells her that she has an overactive imagination.

Sean told Annie that she isn't going upstairs because he doesn't want her near his mom and Caitlin. Annie reminds him that she, Annie, is now the lady of the house. Permission is not required. Sean says he knows everything. Annie was going to blackmail Cait, tell Cole that she got Trey from some woman and gave him to Cait and that Trey isn't really Cole's son. This alerts Annie that Sean doesn't know about Trey being Olivia's baby. She relaxes just a bit. She told Sean that if he cares about his sister, he will just back off. He says he will for now because he loves his sister and he wants to protect her. Annie calls him a little Boy Scout. He says he is not going to stand around and let her milk this for all it is worth. She asks what that means. He says if this little secret gets out, she can kiss being lady of the house goodbye. If she doesn't stay away from Cait, he will pull the plug on this whole thing.

Annie is wandering around looking upset. Bette enters the room and comments, with a Southern attitude, that Annie is looking as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. " I don't know what you are talking about." "You are Cinderella. The glass slipper fits. Your hopes and schemes have come true. Why are you looking up there as if the roof's about to cave in?" Annie, using a similar Southern attitude says (with great foresight) "I don't know, Aunt Bette. It just might. It just might."

Caitlin puts Trey down for a nap. Caitlin told Olivia that she was so glad that Olivia came to the church today, but the way she left worried her. Is that what she wanted to talk to her about? Olivia told her that she thinks it is time she knew the truth. " About what?" "About Trey."

(Notice the cute pictures of Trey awake in the crib during the conversation.) Olivia says that when she sees Trey in Caitlin's arms and how she has bonded with him, it makes her think back to when everything changed, when all went so horribly wrong. Caitlin wonders what she means. "Cait, you know that a mother deserves to be with her child, don't you? No mother should be denied that." Caitlin says that she knows what Olivia is trying to tell her.

Caitlin says "I know what you are trying to say, Mom. You want to confess to Daddy's plan to take my baby and tell me that it died. It is okay. I've known about it for a long time." "But you never said anything." "Not to you. At first I was so hurt that I didn't know if I could forgive you and Daddy. Then I started to understand what Daddy was trying to do. It wasn't about hating Cole. He was trying to protect me from someone he thought was bad for me." "You talked with your father about this?" "Yes, Mom. You were away and when I got back I didn't want to say anything to you. You had already had so much to deal with, with the loss of your baby. I never even thought you would bring it up, but maybe holding it inside has been too much for you." Olivia replies "I don't know what to say." She touches Caitlin's hair. "Except I'm sorry." "Mom, you don't have to apologize. I've forgiven you." "Have you?" "It was painful trying to live with it. I knew I had to get past it." "It couldn't have been easy, though." "Yeah, but understanding Daddy's reasons helped. And the thing is, you never got to go through with it--because the car accident happened first." "But if it hadn't..." " Mom, you never would have gone through with it, no matter how much Daddy pressured you. I know that in my heart, Mom." "How can you be so sure?" "Because you are a mother. And, you know what that means. You would never knowingly take a child from its own mother."

Caitlin says "We hear about this maternal instinct thing, this amazing bond between a mother and a child. Until it happens to you, you never know what that is. Well, I knew it the moment I held Trey in my arms." Olivia says "I can imagine." Caitlin says "That is when I knew what you were going through. You have suffered the greatest loss that any mother could. And, you didn't need any more pain in your life, Mom." Olivia replies "So you forgave me." Caitlin shakes her head yes and says "Thank God for Trey. He makes me whole. He helps me to understand what love really is and what is really important in life. I don't know what I would do, Mom, if anyone ever took this perfect little guy from me. How do you do it?" "Do what?" "Find the strength to go on. You are so much stronger than me. I don't think I could survive if anything ever happened to my son. Thank God Daddy's plan never happened. " "Cait... " "Mom, it is okay. You don't need to apologize. Not anymore. Mom, is something wrong?" Fade to comercial while Olivia looks very confused.

Olivia is just so glad that they had this chance to talk. Caitlin says "Me, too. Now I know what has been bothering you so much lately. As if it wasn't enough that you lost your own baby." Olivia thanks Caitlin for being so understanding. "Oh,Mom, how could I not be? Just promise me you will concentrate on finding out what happened to your own baby. You will forget all about what Daddy wanted." " I guess we should go back down to the party now. Heaven knows what Annie is doing to entertain the guests." Olivia says that she will be right there. She just wants to freshen up. "I love you, Mom." " I love you too, darling." After Caitlin leaves, Olivia looks lovingly at Trey and says" My baby, my sweet, sweet, baby."

Dr Estrada walks up behind Vanessa, who has her face partially covered by a scarf. "You wanted to see me?" Dr. Estrada notices Vanessa's condition. "I,m so sorry.' "It finally happened. I've got Mom's disease full-blown.' "We always knew that would happen sometime, but don't ever give up hope." "It's all I've got. But, I'm not here about me. I want to see my mother before she leaves." "She is already gone. Her complications weren't major. She'll be back in a few weeks." (The writers just wanted to get her out of harms way before the big one hits, is my guess.) "Something else you should know: a man was here, your cousin, asking about your mom's condition." "I don't have a cousin." Just then Michael enters the area. Vanessa looks panic-stricken.

Michael walks up to Dr. Estrada. Vanessa is nearby, out of sight, and hears the conversation between Michael And Dr. Estrada. "Doctor, look, I need to see Tyus Robinson about Lena Hart's daughter, Vanessa." "I'm sorry, he's not around." "Damn! What about Vanessa? Is she here?" "Now why would you ask that?" "Come on, we both know that Vanessa's mom has got Martin's syndrome and I'm starting to think that maybe Vanessa has got it, too. I've got to find her. Is she a patient here?" "No. Trust me." "Why should I? Maybe I'll just check every room myself." "You have no right to search this hospital. And no right to disrupt the patients. Now, are you going, or do I call Security?" "If you see Tyus, tell him Michael Bourne is looking for him and I'll keep looking for him until I find him." Michael walks away.

Dr Estrada went to Vanessa. Are you alright, Vanessa? Vanessa says my God, he knows.

Dr Estrada told Vanessa he has gone now. "You are safe." "Am I? I can't believe this. After everything I did to protect Michael from the truth, it was all for nothing. He knows and now he is never going to stop looking for me." "Is that really so bad? He should know. You could use the support." "Look at me. I cannot saddle Michael with this. I love him to much to ever do that to him." "Do you want me to call Dr. Robinson for you? Maybe he can help you." "No. There is nothing that he can do. I have to handle this by myself." "So, you are going to tell Michael?" "No, I'm going to leave Sunset Beach today--for good." Vanessa walks away.Dr Estrada starts to follow her, then shakes her head.

Ben is on phone while Meg looks at him. He turns to Meg. " I'm afraid we have to leave." "What's wrong?" "I'll tell you when we get there. It's just a minor emergency." They walk away.

HALLWAY, THEN BEDROOM Ben and Meg walk up to a door. Meg says "So what is the emergency? As Ben opens the door, he says "This." Meg walks into a room beautifully decorated with candles and flowers. Ben says"We are the emergency, Meg. With all the many interuptions there hasn't been any time for us. That is going to stop now. I want you Meg, more than anything." "I want that, too." "You just remember that our love is so strong that it can get us through anything. Derek can't hurt us any more." "He did so much." "Don't even think about it, not now, not ever. From now on, it is just you and me. I'm going to prove it to you right now." He kisses her. "And every day for the rest of our lives." More kissing, as the camera gives them their privacy.

Ben and Meg are still kissing. As they stop and head toward the bed, Meg flashes back to Derek. She says to herself that she has to get Derek out of her mind. Ben asks "Is something wrong?" "What could be wrong? I'm alone finally with the man I love more than life itself." More kissing, etc. etc.

Cole walks up to Caitlin He has been looking for her. "How did it go with your mom?" "I think it will be okay going on that cruise tomorrow." "What? Are you sure? You were concerned before." "I know, but I think that she is going to be okay now." "Alright. Where is she anyways?" "She is upstairs freshening up." "You're saying that she is alone with Trey? Sweetheart, I thought we agreed never to leave her alone with him. She has already helped kidnap one baby." Cole runs up the stairs.

Olivia says "My sweet, sweet baby. But, you will never, never, know that. I can never tell you. I can never tell anyone without destroying Caitlin's life." She is still talking to Trey as Cole quietly walks in and overhears her. "I'll never be able to look at you without knowing what I have lost, without feeling this longing inside of me."

Cole approaches Olivia and says her name. Olivia says "How long have you been standing there?" "Long enough to see how much you love my son. And how much you are still hurting over the loss of your own child." "I know that you don't want me to be alone with Trey." "Olivia, I was wrong. Yopu are his grandmother." Olivia replied "I do love Trey." "I can tell, the way you were looking at him. The way that you were talking to him. It is pretty clear that you want to be close to my son. I'm not going to stand in your way." "Oh, thank you Cole! " Olivia hugs Cole. "You don't know how much this means to me." "Why don't we go downstairs?" As Olivia follows Cole out of the room she turns and blows Trey a kiss.

Vanessa rushes in to start packing so she can leave Sunset Beach. She thinks if she runs away now, that is just making things worse for Michael. Maybe I should just stay, just finally tell Michael the truth.

Michael walks up to Stacy, and she says "Look who is here, the file snoop." (Give this woman a bigger part, more lines. She is great!) Michael asks Stacy where Tyus is. "He is still not here, hasn't checked in yet." "I don't buy it. He is avoiding me.' "Is it any wonder if he is?" "He has to surface sometime and when he does, I am going to be right there in his face. I'm going to get me the answers I need." Michael walks away.

An unidentified man, looking at a picture of Cole, says "Just 24 more hours and after all these years, I will finally have my revenge, if everything falls into place." Another unknown voice asks "What could go wrong?" "Cole could decide not to take that cruise tommorow." "Dechanel has already accepted the invitation." First man is not about to leave anything to chance.

Same unknown man talks to a picture of Cole that he is holding. "I hope ocean voyages don't make you sick, Dechanel." Second man says "Like it really matters." "You're right, Curt. It doesn't matter, not in the long run." Woman enters the room. "Oh, hello, darling. I have got good news for you. I'm taking you on a charity cruise tomorrow." "Actually, I was planning on going shopping--darling." "Oh, Francesca, you can always go shopping. I'm sure that you will find this far more entertaining."

Caitlins says to A.J. and Sean "I wonder what Mom and Cole are doing. I hope everything is okay." Sean replies that now is her chance to find out as he turns toward the staircase where Cole and Olivia are descending. Just then an earthquake strikes.

The earthquake rattles the lab, where Tyus is alone. Tyus hopes that Vanessa is okay.

Vanessa also gets rattled by the quake.

Ben and Meg are laying side by side in the bed when the earthquake strikes. After it subsides, Meg says "Well, did the earth move for you, too?" Ben replies "Yes, even without the earthquake."

Bette and Annie hang onto each other's arms with Gregory nearby. Bette says "Nice touch, Greggie, ending the party with a bang." Gregory says "It was nothing more than a 3.0. Probably just an aftershock of the Northridge quake." Annie turns to Olivia and Cole near the bottom of the staircase and says "Olivia, what would you do without your strapping, young, son-in-law?" Cole helps Olivia to her feet and asks her if she is okay. Annie says "Relax, Olivia, it's not the end of the world." Sudenly Olivia shouts "Trey!" Caitlin runs to the stairs saying that she will see if Trey is okay. Cole follows Caitlin. A.J. approaches Olivia and asks if she is alright. After hearing Trey's voice, confirming that he survived. she said "Yes." A.J. said that he didn't mean the earthquake, he meant her and Caitlin. Olivia said yes, they settled that. Annie is nearby, listening. Olivia asks A.J. to take her home and they walk out. Annie says to herself that that little victory was a 10.0 on the Annie Richards scale. Outside the door A.J. says he will get the car. As she waits, Olivia looks lovingly up toward Trey's upstairs bedroom window and says "Goodbye, my darling son. Never forget that your mother loves you."

Friday, July 17, 1998

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