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Rachel left town. Cameron feared Matt's beating wasn't a coincidence. Sofia didn't think she and Matt could make things work. Toni and Chris made love for the first time. Vicky trapped Lila, Grant, and Donna on a boat and demanded answers.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on AW
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Monday, June 22, 1998

At Carlino's
Cass comes to see Lila who thinks's he's there to just give advice about what she should do about her situation with Matt. Cass told Lila he was there to talk about a settlement for her to provide for her child from the Cory's. Lila told Cass she doesn't need that because she was going to marry Matt Cory so why doesn't he stop trying to get her to sign these ridiculous settlements. Cass told her he was not there to give her his opinion, he was there on business and has been retained by Matt to draw up child support papers he wants her to sign, adding that she shouldn't start handing out those wedding invitations just yet. He then told her that the contract stipulates that Matt wants full visitation rights and Lila was in no way to try and stake claim to the Cory name, though he will provide for the child financially. Lila tears up the papers and says that her baby and her will be fine without him. Cass told Lila that Matt will never marry her and she has to accept it. Later, Felicia talks with Cass about Lila. Cass swears there was no chemistry between him and Lila and told her to give her imagination a rest. Cass walks out of Carlino's, so Felicia talks with Sofia. Felicia sees how upset Sofia was and asks her what was wrong. Sofia explains her situation to Felicia and that she doesn't want to tell Billie the truth tonight. Felicia manages to change her mind and she told her that she was strong enough to do anything.

At The Lucky Lady
Matt shows up looking for Billy Rush and the hostess told him to get in line because some one else was looking for Billy and motions over to Sofia sitting at a table. Matt told Sofia he knows this was awkward, so why don't they just say what ever was on their minds and get it all out in the open. They decide that they have to tell Billie that he's going to have to find a new company to sign him. Matt told Sofia that he wants her back and was hoping he can convince her to take him back. Sofia starts to cry and Matt told her that all he can think about was her. Sofia told Matt that she doesn't want to talk about this and they can't pretend what happened with Lila didn't happened. Matt says they can't pretend New York didn't happen either, but Sofia says that part was over. Billie shows up and was so glad to see them, thinking they are a couple. Matt told Sofia that he has to leave to take care of something, but he'll be back in time for the show.

At Vicky's Place
A frantic Grant was calling all over trying to find Cindy, while Donna relishes in the fact that once Cindy regains her memory, Grant's goose was cooked. Once Grant hangs up, Donna told him that Cindy was not crazy and he was the one who orchestrated this whole thing and once the drugs wear off, Cindy was going to tell everyone that he and Lila forged that journal saying that Victoria and Shane had an affair and once that happens, he was going to lose. Grant counters by telling Donna when Marley finds out that she was the one who ran her down in the cemetery and when Victoria finds out she's the reason Jake knows about the journal, she was going to lose both of her daughters. Donna told him what's ironic was that he went to all this trouble to make sure that he would end up with Victoria and at this very second, she was with Jake. Stunned, Grant asks Donna why didn't she try to stop Vicky and Donna told him that Vicky was determined to win Jake back and if she was with him there was nothing neither one of them can do about it. Grant went on an errand, but returns later.

At Marley's Old Place
Vicky gives Jake her best shot and kisses him, while Jake returns her kiss and starts kissing her back. As the lovers are locked in a deep kiss, Marley returns home to find them and was stunned. Jake pulls away and Vicky told Jake he told her to give it her best shot. Jake told Vicky that she shouldn't have done that. Vicky told him that she should have done it a long time ago and then told him she knows what she wants and asks him what does he want. Jake responds by kissing her again and then pulls away and told her he was not going to do this again. Vicky says why because of Shane and Jake told her that Shane was a pretty good reason. Vicky asks him if he thinks she could ever kiss another man the way that she just kissed him and then swears to him that she never gave Shane what she gave him or has never wanted Shane like she wants him or has ever wanted him right now. She then told him if he can't trust her words or trust what's in her eyes, then trust the way he feels when he kisses her because she can't lie about that and neither can he. As a tearful Marley watches, Vicky moves towards Jake and he grabs her up in his arms and they fall on the couch and start kissing each other heavily while a heartbroken Marley runs away.

Around Town, In Bay City
Grant runs into a distraught Marley on the street and was shocked by her new face. Grant wants to talk, but Marley was upset and told Grant that she saw Vicky and Jake on the verge of making love. Grant told Marley that she can stop that by telling Jake how she feels, but Marley says nothing will stop them from being together. Grant told Marley that a man never forgets his first wife and she can make Jake love her again. Grant gives Marley a challenge, be the same old Marley and do nothing or stop Vicky from hurting Jake.

Back At Marley's Old Place
Jake pulls away and told Vicky to get herself together and just go home. Vicky asks him if she's just suppose to walk away like nothing happened and Jake told her she should walk away because of what just did happen and he was going to do his very best to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Vicky told Jake that if he keeps pushing her away all he'll be left with was a feeling that what he was doing was not enough without her. Vicky then asks Jake to run away with her tonight, but he thinks she's crazy. Vicky says everyone thinks she's a wild vixen, so why not act like one and do something crazy. Jake can't believe she was talking like this. Vicky told Jake if they had some time alone then they'll know they belong together. Vicky says that if anyone gave her evidence to prove he was cheating on her, she wouldn't believe it if he told her that he wasn't cheating on her. Vicky begs Jake to run away with her and be a family again, but Jake refuses. Marley shows up and interrupts their conversation like she didn't know what was going on. Vicky decides to leave, but says this isn't over, Jake told her it is. Vicky says she will get the proof she needs to prove her innocence in all this, and then she leaves. Marley ask what that was about and Jake says that Vicky was trying to convince him she wasn't sleeping with Shane. Jake asks Marley if there was anyway she could have made a mistake about Vicky sleeping with Shane, but Marley says no and she's tired of talking about Vicky. Marley told Jake that if he wants to leave he can, but Jake refuses and was angry that she's trying to protect Vicky. Jake leaves to wash up and Marley wonders if it will be different this time. Later that evening, Marley cooks dinner for Jake, and brought up the times they use to share together over cooked gourmet meals and adds that it's a far cry from eating hotdogs and drinking beer all the time. Jake immediately begins to think of Vicky and Marley can sense that he was thinking of Vicky and gets upset that she was boring him to death because he seems so very distracted. Jake plays it off and tries to act like he was interested in what she was saying and Marley flashes back to Grant telling her that Jake will never abandon her if she needs him and she wonders if she should take Grant's advice. She then told herself she won't scheme to keep Jake and she truly believes that she was the one Jake wants.

At The Cory Mansion
Matt went to the Cory Mansion to see his mom, who has just come back from Key West. Rachel asks Matt why he wanted to see her and Matt says he has news. Matt told Rachel that he's going to be a father. Rachel thinks it was Sofia, but he tell her that it's Lila. Matt also told his mother about the problems with Sofia. Cass calls Matt and relays Lila's message to him. Matt isn't too worried and believes Lila will come around. Matt leaves to head back to the Lucky Lady where Sofia was and once he's gone, Rachel calls someone.

At Lila's Place
Cass shows up to see Lila and Lila told him that whatever he was over there for now it was not going to work. Cass told her she really needs to give up this ridiculous ploy, but Lila told him she will not be happy until she has Matt's ring on her finger and she was happily raising her child in the Cory Mansion so if that was why Cass was there, he can leave. Then she opens the door for Cass to leave, but was unaware that Rachel was standing behind her. Cass told her she has company and Lila was astonished to turn around and find Rachel standing there. Rachel told Lila she was the one who wanted to speak with Lila and asks Cass if he'll excuse them. Cass leaves and Rachel told Lila that she knows what she was up to and it's not going to work. Lila says she doesn't want anything from Matt and she can and will raise their baby alone. Rachel thinks she was lying, but Lila says she isn't trying to trap Matt. Rachel still thinks she's still lying and told Lila that blood work will be done on the child as soon as it was born. Lila told her she can do all the testing she wants, she knows who the father of her baby was and Rachel told her we shall see. Lila told Rachel she was not trying to pull anything (Please). Rachel warns Lila that if she hurts anyone in her family she'll have her to deal with and then shows herself out, leaving Lila bewildered.

Back At Vicky's Place
Vicky comes home and finds Donna with Grant. Grant explains to Vicky that he's here to see if Cindy was here. Vicky went upstairs to check on the boys and Donna and Grant start fighting again. Grant told Donna that if she tattles on him he'll be able to explain his way out of it, he can explain his way out of anything. Donna slaps him and told him to explain the mark on his face. Donna warns Grant that one day he'll pay for all of this. Vicky spies them arguing and wonders what was going on. Later, they all head into town to Carlino's to get pizza for the kids and while Vicky was inside getting the pizza, Grant and Donna pick up where they left off. Donna asks Grant why did he want to meet her here and Grant told her because he was calling the shots, that's why. Donna told him to go ahead and threaten her because she was not afraid of him anymore and once she told every one that he and Lila forged Shane's journal it'll be over for him. Grant says who was going to believe you once I tell everyone you are responsible for mowing down me and your own daughter, you'll be luck if you end up in a straight jacket or jail. Donna told him one day he was gonna have to pay for all of this, but Grant told her not in this lifetime because he has all the angles covered and no one will learn the truth, just as Vicky comes around the corner and hears there tense conversation.

Back At The Lucky Lady
Matt shows back up at the Lucky Lady to find that Sofia was no longer there. While he and Billy chat, Billy told Matt don't give up hope and she'll show up and to prove it, he was going to dedicate the song they like to him. Billy went backstage to get ready to perform. As Matt sits there thinking of Sofia, she shows up and sees Matt waiting for her as there eyes lock on each other.........

Tuesday, June 2323rd">

Josie finds Cameron a place to stay; they argue about how Josie got him *fired*. Huffy Josie seems seriously concerned over a guy for whom she has no feelings.

Paulina went to the Cory mansion to find Rachel. She, Amanda, and Rachel have a talk about Matt and Lila's baby. Amanda and Paulina get into an argument about the baby, with Paulina screaming at Amanda about another unwanted baby being brought into the world. Rachel interrupts Paulina's tirade to inform her that the baby was *not* unwanted. Paulina apologizes to Amanda and goes upstairs with Rachel to check on the three babies.

Paulina has a nightmare at home of being strapped into a bed (or tightly tucked in, as there were no straps visible). She wakes up screaming, and Joe hears her, rushing to her side.

Scott and Amanda have a late night business meeting. In the middle of it, the phone rings, Amanda answers it, and it's Cameron. She told Scott it's Tokyo, and hangs up when he wants to talk. After he leaves (numb to her suggestion that they get to know each other better), she went over to see Cameron.

Nick and Joe have a chat in Carlino's. Each suspect the other of being the one to beat up Matt. Nick told Joe he's planning on leaving Bay City. Joe tells Matt not to leave without saying something to Sofia. Nick grudgingly agrees and leaves to go see Sofia at the Lucky Lady. As he's leaving on his bike, he turns the corner and hits a passer-by. He gets off his bike and realizes it's a young girl. He tries to revive her and slaps her gently several times. She jumps up, accuses him of thinking she was dead and slapping dead people, and then apologizes, deciding to leave. When she looks at her bus ticket, she realizes that she's missed her bus. She gets the wrong idea when Nick invites her back to his apartment, and he breaks in by telling her he just wanted to have coffee. They share a bag of Carlino's cookies.

Matt and Sofia talk during Billy's song at the Lucky Lady. They dance and when Matt tries to kiss Sofia, she freaks and runs off. They meet in the alley behind the jazz club, and talk about Matt becoming a father. Matt says that he knows they can work it out, but Sofia isn't convinced. She walks away, ignoring Matt's outstretched hand. Toni and Chris have a long talk about their relationship, interrupted by a rather forward waitress' blatantly obvious flirtations with Chris. They dance and both decide that they need to take their relationship to a new level. Josie and Gary also share a romantic evening at the Lucky Lady.

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Wednesday, June 24, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Under the midnight sky, Gary and Josie pledged their love. They were on their way home when Gary noticed Cindy wondering around aimlessly. He told Josie to go on ahead, and he will meet her at home. Gary then talked with Cindy convincing her that there are people who love and miss her. Disoriented Cindy wanted to know who. She remembers one friend, and she can't remember her name. Gary told her the name "Paulina." She also remembers Grant being loving towards her. Gary takes her home, and promises to help her.

Chris and Toni's relationship reached a new and promising level. Chris offered to take things slowly for her benefit. They went back to his place and eventually made love.

Amanda went to see Cameron to rehire him and explain why she fired him. She also explained why she was with Scott. She had to convince him it was part of the plan and not for romantic reasons. Scott followed Amanda to Cameron's and overheard everything. He now knows he can't trust Amanda. After he left, Amanda and Cameron started to give in to their desires when Josie showed up. Amanda left. Josie fought with Cameron about his relationship with Amanda.

Rachel phoned Cory Publishing to leave herself a message for the morning. To her surprise, Scott answered the phone. Since they both couldn't sleep, he suggested on going over to Rachel's and discuss Cory business. She agreed only because she wanted to find out more about Scott. Scott told Rachel that he admired Carl before he even knew him. Their talk was interrupted when Amanda returned home. Scott abruptly excused himself and left. Rachel sensed he did not want to answer any questions. Rachel then told Amanda that she and the twins and their nanny will be going to England to find international funds for Cory and to also look in to Scott's past. Amanda thought that was a good idea. Rachel advised Amanda to stay out of this, but Amanda feels guilty for coming between Carl and Rachel and wants to help.

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Thursday, June 25


Paulina and Joe have a graduation party for Sofia at Carlino's. When Paulina tells Cass that she'd shake the hand of whoever beat up Matt, he's a bit shocked until Felicia reminds him that Paulina believes in two parents for a kid. Nick shows up with Remy and tries to talk Paulina into giving her a job. Paulina says no, that she needs someone with experience. Remy pulls Paulina aside and says that she understands. They talk about being in foster homes, and when Remy went to meet Felicia, of whom she's a huge fan, Paulina tells Joe she's decided to give Remy a chance. Sofia talks Nick into staying in Bay City. As everyone went outside of Carlino's, Remy hooked a tip.

Amanda told Matt that Rachel's taken the twins to England. Scott arrives and acts surprised at Matt's injuries. None of them realize that Cameron has been bugging the house. Cass shows up and Amanda explains, yet again, that Matt was attacked. Amanda receives a phone call from Cameron, telling her he's bugged the house and she needs to get out. She hangs up on him and leaves, with Scott following.

Matt and Cass discuss Lila, Cass informing Matt that Lila wants marriage. Matt says he's given marriage thought, but not to Lila. Lila arrives as Cass is leaving, and shocks Matt by giving him a document releasing all rights to their child. Matt refuses to sign it. When Lila runs out and falls, they share a moment as they feel their baby kicking.

Amanda went to Cameron's to give him hell for bugging the Cory mansion. Cameron told her his suspicions that Matt's beating wasn't random. She replies that she can take care of herself and to stay out of the Cory business. She went to Cory to look for bugging in the offices there.

Cameron and Scott get into a fight in the parking garage. They're separated by a guard before Scott can hurt Cameron fatally. Scott went over to see Amanda and becomes angry when she told him that Rachel's left town.

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Friday, June 26, 1998


At Cory Publishing
After coming on to Scott, Amanda finds her self in a tight situation when Scott decides to take her up on her fun and games and locks them inside the office at Cory. Amanda asks Scott what was he doing and Scott told her that he thought she wanted to have some fun. Amanda told him she thought they could take their time and Scott told her they can take all the time they want, since no one can bother them now. Scott then asks her if she has a problem with that. She told him no and then he asks her if she was afraid. She told him of course not, why would she be afraid and Scott told her that she seems a bit nervous to him and he can only think of two reasons why she would be acting the way she is. Scott says either she's attracted to him as much as he was to her, or she's hiding something. Amanda says she's not hiding anything from him. Scott bends down and kisses Amanda and Cameron barges in and told Scott to get his hands off of her. Amanda asks Cameron what was he doing there and Cameron told her he was protecting her against Scott. An angered Scott wants to call the cops, but Amanda says she'll deal with Cameron. Amanda told Scott they can have dinner tonight and gets Cameron to leave the room. She then told Scott to meet her back at Cory by 6 and then they can go out to dinner. Scott agrees and Amanda leaves and Scott secretly suspects that Amanda was playing games with him. Later, Amanda returns dressed up and ready to go when someone grabs her from behind and drags her off. Meanwhile, Scott tries to find Amanda and learns that she might have left with Cameron. Scott becomes upset and says that if Amanda was setting him up then she's making a big mistake.

At The Cory Lake House
Cameron reveals himself to Amanda and told her he did what he had to do because she needs to know how dangerous Scott really is. He explained how he'd goaded Scott earlier that day, and how Scott came after him and attacked him in the garage. Amanda thinks she can handle Scott, and told Cameron that was there plan. Cameron told her there plan was over and he refuses to watch Scott put the moves on her or watch him rough her up like he did Matt. Amanda asks Cameron if he cares about her. He dodges the question and says she doesn't need a guy like him in her life. Amanda told Cameron that he talks to much and she kisses him.

At The Old McKinnon House
Jake was there throwing out and burning up some old things he doesn't need anymore when he comes across a photo of Vicky. He looks at it and tosses it in the fire, but then quickly retrieves it almost burning himself. Marley comes into the livingroom and asks Jake what was he trying to do burn himself. Jake tries to hide the picture, but Marley gets it and sees that it was a picture of Vicky and says she thought Jake was past his feelings for Victoria. Jake lies and told her he is, but Vicky just keeps popping back up into his life one way or another. Marley told him only if he lets Vicky and Jake told her he knows that and doesn't plan to let what happened last night happen again and that was why he asked Tyrone to draw up the papers for his divorce. Jake said he had to get it over with as soon as possible. Marley asks him if he was sure and Jake told her he will always love Vicky, it's just that she was not the person he thought she was. Marley encourages Jake to make a clean break with her sister and he told Marley he has to go so he can meet with Vicky over at Tyrone's office to sign the papers and thanks Marley for being there for him and told her that he wouldn't know what he would do without her. Jake leaves and privately, Marley was glad to be there for him and told Jake he will never have to be without her.

At Vicky's Place
Donna comes by Vicky's and told her how glad she was that Vicky called and wanted to talk with her since it has been so long. Vicky cuts right to the point and told Donna that she realizes the only reason why she and Jake are not together was because Jake thinks she slept with Shane. She also told her mom that she knows Jake thinks this because of what somebody told him and since she can't get the answers from anyone else, her only alternative was to turn to her mom. Donna asks Vicky what makes her think that she knows anything. Vicky told Donna that when she asks her why everyone thought she slept with Shane, Donna told her it was because of Lila. Donna covers and told Vicky what she was talking about what Vicky did before. Vicky told Donna that she knows her too well and even though Donna tried to take it back, she thinks Donna does know something about Lila, something new. Donna continues to play coy and asks Vicky why would she want to protect Lila. Vicky told her she hasn't figured that out yet and she won't figure that out until she figures out why Donna was secretly meeting with Grant the other night. Donna still plays coy and asks Vicky where did she get that from and Vicky told her that she saw them last night at Carlino's when she was picking up pizza for the boys. Donna told her she has got it all wrong, but Vicky told her mom that she was finally getting it all right and then says she and Grant where here last night having a conversation and when she came downstairs they hushed up, but picked it up later on that night which leads her to believe that whatever they were discussing they didn't want her to hear. Donna told Vicky she was jumping to conclusions and Vicky says what she concludes was that Donna was keeping something from her, something that has to do with Jake. Donna asks Vicky if she heard what was said between her and Grant and Vicky told her no, but she could tell from Donna's body language that Grant wasn't happy with her about something. Donna says since when has she and Grant been nice to each other. Vicky doesn't buy it and pressures her mother to explain why she's suddenly gotten so chummy with Grant and Donna explains it away as Grant was Kirkland's father. and she was only trying to make an effort to be civil towards him. Donna continues to pretend she has no idea why Jake thinks his wife was unfaithful. Vicky knows there was some evidence out there making Jake and Marley think she slept with Shane. Vicky asks her mom what was it that she knows and why does Jake believe this about her. Donna says she doesn't want to get in the middle of this and if Jake doesn't want to tell her, then it's not her place to say anything. She then told Vicky if she could tell her something she would and makes up an excuse to go back to the Harbor Club and leaves. Vicky yells out the door to her that their conversation was not over and vows to find out what it was that Donna knows.

At Carlino's
Grant was having lunch when he gets a phone call from Donna telling him that Vicky saw them last night at Carlino's and was on to them. Grant told Donna that he'll take care of things and instructs her to keep Marley quiet about the journal. Donna asks him what was he gonna do and Grant told her not to worry about him, he's a pro when it comes to tape dancing on the edge of a volcano. Suddenly, Vicky shows up from behind him and asks what volcanos are scheduled to blow today. Grant says it's just mayor stuff and Vicky told Grant that she has some questions to ask him. Vicky starts asking Grant all sorts of questions about why he was talking to her mom and why he met Marley at the cemetery the day of the accident along with what he knows about this proof that has people convinced she's slept with Shane. Grant says he doesn't know anything. Tyrone butts into their conversation and says that Jake has asked Vicky to sign the divorce papers in 20 minutes. Vicky becomes angry, but says she'll be there. Grant told Vicky that he's sorry, but she doesn't buy it. Vicky gives Grant the same warning she gave Donna, she's not quitting until she finds out the truth.

At Lila's Place
Lila was looking at Shane's journal when Cass comes knocking at the door. She places the journal down to get the door and Cass comes in. Lila told Cass if Matt sent him over to get her to sign the papers she was not. Cass told Lila he was there as her attorney and just had a interesting conversation with Matt. Lila asks him how interesting and Cass told her not to worry he didn't divulge her dirty schemes he just wanted to tell her that Matt has made it abundantly clear that he has no intentions of marry her, ever; so he suggest she takes Matt's generous offer. Lila told Cass she knows how he loves to argue with her, but she has more important things to do. Cass asks her what was more important than figuring out the mess she calls her life and then accuses her of sitting around watching talk shows. Lila says it's a Lamaze tape. Cass was impressed and offers to be her coach. Lila accepts and he helps her train. Cass told Lila that he knows she'll do fine and she's stronger than she thinks. Lila thanks Cass for saying that to her. Cass suggests she take classes and says he thinks there are classes starting at the hospital soon, as Lila mentions getting Matt to go with her, since it's his baby too and it would be a great way to include Matt in her and the baby's life. Cass becomes angry and says damn it Lila, Matt was never going to marry you. Lila told him it's her life and her choice and if he would stop being such a moralistic prig for five minutes, he would admit she was doing the right thing. Cass told her don't start with this prig stuff again and he will never admit it. Lila told him no he won't because he's too stubborn, but deep down inside he understands her and has faith in her. Cass told her trust and faith are two different things. Lila excuses herself to go take a shower and Cass says to himself that if he ever did trust her, it would be his biggest mistake. Later, Grant calls Lila's place and Cass answers, but before he can speak, Grant says that he has just talked with Victoria and she was on the warpath and Lila was probably next so if she hasn't done so already she needs to get rid of the journal now. Cass asks Grant what stupid journal was he referring to. Grant says nothing and Lila comes out of the shower and Cass gives her the phone. Grant fills her in on everything. Cass knows something was up and demands to know what was going on. Lila makes up a phony story about a medical journal, but Cass knows this has something to do with Jake and Vicky. Cass and Lila end up in a huge argument, which ends with Cass kissing her and Lila kissing him back. Cass pulls away and apologizes, while Lila composes and then accuses him of taking advantage of her in her condition. However, Cass points out that she willingly participated in the kiss. Lila told Cass that he's fired, but Cass says he quits. Before leaving, he warns Lila that if she did anything to hurt Jake or Vicky or turn those two boys lives upside down then she'll have to answer to him.

At Winthrop and Montgomery Law Offices
Jake and Vicky show up to sign the divorce papers. Tyrone leaves them to talk. Jake told Vicky he'd like to keep this civil, but Vicky thinks a 20 minute divorce was far from civil. Vicky says this divorce shouldn't even be happening and she refuses to sign the divorce papers. Vicky told Jake that if he thinks she really slept with Shane then he's really stupid. Vicky also says that if she did sleep with Shane then she wouldn't be asking to see his proof. Vicky then dares Jake to prove to her that she slept with Shane. Jake doesn't want to get into this again. Vicky told Jake if he helps her out with this then she won't kiss or touch him. Tyrone returns and Jake signs the divorce papers and leaves. Vicky wouldn't sign, and asked Tyrone for advice on checking on witnesses testimony. Suddenly, Vicky made some connections and got an idea and said she knows what she has to do. Back at the McKinnon house, Jake came home and asked Marley why she'd met with Grant on the day of the accident.

On Shane's Boat
The Mayor's secretary called Lila (it was really Vicky disguising her voice) and said Grant had to meet with her, immediately. Next, Vicky called and pretended to be Grant's secretary and invited Grant to meet with Lila urgently. Then Vicky called Donna and pretended to be Marley, saying they needed to meet right away on Shane's boat. Vicky sat and waited, while all three gathered on Shane's boat, and had no idea why they were there. Suddenly, the engine started up and as they all grew nervous about drifting off to sea, Vicky appeared and informed them she called them there and declared that she intended to find out what was going on!..........


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