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Remy refused to tell Nick about her past. Cindy retrieved the incriminating cassette she had against Grant. In the midst of grief over Gary and Amanda, Josie and Cameron made love. Josie and Cameron found Amanda and Gary alive. Cass denied his feelings for Lila.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on AW
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Monday, August 31, 1998

Nick arrives at Remy's to find the apartment (and Remy) decorated Hawaiian style. Remy apologizes for going behind Nick's back getting information on him. He told her if he wanted to know about him, all she had to do was ask. Then he told her that when he found out what she was doing, he did research on her, but that he couldn't find out much. He asks her if she'll fill in the blanks.

Remy hedges Nick's questions. She says her life was just one foster home after another. But he should already know the person she was now. He told her one of the things she dug up on him was about his inheritance. She acts hurt that Nick would think she's only interested in his money. She says she just wanted to know what his world was like, because it's so different from her own. She told him he can just go if he wants. He puts his arm around her instead. Remy tries to make it up to Nick, but he told her he needs to trust his friends, and he just doesn't trust her. Then he leaves.

Cindy wants Marley to use Kirkland to get Grant out of the house. Marley says she can't use Kirkland that way. Cindy threatens to expose Marley's secrets if she doesn't help. Then Grant shows up before Marley can answer.

Cindy and Marley make excuses to Grant to explain why they were talking in the alley. Grant decides it's time to take Cindy home. Before she leaves, Cindy reminds Marley to get Grant over to see Kirkland. Marley objects again, saying Vicky has an injunction against Grant to keep him from Kirkland. Cindy reminds Marley that it's not like Marley hasn't been trying to hurt Vicky anyway. Cindy also lets Marley know that she knows it was Donna who hit Grant and Marley with the car, not her. Cindy holds all her information over Marley's head to get her to co-operate.

Marley told Kirkland she's taking him to the carnival. Steven was already there with a friend anyway. Marley told the babysitter she can go home, but the sitter says she was told to stay the night. She gives Marley the address of the motel Jake and Vicky are staying at.

Marley calls Grant and told him Kirkland was very sad and misses him. They arrange to meet at the carnival so Grant can spend some time with his son. Cindy pretends to be asleep, but as soon as Grant leaves, she gets to work.

Grant and Kirkland meet up at the carnival. Grant told Marley Kirkland doesn't look very sad to him. He then lets her know that he knows about her efforts to hurt Vicky and her marriage, such as the potato incident. She tries to deny it, but Grant doesn't believe it. He says perhaps they can meet up the same way in the future.

Alone in the apartment, Cindy was able to go behind Kirkland's wallpaper and retrieve the incriminating cassette she hid there. She was thrilled that finally Grant will get what's coming to him. She only wishes Gary was there to share in catching Grant. Cindy fantasizes about Grant in chains and behind bars. She taunts him about all the bad things that'll happen to him, about all the people who want to see him suffer.

After seeing Kirkland with Grant at the carnival, Steven listens in on a conversation between Grant and Marley. He learns that it was Marley who let Grant know they'd be there, and he hears her tell Grant to make sure Vicky doesn't find out.

Grant leaves, and Steven asks Marley why she brought Kirkland to meet Grant when she knew that Vicky didn't want that. She tries to pass it off as coincidence, but Steven says he heard them talking. She says he must have misunderstood. Steven told her he knows a lie when he hears one. He told Marley that sometimes he feels like he doesn't know her anymore, that it's not her face, it's the way she's been acting. Marley apologizes for her behavior, and asks Steven not to tell Vicky about the incident.

Grant returns home and he and Cindy have a moment when they remember happier times in their marriage. But Cindy wills herself to be strong and not cave in to Grant again. She hides the cassette in a stuffed dog Grant brought back from the carnival and gave to her. She calls Joe and leaves a message that he call her as soon as possible. She says she has something he wants.

Josie and Cameron try to comfort each other, but Josie was inconsolable. She tries to drown herself in the ocean, but Cameron won't let her. In her grief, Josie takes her anger out on Cameron, but he won't give up on her. She apologizes for the things she said. They prepare to sleep on the beach. Josie reminisces about her life with Gary, about when she was pregnant and how much Gary wanted to be a father. She asks Cameron to hold her, and he does.

Overcome by grief, Josie sees Cameron as Gary and Cameron sees Josie as Amanda. Josie asks Cameron to make love to her, she says she needs him so much. He says he needs her, too. Josie and Cameron make love on the beach.

After making love, Cameron and Josie realize just what they've done. Josie says it was all wrong, that she's still married to Gary. Cameron tries to make it alright by saying they needed each other, that they're hurting because they know Gary and Amanda are never coming back, and that's all that was, a way to try to stop the hurting. But, they agree, the hurting didn't stop.

Josie told Cameron that what they did was wrong. Cameron says it all feels unreal. They promise each other they'll never talk about it again. However, their conversation was overheard by Amanda, who somehow got out of the tunnel and was standing behind them on the beach.

Tuesday, September 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Jake and Vicki wake up in their room at the Naughty Pines hotel. Vicki starts feeling guilty about Marley. Vicki and Jake start discussing who they want their child to look like.

At the park, Marley asks Steven not to tell Vicki that she let Grant see Kirk. Steven cannot believe that his Aunt Marley was asking him to lie. Steven, Marley, and Kirk all go home and Marley told Steven that she wants to explain about Kirk and Grant. Marley says it was all an accident and she just wanted to make Kirk happy. Steven says his mom was going to find out, but Marley told Steven that she will take care of everything and he does not have to worry. After Steven went upstairs, Marley says she was so sorry. Marley calls Vicki and told her that she better come home. Vicki asks why and Marley says that something has happened. Vicki and Jake come home and Steven listens in as Marley told them that she and Kirk ran into Grant at the park. Steven walks in and Marley asks to speak with Vicki on the porch. Outside, Marley told Vicki that she did not exactly take Kirk away from Grant because Kirk was so happy to see his dad. Vicki becomes upset and told Marley if she had her own children she would know better. Vicki realizes what she said and apologizes. Marley says it was okay, she understands that Vicki was angry. Marley admits that it was her fault because she did not her foot down, but she feels she has lost Steven's respect.

Back inside, Steven told Jake that Aunt Marley was lying. Jake asks about what and Steven told Jake that Marley set up the meeting with Grant. Jake asks how he found out and Steven says he spied on them. Jake offers to drive Marley home and then asks her to level with him about what really happened with Grant.

Sofia went to see Etta Mae at the Lucky Lady and wants to help her clean up. Etta Mae asks if she has seen Matt and Sofia says she has, but only for a moment. Sofia starts telling Etta Mae how Lila seems to be taking up all of Matt's time. As Sofia complains, Zak shows up with good news. Sofia learns that she has a deal with a large publisher who wants to release Billy Rush's album. Zak told Sofia that she needs to make this decision tonight, but Sofia does not want to do it without Matt. Zak told Sofia that she needs to put the company first and be brave enough to make decisions on her own.

At the Cory mansion, Lila told Matt that she wishes she could take his pain away. Matt told Lila that he was angry that the rescue team has left Amanda for dead, but Rachel walks in and says she knows Amanda was not dead. Rachel gives this elegant speech about the bond she shares with her children and Lila told her that was the most beautiful thing she's heard. Lila says she was glad that her baby will have her as a grandmother and she hopes Rachel will help her raise her child like she raised Matt. Lila suddenly runs off and Rachel cannot believe it, but she was starting to feel warm and fuzzy about Lila.

On the beach, Josie makes Cameron promise never to tell what happened. Cameron gets dressed and, Amanda collapses onto the beach. Josie and Cameron help Amanda, who was dehydrated. Josie asks if Gary was okay, but all Amanda says was "damn both of you." Josie asks again if Gary was alive, but Amanda says she does not know. Josie asks Amanda to show her where Gary was and Cameron carries her. Josie starts digging through the tunnel where Amanda says Gary is. Amanda says she and Gary were trapped in a second cave-in and she does not know if Gary was alive. Cameron climbs into the tunnel and Amanda told Josie that the last thing Gary said was her name. Cameron pulls Gary out, but he was not breathing. Cameron and Josie perform CPR on Gary and bring him back. Ambulance sirens can be heard in the distance.

Gary and Amanda are taken to the hospital, but Gary will not wake up. Cameron wants to stay with Amanda, but she told him to leave and go see Gary. Cameron went to see Gary and the doctor told Josie and Cameron that Gary will be medi-vacked back to Bay City for tests, but there was a possibility that he may not wake up. As Josie sits with Gary, she remembers making love to Cameron and told Gary how sorry she is. Gary opens his eyes and says "Josie."

Cameron tries to explain to Amanda what happened on the beach with Josie. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her way to a telephone and calls Rachel. Rachel knew it was Amanda and she told Matt not to answer the telephone because it was for her. Later, Lila starts staring at Rachel as she talks to others on the telephone about Amanda. Lila happens to hear Rachel tell the person on the other end that she was starting to feel a little sorry for Lila.

Matt went to the Lucky Lady to see Sofia and tell her that Amanda was alive. Sofia and Matt embrace, which disappoints Zak, whose disappointment was noticed by Etta Mae.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

At the hospital, Gary told Josie that while he and Amanda were trapped in the tunnel, the only comfort he had was the fact Josie was with Cameron. Gary was eager to get back home with his beautiful wife. He told Josie that she was all he could vision while inside the tunnel, and that's what got him through. He then wanted to know if Cameron took good care of Josie. Gary pledged his love to Josie and suggested for them to try to make a baby again.

Amanda and Cameron fought in the lobby of the hospital. Cameron said he and Josie slept together out of comfort because they thought Gary and Amanda were dead. That wasn't good enough for Amanda. He told Amanda that Josie tried to kill herself because she didn't have a reason for living without Gary. "It was the saddest thing in the world." said Cameron. Amanda replied "What was sad was watching Alli's life flash in front of my eyes." Amanda told Cameron that as tough as she is, she would have given up a long time ago. It was Gary's will to get back to Josie that gave him the determination to dig his way out of the tunnel and to pull Amanda to safety.

Amanda ran out to the hospital crying. Cameron explained how they were grieving. He said "Everything Josie and I loved was dead." Amanda replied "How about lighting a candle or saying a prayer. There are other ways of dealing with grief. Taking your clothes off was not one of them." Gary tried to take Amanda back to the hospital, but Amanda threatened to tell Gary if she goes back.

Amanda passed out in Cameron's arms. Cameron brought Amanda back to the hospital. The doctor told Cameron to put Amanda on the bed. The other bed that was in Gary's room. When Cameron told the doctor that they went to the beach, Gary asked Josie why did Amanda want to leave. Josie and Cameron just looked at each other with guilt written all over them.

Joe made arrangements for Gary and Amanda to return to Bay City. Gary looked over at Amanda and said to her he was right. Gary and Josie and Cameron and Amanda will be happily ever after. Amanda reluctantly replied "Yeah. Let the good times role."

Joe returned home to Paulina. Paulina admired Rachel for never giving up hope in believing that Amanda was alive. "When does a bond between a mother and child begin." wondered Paulina. Joe wondered if this really had to do with Rachel and Amanda or Paulina and her mother, Maria. Paulina appreciated Joe for being sympathetic about her mother but knew he really didn't understand.

Jake tore in to Marley for not being the Marley that he knew and loved. He yelled at her for betraying her sister. Jake praised Vicky for being so forgiving. He then continued to yell at Marley for associating with Grant. "His only mission was to take Kirkland away." Jake said. Jake called Marley "Crazy", and that hit a soft spot. Marley started to cry admitting she was a fool. She told Jake how proud she was of the work she did in China and her love for children. She said she felt sorry that Grant and Kirkland couldn't see that much of each other. Jake and Marley went over to Grant and Cindy's.

Grant asked Cindy how the stuffed animal got ripped. Cindy replied, "Does it say 'Made in America' on it, because on the commercial it says that was really the only way of true quality." Grant said it was Kirkland's, and he didn't buy it for Cindy. Grant accused her of cutting the stuffed animal open. Cindy denied it. In a deep and horrifying voice, Grant told Cindy he remembers what it was like to be married to her and does not put it passed her to do something like this. When Cindy asked Grant how it was before. He told her that she tried to get between Grant and Kirkland. She didn't believe him because of the fact she picked out wall paper for Kirkland's room. Then she decided that even if she remembered hating Kirkland, at least she would remember something. So that would be a good thing knowing she was a real person and not a lifeless being. Cindy then flirted with Grant to persuade him to understand and get them on good terms again.

Just as Grant was somewhat flirting back, there was a knock at the door. It was Jake and Marley. Jake told Grant he was a dangerous screw-up. He threatened if Grant uses Marley again to work around the court's visitation schedule for Kirkland, he would go after him. Jake said what a nice person Marley was, and she was trying to do the right thing.

To cover up for Marley for his own benefit, Grant told Jake how tonight's meeting would be the one and only time that Marley would do anything for Grant, and if he were to do anything to manipulate the situation, she would go to Victoria. Grant then complimented Marley's strength and her honest emotional state. Jake threatened Grant to not try this again.

After Jake and Marley left, Grant said how shook up Marley seemed. Cindy replied "I don't know the women. If you say she was shaken up, then she was shaken up." After she left the room, Grant said he wouldn't trust the likes of her.

Jake and Marley returned home. They discussed the awkwardness between them and their relationship as brother-in-law and sister-in-law and ex-husband and ex- wife. He said he admired her and acknowledged how he screwed up with her when they were married. He also recognized her big heart.

Cindy went into the bedroom and decided to call Joe, since he hasn't returned her call. Joe told Cindy that Gary was alive and that he will be coming home soon, and that was why he hasn't called her. Cindy was excited and relieved for Gary. Just when Cindy told Joe she had something big, Grant opened the door to listen to who it was she was talking to. Cindy heard the door open and changed the conversation as though she did not know who she was talking to, because she doesn't remember anything about her life. Grant shut the door after Cindy hung up the phone. Cindy vowed to get her revenge on Grant.

Joe wondered if Cindy was crazy or putting on an act for Grant's benefit. Paulina suggested if that were the case, she should pay a visit to her old friend.

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Vicki awakes up and hears someone coming into the room. Assuming that it was Jake, Vicki playfully asks why he cannot get enough. Donna walks into the room.

Grant arrives at Marley's house to thank her for arranging the meeting between him and Kirkland. Marley told Grant that it will never happen again. Grant threatens that if she does not help him that he will tell everyone that Marley lied about last night's meeting.

Cyndi was sewing up the stuffed dog. Paulina comes over to tell Cyndi that her and Joe never want to hear from her again. Cyndi was ecstatic to see Paulina. Paulina remains angry at Cyndi for everything that has happened in the past. Cyndi told Paulina that she remembers everything. Cyndi tries to give Paulina the stuffed dog to take to Joe. Paulina does not want it. Cyndi says that Paulina needs to take it, that "my life depends on it." Cyndi tries to tell Paulina about Gary helping her before he left for Boca Lynda, but Paulina was not interested. Cyndi swears it was different this time because Grant will kill her.

Vicki says that she has had enough of Donna's "help" and told her that she knows that Donna wants to ruin her marriage to Jake.

While Marley and Grant are talking, Jake knocks on the door. Grant hides. Jake told Marley that he wanted to find out if she was okay today. Jake told Marley that he did not tell Vicki that Marley set up the meeting between Kirkland and Grant. Jake told Marley that she should tell Vicki. Marley was concerned about Vicki's reaction. Jake says that it will be okay because family forgives and moves on. Marley agrees to tell Vicki what she did. Jake gives her the muffins and tea that he brought over for her and leaves. Grant told Marley that she was going to help him convince Vicki to let him take Kirkland to Italy.

Gary has been listed critical, alive. Amanda will be back when Gary was stable enough to fly. Rachel says that she maybe she will have a family dinner to welcome Amanda back home. Lila suggests having a band meet the plane, a police escort to the house, and a huge party to welcome Amanda home. Rachel disagrees. Lila wants to know exactly what "broke" means and offers to help in any way that she can. Rachel says that unless Lila can come up with $50,000 to meet the Cory Publishing payroll, that the best thing that she can do was to go take a nap and to take care of the baby. Rachel leaves the room. Lila places a call to Kevin Marks, a reporter that wanted to do an exclusive on Shane.

Marley threatens to tell Vicki that Grant was planning to kidnap Kirkland. Grant says that he was not going to kidnap Kirkland. He was just going to Italy for a week, as part of a mayoral exchange with Bay City's sister city. Grant says that for Marley to be able to convince Vicki should be a piece of cake.

Donna tries to defend herself and says that she has no idea what Vicki was talking about. Vicki does not believe Donna. Donna says that she does what Vicki to be happy and that she would never do anything to mess that up. Vicki says that she was confused and that things have been tense between them. Donna struggles with whether or not to tell Vicki about the "accident", but decides not to. Vicki thanks Donna for coming by. Donna says that they will talk tomorrow and leaves. Vicki calls Marley and says that if she did not know better that she would think that Marley had been lying about Donna.

Paulina takes the dog and Cyndi answers the door. Grant has hired a male nurse named Bruno, to take care of Cyndi. Cyndi, of course, was suspicious. Cyndi, again, tries to apologize to Paulina for all of the wrongs that she has done to her family. Paulina still will not believe Cyndi and hands the dog back. Cyndi says that this time Grant will pay for what he has done. Grant walks in the door.

The doorbell rings at the Cory Mansion. Lila answers the door. It was Cass, clearly Lila was expecting someone else. Cass says that he was there to see Rachel, to give her an update on the missing Cory funds. Lila almost attacks Cass because she thinks that he has found the money. Lila told Cass that Rachel may not be back for hours and so that he should not wait. Lila told Cass that she knows what his problem is. He has no faith in her. The doorbell rings again. It was Kevin. Kevin told Cass that he was from Double-Exposure, Channel 8 at 8.

Cyndi runs into Grant's arms, acting excited to see him. Grant greets Paulina. Cyndi pretends not to know Paulina and says that she came to see Grant. Paulina decides to leave and Grant told Cyndi that Paulina was bad news. Grant told Cyndi that he has to go away for a week, so he has made a list of people she should not see.

Cass was angry that Lila was going to sell the Cory story to the tabloids for money. Rachel comes home and asks what was going on here. Cass asks Lila if she would like to tell Rachel, or should he? Lila says that they are here to shoot Amanda's homecoming. Rachel told the entire crew to get out. Lila told Rachel that they are going to pay them $50,000. Rachel told them to get out anyway. Rachel told Lila that this was not about trying to help Cory Publishing out. Lila says she was just trying to do her part for the family, since she was a part of it now. Rachel says that the baby was a part of the family, but that Lila was not. Rachel walks out and Lila told Cass that she will get what she wants, which was to be a part of this family.

Marley comes over to see Vicki and they talk. Marley pretends to be happy for her and says that Donna was just pretending. Marley told Vicki that they have to talk about Grant. Marley told her sister that she set up the meeting between him and Kirkland. Marley talks with Vicki about Steven, Kirkland, and her concern about their situation. Marley says that Kirkland does not trust that grownups will stick around, so she thought it would be best if he saw Grant for a bit. Marley begs Vicki not to cut the boys out of her life, but Vicki says she would never do that. Vicki told Marley that she may be right. She has been punishing Grant, but maybe she was punishing Kirkland at the same time. Marley suggests that Vicki let Grant and Kirkland go on a trip and spend some time together.

Marley returns home and Donna stops by to see her. Donna told Marley that she tried to tell Vicki about the hit-and-run, but she could not bring herself to do it.

Paulina went home to see Joe and told him about her odd meeting with Cyndi. Paulina says that Cyndi really does seem afraid of something, so Joe agrees to check it out.

Jake drops by to see Paulina to find out about Amanda. Paulina knows that Jake wants a favor. Jake says that he wants her to occupy Marley. Paulina asks what was bothering him and Jake admits that he feels like Marley was hiding something.

Joe stops by Grant's place to see Cyndi. Cyndi manages to convince Bruno to get them some coffee. Once Bruno was gone, Cyndi told Joe that she has the proof to nail Grant. Joe asks where the proof is, but when Cyndi tries to get the stuffed dog, she finds that it was gone!

Grant stops by to see Vicki and thanks her for letting him take Kirkland to Italy. Jake returns home and was angry that Vicki was letting Grant take Kirkland. Vicki manages to convince Jake that Kirkland needs this. Grant told Kirkland the good news and then gives him the stuffed dog.

Friday, September 4, 1998

Cass discusses Lila's attempt to raise money for the Corys with Felicia. She told him he's fallen for her, because every time he talks about her he gets a certain "look". She also says Lila gets the same look when she's talking about Cass.

Amanda and Gary are transferred to the hospital in Bay City. Amanda dreams about Cameron and Josie kissing passionately. When she wakes up, Cameron was sitting at her bedside. She was still furious and orders him to leave.

Josie tries to explain to Gary what happened between her and Cameron. She told him that she tried to drown herself in the ocean. Gary said it was a good thing Cameron was there. Gary asks to see Cameron. When Josie went to Amanda's room to get him, Amanda lashes out at them both. They leave. While in the hallway, they argue about whether or not to tell Gary what happened.

Matt and Sophia try to spend some time together to celebrate their business success, but Lila interrupts and ends up getting Matt to go to the hospital with her to see Amanda and Gary.

Felicia keeps telling Cass that he and Lila have feelings for each other. He protests the idea vigorously. Felicia points out that he was protesting too much.

Rachel and Amanda have a happy reunion at the hospital. Amanda told her that it was Rachel and Mac's strength that made her keep fighting. Rachel reminds her that it was also Cameron that saved her life.

Josie told Cameron that they can no longer keep what they did a secret now that Amanda knows. However, they should probably wait until Gary was a little stronger before they tell him. Cameron warns her to think of all the possible consequences before she told him. He then went in to see Gary and the brothers hug.

Sophia seeks Felicia's advice on how to handle Lila. Felicia advises her to fight fire with fire. She also accidentally lets Sophia know about the possibility of Cass and Lila as a couple.

Cameron and Gary do a lot of talking about their past and what happened with their father. Gary told Cameron he's a better man than he thought. He said that one thing that helped him when he was trapped in the tunnel was knowing Cameron was with Josie and taking care of her. He asks Cameron to keep supporting her until he's strong enough to get out of the hospital.

Josie asks Amanda not to tell anyone what she knows about her and Cameron, especially Gary, because he's not strong enough yet to handle that kind of news. She tries to explain it to Amanda, but she won't believe any of it. Josie reminds Amanda that Cameron loves her, and if it hadn't been for him, Scott would have killed Amanda. Josie begs Amanda not to take out her anger on Gary or Cameron, to only take it out on her. Amanda says she isn't going to make any promises about what she'll say, and orders Josie to leave.

Lila was visiting Gary when Sophia has her paged to go to the chapel. She then calls Cass and told him she's a nurse at the hospital and that Lila was in the chapel very upset and asking for him. Then Matt shows up. He told Sophia he can't find Lila, and they're late for their Lamaze class.

Lila and Cass meet in the chapel, and each accuses the other of setting up the meeting. Angry, Lila tries to leave, but the doorknob breaks off.

Amanda leaves the hospital, and Cameron and Josie are arguing in the hall when Gary was wheeled by. He asks her what they were arguing about. She tries to just brush it off, but Gary reminds her that they promised not to keep anything from each other anymore. He asks her to tell him, and she says she'll tell him everything.

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