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Cass and Lila kissed. Amanda couldn't forgive Cameron for sleeping with Josie. Josie couldn't admit her indiscretion with Cameron to Gary. Vicky was upset to find she wasn't really pregnant. Jake met with Marley to discuss Marley's love letter to him.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AW
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September 14, 1998
Monday, September 7, 1998

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Cass and Lila try in vain to get themselves out of the chapel. Meanwhile, Matt was worrying about her and the baby because she was late for Lamaze class. Sofia tries to ease Matt's worries. She says she knows where Lila is. She told him that she heard Lila was paged for a meeting. Matt was still angry; he thinks Lila should have let him know so he wouldn't worry about her. Then Sofia says that Lila was paged to the chapel.

Cass and Lila squabble as they are trapped together. Cass told her she's afraid to be alone with him, that it could force her to face her feelings for him. She turns it around on him and says it's he who can't face his feelings.

Lila starts complaining about a funny feeling in her stomach. Cass says he's going to have to break down the door then. He starts crashing into the door until he pretends to pass out. Lila frets over him, and was about to admit her feelings when Cass smiles and she sees he was only faking. She's angry, but Cass says she was faking, too. Cass kisses her, then Lila kisses him back passionately. Suddenly, Matt and Sofia enter the chapel.

Matt asks for an explanation, and Lila pushes Cass away and tries to pretend nothing happened other than the fact that they were trapped. Matt lets off some steam telling her how worried he was when she didn't show up for Lamaze class because she was there fooling around with Cass. Matt leaves in anger because she had a commitment to him and to the baby to be at class. Sofia leaves with him. Lila was furious at Cass because she still thinks he set the whole thing up. He swears on a bible that he was not the one who had her paged.

Lila chases Matt and tries to explain, but he doesn't believe her. Cass continues to deny being responsible. Sofia shocks everybody by admitting she set the whole thing up. She explains that Lila was taking over Matt's life and thought that if she had someone else of her own, she'd give up on trying to get Matt. Cass and Lila scold her, saying the baby could have been in danger. Matt reluctantly sides with them on that issue. But Sofia sticks up for herself, saying she's only playing by the same rules as Lila. She says she's tired of being the good girl and getting nowhere. Then she leaves.

Cass finds Sofia in the chapel. She says to go ahead and tell her how he feels, that she deserves it, but that she really didn't think Cass would mind. Cass says he's pulled a few schemes of his own. What she did wasn't so bad, it was just surprising to learn it came from her. Cass suspects Felicia had a hand in all this. Sofia tries to deny it, but Cass doesn't believe her, and says that it's now payback time for Felicia.

Cameron and Amanda meet in the park. Amanda admits to Cameron that she is still in love with him.

Josie tries to tell Gary what happened between her and Cameron. As she is telling him, he suddenly loses consciousness. Chris and Toni arrive to visit Gary as the doctors are working on him. Josie fears that after everything that's happened, she could still lose Gary. The doctor says Gary has had a severe drop in blood pressure. It could mean internal bleeding. They will have to operate on him right away. Josie asks Chris to find Cameron. She says Gary was going to need his brother.

Amanda told Cameron that just because she still loves him, it doesn't make things any easier. In fact, it just makes the pain that much worse. Cameron tries to explain what happened with Josie. Although she says that logically it makes sense, it doesn't change the fact that after all she went through she found him making love to another woman and that nothing will ever take that picture out of her mind. She told him to just let it go, but he says he can't give up on her. She says he already gave up on her when she was in the tunnel. She says that if he and Josie were so grief-stricken, they would have cried or screamed, but they wouldn't have made love. This leads her to conclude they've been having an affair all along. She thinks that the whole time Josie was telling her to stay away from Cameron, she was not telling her to look out for herself, but to stay away from her man. Cameron denies it, he says anything between him and Josie before Boca Linda was only a job. Then Chris finds Cameron and told him Gary needs him at the hospital.

Toni tries to reassure Josie that it was her faith in Gary that makes a marriage last. But that reminds Josie of what she did with Cameron. Josie wants to confess to Toni, but they're interrupted by the doctor. He says the surgery went well, but Gary will have to be watched closely. Cameron and Amanda arrive, and Chris and Toni leave. Josie told Cameron and Amanda that Gary was too weak to take the news of what happened in Boca Linda. They have to wait until he was stronger to tell him.

Gary wakes up. He told Josie they made it, and they'll always be together now. He says he's never letting go of Josie now, and that Cameron and Amanda should never let go of each other either. "We won't", Cameron told him, and he takes Amanda's hand.

Gary asks Josie what she was about to tell him before, but she says it wasn't important.

After Amanda leaves, Cameron follows and again tries to explain that there was no affair between him and Josie. He says he loved Amanda then and he still loves her now. She says that's his problem, because they're through. He told he until she comes to her senses, nothing he says will get through to her. She says no, it won't. He told her she'll have to figure it out for herself then.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Bruno brought Cyndi breakfast. Cyndi says to herself that she needs to ditch Bruno so that she can talk to Gary.

Josie was talking to Gary (who was still sleeping). Gary wakes up suddenly. He says that he could not breathe because he thought that he had lost Josie. A nurse comes in and says that she will stay with Gary so that Josie can go get some coffee. Josie went into the hallway and starts crying, "What have I done to him?"

Remy was working at Carlino's and told Paulina that she has messed things up with Nick, as usual. Remy says that she will just stick to work for now. Paulina says to herself, not a chance. Nick comes in to Carlino's for breakfast. Paulina talks to Nick about Remy. Nick admits that he likes Remy.

Jake was upset because "The Love Lady" quit. Vicki comes in and drags Jake into his office, she says that she has something to show him. Vicki says that they have a limited time span in which to make their baby and that time was running short. Vicki opens her raincoat and Jake was shocked. Apparently, there was nothing under her raincoat.

Marley comes in and asks Chris where Jake is. Chris says that Jake was in his office.

Vicki told Jake that he was seriously overdressed and starts undressing him. He says that everyone was out in the newsroom. She says that it was okay because she locked the door. Marley knocks on the door and Jake lets her in. Jake was supposed to take Marley to the doctor. Vicki offers to take her instead. Jake suggests that she go home and change because the forecast was no longer calling for rain. Marley says that she does not need Vicki to take her but would like Jake to take her. Jake told the office staff that he will be gone for one hour to take Marley to her doctor's appointment. Vicki reminds him what was under her raincoat and Jake changes it to two hours.

Cyndi fakes anaphylactic shock or choking so Bruno rushes off to call an ambulance. At the hospital, Cyndi ditches Bruno and sneaks in to see Gary.

Suddenly, Dante's baby-sitter hurt her hand and Paulina has to take her to the hospital. Paulina leaves Remy in charge and told her to ask Nick for help if need be. Remy starts screwing up and Nick eventually asks her if she wants his help or not. Remy was worried that she was going to lose her job because she cannot handle the breakfast crowd.

Cyndi manages to wake Gary up. Cyndi told Gary that she was very worried about him. Then she told him that they will get Grant and that he will pay for everything that he has done to all of them. Josie and Gary's nurse walk in. Josie was very upset to find Cyndi talking to Gary. Josie says that Gary needs to rest and that anything that Cyndi has to tell him can wait.

After the meeting with the doctor, Marley was unsure if she should have the last procedure to remove her scars. Jake encourages her to have it and says they can celebrate afterwards. Marley, very rudely, told her nurse that she does not need anymore surgery. Tyrone bumps into Marley, literally.

Jake says why should they go upstairs when they have a perfectly good floor right here. Vicki agrees.

Marley asks Tyrone why he always shows up when she was at her worst. She told Tyrone that more surgery will not fix anything. The man that she loves was in love with someone else. Tyrone suggests that "Marney" write a letter to the man that she loves.

Gary says that Cyndi should stay. Josie says that Gary needs to recover. Out in the hallway, Bruno and Joe find Cyndi. Joe asks Cyndi why she was there. She automatically went into her ditzy mode. Bruno says that it was just a false alarm. Cyndi told Joe that he should visit Gary, Grant's friend. Cyndi runs from Bruno and he follows. Josie comes out into the hallway and talks to Joe about Cyndi. Joe was starting to draw the correct conclusion and begins to make sense of the stuff that Cyndi was saying.

Nick and Remy managed to keep all of the customers satisfied. Nick told Remy that she looks cute with mustard on her nose. Remy smears mustard on Nick's face. In retaliation, Nick wipes ketchup on Remy's face. They both end up apologizing for the things that they have done to hurt each other.

Jake and Vicki are at home kissing.

Marley went to the newspaper and into Jake's office. She types a letter to him on his computer. Marley says that she would do anything for Jake's love and asks him if he loves her. Then she prints the letter out, signs it, puts it in an envelope, and leaves it on his desk.

Gary says that he was enjoying the peace and quiet. Josie apologizes for Cyndi coming in and bothering him. Gary says that he made it through the tunnel because he knew that Josie was waiting for him. Josie says that she was just glad that they can finally be alone. Gary says that he loves her so much and that after he gets out of the hospital he wants to prove it to her every day for the rest of their lives.

Remy told Nick that she got the idea to keep a file on him from a book, she gets most of her ideas from books, she says. Nick says that he was beginning to know who Remy is. Paulina and Joe come into Carlino's and are impressed that Remy took care of everything so well. Nick and Remy hug.

Jake was trying to convince Chris to be "The Love Lady." Chris says that he will do it one time only. Jake wants to read some of the letters before Chris takes them away. Jake starts reading the letter that Marley wrote. Chris and Jake make fun of the letter. When Jake gets to his name he stops, and says that their readers would not be interested in hearing this letter. Jake then sticks the letter into a notepad. Vicki comes in and wants to use the telephone. While she was on the telephone, she writes directions on a notepad. The notepad was the same one that Jake used to hide Marley's letter.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Rachel sat in the livingroom in complete disbelief about Carl's dishonesty. She refused to believe that he did this to her and to Cory Publishing.

Rachel asked Paulina to help her figure out what was wrong with Amanda. Paulina made it obvious that she had no sympathy for Amanda. Rachel convinced Paulina to help her get Cameron over to the Cory mansion so they can get Amanda and Cameron back together.

At Carlino's Matt leaned on Sofia's shoulder. Both showed a little concern for Lila and her baby and wondered about the relationship between Lila and Cass. Just as the two were kissing, Lila walked in passing Felicia and Cass and interrupting Matt and Sofia. Lila wants to throw a welcome home party for Amanda. Matt thought that was a bad idea. He knows Amanda was not up for a party after everything she has been through. Matt finally agreed to her party idea but warned her to check with Rachel first. Lila agreed and then got a compliment from Sofia for her idea.

Zack walked in and told Matt and Lila that some radio station might be willing to play their song on the radio.

Also at Carlino's, Cass accused Felicia of conning Sofia into locking Lila and him up. Felicia tried to turn the conversation around by bringing up his feelings for Lila. Cass questioned her loyalty to him and their friendship. Felicia reminded him of what she did to stall and ruin Lila's wedding in the name of friendship. Felicia finally confessed that she may have mentioned it to Sofia. Now she wanted Cass to be honest about his feelings towards Lila. He finally slipped when he said he couldn't deny her accusation that Felicia made about his feelings.

Felicia told Cass that Lila was in love with him too. Cass said of course she is because all women are in love with him. Only Lila wouldn't admit it. So Felicia decided to ask Lila. Felicia brought Lila over to the table and tried to ask Lila about her feelings. Cass prevented her from doing so. Lila told them about the party she was planning.

Rachel walked in to Carlino's and was greeted by Lila. Rachel told Lila to call her "Rachel" instead of "Mrs. Hutchins." So Lila did. As she started to talk to Rachel, Rachel walked over to Cass and Felicia leaving Lila standing there. Rachel informed them about her board meeting at Cory Publishing and how she plans to prevent a strike among the employees. Cass and Felicia offered their help, but Rachel said it was not needed at this time. When Rachel got up Lila made a second attempt to talk to Rachel and succeeded. Rachel shot down the idea due to no time.

Rachel went over to Matt and reminded him about the board meeting with the union. He forgot, and therefore he would miss the meeting with the deejay. Zack and Matt convined Sofia that she could handle the meeting without Matt. Lila wished Zack and Sofia luck as they exited Carlino's.

Sofia and Zack met the deejay, "The Iceberg", at the Lucky Lady. Sofia was not overly excited with the way their meeting turned out. But Zack chose to differ. Sofia called Matt, who was at the Cory mansion, and she told him that Iceberg was going to play their song over the radio. Suddenly she became excited. Matt shared his news with Lila. Sure enough Iceberg played the song recorded by Billy Rush.

To Josie's and Gary's surprise, Joe told Amanda and Cameron to meet at the hospital with Josie in Gary's room so that Dana, assistant district attorney, can hear their story to clear Cameron of all charges for Carl's murder. The four of them had no knowledge of Joe's reasoning to meet there until Joe arrived. Before he did though, Gary questioned the way Cameron and Amanda said hello to each other noticing the tension between them. So Cameron and Amanda gave each other a forced and unenjoyed hug for Gary's benefit.

When Joe arrived and told them his plan, Amanda was reluctant to giving a statement to free Cameron. Dana started to question Amanda. Dana became more hostile when questioning Cameron about hitting Joe, fleeing the country, and not telling anyone where he was going. Just then, Josie snapped at Dana jumping to Cameron's defense. Gary defended Dana to Josie and wondered why she was suddenly tearing into Dana. Dana then questioned the relationship between Josie and Cameron. Gary responded that he and Josie are happily married. Cameron and Josie tried to get around the question of being romantically involved.

Finally, Cameron shouted that the interview was over and asked Dana to take him in to custody. Joe stepped in and tried to clear everything up. Dana accused Cameron of having the missing money from Cory Publishing. Gary then jumped in and defended his brother. Dana then asked Amanda if she had anything to add. Amanda hesitated and replied, "Should I?" Joe said that that was everything. Amanda said it was painful to talk about. Finally Amanda spoke to defend Cameron and said that she was alive because of Cameron. The interrogation was finally over.

Outside the hospital room, Josie, Amanda, Joe, and Cameron talked about what just happened. Amanda left abruptly with Joe's permission. Joe wondered what was wrong and if she was okay. Joe knew that Josie and Cameron knew what was wrong with Amanda. They weren't talking and Josie told Joe she and Cameron are too worried about Gary to discuss Amanda. Paulina showed up and told Cameron Rachel was very grateful to him for saving Amanda's life.

Joe confronted Josie and told her she was not herself. Josie wanted more time off. Joe granted her wish.

Rachel sensed Amanda was uptight when she returned home. While Matt, Lila, and Rachel listened to the Billy Rush song on the radio, Paulina and Cameron walked in. Matt thanked Cameron for saving his sister's life. Amanda then walked in, and she and Cameron's eyes met...

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Amanda asks Cameron what he was doing in her house. Cameron says that Rachel asked him to come. Rachel shows up and Amanda was angry with her. Suddenly, everyone shows up for the party that Lila planned. Paulina asks why they are all here and they say they were invited to the party. Rachel was clueless about the party and asks Lila if this was her doing. Lila says she thought that Rachel approved of the party, but Rachel says she said it was not the time to plan this. However, Rachel says maybe they should have the party. Cameron decides to leave, but Amanda says her mom wants him to stay. Cameron told Amanda that he will not come by again, but Amanda says his words do not carry much weight with her these days. Cameron says he will wait until the day that she believes in him again. Amanda told Cameron to stay because her mom will get suspicious if he leaves. Amanda was cold to Cameron, which Paulina does not understand and yells at her to give him a break. Everyone senses Amanda's unhappiness and Rachel told Lila that she should not have planned this party. Lila apologizes, but Rachel says that Lila still does not get the point.

Felicia and Cass have another argument about Lila. Cass accuses her of setting up the party just to push him and Lila together. Felicia leaves to see Gary. Cass talks with Lila and told her that Rachel will never accept her into the Cory family. Cass and Lila get into a huge argument and Lila eventually pushes Cass into the swimming pool.

Cameron was about to leave when Joe told him that Dana Kramer was going to suggest dropping the charges against him. Cameron leaves and Joe asks Amanda what went on between the two of them in Boca Lynda.

Chris gets more mail for "The Love Lady." Chris told the secretary that he does not want anyone to know that he was "The Love Lady." Toni sees "The Love Lady" article on Chris' desk and told him that yesterday's "Love Lady" column was the worst one she has ever read. Toni starts laughing about the column and Chris takes it hard. Jake shows up and Chris told him that Toni said that yesterday's "The Love Lady" column bites. Jake says that they had a substitute Love Lady and Toni says she wishes he had told her that. Toni has to go and Chris told Jake to find a new Love Lady. Jake says he cannot and Chris says Toni will not like him if she finds out the truth. Jake says he thinks that Toni will think it was a hoot.

In his office, Jake scrambles to find the notepad where he stuffed Marley's letter. At home, Vicki learns she's pregnant and decides to go tell Jake.

Marley was at her place and was wondering why Jake has not called yet. Marney begins to torment Marley by saying if Jake reads the letter than she will have no future with him. Jake shows up to see Marley and told her that he read her letter. Jake told Marley he was wrong for marrying Vicki. That Vicki was a poor substitute for Marley. Marley snaps out of her daydream when Jake calls her and says he got her letter. Jake asks if they can have dinner and talk. Marley says okay and says she can make something for them. Jake says that he will bring something, but they can eat at her place. Later, Jake continues to search for Marley's letter.

Vicki shows up at the Herald and shows Jake her pregnancy test. They are going to have a baby! Vicki suggests they go out to celebrate, but Jake has plans with Marley and cannot. Jake told her that he has a meeting tonight that he cannot put off, but they can celebrate tomorrow night. Marley begins to plan a romantic dinner when Vicki stops by. Vicki says Jake has to work late and wants to know if she would like to go to dinner. Marley thinks Jake was lying to Vicki about her, which she loves. Marley told Vicki she cannot go to dinner tonight because she has plans. Vicki realizes Marley was planning something special and Vicki told her to enjoy whatever it was that she has planned.

Vicki returns home, still unaware that she has Marley's letter in her purse. Meanwhile, Jake shows up at Marley's place and sees that she has prepared a candlelight dinner. Jake told Marley that he told her that he would bring something and that she really did not need to cook. Marley says that she did not want reheated take-out.

Josie was still by Gary's side, when he told her that she does not look well and should go home and rest. Josie says she does not want to go home without him. Gary says that he knows that she and Cameron have grown close and she has made him realize that if his wife believes in his brother, than he should too. Felicia comes in to see Gary and realizes that Josie has a fever. Felicia told Josie that she was going to take her home because she does not want to make Gary sick. Cameron shows up to see Gary and told him that the charges against him may be dropped. Gary told Cameron that he wants Cameron to stay at the house (the couch folds out), and take care of Josie.

Friday, September 11, 1998

Josie has a nightmare about Gary finding out about her and Cameron. In the dream, he was furious with her and accuses her of giving up on him.

At the hospital, Gary asks Cameron to take care of Josie. He tries to back out of it, but finally agrees.

Joe questions Amanda about the distance between her and Cameron. Joe tells her that he knows how a traumatic experience was hard to get over, but she told him he doesn't know everything that happened. He advises her not to push Cameron away.

Marley prepares a special dinner for Jake, thinking that he feels the same way about her as she feels about him. He told her they need to talk. She says not yet, then kisses him. Jake stops the kiss and insists they need to talk. Marley keeps talking about starting over with Jake, but he told her straight out that he loves Vicky and was completely committed to her. His love for Marley was in the past. Marley was visibly upset and told Jake to leave. He says he cares about her and doesn't want to leave her alone like that. She says the only time in her life that she was happy was when she was with him. Jake says he was happy then, too, but he loves Vicky now. Jake feels guilty about his past life with Marley, and how he destroyed their marriage. Marley asks him why he didn't just let her die in the fire at the hospital. He says he couldn't imagine a world without her, and if he'd let her die, it would be more guilt than he could live with. Marley says the only reason she didn't die was so she could be with him.

Vicky told Paulina and Etta Mae that she might be pregnant. They are very happy for her and Jake, but question why he isn't there to celebrate with her.

Amanda visits Gary. She told him he's the only one she can talk to about Boca Linda, because he's the only one who understands. He told her Cameron would understand, too. But then he told her he sent Cameron to take care of Josie while she was sick, because he didn't want her to be alone.

Josie told Cameron she's afraid Gary will find out what happened. Cameron says he is, too. But, he says, if Gary does find out, he wants to take full responsibility; he doesn't want their marriage ruined because of it. But she says Gary would never believe she wasn't equally responsible, especially with her past.

Marley told Jake that he was the one who made her fall in love with him in the first place. Then he did it again rescuing her in the fire. Jake says all he wanted to do for the past few months was to keep her from getting hurt, and that the way it has turned out was the last thing he wanted. She told him he does always hurt her again and again, but that she always returned to him. He says he never meant to hurt her, not even way back when he raped her. He asks her if the rape was really what this was all about. He says they never really talked about it. He says rape was unforgivable, but she says he has been forgiven, that she could never go on hating him. He says he still hasn't forgiven himself. He says she should hate him, she should want revenge, she should want to take away the life that makes him happy now. But she insists that was not what this was all about; it's about a second chance to love each other, and that she's not going to give up on that. He says they can't see each other anymore then, because that chance will never happen and he doesn't want to hurt her. But she insists he'll come back to her, he always does.

Vicky was disappointed to discover she wasn't actually pregnant. Paulina encourages her to go away with Jake and try again, but Vicky says they'd probably end up taking Marley. She vents some of her frustrations about Marley, then feels bad for talking like that. She says she feels like Marley isn't the same anymore. But she doesn't think it's a serious problem. Suddenly, she says she can feel that there's something wrong with Marley.

Gary talks with Amanda about the strong connection between Josie and Cameron, and how it used to bother him because he thought they were having an affair, even though he knows Josie would never cheat on him. Gary says it bothered him that she always took Cameron's side, but that she said she felt a connection to him. Then when she found out they were brothers, it all made sense.

Jake told Marley that in the past he did keep drawing her back, but then when she went to China, he finally let her go. He thought he'd become a better man, but now that he sees her in pain he's not so sure. She says she'll wait for him, but he told her not to, because it'll never happen. She says he's her only reason for living. He told her not to put herself through this for him, that he's the one who should pay for what he did to her in the past. She told him if he wants to pay, she was going to keep living in their old house, and he can go on back and live what should be their life together with her sister.

Josie was overwhelmed with guilt and fear of losing Gary. Cameron hugs her to comfort her and told her Gary loves her and she has to trust that love. Amanda sees them hugging through the window.

Marley told Jake that even though she can't make him love her, she will wait for him. He told her not to, to go on with her life. But she insists she has no life without him and asks him to go and leave her alone. He says he can't do that. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Vicky.

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