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Lila told Stark she was done spying on the Cory family. Jake began to suspect Marley had Vicky. Matt was shaken by a fax from Sophia. Cass kissed Lila. Tito hid the message about meeting Remy's birth mother from Remy.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on AW
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Monday, December 7, 1998

After the doctors recognize Cameron, he pretends they have him mistaken for someone else. The doctors seem to buy this explanation, but when they're alone, Gary and Amanda ask him what's going on. Jake reads Vicky's "confession", but doesn't believe it. Marley points out that it was Vicky's handwriting. Jake agrees, but thinks someone forced Vicky to write it. He starts to call Joe to have the letter checked for fingerprints. Marley picks up the letter so there's an excuse for her prints being on it. Jake freaks out when he sees her holding the letter.

Cindy walks into Grant's room as he was on the phone asking to speak to Joe about Vicky. She gets a nurse, who told Grant there's no cell phones allowed in the hospital and takes it away from him. Grant demands to have a phone for his room. Cindy told the nurse he's too upset and asks her to give him a sedative.

Jake berates Marley for contaminating the letter with her prints. She says she was trying to connect with Vicky because she had touched the letter, too. She says that when she touched the letter, she felt like Vicky was telling the truth.

Gary thinks Cameron had been investigating the baby sellers on his own. He asks Cameron why he would keep secrets from him. The doctor asks to speak to Cameron alone. He confronts Cameron, but Cameron covers by saying Amanda was really his wife, and Josie was a woman with whom he's having an affair. The doctor seems to believe this, but says his secrecy will raise the price of the adoption.

Grant tries to get Cindy to help him by telling her he doesn't want Kirkland to grow up without his mother, like he did. He asks her to get Joe, but the nurse comes in with the sedative. He pleads with her not to give it to him.

When Vicky hears someone come in the house, she calls to Jake through the intercom. However, it's not Jake, it's Marley. She's not happy that Vicky rewired the intercom, and rips out the wires that transmit, so that once again Vicky can only hear on the intercom, but can't speak over it. Marley told her that Jake read the letter and believed it. Vicky asks whether Jake threw the letter away or kept it. Jake and Donna discuss the fact that the letter just might be for real. Jake was thinking that if it is, the best thing he can do to protect Vicky was to get rid of it.

Despite Grant's pleas, the nurse sedates him. He continues to beg Cindy to help him as the drug takes effect. He wants her to tell Joe to watch out for Marley.

Marley won't tell Vicky what Jake did with the letter. Vicky says she just wants to make sure that Grant doesn't see it, because he knows that she didn't shoot him. Marley says Grant won't be a problem, because he can't talk, he promised not to. Vicky says Donna might talk when she regains her memory, or Jake will find out. She plays on Marley's paranoia. Marley gets angry, but Vicky tries to convince her that all the lies are falling apart. When the phone rings, Vicky says someone's been calling all day, and Marley runs off to answer it. It's Cindy, and she told Marley that Grant will talk sooner or later, and that she wants out of the scheme. Marley freaks out. Cindy told her that she's nuts and was on her own. Marley starts hearing voices, Jake's and Vicky's, and screams for everyone to shut up.

The doctor calls Cameron. He says he's been in touch with his other clients, and that they can meet him tonight. Cameron agrees to this and they set up a meeting place. Josie listens in as the doctor makes another call. He told someone that the meeting was set, but that it's too bad they won't live to tell about it.

Marley calms down and tries to get Cindy to keep drugging Grant. Cindy says that won't work much longer, he'll have to wake up sometime. But she agrees to keep him quiet until Marley can think of something else. Out of ideas, Marley calls Jordan Stark for help.

Steven finds and reads Vicky's letter. He believes it and was upset. Jake told him the letter was a fake. Steven says the letter could get her in a lot of trouble. He wants to burn the letter, but Jake says he has to give it to Joe, because it might help them find Vicky. No one has noticed the red flag in the envelope yet.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

At the Cory mansion, Lila gets a phone call from Stark. He asks her why she wasn't at their appointment. She makes a excuse and says that she was sleeping. He yells at her saying if she can't even keep a simple appointment then how was she able to spy on the Cory's? Lila told him that she was not going to spy on them anymore because they are her family now and she hangs up. Stark was furious at her. Zak comes in and wonders why they can't just leave her alone. Stark says they are going to find what they came to look for.

Cameron and Amanda are at the drop-off point waiting for their contact with the baby. Josie was frantically trying to get a hold of Gary to tell him that Cameron and Amanda are in danger but she can't find him. While, they are waiting for their contact, Amanda and Cameron start talking. She wonders how he can keep his emotions out of this case. He told her not to let it get personal. She says she can't imagine what the mother was going through, giving up her own flesh and blood. Just then they hear something and see someone.

Back at the Cory mansion, Lila just hung up with Stark and Cass comes out. He says he can see fear in her eyes. He tries to get her to tell her what was wrong, but the doorbell rings. It's Zak. Cass was not pleased that Zak was at the door. He says anytime he shows up, somebody's life went wrong. Lila gets Cass to leave so she can talk to Zak. She told Zak to get Stark off her back. She doesn't want to do things for him anymore but she doesn't want him to take her baby again. Zak told her to just get some rest and everything will be better in the morning.

At the drop-off point, Cameron and Amanda go to their contact. He hands them the baby and they give him the money. Amanda unwraps the blanket to find a doll inside. The contact runs off and Gary and Josie come in. Gary takes Amanda to the side and Cameron looks up to see some construction stuff about to fall on him and Josie. He knocks her out of the way.

Back at the Cory's, Lila was holding Jasmine and falls asleep. She has the same dream that she had right before she found Jasmine. The one where she was in the forest and Jasmine was in the tree. Right when Jasmine falls, she wakes up. The only problem was Jasmine was no longer in her arms. She starts screaming for Jasmine and Matt and Rachel come in. Rachel starts to call Joe and Matt looks outside while Claudia looks upstairs. Just then, Lila hears music and checks the bassinet, where Jasmine was sleeping. Matt tries to get Lila to go to sleep but she says she will stay downstairs while him and Rachel go over papers for Cory, now that funds are being transferred from their investor. While, they are talking, Lila eavesdrops and writes stuff down. When Matt and Rachel are done, Matt talks Lila into going upstairs. Instead, she leaves.

At Lumina, Stark and Zak are talking. Zak told Stark he wants to know everything there was to know. Stark says in due time he will learn. But, he has to show it by actions, not talking. If he isn't willing to take time and not question everything then he can leave. But Stark assures him they will find out what they came for, no matter how long it takes.

At the drop-off, Josie was knocked out but comes to. Cameron and Gary are asking her a million questions to make sure she was ok, but she says to just help her up. Gary went to call Josie's backup and Josie went with him. Amanda and Cameron start talking again and she asks him if the baby was his. Cameron told her that for the last time it was Gary's and not his. Amanda believes him and they start talking about going to Key West to relax. The doctor that interviewed Cameron was talking to some guy. He told the guy that they are getting sloppy because they just experienced a set-up. He said that one of the patients in his office was really an undercover cop. The guy starts freaking out saying he doesn't want to go to jail but the doc told him not to worry about it because he knows that Josie was pregnant with Cameron's baby and he can prove it.

At Lumina, Lila walks in and gives Stark the paper that she was writing stuff down on. She also told him that he was not to ask her to do anything else and if he ever does anything to her baby that he will regret pushing her to far.

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Remy told Tito that if he was going to stay with her in her apartment, he needs to smoke outside and he needs to recycle the recyclables. Tito thought he caught on to Remy's games. He thought Remy only had a fondness for Paulina because she was a Cory. He thought she was after Paulina's money. Remy tried to convince him otherwise, but it didn't work.

Tito and Remy reminisced about Christmases past. When they were through traveling down memory lane, Remy tried to convince Tito that they have to stop scamming people. She tried to make him see the good in people like Paulina and Nick. When that didn't work, Remy said goodbye to Tito and left. Paulina went to see Joe and asked him about what happened with the baby selling scam. Jake showed up. Paulina offered her help with the boys if he needed it.

Jake gave Joe the letter. He wanted Joe to prove that that was Vicky's handwriting. That was Jake's only hope that Vicky was still alive. Joe then invited Jake and the boys over to his and Paulina's house for Christmas. Marley called Jordan in a panic because Grant was going to tell Joe that Vicky didn't shoot him. She begged for his help again. Jordan tried to help Marley by making her help herself. He told her to make Grant realize what's really important to him.

At the hospital, Cindy prepared a hypodermic needle as if she was going to inject someone with it. She finished just as the doctor came out of Grant's room to talk to her. He informed her of Grant's current condition. Grant was getting worse and his level of sedation was also getting worse. The doctor asked the former Mrs. Harrison how this happened. Cindy, hiding the needle, said she had no idea. The doctor vowed to find out who was responsible for this and bring them to justice. Cindy acted like she was in full agreement. Cindy called Marley and told her about the curious doctor and about Grant wanting to talk to Joe. Marley told her she would be there as soon as she can.

Cindy went into Grant's room. Grant asked Cindy if she talked to Joe. Cindy tried to answer his questions by changing the subject. Grant was too smart for her less-than-clever responses. He knew she was hiding something. He knew that Cindy didn't tell the police that Vicky didn't shoot him. He then told Cindy just what he thought of her. Cindy said how much she really loves him. Cindy now wants to nurse Grant back to health and spend Christmas with him as well. Grant informed Cindy that the incriminating tape they lost at the Lumina Ball was now in Marley's possession. He told her that Marley was blackmailing him into telling the police that Vicky did shoot him. He pleaded with Cindy to talk to Marley to see what she could do to help him out. Just then, Marley entered the room.

Marley said she wanted to talk to Cindy in the hall. Grant warned Cindy to be careful of Marley. In the hall, Marley told Cindy she needs to sedate Grant again. Fearing that she would get caught, Cindy said no. Marley said if they don't want to get caught, she needs to sedate him. Marley said she needs to talk to Grant first to keep him occupied. Then Cindy can go in and stick him with the needle.

Marley assured Grant that Vicky was being treated with good care. She asked for his cooperation. In return, Vicky will continue to be treated with good care. Grant was appalled that Marley would do something to hurt her own sister. Marley quickly reminded Grant that he killed his own brother which doesn't make him any better. Marley pulled the tape out and waved it in front of Grant. As he tried to grab it from Marley, Cindy came in and stabbed him with the needle. Slipping into sedation, Grant called Marley and Cindy traders.

Grant slipped into dreamland. A spirit in a black robe came to take Grant on a journey. Reluctantly, Grant went with the mysterious soul. He found himself at Jake and Vicky's house. Kirkland, who was all grown up, came down the stairs and asked Jake about the article he wrote for the Herald. He said all he wants to do was be a newspaper man like Jake. The piece Kirkland wrote about was revealed to be about Grant and the awful truth about his responsibility in setting Paulina and Joe's house ablaze. Jake then asked Kirkland if he sent a Christmas card to his dad. Kirkland said now that he knows the truth about Grant, he doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. Paulina, carrying a plate of cookies, let herself in the house. She told Kirkland what a good kid he always was and how horrible his father is. Kirkland said that he hardly even thinks about his dad now that he was in prison. Jake gave Kirkland his Christmas present. It was the official adoption papers. Kirkland Harrison was now Kirkland McKinnon.

Grant and the mysterious figure were now back in Grant's hospital room. Grant demanded to know if the previous scene was something that will be or may be. The black-robed image took off the hood of the robe. The person was revealed to be Grant himself. Grant kept calling for help until he woke up, only to find Cindy there reassuring him that she will help him.

Grant, afraid of Cindy, didn't want her help. Grant was also afraid of Marley, who was nowhere in sight. Cindy told Grant that she made a deal with Marley. They don't have to worry about the tape anymore. Cindy tried to convince Grant that Vicky was the one that shot him. She told him about the evidence that was piled up against her. She warned him, sympathetically, that if he doesn't say Vicky shot him, Marley will use the tape against him. At Vicky's, Donna sat in her wheelchair, staring at the Christmas decorations in a box, crying over her missing daughter. When Kirkland came into the room, she put herself together and tried to console the little one. Nothing she could say could make Kirkland not miss his mother.

Jake brought a Christmas tree home. Donna called the boys downstairs to help them decorate the tree. Jake was determined to make this a fun Christmas for the boys in spite of the fact that their mother was missing. Donna tried to comfort the boys by telling them that no matter how bad things get, they always need to celebrate Christmas. Kirkland suggested that they wait until Vicky comes home to decorating the tree. Marley showed up with ornaments and invited the boys to go along with her for the lighting of the Christmas tree at Carlino's, providing all their homework was finished. Jake and the boys informed Marley that if it isn't handmade, it doesn't go on the tree. That was Vicky's rule. Marley then came up with creative ornament ideas for the tree.

Joe called Jake and told him to get to the hospital right away because Grant is awake. Jake hung up the phone and ran out the door. Marley ran after him yelling that she had better go with him.

Paulina and Remy had a heart to heart talk at Carlino's. Paulina told Remy that there will always be a present for her under their tree. When Remy walked away, Paulina called about the missing persons ad and left a message with the person she was supposed to meet. She said she would be at the airport every day at 5:00 if they still want to meet her.

Tito found Remy's locket along with the missing persons ad that was ripped out from the newspaper.

Joe and Jake went in to Grant's hospital room to talk to Grant. They asked him who shot him. Grant hesitated answering. He looked at Joe and Jake and then look over at the doorway where Cindy and Marley were standing. Grant said that he doesn't know who shot him. He didn't see the person who pulled the trigger. Marley and Cindy left the hospital room sighing for relief. Marley said to Cindy, "Finally, things are starting to go our way."

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Cass brought Matt a fax from Sofia. Lila worries that Matt might still miss Sofia. Although he's initially immersed in the fax, Matt eventually takes notice of Lila and gives her a big hug as Cass watches. Marley tortures Vicky by playing Christmas carols over the intercom. Vicky gets so upset that she trashes the cell. She was starting to believe that she'll never get out. She cries for Jake to find her.

Meanwhile, Jake has started to piece together Vicky's red flag clue, and he wonders if the wool came from Marley's scarf. He finds it hard to believe, but agrees when Steven makes a comment about how hard Aunt Marley was trying to take Vicky's place. He invites Marley to come home with him and the boys. He told her they need her more than ever, to Marley's delight. She doesn't realize that Jake was on to the fact that she has Vicky. Back at his house, Jake gets Marley to read a story to the boys. He takes her jacket for her, but when he tries to take her scarf, she opts to keep it on.

Cass tries to convince Lila that it was Jasmine that Matt loves, not her. He blames Matt's strange behavior on Lumina, but she says Lumina has nothing to do with it. He asks if she was still sleeping alone. She says that was none of his business, which he takes as a yes. He told her that she better hurry things up with Matt, before the Lumina spell wears off.

Jake asks Donna if she remembers Marley doing anything weird while she was living with her. Donna can't remember, and keeps saying, "everything that happened was my doing". Jake says he doesn't want to believe Marley had anything to do with Vicky's disappearance, but that they have to find out for sure.

Rachel finds Matt reading Sofia's fax. It's just a standard business letter, but he thinks there was more to it. She reminds him that he married Lila, not Sofia. He says he didn't expect to feel so alone. Rachel told Lila that her husband needs her. Lila tries spending some quality time with Matt, but Cass interrupts them.

Vicky was despairing that she'll never get back to her family. However, she remembers Jake telling her that they would always be together at Christmas, and this renews her faith.

Marley interrupts Jake and Donna. To get a sample of her scarf, Jake thanks Marley for all her help and hugs her. This triggers Donna to remember Marley telling her that she planned to take Vicky's place. After Marley leaves, Jake compares the sample of the scarf to the one Vicky attached to the envelope. Donna mentions something about Marley threatening Vicky, but she's still confused and insists Marley couldn't have had anything to do with Vicky's disappearance. Suddenly, Donna remembers how Marley used to talk to herself in the mirror about her plans for Vicky. She told Jake what she knows, and Marley overhears it. Marley calls Cindy and sends her to her house.

Cass finds lingerie that Lila bought and teases her about having to seduce her own husband. Cass plays on her insecurities about Matt, then kisses her.

Marley meets with Cindy and says Jake knows Vicky was in her house. When Cindy tries to leave, Marley threatens that she'll tell Grant that it was Cindy who shot him. This forces Cindy to help Marley move Vicky out of the house. Meanwhile, Vicky dreams about Jake, who told her he's going to find her. She wakes up with a new confidence, but it was short-lived, because Marley shows up with the chloroform again. They struggle, and when it looks like Vicky might win, Cindy sneaks up behind her and knocks her out with chloroform. Jake realizes that Marley snuck out of the house and rushes off after her.

Lila breaks away from Cass and orders him to leave. She frets about what would have happened had Rachel or Matt seen them. Cass tries to convince her that they have a real chance for happiness and that Matt will only hurt her. But, he warns her, he won't wait forever. Matt comes in, and he and Lila hint that Cass should leave, but Cass decides to wait around to talk to Rachel. When Rachel comes downstairs, she sees that Cass was still trying to interfere with Matt and Lila's marriage. After Matt and Lila leave, she told him he has to stop it for his own good. Lila went all out to set a romantic mood for Matt. He seems oblivious to it at first, but she doesn't give up.

Before Cindy and Marley can move Vicky, Jake gets there and starts pounding on the door. Marley answers it, and Jake demands to know where Vicky is. She says she doesn't know. When he told her he's searching the house, she suggests that he start with the attic. He decides to start with the basement. Cindy continues moving Vicky out of the cell.

Friday, December 11, 1998

Before they prepare to leave for Key West, Amanda shows up at Cameron's to apologize for always seeming so suspicious. Amanda told Cameron that she wants him to know she believes him and won't let her insecurities cause them any more problems. A guilty Cameron feels even worse about lying repeatedly to Amanda when she profusely keeps apologizing for ever doubting his honesty. Cameron then says maybe they shouldn't go away, but Amanda told him that they need this vacation. She then told him to pack his bags and come over later so they could go on their trip, and then she left. Cameron paged Josie and then left shortly after.

Tito intercepts the message for Remy, the message Paulina left her about meeting her at the airport which was delivered by the Personal Ads Message Service at the Herald and decides not to give it to her, but comes up with another plan instead. Remy came home, disappointed that he was still there and asked if anyone called for her and he told her only the aluminum siding guy. He asks her if she was expecting a call and Remy says no. When she wasn't looking, Tito stashed the ad, Remy's locket, and jewelry box under the sofa. Tito told her that he won't pressure her into duping her friends. Remy invited Tito to a tree lighting at the restaurant, but he declined telling her he has things to do. He then got ready to leave for the meeting with Paulina, but when he opened the door, he found Nick standing there. Nick asked Tito where were his shelves, but Tito says that they aren't in the apartment, they are at his workshop. He told Remy he'll call her when he's done, and then he leaves. Nick told Remy that he maybe building shelves for her, but that's not why he's always here. Remy says she knows when a guy was attracted to her, and that Tito doesn't look at her that way. Nick still didn't believe the carpenter story this time and told Remy, Tito was out for more than just home repair. He offered to throw Tito out for her. Remy was flattered, but told Nick that she could handle it. She then changed the subject and told Nick about answering the missing persons' ad and how she went to the airport, but the person never showed up. He said he was sorry it hadn't worked out, but told her not to give up searching for her mother.

Paulina was decorating the Christmas tree when Joe and Jake return and inform her that Grant told them nothing and claimed he didn't know who shot him. As Jake was on the verge of tears, Joe and Paulina comfort him and Paulina asks Joe to let her speak to Jake alone. Jake was sad and disheartened, especially when he talks to Paulina about Christmas. Jake misses Vicky and cannot pretend. Paulina talks to Jake and told him that Vicky will be found, but in the meantime Vicky was counting on him to get her kids through this. Jake acknowledges and hugs Paulina and thanks her for being there for him. He then told her that he has to go pick the kids up from Marley's and he'll be back to join them in the tree trimming party and the lighting of the Christmas tree. Jake leaves and Paulina told Joe that she has to go run an errand. When he quizzes her as to where she was going, Paulina just told him she forgot something for the party and will be back soon and leaves for the airport. Meanwhile across the room sitting at a booth, Josie and Gary are having lunch and discussing Josie risking her life as well as the babies to save Amanda and Cameron. Gary opens up to Josie about his past and his father and he told her that he doesn't know what he'd do if he ever lost her or the baby. Josie assures Gary that she was well and the baby was going to be fine and he will never lose her. Just then Josie gets her page from Cameron as Amanda calls Gary to the Cory house and told him that they have some information they need him to check into. Gary leaves.

Later Outside Carlino's, Cameron meets up with Josie and told her that he has to tell Amanda the truth about the baby. Josie begs Cameron not to ruin their happiness. She then told him that he has Amanda and Gary has her and that this was Gary's last chance so please don't ruin all of their lives by telling Amanda about the baby. Cameron agrees to keep quiet and then leaves to head over to the Cory's. While Josie heads home.

Marley brought Steven and Kirkland back to her place to wrap Christmas gifts. Marley mentions that Jake was dropping by and Vicky thinks he's coming to save her. Meanwhile, down in the basement, Vicky eagerly listens to her sons's voices as they discuss making a welcome home card for the day they see their mother again. While the boys are having cookies and milk, Marley slips away and comes down to the basement to taunt Vicky about how close she, Jake and the boys are getting. Marley told her sister that she was sure Vicky's stay would be temporary, just until Jake fell back in love with her. Marley then tried to surprise Vicky by giving her a small Christmas tree, but Vicky flung it back at her and told her sister that she hopes she rots in hell. Marley told her that's a wicked thing to say and leaves to go back upstairs. Jake shows up and Vicky hopes he was there to save her, but then realizes that he doesn't even know she's here. Jake sees a card Kirkland made for Vicky. Jake told Marley that he doesn't think he can take anymore of this. Jake says whoever made Vicky write that letter deserves to be killed. Marley says that maybe, just maybe, Vicky was really guilty. Jake says that some monster was holding Vicky hostage and she was counting on him to come save her. Marley told Jake he can't give the kids false hope, because she may not come back. Jake begins to sniffle and Marley told him that he never has to pretend in front of her. She then put an arm around him and made sure Vicky knew she was holding Jake. They boys return from the kitchen and Jake thanks Marley, and asks if he can come to the tree lighting party with her and the boys. Downstairs in the basement, Vicky was dismayed to hear Jake ask Marley if he can accompany her and the boys to the tree lighting party at Carlino's. Before Marley can answer, the boys tell them both that they don't want to attend a tree lighting party without Vicky. Jake ends up convincing the boys to go to the tree lighting, for Vicky's sake. As they all get ready to leave, Marley told them to go ahead, she wants to lock up the place and will be right out. They leave and Marley went back downstairs to twist the knife a little more in Vicky's back. Vicky ignores Marley while Marley told Vicky that no matter what, she was sorry. Marley told her she was still her sister, but she's married to the man she loves, who was her husband. Marley offers to take the monitor out if it was too much for Vicky, but Vicky angrily curses Marley and told her that she just wants out. Vicky swears to God that if she ever gets out of here, she will kill her. Marley told Vicky that she was a very dangerous person, and she then leaves.

Paulina shows up waiting for her long lost child and flashes back to the day she gave her baby up for adoption. She remembers the doctor telling her not to tell anyone what happened here today and to forget the baby ever existed. Paulina then remembers asking a nurse to give a locket Paulina had to whoever takes the baby and tell them its from the babies mother. As she comes out of her flashback, Paulina prays she can find her baby. When the person doesn't show up, Paulina leaves. however, Tito was spying on Paulina and while watching her twirling the locket, got an idea. He then headed back to Remy's place where he retrieves Remy's locket out of her jewelry box. Noticing it's a dead ringer for Paulina's locket, Tito decides to pocket it and says to himself that it looks like he'll be sticking around in Bay City after all as he looks up to God and says thank you.

Cameron shows up to tell Amanda that he can't go with her to Key West because something came up. Amanda was angry and wants to know why, but Cameron just says that he isn't what she needs, he's trouble. Amanda asks Cameron if he's dumping her. He tries convincing her he's not the man she thought he was, and that she should move on. Amanda doesn't understand. Cameron told her that maybe they aren't right for each other and says that fate was always trying to keep them apart. He then went on to tell her about all the jerks she always gets mixed up with and that if she stays with him, it'll just be the same, that was why she needs to walk away. Amanda refuses to give up, but Cameron says that he can't change who he was and can't be the guy she needs. Amanda told Cameron she was going any way and the cab was waiting. As she leaves out the door, she told him that the plane leaves in a half-an-hour.

Jake and the boys arrive and Jake meets up with Joe. Joe confirms that it was Vicky's handwriting on the letter. He added that they'd found a fiber in the envelope, that look like a piece of wool, but that it couldn't be traced. This intrigues Jake and he asks if he can see the report. Joe lets Jake read the forensics report. Jake looked at the fiber and as he reads the report, he starts remembering Vicky telling him that if she needed him to come rescue her, she would raise a red flag. Jake then began to make the connection. Later as the Carlino's light the Christmas tree, Marley comes and stands in front of Jake with the boys. Jake sees Marley's red scarf and as he looks down at the shaggy end of Marley's scarf, he notices that the fiber looks exactly like the same fiber that was found in Vicky's letter........

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