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Cindy kept Vicky from escaping. Marley insinuated herself into Jake's life. Paulina, hoping to find her daughter, just missed Remy. Matt couldn't forget Sophia. Marley bribed Grant to keep him from exonerating Vicky. Amanda, Cameron, Josie, and Gary tried to get to the bottom of the illegal adoptions.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on AW
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Monday, November 30, 1998

Lila feels torn. She doesn't want to betray the Corys, they've been very good to her. But even more, she doesn't want anything to happen to Jasmine again.

Cass chats with Ms. Allen for a while. When she decides she's had enough of him, she asks security to escort him away. Before security can take him away, Cass makes a run for Mr. Stark's office, with Ms. Allen and the security guard close behind. Cass gets to the office just as Joe takes a look at Mr. Stark, and Cass sees him, too. As they stare at him, Mr. Stark says that perhaps now they understand why he avoided making public appearances.

In the park in Lassiter, Jake was disappointed that the hand on his shoulder belongs to Marley, not Vicky. She told Jake she was worried about him and followed him to make sure he was OK. Jake does some thinking and decides Vicky might be hiding out somewhere in Marley's house. He told her he was going to search her place for Vicky. Vicky tries to pick the lock with the nail she found, but it breaks eventually. She keeps herself calm and continues working with the broken nail. At last she's successful, and she slides the gate open. She rushes up the basement stairs, but the door at the top was also locked. She starts hitting it with a length of pipe.

Marley tries to talk Jake out of going to her house. Jake asks what she's hiding. Of course, she told him she's not hiding anything. He asks her to give him the keys to her house, but she refuses. He says he'll have to kick the door down then, and he leaves.

Ms. Allen apologizes to Mr. Stark for letting Cass and Joe in his office. He says it's probably time that their curiosity was satisfied. We see his face... it was scarred and deformed. Cass and Joe are speechless at first, but then carry on with their business as though nothing unusual happened. They ask about Donna's disappearance at the ball, Jasmine's kidnapping, and what Lila was doing there today. Rachel told Lila about a trust fund she wants to set up for Jasmine's education. Lila was to be the custodian of the trust until Jasmine turns 21. Lila was touched that Rachel would do that. Rachel gets a phone call and moves to a more private phone. Lila considers listening in. Vicky opens the other door and gets out of the basement. However, before she's able to leave the house, she's stopped by Cindy. Mr. Stark denies that Lila was there at Lumina today. He also denies knowing Zak, but says apparently Zak knows about Lumina's work. Lila wanted to use the powers of her mind to find her baby, and it looks like she was successful. Mr. Stark also claims Matt acted on his own. He says Lumina does not practice mind control. Cass asks him to explain about "Beyond Imagination", published 200 years ago. Stark says, obviously, this book was not written by him... he's not 200 years old. Stark asks them to leave, which they do. He then told Ms. Allen to get him Zak... immediately.

Vicky tries to leave, but Cindy physically restrains her. She accuses Vicky of trying to kill Grant, the man she loves. Vicky told her she didn't shoot Grant, and that Marley wasn't hiding her there, she had her kept prisoner in the basement. Cindy's taken aback, but acts like she doesn't believe Vicky and wants the two of them to go downstairs to check out her story together. Vicky doesn't want to go anywhere near that cell again, but Cindy forces her. Jake gets to the front door and tries to open it. Cindy sees the cell, pushes Vicky back in and locks the gate. Marley tries to stop Jake, but he's determined, so she gives him the key and he went inside.

Mr. Stark chastises Zak for telling Cass about the book. Zak asks how things went with Lila. Mr. Stark says she was reluctant to accept her assignment at first, but she did. Zak says she'll only do it to protect her baby.

Lila decides not to listen in on another phone, but tries to listen at the door instead. She doesn't learn much, only that Rachel was meeting someone tomorrow. Rachel leaves to go check on the twins, and Lila starts looking through the Cory papers Rachel left behind. When Rachel comes back, she catches Lila snooping.

Jake and Marley didn't expect to find Cindy. Surprise, she says. Then she mentions that Marley was full of surprises. Vicky tries picking the lock again, but she's discouraged. She's excited when she hears Jake's voice on the intercom. Cindy says she's there looking for Vicky because Vicky shot Grant. Marley makes a big show of defending her sister. When Cindy calls Vicky a lying slut, Marley slaps her. Jake gets between them and told Cindy that the next time she wants to see a lying slut, she should look in the mirror. After some more angry words, Jake orders Cindy to leave and not come back. Cindy told him she doesn't have to come back; she searched the whole house and Vicky wasn't there. Jake suspects that he was not getting the true story from Cindy. Rachel lectures Lila for snooping. Lila was very apologetic. Rachel makes it clear that she's happy Lila was a part of her family, but that there are certain lines you do not cross. When Rachel leaves, Cass enters and asks Lila why she went to Lumina. Lila denies going there, so Cass told her that he saw Jordan Stark. He told her what Stark looks like, and can tell from her reaction that she's never seen him. Cass tries to make her understand that if anything was wrong, she can come to him for help, but she denies that anything was wrong. When Cass leaves, she calls Stark and told him there's going to be a new division at Cory Publishing.

Cindy doesn't change her story and finally leaves, to Vicky's dismay. Marley asks Jake if he still wants to search the house, but he says there's no need to do that now. He apologizes to Marley for the accusations he made earlier. Marley told Jake she'd like to help take care of him and the boys. Vicky freaks out when she hears this. Jake tells Marley that would be good, and hugs her.

Lila tries to get out of spying for Stark. He doesn't force her to co-operate, but scares her into thinking it over.

Jake leaves and Cindy returns. She's furious. She told Marley that Vicky was escaping, but that she locked her up again. Marley writes her a cheque as a bonus. She also told Cindy to keep quiet about Vicky, or she'll turn her in for shooting Grant. Cindy realizes that Marley was crazier than she thought. She leaves again and Marley went to the basement. She adds a chain to the gate to ensure Vicky doesn't get out again. She told Vicky that the only thing she accomplished was to make her angry. Vicky says she doesn't care. She taunts Marley about Jake, how he'll never stop looking for her. Marley angrily told her that the police are about to find more "evidence" implicating Vicky in Grant's shooting, so even if she escapes, she'll go to jail. She'll never have Jake back.

Jake told Joe he wants to set up a tip line and reward to help find Vicky. However, Joe has bad news for Jake. Forensics just found a bloody fingerprint in Vicky's car... it's Grant's blood, and Vicky's fingerprint.

Tuesday, December 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

At Jake and Vicky's house, Marley was trying to get Kirkland to eat but he doesn't want to. Jake comes in and they ask if he has found Vicky yet. He tells them no. Marley takes Steven and Kirkland outside to play basketball and Joe comes in. He told Jake that due to all the evidence they have that he has put a warrant out for Vicky's arrest in Grant's shooting. Jake says there was no way she did this and Joe told him he was on his side but he has to follow up on a case. He leaves and Jake and Donna start talking. Donna says this was all her fault but she doesn't know why. She then went to take a nap. Marley comes in and Jake asks her if she will lead her to Vicky by using that twin thing they have. Marley says that she feels Vicky was to far away for her to do it.

At Remy's apartment, Tito was there and he and Remy start talking about scamming Nick. Tito thinks that Remy was changing and he starts talking about their past. He talks about how they are the closest thing they have to family and that they are the closest they will get. Remy told him she hasn't changed at all and he should leave because Sofia was due back any minute. He finally leaves.

At Carlino's, Paulina has gotten responses to her ad she put in the paper. She was reading one when Joe comes in. He told her that he had to put a warrant out for Vicky and asks her what that paper is. She told him it was a bill.

Back at Jake and Vicky's, Jake was telling Steven and Kirkland what was going on. He told them that Grant was shot and the police think Vicky did it. Kirkland says its not true and he just wants his mom home so she can tell the police they are wrong. Steven asks Jake what they are supposed to do if kids bring it up at school. Marley offers to teach them at home since that was what she did in China. Jake said they should do that at least until everything quiets down and he then says they will start that right away and he leaves.

At the hospital, Cindy was in with Grant and she was telling him it wasn't supposed to happen like this. Chris walks in and asks Cindy what she means by that. She told him that she was very vulnerable and her and Grant were talking about a reconciliation but then he got shot. Chris told Cindy that there was a warrant out for Vicky and if she has any comment on that. She makes a statement: 'Vicky McKinnon I forgive you.' Chris leaves.

At Carlino's, Remy was working and waits on a table where the customer just happens to be Tito. He told her to start their plan right away. Remy went over to Nick and Starts rubbing her eye. Nick asks if she was ok and she says everything got blurry all of a sudden. He looks in it and finds nothing in it. Paulina comes over and told her there's a table who needs coffee. The table that needed coffee was Tito's (surprise, surprise) Remy went over there and Tito told her she was really losing her touch. Just then, Paulina yells to Joe that Sofia was on the phone from London. Tito hears this and was ticked that Remy lied to her and leaves.

At the hospital, Cindy was in with Grant and Jake comes in. Cindy tries to get him to leave but he says he just needs to talk to Grant. He starts asking him about the shooting but Cindy stops him. Jake says since she has nothing to hide then she should let Jake talk to him. He continues and told Grant to please just clear Vicky's name. Just then Grant wakes up. Cindy starts checking his vitals and Jake told her to leave him alone so he can answer his question. They go get a doctor and the doctor needs to examine Grant, alone.

At Jake's, Kirkland and Steven are outside and Donna comes out to talk to Marley. She says she knows that Marley feels guilty because she blamed Vicky for everything but she was making up for it by being there for the family. Marley cell phone rings and its Cindy. Cindy told her that she had better get down to the hospital because Grant was awake and Jake was questioning him. Marley gets Steven and Kirkland and they leave.

At Carlino's Remy asks Paulina if she can go home because her head feel like it will explode and she thinks she was having a relapse of the virus that she had. Paulina says of course. Nick comes up and asks what virus and Paulina tells him that she had a virus over Thanksgiving. Nick says that Remy told him that her eye was bothering her. Nick leaves to go see what was going on. Joe was giving Paulina and 'I told you so' look and Paulina was very ticked off by it.

At the hospital, the doc comes out and told Cindy Grant was fine and Cindy goes in to see him. She gives him a sedative. Jake was waiting outside and Marley and Kirkland come up. Kirkland says he wants to go see his dad so they go in there. Grant looks at Kirkland and then falls asleep. Marley tells Kirkland that he can still talk to Grant because he can still hear him. Kirkland says he just wants his dad to wake up so everyone knows that Vicky can come home.

At Remy's, Tito was there and he was ticked that Remy lied to him. She starts explaining why, but Nick knocks on the door. Remy gets Tito to go into the bedroom and she answers the door. Nick asks her why it took so long and she says she was lying down. He walks in and picks up a pack of cigarettes and asks Remy if she was still smoking. Tito walks out and asks if Nick has a problem.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Paulina made plans to meet the person in regard to the personal ad. Just after making the arrangements, Joe overheard her making secret plans to meet someone. He thought she was making plans to meet Vicki. He warned Paulina that there was a warrant out for her arrest. Paulina assured Joe that she was not meeting Vicki. Joe then asked who was she going to meet at the airport. Paulina lied to Joe and told him it was the food and wine distributor. Paulina felt guilty and kissed Joe passionately.

Toni confided in Chris about a particular column in the Love Lady's article about a woman whose adopted child came from an agency that was illegal. Toni agreed with Love Lady's response on letting the public respond to this. Chris then turned to Paulina and asked her opinion on the article. Paulina got very emotional over the topic.

Remy told Nick that the man in her apartment was a carpenter and the two men stopped arguing. Remy tried to distract Nick by complaining of eye problems. After Nick left, Tito "the carpenter," laughed at Nick and told Remy their plan was going to work. Remy tried to talk him out of his plan. She does not want to hurt the people she has grown to love, but he threatened for her to follow his plan. The two then began to reminisce about their days as youngsters. He tried to convince Remy that they have a job to do. Remy checked her messages and discovered that she was to meet someone at the airport.

Nick went to see Donna. Donna blamed herself for Vicki's disappearance. Nick tried to comfort Donna using words that Michael would use. Donna changed the subject and asked about Remy. Nick told Donna about Remy's honesty to con him, and how Nick was impressed by that. Donna gave advice to Nick telling him to get Remy to tell the truth, the whole truth, and if she doesn't, she should hit the road. Rachel received a phone call informing her that they lost all of their investors to start up Brava. Rachel suspected Lila had something to do with it. Lila suggested to find the missing Cory money. Rachel was determined to get to the bottom of this. After Rachel and Matt left the room, Lila phoned Jordan Stark.

Lila then went over to Lumina to see him in person. Lila asked Jordan why have all the investors mysteriously backed away from Cory Publishing. Jordan informed Lila that everything has gone well for her; therefore, they just might go well for the Cory's also.

Amanda told Cameron the news about Rachel's decision to make her the editor of the new Brava Magazine. Amanda called Allie and told her about Brava and how much she loves Cameron and wants him to spend Christmas with them. Allie gave her consent. After her phone call with Allie, Amanda made plans with Cameron to go away to the Keys. Just then, Gary called and told Cameron that Rachel called an emergency meeting to find out what they know about the missing Cory funds.

At the Cory mansion, Rachel met with Matt, Amanda, and Cameron. She first informed them about the investors. Cameron told Rachel that they found a lawyer who was handling Scott's finances, but he isn't talking. Rachel was feeling discouraged and depressed. After Lila returned, Matt filled Lila in on what he discussed with Rachel, Amanda, and Cameron. Suddenly, Lila was more confident. Just then, Rachel walked in with good news that she found more investors for Brava. Matt was suspicious and made Rachel promise to have Cass go over the contracts carefully before signing.

At Carlino's, Amanda asked if she could use his private eye talents. She wants the two of them to pretend to try to adopt a baby together and get to the bottom of the baby stealing scam. At the airport, Paulina ran into Joe. When Joe asked about Paulina's meeting, Paulina said that it had been canceled. Joe offered to walk Paulina to her car. Just as they left, Remy walked in.

Lila then called Jordan to find out why the sudden game of musical chairs with the investors. Jordan replied, "This isn't a game." Lila asked if these people were legitimate. She wants the best for her family. Jordan replied, "Enjoy your new family. If all went well, remember why, remember how, and Lila remember your promise." Lila abruptly hung up the phone.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Rachel was in the study going through papers when Matt comes in and asks her about a folder he had containing some information. Rachel ask him if he means this folder containing a list of several London Hotels as she hands him the folder. Lila comes downstairs and overhears Rachel asks Matt if he was trying to track down Sofia, but before she can hear Matt's answer, Cass shows up at the Cory's to discuss business. Lila told him that it isn't a very good time, but Cass informs her he was not there to see her he was there on Cory business and pushes his way past her into the study where Rachel and Matt are waiting for him. Cass told Rachel that he looked over the contracts and they are very weak and the investor they had him check on, Universal Investment Group, didn't have any details in their contracts. Rachel announced she was the one who'd made the deal, and Cass was surprised. He then told them that he thinks the timing on this offer was very convenient. When Rachel asks him what he means by that, Cass told her that he just finds it all strange that at first the backers she had pulled out and then the very same day she gets another backer who makes her and even better offer than the first backers. Rachel told Cass that she doesn't care because she needs this cash to get Cory back on its feet. Matt chimes in that there are no dark forces who have miraculously found them another backer. Cass adds, yeah, a buyer that has no history and has never been heard of. He then tried to warn them off of a fly by night investor, but Matt thought Cass's reservations were personal, because he didn't like that Matt had married Lila. Lila listened in while Matt accuses Cass of losing his professional objectivity, then icily suggests that it's time Cory Publishing found itself a new attorney. Rachel refused to go forward without Cass, but she knew she had to go ahead with this investment. Rachel asks Cass and Matt to put aside their differences and work together. Rachel asks Cass to give her a minute with Matt. Cass stepped out and let them talk and Rachel told Matt that he needs to think about Cory Publishing. Matt gives in and agreed to work with Cass, though he wouldn't like it. Rachel asks Matt if his attitude was due to the fact that he misses Sofia. Matt admitted he misses Sofia.

Zak shows up to inform Mr. Stark that he thought Matt might be "slipping away" from them and that he's been thinking of Sofia. Jordan told him that can't happen because Lila was the key to their plan and she must remain in that house. Zak wondered just what kind of plans Jordan has for Lila. Jordan told Zak not to concern himself with that and encouraged him to stick close to Lila. He also told him their plan will affect many more residents of Bay City. Zak was leery, but does as Stark says and prepares to head over to the Cory Mansion to put Matt back under control.

Marley brought a hungry Vicky a meal, but announced she wanted to have girl talk first about Jake, but Vicky says she won't tell her anything about Jake. Vicky told Marley that Jake was her husband and loves her. Marley reminds her that Jake was once her husband as well, and soon they will be back together. Vicky told her that she was delusional and can't go back in time to be with Jake. Marley told Vicky that she did. Marley then starts telling Vicky how she thinks about Jake taking her in his arms and kissing her. Vicky told her that was years ago, but Marley says that Jake kissed her last night. Vicky refuses to believe that. While dangling the tray of food just out of reach of her starving sister, Marley taunts Vicky with a story about how close Jake has drawn to her during this latest crisis. Marley then told Vicky that the boys aren't going to school anymore and she's teaching them at home. She then starts telling Vicky that if she hadn't moved to China she would never have gotten Jake to marry her, but now that Vicky was the one away, she can get Jake to love her again. Vicky says that won't happen because Marley could never have what she had with Jake again. She then told Marley that she knows so much about Jake and how to help him. She told her how she calms Jake down when he gets upset by pressing her hand into a certain part of his neck, but Marley thinks she can do all of those things. Vicky says she can't because she won't get close enough to Jake. Marley gets mad and shoves Vicky her food in at her and then storms off.

A groggy Grant hears a radio news report and realizes that Vicky has been falsely accused of shooting him. Cindy comes in and Grant wakes up and says that Vicky didn't shoot him, and he wants Cindy to call the police. Cindy tries to keep him quiet and told Grant she'd taken out the phone so it wouldn't bother him. Grant told Cindy that he must call the police and clear Vicky's name. Grant then presses the call button for a nurse. When the nurse came in, Grant told her that he wants to talk to Joe Carlino, so he can make a statement. Cindy removes the radio from Grant's room and hands it to the nurse. She then told Grant that he was confused and doesn't know what happened and he couldn't be remembering right. Cindy told him that it was her that saved him. Still, Grant says Vicky didn't shoot him because she was in his arms. Cindy told Grant that he's just making things up because Vicky hates him and would never allow him to touch her. He called for the nurse again, and the nurse returns and told Grant that she called Joe and he will be here as soon as he can. The nurse leaves back out and Cindy starts blabbering about how Vicky was the only person who has a motive to kill him, but Grant told Cindy that she wanted him dead. Cindy says she couldn't shoot him because she loves him. She then told him that there was a whole slew of witnesses who saw her fighting to save him and asks him why would she do that if she wanted him dead. Still, Grant thinks she shot him and told her to get out. Cindy eventually leaves in tears, but says she will be back. She then heads to the phone to call Marley.

Paulina comes over to see Jake, who'd been up all night trying to field calls and tips on Vicky from the tipline. Jake told Paulina that the only person who can clear Vicky's name was Grant. She noticed that the boys were set up for school, and asked Jake how the boys are. Jake explained that Marley had volunteered to home school them for a little while so they wouldn't have problems from other students. Troubled to learn how deeply entrenched Marley has become in the lives of her twin's husband and children, Paulina cautions Jake that he may be sending his obsessive sister-in-law mixed signals. Paulina then told Jake that she doesn't think Marley spending so much time here was not a good thing and that it maybe giving Marley ideas about playing happy homemaker could be giving her the wrong idea. Jake told Paulina that it's not like that and considering the situation, how would it look if he kicked his wife's sister out just because she offered to make some toast. Paulina backs off, but still cautions Jake not to let Marley get so involved in his life, especially since it wasn't that long ago that she wanted him back. Jake acknowledges and told Paulina that he has to go check on something. Speak of the devil and they shall appear, which was the case with Marley who shows up right on cue. As she enters Vicky and Jake's, she was astonished to see Paulina there and asks her what she was doing there. Paulina gives her a strange look and told her that she was there to help. Marley apologizes and told Paulina that she was welcome over here and didn't mean to make it sound like she couldn't come here. Paulina says nothing, but continues to size Marley up. Jake returns and Marley immediately tries to see if there was something she can do for him or if he has eaten. Jake voice was very stale when he told her he has had a donut. Marley asks Paulina why didn't she fix Jake something to eat and Paulina told her that Jake was a big boy and can fix himself something to eat if he wants something to eat. Marley told Paulina that these are not normal circumstances and then turns her attention back to Jake and tries to play the concerned sister-in-law. She asks Jake if he has heard anything on Vicky and then reassures him that they will find Victoria. Paulina excuses herself to go upstairs and check on the boys and Marley starts talking to Jake. She can see that he's angry and tries to perform Vicky's little trick to calm him down, but the minute she touches him, he jumps up and stops her and says he doesn't like people to touch the back of his neck. Marley gets one of those "damn that Vicky" looks on her face and just stands there until her phone starts ringing. Jake asks her if she was going to get that and Marley answers. It's Cindy telling her that Grant woke up and was planning to clear Vicky's name. Marley told Cindy that Grant can't do that and Cindy told Marley that she better get over there so she can help her stop him. Paulina returned downstairs and Marley told Cindy that she'll be right there and then told Jake that she has to go pick up some software for the boys schooling. She dashes out of there in a flash leaving Jake and Paulina bewildered. Paulina told Jake that she has to go and gives him a hug. Outside Paulina decides it's time she pays Marley a visit. Jake leaves to run some errands.

As Rachel and Matt talk about Sofia, Lila spies on them. Matt talks about how marrying Lila might have been a spur-of-the-moment idea. Cass catches her and drags her away from the door. Lila rants at Cass for pulling her away before she could finish hearing Matt's conversation. Cass told her she already knows what Matt was gonna say and knew that he didn't marry her because he loves her. As they exchange insults back and forth, Lila tries to order Cass out, but he informs her he was going no where because his business here was not concluded. Upset at Cass for always being right, Lila storms out and runs straight into Zak. She hugs him and told him that he was always showing up when she needs him. They go back inside and discuss her life at the Cory's. Later, while Matt, Rachel, and Cass continued there meeting, Zak and Lila sat in a different room and she lamented about not being in the inner circle with the Cory's and told Zak that she thought once she and Matt where married things would be different, but now she feels like she may lose everything. Zak promised things would only get better for her. Matt came out for a folder and while his back was turned, Zak came up from behind him and touched his shoulder activating Matt's post-hypnotic suggestion to make him more attentive towards an astonished Lila. Matt became entranced, while Lila and Zak went out on the terrace to get fresh air and continue talking. Inside, Matt continued to stay in a trance and only came out of it when Cass found him standing there, staring and touched him and asked if he was alright. Matt told Cass he was fine and then rushed out for a moment. He later returned and went out to the terrace to talk to Lila, while Zak excused himself and left. Matt then gave Lila the Cory heir-loom ring to replace her old fabric one and told her it's been worn by every Cory woman for generations and now it was her turn to wear it. Lila was stunned by his sudden generosity and even more stunned when Matt bent down and gave her a long lingering kiss. Lila told him that she's dreamed of this moment. Rachel calls out to Matt from inside and told him that she needs him to sign something, so he went into the living room. Cass went out to see Lila and she shows him the ring Matt gave her. Lila told him that this means Matt was committed to her, but Cass doesn't agree and reminds her that Matt hasn't said three words to her most days, now suddenly he's giving her a ring. Lila told Cass he was jealous and Cass told her that very well may be, but warns Lila to get out of this mess she has gotten herself into while she still can. Cass leaves and Lila gets a call from Jordan. Lila asks what he wants and Jordan told her that he needs her help again.

Marley arrives to try to calm a distraught Cindy down. Cindy told Marley about Grants accusations and Marley told Cindy to let her speak to Grant alone and she will handle him. Marley ducks into Grants room, who isn't the least bit surprised to see her and figures out that Cindy must have called her. Marley tries to play it off, but Grant knows better and starts putting two and two together. Grant told Marley that he knows Vicky was innocent and suspects Cindy shot him. Grant was suspicious of Marley as well, but Marley tries to cry her way out of it. However, Grant told her that her tears won't work on him and he knows about complicated sibling relationships because he shot his own brother. He then told Marley that he thinks he has given Cindy too much credit, and now suspects that Marley was the one who has orchestrated this whole thing. Marley denied it, but Grant told her he knows with Victoria being gone who benefits the most from this was her, because she things it gives her a straight path to Jake and that was why she organized this all to get rid of her sister and get Jake. Realizing Grant was on to her, Marley plays her trump card and pulls out Grant's taped confession and blackmails Grant into keeping quiet with it. Grant suddenly remembers that the last person to have the tape was Vicky, so what was Marley doing with it and what has she done to Vicky? Marley denied having anything to do with Vicky's disappearance and asked Grant how did he know that Vicky hadn't just sent her over to the hospital with the tape? Grant didn't buy it, but before they could discuss it any further, Jake appeared in the doorway, then strode in, while Marley quickly stashed the tape back inside her purse. Jake came over to Grant and asked Grant to tell him Vicky hadn't been the shooter, while Marley stood behind Jake and gave Grant a threatening stare.

Vicky has a dream that Jake rescues her from her cell. Jake told that there love was forever and to believe in them. Unfortunately, Jake vanishes and Vicky wakes up. She refuses to give up and thinks she's found a way out when she looks at the intercom. She tries to figure out how to make it into a two way intercom and starts fiddling with it. She finds out that Marley has cut the wires, but splices them back together and gets it to work. Just as she gets it to work she hears the doorbell ringing. It's Paulina who has showed up to talk with Marley. Paulina starts pounding on the door and Vicky screams through the intercom for help. The intercom works, but Paulina doesn't hear it. However, as she's about to walk away, she thinks she hears something and looks in the window, as Vicky continues to scream for help........

Friday, December 4, 1998

Vicky calls for help over the intercom. Paulina thinks she hears Marley inside and calls to her. Vicky keeps talking, but a jackhammer prevents Paulina from hearing any more. When the jackhammer doesn't stop, Paulina leaves.

Jake tries to talk to Grant. The only word Grant manages to say was "Victoria". Jake loses control and attacks Grant. Joe takes him out of the room, leaving Marley and Grant alone. Marley warns him again that if he says anything, she'll use the tape against him. Grant questions her, but she doesn't reveal the truth to him. Joe returned in and asks Grant what happened the night he was shot. Because of Marley's blackmail, Grant claims he doesn't remember anything. Jake told Grant how Vicky's disappearance has affected Kirkland. Even this doesn't get Grant to say what he knows.

Gary talks to Amanda about Josie's pregnancy. He told her that he knows he can't stop her from having a miscarriage by controlling her every move. Amanda talks about the trip she and Cameron are planning to Key West.

Cameron was still overly worried about Josie's pregnancy. She reminds him that they agreed the baby was Gary's, not his. Cameron was still concerned about how Gary and Amanda would react if they learned the truth. He's having doubts that they can keep the lie going forever. Paulina visits with Donna. She mentions that she went to see Marley, but that she wasn't home. Jake and Joe show up with the news that Grant doesn't remember anything.

Marley comes home and went down to the basement. She told Vicky that Jake was a wreck. Vicky asks about her boys. Marley tries to pretend that they're OK, but she suggests Vicky should write them a letter so they know she's all right. Of course, Marley wants to dictate the letter... she wants Vicky to write that she shot Grant. Vicky refuses. Marley told her she'll get no food until she writes the letter. Vicky remembers telling Jake that if she was in trouble, she'd raise a red flag and he'd come and rescue her. She agrees to write the letter. When Marley was close enough, she reaches through the gate a gets a piece of Marley's red scarf.

Cindy and Grant speak alone in his room. He demands that she get him a phone. He also demands that she tell him everything Marley has said and done since Vicky disappeared. She doesn't tell him anything. He told her to keep Marley away from him.

After Vicky finishes writing the letter, she puts it in an envelope, along with the piece of red scarf. She prays Marley doesn't see it. Amanda, Cameron, Josie and Gary discuss a plan to go after people who set up illegal adoptions. Amanda and Cameron will pose as husband and wife, and Gary will pose as their lawyer. Josie will go as backup. Unfortunately, the clinic they're investigating was Brookville, where Cameron and Josie already posed as a couple to get the RH problem fixed. They hope no one recognizes them. However, the doctor recognizes Cameron immediately, and asks how his wife was doing. Cindy tries to convince a nurse to give Grant a sedative to keep him asleep and quiet. Meanwhile, Grant finds his cell phone in his jacket. Marley gives Jake the letter. He opens it and reads it, putting down the envelope with the red flag.


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