One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on OLTL

Viki visited Joe Riley's grave. Sam and Todd shared a moment at the airport before Todd left town. Llanview residents celebrated Thanksgiving. Barbara and Cassie continued to torment each other. Téa declared the rebirth of Téa Delgado.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, November 30, 1998


At The Sun, Blair quickly realizes that it was Todd who left the "Publisher Disappears" headline for her on the desk, and proceeds to write a story to go along with it, in which she exonerates Sam. (Eventually, she changes the headline to "Where's Todd?", courtesy of later inspiration by Kelly.) As she's working on it, Max arrives, and after reading her article, notes that it¹s not an editorial, it's a love letter. She pouts that it's the only way she can talk to Sam.

Meanwhile, Kelly meets Asa for breakfast and shows him the legal document she received that day, in which Todd leaves her 49% of The Sun. She's happy, but he's not, since the person with 51% is the one who has the real power.

Back at the paper, Max lingers around the office, reasoning that when Blair takes her head out of the sand, he'll be the first thing she'll see. Kelly arrives, angry that Blair got 51% of The Sun, but Blair is clueless. After searching the desk, she finds her documents, which also give her 49%. Max thinks the set up is hilarious, even more so when he is delivered his own paperwork, wherein Todd gives him the 2% "deciding vote."

When Kelly and Asa were having breakfast, Sam and Will were also eating at the same restaurant. Will once again chokes on the words to tell his father what's going on in his life, and instead urges Sam to take a sudden Thanksgiving vacation. After some mild hemming and hawing, Sam agrees. Before they part, though, Sam tells Will that he's aware that Will is having a problem, but is confident Will will do the right thing, and will tell him about it when the time is right.

After his breakfast with his father, Will goes to Llanfair to talk to Jessica. He waits until Viki arrives from a visit to Joe's grave, and is pretty freaked out to discover that Cris and Jessica have run off to elope. Viki is curious at his reaction, and asks him to stay for hot chocolate.

Bo and Nora come home after her release from the hospital, and he dotes adorably on her. He tells her about how he and Sam prayed for her and the baby together, and admits that Sam is a good man. Nora gulps, but basically keeps her cool. On cue, Sam stops by to check on them, and to let them know that he's leaving on a spur-of-the-moment vacation, taking the first plane to anywhere. Later, Asa shows up intent on blustering about how their refusal to go to Todd's wedding cost him The Sun, but changes his tune completely (singing songs of the joys of family) when he hears about Nora's baby scare, and that Sam is leaving town for a while.


At Joe Riley's grave, Viki speaks to her dead husband about their children, filling him in on their doings lately. She becomes more morose as she speaks of Jessica, and especially when she talks of her brother. She admits that her belief in Todd was really a way of vindicating her own struggle, but also sinks into the notion that everything that is going wrong, and has gone wrong, is her own fault. At this, Todd, appearing at the gate, contradicts her. She asks him what he's doing there. He smiles a little "Same thing as you, sis."

They are very quiet and somber with one another throughout these scenes... and sad. He's come to say goodbye, and asks her if, after everything they've been through, she still thinks he can be saved. Viki interprets his question as the closest thing she'll get to an apology, to which Todd counters that he's not apologizing for anything, nor making any excuses. Viki notes that he leaves his excuses for her to figure out and explain, and also that she hasn't been much good for him. He tells her not to waste her time hating him, because he's way ahead of her. But Viki doesn't hate him. She tells him that he's not Victor Lord, no matter how hard he tries to turn himself into him, but that doesn't mean he can't still lead a miserable life, and hurt everyone who tried to love him.

She goes on to tell him he can't find himself by looking in her mirror. He smiles that they had a pretty good run at it, though. She counters, quietly, with much feeling, that he really hurt her. Todd breaks down (not totally, but for Todd, it's a big deal), and he tells her he's sorry. Really sorry. But that the prospect of 350 years in jail clouded his judgment. She replies that he's right to go away. Téarily, he smiles, and tells her he'll miss her. Viki cries. She tells him he needs to go someplace where the only voice he hears is his own. When he sort of jokes that he has a lot of voices in his head, she jumps on that, telling the joke's on him. She insists that all those personalities he created came from inside him, and that he's going to need to put them all together before he finds Todd. And, when he finds himself, she hopes he'll come back to see her, because she'd really like to meet him. Very tenderly, he reaches out and lays his hand against her cheek, and they smile sadly at one another. He departs.

At the airport, Sam tries to get a 1st class ticket to New York, where he'll ultimately decide where he's going, but is surprised to hear that someone bought out the whole section. He turns and sees Todd standing behind him. Sam realizes that Todd is leaving. Todd admits he doesn't know where he's off to either, once he gets to New York. Sam asks him what Téa thinks, but Todd doubts she'll miss him. Sam expresses his anger at Todd, and Todd admits he's an impossible case. Before Todd leaves to board the plane, Sam asks if what Todd said Peter did to him was a lie as well. Todd replies that sometimes the truth is the lie, and sometimes the lie is the truth. Sam presses, telling him that it's very important that he know, because if it did happen, and he didn't pick up on it, then his radar is not as infallible as he thought it was, and he needed to know if he could trust it. Smiling, and sad, Todd takes a moment, then says that he made it all up. He offers Sam one of the tickets, but Sam declines. They start saying goodbye, and Todd cries when Sam calls him Boomer. Sam pulls Todd in for a long hug, which Todd returns, and then Todd boards the plane. When he is gone, Sam looks around, notices the latest issue of The Sun, with Blair's article, and reads it.

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Written by: Grace Alumno

Todd's First Class Experience

Todd leaves Llanview via airplane with all of the first class section of the plane all to himself and wonders if anyone will miss him. While in flight, he encounters 'Tom' (playing with a lighter)- who then tells Todd that they shouldn't have let him (Todd) out. He then encounters 'Rod' (also playing with that same lighter) who tells him that he (Todd) just let the flame burn out. 'Pete' appears (also with that same lighter) and then tells Todd that he was the only one that could feel all of the pain- trying make Todd feel the pain that he (Pete) is inflicting by holding Todd's wrist over the flame. Next, we see what looks like Todd awakening from a nightmare with the flight attendant standing beside his seat- but that's not the flight attendant- it's Miss Perkins with 'her' hair up and wearing a flight attendant uniform! 'She' then tells Todd that he had better behave and then walks away.

Sam pays Viki a visit

Sam arrives at Viki's and tells her that he saw Todd at the airport about to leave and that he bought the whole first class section all to himself. The two exchange notes about Todd. Viki expresses to Sam how 'obsessed' she became with Todd's supposed DID and how she always seemed to put him first before Jessica. She also tells him about what Jessica and Cristian have done. Sam reassures her that in spite of what Jessica and Cristian have done, she is still a good parent. Viki also asks Sam if Todd really did have DID and that the alters that he came up with were really controlling him. Sam just brushes her question aside and brands it wishful thinking.

Thanksgiving- Buchanan Style

Hank, Clint and Lindsay, Asa and Renee all gather at Bo and Nora's for Thanksgiving. But Asa seems to think that there is something that is going on that he doesn't know about. Clint and Bo talk privately about Jessica and decide to tell Asa about Jessica's condition and what she and Cristian have done. And, as expected, when Clint tells Asa that Jessica is pregnant, he blows up and says that Jessica is not that kind of a girl. Clint then goes on to tell Asa that Jessica and Cristian have run away to get married, and that just literally sends Asa through the roof. Asa then asks everyone present why no one wanted to tell him- the head of this family- about the situation. Renee tells Asa that she didn't want to aggravate his heart. Asa tells everyone, in his patriarch tone, that they have to stop them from getting married. Lindsay (as if on a suicide mission) blurts out that Jessica and Cristian love each other and want to raise this child, but Asa cuts her off and just tells her to basically shut up. Renee voices out her thought that Viki should not be alone this Thanksgiving worrying about Jessica. Nora then suggests that they bring their Thanksgiving celebration to Viki's place. Everyone agrees in unison, but Clint turns to Lindsay and asks if it is OK with her and, as if to bounce back from the insult Asa threw at her, she agrees. Clint expresses pleasure in her agreeing to going to Viki's.

Jessie and Cristian

Jessie and Cristian try to celebrate Thanksgiving in their cottage, while they also think about their families. Little do they realize, they really miss their families and all of the small things that they had taken for granted. Cristian tells Jessica to call her mom, but she declines, telling him that she will just make her cry.

Camp Cramer

David, Cassie, Kelly, Blair, and Starr all gather to celebrate Thanksgiving with Dorian and Mel. Kelly and Blair throw insults at each other and bicker over how Todd had divided "The Sun". Dorian attempts to make the two try to get along, but to no avail. Dorian then tries to tells everyone there that 'this' is what it's all about, 'this' being family and being able to spent Thanksgiving with each other. Cassie then jokingly asks her mother if she included Kevin in 'this'. Much to Dorian's dislike of Kevin, she then tells Cassie that he should be here with his wife instead of searching for his pregnant sister. The news of Jessica's pregnancy surprises everyone there. Dorian then continues to stress how much that all they (her family) need is each other.

But then, Kevin, Max and R.J. show up, much to Dorian's dismay. Seeing Kevin and R.J. irritates Dorian. Seeing Max irritates Blair. Kevin has a reason to be there, but Blair wonders why Max there. Kelly then tells Blair that she invited Max- whether or not it will make him take Kelly's side over Blair's in the decision making at the newspaper. Kelly and Blair exchange insults (which Max enjoys watching), which results in Kelly leaving so that she will not hear Blair's "irritating voice". Max then tells Blair that if they get back together, he would vote in her favor when in came to decision making at "The Sun", but she blows him off and storms out. Max then decides to leave, too. Dorian then asks R.J. what he is doing in her home. Mel then intercedes and tells her that he invited him, and that he feels indebted to him. But Dorian will not tolerate R.J., throwing every insult she could think of at him, which makes R.J. leave. And with R.J. leaving, Mel then leaves, too. Just when Dorian was getting comfortable with idea of just her, David, Cassie and Kevin there to celebrate Thanksgiving, Kevin and Cassie decide to go to Viki's, whether or not they will run into Joey and Barbara there or not.

Over at Viki's...

Just as Sam and Viki discuss other matters, the doorbell rings and in come the Buchanan's with Thanksgiving dinner in hand. Clint and Viki ask each other if either has heard from Jessica. They all start to discuss Jessica's situation. Lindsay, strategically seated beside Nora, says that they should love the baby "no matter how the baby was conceived"- obviously wanting to target that remark to Nora, who then tells Lindsay to "get over her sick delusional" ideas. As Clint and Viki discuss Jessica, the doorbell rings again and this time it's Carlotta, Roseanne, Will, and Téa all with Thanksgiving dinner in hand, too! Carlotta tells Viki that she didn't want Viki to be alone this Thanksgiving, but is surprised to see the Buchanan's all there, too. The two women try to comfort each other as try to talk about their children. Clint tries to question Will if he knows where Jessica and Cristian are at. Carlotta then cuts off Clint by telling him to stop with the accusations because he is the one "who drove the children away".

Back at Camp Cramer...

Hank stops by, much to Dorian's surprise and tells him that she is innocent for what ever reason he is at her home for. Mel comes back in (with R.J.) and informs her that he invited him (Hank), too. Hank and R.J. share a Thanksgiving hug. While Dorian goes and gets the champagne, Mel and R.J. roast Dorian, not knowing she is listening.

Back at Viki's...

Asa, who was told that Sam had gone on a long vacation, asks Sam why he decided to stay in Llanview. Sam's response: because everyone he cares about is in Llanview. While Clint still tries to get information from Will, the phone rings. Viki answers it and it's Jessica. Jessica lets her know that she is OK and not to worry because she is with Cristian. Viki pleads with Jessica to come home and they will talk about it, but Jessica stands firmly by her decision. The phone is given to Clint, who is, surprisingly, calm as he speaks with her. He, too, begs Jessica to come home so that they can work things out. Jessica gives the phone to Cristian who then tells Clint that Jessica is OK. Carlotta then takes the phone and speaks to Cristian, who reassures his mother that he and Jessica are OK. Will then takes the phone from Carlotta thinking that he can make a difference and asks if he can speak to Jessica. Cristian hangs up on him. Will tells Roseanne that he is determined to "do the right thing".

Thanksgiving Toasts

At Dorian's home, Dorian toasts her family. At Viki's, where Joey, Barbara, Andrew, and River finally join in on the festivities, Viki talks about how they take love for granted and toasts all of her guests and absent friends.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Written by: Marina Lawson

Carlotta's Diner

Roseanne is sitting at the counter of the diner looking pensively at a red felt heart. In the background, Carlotta is bussing tables and is calling for Cristian. Carlotta walks toward Roseanne with an arm full of dishes and says she can't believe she just called for Cris. Roseanne tells her it's a force of habit and offers to help her. Téa walks in and asks why there aren't any decent apartments left in town. Carlotta tells her not to worry herself; she can stay with her as long as she likes. Téa appreciates the offer, but feels she needs her own space. Roseanne tells Téa that she thought she would be staying at the Penthouse. Carlotta excuses herself to get rid of the dishes (which look like they're getting pretty heavy). Téa tells Roseanne that Blair is at the Penthouse now. She says the Penthouse would only remind her of the horrible memories there and that the Palace was not a home. Téa says she needs a fresh start and a place big enough for the both of them (she and Roseanne).

Bo & Nora's House

Sykes is at Bo's front door. He asks Bo if he's asking about Drew's case. Bo answers no, it's a family matter--tracking down Jessica.

The Cabin in an Unknown Location

Cris comes in the door with flowers for Jessica. Jessica loves them and goes to put them in water. He asks her what she is reading. She tells him to take a wild guess. He picks up the book, which is titled, "The First Timer's Guide to Pregnancy." She tells him it's a pretty good book that explains what is going on (with her pregnancy). When she comments that she seems to be on track, he sits on the bed with the book and says he wants to know what is going on, too. She sits down on the bed and begins to show him what she's learned so far about the "fetus". He looks at her and reminds her that "it's our baby, Jess."

Nora's Law Office

Coincidentally, Will is looking at a book about the stages of childbirth in Nora's office. Nora walks in and says how the book must be pretty amazing stuff. She is surprised to find that the book he is wrapped up in is a childbirth book. He says that he finds the book "pretty amazing" and she says, "wait until you have one of your own." Will tells her he stopped by to pick up the mail to take to her home as he heard she was in the hospital. Nora tells him she was going crazy at home and that it was a minor setback. She assures Will that the baby is fine. He asks her if she can feel the baby move. She says it is still too early, but when it does move, that it's incredible. He asks her more baby questions with a wistful, interested expression and she asks him if he's planning on having one of his own. Will tells her he's just curious and she tells him that having a baby with someone that you love is one of the most important things you can do on this earth. Will tells Nora that "he's a lucky guy." When Nora asks, "who?" Will answers, "the baby's father" (Nora has a slightly scared, stricken look on her face as Will says this.)

Sam's House

I just have to say that I'm glad to see that Sam has gotten over his bad Thanksgiving hair day where his hair looked like a hair helmet. Sam is looking at a book when his doorbell rings. He answers the door, and is surprised to see Blair, who asks him why he doesn't return his phone calls anymore. When she asks if she can come in, he says he is just on his way out. She comes in anyway, telling him he can't avoid her forever. Sam tells Blair it's not a good time, and she wants to know if they're over for good. She tells him it's a simple question, are they finished or not? He tells her it's not a simple answer. She gives him a couple of suggestions of what he could say and asks if he read the article in The Sun. He answers in the affirmative; that it was very nice, it made him blameless, but didn't change the fact that she lied to him.

Blair reminds him of their date at the Opera when she took off Max's ring and committed herself to him. She tells him that she wanted to give him the tape then. Sam asks her for the 80th time why she didn't. Blair tells him for the 80th time she knew how hurt he would be, that he didn't want to hear anything bad about Todd, and if she had given him the tape, he would have dumped her right then and there. Sam said he wished she had given him the option. Blair says she wished she had too, and never meant to hurt him or anybody, but thought what she had done what was the best. When Sam asks her for whom, Blair says for everybody, especially for Starr. She didn't want to send Starr's Daddy to prison and she didn't want to lose Sam. Sam shakes his head sadly as Blair asks him if he really wants to throw everything they had that was good away. Sam says they had a lot that was good, but that they were victims of bad timing. He starts to recount their bad timing and Blair wants to know about right now. Sam tells her that there is no right now, that too much has happened. Sam opens the door and shows her out. As Blair starts to go out the door, she turns and says she's sorry, because she thought they had something good together. He again nods his head sadly and Blair leaves.

Nora's Law Office

Nora asks Will for a file. Will does not answer right away, as he is lost in thought. She asks him again and he tells her he spaced out. Nora asks if he's okay and Will says he is thinking about Jessica. Nora says she's sorry, she had forgotten that they were close, and that he must miss her. Will says he is worried about Jess. Nora says she too, is worried, and is impressed by his concern, his "honor" and that he will make some young woman very happy some day with his strong sense of loyalty. Will says Nora must have him mixed up with his Dad, because his Dad would do anything for a friend. When Nora agrees with Will, Will tells her that he doesn't have to tell her that. When Nora asks him what he means (Nora is looking guilty) Will explains that Nora has known Sam for a long time and that he has done some pretty amazing things for her.

Carlotta's Diner

Roseanne asks Téa what makes her think she wants to live with her. Téa tells her that she just assumed that they would be living together. Roseanne tells her that she would rather stay with Carlotta. Téa tells her that she is not surprised because she has been wrapped up in Todd and has been ignoring Roseanne. Roseanne tells Téa she has her life, and Roseanne has hers. Téa tells Roseanne that she was hoping to get to know her better. Carlotta tells Roseanne that Téa is right, that family should be together.

Andrew enters the diner, asks for coffee and asks to talk to Téa. They go to a booth and sit down. Andrew tells Téa that he wanted to give her space at Viki's Thanksgiving gathering and wanted to be sure she was all right. Téa assures him she's she'll be fine as soon as she wipes away every trace of Todd out of her life. Andrew tells her that it won't be easy, but he will be there for her 24-7. Téa thanks him for being her friend and for not saying, "I told you so". Andrew tells her he doesn't have to because Téa has been hard enough on herself.

Lindsay enters the diner and stands next to Roseanne at the counter. Carlotta asks if her if there is any news from Jessica. Lindsay says no and that she actually came to see Roseanne. She asks Roseanne if her she has a minute. Carlotta looks at Lindsay suspiciously as she and Roseanne walk to a booth at the back of the diner. Lindsay and Roseanne sit down and Lindsay tells her that they need to talk about her stepdaughter and the baby's father. Roseanne asks her if she means Cristian or the "real father". Lindsay feigns surprise. Roseanne tells Lindsay that they both know who the real father is; she heard her try to bribe Cristian to protect Will. Roseanne says she wants to protect Will, too. She goes on to tell Lindsay that Will wants to claim the baby as his own. When Lindsay tells Roseanne he can't do that, Roseanne smiles and says she agrees, and she's the only one who can change his mind. Roseanne tells Lindsay that if she wants her to keep the little secret, she wants something in return.

Bo and Nora's House

Bo gives Sykes the license plate of the kids's car. Bo says that Jessica is a runaway, not a criminal, and doesn't want official police involvement. Sykes says he understands. Bo tells him he appreciates it and that he also appreciates Sykes sending him Drew's case file. Sykes tells him that he hopes it answers some questions Bo might have had. As Sykes starts to leave, Bo asks him what size shoe the murderer had (Sykes who has his back to Bo, has a face is filled with dread).

Cassie and Kevin's House

Barbara is putting Cassie through exercises. Cassie, who is struggling, asks Barbara if she is trying to torture her. Barbara tells her that she thought torture was Cassie's specialty. When Cassie asks Barbara if she tortures her, Barbara changes the subject and says that maybe the new specialist will be able to help Cassie. Cassie thinks she might feel pain in her toes. Barbara bends down to examine her foot and asks if she can feel her touch. Cassie tearfully tells her she can't and Barbara tries to explain phantom pain to her. When Cassie sarcastically says, "maybe she should just cut off her legs" Barbara tries to reassure her again about the new specialist. Cassie tells Barbara not to give her any hope and asks her to go. Barbara won't leave until Cassie finishes her therapy. When Cassie again demands she leave, Barbara obstinately refuses to do so.

Nora's Law Office

Will delivers a file to Nora. Nora asks if Will is still down and asks if there is anything he wants to talk about. Will sidesteps the issue and asks if she wants lunch and she says no. Nora looks at him again and asks if he is having girl trouble. She tells him she used to be a girl and she could help him out. Nora says she saw him with Roseanne at Thanksgiving and asks if it's serious. He says he's not sure. She tells him if she could go back to her own youth she would tell herself to slow down. Will says he thinks Roseanne is already telling herself to slow down. Will excuses himself to go to lunch and says he'll be back.

Nora picks up the childbirth book, smiles, puts her feet up and begins to read. Sam comes into Nora's office looking for Will (Sam look pretty down himself). Nora tells Sam that he has a great kid. Sam smiles, agrees and says, "he makes great kids". Nora looks uncomfortable. Sam asks her why she isn't home. Nora tells him she's pregnant, not sick, and that Sam doesn't look well, he looks beat. Sam tells her he is beat. When Nora asks why, Sam tells her the reason--its' Blair, and they're finished for good.

Cassie and Kevin's House

Barbara and Cassie are continuing to torment each other. Blair walks into Cassie's house (hasn't she heard of knocking?) and tells Cassie she needs help with Sam. Blair asks how far a woman should go to win back the man she loves. Cassie and Barbara exchange scathing glances.

Bo and Nora's House

Sykes repeats Bo's question (about the size of the killer's shoes) and turns and asks wasn't that information in the reports he sent Bo. Bo says he received a tip about footprints at the crime scene. Sykes tells him "you know how tips can be." Bo says he thinks the tip is legitimate and asks if he found any Arrow sneakers. Sykes says that they didn't find any sneakers, and that Munk would have dumped them. Bo agrees and asks again if Munk was the murderer. Sykes tells Bo, "you read the report." Bo asks if there were any new evidence, would he reopen the case. Sykes says yes. Bo thanks him and then thanks him again for his help finding Jessica and Cris. He asks Sykes as he walks out Bo's front door to let him know if he finds anything out about the kids or "about those sneakers" (as Sykes desperately tries to leave).

Carlotta's Diner

Lindsay asks Roseanne if she is blackmailing her. Roseanne says she's asking for a favor. Lindsay tells her she doesn't think she is going to like the favor very much. Roseanne tells her they both want the same thing--for Cris and Jessica to live happily ever after with their baby. Lindsay asks what the favor is. Roseanne tells her that she and Will have grown close and she knows Lindsay does not approve of her. Lindsay says that every mother thinks that no woman is good enough for her son. Roseanne tells her to get over it fast. Lindsay asks if that is the favor. Roseanne tells her it is, more or less, and all she wants is for her and Wills' relationship to work out on its own. Lindsay tells her whatever is meant to be will be (shades of Doris Day!). Roseanne tells her that Lindsay's opinion will help her cause. Will is torn between the truth and her, but a little help from Lindsay would help him decide.

In a booth across the diner, Téa tells Andrew that he is very sweet and must have more important things to worry about than her. Carlotta walks up and hands Téa an envelope with her name on it that she says was left at the counter. Téa looks at the envelope and tells Carlotta and Andrew that it is from Todd. She opens the envelope and takes out her wedding ring. Téa says she doesn't understand how it got there because she had left the ring at the Penthouse. Andrew tells her it can't be easy for her. Téa says that Todd can be 1000 miles away and still try to keep his hold on her. Carlotta tells Téa she doesn't have to let him. Andrew asks her if she's going to seek an annulment and that he'll help her get one.

Will enters the diner and Lindsay rushes up to him. When Will tells Lindsay, "not now Mom", she tells him that she just had a great conversation with Roseanne. Roseanne is watching from a distance. When Will tells Lindsay that he thought she didn't like Roseanne, Lindsay tells Will she just didn't know her well enough. Will asks Lindsay what they talked about and Lindsay says she has to get to the gallery. Will looks over his shoulder at Roseanne and goes to sit with her. He immediately asks what happened with his mother. When she jokes that she cast a spell on her, he asks her to be serious. When Roseanne asks if it's so hard to believe his mother could get to like her, Will says he guesses not.

Roseanne asks what's up with Will and he tells her he's been thinking about her question at Thanksgiving--whether it was a choice between Jessica and Roseanne. When Roseanne realizes that Will has been wrestling with the "right choice" she tries to turn off the pressure, but Will has already made a choice.

The Cabin

Cris reminds Jessica that she has to see a doctor and he would like to go with her (for those interested, Cris has a very strange bedroom hair thing going on) if she doesn't mind. Jessica says she doesn't mind. Cris, not being convinced, asks her what's wrong. Jessica can't believe that Cris is being so great. Cris tells her that he loves her. Jessica reminds him that it's not his baby, and Cris tells her that he'll love the baby as if it's his own.

Nora's Office

Sam is telling Nora again why he is finishing it with Blair, that he would not have any other reason to finish it with her other than Blair's betrayal and lies. He tells Nora that the baby has nothing to do with it. Nora feigns ignorance and repeats her mantra about "Bo's Baby" and how she doesn't want to discuss it. Sam nods and tells Nora he and Blair had a lot of problems. Nora asks Sam if he is planning to go out of town. Sam asks her why she's asking. Nora says that Asa seems to want him out of Llanview. Sam tells her he is not ready to move on. When Nora asks him about Chicago, he asks her if she's really worried. When she answers no, in a not so convincing tone, he tells her about being at the airport and extracts the two old Tahiti tickets. Nora puts her head on her hand as she remembers the significance of the tickets. Sam tells her that the ticket agent was impressed that he still had the tickets. Sam tells her the tickets are not any good and says he knows that if she goes to Tahiti or anywhere, it will be with Bo and the baby, not him. "To the future", he says as he and Nora look at each other, unsure about the future.

The Diner

Roseanne can guess the answer, the choice is Jessica. Will tells her it's not about choosing her or Jessica, it's about what's right and wrong (and why she can't get this concept, I don't know). He says it will all blow up sooner or later. She says she's not trying to stop him. Will asks her what it is she is trying to do. Roseanne says she wants him to wait a few days. Will wants to know what that will do? She says maybe Jessica and Cris will come back. Will knows this will not change things, and she asks him to do it for her. He tells her if they're going to work out, he needs to tell the truth. She tries to stop him, but he leaves. Roseanne reaches down and picks up a scarf Will has left behind. She takes out her red felt heart and a voodoo doll and presses them together. Carlotta walks up and tells her she thought she was done with spells and magic. Roseanne tells her that it isn't magic, it's a love charm for Téa. Carlotta tells her Téa should stay away from love and that Roseanne should stay away from all of that ungodly stuff.

Carlotta approaches Téa and asks if she wants her to get rid of Todd's ring. Téa tells her she thinks she'll keep it as a symbol of what her life with Todd would have been, an empty hole that goes on and on. Carlotta starts to speak and Téa interrupts her saying, "you think I can't let go of it because you think I'm holding onto Todd?" Carlotta asks her if she is a mind reader now. Téa tells her not to worry; she's keeping the ring so that she won't forget what she went through.

Bo & Nora's

Bo answers the door. It's Andrew. Bo tells Andrew that his visits are beginning to be a habit, not that he minds. Andrew apologizes for having come over so early in the morning (last week) and was worried that it might have disturbed Bo. He tells Andrew talking about Drew's murder helped and that Sykes had been by. He tells Andrew that he asked Sykes a few questions under the guise of asking for help with Jessica and Cris. Andrew asks if he got any answers. Bo says he did not get the answers he wanted, but got the answers he expected. Andrew says he has to leave, but asks if Bo is still pursuing his doubts about Drew's case. Bo tells him that until he's convinced Munk pulled the trigger, he's looking into it. Andrew tells him that Cassie is making progress. Bo says he's glad and Andrew says he's surprised that Barbara is taking care of Cassie based on their history. Bo asked what that was all about. Andrew says when you find out the answer to the question, let me know.

Cassie and Kevin's House

Barbara thinks she should leave as Blair continues to ask for help with Sam. Cassie tells her that two heads are better than one. Cassie asks Blair where she stands with Sam. Blair says she thought the piece in the Sun would move him, but it didn't. Cassie asks if she talked to him. Blair tells her that she tried, but Sam blew her off and what should she do next. Cassie tells Blair she should weaken Sam's resistance and catch him in a weak moment. She turns to Barbara and asks, "isn't that right Barbara?" Cassie turns back to Blair and says, "after all, you're a beautiful woman, you must have a trick or two up your sleeve." Blair asks if she's saying should she seduce Sam. Blair says it doesn't sound like Cassie. Cassie says she's learned a thing or two. As Barbara again tries to leave, Cassie admonishes her to stay. Cassie again tells Blair to work her womanly charms on Sam until he pays attention, and when his guard is down, go in for the kill. What did she have to lose? Blair tells her she's a sweet, wonderful cousin and leaves to put her plan into action. Barbara is looking uncomfortable and tells Cassie once again that what happened with Kevin was over. Cassie says it's not over for her. Barbara says she does not want to be taunted in front of other people. Cassie asks Barbara what is she going to do to her if she doesn't stop tormenting her, they engage in more of what they should or would do to each other ( I have to say that this whole thing has become drawn out and boring; what is even more heinous is that Cassie is still withholding the information that Barbara is Drew's killer).

The doorbell rings and Bo comes in. Bo tells them he's glad he caught them both together.

Sam's House

Blair finds a key under Sam's doormat and lets herself in. She has a trench coat on. She takes out glasses and champagne from her bag. She puts on some lights and lights candles. Lindsay comes up the walk and is surprised to find the door unlocked. Lindsay walks in. Blair has her back to the door and drops her trench coat. She turns around expecting to see Sam, and is shocked to see Lindsay, who is twice as shocked to see Blair in nothing but a very revealing red teddy.

The Cabin

Cris asks Jessica if she still wants to get married. Jess tells him she thinks they will make it and they should take a vow that as long as they live they should always come back to the same motel. Cris is surprised until Jessica tells him it's because it's their first home.

Nora's Office

Sam tells Nora (as he yawns) she should go home because she's tired. She gets up to go and tells him he can wait for Will in the office. He asks if there is anything he can do and she tells him he can either vacuum or dust. He tells her to take care and picks up the Tahiti tickets. Will enters and finds Sam in a pensive mood. Will asks where Nora is. Sam tells him Nora was tired and has gone home. When Will asks what the tickets were for, Sam changes the subject and proudly tells Will that Nora thinks the world of him. When Will asks Sam if it's because he was worried about Jessica, Sam laments, "poor kids, poor parents." Will looks at Sam and says, he's one of those parents. When Sam asks, "what?" Will says, "Cristian isn't the father of Jessica's baby, I am." Sam is stunned by Will's statement, but doesn't really seem all that surprised.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Bo told Cassie that Munk was not the shooter that night on the docks. Barbara became alarmed when Cassie told Bo that she suddenly remembered that she had seen the killer. Cassie covered and said that the killer had brown eyes. Kevin and Cassie argued about Cassie's decision to move out of their bedroom. Later, Bo commented to Barbara that her eyes were a nice shade of green. Bo asked Kevin what was going on and why was Barbara caring for Cassie. Lindsay informed Blair not to pin her hopes on Sam because Sam would only love one woman - Nora. Blair confronted Nora, who tried her best to convince Blair that there was nothing going on between her and Sam. Lindsay walked in on Sam and Will's discussion and immediately called Sam a hypocrite when Sam insisted Will come forward and tell the truth about fathering Jessica's baby. Lindsay kept quiet when Sam pressed her for an explanation. Lindsay worried that the truth would ruin her marriage, but she reluctantly agreed to go with Will and Sam to see Viki and Clint.

Friday, December 4, 1998

Roseanne panicked when Will told her that he was going to tell Viki and Clint the truth about Jessica's pregnancy. Lindsay told Sam that if he insisted that Will tell the truth about Jessica's baby, Sam should tell the truth about Nora's baby. Lindsay decided that she was going to be the one to tell Clint about Will. After Andrew urged Barbara to confess, she told him that Cassie knew the truth about the shooting. Bo started to suspect that Barbara was the murderer. Bo urged Kevin to talk to Cassie about Barbara. Viki offered Kevin advice about the trouble he was having in his marriage. Before Joey left to search for Jessica, he and Kevin discussed the strange relationship between Cassie and Barbara. Téa showed up at Club Indigo and started to drink and complain about men. Max was going to split his two percent of The Sun between Kelly and Blair, but he changed his mind after listening to Téa and decided to use it to win Blair back. With the encouragement of Max and R.J., Téa stood up on the bar and declared the rebirth of Téa Delgado.

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