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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, November 30, 1998

The Caribbean
Jack has arranged for he and Julia to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in their hotel room. As they are eating, Julia starts to say that she thinks they should take some food to Molly and Brad. Jack interrupts her and says that they are not going to share their food. He says that it won't kill Brad to miss one Thanksgiving and besides it might make him think twice next time. He tells her to dig in and she says to wait. She says a prayer and thanks God for all the wonderful people that he has brought into her life. She names Emma, Lily and Holden and this cute guy sitting across the table from her. They start to eat and Jack says that he knows a way that they will be sure to be together next Thanksgiving and she wants to know how. He asks her to move in with him. She looks at him with surprise and she says that she will need to think about it. He says, "really?" She says that she was just kidding, of course she will move in with him.

The Snyder Farm
Holden and Lily are arriving at the farm. Lily is worried about taking Hope out after she was in the hospital. Holden reassures her that she will be OK. They walk into the kitchen and Emma greets them. Lily asks if it will just be the four of them. Emma says that she has a surprise and she yells for everyone to come out. Cal and Iva come out of the other room where they had been hiding. Lily and Holden are so happy to see them. Iva is making over Hope and Lily fills her in on what happened the other night with her seizure. Then Holden and Lily are talking and Lily says that she misses her mother. Holden says that she could be there, but not with James. Outside the farmhouse, James has brought Lucinda and he is telling her to go in and have dinner with her family. She finally accepts and goes inside. James gets a call on his cell phone and he tells the person that he will have the money within 24 hours and hangs up. Inside, Lucinda surprises everyone. She and Lily are talking and Lucinda asks about the baby and they get into an argument about James. Emma tells Cal to set a place for Lucinda and she says that she is not staying. Emma wants to make her a plate of food to take home with her. Cal is carving the turkey and finds the wishbone. Lily takes it over to Lucinda and reminds her of the tradition that they have every Thanksgiving. Lucinda takes hold of the wishbone and they break it and Lucinda gets the bigger piece. Lily says that is the first time that Lucinda got the bigger piece. Lucinda makes a comment about maybe it will bring her some good luck this year. The Hughes' Home

Kim had invited Eddie and Georgia to come over to Margo and Tom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Georgia had other plans and didn't want to go, but Eddie talked her into it. Ben and Camille and Mary Ruth were invited also. Camille asks Margo if Tom is going to be there. Margo says that she isn't sure. Camille asks her if she could think about forgiving Tom. Margo says that she isn't ready yet. Camille starts to lecture her about life is too short and Tom walks in. Casey and Adam run to him and give him a big hug. Adam says that he wasn't sure if Tom was going to be with them this year and Tom says that he wouldn't be anywhere else. Adam has a little crush on Georgia. He and Eddie and Katie and Georgia are standing around talking and Adam announces that he is a vegetarian. Eddie asks him since when. There is a short silence and Adam says, rather sheepishly, a while ago. Eddie, with a grin on his face, says oh is that right.

Bob sees Tom looking at Margo. He walks up behind Tom and says to him that he knows that it is ackward for him to be there, but he is glad that he made the effort. Tom asks Bob how he did it, how did he put things back with Kim after Susan? Bob says that it takes time, patience and honesty and above all he kept loving her. Margo yells that the turkey is ready and she needs some help. She is trying to get the turkey out herself and Tom comes to her rescue.

Georgia sees Eddie standing alone and she goes over and asks if he would like to go to the movie after they eat. He thinks that is a great idea, but he has someone else in mind to go with them. It is time to eat and everyone sits down. Adam has set the table and put the name cards in just the right place. He has Margo and Tom sitting beside each other and he has put Georgia beside himself. Bob offers a word of thanks and it goes something like this. "We have been through a lot this year. The burning of the church and the sinking of the Valetta and we have gotten through it all and we are thankful to be together." Margo and Tom look at each other.

Emily's Apartment
Emily is setting her table and wondering where Tom is. She calls his hotel and he is not there. She asks if they have given him his messages and they tell her that they can't tell her that. She hangs up and wonders if he is coming to dinner. There is a knock at the door. She answers the door with a big smile, but it is only a delivery person from the station. She closes the door and starts to wonder again about Tom. There is another knock at the door and she goes to the door only to find Susan. She starts out being snotty to Susan, but suddenly realizes that she could be alone for dinner. So she invites her in and Susan has brought Ellen and Ally with her. They have dinner together and when they are leaving, Emily tells them how thankful she is that they came by. When they are gone, Emily goes to the phone and calls Tom and Margo's. Adam answers the phone and Emily asks to talk to Tom. Adam says that he can't come to the phone, he is busy with HIS family and hangs up on her.

At the end of the show, today, they play a song and start out showing the Snyders'. Then they show Jack and Julia, then on to Emily (she is all alone). Then they show the Hughes', Tom is pointing at Casey's food, Eddie and Katie are talking and laughing and they end it with Margo and Tom talking.

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Georgia and Eddie are walking into the theater to see a movie. They are discussing the events of the day and how great the Hughes family were to invite them. As they are sitting and talking, in walks Katie. She said that she made it and then she sees the look on Georgia's face and asks if she is crashing. Eddie speaks up and says that she is not crashing and she goes and sit on the other side of Eddie. Katie says that she hopes that the movie is a good as the original. Eddie acts like he knows what she is talking about and is making comments about the movie. Georgia can see that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Adam comes walking in and asks if he can join them. (He has a little crush on Georgia.) They tell him not to be silly, of course he can join them. Adam asks Georgia if he can get her anything, like some raisins or something. She says that raisins would be very nice. When he leaves to go get them, Katie says, "Ahh, isn't that sweet." Georgia asks, "Why because he wants to get me some raisins?" Katie replies, "No, its because you didn't make him feel like a fifth wheel." He comes back and the movie starts. Eddie is looking at Katie and Georgia is looking at them both. Adam decides to try his move and he puts his arm around Georgia. He asks her if she would like some popcorn and she says no. He says to her that the movie is good and she agrees. At the end of the movie, Katie is getting all weepy and Eddie asks her if everything is OK. She says she is just a little teary because of the movie. He offers her his hanky and Georgia rolls her eyes. Eddie suggests that they all go get some coffee. Georgia says that if they drink coffee now they will be up all night. Adam says that it is getting late and he has to get home. Georgia says that makes two of us and they leave. Katie and Eddie go to Java.

Georgia gets home and does not turn on the lights. She goes to the stereo and puts on a sad song. She picks up Eddie's shirt and smells it. She goes over to the couch and sits down and starts to cry. Eddie comes in later and asks her way she is sitting in the dark? She hides her face and wipes her tears. He is going on and on about going to get coffee with Katie. She is brushing her hair and he stops and is just looking at her and she asks him what he is looking at. He says, "It your hair, well, it's great, it's beautiful."

Jack and Julia are still stuck in the Caribbean. They are just getting out of bed and Jack says that he needs to go check in with the men. She asks him not to go and he says that he needs to take a shift and relieve the other men. They get dressed and go downstairs. The room is full of people including Brad, Molly, Carly, Hal and Barbara. Molly is giving the guard a rough time saying that the conditions that she is being held under are awful. She finally cons him into taking her to get a soda. As they go pass Brad and Carly, Molly asks if they would like a soda and Brad says that he doesn't want anything. Carly says to her that they need to talk about her taste in friends. Then Carly sees Jack and Julia and Brad says that she is turning a lovely shade of green. Carly wonders what is sees in her and Brad says that she is beautiful, caring, sensitive and Carly adds that she is boring, predictable and the she says, "Did I say boring." Brad says, "Why, Mrs. Dixon, whatever are you thinking?" Carly replies, "Nothing." Brad says, "Jack or fifty million, Jack or fifty million. I suggests that you stay married and live unhappily for the rest of your life.

Molly and the guard are getting the sodas and she picks up a tube of hand cream. She and the guard go back to her seat and he hand cuffs her to the chair and leaves her cuffs a little loose. She is giving him all kinds of compliments trying to butter him up. He gets her all situated and leaves. She takes out the hand cream and starts working on taking the cuffs off. Finally, she is free and she grabs a blanket and covers herself. She is making her way across the room and Brad steps on her blanket, causing her to fall into the chair beside him. He asks her if she is going someplace. She tells him that he can stay there and take the heat, she is getting out of there. She is trying to sneak out the door and Jack grabs her blanket and says, "Are you going somewhere, Molly?"

John spent the whole hour begging Lisa to wait for him. She says to him that he isn't going to war. He says no, but I am married to Carly. They keep arguing and finally Lisa gives him an ultimatum, either he divorces Carly or they are through. John says to her that he loves her. They both stop and look at each other. Lisa doesn't believe him. She thinks that he is just saying that to get her to wait. She says that she wants him to go and as she turns away from him, she gets dizzy. John realizes that she has one of her migraines and makes her sit down. He starts to rub her temples. He tells her to relax. After she takes a short nap, she gets up and says that nothing has changed and she leaves the room.

Julia and Barbara are walking into the lobby. Julia and Jack are getting ready to leave and go back to Oakdale. Julia is telling Barbara what a nice time she has had with Jack. Carly is around the corner listening in on their conversation. Julia tells Barbara that Jack has asked her to move in with him and she has accepted. Carly jumps from around the corner and calls Julia a cheap little slut. Julia says that she was not talking to her. Barbara says that she is disgusting. Carly informs her that John had proposed to Lisa before she even set foot on the island. Carly says "How's that for love." She looks at Julia and informs her that Jack had to save her from Brad earlier. Jack walks up and says that it was just because he was a prisoner, nothing else. He and Julia leave and Barbara turns to Carly and says, "You were saying?" Carly tells her to shut up. Barbara walks away and Carly says to herself that she will get him back, after she dumps John, she will find a way.

A man had been in Jack and Julia's room earlier and had taken her bottle of tranquilizers. Julia's bags are sitting at the door and this man walks up and put a medicine bottle into her luggage.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

In separate cells, Molly tries to get Brad to join in her visions of escape. Jack tells Molly that she's been bailed out. A freed Molly then promises to ask Carly to bail out Brad, too. Jack informs his surly brother that he has a visitor--Ben. Sara Ruth notices Camille's unease when discussing the details of her upcoming wedding and urges her daughter to relax--she's taken care of Brad. Lisa tells Barbara that she requested the meeting with her so she could apologize. Carly gets a frosty reception from her former co-workers at the police station and then John walks up to her and begins berating her.

Ben informs Brad that he's been fired from the church construction project. John threatens to break their contract because Carly gave Lisa the run-around. Emma greets the bickering newlyweds and begs not to be told the reasons for their strange union. Sara Ruth is proud of the fact that she proposed a motion before the church board to fire Brad immediately.

Lisa expresses her regret that above all, she hurt her best friend. Barbara admits to being hurt more by Lisa than by John--she treated Lisa like a sister. Lisa asserts that all that John did stemmed from Johnny's death. Ben corrects Brad's assumption--he actually voted to keep Brad but was outvoted--he knows what it's like to be tried and convicted. Brad doesn't believe him, however.

Camille castigates her mother for making Brad lose his job. She puts on a happy face when Ben arrives, which fades when she learns that Ben was a part of firing Brad. Barbara shares the fact that it's the first anniversary of Johnny's death. Lisa and Barbara agrees that John's inseminating Carly went too far. Barbara thinks that Lisa is bad-mouthing John a little too well.

Carly stares at Jack and Julia as John tells his wife that they're stuck with each other. Jack gives Julia a harmonica keyring that contains her own set of keys to his house. Similarly, John grumpily hands over to Carly the key to his room at the Lakeview. Ben tells Camille that Brad is in a bad way--he can't even make bail. Lisa denies having any residual feelings for John and reports that Carly is now on her bad list. John vows to regard Carly's every utterance as a lie. Carly tells Molly that she has no intention of giving her baby over to John as the contract stipulates.

Emma assures Julia that she's not judging her for moving in with Jack--after seeing John and Carly together, Emma is not sure people know what marriage is for anymore. Julia begins to unpack and finds a loaf of banana bread from Emma and flashes back to David. Carly takes the business card of Molly's lawyer, one Brian Parsons, to help her break the contract. Carly refuses to bail out Brad and urges Molly to distance herself from him.

Emma walks in on Brad and Jack arguing about their father. Emma wonders why he and Jack didn't pull closer together after their father died and Brad says that he can't tell her. Emma can't forget about their rift, however--something has to be done about it. Julia tears apart the loaf of bread and reaches for her tranquilizers. A mystery man reports that he was successful in switching her pills--she'll never know the difference.

Lisa and Barbara join forces to announce John and Carly's marriage to all of Oakdale. Lisa calls the Argus to have the story put on the front page. Brad turns down Molly's offer of help, instead accepting her promise not to rob any banks or dig up any more suitcases of money.

Emma recalls happier times between the two brothers, but Jack can't see the point in reliving that. Emma calls Jack's and leaves a message for Julia on the machine. Julia collapses on the couch.

Camille visits a bitter Brad and tells him she's come to bail him out. Carly visits Molly's lawyer Brian, but he tells her he's already with a client--John. Jack arrives home with roses and is amused to see Julia asleep, then he grows alarmed when he can't wake her.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Determined to thwart Carly's machinations at every turn, John is waiting at the lawyer's office when she arrives to discuss loopholes in her custody contract with John. John warns Carly that he is not Hal Munson and won't be easily deceived. Later, John drags Carly to a Lamaze class at the hospital where he encounters Lisa and discovers that Lisa has printed an article in the Argus informing Oakdale of his marriage to Carly.

Brad is surprised when Camille visits him in jail and even more surprised when she tells him she has come to bail him out. He adamantly refuses to allow her to post bail. They discuss Jack's obsessive hatred of him and Camille tells Brad he should tell Jack what really happened to their father. Brad pleads with Camille to leave it alone. He angrily tells Camille it is not her place to tell Jack anything.

Eddie is shocked to see Katie at the admissions office and quickly makes up a lie about why he is there. Later, Eddie intervenes when the man interviewing Katie for a job puts the moves on her.

Georgia has a heart-to-heart with Lily about Lucinda, school and Eddie.

After taking some of the "doctored" tranquilizers, Julia has a nightmare about David. Jack is alarmed when he finds Julia asleep on the couch and can't wake her up.. Eventually, Julia awakens and tells Jack that she is better, feeling that the nightmare helped her resolve her fears about David. Later, Julia comes unglued when she finds David's bloody shirt at the front door.

Friday, December 4, 1998

Ben reveals to Holden and Lily that Hope's brain is underdeveloped. Carly invites Molly over to brainstorm how to hurt John. Sara Ruth goes to visit Brad in jail and warns him to get away from her daughter. Brad is cool to her threat. Lily worries to Ben that David may have slipped her something during her pregnancy.

The mystery man scribbles a note saying "glad to be back" to the nanny tending the baby girl. Barbara loves Lisa's preparations for a surprise party at the hospital for John and Carly. She's especially happy because it falls on the same day as the board of directors' annual meeting. Carly demands a better living area but John gleefully tells his wife that he can't give the middle-class lifestyle she enjoyed with Hal. John gets a phone call and tells Carly to meet him at the hospital so he can put her on his health insurance. Lisa is satisfied that she's arranged for her guests of honor to arrive.

Brad wonders why it matters if he's around Camille or not if she has such a great life with Ben. Camille is hurt by Jack's insinuation that Brad's motivation is to sleep with her. She tells Jack that Brad is not a murderer. Lily wonders about her exposure to toxins at Hal and Carly's wedding.

The mystery man writes to the nanny that the baby is his, not hers, and she places the baby in his lap. Carly tells Molly of her plan to get John to cheat on her with Lisa, thereby helping Carly in any future custody case. She thinks John will be easy pickings, having been denied by Barbara for so long. Lisa worries about hurting John, and Barbara worries that Lisa still cares about him.

Kim and Bob, Lucinda, Susan and the board are all stunned when John and Carly arrive and Lisa announces that it's Mr. and Mrs. Dixon who are the guests of honor. Sara Ruth begs Brad to leave a vulnerable Camille alone. Brad admits that he loves her daughter--and that's why he's decided to stay out of her life. He urges Camille's mother to do the same.

Jack becomes enrages when Camille blurts out that Jack's mother was the real driver/killer. Jack calls his brother a liar and explains to Camille how much he was affected by his father's death. Susan, Bob and Lucinda are among those who pepper the newlyweds with questions. Lucinda giggles when John informs them that Carly is "probably" carrying his child, not Hal's.

Ben refers the worried parents to an out-of-town specialist, and Holden tries to reassure Lily about their daughter. The mystery man tells the nanny not to take the baby to a doctor in Oakdale. She wonders why he's so adamant. Jack is upset when Camille pays for Brad's bail, and Sara Ruth wonders why her daughter is doing it.

John congratulates Lisa--she's finally gotten revenge on him for the fake engagement party he held for her. Lucinda congratulates John for managing to upstage her own wedding. A reluctant John is pushed to make a toast to Carly, and he salutes her for being the mother of his (hopefully) healthy child. Carly marvels at seeing so many faces that look like "they've been sucking lemons," and informs her cousin that she's glad for the party--the more Lisa pushes his buttons, the more John will be drawn to her.

The nanny heads for Groverton, which also happens to be Holden and Lily's destination, to meet the doctor Ben recommended. John and Lisa are lured to the same storeroom, where Carly locks them in together, high-fiving Molly.

When Brad is released Jack pulls him aside and informs him he'd like to talk to him about their dad's murder--he hears Brad is telling a different story about how it happened.


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