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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on GL
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Monday, November 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Snoopy.

Blake learns of Ben's adoptive mother, Helen, scalding him as a child. Although, he refused to blame her and insisted that it was Ross who was at fault for "forcing" their real mother to abandon him. Ben lets Blake in on the years of abuse he endured as a child of an alcoholic adoptive mother. Danny finds Michelle on the beach where Mick's body was found and tries to talk to her in hopes to find out more about his brother's death. Danny says that Jesse's jealousy could have been motive for him going after Mick. Teri/Annie pulls a gun on Dinah when Dinah discovers her true identity. Dinah talks her way out of the situation with flattery and takes the gun from Teri/Annie. Eventually the two come to an understanding and Dinah promises to keep her secret. Selena returns from California and finds Drew in trouble because of Mick. Drew points out that her birthday is on Christmas and Selena discloses that her missing daughter also had a Dec 25 birthday....Imagine that

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lisa Furman Cott.

Reva discovers that a body was found missing from the Springfield morgue the day before Annie reportedly died in the explosion. She rushes to the police station to tell Teri/Annie that she believes that Annie faked her own death and is still alive. Teri/Annie tries to dissuade Reva, but Reva remains persistent, threatening to inform the District Attorney about her theory if Teri/Annie doesn't investigate it. Alex proposes to Beth and India that they both begin to work at Spaulding Enterprises. Concerned about the state of the corporation, Alex also confronts Alan about his lack of interest in company matters since Annie's death.

Holly, as the Stalker, plans to teach Jenna a "lesson" after losing Marina and Lizzie at the club. She plans to leave a poisoned magazine at Jenna's house.

Phillip and Harley return from their honeymoon, greeted by friends and family in their new home. While there, Frank tells Jenna that Jeffrey is being freed from jail on a technicality. Frank promises to protect the family but Jenna and Buzz are still fearful. Jenna asks that the news about Jeffrey be kept secret.

Later, Jenna leaves Phillip and Harley's house ahead of Buzz, only to find Holly, donned in her black leather "Stalker" outfit, in her house planting the poisoned magazine. Fortunately for Holly, a distracted Jenna suspects nothing.

Wednesday, December 2

by CBS Televisionr

Distressed off the news of Jeffrey, Jenna enters her home to find Holly there but doesn't suspect she's there for anything other than a visit. Buzz comes home and Holly must retreat without the magazine with the nursery rhyme in it. Buzz tries to talk Jenna into making some very romantic plans -- namely, taking Coop and Rocky and leaving Springfield for a South Seas sailing adventure. Jenna doesn't want to run away from Jeffrey, but Buzz assures her that's not the only thing driving him, he just thinks it's the perfect time. Jenna happily agrees and Buzz rushes off to make all the arrangements. Holly returns for the magazine and as both women reach for it, the nursery rhyme falls out. Jenna reads it. Teri goes to Josh and commands him to derail Reva from her crazy idea that Annie's alive. Teri can't help giving into her intense feelings for Josh as she tells him it's OK to remember how he felt about Annie and to feel that way about Teri. Later, Reva is stunned when Josh forbids her to continue the search for Annie. Hart vows to stick by Dinah no matter what, while Teri tells Dinah she wishes Josh looked at her the way Hart does Dinah. Alex lashes out at Vicky for not being more like her mother and makes it clear that her respect and trust is something Vicky must earn. Later, Alex is pleased when Alan tells her he's let go of Annie.

Thursday, December 3

by CBS Televisionr

As Buzz assures Selena that no one will ever hurt his family again, Jenna reads the nursery rhyme and realizes that Holly is the stalker. She tries to calmly act a friend and offers Holly help. Holly seems to soften, then rails about Jenna hiding Rocky's paternity just as Jeffrey arrives at the door to hear the truth. Michelle is shocked when Danny kisses her. Harley gets a surprise visitor when a young girl appears on her doorstep... and says she's the daughter Harley gave up for adoption. Meta encourages Ben to visit Blake. India tries to keep Ross from fining out she's broke.

Friday, December 4

by CBS Televisionr

A tearful Harley embraces her long-lost daughter, as Susan explains that her adoptive mother told her all about Harley before she recently passed away. When Harley wants to call Susan's father, Susan quickly explains that her dad's changed since the death and implies he's mistreating her. Harley agrees to let Susan stay the night, but Phillip is wary of her sudden appearance in their lives. Jeffrey ushers Holly out of the house and confronts Jenna about hiding the fact that he's Rocky's father. Jenna sees that Jeffrey plans to kidnap her and the boys and gets him away from the house to protect her family. As he realizes what she's doing, they both tussle for the steering wheel and the brakes squeal. Blake finds letters to Ben from his real mother before she died, and lovingly shares them with him. Alex invites Beth into the Spaulding business and Phillip, Alan and Vicky all welcome her with open arms. Vanessa and Beth however continue to battle. Neither woman is pleased when Alex teams them up to work together.

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