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Monday, November 30, 1998

Vanessa arrives to cover a story from a mystery man. When she steps inside the door the man is covered in a hooded cloak and whispering. She asks if he has a story for her. The man answers for a price. When she asks about the price he says "You". Vanessa says she is taken and promptly starts to back out of the room. Michael rushes out. Michael told Vanessa it is time they traded her engagement ring for a wedding ring. She wants to know how she can tell if they will be happy together. He carries her to the bed. Vanessa says they should consider schools when they look for a new apartment. Michael reminds her that's a long way off. So they decide to do names instead. Vanessa ( Felicia) Michael (Shaquille) Vanessa (Thorn) Vanessa finally suggests Michael for a boy.

Michael and Vanessa arrive back home. Tyus arrives and says it would help his research if he knew how she got pregnant. Vanessa relates the earthquake story. Vanessa says it has been 3 months to the day and when she sees an ob/gyn she will know for sure how far along she is. They thank Tyus for all his help especially since Lena is now recovering. She says she never thought her mother would live to see a grandchild not alone hold one. She says 3 generations are thankful to him; she hugs him. Michael looks on with his jealousy showing. Vanessa says this calls for a little celebration and rushes out to the market to get some sparkling cider. Michael asks Tyus when he is leaving for Maryland. Tyus says he is putting if off because he wants to solve the mystery of Michael's sterility. Michael just comes right out and tells him the sooner he puts distance between him and Vanessa the better. Michael told him there are other doctors and since he is running away from Vanessa to just let it go and leave town.

On the street Vanessa meets Casey, They hug and he congratulates her on her pregnancy. He asks if it is ok for her to be running around town and offers a lift. He told her how lucky she is. She says his turn is coming soon and brings up Sara.

Gabi arrives to an empty house carrying groceries. As she is about to put them away she stumbles and spills something on her blouse. Since no one is home she removes the blouse and heads for the laundry room. As she exits the room Antonio enters. She walks back in wearing her bra. Embarrassed Gabi covers herself with her arms. Antonio is excusing himself when Gabi asks him to take off his shirt so she won't have to flash him anymore. . He removes his shirt and has a flashback. She went upstairs to get some clothing and ask him to stay and help arrange Ricardo's party. Gabi gets Antonio to agree to help by kneading bread dough. He stands behind her and she takes his hand and shows him how to knead bread. Antonio quickly begs off.

Casey arrives and says "Hello Ladies." Joan answers by saying "Hello Handsome" Sara reminds her that is her line. They kiss. Casey then asks what the Meg/Sara argument was about. Sara said that she and Maria had words. She told them she accused Maria of faking her amnesia. She told them Meg doesn't know what she told Maria. Joan and Casey suggest that she go to Maria and apologize. Sara says she is going to talk to Maria. Casey praises her for what she is about to do and asks if he should go with her. Gabi told Antonio that's the only way for her to get upstairs without flashing him

Meg is back at work and waiting in Gregory's office when his private phone rings. When she answers Ben is on the other line. They discuss the GREAT weekend they had. She asks if he saw the gift she left for him. He turns around and sees an old briefcase sitting on a chair; it's quite evident that he recognizes it and is disturbed. When he opens the briefcase he discovers a gardenia inside. Maria comes in smiling. Ben rushes to hang up on Meg and promises to call her back.

Meg is still waiting for Ben to call her back when Gregory comes in. He asks Meg if Annie has been harassing her. He also says if Annie pulls rank to let him know. He asks if there is anything else he can do for her. Meg says not unless he can give Maria her memory back. Gregory is shocked when he hears that she is living with them. Meg explains the circumstances. He wishes her luck.

Ben arrives and Gregory went out to answer the phone. Ben kisses Meg and says that Maria has had a breakthrough. He told her about the briefcase. Meg is upset because she thinks it has brought up too many memories for Ben. Ben says just don't lose faith for their sake. When Gregory walks in notices the tension in the room. He quickly decides to tackle a project that he sent to Meg's house. Meg apologizes for leaving the paperwork home. She excuses herself to go get it. Gregory says it is good to have him back. Gregory asks him if he will be able to keep his mind on his work. Ben says he is perfectly fine. Gregory says "Ben you can't even make up your mind which woman you are in love with." Ben says he will ask when he wants his advice. Gregory says it was a time when Ben could confide in him. Gregory says that everyone envied the love that he and Maria had shared. Ben says that was in the past. Gregory says there was a certain look in his eye that died when he thought Maria died. He says the look is now back in his eyes and everyone can see it. Gregory told him he might as well admit it, his love for Maria is still alive.

Virginia is visiting Dr. Green, Jimmy's doctor. Virginia brought up his creative book keeping for the poorer patients. Virginia says her conscience is bothering her. Green told her that if she started talking, something like this could ruin his practice. He quickly asks Virginia what she wants. She said not much just a little favor. The doctor is surprised when Virginia ask her to pull a paternity test. He wants to know what happened to her because she used to be so nice. She says it is a mean to an end. She says that she has paperwork on all his medical forms that he signed for her. She then hands him a package of papers and says to follow them exact or he just might loose his practice. Dr. Green takes the papers and begins to read them.

Ben asks Maria if she put the gardenia in the briefcase. She says yes and wants to know if she has done something wrong. He told her it was part of her daily routine. He wants to know if her memory is coming back. Maria says she found the briefcase in the closet. She says she just put the gardenia in there as a gesture. He says he practically buried the briefcase when she died. He is happy because that proves she has an unconscious memory that has just surfaced. The phone rings and Ben hands it to Maria. The Private Investigator informs Maria that he has information for her. Ben asks who is on the phone and the P.I. asks if he called at a bad time. Maria says she will see him later. She told Ben it was the hospital calling to remind her of therapy. Ben wants to sit and talk about her memory. She says it has been 5 years and she can wait until later. Ben remembers he has to call Meg. Maria insists he call her from the car since he is already late. Ben leaves. Maria says it is time for a crash course on her, the sooner she remembers the sooner she can sign the papers and they can get on with their lives. Maria is talking on the phone to the P.I. when Sara comes in and overhears her saying "If Ben and Meg found out what I was doing they would never forgive me." Sara immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion about her amnesia. Sara says she came to apologize but it seems she is jumping the gun. She also tells Maria she isn't going anywhere until she finds out what she was talking about.

Vanessa arrives as an upset Tyus excuses himself before they can toast the new baby. Virginia arrives. Virginia says she will gladly toast to the pregnancy. She told Vanessa she plans to be around through the whole pregnancy helping her any way she can. Vanessa told her she doesn't have an ob/gyn yet and Virginia is about to offer a suggestion.

Ben says whatever is going on between him and Maria is secondary to what is going on with Meg. Gregory told him if it is just guilt and obligation he thinks he is feeling for Maria that he is wrong.. Ben insists that he is wrong. Ben says Meg is handling the situation very well. Gregory says Meg is good at putting on a poker face for him. Gregory leaves after warning him that the decisions he makes effect more than just him. Ben is visibly upset by the conversation.

Sara wants to know what Maria is lying about. Maria asks her to leave and when Sara refuses to leave Maria starts to leave. Meg walks in to see Sara grabbing Maria by the arm and insisting on knowing what she is lying about.

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Tracey

Amy chants while watching Sean and Emily. Emily starts to cry and doesn't know why. Sean says he will kiss away the tears. Amy sees them kissing and resumes chanting, when the book of curses suddenly appears in front of her. She blasts Brad, thinking that he is responsible for all the unexplained happenings. Emily and Sean come over and Amy freaks out when the emerald looks like an eyeball staring at her. Of course, no one else sees it. Amy turns to leave and runs into Ricardo who told her that her father is flat broke and her house is being repossessed. He explains that he doesn't know if he is dead, but if he isn't, he took everything and left her nothing. Emily and Sean promise to be there for her and Emily offers to let her stay at her house over the holidays while she and Sean are in Aspen. Amy is upset at the news and feels completely alone - no friends, no family, no home, and no money. She runs out crying and is cornered by a mummy!

The caller wants to negotiate with Annie and Caitlin, but Annie is forced to hang up when Ricardo comes in to question them about the theft of the necklace. He wants to know if they saw Hillary at the party or have received any strange phone calls. Annie told him to investigate the obvious thieves, Cole and Francesca, and denies receiving any calls. After he leaves, Annie fantasizes about being "dead meat" - she pictures her and Caitlin hanging in a butcher shop where Gregory and Cole are waiting to chop them up! They receive another call. This time the caller threatens to expose Annie's secrets, too. He wants a million dollars. Annie and Caitlin eliminate AJ as a suspect because he doesn't need money. Their caller ID shows the number as a pay phone at the country club. The girls rush over and run into Olivia and Gregory. Olivia didn't see anyone. Later, Cole overhears the two contemplating ways to raise cash quickly.

AJ told Cole that everything that has happened may be his fault. AJ confesses to being a thief in the past to stay rich. He says that he bought the rubies from Phillip, but had to attend a meeting where everyone chanted to give the jewels power. He thinks he was safe because he didn't participate in the chanting. Cole demands to know everything about the curse. Gregory interrupts them momentarily to berate AJ for neglecting his duties at Liberty Corp. After he leaves, AJ explains that the legend promises immortality to the owners of the jewels and death to those who part with them. He also clarifies that the chanting is used to vanquish one's enemies and that the legend told of a young priest who took away their powers by placing them in the Rosario Madonna. Cole is concerned that they all have had them and may be considered owners. AJ believes that returning the jewels may end the curse. He says that he will handle Francesca while Cole told Caitlin everything.


  • Antonio and Gabi -Gabi is nervous about being around everyone at Ricardo's surprise party because she is afraid of what they will think of her for ruining her sister's life and breaking up Paula and Ricardo. Antonio told her to have faith and remember how far she has come. Gabi says that she would be lost without him and gives him a big hug.

  • Carmen - Carmen told Antonio that the cards have told her that she has seen the other man in Gabi's life and that he may be there at the party. Antonio begs her not to ruin Ricardo's evening.

  • Vanessa and Michael - Vanessa realizes that the baby was conceived before she and Michael got back together and that Tyus may be the father. When Michael questions her about the dates she circled on her calendar, she told him that the earlier date was when Tyus gave her the experimental treatment that didn't work and she was worried that it might affect the baby. {Not so obvious question - Does that mean that she actually did sleep with Tyus? The turkey baster fiasco was much later!}

  • Olivia and Gregory - Gregory compliments Olivia, who asks him what he wants. He claims that he only wants them to put aside their differences for the sake of the kids and Trey. Olivia doesn't believe that is his only agenda. They meet later to discuss Christmas plans. Gregory told her that he has hired a Santa for Trey and invites her over on Christmas morning to participate in the festivities. Also, Gregory asks if she noticed that the baby doesn't look anything like Cole -- they are both very glad!

  • Friday, December 4, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    Cole overhears Annie and Caitlin contemplating ways to raise cash quickly. He demands to know why Caitlin needs money and why she is going to someone else to get it. Annie covers by saying that Caitlin spent way too much money on Christmas gifts for Trey. Cole assures her that she can buy whatever she wants for Trey's first Christmas, but she should not go to anyone else to pay her bills. He told her that he has to go to Rosario with AJ and Francesca to return the jewels and explains that he isn't hiding anything and doesn't want them to keep any secrets from each other. Cole reassures her that he won't let anything bad happen to either of them. After he leaves, Annie told Caitlin not to get any ideas about telling Cole what is going on or that Trey is not his son. They resume their efforts to raise cash and Annie wonders aloud how much a vase is worth. Gregory overhears and asks why she is suddenly so interested in the value of their possessions. Annie says that the theft of her necklace got her thinking about preparing a list for the insurance company. The mystery caller interrupts their conversation. Gregory grabs the phone from her, but for the first time we see that the call is really a taped message. Gregory realizes how scared they are when he sees that they are tracing the calls and vows to call the police. Annie and Caitlin talk him out of it. After he leaves, Annie decides to sell a Faberge egg and gets $100,000 for it. She told Caitlin that it will at least buy them some time. Gregory interrupts them. He can't believe how close Annie and Caitlin have become. Annie says she did it for him. When he notices that the egg is missing, Annie says that Trey broke it.

    Amy screams for help after being cornered by a mummy. Sean and Emily hear her cries. Sean rushes out to help, but only finds a homeless man begging for money. Amy is hysterical and scared to death. Sean thinks she is imagining things, but invites her to hang out with he and Emily for the night. Emily borrows her mother's car and they head out. While driving, Sean and Emily talk about being together in Aspen. Amy is very hurt and is angry that Emily has Sean while she has nothing. She begins to chant in her mind causing Emily to lose her vision and forcing Sean to try to get control of the car.

    AJ breaks into Francesca's room where Francesca pulls a gun on him. He threatens her, saying that she will pay for dragging Cole into the jewel heist and demands that she give him the jewels. Francesca figures out that he was Lance Hodjas and knows the power of the jewels. He finds the jewels under the mattress. Francesca says that she will kill him before she lets him leave with the jewels. Cole arrives in the nick of time and takes away her gun. He explains that AJ is on their side and tell AJ that he has told Caitlin everything. Francesca says that the Rosario Madonna is missing, but believes that Antonio may be able to help them find it. The two spell out their plan to return the jewels to the statue. AJ asks to see the jewels; when Francesca dumps them out, she sees blood running down her arm.

    Maria is watching old videos of she and Ben so that she can convince everyone that she has her memory back. She wants to allow Ben to have the divorce so he can marry Meg. Ben and Meg come in, remind her about Ricardo's surprise party, and offer her a ride.

    At the party:

  • Carmen -Antonio reminds his mother that even if someone else loves Gabi, she loves Ricardo. Carmen says that he should trust her instincts, after all, she was right about Maria being alive. Later, Carmen told Maria that Ben loves her. She also told Ricardo to give himself the gift of another girl before he gets hurt.

  • Antonio - As Ricardo makes a birthday wish, Antonio fantasizes about Gabi bringing him a cake of his own. When asked to make a toast, Antonio admits to always taking Ricardo's things and being jealous of what Ricardo had. Later, as he dances with Gabi, he imagines that they are alone -- dancing and kissing. Their dance is interrupted by a call from Cole. He went to Francesca's room and discusses the jewels and the Rosario Madonna with the others.

  • Ben - Ricardo and Ben bait each other. Ricardo suggests that when Maria gets her memory back, they will finally know what happened the night she "drowned". Ben agrees and says he hopes Ricardo can handle the truth. Later, as Ben and Meg dance, they notice how lonely Maria looks. As Ben is dancing with Maria, he remembers Maria throwing him an intimate surprise party where he said that as long as he had her, he had everything he wished for.

    When Maria, Ben and Meg return home, Meg suggests that they all watch the video Maria rented. Maria says she is too tired and Ben agrees. Maria tries to get Ben to go upstairs, but he says he will take care of closing things down. Later, when Meg can't sleep, she comes down to watch the video.

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