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Marley held Vicky captive. Josie worried a problem in her pregnancy would reveal her baby's true paternity. Zak was upset about how much he and Stark had hurt Sophia with the things Matt had done under hypnotic suggestion. Jake couldn't believe Vicky was guilty of shooting Grant.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on AW
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Monday, November 23, 1998

Rachel tries to convince Lila that it was OK if she leaves Jasmine with a family member and takes some time for herself. Lila assures her that she will, but she's not very convincing. Zak arrives, and Lila asks him what Mr. Stark wants from her.

Jake and Donna learn of Grant's shooting. They're worried because Vicky was going to see him. Jake leaves to go find her.

When Vicky wakes up, she's dizzy and confused. She remembers that Grant was shot. Then she notices the bars on the door and realizes she can't get out. She thinks that whoever shot Grant locked both her and Marley in the room. Marley plays dumb, then distracts Vicky and slips out. Vicky was stunned when Marley relocks the door behind her. Marley told Vicky, "I'm getting out and you're not."

Lila questions Zak more about Lumina. He just told her to relax and enjoy her life. He tries to convince her that she made all the good things in her life happen. Matt comes downstairs and Cass and Sofia ring the doorbell. Cass informs everyone that he was there as Sofia's attorney and that she wants to end her partnership with Matt.

Grant was taken to the hospital. A worried Cindy tries to go with him, but Joe insists on questioning her first. Cindy says Grant was already shot when she got there. Joe wonders who could have shot him. An officer told him that Grant said "Victoria". Jake arrives and asks Joe if Vicky was OK.

Marley explains to a shocked Vicky that they are in her house and the whole thing was Marley's doing. Vicky can't believe what she's hearing, and demands to be let out.

Matt and Lila assume that Sofia simply wants to get out of C-Square, but she corrects them. She's the one who got Billy Rush his big break. She still wants C-Square... but she wants Matt out of it.

Rachel feels Carl's absence more than ever now that Thanksgiving was approaching. She remarks that she has to be strong for the people who need her, but has no one to look after her needs.

Vicky asks Marley why she's doing this. Marley told her that she's taking over her life just like Vicky had done to her. She told her this was payback. Vicky realizes the depth of planning and work that Marley has put into her endeavor, and knows that she's dead serious about it. When Vicky figures out Marley was motivated by her desire for Jake, she told her sister that if she thinks this will get her Jake back, she's insane.

Matt told Sofia if she wants him out of C-Square, he's out. Lila protests that she and Matt could run C-Square together. Sofia told her that she took Matt away, but she's not taking away the rest of her life.

Marley gloats to Vicky that she's not crazy, she was simply taking charge. Vicky tries desperately to reason with her to let her out, but it does no good. Marley went away, leaving a terrified Vicky alone in her cell.

Although Matt, Cass and Rachel tell Lila not to make the situation more difficult, she continues to protest Matt's decision. She says she's Matt's wife, and has a right to her own opinion, and that opinion should count for something. Rachel reminds Lila that she hasn't been married to Matt for long, and that it's a little early for her to start acting like "lady of the manor."

Jake went home and was surprised Vicky still isn't there. Marley arrives saying she heard about the shooting. When they tell her Vicky was missing, she brought up the possibility that Vicky may have been shot as well. She acts very upset at the thought that something happened to her. Donna and Jake refuse to believe the worst and say Vicky will be home any time now.

Joe finds Cindy at the hospital. She acts all upset because Grant won't wake up. She asks Joe who could have done this to Grant. He says that is what he wanted to ask her.

Rachel tries to keep the conversation from getting nasty, but Lila was determined to speak her mind. She reminds Rachel that they BOTH married into the family; therefore, Rachel was no better than she is... Rachel's just been there longer. Rachel just told her if she wants to cause a scene, she can do it alone, then leaves. Claudia enters looking for Rachel to approve the Thanksgiving menu. Lila told her she wants to be the one to decide on the menu. Lila doesn't like the traditional menu and told Claudia she'll come up with something else.

Cindy denies knowing who shot Grant. Joe acknowledges the fact that she called 911 and saved Grant's life, but says she was still under suspicion. He told her not to leave town. Joe leaves, and Grant wakes up. He takes one look at Cindy and says, "YOU!" Cindy told Grant about the shooting and points the finger at Vicky. But Grant says it wasn't Vicky who shot him. He told her to tell that to Joe. Then suddenly, Grant's heart stops.

Joe gets back to Grant's apartment. Toni told him they found passports for Grant and Kirkland and one-way airline tickets to Rome. Their flight was to leave tomorrow. It looks to Joe like Grant was going to disappear with Kirkland, and someone tried to stop him by killing him.

Marley brought food for Vicky. Vicky pretends she was sick. Marley was worried, but when Vicky asks for a doctor, Marley says she's not falling for that trick. Vicky pretends to pass out. Marley keeps saying she's not buying her act, but eventually went to check her. When she bends down, Vicky grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle her.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Grant's heart has stopped and there was no pulse. Cindy and the nurse have started CPR and the docs come in and start the paddles. Finally, they get his heart to start working again.

At Marley's in the secret room, Vicky was choking Marley. Marley gets a burst of strength and pushes Vicky away from her. They get into a huge catfight. (I mean punches and everything) Vicky knocks the wind out of Marley and grabs the keys. She starts to try all of them in the lock but can't find the right one. Marley gets her breath back and they start fighting again. Marley knocks Vicky down and manages to get out of the room and keep Vicky inside. At Gary and Josie's house, Cameron stops by to see how Josie was doing. He asks if they found out what was wrong with the baby. Josie says that since she was RH+, they thought that her body was making antibodies against the baby but that would only happen if the baby was RH-. Cameron says that he is RH- and Josie starts freaking out. Cameron says that they can just go to the hospital and get treatment for it but Josie told him it will go on his record and Gary might find out. Cameron says there was no way this baby is going to die, and he takes Josie and they leave.

At the hospital, Gary runs into Amanda. Amanda told Gary that she bought Josie a present. Gary told her that Josie already left the hospital but Amanda can take the present over to their house. Amanda was hesitant but Gary talks her into it and Amanda leaves to go see Josie.

At Jake's house, Jake and Donna are talking about Vicky and wondering where she is. Joe comes over to see if Vicky has returned home yet. Joe and Jake are talking and Toni comes in with the results of the prints on the gun. She says they are Vicky's. Joe puts out an APB for Vicky. Jake was very upset and says there was no way that Vicky shot Grant. Joe says that she could've found the passports and airline tickets and shot Grant so he wouldn't take Kirkland. Jake says there was no way she shot him and he leaves. At the hospital, Gary runs into Cindy. He asks her what's wrong and she tells him Grant was shot. He was very surprised by this news and asks who could've done this. She says she doesn't know and Gary say there si something that she was not telling him. She flips and says that he thinks she did it. She continues by saying that only horrible rotten people do things like that and she was not like that. Gary says he believes her. She then goes to wait for Grant to get back from testing. She was in Grant's room when a very ticked off Jake walks in. He told Cindy that he knows she shot Grant and wants to know where Vicky is. Cindy says she swears she does not know where Vicky was and that she did not shoot Grant. Jake told her that if he finds out anything happened to Vicky and Cindy has something to do with it that he'll choke her and then he storms out. Cindy says that God knows where Vicky was and what Marley will do to her.

Josie and Cameron are at a hospital that was not in Bay City. They are also using different names; Mr. and Mrs. Jones. The doc told them that he can give her shots so the baby won't die and that's all they have to do. Cameron and Josie are thrilled by this news.

At Gary and Josie's place, Amanda was there and was knocking on the door. She figures that Josie was resting and starts to write a note. Gary and Josie's neighbor comes by and says that Josie left in a hurry with Cameron a while ago. Amanda was not thrilled by this news.

Back at Jake and Vicky's, Jake has returned and Chris and Joe are there, also. So was Marley and she has just heard about Vicky's prints being on the gun. She turns away and Joe asks her if she knows something. She then tells Joe that Vicky went over there to confront Grant about the tape where he confesses he burnt down Joe and Paulina's house. Joe was not thrilled to find out Vicky had the tape. He says she now had a motive, need, and opportunity to shoot Grant. Donna and Jake are both determined not to believe that she shot him. Joe leaves and Marley takes Donna to her room. Chris asks if Jake is ok and Jake says he will be fine once Vicky comes home. Steven and Kirkland come down and ask where there mom is. Jake told them that she probably ran some errands after she visited Grant adn they start guessing where she could be. They go back upstairs and Marley talks to Jake. She tries to comfort him and told him that sometimes people just do stuff. Jake is very stubborn and says that Vicky did not do this. Much to Marley's dismay, he does not need comforting so she leaves. Jake puts in a tape he made for their one year anniversary.

Josie and Cameron come back to find Amanda there. They make up a quick lie and say that Josie was really bored and Cameron showed up looking for Gary. Josie was leaving to go for a drive and Cameron offered to drive her. Gary shows up and Amanda invites Gary and Josie over for Thanksgiving dinner. They decline and Gary says next year him Josie and the baby will definitely be there. Amanda and Cameron leave. They are standing outside the door and Cameron apologizes to Amanda because it must've been really awkward in there. Amanda says that it wasn't because Cameron told her that the baby was Gary's and she believes him.

In the secret room, Vicky was trying to find a way out. She discovers a nail and starts using that as her escape tool.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Paulina called Remy and invited her to Thanksgiving dinner at the Corys. Remy turned down Paulina's invitation telling her that she was sick with the flu. When Remy hung up the phone, she told Tito that she felt bad for lying to Paulina.

Paulina showed up at Remy's. Before answering the door, Remy threw on a bathrobe and put her hair up so she would look sick. Paulina came in with food for the "sick girl." Paulina told Remy that she has to tell Nick the truth about her former life. If she didn't tell him, Paulina would have to. Remy agreed that Nick has to know everything.

Rachel came down the stairs of the Cory Mansion and asked Claudia why she couldn't smell the turkey. That's when she found out that Lila took it upon herself to change the Cory Thanksgiving dinner menu. She eliminated the turkey altogether and replaced the usual trimmings with unusual ones. Rachel warned Lila that this dinner better be a hit with the rest of the family, especially since they don't like most of the food Lila came up with.

Cass came by the Cory's to drop off papers concerning C-Square. Lila was first being her usual catty self until Cass told her to stop carrying on the way she was because she got what she wanted. She became Mrs. Matthew Cory. Only Lila didn't feel like a Cory. Lila begged Cass to stay for dinner because she was insecure about being a Cory.

Vicky woke up in Marley's basement. She heard noise on the intercom and tried to get better reception. Marley caught her and told her that she can only hear on her end of the intercom. Since it was Thanksgiving, she gave Vicky a turkey dinner. Vicky asked her when she became such a heartless person. Marley said she does have a heart. After all, she gave Vicky more than bread and water. Tyrone went up to the door and rang the bell. In the basement, Vicky and Marley heard the bell ring. Vicky took the cranberry sauce and threw it at Marley leaving a big, red stain on her blouse. She then started to scream for help. Marley closed the door so the person at the door wouldn't hear her.

Marley answered the door. She came up with some excuses why she didn't answer the door right away. Tyrone asked her why she had cranberries smashed all over her shirt. Meanwhile, Vicky was listening to the whole conversation on the intercom. She knew she had to make some kind of noise so that Tyrone would hear her. She took off her high-heel shoe and started banging the heel on the wall. In the meantime, Marley let Tyrone in and the two of them stood in the living room making small talk. Just then, Tyrone heard the banging and asked Marley what the noise was. Before she could answer, he noticed it was coming from the basement and offered to check it out. Marley quickly blurted out that it was the plumbing. She then told him she would see him later at Etta Mae's and showed him to the door. Marley went to basement and took Vicky's shoes away from her.

Still in the basement, Vicky questioned Marley about when she became the crazy person that she is. She figured out that Marley thinks she will get Jake for herself. Marley corrected Vicky and told her she WILL get Jake for herself. Marley then went upstairs and called Jake. Sounding like she cared, she expressed a great deal of concern for her sister and Jake and the boys. She told Jake how much she misses Vicky. Vicky listened to that conversation, too, through the intercom.

Jake tried his hardest to figure out where Vicky could be. When Steven and Kirkland came down the stairs ready to watch the parade as a family, they were surprised to see that there mother was nowhere to be found. When they asked Jake where she was, he lied saying she went to help out a friend who was in trouble. Steven and Kirkland told Jake that they heard him talking to Joe the night before. Jake reluctantly told the boys, mostly Kirkland, that Grant was in the hospital. When the boys left the room, Donna and Nick came into the room. Together, they all wondered where Vicky could be. Jake refused to believe that Vicky shot Grant and then ran off leaving him and the boys behind.

Etta Mae went over to help Jake get the boys ready for Thanksgiving dinner at her house. A frustrated Jake told Etta Mae to take the boys with her and he would stay behind. Etta Mae told Jake that even though he doesn't feel like celebrating a holiday, he needs to be there for the boys.

After Paulina left Remy's, Tito came out of the bedroom where he was hiding. He told Remy what to tell Nick. He told her to say that she was planning on conning him but she didn't intend on falling in love with him. Then he told her to say that she needed an operation. Before he could finish, there was a knock on the door. Knowing it would be Nick, Tito hid in the other room while Remy answered the door. Remy tried to tell Nick that she was conning him and that she had been ever since she stepped in front of his motorcycle. He didn't believe her.

Paulina went to see Jake. Standing outside, Jake expressed his anger about Vicky being Joe's main suspect in Grant's shooting. Paulina advised Jake that Joe doesn't think that Vicky shot Grant. While they were talking, Nick came outside. Paulina assured him that Remy was going to call him. Nick left. Steven and Kirkland came over to where Paulina and Jake were. Kirkland couldn't help but still wonder where his mother was. Knowing that Jake came up with a lie the first time he told them where there mother was, Steven said to Kirkland that their mother was bringing him a present and that she was at the airport. Later, Jake filled Steven in on what was really happening.

Joe went home and found Sofia standing in his living room. When he told her he was looking for to invite her over, she turned around and started crying. She and Joe hugged. Sofia told Joe that she was not in the mood for a happy Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. She told Joe to go have dinner with Paulina's family and she would wait in their house for their return.

All the Corys, including Cameron, Cass, and Charlie sat around the dining room table for dinner. Rachel suggest they say a blessing before they eat. Before she could start the blessing, Sofia entered the room. Rachel said she would have invited her but Matt said that she had other plans. Sofia said she did have plans. She was leaving for London. She was going to raise money to buy back C-Square from Matt and to find new talent for her new company. She left. Joe ran after her.

Rachel gave a beautiful blessing being thankful for Jasmine's return, the new members of the family, and for the friends that they have. When she finished, Lila stood up and thanked Rachel and the Corys for being so kind to her even when she didn't deserve it.

At the Burrells, Etta Mae, Toni, Chris, Donna, Marley, Tyrone, Steven, Kirkland, and finally Jake gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. Etta Mae thanked the Lord for what they have in life and asked him to protect those who are frightened, alone, and couldn't be with their families and to help them find their way back home. She then prayed for the sick, hurt, and lost.

Vicky prayed for Steven and Kirkland and Jake. She asked God to not let them be worried about her. She prayed that Jake knows how much she loves him. Vicky then prayed to Jake begging him to find her.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Another World did not air today. Broadcasting will resume on Friday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, November 27, 1998

Lila was displaying her new confidence to Cass. Mr. Stark phones and asks to see her today.

Joe and Paulina visit Jake. Jake insists she wouldn't have taken off and missed Thanksgiving and their wedding anniversary. Joe told him that they found Vicky's car at the airport.

Vicky continues making a tool to escape out of the nail. Marley arrives to tell her about Thanksgiving dinner. Vicky manages to hide the nail from her. Marley presents Vicky with a cake for her anniversary. Then she plays the videotape Jake made for Vicky. Vicky's allergies are bothering her, and after a while, Marley agrees to go to her house and retrieve her medication.

After the phone call from Mr. Stark, Lila loses her confident demeanor. She send Cass away, leaves Jasmine with Claudia, and rushes out. But Cass noticed the panic in her voice, and stuck around. When she tries to leave, he asks her what's really going on.

Zak complains to Mr. Stark yet again about how much they hurt Sofia. Mr. Stark says the only thing Sofia lost was a man who swore his undying love to her, then married someone else. Zak says Matt wasn't acting out of his own free will. Mr. Stark insists he only gave Matt a post-hypnotic suggestion... he hasn't forced Matt to do anything. They discuss the time when they first met, not in detail, but Zak mentions that Mr. Stark saved him by getting him out of "that place."

Lila avoids answering Cass's questions, but he can figure out most of them on his own. He knows she was still terribly afraid for Jasmine, but he doesn't know why. He knows Lumina was involved. She begs him to back off, but he refuses. He cares about her too much to let this go.

Jake told Joe there was no way Vicky was involved in Grant's shooting. He says no matter how many bad things Grant did, she couldn't do something like this, because it would hurt Kirkland. When she got Grant's tape, she wanted to give him another chance... for Kirkland's sake. He insists something was wrong because Vicky wouldn't just leave voluntarily. Joe assures him that they'll find her. Joe leaves, and Jake worries about how he could manage without Vicky. Paulina told him again that they'll find her.

Cass tries everything he can think of, but can't break through Lila's fears. She leaves again for Lumina, and Cass follows her.

Marley searches Vicky's house for the allergy medication while Jake and Paulina are outside. Just as she finds it, Jake comes in and finds her. He asks what she was doing. Marley just says she was checking up on everyone. Marley went overboard trying to take care of Jake. Paulina notices. Jakes wants Marley to back off a little from all her helping. She makes the comment, "old habits die hard," and Jake gets an idea and rushes out. He thinks he knows where Vicky is.

At Lumina, Mr. Stark asks Lila how she has been since her wedding. She says it's like a dream come true. He says he knows a lot about her, and that he wants to be her friend. He says there's no reason why all of her dreams can't come true. She begs him not to hurt Jasmine. He points out that he helped her get Jasmine back safe and sound. He then tells her he has a job for her. He wants her to spy on the Cory household for him. She's confused, and tries to talk him out of it, but a few words from him intimidates her and she doesn't refuse his request.

Cass was stopped from seeing Mr. Stark, but talks to Ms. Allen instead. While Cass keeps her busy, Joe arrives, flashes his badge to security, and enters Lumina. Inside Mr. Stark's office, Joe sees the back of the chair. He told Mr. Stark they have to talk and went around the chair. He takes one look at the person sitting there, makes a face, and says, "oh my god."

Jake went to the park in Lassiter where he and Vicky always go to find each other. Someone puts a hand on his shoulder. He spins around saying, "Vicky."


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