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Donna was cured after a trip to Lumina but believed all of Marley's lies. Amanda asked Cameron if he was the father of Josie's baby. Paulina decided to search for her daughter. Tito, a man from Remy's past, showed up. Cindy shot Grant, and Marley helped Cindy frame Vicky.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on AW
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Monday, November 16, 1998

Vicky, Marley and Jake are shocked by Donna's recovery. Jake asks her what Lumina did. She doesn't know... she's just happy she can talk again. That's not good enough for Jake. He wants to know what Lumina did that the doctors couldn't do for Donna. Jake asks Donna what she has been trying to tell them since her accident. She can't remember.

Josie was panicking and Amanda keeps asking her what was wrong. Finally, Josie told her, "I think I'm losing my baby!" Amanda immediately recalls Josie and Cameron together in Boca Linda, but deals with the emergency at hand and takes Josie to the hospital.

Jake accuses Marley of being "up to something" by bringing Donna to Lumina, which Marley denies. She says she didn't tell them because she knew they wouldn't like it, but conventional medicine had failed and she was willing to try anything. Mr. Stark watches, and was pleased with Marley's response. Jake questions Ms. Allen, who told him only that Donna's problem seemed to have psychological roots. Jake asks Donna about the love letter he got from Marley. He asks whether Marley wrote it or she did.

Gary and Cameron discuss the concept of fatherhood. Gary seemed awed to think about this new life he created. He shows Cameron a bracelet he got for Josie that says "#1 Mom".

At the hospital, Amanda tries to reassure Josie that everything will be OK. She asks Josie why she and Gary never said anything about the fact that they are having a baby. Josie says she wanted to keep the news to themselves because of her previous miscarriage.

Donna can't remember anything about the love letter. She says all she knows was that she was the one who was responsible for trying to break up Vicky and Jake. She also says her accident happened because Marley wanted to tell Vicky the whole truth and she tried to stop her. Donna totally believes her own words and feels terrible for all the things she thinks she did, but Jake was still suspicious of Marley.

Gary meets Amanda at the hospital. He's pretty frantic; he can't stand the thought of losing another baby. Cameron tries to reassure him that Josie and the baby will be fine. The doctor comes out and told Gary he can see Josie.

Vicky apologizes to Marley for all the accusations she made. She says she now realizes she was wrong. Jake still has doubts and says they still have more questions than answers. As they are leaving, Marley thanks the Lumina foundation. Mr. Stark was watching and says it's only the beginning... he has bigger things planned for Marley.

Gary has a chance to tell Josie he'll always be there for her. Then she has to go for more tests.

Jake and Vicky bring Donna home. Marley was nervous about leaving her there, but Donna doesn't seem to remember any of the cruel things Marley did to her while she was taking care of Donna. Marley calls the Lumina foundation to thank Mr. Stark. He told her to come back there, he'll be waiting for her.

Cameron stays with Josie while Gary was filling out forms. He gets carried away with his concern for Josie and the baby. She reminds him that they agreed the baby would be Gary's, not Cameron's. Gary comes back and Cameron leaves. In the hallway, Amanda hears him questioning a nurse about the baby's condition. When Cameron looks at her, she walks away.

Jake reminds Vicky that something strange was going on at Lumina. Vicky agrees somewhat, but for the moment she's just happy Donna can speak again. She wants to go to Lumina to see what she can find out, but Jake is afraid they'll do something to her mind there. Jake was convinced that Jordan Stark was a dangerous man... now all he has to do was prove it.

Marley returns to Lumina and talks to the unseen Mr. Stark. He asks her what she wants, for he knows she wants something. She says she just came to thank him for his help. He says she still needs help with her real problem... her sister. Marley agrees.

Jake went to Lumina and demands to see Jordan Stark face to face.

Mr. Stark told Marley he has the power to give her what she wants, all she has to do was say what that is. Marley says she wants Jake.

Gary and Josie anxiously await the results of the sonogram. Gary gives Josie the bracelet. Meanwhile, Cameron catches up to Amanda. She asks if he's the father of Josie's baby.

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

At the Lumina Foundation, Marley was talking to Mr. Stark. She was telling him about how all she wants was Jake but Vicky was keeping her from him. Jordan asks her about Vicky and their twin connection because it fascinates him. Marley told him that she was now her own person and not a duplicate of Vicky and they no longer have that connection. At the front of the building, Jake is trying to get in to see Jordan Stark but the receptionist won't let him. He keeps trying but she keeps stopping him. Ms. Allen went in to see Jordan and says that Jake was trying to see him. Jordan says to let him up and proceeds to tell Marley that Jake was coming. Marley starts freaking out, saying that Jake can't see her here.

At the Cory mansion, Lila was holding Jasmine and showing her everything that is hers. Paulina comes in and she and Lila start talking about how Jasmine will never be taken away. Lila appreciates how nice Paulina and every other Cory was being to her. Paulina says even though the circumstances were a bit weird, Lila was now a Cory and so was Jasmine. Lila then asks Paulina if she would like to hold Jasmine. Paulina was VERY reluctant but Lila practically shoves Jasmine into her arms. Then, Lila starts talking about how wrong it is for someone to just take a baby away from it's mother like that. Paulina trys really hard not to cry but ends up crying. Lila asks what's wrong and hopes it wasn't something she said. Paulina covers and says she was very emotional, especially around babies. Lila then went to feed Jasmine. At the hospital, Josie and Gary are very worried about their baby because the doctor wanted to take some sonograms. Amanda asks Cameron if the baby is his. He asks her what she means by that and she reminds him of Boca Lynde. Before she can say anything else, Gary comes out of the room because the doc wanted to be alone with Josie. Amanda and Cameron try to comfort him but it doesn't work. Gary says he can't lose this baby, they can't lose another baby. The doc comes out and says that Gary can go back in. Gary asks Cameron to go be with Josie because Gary can't go in looking like the way he is, (i think he might've been crying). Cameron went into comfort Josie and they talk about how Gary can never ever know that the baby was Cam's. It will ruin him.

Back at Lumina, Jake comes into the room where Marley was but she was hiding behind the door. Jake asks Ms. Allen where Jordan was and she told him that he left to go to the airport. Jake told her he finds it interesting that any time he comes to Lumina, Jordan was never available. He then starts stalling asking a bunch of questions about Lumina. He told Ms. Allen that he wants to do a article Lumina but he needs some background information. She leaves to get some and Jake pulls out a handkerchief and takes a pen with the initials JS on it and puts it in his pocket. Ms. Allen comes back with the papers and Jake leaves.

At the police station, Cass comes in and starts talking to Joe about Jordan Stark. Joe told Cass they are doing everything that they can. Cass then says that Jordan published a book and it was mysteriously out of print. Joe asks Cass why Felecia can't get the book or the Cory's and Cass says because it was published in 1798. Joe was very skeptic and asks Cass that he is supposed to believe that Jordan Stark was 200 years old. Cass asks Joe if he's talked to Matt about his visit to Lumina and Joe says he was not exactly the person to do that job, seeing as how Matt broke his sister's heart. Cass volunteers and leaves to go see Matt.

Back at the hospital, the doc comes in with pictures of the baby. She tells Josie and Gary that the baby was fine and the cramping was normal. Then, she asks Josie if she's sure that the dates she gave her of her last period were accurate because the baby was a lot bigger that what it normally should be. Josie says she was positive and that they just have a big baby. The doc then says that just to be sure she was going to test Gary and Josie's blood for glucose, (i think that means to see if they are diabetic or not) Out in the hall, Amanda told Cameron to be honest with her and asks him if the baby is his or Gary's. Cameron says that the baby was Gary's. He then asks her if she believes him. She says she loves him so she does.

At the Cory's, Paulina answers the door; it's Cass. He asks for Matt and she says he was not here. Just then, Matt walks out and talks to Cass. Cass asks him how his visit to Lumina went. Matt says just fine and that he will be taking care of Lila not Cass. Cass then asks Matt a bunch of questions like why was he really marrying Lila and stuff like that. Lila comes down and says that Matt was not forced into marrying her. Matt also says that and they ask Cass to leave. Matt and Lila go into the living room and start to have a conversation. Cass eavesdrops.

Back at Lumina, Marley and Jordan start talking again and she says that since he made Donna disappear and she assumes it was him that made Jasmine disappear she was wondering if he could make Vicky disappear. Jordan tells Marley that he can't make anyone disappear, but she can. Then Ms. Allen walks out and hands marley an envelope. She asks just what was she supposed to do with it and then she finds a tape in there. She asks what the tape is and then realizes that it's the tape where Grant confesses everything; the one Cindy lost. Jordan says that hopefully Marley will do something for him inreturn for what he was doing to her.

At the police station, Jake comes in to talk to Joe. He told Joe what he learned about Lumina then pulls out the pen he took. Joe gives that to a cop and told him to get prints on it. They learn that the pen has no prints at all. They find that very odd and Joe says that Mr. Stark was playing games but Mr. Stark was going to be the one to lose.

At Marley's house, she comes in carrying a bag very carefully and starts talking to herself in the mirror again. The mirror person says she is proud of Marley and that now she can make Jake hers. Marley says she didn't go to the rough side of town for nothing and she now has a plan.

At Grant's apartment, Cindy walks in and she was dressed like a beggar. He asks her what she was doing and she says wouldn't the press just love to know she was living in a cardboard box outside? he told her that if she talks to a reporter he will have her back in the psych ward where she won't be saying anything at all.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Nick and Remy continued to worry about Sofia. Remy decided to give Sofia a present in honor of all the nice things she has done for her since she arrived in Bay City. Helping Remy look through her things for some ideas, Nick suggested a silver locket that he came across. Remy said she didn't want to part with the locket because it was the only thing she has that belonged to her mother. She chose another necklace instead.

Sofia finally came out of her room. She pretended to feel better. Remy presented her with the necklace. Sofia was touched. Zak called and begged to talk to Sofia. Sofia ordered Remy, who answered the phone, to hang up on him. Sofia confided in Nick and Remy her anger toward Zak for his dishonesty about his knowledge about Matt and Lila's wedding and the fact that he played a bigger part in all of this than letting on.

Zak tried calling Sofia, who kept turning down his phone calls. When Zak couldn't get through to Sofia on his own, he went to Paulina for help. Paulina didn't give him help. Instead, she gave him a lecture on honesty and how what he did to Sofia was wrong. She then blasted him for badmouthing Matt, also.

Sofia went in to work at Carlino's. She ran into Zak in the doorway. Zak tried to convince her that he was not the horrible person that she thought he was. He tried to make his knowledge of Matt and Lila's new relationship sound like common knowledge. He mentioned how they appeared to grow closer when Jasmine was missing. Nothing he could say could make Sofia forgive Zak. She told him they won't be working together anymore. Sofia then took a plate of spaghetti off of the customers' table next to them and dumped it on Zak's head.

Nick and Remy shared their dreams. Remy and Nick shared their similarities of how they both missed their high school prom. Nick then jumped up and told Remy to put on her best dress because they were going to the Harbor Club for their prom. Nick left so Remy could get ready. Remy put on a beautiful dress. By the time she finished changing, she heard a knock at the door. She was sure it was Nick. When she opened the door, it wasn't Nick. It was Tito, a man from her past.

Upon request, Cindy went to see Grant. Once there, Grant presented Cindy with a bill for the private nurse she had when she was pretending to have amnesia. As usual, the two began to fight. Cindy happily told Grant that she had the tape. She suggested celebrating the anniversary of the fire by sending Grant to jail. In a fit of rage, Cindy started throwing things at Grant. She eventually came across the fertility statue that she and Grant once used in hopes of having a child together. Her anger turned into nostalgia when she saw the statue. She couldn't believe that Grant kept the statue after all this time. He tried to convince her that the statue was a copy and meant nothing to him, but it didn't work. The two shared a passionate kiss. Grant asked if she really had the tape or if she was lying. In a moment of weakness, Cindy told Grant that she did not have the tape. Once Grant heard what he wanted to hear, he pushed Cindy away and ordered her to get out. Cindy was mortified by Grant's rejection. She left, vowing to get even.

Marley left endless messages for Cindy. When she couldn't get a hold of Cindy, Marley began to have second thoughts about her "plan." Her alter ego in the mirror quickly reminded her of what she lost in life along with the words of encouragement that Jordan Stark told her at Lumina. Marley changed her mind. She grabbed the tape and headed out the door.

Marley went to Vicky and Jake's house to see Vicky. She let herself in. Waving the tape around, she shouted for Vicky. To her surprise, Jake was there by himself. Marley quickly hid the tape in her purse. When Jake told Marley that Vicky took Kirkland someplace, she asked to see Donna. When that didn't happen, Marley offered to sit on the couch and wait for Vicky to come home. Jake complied, but asked her to tell him what she was hiding in her purse, while they were waiting. Marley told Jake it was a woman thing.

Jake told Marley how he feels that he can't trust her anymore. At first, Marley didn't take him seriously. Jake tried to justify all the discrepancies of Marley's actions beginning with Donna and Lumina. Marley assured Jake that she had nothing to do with Lumina, but Jake knew she had everything to do with all the other things that have happened, if not Lumina. Marley and Jake fought. Marley got really upset and left.

Meanwhile, Paulina read an article from the Love Lady in the Herald that motivated her to search for her long lost daughter.

Paulina went to the Herald to place an ad in the paper to look for her daughter. She lied to Jake and told him she was placing an ad for Carlino's. Jake quickly confided in Paulina regarding his recent argument with Marley. Paulina offered to live up to what she promised Jake a long time ago and spend more time with Marley. But she also threw in a few "I told you so's," because she warned Jake about Marley many times. When Jake filled Paulina in on everything that Marley has done, including the kiss, Paulina told Jake that he has got really, big problems.

Cindy went to see Marley, who had just gotten home from Jake and Vicky's. She informed Marley that she was now homeless. She cried over losing Grant's battle and love. Marley told Cindy not to be upset because she has "a way out," for both of them. She said this whole plan would work better if Cindy is the one who carries it out. When Cindy asked Marley what the plan was, Marley emptied a brown paper bag. The only contents in the bag that she emptied was a gun.

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Remy was all dressed up ready to go on her date with Nick when she gets a knock at the door. She opens it up thinking it's Nick, but finds out that it was Tito, one of her old boyfriends who demands that she lets him in. Remy told Tito that he has to leave, but he refuses. Tito asks what she's all done up for and Remy says her boyfriend will be here any minute and that was why he has to leave. Tito refuses and pushes himself into Remy and Sofia's apartment and told Remy they can wait for her boyfriend together. Tito was about to light a cigarette, but Remy told him that he can't smoke here because her roommate doesn't like it and she has to be careful because her roommate's brother was the police captain. Tito told Remy that he wants to stay with her, but Remy told him that he can't.

Nick comes in looking for Paulina and wanted to know if Paulina knew Remy's favorite flower. Joe sees that he was all dressed up in a tux and asks him where he was going. Nick revealed that he was taking Remy to the prom tonight, which was why he was all dressed up. Joe remarked he didn't trust Remy, and then warns Nick that Remy was trouble and he doesn't want her in Paulina or Nick's life. Nick asks Joe why he doesn't like her and says that Remy has done nothing wrong. Joe says that he just doesn't want to see him or Paulina get taken. Nick recalled Joe was the same way when he was dating Sofia. They talked about Joe's mistrust of Remy and Nick told Joe that one day he'll see how wrong he was about Remy. Nick leaves and after he was gone, Joe says to himself that Remy has done a number on Nick.

Jake and Paulina continue to discuss Marley's peculiar behavior. Paulina told Jake that Marley knows that he and Vicky are trying to have a baby and that should kill any dream Marley has of getting back together with him. Jake told Paulina since when does logic have anything to do with what's going on inside Marley's fantasy life. Paulina asks Jake if he was sure that Marley was the only one that can't let go. Jake asks her what was that suppose to mean and Paulina told him that he has even said that he and Marley have a lot of unfinished business. Jake told Paulina that he and Marley have worked through that and that his anniversary was coming up with the woman he loves and the only woman he ever wants to love and he just wants Marley to realize that. Paulina told him good, but before they can discuss the Marley situation any further one of Jake's workers comes in and hands Paulina the ad she wanted to run. Jake realizes she has placed a missing person's ad. He then wanted to see a copy of the ad, but Paulina told him not to butt in. He insisted he would keep it a secret, but Paulina grew more agitated. Jake then realized that Paulina was hiding something from Joe and wants to know what. He questions her about it and asks her if this was such a heartache to her, why was she pursuing it further. Paulina explains that she has to do this. Jake promises he won't tell anyone because he loves her. Paulina hugs Jake and told him if she could tell anyone about it, she would tell him, but she can't yet. Jake lets it go at that and she asks him to keep her ad a secret from Joe to which Jake agreed. Paulina then told Jake that she left Joe at Carlino's with the dinner crowd and she needs to get back to work. Jake told her that he was there for her if she needs to talk. Paulina then leaves and Jake decides it's time he head home as well.

Vicky fussed over Donna, and suggested calling Marley. Donna vetoed that idea and told Vicky that Marley has been very scared lately. Vicky assured her mom that she and Jake are looking after Marley. Before they can discuss Marley any further, Grant drops by to warn Vicky that he and Cindy are divorced and that Cindy was making threats against him, and possibly this could extend to Kirkland. Vicky vowed she'd hit Cindy herself if she ever came near Kirkland. Vicky invites Grant in and he sees Donna and was surprised that she can talk. Not wanting to disturb them, Grant starts to leave, but Vicky asked him what was wrong. He admitted he was all alone, and felt frightened. Vicky was dubious over his sincerity. He then talked to Vicky about how he had always seen himself building a dynasty, but now all he had was another divorce. He then talked to Vicky about Kirkland and how he was the most important thing in the world to him. Grant then thanked Vicky and told her how grateful he was to her and Jake for letting him see Kirkland after all he has done. Vicky told Grant to just say what it was that he wants. Grant told Vicky that she was the only person he could really talk to, despite the fact that she had more reason than anyone to hate him. Grant says he just needs to know that Kirkland loves him and Vicky told Grant that Kirkland does love him. Vicky told Grant that she hasn't forgotten that he was there for her when she thought her marriage was over and how he had watched over her when Jake walked out earlier that year. They then seemed to come to some kind of reconciliation, at least tentatively. Vicky then told Grant that she knows that everything will be okay for him. Grant says that all he wants was for Kirkland to love and respect him. They are about to hug when Jake comes home and told Grant to get his hands of his wife. Vicky tries to explain why Grant was there, but Jake doesn't want to hear it and Grant leaves. Vicky told Jake they were just talking about how alone he was and that she just felt a little sorry for Grant. Jake says that Grant isn't sorry for what he's done. Vicky told Jake that she won't give up on Grant because he was Kirkland's dad and Kirkland loves him. Jake insisted they couldn't let their guard down around Grant, no matter how much pity he evoked and reminds his wife that trusting Bay City's slippery mayor was always a mistake.

Marley shows Cindy the gun she bought and Cindy lets Marley know that she doesn't want anything to do with Marley's latest plot. Marley assures her this will help them get their lives back. Cindy asks Marley if she looks that desperate. Marley told her that she was broke with no where to stay and this was her way out. Cindy told Marley that she loves Grant. Marley told Cindy that she just doesn't have the guts. Cindy says, I don't have the guts to do what. Marley says to shoot Grant. Cindy was stunned that Marley would want her to shoot Grant and Marley told Cindy that she was going to do it herself, but really Cindy should be the one to do it. Cindy told Marley that this was crazy, and the last time they worked together, Marley wanted to run Vicky down in a cemetery. The only thing was when it happened, Marley took off and left her and she ended up in holding cell. Marley assures Cindy that it won't happen that way again and needles Cindy to go through with the plan. Cindy told Marley that she was hurt and angry, but she doesn't want to kill Grant and he already thinks she was crazy enough. Cindy asks Marley if she would rather have people think she was crazy or have them go around snickering about Mayor Harrison's ex-wife and how she has to go digging through the garbage can because he left her high and dry. She then went on to say that it's too bad that Cindy never got over her man. Cindy barks back that Marley was the one who has never gotten over her man, even after all theses years and even after he has married her sister, he still can't see Marley for dirt. Marley told Cindy that she was just trying to help her and make her see, but Cindy cuts her off and says see what. That her life was pathetic and ridiculous and she threw her life away on a man that most people cross the streets to avoid and that she still loves him. Marley asks her even after all the terrible things Grant has done, she still loves him. Cindy told her yes even after all that, but that doesn't mean she wants to kill him. Marley says that she's only going to shoot Grant, not kill him. Marley told her that once Grant was down and out, she can make him fall in love with her again by being there for him. Cindy says that Grant won't even let her be in the same room with her. Marley told Cindy that Grant really does love her and if she takes care of him, he would realize it. Marley then reminded Cindy it was this or a life on the streets for her. She continued to work on Cindy and nearly got her to believe that the only way to get Grant back was to shoot him. Cindy suspects there was more to this and that Vicky has a part to play in this, but Marley lies and says that she only wants what was hers. Cindy came to some of her senses and told Marley to forget it, then started to leave. Marley said she couldn't go yet, and pulls the gun on her. Cindy thought for a moment Marley was going to shoot her, but Marley apologized and told Cindy she would never shoot her. Marley then urged Cindy to sit back down and listen to the relaxing sounds of the tape she lost, courtesy of the Lumina Foundation. Cindy ask her why don't they turn it in? Marley says if they play it her way, Cindy will get Grant and his money.

Tito made himself at home while Remy tried to get rid of him. There was a knock at the door and it's Nick. Remy told Nick she'll be right there and Tito says he can't wait to see how she gets out of this one. Remy convinces Tito to go hide in the bedroom and then she lets Nick in. Nick was taken back by how lovely Remy looks, but Remy was upset and Nick talks to her and tries to cheer her up. He told her that she has made something of herself and she was going up in the world. Remy wants to tell Nick something, but he says she can do that after they take their picture. Nick produces a Polaroid and takes their picture. Nick then sees Tito's cigarettes and asks her since when does she smoke. Remy covers by saying that she smokes sometimes, but Nick didn't really buy it. Remy says she has to tell him something, she can't go with him tonight. Remy says she wanted to go, but she's feeling sick, probably because of the cigarette. Nick says he's not stupid, he knows she has someone in her bedroom. Remy denies it, but an upset Nick storms out and Remy begins to cry. Tito comes out and told Remy that this isn't cool. He then told her to get out of her prom getup so they can talk. Tito then told Remy that she broke the cardinal rule, and the con never falls for the mark.

Paulina returns and Joe told her about Nick taking Remy out on a prom date. Paulina was thrilled and told Joe that Remy has been a good influence on Nick. Joe thinks otherwise and he and Paulina talked about Nick and Remy, and of his not trusting Remy, and of Paulina wanting to give her a break. Paulina gets in a tiff with Joe about what he thinks Remy was doing to Nick. Joe says that Nick deserves to know the truth about Remy and Remy should be the one to tell him the truth. Joe then told Paulina that she was the one person who can convince Remy to tell Nick the truth. Paulina says that sometimes there was only so much a person can take, and Nick could split. Joe told Paulina that if Remy had parents they would want her to be truthful with Nick. He then uses them as an example and told her that they almost lost their marriage because of secrets, but now that the secrets are out, their marriage was stronger than ever and he only wants for Nick to have the kind of trust with Remy that they have in each other. Joe's words sting Paulina as she thinks about the missing person that she has not told him about.

Now that Cindy has the gun and will be stalking Grant, Marley sets the other part of the plan in motion and shows up at Vicky's. While Vicky was ruining dinner again, Marley dropped by and asked to talk to her. Vicky stepped out on the porch and Marley claimed Cindy had given her a tape talking about Grant bugging the Carlino house and drugging Paulina. She then gives the tape to Vicky and Vicky wants to know why Marley just didn't take the tape to the police. Marley told Vicky that after all that Kirkland has been going through, she thought it was best if Vicky decided on what to do with the tape and how the evidence on it could effect Kirkland if it came out. Vicky still doesn't understand why Cindy would give Marley the tape or what she was supposed to do with it. Marley told her that she thinks in some kind of twisted way, she believes that Cindy was trying to make amends. Vicky was skeptical, but Marley told her she should discuss it with Grant and thinks it's her sister's duty to get Grant to make things right for Kirkland by turning himself in. Vicky agrees that Grant has to answer for himself and what's on the tape.

Cindy picks the locks and sneaks into Grants place. As Grant drives home from Vicky's and gets ready to enter his house, Cindy hides in the shadows with the gun aimed at Grant........

Friday, November 20, 1998

Tito lets Remy know how much he disapproves of the fact that she's developed feelings for Nick, who she's supposed to be conning. He complains she has gotten sloppy, and told her he's not going away until he has Nick's money.

Marley gives Vicky the tape that implicates Grant. Vicky wants to turn it over to Joe, but Marley tries to convince her to go talk to Grant first. Vicky agrees that for Kirkland's sake, she should give Grant the chance to turn himself in quietly. Jake strongly disagrees... he thinks the tape should go straight to Joe. Meanwhile, Cindy was waiting in Grant's apartment... with the gun.

Paulina and Joe continue to argue about Remy, and whether or not they should tell Nick about her shady past. They stop arguing when Nick shows up. He's angry because he knows that something's going on with Remy that she won't tell him about, and he knows she lied to him to get him to leave. At the same time, he's worried about her. Paulina knows something isn't right... Remy had been so happy about Nick's plans for the evening.

Remy and Tito keep arguing about Nick. He thinks she may be trying to cut him out and keep all the money for herself. She says Nick was smart and can't be fooled easily. Besides that, he's good friends with Police Captain Joe Carlino. She told him it'll take time for them to be successful.

After Vicky leaves for Grant's apartment, Jake questions Marley about the tape and why Cindy gave it to her. He's sure Marley was up to something. She gets out of answering his questions by telling him she's going home because she's not comfortable being alone with him.

Vicky gets to Grant's place and told him about the tape. He hopes she'll give him the tape, but she says no, she just wants to give him the chance to do what's best for Kirkland... and himself. Grant worries that if he went to jail it will ruin Kirkland's life. Vicky says that he's done a lot of things that are wrong and it was going to catch up to him sooner or later. The sooner he faces the consequences of his actions, the better his relationship with Kirkland will be in the long run. She says if he does the right thing, Kirkland will understand and will forgive him. She seems to have Grant convinced, and as they are hugging, Cindy aims the gun at them and starts to squeeze the trigger. Grant sees the gun and throws Vicky out of the way. He takes the bullet in the chest and falls. Vicky grabs the phone to call for help, but Marley sneaks in and knocks her out with chloroform.

Paulina went to Remy's to ask her what's going on. She lies to Paulina to cover up for Tito's presence, but Paulina can tell she's lying. She tells Remy how hurt Nick is. Remy says Nick went overboard trying to make the night special, and it scared her. Paulina believes this, but knows there's more to the story.

Marley and Cindy set the scene to make it look like Vicky shot Grant. Cindy frets that she almost shot Vicky, but Marley was more concerned with carrying out their plan. When everything was done, Marley leaves with the unconscious Vicky. Cindy stays behind. She's unaware she shot Grant in the chest until she checks for a pulse, then turns him over and sees the wound. "Oh my God... I killed you," she says as she grabs the phone.

Remy finds Nick and apologizes for hurting his feelings. He wants to know what happened. She makes up a story that she had just heard that a friend of hers had been in a car accident. Even Paulina was suspicious of this story. Joe gets a phone call about Grant being shot.

Jake was worried because Vicky has been gone too long. He tries to find out where she was by calling Grant. EMTs work with Cindy on Grant. The phone was ringing and an officer answers it. Jake demands to speak with Grant. The officer says that isn't possible at the moment. Before he goes to the ambulance, Grant mumbles, "Victoria, where are you?"

Vicky wakes up in a strange room. She asks Marley what happened.


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