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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on SB
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Monday, November 16, 1998

Maria pretends to know more about the night she almost died hoping to get Meg to talk. Meg falls into her trap and mentions Derek, including saying he did the same thing to her as Maria. Just as Maria anxiously asks her to explain more Ben arrives and stops her. Ben starts to quiz Maria on the time of year and what they were wearing when the accident occurred. He points out that Maria was lying. Meg is appalled about her lying to her. Maria says she would do it again. She then apologizes. Meg suggests that they can help her by having everyone work together. Meg went to answer the door and lets Dr. Estrada in. Meg explains that she overheard that Maria had helped design The Deep. They suggest that she go to The Deep and see if that will ping her memory. Meg offers to lend Maria something to wear. As they head upstairs to get dressed Dr. Estrada informs Meg that she can't go. Dr. Estrada explains that Maria associates the house with Meg. She says that she and Ben should go to The Deep without her so Maria can associate that with just her and Ben. Ben is against the idea but Meg explains it is ok if it will help Maria regain her memory. Maria comes down looking stylish in a red dress. Meg compliments her. Maria says she doesn't know how Meg does it and says she is amazing. When Maria starts to say who is married to Ben, Meg stops her. Ben enters looking good dressed in black with a royal blue shirt. He again asks Meg if she is ok. She lies and says yes and jokingly told them to remember their curfew.

Casey lets Sara in and he describes the house to her. He told her that he ran everyone away for the night. Casey gives a toast to them and they spill their wine. When they are about to kiss, Sara notices a burning smell. He runs to save his food. While Casey is changing his wet shirt, Sara picks up a romance novel and daydreams that she and Casey are the characters on the cover. The phone rings and Casey enters carrying his shirt. Casey says they need to go to dinner. The seduction starts.

Brad sees Amy reading the book on Spells and Curses. Emily, Leo, and Sean arrive. Amy told them she thinks she has figured out what happened to her dad. They all think it is a big joke. Amy explains that the jewels are cursed. If you own the jewels and lose them you die a horrible death. She explains that the mummy was her dad. Sean suggests they do something to take Amy's mind off the situation. Amy watches Sean and Emily. Amy confesses to Brad that she wants to get rid of Emily for good. She returns to reading her book. Sean invites Emily to Aspen.

Ben and Maria arrive at The Deep. Ben introduces her to one of the waiters. Maria realizes that it won't be easy meeting everyone. Nothing is familiar to her.

Ricardo asks Antonio to tell him about Rosario. Ricardo wants to know if Antonio has ever met Bernie. Ricardo explains about the kids describing a mummy and later clothes and a ring. He shows Antonio the note with the word Rosario written on it. Antonio told Ricardo there are 4 Rosario's in Mexico. Ricardo says it is strange that Antonio never talks about the place. Antonio told Ricardo he will call if he remembers anything about Bernie Neilson.

While waiting under the pier, Cole removes one of the Rosario stones and puts it in his pocket. Hillary arrives and shows Cole what she now looks like. She told Cole if he isn't careful he will end up the same way. He demands to know where Caitlin is located. She said after she gets the jewels. He said after he gets his wife. Hillary says Cole is in no position to bargain. Hillary pulls a gun. Cole shows her an emerald and says the others are in a safe place. Hillary immediately starts chanting and is transformed to her old self. Cole looks on astonished. Cole snatches the jewel back from her and Hillary transforms again. Caitlin meanwhile is struggling to get free. Caitlin tries to reach a letter opener and knocks herself out when the chair falls over. Hillary is about to take Cole to Caitlin when Olivia and Francesca arrive. A shot is heard. Hillary dies and instantly turns to a mummy. Francesca picks up the gun and the jewels. Cole gets Hillary's keys and runs off to find Caitlin. Olivia is so traumatized she just sits beside Hillary's skeleton.


  • Olivia is about to leave when Amy and Brad arrive on the beach. They immediately see the mummy.
  • Cole arrives at the warehouse when 26 seconds are showing on the bomb.
  • Meg arrives at Surf Central to cry on Casey's shoulder, spoiling his night with Sara.
  • Maria daydreams of all the people in The Deep coming at her at once. She starts to rush through the dance floor and stumbles. Ben grabs her on the dance floor.

  • Tuesday, November 17, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami

    Cole manages to save Caitlin from Hillary's bomb but is hurt himself by the explosion. The police bring them back to the station house where they are questioned about the kidnapping and the bomb. Before they talk, Cole suggests to his wife that the police do not have to know about his connection to Hillary and the stolen jewels. She agrees but Olivia arrives with knowledge about what happened and Cole fears she'll ruin everything. Meanwhile, Amy and Brad find the missing jewels in the sand. Amy takes the jewels and compares them to the ones pictured in the Rosario jewels photograph in her father's book. Amy continues to stew as she continues to watch Sean and Emily close together. Reading the book of curses, Amy discovers one that will supposedly give her the upper hand over her rivals. Together at The Deep, Ben pushes Maria to remember more from her past. Gabi and Ricardo enter the club and spot Maria dancing closely with Ben. Ricardo confronts Ben and explains that he doesn't think he should be with Maria but Maria orders him to back off. Meanwhile, Meg turns to Casey for comfort. Sarah advises Meg to fight for the man she loves. Back with Ben, Meg asks him to make love to her. Vanessa stuns Michael with the news that she is pregnant.

    Wednesday, November 18, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami.

    Tim discovers the mummified remains of Hillary. Ricardo questions Caitlin and Cole where Hillary is. As they try to evade his questions, Tim bursts in and boasts that he's found the body of a dead woman. However, when they return to the scene of the crime, the mummy is gone. However, Ricardo does find Hillary's blood-stained shirt and her driver's license. Ricardo returns to the station house and announces that he has a witness who can place Cole at the scene where a gunshot was heard. He orders Cole to be held overnight for questioning. Maria suffers a nightmare in which she drowns. Ben and Meg begin to make love but are interrupted by Maria's scream in the night. They race to her room where a shaken Maria told Ben that she remembers being in the water with him. Feeling responsible, Ben offers to stay in her room with her to insure that she gets a good night's sleep. Michael struggles to believe that Vanessa could be pregnant. She guesses that Tyus was wrong when he said he was sterile. Meanwhile, Virginia gloats as she imagines Michael dumping Vanessa once he learns she's pregnant. Jimmy spoils the moment when he complains about the little time he gets to spend with Tyus. When Tyus talks about putting work first, Virginia hints that he'd change his mind if Vanessa were available. Gregory boasts to A.J. that the rubies have destroyed Cole's marriage.

    Thursday, November 19, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    AJ reads Ricardo the riot act for holding Cole overnight on circumstantial evidence and warns him to expect a call from his attorney. Meanwhile, in jail, Cole remembers shooting Hillary and watching her turn into a mummy.

    Olivia visits Cole and they talk about what happened to Hillary. Neither of them knows what to think and both wonder what could have happened to the body. Cole says he is glad that they don't have the body so he can't be convicted of shooting her. Olivia reminds him that they could convict him if someone told the police what they saw. He asks why she hasn't told anyone about the jewels or the shooting and is surprised to hear Olivia say that she wants to protect Caitlin. Olivia realizes that telling Caitlin or having him arrested would not just break them up, it would break Caitlin's heart. She agrees to keep his secrets and not try to turn Caitlin against him as long as he agrees not to take Caitlin and Trey out of town. Ricardo comes in and presses him for answers, saying that he may not have the evidence he needs yet, but he will get it.

    Back at home, Caitlin defends Cole against Gregory and Annie's attacks -- saying that he would never hurt her, she believes him when he says he was not at the pier and that maybe the three of them should move out of Gregory's home. Caitlin and Annie argue about who is really part of the family. Caitlin says Annie isn't and never will be; Annie says Trey isn't either and wants Caitlin to treat her better or she will reveal that fact to Gregory. After Caitlin leaves, Annie advises Gregory to back off and to let Caitlin discover what a bad person Cole is on her own. She explains that she knows exactly how the game is played, having been the spoiled daughter of a rich, controlling man herself. She offers her assistance in the matter and he accepts.

    When Caitlin arrives at the jail, Ricardo receives a call and must set Cole free. When Caitlin returns home, Gregory told her that he has no objections to Cole living under his roof. Caitlin is grateful and Gregory thanks Annie for the advice. Caitlin and Annie argue again. Later, Caitlin receives a phone call from someone claiming to know her secret.

    AJ is reading the report about Hillary's death aloud, when Leo arrives and hears him talk about the mummy that disappeared. Leo asks how he knew about Bernie Neilson's "prank". He told AJ all about it, causing AJ to wonder if the curse of the Rosario jewels is real. He decides to go to Mexico to find out and warns Leo to stay away from Amy.

    Amy reads up on the curse and decides to give the emerald that she found to Emily, in hopes of "vanquishing her rival". She pretends to thank Emily for the help she has given her. Amy wants Emily to accept the necklace as a gift to make up for the way she has treated her in the past.

    Antonio's fantasies about Gabi rise to the boiling point, causing him to hurt his shoulder when taking his frustrations out on a punching bag at the gym. He went to the Jacuzzi to soak and is soon joined by Gabi. She starts to massage his sore shoulder, triggering his imagination once again. He jerks away and Gabi demands to know why. He says it is time he told her the truth.

    Friday, November 20, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    Gregory turns down Annie's offer to help to break up Caitlin and Cole because he doesn't trust her. He cites her habit of hurting people she cares about, like Maria, and questions her motives for helping him. Annie defends herself, reminding him that lying and manipulation are second nature to her and talks about her efforts to get her dad to spend more time with her when she was young. Gregory explains that he is not her father and shouldn't feel threatened by the time he spends with his family. Annie wants to know if he will ever love her like he loves them. They kiss and are interrupted by Caitlin, who attacks Annie for her making that threatening phone call. Annie doesn't know what she is talking about. Gregory comes in and pretends that he is anxious to wipe the slate clean as far as Cole is concerned. When he leaves, Caitlin throws a vase at Annie, who responds with a dig about Caitlin's infertility and Cole's relationship with Francesca. Annie denies any involvement in the threats and Caitlin receives another call on her cell phone in the middle of their argument.

    Olivia is worried that her family may still be in danger. She and Cole discuss Bernie, Hillary, and Annie's traumas and their ties to the jewels, as well as AJ's description of the legend surrounding the jewels of Rosario. Olivia says she will do anything to protect her family. Cole vows to get to the bottom of it and sets out to find Francesca. He told her that everything turned out OK with Caitlin and asks her if she moved Hillary's body. Francesca admits that she took the gun and the jewels, but did nothing with the body. They compare notes and wonder about the possibility that the jewels have evil supernatural powers. Francesca thinks the best option is to get the jewels back to Rosario before anyone else gets hurt. She is about to leave when she realizes that one of the emeralds is missing.

    Amy reads up on the curse and decides to give the emerald that she found to Emily, in hopes of "vanquishing her rival". She pretends to thank Emily for the help she has given her. Emily reluctantly accepts the generous gift. She talks about how hard it must be for Amy to see her with Sean, and how glad she is to know that she is getting past it. Sean is also impressed with the gift. He told Amy that he appreciates the gesture, respects her for being so cool about the situation, and forgives her for the things she did in the past. Amy starts to regret putting the curse on Emily, until she thinks about the fact that she is now alone. She decides that "vanquishing" Emily is her best hope to get Sean and starts to chant the curse. Olivia walks in and overhears her. Amy plays it off as Yoga, but Olivia sees the book on the table. When Olivia leaves, Amy resumes the chanting. A big wind kicks up. Meanwhile, at the beach, Sean and Emily are discussing their Christmas and future travel plans when Emily begins to choke.

    Antonio's fantasies about Gabi in the Jacuzzi cause him to jerk away from her. She demands an explanation and he agrees that it is time he told her the truth. Instead, he told her that it is inappropriate for a beautiful woman and a priest to be in a hot tub together. Gabi asks if he is afraid of what Ricardo will think, but he says he doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. She apologizes for forgetting that he lives by a different code of morality than most people and for overstepping his boundaries. She thought he was avoiding her because he didn't think she was good enough for Ricardo. Gabi opens up to him by sharing how she used to feel about herself and the way she used to treat others. She went on to say that Antonio's goodness and strength has helped her to be a better person. Antonio assures her that he doesn't think badly of her, but warns her not to make him into something he is not.

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