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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, November 16, 1998

Today, Lily and Holden are discussing how they are going to keep Lucinda from marrying James. Lily says that they need to give James something that he has been wanting, David. Holden questions her. She says at least a message from David saying that he doesn't approve of James and Lucinda getting married. Holden doesn't follow. Lily says that she can piece together a message from the news reels that they have at WOAK. Holden says no way, James will know that the message is a fake. Lily tells him with the equipment that she has at the station, she can make it sound like a real message. He tells her no and says that he has to go. She says that she is going to stay at the station and do some work. Before he leaves, he points his finger at her and says "no message." She replies, "what message?" When he is gone she gets to work on making the message.

James and Lucinda walk into Mona Lisa. Julia overhears them talking about getting married. She can't believe that Lucinda has consented to marrying James. She calls Holden on the cell phone. She tells him what she has heard and he tells her he is headed for Mona Lisa and he will explain when he gets there.

Margo is showing Katie around the station. She stops to talk to one of the policemen at the desk. She asks him if they have any information on the e-mail that Emily had received from David. Katie says that is not any of her business. She says that she is just curious what is going on with the case. Margo asks the policeman to tell her about any new information they might get. He says that he will keep her informed. Tom walks in and asks Hal if they have any new leads on the message that David sent to Emily. He says no. Tom sees Margo across the room and walks over to her. He says that he is surprised to see her and she says likewise. He says that when he turned around last night she was gone. She tells him that he was so concerned for Emily's safety....he says her safety and the baby's. Hal walks up and asks Margo what she is doing there. As she is trying to say cleaning out my locker, the policeman that she was talking to earlier comes up and says that he still doesn't have anything from the FBI on the e-mail case. She is trying to tell him not to say anything. Hal informs the policeman that she is not on the case and he will not give her any information on it. He tells her that she is not involved with the case and to stay out of it, it is none of her business. Emily comes walking into the station. She says that someone from the station called her and said that she needed to come in and sign some papers. Hal says that he has some questions for her. They start toward the interrogation room and Margo follows. Hal says "No!" Margo says, "but I just want to..." Hal says, "I said no." Tom comes up to her and asks her if she could have lunch with him. She says no, she has a lot of errands to run. He asks her how the boys are doing and she says that they miss him. He asks if he could stop by later and see them. She says sure and leaves. Tom goes into the room where Emily and Hal are. Emily is telling Hal how scared she is, that she jumps at the least little sound or shadow. Tom asks him if he could put someone with her full time. Hal says that he doesn't have the manpower to that. Emily says that she must get going, she has an appointment with the doctor. She asks Tom if he would like to come with her. He says that he has an appointment. She says that she understands. He tells her that he will take her to memorial.

Margo comes walking back in and ask Hal if he is taking a vacation, she sees that he is going to the Caribbean. He reminds her that he is going there to get a divorce. She apologizes, she had forgotten about his divorce. He reminds her that she may still have something to salvage in her marriage and she needs to keep working on it. She finally agrees that maybe she should cut Tom some slack. She knows that Tom had an appointment at the hospital with Guzman and she heads there to talk to him.

Emily and Tom walk into the hospital and the doctor greets them in the hall. She assumes that Tom is going to accompany Emily at the appointment. Tom tells her he is not staying. She tells him that if he changes his mind he can come on in the room. He says goodbye and leaves. He goes to call about his appointment and Guzman is busy and has to cancel the appointment. He decides to go in the room where Emily is. She and the doctor are listening to the baby's heartbeat. He asks if everything is all right. The doctors says everything is fine with the baby. She asks Emily how she is getting along. Emily says that everything is fine, then she remembers Tom is in the room and changes her story. She tells the doctor that she has been under a lot of stress lately. The doctor tells her that is not good and to get it under control. The doctor is paged and has to leave. Emily, to get more attention from Tom, acts like she has a pain. Tom comes to her side and helps her lie down on the hospital bed. Margo walks in and sees them together.

Carly is trying to convince John to marry her and they can have millions together. John is not going for it. Barbara walks in and sees them together. She comes over and asks John if she could speak to him about their divorce. Carly takes it that she will want to get back with John. John asks Carly to leave. She walks off, but just far enough so she might hear what they are talking about. Barbara explains to John that they have dragged their marriage out long enough and she has a better plan to bring it to an end. She will go to the Caribbean and get a quickie divorce. She needs John signature on some papers to do this. John asks her if she knows that Hal is doing the very same thing and she says that she knows that, they are going together. He takes the papers and signs them. He tells Barbara that he is very sorry for how everything had turned out. She says to him that maybe, in time, they could become friends again. She leaves.

While they are talking, Molly comes up to Carly, who is standing in the corner trying to hear what is being said. Carly tells Molly that he better not go back to Barbara or she will kill him. Molly wants to know why she cares about them. Carly tells her that John had used his sperm to artificially inseminate her. Molly has one thing to say about that, "YUCK". Carly sees Barbara leave and she goes over to John and asks him if he is ready to marry her. John says under one stipulation, I want the baby.

Holden walks into Mona Lisa. He and Julia take a seat at a table in a corner. Holden tells her about Lucinda finding out that he killed David and she is protecting him by marrying James. Julia is stunned. Holden says that he has a new plan and Julia wants to be in on it. Holden tells her no, he has involved her enough. He has to do this by himself.

Lily is working away, making a message of the tapes of David's news reels. She is working so diligently, that she doesn't hear someone walking into the room. Suddenly, the lights go out. Lily is scrambling for the phone. The person is walking up behind her.

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Margo is at the door in the hospital, she is listening to Tom and Emily talking about hearing the baby's heartbeat. Tom tells her that her health is very important and she needs to take care of herself. Margo leaves. Emily asks Tom to go to dinner with her and he tells her that she needs to understand something. He was only there today for the baby. She says that she understands. He tells her that he needs to go by his house and see his boys. She says that she knows how dedicated he is to his children and she is lucky to have him be father to her baby.

Julia tells Holden that his plan for James is too dangerous. Holden asks her to deliver the note he has written and she says that she won't do it. Holden asks her what she wants him to do, call the police? Jack walks in and hears this. He says, "I am the police, what do you need?" Holden tells Julia to go make her phone call and he will explain to Jack. Holden lies to Jack and tells him that Julia is upset because Lucinda is going to marry James. Jack says that Lucinda wouldn't be that stupid. Holden tells him that Lucinda has made a decision to marry James.

Carly wants to know what John means by, "he wants the baby"? He tells her that he wants custody of her baby. She says that is sick, that would be like selling her baby and besides, she loves this baby. John tells her she loves the money more. Carly tells him that he doesn't know what this child means to her. She tells him that she will raise the baby and be a good mother. John reminds her that having a baby is a lifetime commitment. He says that after she gets the money, she will be busy and have no time for her child. Carly sees Jack sitting across the room with Julia and she tells John that she has given up too much for this baby and she will never give it up. John asks her to think about if she met someone and he wanted her to jet off to Monte Carlo and she can't because she has a child waiting for her at home. She says that she will get a nanny. John says you don't want a nanny. She says that many rich people have children and manage their money. John tells her that she can have any guy she wants. She looks again at Jack and says, "oh really". John sees that she is looking at Jack and says to her, "yes, even Jack Snyder". She tells John to stop it. He tells her to think about being a single mom and without his deal she won't have the money and she will have to get a job. She looks at him and says OK, if you marry me and if I get the money. John says that he will have the papers drawn up and leaves to call his lawyer. Jack and Julia are leaving the Mona Lisa and Jack walks by her without saying a word. After he walks by, she says, "goodbye Jack". She rubs her tummy and says to the baby, "I have lost enough, I won't lose you, too".

Margo arrives at home with bags in tow. She tells the boys that she has all kinds of goodies. She says that she has brought home videos, food and popcorn. She is going to cook for them. They look at her funny and she says for them not to worry, it is only macaroni and cheese. Adam suggests that they go out and get some food. She insist that she wants to cook for them. She tells them to start a video and she starts to ask them about their day at school. She is putting on a very good act. She puts it on so much that she knocks the pan off the stove and water and macaroni go everywhere and she burns herself in the process. She tells them not to worry she has plenty of mac and cheese and she will start over. Adam, once again, suggest that they go out and get some food. She barks at him that she is going to cook for them. They are looking at her, a little stunned. Tom pops his head in the door and says "Hello". The boys run to him, they have missed him. They explain that their mother is trying to cook for them. Tom offers to cook something. Margo says that they only have cheese. He says that he can make omelets. She says they have no eggs. He says that they could all go out and get something to eat. The boys jump at this idea. She says that she is tired and the boys should go have dinner with their father. Tom asks if they could bring her something back. She asks if he would mind to much and he says that he would love to do it for her. Then the boys decide that they would like to get burgers and Tom tells them that he will go get the burger and come back to the house with the food. The boys run upstairs and Tom and Margo are left alone. She asks him how his interview went. He tells her that the interview was canceled and she says that she knew that. She tells him about seeing him and Emily together at the hospital. He tells her about hearing the baby's heartbeat. She says that is always a special time in a mothers life. He tells her that he knows how hard all this is on her and he leaves to go get some food.

When Tom returns, she says that she will call the boys for dinner and he tells her that he only got enough for three. He isn't going to stay for dinner. As he is leaving, he tells her how nice it was to see her today and she looks great. He leaves.

Lily is busy making a fake message from David. The lights go out and she is scrambling for the phone. Someone is walking up behind her. She hears, "this is David". She says, "David?". Lucinda comes walking in and wonders why Lily is in the dark. Lily tells her that there was a power outage. Then they hear David saying, "So, your going to marry Lucinda Walsh. If you do, you will never see me again." Lucinda looks at Lily. She can't believe that Lily would pull such a dirty trick. Lily tells her that is how desperate she is. She tells Lucinda that she was trying to find a way to stop her from marrying James and she can't believe that she would let him in their family. Lucinda says that his criminal past is behind him and she thinks that he is smart and strong and romantic and sweet to her. Lily still argues with her mother about all the things that James has done to their family. Finally, Lucinda has had it, she yells, "I love him, I love him, I love him!"

James has received a note to meet David in the basement of the Mona Lisa. He goes to the basement and starts to yell for David. Holden comes from behind a wall and says that David isn't there but he is. James wants to know what is going on. Holden says that he needed to speak to James. James says they could have done that at the bar over a drink. Holden says not with what he has to talk about. James asks Holden if he knows where David is. Holden laughs at James and says that he does know but he is not going to tell James. James wants to know what kind of a game Holden is playing. Holden tells him that David holds James responsible for everything that has gone wrong in his life and he never wants to see James again. James grabs Holden by the throat a pushes up against the wall and wants to know where his son is.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Georgia is enthused about the theater department at Oakdale University--she's always wanted to be an actress, she confides. Eddie wishes he were as certain of his life's ambition. Julia's nervous before meeting with the psychiatrist--she worries that James will do something to Holden, she blurts out. Jack asks for an explanation.

Lily refuses to give Lucinda her blessing--she'll never accept James as her stepfather. James' hands around his throat, Holden still manages to taunt him, asking him to admit that he's marrying Lucinda not out of love, but to destroy her and her family. Holden tells James he knows where David is, but that he'll never tell.

Eddie shares with Georgia his plan to take night classes, but he doesn't have the money to waste trying to find out what it is he wants to do. Georgia promises to help him. Katie asks Eddie if a departing Georgia is his girlfriend. Let's clear the air, Eddie suggests.

Julia grieves for the person she used to be--she'll never be the same, even if the therapy works. The psychiatrist begins by asking her why she came to him for help. Lily can't shut Lucinda out of her life again, despite all her misgivings. When she asks her mother if she trusts James, Lucinda admits that will take time, and promises not to rush into marriage. James divines that Holden is just trying to drive him and Lucinda apart--if he knew where David was, he'd tell the authorities, James asserts. Holden is determined to stop James.

Georgia agrees to Lucinda's offer to pay for her schooling, provided that her aunt provides for Eddie's education as well. Eddie assures Katie that he thinks of Georgia as his little sister, and he's told her that. When Katie assumes he attends the university, Eddie plays along with the lie.

In the Snyder kitchen, Jack shares his frustrations with Emma about how helpless he feels with Julia. He ponders convincing her to move out of Oakdale in order to make her feel safe, and less likely to be hounded by David. Julia gets agitated when asked to describe what she's being haunted by in her sleep.

Emma nixes Jack's plan--it would be a mistake to send Julia away, when the reason why she came to Oakdale was because of Jack. Julia calms down and begins to talk to the doctor.

Holden wants Lily to take the kids and leave Oakdale for a while--he's going to confess to killing David. Lucinda can't see what Georgia sees in Eddie. James interrupts and shoos his future niece away. Lucinda senses his unease and he tells her he doesn't want to wait anymore to get married.

Eddie bluffs his way through a literary discussion with Katie. Holden doesn't want Julia and Lucinda to have to continue to worry about what James will do if he finds out. Lily disabuses him of half of his worry--Lucinda is marrying James because she loves him.

Lucinda and James share their respective realizations about how they feel. James promises that his vendetta against her family is over. Emma encourages her nephew to go ahead with his plan to ask Julia to move in with him at Thanksgiving.

Julia stops short and tells the psychiatrist that David escaped. In turn, she's told that she's not paranoid--David could really be hunting her down. She reluctantly accepts his prescription for tranquilizers when he assures her that it'll stop her from talking in her sleep. Holden is desperate to keep James and Lucinda apart, fearing Lucinda will tell James about his son of her own free will.

Lucinda agrees to sponsor Eddie's education if Georgia will stand up at the impromptu wedding for her, in lieu of Lily and Samantha. James and Lucinda keep a watchful eye on the door as the minister rushes through the ceremony. Eddie is determined to be a man on campus for real.

A mystery man receives a call telling him that Julia had her first therapy session, just as planned. Lucinda eschews traditional vows in favor of her own heartfelt ones. Lily and Holden arrive at the mansion just after the minister pronounces the couple married.

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Holden and Lily are not in time to stop the wedding between James and Lucinda. Lucinda tries to assure everyone that James has changed and to give him a chance.

Georgia tells Eddie that she can probably get Lucinda to pay for his college tuition, too, but Eddie adamantly refuses. However, he tells Georgia that he will pay his own way through school and Georgia tells Eddie she can be his tutor.

While Carly is waiting at the Oakdale P.D. for a fax from Hal advising her that their divorce if final, she runs into Jack. When she tells Jack about her plans to divorce Hal, Jack assumes that Carly has given up on the 50 million. He tells Carly that he is proud of her. Basking in Jack's kind words, Carly doesn't bother to tell him she has no intention of giving up the money.

John calls a family meeting with Margo and Andy. He tells them the unpleasant details surrounding his involvement with Carly's baby. Feeling they've heard enough, he holds off on telling them about his plans to marry Carly.

A frantic Molly informs Brad that the bag of money is missing. Eventually, the two realize that their bag has ended up in Hal and Barbara's room. Molly devises a plan to retrieve the bag, but is caught by Hal and Barbara--and, somewhere along the way, accidentally spends one of the marked bills. When Barbara accuses Molly of being a thief, Molly takes pleasure in enlightening Babs that her husband left her because her :underwear are in a knot and that he artificially inseminated Carly with his own sperm and plans to marry her. Furious, Hal informs Carly that he won't be giving her a divorce after all. Hearing the news, Carly rushes to catch a plane to the islands in hopes of changing Hal's mind. Meanwhile, word has made it back to Jack that some of the ransom money has surfaced in the Caribbean and he too rushes to catch the first flight out.

Friday, November 20, 1998

Upon arriving on the island to investigate the marked bill, Jack is surprised to see Molly's name on the guest register at the hotel. Molly wakes up to find Brad (as well as the money) next to her in bed. Julia is frightened when she sees someone through the kitchen window. Carly tells John their custody deal is on hold until she can go to the Caribbean and convince Hal to go through with the divorce. John nixes the idea of her flying--no airline would let a 7-months pregnant woman on board. Carly advises him to write her a doctor's note if he wants custody, since it all hinges on the divorce from Hal.

Emma tries to calm Julia and introduces her to Jimmy, the security guard Jack had hired. Emma encourages her to go surprise Jack and relax at the same time. Brad chastises Molly for using the marked $100 bill before he had a chance to launder it. Molly is surprised to find Jack at her door as Brad listens in. Ben dresses down a hospital employee who's bugging Camille about insurance forms. Camille begs her fiancé to listen to her.

Margo runs into Lisa at the hospital but doesn't want to talk about Tom. She does, however, want to talk about John. John worries about adding another risk factor to Carly's already-troubled pregnancy--she should have a doctor nearby. Then fly down with her, Carly suggests.

Barbara and Hal caustically celebrate the official end of her marriage to John. Hal ponders watching Carly and John squirm in January when they lose out on the opportunity for the $50 million, but Barbara doesn't buy it--he's not the vindictive sort. Jack and Molly dance around each other until Jack asks her who's in the adjoining room. When he goes over to investigate, Molly denies his assertion that it's David. Brad walks out instead. Jack questions them about how his brother suddenly has the means to afford a fancy hotel suite and vacation.

Camille confides to Ben about her fears. Margo is not afraid to parade her father's many faults, but she does recognize genuine feeling in his eyes when he talks about Lisa, she relays. A grudging John shows up at the airport to escort Carly. Julia spies Carly and confronts her, accusing her of following Jack to the Caribbean. Carly denies knowing Jack was even going there.

Hal meets up with Jack at the hotel, who then fingers Brad and Molly to his boss as being the prime suspects in the marked money mystery. Brad distracts Hal and Jack while Molly bribes the hotel employee to forget all about her and her $100 bill from yesterday. Hearing Barbara approach, Molly grabs for cover at the counter. Barbara mockingly approves Molly's choice of a box of condoms.

Margo surmises from her mother-in-law's ranting that she still loves John. Emma and John succeed in pulling Julia and Carly apart and putting them in opposite corners of the airport. A mystery man follows Julia aboard. After Lisa learns of John's trip, Margo encourages her to follow him to the Caribbean. Molly concludes that Hal and Jack's presence concerns ransom money.

John's not fooled, he tells Carly--he knows she must have a long-term plan to get back together with Jack. John warns Carly to sign the custody agreement on the plane right then and there or else forget about their deal. Having nightmares where David is the flight attendant, Julia finally gives in and takes the prescription tranquilizers. Jack fills in Hal about Molly being in possession of the baby doll that David used as a fake at the ransom drop.

Brad is incensed when Molly admits to having figured out that their buried treasure is the lost ransom money. Lisa is excited as she arrives at the airport to pick up her ticket. Harassed by John, Carly finally signs the contract with a flourish and deplanes to go and find Hal. Julia is sound asleep and has to be awakened by the flight attendant after everybody else has already left. As she leaves, she's still being followed.


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