Another World Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on AW
Gary witnessed a close moment between Josie and Cameron. Despite the fact that Marley had already confessed, Donna turned herself in for Grant's murder. Vicky later confessed to Grant's murder, as well, and was arrested. Stark rendered Amanda unconscious.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on AW
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Monday, March 29, 1999

Toni was asking Paulina some questions regarding Grant. When Joe sees this, he yells at Toni and makes her stop. Joe berates her for interrogating Paulina. She says she was just doing her job, but Joe says everyone knows Marley did it, and the investigation was over. The judge shows up and says it's obvious Joe was covering something up. He says it's too bad Grant isn't there to say what evidence he really had. Paulina starts yelling at the judge that Grant was a horrible man who deserved to die, but Joe quiets her down. He then told the judge that he's still captain and orders him to leave the crime scene.

Cindy visits Marley in jail and asks her why she killed Grant. Marley says it's because Grant was going to keep her in the loony bin, but Cindy says she thinks it was Vicky who actually killed him. She looks Marley in the eye and asks her again if she killed Grant. Marley says yes. Cindy says she's a very good liar. A guard finds Cindy there and makes her leave.

Vicky has nightmares about hitting Grant with the statue. Jake comforts her and told her no one will ever know. Downstairs, Donna was about to throw Vicky's scarf into the fire when Tyrone sees her. He runs in and tells her not to do it, but she does anyway. He tries to get it out of the fire, while Donna calls Jake for help. Jake and Vicky come downstairs. Tyrone asks Donna why should would do that when Marley needs help to be cleared, and she told him it was Marley's scarf. Everyone seems a little confused, and Donna starts crying about having to pick one daughter over the other. Jake takes Tyrone outside to talk. When they're gone, Donna immediately stops crying. It was an act for Tyrone's benefit. Vicky says Tyrone was right and that they can't destroy evidence. Outside, Jake suggests a truce between himself and Tyrone. He says Donna was just trying to help Marley, and that the family has been through enough. He tries to convince Tyrone that turning in Donna for destroying evidence won't help anyone. Tyrone backs off for now. When Jake went back inside, Vicky was freaking out about getting away with murder, and says she can't let Marley take the blame. She says she has to tell the truth, as Kirkland appears at the top of the stairs. He asks what she has to tell the truth about. Jake arrives at the Harbor Club and says he has to talk to Paulina. He takes her outside and says she has to go to Vicky. Paulina protests that she has to wait for Joe, so Jake told her that Vicky, not Marley, killed Grant. He wants Paulina to talk to Vicky so Vicky doesn't admit what she did, for Kirkland more than for anyone else. Paulina agrees to talk to Vicky.

Tyrone visits Marley. He says he caught Donna burning GLOVES and that Donna said they were Marley's. Marley agrees and says she asked Donna to burn them. Tyrone says now he knows Donna, Vicky, and Marley are all lying, because it was Vicky's SCARF that Donna burned. He says Vicky killed Grant, and he's not going to keep quiet about it. She begs him not to tell, but he says if it only took one day for him to figure it out, anyone else could do the same. He promises to get her out, and they hug. While hugging him, Marley takes his cell phone out of his pocket.

Cindy went to talk to Vicky. She says she wants to discuss the funeral. Vicky told her to take a hike, but Cindy warns her not to tick her off. She says she knows more about what happened last night, and Vicky should let her speak. Cindy says she wants Grant cremated right away. Vicky protests that would be impossible, there has to be an autopsy. Cindy says she can use her pull with Joe to get around that... there's no need for an autopsy since Marley confessed. Paulina arrives and asks Cindy what she's doing there. Before she leaves, Cindy reminds Vicky that the sooner the funeral was over, the sooner she'll stop asking Marley what REALLY happened. Paulina and Vicky go inside and upstairs to talk. Paulina helps calm Vicky. She says it's been too long since they've really talked. She told Vicky about Timothy, her first child, and Vicky was stunned. When Paulina says she sold him, Vicky says that must have been awful for her. Paulina says since they are such good friends, that Vicky instantly understood why Paulina did the worst thing she's ever done, and that she understands about Vicky and Grant and promises to stand by her. Vicky realizes Jake told her the truth. She still feels like she can't let Marley take the blame, but Paulina encourages her to do just that... for her son's sake. She says Kirkland needs his mother, but Vicky still feels overwhelmed by guilt. Paulina says if Grant came after her child, she'd rip his heart out with her bare hands, so Vicky has nothing to feel guilty about.

Toni asks Joe why he just wants to drop the investigation without even doing routine things like questioning witnesses. Joe just says the case is over. The judge returns with D.A. June Reiner, who told Joe the investigation was NOT over, but his participation in it is. She puts Toni in charge of the case.

After Tyrone leaves, Marley phones Jake to warn him t hat Tyrone tricked her, and now he knows the truth. She says he's going to tell Joe. Jake thanks her and then a guard takes her phone away. Joe protests the D.A.'s decision. He says Marley confessed, so the case is over. Tyrone walks in and says that's wrong. Vicky killed Grant, and he says he can prove it.

When Paulina gets back to Joe, he's alone. He told her he's been taken off the case. He says that Marley's story won't hold up, and that they're bringing Vicky in for questioning.

Toni gets to Vicky's house and told Donna that she needs to speak with Vicky, but Donna says they've left.

Jake, Vicky and the boys are taking a trip on Shane's boat. They are trying to make things fun for the boys by singing songs, but Vicky was still distracted by her feelings of guilt.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Gary was sleeping and having a bad dream. He was dreaming that he Grant was trying to hurt Cindy so he was protecting her. He screams out loud for him to get away from her and Josie comes in and wakes him up. He told her that he had a nightmare about him killing Grant, but it was so real. Josie told Gary that Grant was dead, someone murdered him. He gets kind of nervous but she told him that Marley already confessed. He went out into the living room and starts talking to Sharlene, but she leaves to run some errands. Gary then starts to leave but Josie asks him to stay so they can talk. He says there was nothing to talk about and she says all they need was time, but he replies that there was not going to be enough time in the world to erase what she and Cameron did.

At the Cory residence, David gives Alli a CD that has not yet been released of one of her favorite bands. She told him that she owes him and anything that he needs for her to do just ask her. He told her to tell her mom that he said hi and she says she will. Amanda was standing in the door ways and told David that she will not tolerate him using Alli to get to her. He tries to explain that he wasn't but she told him that he needs to go and not come back. Alli returned out and Amanda told her that she told David not to come around anymore. Alli was very upset and told Amanda that just because she's not happy doesn't mean that she has to make her not happy to. She storms upstairs and Amanda leaves.

At a bar, Cindy was passed out and the bartender wakes her up. He asks her if she would like coffee and she says sure. The next thing she knows, Grant was behind the counter telling her that he knows what she did. She starts freaking out but it turns out it was just the bartender asking her how she wants her coffee. Gary comes in and asks Cindy what exactly happened the night before. Cindy starts filling in blanks for Gary and reminds him that she was his alibi and he was hers. They are talking and Sharlene walks into the bar. She asks if she can speak to Gary alone so Cindy leaves. Sharlene asks Gary if he knows how Josie was feeling. He says yea, he's going through the same thing. She told him that in her heart, she believed that Gary was dead when she slept with Cameron, but Gary doesn't care. They get in a disagreement and Sharlene leaves.

At the 'secret garden', Stark was remembering a time when he was talking to Amalie. She asked him why he never went out in public and he got an attitude with her saying that he doesn't want to be pointed at and avoided. She gets an attitude back with him and walks off. Stark chuckles at the memory.

Amanda walks into the Lucky Lady and sees Cameron. She went and sits with him and they start talking. He asks if there was a possibility at a second chance between them and she says maybe at friendship. She gets up to get coffee and Josie comes in. She was very upset over the way Gary was acting and Cameron says that Gary will come around. Amanda comes out and sees them together. Josie says she'll leave but Amanda told her to stick around, because she was leaving anyways.

At the morgue, Cindy comes in and sees Grant. She starts talking to him and told him that no matter how mean he was she still loved him. A nurse person comes in and says that she was not allowed to be in there, but Cindy says that she was the widow and she only wanted a few minutes with him. The nurse says that she has to get him ready for the autopsy but Cindy screams no. She says that she just can't stand the thought of someone probing through his body. Besides, his wishes were to be cremated. The person went to get all the papers ready and Cindy told Grant that now he was going to burn, and all the secrets and blackmails with him. She went to leave and hears his voice, he says that he knows what she did.

At the Cory mansion, David told Alli that he won't be coming around. He says that he has to respect her mother's wishes. Amanda comes out and David explains he was leaving but Amanda says that maybe she was a little to harsh. He explains that she probably got the wrong signal because he was so comfortable around Alli, whereas around her he was very nervous. Amanda asks why and he says that she was very elegant, intellectual, and beautiful so why would she ever be interested in a guy like him. He went to leave but Amanda asks him to go for a walk with him. She told him she was dying to see what was behind the doors to the secret garden, plus she needs some company.

At Josie's, Sharlene was leaving and once she was gone, Cameron and Josie start talking. He looks over and sees a little baby hat on the shelf. She asks him if he was ok and he explains that sometimes it just hits him. They will never know what kind of man their kid will turn out to be like. Josie says they will one day when they go to the place where he was but Cameron says he doens't think he will be going there. Josie told him that they are both working on the way they are and they will both go there. They give each other a hug. Gary walks up with flowers in hand. He looks through the window and sees Cameron and Josie hugging. He leaves the flowers on the window sill and leaves.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

David took Amanda to the secret garden. As they approached the garden's entrance, Amanda sensed danger. David tried persuade Amanda into believing that she was feeling uncomfortable with him and not the garden. Amanda ran off. Shortly after, Allie showed up, and she and David began talking. Allie told David that her mother's behavior was due to Grant's death.

Allie went back to the Cory mansion to talk to her mother. Allie accused Amanda of making David feel bad. Amanda thought that Allie was just trying to play match maker. Amanda was feeling guilty about leaving David feeling bad. So she went back to the garden. When she couldn't find David, she started walking through the secret garden. As she walked through, the picture on the TV turned black and white until she came out on the other side. Amanda stood in amazement as she looked around at all the pretty flowers. Jordan looked on as Amanda smelled one of the flowers and passed out. Jordan sat by her side stroking her face.

At the police station, Marley continued to confess until Donna abruptly interrupted stating that neither Marley nor Victoria was guilty of killing Grant because she herself did it. Toni demanded an explanation. Donna proceeded to tell the police how she fought with Grant and threatened him that she was going to kill him. When Grant called her bluff, she killed him. When Toni questioned how Donna made it up the stairs of the wine cellar to commit the murderous act, Donna replied, "I walked." Toni demanded for Donna to prove that she can in fact walk.

At the hospital, a doctor questioned Joe why Grant was to be cremated before an autopsy performed. Joe canceled that order. He then spotted Cindy coming out of the morgue. He knew right away that she was behind this. Cindy tried to blackmail Joe into leaving her alone since Grant fired him anyway. When the doctor informed Joe and Cindy that Marley's confession may not be legitimate, Joe told Cindy to go home and watch her TV if she was that interested.

Vicky wanted to go to the police and tell them that she was responsible for Grant's death. Jake tried to persuade Vicky to keep quiet about the whole thing. Kirkland overheard Vicky state how she felt obligated to tell her children what she did to Grant. In a moving scene, Vicky sat Kirkland down and attempted to tell Kirkland what she had done. She broke down in tears. Kirkland hugged his mother and assured her that whatever was wrong, it will be okay. Jake then sent Kirkland up to his room. Vicky was disappointed in herself and then cried in Jake's arms.

Back at the police station, Joe showed up. Toni filled him in on Donna's confession. Then Vicky walked in and said, "No you didn't. I did." Toni did not believe Vicky since she heard three confessions in a 24 hour period. Vicky proceeded to tell how she hit Grant over the head with the statue on Donna's desk. Jake defended Vicky. Toni said that they would have to get the district attorney. Cindy walked in just in and heard Jake say, "You all know Vicky didn't do it on purpose." Cindy screamed at Vicky and then started hitting her. Jake and Joe broke it up. Cindy demanded for Vicky to be arrested. Vicky then begged Donna to go home. Donna kissed Vicky and promised her that this wasn't over.

Toni informed Marley that the charges against her will be dropped. Marley told Vicky that she should have let Marley take the blame for Grant's death. Vicky said that she wouldn't be able to deal with it. Vicky told Marley that she loves her. Marley began to shed tears of joy. She was so happy to hear her sister say that. Marley was taken back to the hospital. In an emotional scene, Jake and Vicky hugged one last time before the police took Vicky away. Vicky wanted to be able to remember forever what it was like to kiss and hug Jake. Toni escorted Vicky away. Jake stood there in tears.

At the Lucky Lady, Paulina went to pick up the belongings in Tito's locker. Etta Mae was surprised to discover that Paulina even knew Tim (Tito.) Remy approached Paulina and questioned Paulina's recently strange behavior. Paulina got defensive. The two began to discuss Grant's murder. Paulina said, "Whoever was responsible for sending Grant to hell, should have done it a long time ago." Remy said she thought it was Marley who did it. If it was Marley, then why did Paulina say "whoever"? Paulina left abruptly. Nick showed up at the Lucky Lady. Remy tried again to assure Nick that she and Tito do not have a relationship. Nick confided in Remy about Marley's confession. Nick has a feeling that there was something that everybody was overlooking. He asked Remy to go over to the Harbor Club to see if she could sense any vibes. Reluctantly, she agreed.

In Donna's office at the Harbor Club, Remy and Nick arrived to find Paulina there. She abruptly left leaving Remy even more suspicious. After Paulina left, Remy had a vision of Grant lying on the floor begging for help. Back at the Lucky Lady, Remy told Paulina and Etta Mae about her vision. Paulina tried to act with concern, but it was obvious that her concern was for a different reason. Paulina apologized and said that she had to go. Remy was upset and wondered why Paulina was acting so strange. Remy expressed her concerns for Paulina to Joe when he showed up at the Lucky Lady looking for Paulina. Nick told Joe that he and Remy found Paulina at Donna's office earlier.

Joe found Paulina talking on the pay phone. Joe asked Paulina what she was doing at Donna's office. Paulina said she was there looking for Joe. She asked Joe to confide in her if there was something he was going through. Joe asked Paulina to do the same.

Thursday, April 11, 1999

Tito was getting ready to make a phone call and says to himself that he loves banking by phone. He calls Paulina who was at Carlino's and told her that he forgot to tell her he misses her and then slyly starts to complain to her about the high costs of his textbooks. Playing on her sympathies, he pushes her to loosen up some of the Cory purse strings. Paulina told Tim/Tito that she'll talk to Rachel today about speeding it up. They hang up and Paulina heads out to the Cory's.

As Lila eagerly anticipates Cass' arrival, Cass shows up and the two of them revel in the idea of finally having a moment alone. As they are snuggling, Cass told Lila that he keeps waiting for Matt to show up. Lila told him that Matt was in New York. Cass asks if she was sure and Lila told him that Matt called her from there. Cass says he bet Matt did. Lila asks him what was that suppose to mean. Cass told her that he was wary of being a threesome with her husband. Lila told Cass not to worry about a thing, because as soon as Matt gets back from New York she's sure he's going to sign those divorce papers. Cass told her, Matt had better, but now that he's gone, he thinks they should take full advantage. Lila agrees and the two of them start kissing. However, Rachel comes in interrupting their romantic moment. She apologizes and asks them if they have seen Amanda. Lila told her that she hasn't seen Amanda all morning. Rachel finds it strange since she just got back from New York. The doorbell rings. It's Paulina who has come over to talk to Rachel about Tim. Cass and Lila says there hellos and then make themselves scarce so that Paulina and Rachel can have some privacy. Paulina told Rachel that Timothy has already left for college. Rachel says did he? Paulina told her yes, and he needs money for school. Rachel says she bets he does. Paulina says since Rachel was the trustee of her trust fund, maybe she could get the bank to stop giving her the runaround. Rachel told Paulina she has given this a lot of thought and informs a disappointed Paulina she won't authorize the withdrawal of any monies from the trust fund if the cash was to be earmarked for Tim. Paulina snaps at Rachel saying she was the one who put the damn money in the trust and she can give it all to Tim if she wants. Rachel told Paulina that she knows how much Paulina wants to help the young man. Paulina says that the young man was her son, and she owes him and education. She then pleads with Rachel to put herself in her shoes and told her not to think like a trustee, but like a parent. Rachel apologizes and told Paulina that she has to do what she thinks was right. Paulina asks her how can it be right to deprive her son of this money. Rachel says was he your son? Paulina says great, now you don't believe me either. Rachel told her it's not a question of whether she believes, it's a question of proof. Paulina pleads with Rachel to reconsider but the Cory matriarch firmly insists that Tim submit to a series of additional DNA tests before he's accepted as a bonafide member of the family. She then told Paulina she was doing this out of love for the family and adds that Paulina knows what lengths she'll go to protect any member of their family. A frustrated Paulina decides to leave.

Meanwhile out in the Secret Garden still passed out from smelling the poisonous flowers, Jordan begins to work his magic and begins summoning Amalie to come back to him. It starts to work and Amanda/Amalie begins speaking to Jordan in french, but then Amanda comes to and gasps in horror to find Jordan's deformed face looming over her and screams out for help. Jordan covers her mouth and while a dizzy disoriented Amanda tries to fully come to, Jordan quickly runs and gets some more of the poisonous flowers to knock Amanda out again. After Amanda passes out again, Jordan realizes he's lost his chance of summoning Amalie's spirit, so he picks up Amanda and flees from the secret garden in despair.

Sergei told Etta Mae and Felicia that he has decided to quit. When Felicia asks him what was he talking about. Sergei told them that the conditions here are not fit for a child to play chopsticks. Felicia told him that they weren't even talking while he was playing. He told them he was not talking about them talking. He was talking about the terrible stenches in the air. An angered Etta Mae told him that the stench he smells was his breath and the wonderful aroma in here was her coffee. Felicia agrees, but Sergei told Etta Mae that her coffee was an enemy to his art. While Felicia tries to hold her back, Etta Mae told him he has another enemy. Sergei says, well you know what I say to that? April Fools! After Sergei plays the childish April Fool's Day prank and laughs out loud to himself, he wonders why Felicia and Etta Mae are not laughing. An annoyed Felicia informs the musician that she nor Etta Mae thought the joke was funny and advises him to grow up. Sergei however doesn't think they are really mad and that they are pulling an April Fools day joke on him. They inform him again that they are not. Etta Mae doesn't want to hear it any more and went into the kitchen. Sergei told Felicia she needs to stop living like a nun and learn how to live and he will teach her how to have fun again. Felicia told him that he may think he knows her, but he doesn't know Fanny Grady and insist that she still knows how to have fun. She then pulls him aside and explains to Sergei how she struggled to reinvent herself and suggests that he follow much the same path for his new life in Bay City. They then get into an arguing match about who has fun more than the other and Felicia decides to pick up one of Etta Mae's chocolate cake pies. Etta Mae returned out and demands to know what was going on. As each of them try to explain, Cass and Lila walk in and Cass ends up getting the pie in his face. Cass tries to jump on Sergei. Felicia of course, intervenes and Sergei told Cass that he can make amends of all of this. Cass told him he can start by paying his cleaning bill. Sergei told Cass he can clean it himself and then went and grabs one of Etta Mae's water spritzers. Etta Mae told him to put it down and another struggle to get the water spritzer ends up with Etta Mae getting soaked. She told Sergei she thinks it was time for him to leave. He thinks she was talking to Cass, but she makes it clear that she was speaking to him. Felicia intervenes again and pleads with Etta Mae to give Sergei one more chance and to consider the business he brought in. Etta Mae has had it and Felicia told Etta Mae she will sweeten the deal and it slips out that she has paid Etta Mae to book Sergei at the Lucky Lady. Cass was stunned and begins questioning why Felicia has decided to pay Etta Mae to book the no singing chauffeur who can't drive or sing or get his own bookings in any other club. Felicia told Cass he has talent and Cass told her his only talent was wrapping her around his finger. Sergei told Cass he wouldn't know talent and asks Felicia if they can go home. Cass was shocked again and asks if they are cohabitating. Felicia told him that she doesn't have to explain anything to him unless he was ready to explain why he has been panting after another man's wife for the past year. Lila intervenes this time and told Cass to come sit down. Cass told Felicia he isn't done with her and she and Sergei go to their corners. Cass and Lila sit down and she jokes about the cake all over his face as she cleans it off. She kisses him and he suggest they leave and go take a shower together at his place since Charlie was spending the night at a friends. Lila agrees, but then Cass gets paged and learns of Vicky's arrest. He told Lila he has to go, but will talk with her later. Cass then heads down to the station to serve in Vicky's defense.

At the station, Joe tries to get some answers from Toni about the investigation when Nick comes in and learns that Marley has been released back into the mental ward and Vicky was in jail now for the murder of Grant Harrison. Nick says this whole damn thing stinks. Joe explains what happened and says that he's not crazy about it either, but Vicky came in and said that's what happened. Nick told Joe that Grant was Kirk's father and if Vicky killed him, she had a damn good reason. Joe tell's him that's why they have investigations. Nick then told them that he has been talking to Remy about that night, since she was with him at the Harbor Club and something happened that they should no. Remy was hesitant, but Nick told her to go ahead and tell them. Remy told them about her vision of seeing Grant alive, and then of someone coming in and finishing him off. Joe scoffs at Remy's tale, nervously insisting the girl was mistaken about Grant's demise. Toni, however told Joe that this was her investigation and decides to take Remy's psychic tale seriously and agrees to look into the possibility that another person actually ended Grant's life. Still a little ticked off from being taken off the investigation, Joe says whatever. Nick asks what if someone else killed Harrison. Joe told him that the medical examiner was performing an autopsy right now to determine the cause of death and he's got a feeling that the D.A.'s going to put a lot more faith in that. Remy told them she shouldn't have come and was sorry. Nick told her she has done the right thing, then turns on Joe and told him that she only came here to help out and he didn't have to treat her like some kind of a nut. He then thanks Toni and he and Remy leave. Later, Toni warns Joe that his increasingly erratic behavior could well endanger his future. She also cautions Joe that his interference in her investigation may jeopardize his career all together as a police officer.

Nick and Remy are at Carlino's and Nick was thanking Remy for all of her help. A modest Remy told Nick that's okay, she just hopes she has helped. Paulina comes to their table with their order, but Nick informs her that they ordered two caesar salads. Paulina apologizes and told them she'll change their order right now and went back into the kitchen. Remy asks Nick if he has noticed how disoriented Paulina has seemed lately. Nick told her that everyone has had a lot on their minds lately. Remy still thinks she has made a fool out of herself in front of Joe. Nick told her not to worry about it because Joe hasn't been himself either since Grant said all that stuff about him and the D.A. took him off the case, but assures her that Toni heard what she was saying. Remy told him that she did it for him and Nick told her that he just hopes it helps Vicky. Remy told him it must be great going to the wall for your family like that. Nick told her it was even when you're fighting and hating each other's guts, adding that it's better than nothing. Remy asks if that was what he had with his mom -- nothing? Nick wonders why she asked that. She told him that he said someday he'd tell her about his mom. Nick told her his mom was a lawyer who met his dad when they were working on a big deal together. They had an affair, it ended. She found out she was pregnant and didn't tell his dad and just went ahead and had him. Remy told Nick that it shows his mom must have really wanted him. Nick told her that the idea of having a kid appealed to her, not the reality. Especially when she figured out that she wouldn't make partner at a law firm because of it. He then told Remy that his mother hired a nanny and that was that. Then when they came to him and told him that she collapsed and died of a heart attack, he knew he was suppose to feel something, but he didn't know what. Then when he met his father and the rest of his family, he knew. Remy told him that she always thought that having a mom was really all it took. Nick says maybe they have more in common than they thought. Tito calls the diner again and speaks with Paulina. She mentions that Remy and Nick are here and he asks to speak with Remy. Nick isn't too pleased about that as Remy went to get the phone. After they talk, Remy hands the phone to Paulina. Nick was upset, but Remy assures him that Tito was out of her life. Meanwhile, Tito steps up the pressure on Paulina as he attempts to guilt her into coughing up more dough. Paulina told Tito that she's working on the money as fast as she can. Joe shows up and Paulina says goodbye to Tito for now, and Joe and Paulina comfort one another and pray that their lives would return to normal.

Jordan brought Amanda back to the Cory house, and lays her on one of the lounge chairs on the porch. Unfortunately for him, Rachel was still looking for Amanda and catches him. With her suspicions aroused, she wonders what the hell was he doing at her place. Jordan lies and told her that he has come to see her. Rachel told him that their guests usually use the front door. Jordan told her that he was afraid if he rang the front bell, he'd scare off the help and asks her if she understands. Rachel told him she doesn't understand, but then again, she doesn't understand most of what he does and was not sure she wants to. He then hands her the poisonous flowers he used on Amanda as a gift. Rachel told him that it was hard for her to believe that he left his fortress to bring her flowers. Jordan reminds her that he told her he wanted to see her. Rachel asks him why and Jordan lies and told her because he missed their talks and it's not often that he finds his intellectual equal, particulary in a woman. Rachel told him that's a very sexist remark. Jordan asks her was it and then told her that he must be lamentably old-fashioned. Rachel told him that she was incurably suspicious, so why doesn't he just tell her why he's there. Jordan told her he's sorry she questions his intentions, but he came to see her, because he wants to be friends. Rachel finds it hard that he wants to be friends with the woman he found going through his drawers. Jordan says why not? He then told her she was beautiful, intelligent and he has cherished their time together and he misses her and was hoping she feels the same way. Rachel says afraid not and then told him not to take it personally because she was not up to being close to anyone right now because she misses her husband and besides she would have to trust him implicitly. Jordan asks if there was any way he can win that trust. Rachel told him it would take a great deal of time and Jordan told her that went both ways. After all, she stole something that was very precious from him. Rachel says something that he went to a great deal of trouble to get back. Jordan told her the book means a great deal to him. Rachel told him she would very much like to know why. Jordan told her it's a long story. Rachel says she has time, but Jordan says unfortunately, he doesn't and perhaps they can talk about it the next time they see each other. He then says goodnight. Rachel offers to walk him out, but he told her it's quite all right he prefers to show himself out. He closes the door and right after he leaves, both doors fly open like a burst of wind opened them and Rachel spies Amanda lying on the lounge chair out on the terrace, dizzy and disoriented. Amanda wakes up and Rachel asks her if she was all right? Amanda says she doesn't think she is. Amanda says she was having the strangest dream, she was with someone, but she doesn't know who or where. Rachel told Amanda that she was freezing and they need to get her inside and warmed up. Amanda realizes she has some flowers in her hand and she asks Rachel to get rid of them, the smell was making her sick. Rachel throws them out on the lounge chair and told her that Jordan was just here and she wonders if Amanda saw him. Amanda has no memory of her time in the garden and told her mom she doesn't remember her time out there at all. She asks her mom what Jordan Stark wanted. Rachel says she doesn't know, but was going to have to find out.

Jordan was back at Lumina reeling. He told himself that he came so close this time, closer than he's ever come before. Now all that's left was to get Amanda out of the way, then he and Amalie will be together for eternity. Jordan then resolves to get rid of Amanda in order to secure the permanent return of Amalie.........................

Friday, April 22, 1999

Rachel asks Lila whether Stark had ever asked her to spy on Amanda. Rachel had checked on the ticket bought for Alli to return from Zurich, and Lila admits she didn't buy the ticket. She says Zak had asked her to stall Cameron and Amanda when they were eloping, but didn't know about Alli until she arrived. They conclude Stark was responsible for the ticket. Rachel was sure Stark was also behind the reason Amanda called off her wedding, but says Amanda won't tell her why she did it. Lila says she already told Rachel everything she knows about Stark, and Rachel says then there was only one thing left to do. Rachel went to see Jordan, and to question him about how Amanda ended up on the terrace last night. He admits he saw her there, but didn't see fit to mention it, because, he claims, he was there to see Rachel. She doesn't buy it, and asks why he's interested in Amanda. Again, he denies any interest. She asks why he stopped her wedding and confronts him with the information Lila gave her. He says she gives him too much credit; Amanda called off the wedding of her own accord. Rachel warns him to stay away from her family. Ms. Allen interrupts wheeling in a big dinner for two, but was quickly dismissed by Jordan. He invites Rachel to join him for dinner. She's reluctant, but Rachel agrees to have dinner with Jordan. He says all he really wants from the Corys was peace and good-fellowship. She says if he wants that, he should leave town. He says that won't solve anything. She questions him about the plane ticket, but he denies having knowledge of it. She asks about Zak; Jordan says he had to fire him. She asks where he was now, and Jordan replies as far as he knows, Zak just disappeared. After dinner, Rachel warns Jordan again to stay away from her family, especially Amanda. She leaves, and Ms. Allen returns. Jordan says Rachel knows too much, and Ms. Allen figures Lila must have talked. Jordan says Rachel will have to be removed.

Cass arrives at the police station to begin Vicky's defense. After hearing about her confession, he asks Jake if she really did it, but Jake doesn't answer. Paulina arrives and told Joe she needs to see Vicky. After processing her, Toni returns with Vicky and Vicky asks Cass how soon he can get her out to see her boys. D.A. Reiner comes in and says if she can help it, Vicky won't be getting out for a very long time. Cass tries to convince her that Vicky isn't a flight risk and that she just wants to take care of her children, but June won't budge. Jake gets angry and needs Chris to calm him down. June suggests they move Vicky to a regular cell, but Paulina interrupts and says they have to let Vicky go. She also asks June to let Vicky go home for one night to explain things to her children. June still won't change her mind.

Vicky herself pleads with June some more. June says Vicky should have straightened things out with her children before turning herself in, and now it was too late. Chris gets June alone and says it sounds like she's getting ready to run for the mayor's seat. He hints that she won't look very good after the Herald writes how she showed no mercy for Vicky's innocent children. June decides to let Vicky go home for one night on the condition that Jake agrees to sign over his controlling interest in the Herald to the city if Vicky was not on time for the arraignment tomorrow. Jake agrees to her condition.

When the phone rings in Cass's office, Anne was alone there and since the answering service doesn't pick up, she does. It was Lila. Anne offers to take a message, and Lila says to tell Cass his fiancée called. When Cass gets to his office, Anne gives him Lila's message. Cass says he'll call back, but first has to find a precedent to get bail for Vicky.

Anne suggests CPL6, and Cass was stunned because she's correct. Cass asks her how she knows so much about the law. Anne brushes off his question, but he's persistent, so she says she used to work in a law office and learned a lot there. He asks for her advice on jury selection, and she gives him some. It's good advice, and he offers to share his dinner with her so they can work on the case together. She agrees, but leaves to wash up first. Lila get to Cass's office with takeout from Carlino's before Anne returns. She asks why he didn't call her, because she called and left an urgent message, but he says he didn't know about it. She starts telling him about her conversation with Rachel, and Anne opens the office door. Cass gestures for her to leave, so she does.

Vicky gets home to see her boys, but Jake finds a note from Donna, saying she took them to Michael's cabin. Vicky freaks out because she lost what could be her last chance to be with her boys. Jake tries to make her feel better. She says he was right all along, and if she hadn't been obsessed with Grant, none of this would be happening. Making good use of their time alone, Jake and Vicky make love. Vicky laments the fact they spent the past few weeks fighting instead of loving. She worries what the future will bring, and Jake assures her he'll be there every step of the way. She points out the fact that they didn't use any birth control, but Jake doesn't seem worried.

Chris and Toni discuss the murder case over dinner at Carlino's. Toni confesses that she was worried about Joe's behavior. She admits it appears that Joe tampered with evidence. Chris takes a moment to discuss Grant's murder with Paulina. She says it wasn't a crime, it was a public service.

The coroner brought Grant's autopsy report to Joe's office. He asks if he should give it to Joe or to Toni, and Joe says he can take it. The coroner says it's interesting. He says it wasn't the blow to the head that killed Grant... it was asphyxiation. Joe asks the coroner if anyone else has this information. He says no, and Joe says to keep it that way. The coroner leaves, and Joe was going through the report. Toni comes in and asks what's new, and Joe covers up the report and says, "nothing".

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