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David had no memories of the past six months. Anne told Cass that Lila and Matt had spent the night together. Cass, Matt, and Lila put aside their differences when Jasmine went missing. Cameron and Amanda gave their relationship another chance. Nick and Remy were in a car crash.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on AW
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Monday, May 24, 1999

Joe informs Cass that Walker went out of his way to be the presiding judge in Paulina's trial, which was quite out of character for him. Cass suggests that Joe do some more digging to find out why Walker has it in for him and Paulina. When court resumes, Cass FINALLY asks the judge to recuse himself from the case due to extreme conflict of interest. Walker was furious. He has Cass approach the bench. Cass told him that he knows Walker pulled strings to get this case, that he was good buddies with the victim, and that he has it in for the accused. It's all too much to ignore. Walker says that isn't grounds for recusal, and if Cass pursues it, he'll charge him with contempt. The trial continues. The state calls Tito to the stand. The prosecutor tries to get Tito to say that Paulina wanted him to leave town because she was planning to kill Grant. Tito squirms a bit, and then says anything was possible. Cass tries to do some damage control during cross-examination, but he gets pushy and Paulina yells at him to leave her son alone. Walker adjourns court and walks out, while Cass protests that he isn't finished his cross-examination.

Rachel and Cameron try to get answers out of Ms. Allen, but she says they all must leave the building immediately. Meanwhile, Alli remains tied up at Lumina, and there's only 14 minutes and 57 seconds left on the bomb's timer, and it keeps ticking. Rachel takes Jordan's book from Ms. Allen, who then leaves, warning them to leave as well.

Amanda looks for Alli in the secret garden, but of course, she's not there. She asks David where Alli is, but he just told Amanda to follow him and not fight. She tries the door, but it's locked. David drags her into the garden, and told her to give in. She wanders all the way in. David becomes Jordan, and he calls Amanda "Amalie". She's confused, and asks who Amalie is. Amanda asks Jordan what he wants, and he says he just wants to give her his love. He kisses her. Amanda tries to escape, but there's no way out. Jordan told her the garden exists on another plane... in a time and place beyond time and place. He explains to her that he's really the Jordan Stark born in 1778, and told her of his love story with Amalie. He told Amanda that Amalie's spirit was within her. He says when their spirits are reunited, they'll live together forever.

Rachel and Cameron return home and examine Stark's book. They find a drawing of Amalie, as well as his notes about spirits being re-unified. Rachel decides to return to Lumina to find clues, while Cameron stays and looks for Amanda. Back at Lumina, Rachel finds the painting of the garden, and realizes that's where Jordan is.

Amalie speaks to Jordan, and told him Amanda was still very strong. Jordan says he was strong enough to make Amanda's body obey, and after they make love, their spirits will be together forever. He kisses her again. Cameron searches the house for Amanda, but can't find her.

Joe lets Cass know that the only thing he could find about Walker's past was that he used to be a hotshot lawyer in Chicago. Cass fills him in on what happened in court, and says Paulina was still keeping something from them. Josie was taking Paulina through the police station, and gives Joe some time to talk to her. He told her they have to talk about Tito. He asks Paulina what she's keeping from him. She insists there's nothing. Joe knows it isn't true, and says he'll do anything to bring her home again. He gives her her locket. He says he brought it for her to have something to hold onto. Behind her, Remy was looking at her own locket, and Nick gets a call... he's tracked down the man who made the lockets.

Rachel calls Cameron and told him the garden gate was Jordan's hole in time. He told her he can't find Amanda or Alli. Rachel told Cameron she'll meet him at the garden. Alli, still tied to the chair, rocks back and forth, and Rachel hears and asks if anyone was there. She gets no answer and starts to leave, but Alli tips over and Rachel went into Jordan's office to investigate. Rachel doesn't see Alli lying on the floor, so she leaves. Alli gets her gag off and calls for Rachel, who runs back. She starts to untie her. There's only 2 minutes and 55 seconds left on the timer, and it's still ticking.

Amalie pushes Jordan away, and says Amanda was holding her back. He tries again. Cameron gets to the gate, but it's locked, so he calls for Amanda. Jordan hears him and realizes he must hurry. Cameron tries to break down the door. Amalie begins to emerge from Amanda. Stark and Amalie are nearly joined, but Cameron breaks in and says he loves Amanda and always will. Amanda returns to Cameron, and Jordan's spirit disappears alone.

Tito sees Walker in his chambers and says he was supposed to keep him off the witness stand. Walker says he doesn't take orders from punks, and Tito told him he will if he cares about his career. Tito says he did his part, and told the judge to pay up so he can get out of town. He warns Walker that if he crosses him, he'll ruin him, so he better get him the money fast. Joe asks Paulina again if she's hiding something, but she says she's just tired and maybe she should go back to her cell. Joe can't believe she'd rather return to her cell than talk to him. After Paulina goes, Josie told Joe that Walker called and ordered that Paulina's trust fund money be released and turned over to Tito. Joe asks Nick to spy on Tito for him.

Walker gets off the phone, and told Tito he should be getting his money soon. Tito was about to leave, but Cass knocks on the door. Tito leaves through another door. Walker then opens the door to Cass. Cass asks the judge for some time in the morning, and was surprised when he allows it. The judge told him to accept it and go before he changes his mind. Before Cass leaves, he sees a door open inside the judge's chambers. After Cass leaves, Tito returned in. Walker says he told him to go, but Tito told him not to worry... Winthrop didn't see a thing. With less than a minute to go on the timer, Alli starts explaining what happened to Rachel. When there's only a few seconds left, they realize there's a bomb, and run. Then... the fireworks begin.

After Jordan was gone, the garden loses its life... the plants are old and dead. Amanda told Cameron that she felt like she left her body, and if it hadn't been for him, she may have never come back. Suddenly, they see a body lying in the garden.

Tuesday, May 25

After finding David naked in the garden, Amanda and Cam have him taken to the hospital and are shocked to learn that David has no idea who Amanda was and that the last 6 months are a blank. Amanda was furious and Cam warns David not to play games. Later, Alli apologizes to Cam for misjudging him and Amanda and Cam reunite with a romantic kiss. When Anne gleefully learns that Matt and Lila spent the night together at the haunted motel she told Cass who ends up fighting with Lila. But when Matt tells Cass and Lila that Jordan was gone, they decide to get past their anger and marry asap. Anne was determined to find a way to stop the wedding!

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

At the hospital, Sergei told Felicia that he was feeling better. Felicia privately asks the doctor when Sergei was likely to receive a transplant. The doctor informs Felicia that a donor will be very difficult to find. Felicia is determined to save Sergei. Sergei prepared a wedding feast for he and Felicia. Felicia told Sergei what his chances are for receiving a transplant. Felicia suggested to Sergei that he should release an album in order to call attention to his situation, and use this to help find a donor. This will also help others in the same situation.

Tito listened as Nick told Remy that the silversmith who made her locket will meet with them. Remy was concerned about Paulina and didn't think it was a good time. She wanted to be there for Paulina. Nick convinced Remy otherwise, and they go to the meet with the jeweler. At the Lucky Lady, Tito posed as Nick and met with the jeweler. The man told Tito that he remembered Paulina as the woman who owned the locket. After the jeweler and Tito left, Nick and Remy showed up to find no one was there.

Cass told Paulina and Joe that Cindy and Rachel are set to testify. Paulina tells Rachel not to lie. Cindy planned to ruin Paulina while on the witness stand. Cindy testified that Paulina was obsessed with getting revenge on Grant and that she heard Paulina threaten to kill Grant. Cass does a skillful job of discrediting Cindy when he cross-examines her. He brought up how Cindy wrongfully accused Gary of murder the following night.

While Rachel was being questioned, Ms. Reiner forces Rachel to admit that Paulina forged her signature to gain access to her trust fund money. While being cross-examined, Rachel said that Paulina wanted the money so that Tito could get a good education. She also said that Paulina was a wonderful, loving parent. Ms. Reiner brought up the fact that Paulina once shot Jake. Tito overheard Rachel apologize to Paulina for not giving her the money when she asked for it. Rachel was now prepared to give Paulina the trust fund. Joe tells Rachel to forget about it. Joe then warned Tito to accept that he's not getting his hands on Paulina's money.

Joe told Nick to follow Tito. Nick did just that and overheard Tito say to Judge Walker that he knew what the Judge did to "his mother." The Judge replied, "Your mother?" Nick then heard Tito throwing the Judge's past involvement in the baby black market in his face. Nick raced to find Joe to tell him what he just heard about Judge Walker and Tito.

At The Herald, Cindy tried to talk to Chris about the trial, but he refused to listen to her. Cindy rails that Grant had big plans for Bay City, and she will see to it that they are fulfilled. As Chris was throwing Cindy out, the new intern arrived. The new intern was kind to Cindy. Cindy decided to give the new intern an exclusive story. The intern went inside and told Chris about the funny experience she just had. Chris has no idea who this new intern is. To Chris's surprise, Toni showed up and introduced the new intern as her sister, Casey. After Casey left to catch up with Etta Mae, Toni made Chris promise to look out for her headstrong kid sister.

Thursday, May 2727, 1999

Nick told Joe about Tito's conversation with Walker, and the fact that Walker may have been a baby-seller. Joe asks a P.I. friend of his to dig up some dirt on Walker. They fill in Cass on the situation. The trial continues. Cass calls Joe to the stand. Joe manages to stay calm for most of his testimony. However, after the judge repeatedly sides with the prosecution, Joe yells at him and calls him a "corrupt old bastard". Walker threatens to jail Joe for contempt. Joe calms down and the questioning continues. Things get out of hand again, and Joe told Walker that he knows he's trying to railroad Paulina to cover up his own crimes. Walker calls a recess and demands to speak to Joe in his chambers. There, Joe accuses Walker of baby-selling. He tries to deny it, then told Joe he has no proof. Joe says he'll admit the truth even if he has to choke it out of him. Amanda visits David. He still denies even knowing her, so she fills him in on the past 6 months and told him she'll make him pay. He warns her that David Halliday isn't someone she can just kick around. Later, David has flashbacks of a train. Josie brought some of David's personal belongings to him, but he doesn't recognize them. Even the handwriting in the daybook isn't his, he says. Later, he makes a phone call, and asks someone if he's in as much trouble as he'd been in back in December. David learns that the charges he'd been facing last December were dropped, and that all his stocks went up. He's pretty darned happy that he didn't succeed in killing himself. He decides to check himself out of the hospital.

Back at home, Amanda told Cameron that she wants to give their relationship another chance. However, she wants to take things slowly. Cameron promises to be patient and give her all the time she needs.

During the recess, Remy told Paulina about her search for her mother. She mentions a keepsake her mother left her, and Paulina asks to see it. Just as Remy was about to show her locket to Paulina, Cass takes Paulina aside, and Tito distracts Remy. Later, Tito gets a moment alone with Paulina, and she warns him that Nick may be following him.

Walker continues to deny involvement in the sale of Paulina's baby. His exact words were, "I was not the one who sold HER". Joe immediately picks up on the fact that he referred to the baby as a girl. Joe then remembers that Grant had also referred to the baby as a girl. He realizes that Tito isn't Paulina's son after all.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Paulina was relieved when Joe returns to the courtroom without handcuffs, but was anxious to know what he said to Judge Walker that made him so upset. Joe told her he'll explain everything later but right now he needs to ask her something. He asks her to remember exactly what it was that Grant said to her the night he was killed. Paulina does her best to remember the specifics, but doesn't recall if he actually called Tim her son. However, she does remember that Grant told her that he knew something about her that she didn't know. Joe says he's got a feeling he knows what that is, but then asks her to tell him again in detail the day that Tim was born. Paulina recounts how the doctor and nurse were so cold, as if she was committing a crime rather than giving birth. She says how she begged to hold her baby but they just briefly held him up so she could see him. "It's fuzzy, but I think she showed me the wrong baby," she muses, "because it was had a little pink cap on." Joe can barely control his excitement. "That's what I was hoping you'd say," he says. He told her to have faith in him and that everything was going to be okay. He says he'll tell her everything later but there's no time now.

Joe then pulls Cass aside to tell him that he's got to get him some time because if he can extend the court case another day, he'll get him proof that Paulina didn't kill Grant, despite her confession. He told him that the papers that Grant was holding over Paulina were taken from his pocket when he was killed, but that he's willing to bet that she's never seen those papers. He explains how he's positive that Paulina had a baby girl, and therefore that "punk" couldn't be her son. Cass isn't sure how this proves anything, but was definitely sure that if there's only one way to stall the case - by putting Paulina on the stand. He makes it clear to Joe that it's the worst thing he could do to save her, so if Joe can't come up with the evidence to get her off, then he's putting her in serious jeopardy of going to prison. Joe looks up and sees Walker come back into the courtroom. "Do what you have to do," he says determinedly.

Jake was seriously distracted at work and Chris can't help but notice. Jake explains to him how upset he was that Vicki let Marley move in without asking his opinion first. Vicki comes in at that moment and the two of them put Chris in the middle while getting him to take sides. Chris does his best to stay indifferent but in the end, it looks like he sided with Vicki. After she leaves triumphantly, Jake calls a friend and says that he's "in" for the gambling deal he wanted him to be in on after all.

Meanwhile, Victoria went home and was startled to find a strange young man in her house. She attacks him, as he tries to explain that he's not there to hurt her. Eventually, he overcomes her and holds her long enough to say that he's not a burglar, he's Shawn McKinnon, and he's looking for his uncle Jake. Victoria laughs at him, and says that this was a good try but how stupid does Jake think she was to fall for it, and so quickly after the Marley thing? She says she's known Jake her whole life and has never heard of him, so as if she'd believe that his relative just happened to show up out of town, and that he needs to live with him, and that she supposes now she's supposed to know how he felt about Marley moving in? Puh-leez. She sends him away, and says to go find his "uncle" on his own.

Joe returns to the stand briefly as both sides say they have no more questions for him. After Joe leaves, Cass calls Paulina to testify. Judge Walker makes him approach the bench so he can advise him that it's a mistake to do so and allows him to reconsider calling her. Cass told him sarcastically that he appreciates his concern, but wants her to testify anyhow. Cass starts with the day that Paulina met Grant, slowly making his progression to the day he was killed. Despite the objections from the DA and the judge, he continues to drag out her testimony. Meanwhile, Joe calls Freeman, the P.I. that Grant used, and gets him to tell him that Walker's name was on the documents that he has about the baby. Joe told him he needs the papers right away and asks Nick to go to Chicago to get them. Tito overhears this request, and signals Walker to take a moment. He calls for a short break, then went to his office, where Tito told him that he overheard Joe and they're time was numbered before they both go down. Walker told him to make sure that whatever proof they have never arrives.

Nick was driving to Chicago when Remy appears from the backseat to surprise him. They go to Freeman's and get the envelope, then call Joe right away to say that they have it. When Joe realizes Remy was there, he told Nick to not open the envelope under any circumstances, just bring it to him immediately. Meanwhile, outside, Tito was under Nick's car.

Jake's lets out a loud groan from his office so Chris comes in to find out what's happened now. Jake shows him a letter that he just received from his step-brother, who's in prison in Canada. It explains that his son needs some direction and might be looking him up so if he comes to town, to please put their differences aside and look out for the kid. Jake takes the letter home to Victoria who was forced to realize that his nephew, and his story, was legit. She gulps loudly as she explains how she sent him away and doesn't know where he went.

In the courtroom, Judge Walker was looking rather nervous and preoccupied. As Paulina rambles on about her years with Grant in her life, he sees Joe walk back into the room and give Cass the thumbs up.

"Ok, Mrs. Carlino, that's enough," Walker snaps angrily, "You may step down." Cass starts to object but Walker says that they're breaking for the long weekend and they can all return to court Tuesday morning.

Nick and Remy are on their way back to Bay City when they see an accident up the road. Nick starts to slow down but realizes the brakes aren't working. Remy screams as they swerve and crash off the side of the road. Both are unconscious as the envelope falls out of the window, and blows off into the bushes from the wind........

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