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Paulina realized Remy was her daughter. Lila gave Cass back his engagement ring and told him he needed to decide between her and Anne. Cass asked Lila to choose between him and Matt. Paulina confessed everything to Remy, and Remy forgave her. Vicky and Jake got one up on Cindy.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 7, 1999 on AW
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Monday, June 7, 1999


Anne brought Charlie to meet Cass and Lila for dinner. Cass was being hounded by reporters, and Anne avoids them and their cameras. Cass puts the reporters off until the press conference tomorrow, but Lila enjoys basking in their attention. Vicky enters, and told Lila off for using Paulina's trial to get attention for herself. They exchange insults, as Anne watches. After Lila leaves, Anne approaches Vicky. Vicky was shocked speechless when she sees Anne. She thinks it's Frankie. Anne explains that she's not Frankie, but says she'd like to speak to Vicky. Anne and Vicky talk about Lila. Vicky portrays Lila as a gold-digger. She thinks Lila wants more from Cass than just his heart. She told Anne all about the problems Lila caused for her and Jake. Later, Anne overhears Charlie talking to Cass about the engagement ring he's giving Lila tonight.

At the police station, Joe told Tito that life in prison will not be fun, but Tito told him that Paulina won't let him be sent to prison. He told Joe that Paulina understands him and will help him. Joe grabs him but before he can do anything, June warns him against assaulting Tito. She has more news for Joe... she plans to file charges against him.

At the hospital, Paulina gets more and more upset as the doctors work on Remy. A doctor told Nick that Remy's condition was critical and she needs surgery. Nick was angry enough to kill Tito. Jake does his best to calm Nick and Paulina down. As Nick was ranting, Paulina learns that Tito and Remy grew up together. In his anger, Nick turns on Paulina. He thinks she should have seen through Tito like everyone else did, and Remy wouldn't be hurt now. He wants her to leave, but she wants to know more about Tito and Remy's history. Nick doesn't want to talk to Paulina, so she leaves to see Tito.

KC pushes Chris to interview Cass, but Chris wants to respect Cass's request for privacy.

June told Joe she's charging him with obstruction of justice, suppression of evidence, and impeding Toni's investigation. Toni laughs, and says she must be kidding. Toni claims everything Joe did was undercover work. June doesn't believe her, but Toni challenges her to prove otherwise. She says every cop in the precinct will back up her story. She says if June went after Joe, all of the cops will hate her and she'll never get another conviction without their help. Her career would be in the toilet. June knows she's been beaten, and leaves. Paulina arrives. Tito tries to play on her sympathy, but this time, it's Paulina who scams him, and gets him to admit that Remy was her daughter (then she slaps him good and hard). She leaves to get back to the hospital. As Toni was taking Tito to his cell, he asks her to tell Remy that he's sorry.

After Cass and Lila get home, Cass falls asleep, and Lila fantasizes about their future together.

Donna and Vicky discuss Anne. Vicky thinks she's in love with Cass and thinks she'd have to be better for him than Lila. Anne watches Chris and KC, and when Chris leaves the table, Anne offers to give KC an exclusive story, provided she promises not to reveal her source. Paulina and Joe get to the hospital, and Jake told her the doctor isn't sure Remy will make it. Paulina says she has to... she's her child. Paulina hugs and kisses Remy and begs her to wake up. She puts her locket in Remy's hand, and told her it's just like the one she gave her as a baby. Joe finds Remy's locket on the floor. Paulina told Remy that the lockets are together now, and so are they. Remy opens her eyes and says, "Mom".

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Tuesday, June 8, 1999


Anne shows up at the Cory mansion looking for Lila. Matt answers the door and informs her that Lila was with Cass. Anne just says that she needs to drop of a wedding announcement Cass made so that she can look it over and give it to the Herald. Matt isn't thrilled by this and Anne informs him that he could contest to the divorce.

At Cass' house, Cass was observing Lila sleeping and went to wake her up, however as he was trying to awaken her she says Matt's name. He was not thrilled by this and wakes her up again...this time, she jumps up and rushes to get her stuff together so she can go see Jasmine. She told Cass he should've waken her because Rachel was just going to have a field day that she was not at home. Lila then notices that Cass brought out breakfast for her and she thinks it was the sweetest thing ever. She then notices a little box that holds an engagement ring. She asks him what it was and he grabs it and says nothing. She told him that it was definitely not nothing and he replies that it was not the right time because she just called out Matt's name. After some persuasion and charm, Lila gets Cass to propose to her, and of course she accepts.

At the Herald, K.C. asks Chris a "hypothetical" question about how if she had a lead what should she do? He told her that if she has concrete evidence then she should go for it, a reporter always gets every angle of the story. Toni walks in and Chris, K.C. and her leave for the press conference. K.C. asks Chris one more time about her question and he says to just follow her instincts.

At the Cory's, Felicia shows up and her and Rachel catch-up. Felicia asks if Matt was around because she was wondering if maybe Cory Music could help with Sergei's CD. Rachel told Felicia Matt isn't home but she will definitely tell him about it. Felicia says that Sergei was playing at the Lucky Lady later on that day so it would be great if he would stop by. Rachel was shocked to learn that he was playing in his condition but Felicia says that he lives for his music and he would die without it. Rachel questions Felicia's involvement and Felicia shocks Rachel even more by telling her that they got married. Rachel was not pleased by this but Felicia explains what happened with immigration and that he would die if he got sent back and Rachel says she understands.

In the park, Matt was with Jasmine and he sees Josie. She comes over to talk and holds Jasmine...which makes her a little teary eyed. Matt asks if she was ok and she says she was fine, holding Jasmine actually helped. She also talks about Gary leaving and Matt says he can kind of relate, with Jasmine and Lila leaving the house. Josie told Matt that if he really loves Lila then he needs to fight to keep her. He comments that she was the second person to say that and she urges him to take her advice.

Also in the park, Alli and Sean are rollerblading in the park when they stop to fix Alli's skate. Sean asks her why she was really showing him Bay City and she jokes and replies she was madly in love with him. He says that relationships are not all they are cracked up to be and she wonders what happened at home. She asks him to go to the Lucky Lady with her because she wants to see Sergei and if he was with her then she could make him jealous...he agrees.

At the Harbor Club, the press conference was getting started. Cass was telling everyone that Paulina didn't do it and that Joe was also reinstated as police captain. When he was aksed what he will do next, Cass informs everyone that he was engaged and he brought Lila up with him. K.C. then drops the bombshell and asks what it feels like to both Lila and Cass that he was working with someone who looks exactly like his dead wife and how it was effecting their relationship. They tell her they don't know what she was talking about and she points out Anne to everyone. Cass and Donna quickly get Anne to Donna's office and K.C. gets yelled at by everyone, Chris, Toni, and Lila. Lila threatens to sue her if she doesn't tell her where she got that information but K.C. won't repeat it. Cass takes Lila away and Chris continues to yell at K.C. When Toni asks if they are printing the news, Chris says probably since everyone else is. Everyone leaves and Lila and Anne have a confrontation. Cass returned to witness this and Anne leaves and Cass kind of sides with her. Lila shoots back saying that he had better choose who he's committed to, her or Anne and gives him back his ring.

At the Lucky Lady, Alli went to talk to Sergei and he told her that he was married, which bursts her bubble. She went back and sits down and informs Sean he's married. Sergei starts his music and Matt was in awe. Toni and K.C. come in fighting and Etta Mae asks what was going on, when they are done explaining Etta Mae comments on the courage it must've taken and Toni feels that she was taking K.C.'s side. Just then Sergei collapses.

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Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Vicky woke Jake up so they can try to conceive a baby. They were interrupted with loud music. Sean had accidentally forgot to plug in the head phones. Donna, Marley, Tyrone, and Kirkland came running in. Donna shouted that Jake and Vicky should stay upstairs uninterrupted. Just as Sean turned the music off, Donna yelled "This is the middle of her cycle." Jake and Vicky stood there on the stairs with everybody watching them. Jake was upset that there was so much commotion at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Donna explained that she and Marley were going to make breakfast and Tyrone showed up to talk to Marley. Jake made it abundantly clear that there was too many people in that house. Marley offered to move out. Tyrone thought it was a good idea. He warned Marley someone from social services was coming by to check out Marley's living arrangement. Donna suggested Sean move out. Jake and Vicky axed that idea. Vicky demanded for everyone to stay put that she and Jake were fine with it. Jake reluctantly agreed.

Cindy tried to sell a statue to a fence claiming it was left to her by Grant. Toni called Vicky's house and spoke to Donna. She told her about Cindy trying to sell a statue belonging to Kirkland. Donna told Vicky and Jake.

Tyrone told Marley that Willow Dale was saner than Jake and Vicky's house. Marley said that she enjoyed all that commotion. She grew up in a house where nothing could be out of place. This was a refreshing change. Marley wants a house with lots of kids. Tyrone told Marley that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her in a house with lots of kids. Marley said she has trouble believing in dreams coming true.

When Remy awoke, she discovered Paulina holding both lockets. Paulina told her that she was in fact her mother. Remy began to cry. Paulina cried too, of course. Paulina apologized for hurting her. She told Remy she understood if Remy never wants to see her again. Paulina told Remy that Tito cut the brake lines in Nick's car. If Paulina hadn't told Remy to go with Nick, she wouldn't be in the hospital. Remy didn't blame Paulina for the accident. Remy then figured out that Tito knew the whole time that Paulina was Remy's mother. Remy questioned the DNA test, and Paulina told Remy that Tito took a lock of Remy's hair. Paulina admitted to Remy that she saw Tito kill Grant and that she sold Remy when she was a baby. Remy forgave Paulina. She knew Paulina was young when she did this. Remy was thankful to Paulina for giving her a job which gave her a life. She thanked Paulina for believing in her. Cindy tried to get her nursing job at the hospital back. Her former supervisor told Cindy that she wouldn't hire Cindy again because Cindy was emotionally unstable and in and out of jail all the time. She then told Cindy there was an opening in the hospital cafeteria. Cindy peaked in the hospital room and noticed Paulina at Remy's bedside. Joe came up from behind and asked what she was doing. Cindy told Joe to tell Paulina that she was very happy for her now that she has found her daughter. Cindy began to cry and told Joe to be thankful that he has a family. Cindy then got a phone call and took off.

Joe and Nick went in to see Remy. Joe asked Paulina to go down to the police station. She needs to sign some papers before they take Tito away. Remy asked Nick to help her see Tito before he leaves. Nick told Remy that he loves her. Remy said she knows because she can tell by the way he looks at her. Remy said she feels safe with him. Nick asked why she needs to see Tito. Remy wanted to see his face and say good bye.

Cindy went to meet this mystery person who called her on the phone. To her surprise, it was Jake and Vicky. Cindy carried on how badly her day has been and everybody who knows her was trying to make her life miserable. Jake and Vicky had no sympathy for her. Vicky was thinking of pressing charges against Cindy since she stole a piece of property that came out of Kirkland's apartment. Cindy knew that Toni told them about Cindy trying to sell the statue. Jake and Vicky told Cindy that they have a proposition for her. Vicky, Jake, and Cindy went to Grant's apartment. Vicky asked Cindy to sign a document stating she will not testify against Marley. Kirkland gets everything of Grant's and Cindy can have the apartment. After Cindy reluctantly signed the document, Vicky made a phone call to Marley. Marley was thrilled to hear that Cindy will be out of her life. She and Tyrone kissed. Jake and Vicky then went to a hotel room.

At the police station, Paulina saw Tito. Tito admitted to Paulina that he played with her mind and her heart. Paulina said that just because he grew up without love doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it now. She proceeded to say that she hates what he did but she doesn't hate him. She was glad that he will be behind bars, but she hates the man that he turned into and the man that he will become in prison.

Nick came in and told them that Remy wants to see Tito. The police took Tito to the hospital to see Remy. Remy expressed her anger towards Tito and what he did to Paulina, Joe, Dante, Nick, and her. Tito said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Remy told Tito that he was so lost. After the police took Tito away. Remy asked Nick to ask her mother to come in her room. Remy took a breath, and with a big smile she repeated "my mother." Paulina went to see her daughter after watching Tito being taken away. Remy confessed that she will never be able to hate Tito. She asked her mother if that was crazy. Paulina responded "sounds like someone else we know." Remy said "Like mother like daughter. The two hugged.

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Thursday, June 10, 1999


Cameron waits at the Harbor Club to meet Amanda for brunch. Before she arrives, he mentally rehearses asking her what's in her heart. Both Amanda and Cameron are anxious as they talk to each other. Amanda fantasizes about Cameron sweeping her off her feet, but back in reality, she talks of her insecurities regarding the choices she makes. Cameron says he won't push her then. She looks disappointed.

Cindy surprises David with a room service breakfast delivered by her. She also offers herself to be of service to him in any way he wants. Cindy seductively tries to serve breakfast to David, who plays along for a while, but soon asks her why she's really there. She doesn't give him an answer, so he told her he knows she's just there for his money. He told her to get a job and stop feeling sorry for herself. He told her that a few months ago, the Feds had frozen all his assets and he faced federal charges. But then... "a miracle happened." He says he was willing to help her out, but there must be no more games. He wants the "real" Cindy. She agrees to his terms.

Lila was pretty ticked off that the story about Anne made the front page of the paper. She's sure Anne planned the whole thing. Meanwhile, Cass warns Charlie about the story and how people might react, but Charlie thinks it shouldn't be such a big deal. Her only worry was that Anne may decide to leave town because of it. She's about to leave, and meets Anne at the door. She's glad Anne didn't leave town. After Charlie goes, Anne and Cass apologize to each other over the article. They each agree that they can handle the public curiosity. Lila, on the other hand, may have a more difficult time accepting it. Anne notices that Cass has his engagement ring, and knows Lila was quite upset. She plays innocent, claiming she had no idea what KC would say. Cass suggests that it might be better, especially for Charlie, if Anne does leave town, and Anne agrees to do so.

Lila told Matt that Anne has some sort of plot to break up her and Cass, and that she's just using her looks to play Cass, but Matt says Cass knows what he's doing. A courier drops off a letter from David with Matt. Cass arrives at the Cory's, and he and Matt get in their digs at each other.

Cass says he won't be able to do it anymore once Lila moves in with him, but she asks him who said she'd be going anywhere with him, which makes Matt smirk. Matt leaves them to talk. Lila told Cass he has to pick between her and Anne, but Cass says Anne was already going. Cass puts her ring back on, and they kiss and make up. In Cass's office, Anne looks at a picture of Frankie, and says to her that she's trying to help them, but they won't let her. She gets a call and was told that Charlie has been taken to the hospital. She calls Cass's cell phone, but Lila answers and told Anne to stay away from Cass. Then she hangs up and shuts off the phone.

Amanda asks how Cameron feels. He says he feels like he's been kicked in the stomach. She says it feels like they're getting more and more distant, and it feels like she's losing her best friend. Matt interrupts to deliver David's papers. Amanda says he wants her to buy out his shares, which she says she can't afford to do. Cameron says he'll take care of David. Then David walks in with Cindy. Cameron starts to approach him, but Amanda stops him. They agree they have to keep their wits about them to fight David.

Donna and Cindy exchange nasty words. David suggests that Cindy change the way she talks to people. He asks what she'd do if she had all the money she wanted, and she says she'd like to have a normal, decent life. He says she'd get bored; she denies it, so they make a wager. Amanda watches David for a while, then decides to confront him after all. She told him if he pulls his money out of Brava, he'll be sinking the only solid thing in her life. He says he doesn't care. David told Amanda he's just respecting her wish to be rid of him, but where he goes, his money goes, too. If she wants to keep his money, she has to keep him as a "hands-on" partner. She agrees to his terms... she'll work with him again. Cameron thinks she made the wrong choice. She says she hates the thought of working with David again, but if she can deal with it, Cameron will have to deal with it, too.

Cass and Lila discuss wedding plans. Eventually, Cass picks up his phone, and comments that he never turns it off. Lila says she did it to get a little uninterrupted time with him. He checks his messages. There's one from Anne telling him that Charlie was in the hospital. Cass and Lila rush to see Charlie. Anne has stayed with her in the meantime. It turns out Charlie got in a fight over the newspaper article. Cass and Anne step into the hallway. Cass says Anne shouldn't be there acting like Charlie's mother. Anne explains how she tried but was unable to reach Cass, and thought Charlie would need someone there until Cass showed up. Cass turns on Lila for turning off his phone. David and Cindy get back to their wager. He offers her a million dollars to be herself... no tricks, no games, nothing fake. She jumps at the opportunity. He says it's not about money, it's about being real. He says she's getting something that very few people get... a second chance. Amanda and Cameron end their brunch and say goodbye. They're acting pretty cold to each other.

Cass lets Lila have it. She apologizes; she says she just thought Anne was trying to come between them. Cass reminds her that she wouldn't have to worry if she'd moved in with him weeks ago. Instead, she chooses to stay with Matt. He told her she'd better decide who she wants more... him or Matt.

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Friday, June 11, 1999

Felicia and Etta Mae are at the hospital with Sergei. Felicia told Etta Mae that the doctor was waiting on the blood tests, and says that she was right about not pushing him. Felicia thinks that this was her fault. Etta Mae told Felicia to stop it, she gave Sergei a memory that he can keep with him forever. Sergei finally wakes up and Etta Mae went to get the nurse. Sergei told Felicia that he has to tell her something very important. The nurse shows up before Sergei can say something, and Etta Mae told Sergei not to talk like he was dying. Etta Mae then decides to leave Felicia and Sergei alone. Sergei then told her what he wanted to do before, but was very afraid he will destroy the gift she has given him. Felicia told him that he brought her passion and joy, and she can forgive him for anything and knows his secret. Sergei asks how? Felicia says she knows everyone's secret, it's nothing she hasn't heard before. Sergei says it is different. Suddenly, the doctor shows up at told Felicia and Sergei that there was a misfiling at the lab, he was mis-diagnosed and will recover. The doctor says he has mono, the symptoms are very similar. Sergei and Felicia are overjoyed. The doctor says that Sergei will still be weak, so he wants to keep him here for a little while. The doctor also told Felicia that the hospital won't be billing her for Sergei's visit. After the doctor leaves, Felicia wonders what they will do about their marriage. She says that they'll have to stay married because of the INS, and Sergei told her not to worry right now. Felicia asks Sergei what he wanted to say, but he says it was nothing. Felicia leaves and decides to plan a coming home party.

Elsewhere, Cass told Lila that she has to choose between him and Matt. He went in to see Charlie and Lila says she knows what he has to do. Inside Charlie's room, Charlie told her dad that she wants to go home. Anne says she will go find the doctor, but she is confronted by Lila. Lila told Anne that she set her up to make her look bad, and she won't let her get away with it. Anne says that she made herself look bad all on her own, and maybe Cass was seeing her true side. Lila told Anne that she can see what she was doing, she is trying to imitate Frankie! Lila warns Anne to stay away from Cass and Charlie. Anne told her that she was paranoid, but Lila says the word was deceptive. Lila told Anne that Cass has chosen her (Lila) and asked her (Anne) to leave. Lila told Anne to respect Cass' wishes. Anne says this was an emergency, but Lila says she was trying to remind Cass and Charlie of hurtful memories. Anne says she was trying to make it up to them. Lila told her that if she really cares about Cass and Charlie than she should leave. Lila says she has to go do something she should have done a long time ago, butt says she will be back. After Lila leaves, Anne looks at a clipping of Frankie's death from the paper and says she can't back out, she's the only one who can be who they need her to be. Cass shows up and Anne tells Cass that Lila left and didn't say where she was going or when she will be back. Cass says that they can take Charlie home now.

Cass and Charlie return home and Cass orders out for them because there was nothing in the fridge. Anne shows up with food for them because Charlie told her that their housekeeper was out of town. Anne brought healthy food, the food which Frankie used to make. Cass decides to cook the food, and Charlie admits to Anne that she missed her mom today, and she knows that her dad misses her too. Charlie also says that sometimes she likes to pretend that she was her mom, even though she knows that she's not her mom. Anne then gives Charlie a surprise, wind chimes. Cass shows up and was horrified. Anne asks what she did wrong? Cass says nothing, but is haunted by images of Frankie. Charlie eventually went to bed and Anne decides to leave. When Anne calls Cass councilor, he becomes startled. He rushes over to the wind chimes and closes the window to stop the chimes. Anne suddenly gets a "premonition" and the chimes ring, even though the window was closed. Cass blows up and told her that she was acting more and more like Frankie and it has to stop! Anne says she had no idea and says she wouldn't hurt him, she was who she is. Cass says this was who Frankie is, was. He asks her to just go. Anne asks him if that was what he really wants? She told him that she knows he sees Frankie when he looks at her and it isn't wrong to miss her and wants her back. Cass grabs Anne and kisses her. However, he pulls away and apologizes. Anne says it was all right and she will go.

Lila went to the Cory mansion and packs her things. When Matt shows up, Lila told him that she's moving in with Cass tonight. Matt tries to change her mind, but Lila refuses to be swayed. When all else fails, Matt told Lila that he loves her. Lila was shocked. Matt asks her to stay with him, marry him, give them another chance. Lila told Matt that she loves him as a father and friend, but Matt says he knows there was more. Lila admits that he was attractive and felt something at the hotel, but she loves Cass. Lila wishes their was something she could do to make this easier, but she thinks her leaving was the only thing she can do.

Lila shows up at Cass place with a surprise, but Cass says that he has something to say to her. Cass says that he thinks she was right about keeping Anne around because he was still not over Frankie completely. Cass told Lila that he loves her, but doesn't want to rush the wedding because he needs some time. Lila says she better go, and runs out of Cass' place, but not before returning his ring.

Lila returns to the Cory mansion and learns that Matt has packed up the car and was going to drive the stuff over. Matt asks if she is ready? Lila says no, and maybe not ever. He asks what was wrong, and Lila says the wedding has been postponed for awhile. Matt offers to help her unpack, but Lila says she wants to stay at her place. She then breaks down in his arms. Back at Cass' office, Anne says she will be there for Cass because she was the reason she was gone.

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