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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 7, 1999 on PC
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Monday, June 7, 1999

At General Hospital
Lucy is at the hospital recruiting for the Nurse's Ball. Monica and Emily approach Lucy. Emily is working on a special project for school. She is making a video showing how HIV and AIDS affect the doctors who work with the patients. Emily asks Lucy if she would consent to be interviewed for her video. Lucy agrees on the condition that Emily shows her completed video at the Nurse's ball.

In the pediatric ward, Lucy comforts a child into falling asleep. Later, Lucy speaks to Monica about the little girl. The little girl had a heart condition and Monica performed surgery last week. Monica believes that the little girl will survive. In that conversation, Lucy finds out that the little girl is adopted. This gets Lucy into thinking about adoption as an option for her and Scott.

At Port Charles Jail
Lucy visits Scotty. She told him about the little girl. She reveals her desires to have another child. Scotty is all for expanding their little family. Lucy speaks of her concerns of being unable to have another child. Scotty reassures her that there are other ways to get pregnant. Lucy steers the conversation around adoption. Scotty was quick to address the fact that the two of them do not have the perfect family history that is needed for adoption; after all, he is now sitting in jail. Lucy understands but she thinks that they at least should give it a try. Scotty agrees to do anything that Lucy wants.

At the Fairy Land amusement Park
After almost being arrested for trespassing, Chris finally gets back to Julie who is in extreme pain. Chris has a hard time hearing the baby's heart beat. He concludes that the baby is in duress. He tries to convince Julie that they need to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, she refuses. She realizes that her baby will be taken away from her. Chris has no other choice but to deliver the baby.

When the baby starts to arrive, Chris realizes that the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. He carefully removes the cord and Julie has a beautiful baby girl.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

Chris gives Julie the baby to hold and is surprised but pleased when she names the little girl Christina after him. Courtney and Frank argue about their conflicting stories while trying to figure out how to convince Kevin and Eve that they aren't partners. Outside the front door of the house Kevin and Eve pause to calm themselves and jokingly agree to use violence only as a last resort. (Darn!) Courtney answers their knock and Kevin told Frank that they were in the neighborhood so he thought he'd stop by for a brewsky with his new stepbrother. Julie praises Chris for delivering and saving Christina then jokes about him becoming a nice guy. She reacts badly however to his mention of the foster mother he has arranged and informs him that she won't be turning herself in or giving up her baby. Frank attempts to leave, but Kevin and Eve confront him about his blackmail of Eve. Courtney claims not to be part of Frank's plan and also tries to leave, but Eve grabs her arm and stops her. Confronted with their lies, both attempt to talk their way out of it but Kevin angrily shouts at them not to insult he and Eve. Chris continues to try to persuade Julie to turn herself in without success. Courtney attempts to convince Eve that Chris told her out of jealousy over her relationship with Kevin while Frank jumps in to say that Chris ruined his life. When he comments that his tactics might have been wrong Kevin grabs him by the front of his shirt and pushes him backwards, ordering him to leave Eve alone. After they leave, a shaken Courtney and Frank bicker about whether Kevin will follow through with his threats and whose fault everything is resulting in Frank threatening to leave town. Eve and Kevin worry about Chris's disappearance and its connection to Julie's. She thanks him for riding to her rescue again and standing by her. They agree to disagree about Chris's interest in her, but wonder about Courtney's involvement in Frank's vendetta. Unable to convince Julie, Chris agrees to drive her to Canada. Once outside, he calls 911 and gives the operator Julie's location.

Wednesday, June 9, 1999

While at the bar, Frank is working at cleaning up the place. Karen steps in and has a conversation with Frank. She explains how she is feeling low lately since she has been working two shifts and Joe won't talk to her at all. Frank offers her a night of fun and leaves the bar with Karen. They go to the Port Charles Carnival. As they first walk in, Frank wins a big stuffed frog for winning a basketball game. Karen and Frank see a little girl and give the stuffed frog to the girl stating they already have four at home. The friends talk and Karen told Frank that it felt good to push Courtney into a pond. Karen drops her handful of stuff animals, popcorn and cotton candy and went down to get while Frank does the same, they almost kiss.

While at the "fairytale castle," Chris runs up and tells Julie the cops are on their way. Julie can't believe what she heard. Chris offers to take Kristina and Julie should turn herself in. Julie doesn't want to do this but Chris convinces her to. Chris went off with Kristina into his car and starts driving.

Meanwhile, Taggert and Mac come into the "Castle" and tell Julie to come with them. Julie acts mental and takes a pillow and pretends it is her baby so the police will think she REALLY didn't give birth. Julie happily went with the police to the police station. At the police station, Julie calls Chris' cell phone. She asks him if Kristina is okay. He says everything is fine. But however some woman is in Chris' back seat.

Lucy gets up and answers a phone call. She thinks it is Katherine Bell calling about The Nurse's ball. It however is Scott. They have their conversation about adopting the baby. Lucy hangs up and gets a knock at the door. No one is at the door but a dozen flowers are sitting on the floor. She thinks they are from Scott but DV steps in and says they are from him. He offers a truce. Lucy doesn't want a truce. DV offers for the charges against Scott dropped. Lucy went down to the station with DV to drop the charges.

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Thursday, June 10, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Stenger.

Hoping to discover a link between his parents and DV, Scott studies some old pictures of his mother when she was in Algeria. Lucy enters, and the two discuss DV. They theorize as to what he wants and why. Because DV has moved into the Port Charles Hotel, Scott asks Lucy to move back into the firehouse. Then, Gail brought Serena home. She is thrilled to see her father out of jail, and her enthusiasm only grows when Lucy told her that she's moving in. After the little girl leaves to call Neal, Lucy and Scott share their plans to adopt a child with Gail. Gail has some reservations, particularly because of Lucy and Scott's history of making rash decisions.

In time, though, she realizes the couple's level of commitment to each other and to their family, agrees with their choice, and expresses excitement at the prospect of becoming a grandmother again.

At the lighthouse, Kevin and Eve celebrate Julie's recapture. Eve is still concerned about Chris, however, and Kevin tries to assure her that Chris was unharmed. The two then begin to make out on the couch, but Victor interrupts them by returning from his honeymoon.

Eve leaves shortly thereafter and went to the hospital. Here, she sees Chris. When questioned by Garcia as to his whereabouts, Chris claims that he took a few days off to travel to Atlantic City. Garcia told Chris how worried Eve was, and Eve confirms it later. The two then discuss Frank and Courtney working together. Eve informs Chris that the two told her that he has feelings for her and that he told Courtney about the baby out of anger after Eve moved in with Kevin. Chris pales, but manages to pass the whole thing off as a joke. Luckily, Eve accepts this with no problem.

Later, the pair discuss how Julie claims she left Ferncliff to "give birth." Chris snickers at the idea, of course. Unfortunately, his cover is blown once Janell arrives. As Eve looks on in bewilderment and shock, the prostitute/foster mom demands Chris take "this kid" off of her hands.

Meanwhile, back at the lighthouse, Kevin and Victor have a touching conversation about their past. Kevin feels guilty that Victor lost so much time while in the mental institution. He sees it all as his fault, but Victor assures him that he does not blame Kevin. But, he is taken aback when Kevin told him that, for years, he told people his father was dead because he couldn't handle the mental illness. However, Victor believes that without his mental problems, he would have remained a self-absorbed workaholic who never cared about anyone else. Instead, he has found love again and built a stronger relationship with Kevin. Finally, the two call each other "father" and "son" for the first time.

Lucy and Scott go to the hotel to pack Lucy's things. Scott teases Lucy about her love of Shakespeare, while she teases him about his love of "The Godfather" trilogy. The spirit of revelry is broken, however, when DV comes to the door. He expresses his sadness that Lucy is leaving the hotel. DV then presents Lucy with a gift--a book of Shakespearean sonnets. Scott wants him to leave immediately, but Lucy, knowing that DV will tell Scott about their affair, allows him to enter the room and give her the present. Angry, Scott informs DV that he knows all about DV's affair with his mother so many years ago. Scott asks him if he is doing everything in an attempt to exact revenge because Scott's mother left DV. DV just smiles and does not answer.

Friday, June 11, 1999

A curious Eve looked on as Janell attempted to give baby Christina back to Chris. Janell warned Chris to find another surrogate mother for Christina, but Chris convinced her to be patient. Eve later confronted Chris and didn't buy his excuses when he attempted to explain. A confrontational Scott questioned DV about his lust for revenge and learned more about DV's past association with his parents. Kevin was skeptical when Victor attempted to explain the reasons why he created a second identity. Frank was alarmed when Janell came to him for help, but agreed to give her money to care for her "sister's" baby. Karen was shocked when she arrived at the Scanlon house and saw Janell with Frank.

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