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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on PC
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Monday, May 31, 1999

At the Port Charles Grill, Eve and Kevin are discussing DV. Eve is concerned about DV finding out the truth about her baby. She knows just how devious he is. After all he did wait for the most embarrassing moment to have Scotty arrested for stealing his plane. DV enters the bar as the two discuss him. Kevin chases him away. Eve decides that she needs to go splash water in her face. Before she can exit the lounge she bumps into her guardian angel. The entire room becomes empty except for her angel and herself. Eve asked if she died. The guardian angel assures her that she is very much alive and that he is here to help her fix this situation with DV. He starts by telling her that all of the answers can be found in fairy tales. He then describes three different fairy tales that symbolize important decisions that Eve has to make.

The first fairy tale is a portrayal of Humpty Dumpty. Eve is a huge egg sitting on top of a brick wall. She is admiring the beautiful sky when an evil cloud being portrayed by DV knocks her off the wall. Her rescuers are Scott, Kevin, and Chris. Try as they might, they were unable to put her back together again. She believes all is hopeless. Until Kevin reminds her that he said that they could not put her back, not that she could not put herself back together. A very happy Eve takes the glue and makes herself whole again. The moral being that only Eve can fix the emotional problems that she has inside.

The second fairy tale is a portrayal of The Emperor's New Clothes. Eve is a peasant woman who bumps into Kevin. Kevin is a cloth maker who has dreams of selling his beautiful cloth to he emperor. When the king, being portrayed by DV looks at Kevin's cloth he throws it to the ground, stomps on it, and finds it unworthy of his opinion. Kevin is devastated and stomps away. Eve seeing a chance to right a wrong asks the king if he likes her fabric. Eve holds out an imaginary piece of cloth. She told the King that only the most brave, honorable, intelligent and worthy of people can see the beautiful fabric. You see it has magical powers and any one who is not worthy can not see it. The king who obvious could not see it did not want to admit that he could not see it pretended that it was the most exquisite cloth that he has ever seen. He leaves to try it on. He returned out in his underwear. Kevin re-enters the scene and questions the king about the imaginary cloth. DV explains that only the intelligent and worthy can see the cloth. Kevin then responds that all he sees is the King's underwear and if the cloth were indeed magical he would be invisible to those who were unworthy. The entire village realized what a fool the king was and began to laugh. The king left the village defeated. Kevin thanks Eve. He told her that he would not have had the courage to face off the king if it were not for her. Moral of the story, if they work as a team, they will have the power and strength to defeat DV.

The third story is a very different rendition of Rumplestiltskin. Eve is a poor maiden who is trying to spin straw into gold for her father. Her father told the king that his daughter had the ability to create gold out of straw. Not wanting to see her father be imprisoned for lying, she makes a deal with a magical elf portrayed by DV. He agrees to make gold for her one more time if she will give her first born to him. Eve agrees. The next morning the king (Kevin) himself arrives to collect his gold. He explains that he really did not come for the gold but for her. He has been collecting this gold just to be close to her. The two agree to be married. After their first born child arrives, DV Stiltskin arrives for the baby. Eve does not want to give up her child. He makes her a deal. He told her that he will give her 3 days to figure out his name. For 2 days, she tried every name she could think of with no success. On the third morning a servant played by Frank arrives at her door. He explains that he saw a very weird man in the woods gloating how he was going to get the queen's baby. Eve asked if he per chance heard the man's name. The servant responded that he heard the name Ribbledith several times.

When DV Stiltskin arrived to take the baby, Eve replied, " Not so fast, for I have one more chance. Your name is Ribbledith." Gloated Eve. DV Stiltskin laughed; he had successfully tricked her. He paid Frank to give her misinformation. That way she would stop searching for the truth. He then took her child and disappeared.

Eve did not like the ending to that fairy tale. Ernie, the guardian angel informed her that if she did not like that ending, she could rewrite the story herself. Moral: All is not hopeless, She has the power to change the future.

Eve awoke from her trance and found that she was still standing in the same place. Kevin was calling her. He asked her why she was still standing there when he thought she was going to splash water in her face. Eve told him that the strangest thing just happened to her but she did not know how to explain it. He asked her if she would rather just go home. She said yes with a big smile. Kevin commented that it has been awhile since he has seen a smile like that out of her. She responded that every thing is going to be just fine.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

At Chris', Julie informs "her fiancée" that he'll be helping her after all and orders him to get rid of Courtney. Down at the police station DV gleefully presses charges against Scott. In order to prevent Scott from breaking his probation by getting charged, Lucy agrees to press kidnapping charges against DV. Eve and Kevin discuss DV's many crimes. She convinces Kevin to go to Chris's with her to confront him. Chris finally convinces Courtney to leave after which Julie taunts him with the 10% of DL-56 and explains that she's his new roommate until she has the baby. Lucy agrees to wait around and give her statement, but DV threatens to tell Scott and the police about their "affair" if she presses charges. Julie ignores Chris's protests about her new living arrangements. Eve and Kevin arrive and confront him about telling Courtney about the baby. He truthfully answers that he never said anything to anyone about it and Eve believes him. On their way out, they warn him to lock the doors in case "Crazy Julie" decides to visit. "Crazy Julie" is amused by their warnings and asks Chris about Eve's baby. He orders her to forget about it and is surprised when she agrees. He stares at her, shaking his head as she talks to her baby about what a good mother she's going to be. Frank fills Courtney in on his plan to blackmail Eve into getting him his paramedic job back while blaming Chris for telling her secret. Lucy sits in the police station remembering her "romantic" moments with DV as well as her advice to Ellen not to tell Matt that she slept with Sebastian. Scott returns and Lee and Mac give him the bad news that his bail was denied by the judge who ruled on his obstruction of justice charge. Eve and Kevin try to figure out how Courtney found out and what she has to gain from telling people. Meanwhile she and Frank decide to set their plan into motion but are interrupted by Matt who breaks the news of Julie's escape to the now nervous duo. Chris is hiding the evidence of Julie's presence when Garcia arrives to see if he's heard from her. He says he hasn't and promises he'll call if he does, refusing Garcia's offer to come in and check around for him. After Garcia leaves Chris discovers that Julie has disappeared again and his wallet is open on the bed, presumably empty.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

Frank taunted Eve about her past and lied that he overheard Chris telling Courtney about the baby Eve once had. Frank then attempted to blackmail Eve into helping him get his old job back. Nervous that Scott would discover her secret, a conflicted Lucy decided not to press charges against DV. Lucy convinced Scott that there simply wasn't enough evidence to put DV away and was then forced to watch Scott get taken off to jail. Kevin began to become suspicious of DV and Lucy's relationship after he saw them during a heated moment. A terrified Courtney came face-to-face with Julie after she broke into the Scanlon house looking for her stolen money.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

A furious Eve confronted Chris about spilling her secret to Courtney, but Chris managed to convince Eve that he would never betray her. Chris and Eve realized that Frank and Courtney were working together and had set them up. The only thing was, neither Chris nor Eve could figure out why. Meanwhile, Julie tied up a frightened Courtney and then searched Frank's bedroom for her missing money. A manipulative Frank managed to drive Karen and Joe even further apart. Julie sent Frank on a wild goose chase after he unexpectedly arrived home. Chris was shocked when Julie showed up at his apartment in labor.

Friday, June 4, 1999

A clever Kevin and Eve tripped up Frank and Courtney about their ploy to get Eve to believe that Chris betrayed her confidence. After Frank and Courtney compared their stories, they realized that they had been had. Meanwhile, Chris was forced to help Julie deliver her baby in an abandoned amusement park when she was unable to make it to his friend's cabin. After he left for medical supplies, a nervous Chris ran into a police officer while Julie was alone and in desperate need of medical attention.

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