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Dixie and Tad encountered some bad luck during their honeymoon. Hayley told Mateo that, for Max's sake, they needed to postpone their plans to have a baby. Adam gave Gillian two hundred thousand dollars in exchange for information about David. Leslie Coulson delivered David's letter to Liza.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, May 31, 1999

Since no one had seen hide nor hair of David since he'd dropped by Erica's house a few days prior, Adam accused Erica had having done something to the not-so-good doctor. Erica vehemently denied the assertion that she'd killed David. If she had, Erica said that she would have taken out a full-page ad in The Bulletin to announce what she'd done. Adam explained that he was frantic because David had left strict orders for his attorney to deliver several letters describing the events that transpired in the fertility clinic if he should turn up missing. "Well, he's turned up missing," Adam growled. Erica softly confessed that she'd clobbered David over the head and then held him hostage in her basement. "This is no time for jokes," snapped Adam. Erica bowed her head and told Adam that she was telling him the truth. Erica became defensive when Adam tried to pressure her into revealing why she'd felt the need to hold David prisoner---and then let him go. The business wizard begged Erica to deliver some dirt on David so that he could run the cardiologist out of town for good. Erica grew more and more withdrawn, saying that David had had a horrible childhood. Adam snidely remarked that David might have been potty-trained too early. He was shocked when he realized that Erica had turned soft to David. He wondered what he'd told her. Erica refused to betray David's confidence, instead vaguely referencing the claim that Vanessa was responsible for Charles Hayward's suicide.

Adam met later with the private investigator Barry had hired. The PI's incompetence frustrated Adam. He was irritated that the man had only managed to learn that whatever Jake knew about David somehow involved Ryan Lavery. The second thing that bothered him was the fact that the private investigator had been "caught" by Jake after pretending to have a stomachache. He fired the private investigator on the spot and determined that he could unravel the riddle himself.

In their condominium, Mateo wondered if Hayley's tears were tears of joy or tears of sadness. Mateo vowed that he would never, ever lose Hayley. The pair began kissing and things turned very passionate. Mateo sexily cooed that he wanted to "make a baby" with Hayley. She abruptly pulled away and told Mateo that Dr. Erle had advised her to put their plans for starting a family on hold. Mateo suggested that they get a second opinion from another doctor, but Hayley knew that any reputable doctor would offer them the same advice. The two laid on the floor in each other's arms and again Mateo felt in the mood for some romance. Hayley again pulled away. She hurriedly put on her clothing and told Mateo that she needed to attend one of her Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Mateo sighed heavily as Hayley ran out the front door.

At the hospital, Jake was able to figure out that the eavesdropper was probably a private investigator. As to who hired him, Jake narrowed the list down to two people: David and Adam. Adam was the more likely candidate as far as Jake was concerned. Jake told Gillian that he thought that Adam might have hired the man to dig up dirt to show that he would not be a good father to Colby. Gillian was a bit more optimistic. She wondered if it was possible that Colby had softened Adam's tough exterior and that he simply wanted to bury the hatchet. "Yeah, right between my shoulders," Jake mumbled. Myrtle was going to be attending her regular poker game that night, so Gillian was on her own for dinner. Jake asked her to join him for a picnic at the boathouse rather than eating some leftover meatloaf. She accepted happily and the two agreed to meet up later that night. After Gillian left, Leslie Coulson strolled into the emergency room and asked Jake if he'd seen David. Jake tapped into the computer and learned that David had not been at the hospital in at least two days. He knew that this was odd, but he joked that not seeing David was sort of a mixed blessing. Leslie reflected on the conversation she had had with David on the day that he asked her to file two letters. She remembered that she worried that David was in some type of trouble. After all, the letters were supposed to be delivered if he should suddenly end up missing.

Ryan dropped by Chandler Mansion to give Liza a present for baby Colby, a glass snow globe that played a lullaby. While he was there he asked Marian if she could help him find a very reasonably priced apartment. Marian commented that she usually did not deal in lower priced property, but she headed off to make a few phone calls. While Marian was gone, Liza asked Ryan if the apartment search meant that he and Gillian were really thorough. Ryan said that their relationship had had no future even from day one. He gently lectured Liza, reminding her that she'd threatened to send him to jail if he did not marry Gillian. Liza defended herself, saying that Scott would have married Gillian in his place---something that she could not let take place. Liza worried that Ryan might hold the forced wedding against her. But Ryan assured her that if he "had to do it all over again, [he] wouldn't change a thing." Liza cocked her head to the side and asked, "Not even the ending?" Ryan shook his head. A happy ending, he said, was not in the cards for him. Liza came up with a suitable idea for new living quarters: her loft. The loft came fully furnished and she said that Ryan would only have to pay the utilities and maintenance fees. Ryan thanled her for her extremely generous offer and headed on his way to check out his new digs. On his way out, he bumped into Adam. Adam pecked Liza on the cheek and told Ryan that he was just the man he was looking for.

Janet and Trevor refused to leave Erica's home even thought Vanessa ordered them out of the house. Trevor noted that he was Erica's attorney and had every right to be there. Janet defended herself at one of Erica's true friends and also refused to budge. To make things even more unbearable for Vanessa, Janet and Trevor shared a few kisses. Still, that didn't get rid of Vanessa. Erica returned home and was upset to see that Janet and Trevor were still there. She demanded that the couple leave immediately. They agreed, but told Erica that she knew where to reach them if and when she needed them. Erica cast a longing look towards the door as they left. Vanessa thanked Erica for getting rid of the pair, but Erica wasn't done getting rid of visitors. Erica turned angrily towards Vanessa and ordered her to pack her bags and vacate the premises by the morning. Vanessa was absolutely devastated. Her hands and mouth twitched violently and she was unable to voice a response. She walked slowly towards the steps, stopping once to look back at Erica. Then the houseguest headed up to her room, her hands clenched into fists. The phone rang and Erica slowly walked to pick up the receiver. There was no response on the other end. "David?" Erica whispered softly. "David?" She repeated his name several more times before the phone went dead.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

One of the trips out of their love nest took Tad and Dixie to Central Park for a little inline skating. Dixie was awed by Tad's agility and limberness. He'd apparently pulled off a masterful feat by dodging and errant Pekinese. While Dixie was boasting of her husband, "the human pretzel," Tad was trying to hide the fact that he was in terrible agony. He forced a smile, but through gritted teeth he cried in pain with each step that he took. Dixie, however, had no idea that he was in such pain. She disrobed and headed to the shower. She poked her head out of the bathroom and asked Tad if he wanted "to go for the gold medal in another sport." Tad had just sat down, but he didn't want to let Dixie down so he struggled to the bathroom. After their romantic encounter in the shower, Dixie was ready for more. Tad didn't want to let her down, so he pushed himself to the brink. Dixie praised Tad's performance, saying that his "slow, gentle, and caring" style was something she enjoyed very much. Little did she know that this wasn't part of Tad's usual repertoire. She snuggled up to Tad, but when she hugged him Tad cried out in pain. It was only then that Dixie knew that her husband ached. She was impressed that Tad had gone to such great lengths for her. Tad confessed that he thought that admitting his pain would ruin their honeymoon. Dixie took off Tad's shirt and gave him a much-needed back rub.

On the sun porch at Pine Valley Hospital, Hayley's Alcoholic Anonymous meeting got underway. The woman presiding over the meeting asked if the group if anyone was on the verge of taking a drink. Hayley's hand slowly rose into the air. Hayley walked to the front of the room and introduced herself. She explained that she hadn't gotten close to taking a drink, but had thought about it several times. She told the group that she was grateful for her relationship with Mateo, but admitted that there were some problems. The actual explanation of her problems took place off camera, but presumably she told them everything. "Today is my two-year anniversary," she said sobbing. "And I'm not even married." Looking back, Hayley felt badly for running out on the romantic evening that Mateo had planned. "A pint of vodka [and] everything would be okay," she said. "But there's no problem that drinking can't make worse." After the meeting, a familiar face approached Hayley to offer her some words of advice. "Axel," Hayley said softly. "I mean, Albert." The actor smiled and told Hayley that he decided to go by the name Axel because it "sorta fits." Axel admitted that he'd just recently celebrated his ten-year anniversary in AA. He urged Hayley to remain optimistic even if everything looked bleak. Axel knew this wasn't the easiest thing to do, but he told Hayley that it was the only way to keep moving forward. Axel said that optimism has kept him going through low points in his acting career. He said that he was confident that one day the "role of a lifetime" would be given to him and he'd be jumping over seats to accept an Academy Award. The advice was truly touching and came from a side of Axel that has never before been seen.

Liza wondered why Adam had been looking for Ryan. Actually, Ryan wondered that himself. Adam explained that he wanted to thank Ryan for having been there to help Hayley through a difficult time in her life. Cries echoed through the baby monitor and Liza hurried off to see if Colby was okay. Meanwhile, Adam cut to the chase and told Ryan why he wanted to talk to him. ""I need your help in ridding our town of David Hayward." Ryan confessed that the idea of David being "ridden out of town on a stake" didn't upset him, he didn't want to dump his personal problems with David on anyone else. Adam offered to tell Ryan why he hated David in return, but Ryan wouldn't open up. "After what he pulled on Gillian," snapped Ryan, "I wouldn't dirty my hands on that bastard." Ryan backed away and walked out the front door. Adam was left to mull over what David could possibly have done to Gillian. Liza returned carrying Colby. She and Adam sat down on the sofa and looked protectively over the now sleeping infant. Adam told Liza that he desperately wants to make her his wife. Liza smiled and told Adam that everything would be taken care of soon.

At SOS, Edmund, Scott, and Dimitri were engaged in a heated argument over the greatest military blunders in history. Edmund argued that Custer's defeat far surpassed Dimitri's offering of the Hungarian Army's defeat of Souliman the Magnificent. Mateo wandered over and offered that he'd created the biggest blunder in history. He told the men how he'd set up a near perfect anniversary celebration only to have Hayley burst out of the condo in tears. Dimitri tried to offer an explanation to help his friend. He said that as soon as men stop trying to figure out women, they'd all be much happier. He said that men are "doomed to live up to [women's] expectations." In this case, the expectations he spoke of not the lofty kind, but rather a euphemism for disappointment. Mateo excused himself briefly to greet a new arrival at the club. He smiled warmly and walked Vanessa to the bar where he gave her a double scotch on the house. Mateo returned to the table and received a bit of advice from Scott. Scott told of an Indian tribe in the West Indies where men and women are complete equals. The women garden and harvest all of the vegetables. The men's duty, he said, is to "give the women the meat." The men looked at one another and chuckled loudly. Over at the bar, Vanessa mumbled, "Idiot," under her breath. Marian and Stuart arrived with a club-warming present for Mateo. Dimitri said that the gift, a handmade piņata, would look great if it were hung over the bar. Mateo looked a little unsure about having the piņata in such a prominent place, but nevertheless he agreed. Vanessa wandered over to Stuart after mistakenly thinking that he was Adam. Vanessa seemed amused by the idea that Adam had a "simple" brother. Vanessa went off on a tangent and told Stuart that his piņata reminded her of how savage the Hispanic race could be. Not only was her remark off the mark, but she went on a several minute-long description of a bullfight. The gory description sent Stuart running away in tears. Marian returned and asked Vanessa where Stuart had gone. Vanessa told Marian that Stuart was "a stock short of a portfolio." She added that she was intrigued that the mighty Adam Chandler could have "that" for a brother. Marian might have really let Vanessa have it had Scott not stepped in to stop her from berating Vanessa. Marian was, however, able to silence Vanessa by saying that she was "quiet happy to have that for a husband." Scott had had many years to grow accustomed to the teasing he'd endured by class bullies. He urged Marian not to waste her time on someone like Vanessa. Hayley returned to the club and apologized to Mateo for having ruined the evening he'd planned. The couple shared a passionate kiss and headed home for some overdue romance.

Jake and Gillian headed to the boathouse for their picnic. There, Jake asked Gillian about her most exotic meal. Gillian smiled and fondly recalled that she'd once dined on peacock tongues with a sultan. The tongues weren't high on her menu of likes. Jake asked Gillian if she could explain the difference between leeks and capers. Gillian eloquently mentioned that capers were pickled flower buds that had been "sacrificed to the Gods of the dinner table." Jake praised Gillian's beautiful description. Gillian confessed that she often has a hard time expressing herself in English because she tries to translate from English to Hungarian or other foreign languages and then back to English. As she explained this, Jake suddenly leaned over and gave her a kiss. The kiss surprised Gillian. She asked Jake why he'd kissed her when he knows that she's still in love with Ryan. "Maybe to give you something else to think about," he smiled. Gillian smiled warmly as Jake packed up. He took her by the arm and the pair strolled off into the distance.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

The honeymoon was over for Tad and Dixie. Sure, they may have still been enjoying their getaway in New York, but things weren't quite as peaceful as they'd hoped. Tad awoke and found Dixie in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She returned to the bedroom as Tad was placing an order for room service. The very mention of the words sausage and eggs had Dixie clutching her stomach and racing back into the bathroom. A few minutes later, Dixie slowly dragged herself back to the bed and plopped down. Tad looked curiously at his wife and noted that she was "white as a sheet." Dixie looked up at Tad with sad eyes and said softly, "Honey, I think I've been poisoned." Room service arrived, but the thought of a big breakfast no longer appealed to either Tad or Dixie. "Take it back," Tad muttered the young man delivering the food. He asked for some bicarbonate of soda and Epsom salt instead of the food order. Tad perused the morning paper and learned that the mayor had been rushed to the hospital after eating at a Chinese restaurant. The mayor had gotten sick after chowing down on a pork dish, the same dish that Dixie had eaten the night before. According to the newspaper article, the Board of Health had subsequently shut down the restaurant. While the pair relaxed the phone suddenly rang. The caller, woman who called herself Becca, asked to speak to Dixie. Dixie took the call, which turned out to be a routine call from a friend back in Pigeon Hollow. Dixie had asked Becca, whose given name is Rebecca Tyree, to pack up some of her belongings and transport them to Pine Valley. Becca called to inform Dixie that she was on her way to Pennsylvania. After the call ended, Dixie said that Becca was one of her closest friend in Pigeon Hollow. She described the woman as "too old for Junior and too young" for Tad. Tad assured Dixie that she need not worry about his wandering eyes because he's quite satisfied with his new wife. He smiled and proclaimed that they were "Quasimodo and the Barf Princess."

Adam blasted Barry Shire for having hired such an incompetent private investigator to tail Jake Martin. Barry insisted that he'd done the best he could on short notice, but that didn't satisfy Adam. He was content to find the goods on David himself. Adam explained that he planned to get closer to Gillian, who apparently had been adversely effected by David in some way, by nuzzling up to his nephew, Scott. On cue, Scott arrived at the mansion. He knew that his Uncle Adam hadn't simply invited for a "catching up" session and asked that Adam save them both a lot of time by cutting to the chase. Adam smiled and told Scott that in addition to wanting to get reacquainted, he did have an ulterior motive. Adam claimed that he wanted to bring Scott aboard at Chandler Enterprises with the hope of infusing the company with new ideas and products. Scott gently turned down his uncle's lucrative offer, saying that he'd already accepted a job at WRCW. From there the conversation took an odd turn. Adam asked Scott if he thought that Gillian might be interested in working for him. Scott's neck snapped back and he asked Adam why he'd thought of Gillian, of all people, for the position. Adam explained that he wanted to repay Gillian for being a good friend to Hayley. He also praised Gillian's loyalty to her husband as a strong character trait. Besides, Gillian was a princess and deserved a certain level of financial security. Scott mentioned that Gillian had recently come into some money, but he refused to say how. Luckily for Adam, Marian returned to the room and blurted out that she'd given Gillian a pouch filled with one hundred thousand dollars in cash. Adam was stunned for two reasons; He wasn't sure how Gillian had come into so much money and he was shocked that Marian hadn't kept the money for herself. Marian blushed slightly when Adam asked her if Stuart had made her give up the money. Under his breath, Adam mumbled David's name. He suddenly realized that the "friend" Marian had said had given the money to Gillian must be David. Who else could it possible be? Adam "remembered" a business meeting and excused himself. Meanwhile, Marian took Scott to see Colby. After the visit was done, Marian mentioned that she was still fuming over the way Vanessa had spoken about Stuart. Scott told Marian that he knew how it felt to want to get back at someone who's been mean. He admitted that he'd been furious with his biological father for infecting his mother with AIDS and then deserting them. In a roundabout way, Scott sounded upset that he would never have the chance to tell his father exactly how he felt. Marian and Scott put their heads together and hoped that Vanessa was stricken by "an incurable skin disease." That, they chuckled, would teach her a lesson.

Adrian and Belinda dropped Peter (Petey) off at the art gallery where he was to receive a private art lesson from Stuart. The lesson, said Adrian, would give Opal some time to tend to getting the Glamorama ready for its grand re-opening. Stuart wondered where Opal was going to open the shop since the old site had been taken over by a fast food restaurant. Opal decided to turn Cortlandt Manor into a day spa and would run the business directly from her own home. Stuart recalled that Cindy, his late wife, had worked at the Glamorama. Adrian was puzzled by a reference Stuart made to Scott's father---he thought that Stuart was Scott's father. Stuart explained that he was Scott's dad in every way that mattered, but that he was not actually Scott's biological father. After the couple left, Stuart helped Peter draw a picture of a fish in the sky. Palmer dropped by unexpectedly to visit with Peter. He claimed that he had scheduled visitation with Opal, but that it had slipped Opal's mind because she was preoccupied with the Glamorama. Stuart wasn't about to fall for Palmer's tall tale. When he said that he was going to call Opal to verify the visitation arrangement, Palmer suddenly backed off. He gave his son a big hug and walked towards the door. Before leaving, though, he issued a startling warning to Stuart. "Don't push your luck," he snarled. "Two times is dangerous. Three times could be deadly."

A picnic at the boathouse allowed Belinda to forget about her current caseload---even if it was only for a few hours. Adrian received a letter from Alice, but waited to read the letter until he was alone with Belinda. In the letter, Alice said that she was glad that she's finally had the chance to meet Opal. She also mentioned that her new grandchild was doing wonderfully. Adrian stopped reading the note word for word, substituting "blah blah blah" for a large section of text. Knowing what her Aunt Grace would say, Belinda knew that Alice had told Adrian that she would like to see him settle down and start a family of his own. Adrian was surprised that Belinda wasn't pressuring him into more of a commitment. Belinda told Adrian that she would welcome a "change in the nature" of their relationship, but said that she's quite happy with the way things are right now.

Jake feverishly engaged in some sit-ups on the livingroom floor of the boarding house. Gillian, a scarf wrapped around her head and dark sunglasses shielding her eyes, quietly walked down the steps and walked towards the front door. Jake called out to her and asked her why she was trying to sneak out of the house. Gillian denied trying to leave, but admitted that she did feel somewhat awkward facing Jake after the kiss that they'd shared. Normally a kiss wouldn't confuse Gillian. "I've been kissed by men on every continent," Gillian boasted. "Except, of course, for Antarctica." Jake mentioned that he knew something was amiss because there was an elephant in the room. Gillian walked around the room looking for what she believed was an actual elephant. Jake tried to explain the metaphor, but it did no good. He said that he wanted to be able to "talk out in the open" about what had happened. Again his colorful language caused a bit of confusion was Gillian thought that he wanted to have their discussion outside. Gillian admitted that she did enjoy the kiss and was glad that they'd kissed---but she also reminded Jake that she was still in love with Ryan. Jake headed off to the kitchen to nab a few of Myrtle's muffins. While he was gone, Adam dropped by and presented Gillian with a surprising offer. He told Gillian that he wanted to help her regain the riches that she'd lost. All she'd have to do is to give him a little help. Jake returned to the room and angrily told Adam that Gillian doesn't need anything from him.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

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No longer a part of WRCW's advertising and sales department, Ryan found himself on the other end of the advertising deal. He'd dropped by the television station with the hopes of inking a deal to have ads for Sounds of Salsa appear on the station. His initial meeting with the new sales representative, Tracy Johnson, didn't go so well. He made an off-color implication that Tracy had been hired simply because she was a female. Tracy was noticeably offended and snapped that she was going to send all of the male clients a picture of herself in a bikini to help boost sales. The more Ryan tried to explain himself, the further his foot became lodged in his mouth. Fortunately for Ryan, Scott happened by the office and asked to speak to him in private. Tracy was more than happy to leave. After she left, Scott warned Ryan that Gillian had somehow found herself "in the line of fire" between David and Adam. Ryan wanted to walk out of the office to help Gillian, but he stopped at the threshold of the room. He turned and closed the door to the office behind him. Ryan told Scott that he "can't run every time [Gillian] needs help." It wasn't that Ryan wanted to see Gillian get hurt, but he knew that running to her aid would only complicate their relationship more.

Tad and Dixie returned home to Pine Valley and found the house in near-spotless condition. The sat down on the sofa and engaged in a little post-honeymoon kissing, but their romantic moment was thwarted by Junior and Jamie's appearance. The two boys were overjoyed to see that Tad and Dixie were home partly because they knew that they would once again be living together as brothers. Jamie mentioned that he'd already cleared out space in his drawers for Junior's belongings. Junior wondered if his things would be moved up from Pigeon Hollow soon. Dixie nodded her head and mentioned that Becca, Junior's former babysitter, was en route to Pine Valley even as they spoke. The boys ran off to play the latest video game and Tad and Dixie once again tried for a little romance. Again they were interrupted, but this was also a welcomed interruption. Liza brought Colby by on what she called their "first outing." Dixie and Tad took turns explaining what happened on their honeymoon. Well, at least the parts that were suitable to tell. Dixie mentioned that she was pretty sure that she'd suffered a case of food poisoning, but just to be on the safe side she didn't want to get too close to Colby. The outing had a purpose: Liza wanted to hand-deliver a wedding invitation to the newlyweds. Tad and Dixie exchanged concerned glances, but Tad assured Liza that he and Dixie would be there to support her. Liza thanked them for being able to put aside their differences with Adam. After Liza and Colby left, Dixie and Tad tried for the third time to enjoy a little wedded bliss---but this time they were interrupted when the boys returned to the room playing with mechanical airplanes.

In her office, Leslie placed yet another phone call to Pine Valley Hospital in an attempt to locate David. She was told that David had not reported to the hospital in several days. Under her breath, Leslie asked David where he'd gone.

Erica strolled into her parlor dismayed to see that Vanessa still hadn't left. Vanessa lamely explained that she'd acquired more belongings than she'd thought and needed to round up another bag in which to pack her things. Vanessa asked Erica if she'd heard from David recently. Erica shook her head. This period of silence worried Vanessa greatly. "You did let him go, right?" Vanessa asked. Erica shook her head and swore that David had "left on his own steam." Vanessa feared that David's disappearance was just the calm before the storm. She was certain that David was planning some way of enacting revenge on Erica. "Dire predictions are totally unnecessary," Erica sighed. Outside, a taxicab honked its horn. Erica raced to the door with a broad smile on her face; she could hardly wait to have her house back. Before she let Vanessa walk out the door, Erica handed her now former houseguest the rough draft of the book she'd been given. Erica looked sternly at Vanessa and told her that she did not want any books written about her. Vanessa smiled proudly and said that, "Everyone should know [Erica's] story." As has become customary, Vanessa's remarked hinted at a certain level of sincerity---but the true nature of the remark was anything but caring. Shortly after Vanessa left, Erica's phone rang. She picked up the phone, but there was no one on the other end. "David?" Erica asked quietly. There was no response. Again, the phone line clicked. On the other end, David looked coldly at the phone. He gently flexed his hand, showing some signs that it was still causing him pain. Back at her house, Erica dialed *69 to reconnect with the number that had last called her house. Unfortunately, the service was not available because the call had come in from a pay phone. Erica then called The Valley Inn and asked to be connected to David's room. She was informed that David was not-and had not been---in his room. Erica declined the offer to leave a message. She scurried across the room, grabbed her purse, and raced out the front door.

Scott took a walk past the boathouse. In the distance he heard a woman's voice singing the lyrics to Faith Hill's song "This Kiss." He followed the pleasant tune and carefully watched the young woman from a patch of shrubs. Slowly he approached the woman and knelt down beside her.

Adam insisted that his business was with Gillian, not Jake. Jake, however, told Adam that he already knew why he was there. He accused Adam of trying to dig up dirt that would prove that he was an "unfit father." Adam denied the charges, reminding Jake that he was the one who'd convinced Liza to agree to put Jake's name on Colby's birth certificate. Jake suggested that Adam had only done that to throw everyone off. As Adam insisted that he only wanted to speak to Gillian, Jake wondered if Adam was trying to stick it David again. Adam confessed that he wanted to find something that he could use to run David out of town. To that, Gillian remarked that she hated David because he'd ruined her life. Jake urged Gillian to let go of her anger before it consumed her. Jake told Adam that it was time for him to go. Adam bowed his head and apologized for having bothered them. Jake went upstairs and got dressed. When he returned downstairs, he told Gillian that he was glad that she'd agreed to forget about what David had done. Jake headed off for parts unknown. Shortly afterwards, Gillian grabbed her belongings and headed for the door. When she opened the front door, she found Adam standing outside. Adam told Gillian that he wanted a chance to talk to her without any outside interruptions. Gillian agreed and allowed Adam back into the house. Adam again praised Gillian's devotion to Ryan. He did, however, question why Gillian and Ryan were not still together. Before Gillian said a word, Adam dropped the bait, saying that he knew that David had something to do with it. Gillian nodded her head. She explained how she'd turned to David for attention and had had an affair with him. She also clued Adam in on how David had given her one hundred thousand dollars to flee the country with Ryan. This was what Adam had been searching for. Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out his checkbook. He made out a check for two hundred thousand dollars. He said that Hayley had turned to him while she was in jail and asked him to finance Ryan and Gillian's flight from the law. He said that he now felt guilty for having "blatantly refused" the request. All he wanted in return was the money that David had given Gillian. This, he said, would free Gillian from the guilt she was feeling. Gillian went upstairs and retrieved the pouch that contained the money. Gillian bashfully admitted that she'd spent some of the money. Adam chuckled and told her not to worry. Pouch in hand, Adam left the boarding house. "I've finally got you," Adam growled to himself.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion and put Colby down for a nap. The doorbell rang and Liza quickly raced to the front door. On the other side was Leslie Coulson. Leslie informed Liza that she was David's attorney and that she'd been asked to give Liza a letter on David's behalf. Liza rolled her eyes and told the lawyer that she was not at all interested in corresponding with David. Leslie urged Liza to accept the letter because she "might think differently" after reading its contents. Liza snatched the letter and big farewell to Leslie. Liza looked down at the letter and slowly began tearing it open.

Friday, June 4, 1999

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Leaving the protective covering of the shrubbery behind, Scott slowing walked towards the unknown woman's location. Carefully, Scott bent down next to her and after several seconds asked her if she needed help. The woman quickly put down her map and turned towards Scott. She pulled away, obviously frightened by the stranger that was literally just inches away. The first thing Scott did was turn the woman's map right-side up. She blushed slightly and commented that she was sure that she could find her way now. Scott wasn't convinced and asked the woman where she was going. From the expression on her face, it was clear that the woman still wasn't sure that she could trust Scott. She relented slightly and told the young man that he could direct her to the Town Square. Scott smiled slightly and explained that Pine Valley doesn't have a Town Square. The license plate on the truck the woman was driving was from West Virginia. Scott used that as an open to make small talk, stating that his father was from West Virginia. The woman continued to play her cat-and-mouse game, telling Scott that the truck was from West Virginia---but she never said if she was or not. Scott looked around and saw an assortment of country and rap CDs on the picnic table alongside of a Tupperware container containing fried chicken. The woman quickly grabbed her belongings and scampered away. Her truck tore out of the parking lot. Scott was left holding a container of fried chicken and a plastic pouch filled with an assortment of herbs.

Adam met with Barry Shire in Liza's WRCW office. When Adam flashed the pouch of money Gillian had given him, Barry incorrectly assumed that Adam was going to try to buy David off. Adam shook his head and informed Barry that the pouch contained money that David had given to Gillian to finance Ryan's escape from the police. Barry smiled happily. Adam was certain that Gillian would testify that David had given her the money, but he wasn't so sure about Ryan. To be on the safe side, Adam called in Alfred Vanderpoole, one of the vice presidents at Pine Valley Savings and Loan. Alfred had handled David's withdrawal and had logged each of the serial numbers on the bills that had been given to the doctor. If that wasn't enough to incriminate David, Barry said that he would have each of the bills dusted for David's fingerprints. They'd come this far and Barry didn't want to see David slip away because of some technicality.

Her coffers now two hundred thousand dollars richer, Gillian hit the phones to place orders for items she'd seen in catalogs. Scott dropped by while she was on the phone. He saw a notepad with confirmation numbers and asked Gillian how she was able to purchase so many things. As he asked the question, Scott wandered about the living room of the boarding house. His eyes found the check his uncle had made out to Gillian. Instantly, he worried that something was not right. Gillian assured Scott that she was not a "golden digger" looking for money. She told her friend the truth about hoe she'd obtained the money: Adam had given it to her in return for the money that David had given her. Scott closed his eyes and shook his head. He warned Gillian that Adam's "no strings attached" offering was something she should not have accepted. Scott has seen what his Uncle Adam is capable of and worried that he was up to his old tricks. Gillian angrily confronted the implication that she didn't know what she was doing. "I know money can't buy happiness," she snarled. Right now, though, spending money was the only way that Gillian had to help herself forget about the pain of losing Ryan. Scott apologized for seeming insensitive. He admitted that he had no idea how much Gillian cared about Ryan. Gillian then asked Scott if he thought that it would be wrong for her to see other people. Scott's advice, while less than prophetic, did help ease Gillian's mind. He told Gillian that if she was sure that her marriage to Ryan was really over, it would be okay for her to see other people. Gillian followed up by asking Scott if he wanted to join her for dinner. Scot may have assumed that Gillian was asking him out on a date, but that didn't appear to be the case. Nevertheless, Scott turned her down, saying that he was going to drive around town looking for a mysterious woman with an odd penchant for herbs.

Now that Dixie was firmly rooted back at Tad's house, it was time to clear out some of the garbage. "Treasures," Dixie corrected, offering the nicer term to some of the things that Tad had collected over the years. Out were the Hawaiian shirts and Mexican hats. In were the items that Becca was going to be bringing up from Pigeon Hollow. The belongings were not getting the heave-ho or an unceremonious departure via the garbage truck. Instead, they were going to be sold at a "tag sale," which can be surmised to be the old familiar garage sale. Jake popped in momentarily to see how things were going for the newlyweds. It was good that he dropped by because Dixie had a present for him to give to Colby. The gift was a beautiful white handmade dress made by Dixie's mother. Jake soured the moment slightly when he mentioned that his "worst fears are coming true." He told the pair about his belief that Adam is trying to prove that he's an unfit father. Dixie and Tad were concerned, but they didn't let it ruffle their feathers. They asked that Jake keep them informed if anything changes. Tad walked his brother to the door. There, he asked Jake if he believed that Adam was trying to dig up dirt on David again. Jake nodded his head. Dixie had meanwhile left the room. When Jake left, Tad felt he was duty-bound to help get everything ready for the big sale. He bent over to pick up a large box of "treasure," but his back muscles gave out on him. His body froze in position and he was unable to stand upright. The doorbell rang and when no one came to answer the door, Tad, still in his "figure seven" position, shuffled towards the door. The woman that Scott had bumped into by the rest stop stood on the doorstep. She bent down to look at Tad and asked him if Dixie Cooney lived there. Tad shook his head and said that there was no one there by that name. It was his attempt at a joke since Dixie now went by the last name of Martin. The woman didn't see it that way and started to walk away. She finally introduced herself as Becca Tyree, Dixie's friend from Pigeon Hollow. Tad turned and invited Becca inside. "Walk this way," he said still hunched over. "I don't think I can," Becca replied snidely. Dixie and the boys returned, and Junior immediately raced to give Becca a hug. Dixie scolded Tad for having tried to pick up a box. Becca jested that she was glad to hear that Tad wasn't permanently hunchbacked. Tad asked Jamie to get him a heating pad for his back, but Becca warned Tad that putting a heating pad on the injury would only make things worse. Tad didn't appreciate getting medical advice from someone nearly half his age. He again instructed his son to fetch the heating pad. Everyone but Tad headed to the truck to help port in some of the items Becca had brought with her. Becca and Tad had a few moments alone and she once again offered to help Tad alleviate his pain. Tad once again turned her down.

Liza again voiced her frustration over David's letter, but she decided to open it up and see what it was about. Before she could open the letter, the doorbell sounded. Liza placed the letter down on a stand in the foyer and answered the door. On the other side of the door, Erica waited patiently for the door to open. When it did, she greeted Liza with a solemn, "I need your help." Liza invited Erica inside, but the pair remained in the foyer. Erica thanked Liza for having "saved [her] from the press" on the night of her interview with Jerry Reeves. She was sure that she would have showed her scars to the media if Liza hadn't stepped in. "I'm glad I could help," Liza smiled. "Let's just say I think I owed you." Liza excused herself when she heard Colby start to cry. Liza returned a few moments later toting her baby. Colby won over Erica, who smiled happily when she first laid eyes on the infant. Liza invited Erica into the parlor and then asked Erica if she'd like to hold the baby. Erica gladly accepted and Colby seemed quite taken with Ms. Kane. The two women exchanged praise on how well the handled motherhood. Then it came time for Erica to discuss the reason she'd dropped by. Erica told Liza that she'd heard two different versions of how David's father's life had ended, one from Vanessa and another from David. Erica wanted Liza's advice on who she should believe. Liza mentioned that Leslie Coulson had dropped by to give her a letter from David. Erica's face fell. Before Erica had time to react, the doorbell sounded. Liza joked that she and Erica should have met at WRCW because there would have been less traffic. This time the visitor was Jake. Liza teased Jake about dropping by unannounced. Jake bowed his head and held out the package that Dixie had given him. Jake followed Liza into the parlor and exchanged a civil greeting with Erica. Jake held Colby, but after a few minutes he determined that she needed her diaper changed. Jake took Colby upstairs, which allowed the two women to continue their discussion. Liza told Erica that she owed David a lot for helping deliver Colby. Vanessa, on the other hand, definitely could not be trusted. Liza was sure that Vanessa had tipped off the media to Erica's location the night of her interview. As the discussion wound on, Adam returned home. Upon seeing Erica and Liza chatting cozily on the sofa, Adam became worried that Erica was telling Liza when she knew about the fertility clinic swap. Adam grew even more concerned when Jake filed down the stairs. While Liza and Jake discussed Colby, Erica quietly assured Erica that she had not "upset [Adam's] house of lies." Erica bid Liza farewell and Adam offered to walk her to the door. Erica said that there was no need because she knew the way out; She had, after all, once lived in the mansion. On her way to the door, Erica nabbed the letter Leslie had dropped off and slipped it into her purse. Just as Erica was about to open the front door, Liza called out to her. Erica slowly turned, thinking that Liza had noticed that she'd swiped the letter. That turned out not to be the case. Liza apologized to Erica for not having had a chance to finish their discussion. Erica told Liza that it did her a world of good just to have someone listen to what she had to say. Adam and Jake appeared in the foyer as Erica opened the front door to leave. When she did, Derek was on the other side just about to ring the doorbell. Derek greeted them all and asked Adam if he could speak to him. Adam shook his head and said that he was too busy to talk. Derek, however, said that he needed to talk to Adam. "I need to speak to you," said the detective, "about the murder of David Hayward."



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