Pop TV drops B&B

Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2018 2:02:56 PM

The Bold and the Beautiful is no longer available for viewing on Pop TV, meaning fans of the soap opera will have to rely on other sources for their daily dose of B&B drama.

Just like Forrester fashions are ripped from the store shelves, The Bold and the Beautiful has been ripped from the lineup of Pop TV. The network, formerly known as the TV Guide Network, has decided it will no longer air the CBS soap opera.

Fortunately, fans of The Young and the Restless who tune in to Genoa City happenings on Pop TV can continue to do so; the nation's number one soap opera will carry on airing as usual.

Pop TV began airing episodes of B&B back in 2013. The network has yet to release any details explaining why it chose to cut same-day airings of the popular soap opera from its lineup.

B&B can still be viewed daily on television on CBS, online at CBS.com, and on portable devices via the network's streaming service, CBS All Access. If you have a CBS All Access subscription, you can also view episodes of B&B on Amazon's Prime Video.

Of course, fans can also catch up on The Bold and the Beautiful with Soap Central's daily recaps. We've archived every one of our B&B recaps from 1997 through today. To access them, visit our B&B Daily Recaps Archive here.

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