B&B's Jacob Young incredibly disappointed over unexpected Rick and Maya breakup

Posted Monday, December 17, 2018 7:18:32 AM

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) voices his opinion on the shocking news that his popular pairing with Karla Mosley's Maya is over.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are shocked that the show's powers that be have decided to break up popular couple Rick and Maya. Though the characters' portrayers Jacob Young and Karla Mosely have both been off the canvas for some time -- Young to focus on other acting roles and his budding music career, and Mosley for maternity leave -- the storyline twist was one that nobody saw coming. Least of all, Young.

The Emmy-winning actor, who dropped down to recurring status at B&B earlier this year, took to social media to voice his opinion on the controversial storyline move.

"I for one am incredibly sad and disappointed. Rick and Maya have split. (Love that would never die)," he wrote. "I loved working with @karlamosley it has been the highlight of my 21 year career in daytime. TRUST ME when I say your opinion matters."

Following his post, comments from equally disheartened fans began pouring in.

"This is heartbreaking, Raya was the only example of what true love looks like on that soap!" wrote one fan, using Rick and Maya's popular smooshed name.

Wrote another: "This is so unfair. The fans have been sitting patiently waiting for the day we would see our loves back on our tv screen! Rick and Maya had the perfect chemistry to match the perfect love conquers all storyline. This is truly heartbreaking to so many fans."

Rick and Maya's romance earned both critical and fan acclaim, having told the socially relevant story of a legacy Forrester character falling in love with a transgender woman. The pair married in 2015 and share a daughter, Lizzy, who was born via surrogacy by Maya's sister, Nicole (Reign Edwards).

At this time, it's unclear how Rick and Maya's breakup will play out. Mosley returned from maternity leave in November and will be back on the canvas in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, Young teased to Soap Central that he's got "something possibly coming down the pipe" at B&B. Time will tell if the possible appearance is to bring an end to Rick and Maya's romance.

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