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Shauna Fulton
Actor History
April 4, 2019 to present


Worked at a small Las Vegas casino boutique

Has a background in marketing

Former showgirl


Formerly the Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly Reese Buckingham's apartment, Los Angeles, CA

Formerly a condo in Las Vegas, NV

Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Ridge Forrester [Married: 2020; declared invalid: 2020]


None known


Florence Fulton (daughter; with Storm Logan; 1990s)

Flings & Affairs

Stephen "Storm" Logan, Jr. (deceased)

William "Bill" Spencer, Jr.

Ridge Forrester (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Held a stun gun on Zoe Buckingham [2019]

Complicit in keeping secret the theft of Hope Logan's baby by Reese Buckingham [2019]

Kissed the married Ridge Forrester [2019, 2020]

Health and Vitals

Slapped by Brooke Logan [2019, 2020]

Brief Character History

Shauna Fulton is a Las Vegas native and single mother to her daughter, Florence Fulton. Shauna never told Flo who her father was, even when Flo turned up in Los Angeles and called with questions about her parentage. Flo soon came to L.A. herself and ran into old friend Quinn Fuller, whose son, Wyatt Fuller, was Flo's high school sweetheart. Shauna became nervous when Wyatt started helping Flo find her father, but Shauna's greatest fear was that Flo's father was Bill Spencer, with whom she'd had a quick fling in Vegas; as Bill was Wyatt's father, it would have made Flo and Wyatt brother and sister. However, Shauna breathed easy when an online DNA test revealed that Flo's father was Storm Logan, a visiting L.A. lawyer with whom Shauna had also shared a brief relationship. Shauna admitted she'd been embarrassed to tell Flo she'd gone all those years not knowing who fathered her child; Shauna was disheartened when she and Flo learned that Storm had died many years earlier.

Shauna wanted answers when she heard Flo's new family talking about the baby Flo had given up for adoption. Knowing Flo hadn't been pregnant, Shauna was surprised to hear Flo admit she had gotten mixed up in an illegal baby adoption orchestrated by a former lover, Reese Buckingham, and posed as the infant's birth mother. Moreover, the child in question had belonged to Flo's cousin, Hope Logan, who thought her baby was dead. Shauna exhorted Flo, who wanted to tell Hope the truth, to keep quiet, but when Shauna walked in to find Flo knocked unconscious after a struggle with Reese's daughter, Zoe Buckingham, Shauna pulled a stun gun on Zoe. The situation diffused, Shauna declared she, Zoe, and Flo would form a pact to bury the secret about Hope's baby being alive.

Shauna advised Flo to take advantage of her identity as a Logan and agreed to help Bill's ex-wife, Katie Logan, test Bill's newfound devotion to Katie by coming on to Bill. Shauna got Bill to kiss her, but was ultimately glad when Bill put a stop to things and vowed he was in love with Katie.

Shauna was said to have driven back to Las Vegas to retrieve the rest of her belongings, but she came back a month later with news that she was moving back to Vegas for good, feeling that it was too dangerous for her and Flo to keep discussing Hope's baby. Shauna soon paid a visit and learned that Hope's new husband, Thomas Forrester, had pried the secret out of Flo and was menacing her into keeping mum; Shauna suggested Flo maintain the status quo to keep Thomas calm. However, when the baby switch came out and Shauna's part in covering it up came to light, Shauna had to face the wrath of her daughter's new family and continually insisted that Flo didn't know Reese had stolen Hope's baby until Flo was too deeply involved.

Shauna got nowhere trying to get help for the incarcerated Flo, even facing a refusal from her dearest friend, Quinn. Shauna couldn't believe it when Flo received immunity and was released for helping the LAPD with a related case; when Shauna found out Flo's release had been authorized by Thomas' father, Ridge Forrester, Shauna thanked Ridge profusely. Shauna later went to a bar and found Ridge, who was drinking heavily after a fight with his wife, Brooke Logan, over Thomas' part in the baby switch. Shauna took Ridge to a room above the bar and put him to bed, sneaking in a kiss after he passed out. Shauna crushed hard on Ridge, but got slapped after Brooke found out about their night together.

When Katie needed a kidney transplant, Shauna supported Flo's idea to donate one of her own. Deciding Flo needed space to recover, Shauna took Quinn up on her offer to stay at the Forrester guest house, only to be awakened by Ridge sliding into bed after another argument with Brooke. Shauna and Ridge laughed over the situation and again slept next to each other non-sexually. Shauna divulged her canoodling with Ridge to Quinn and was surprised to learn that Quinn and Ridge had once flirted similarly. Shauna found an unexpected ally in Thomas and got his approval to pursue Ridge.

Shauna received a double shock when Brooke slapped her again, with Quinn slapping Brooke back and declaring war on her. Shauna knew Ridge and Brooke continued to be at odds over whether or not Thomas was still obsessed with Hope and decided to visit Brooke to reason with her, instead seeing Brooke kissing Bill through a window. Shauna impulsively filmed the encounter and showed it to Quinn, but ultimately deleted it. After Thomas was exposed and Ridge went back to Brooke, Shauna opted to move home to Las Vegas. Learning from Ridge that he had seen Shauna's video because Quinn had uploaded it to a digital picture frame, Shauna let Ridge fly her to Vegas and showed him the sights of her hometown. Shauna admitted she loved Ridge and kissed him in front of a wedding chapel, but after Forrester Creations' pilot escorted Ridge home and Shauna had the night to sleep on it, Shauna called Ridge and said goodbye to him.

Shauna again returned to L.A. and produced a marriage certificate that named her Ridge's wife. Shauna and Quinn discussed the fact that Ridge had been so drunk in Vegas that he didn't remember the ceremony, but also that Shauna had, at Quinn's insistence, texted instructions from Ridge's phone to file his divorce papers from Brooke, which had allowed Shauna to marry Ridge. Shauna wanted to be a good wife to Ridge but felt increasingly guilty over the trickery; despite Quinn's commands to stay quiet, Shauna fessed up on the day she was to have a proper wedding ceremony with Ridge, who hung up on her. After Eric threw Quinn out, Shauna accepted Eric's invitation to stay at the Forrester guest house and defended herself to Quinn for the decision, swearing she was working on getting Eric to forgive Quinn. Shauna proved herself loyal when Quinn overheard Shauna continuing to take up for Quinn and celebrated Quinn's ultimate reunion with Eric.

Shauna was thrilled when the Logan family finally forgave Flo for her part in Beth's illegal adoption and let Flo take the Logan name. As Shauna and Quinn reaffirmed their friendship, they got the news that Wyatt had proposed to Flo and shared the joy together. Later, Shauna was surprised to learn that Quinn was having an affair with Forrester lawyer Carter Walton. When Carter's ex-girlfriend, Zoe Buckingham, saw Quinn's jacket, which Zoe had found on the floor in Carter's apartment, Shauna claimed the jacket as her own and lied that she was the one sleeping with Carter. Shauna fielded questions from numerous members of the Forrester family about the affair, but found herself off the hook when the truth about Carter and Quinn's hookup came out at Eric and Quinn's vow renewal ceremony.

Shauna later lent Quinn an ear when Quinn, who had reconciled with Eric, revealed that Eric had erectile dysfunction and expressed a willingness to give up her sexual needs for him.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

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