49 reasons to watch Days of our Lives

by Tony and Laurisa
Posted Saturday, November 08, 2014 11:21:59 PM
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49 reasons to watch DAYS

To celebrate Days of our Lives' 49th birthday, our Two Scoopers, Tony and Laurisa, have come up with a list of 49 reasons to watch DAYS. If you're not already watching, this list will give you ample reasons to start tuning in.

The past year on DAYS has been full of twists and turns. Big ones, in fact! From surprising bedfellows, to shocking deaths and even more stunning capers (we're looking at you Kristen!), our favorite soap and yours has delivered some blows that have kept fans tuning in each day, and the message boards lit up with "I can't believe that!" sentiments.

In keeping with tradition, your faithful DAYS Two Scoopers have compiled our annual anniversary column to give you even more reasons to love life in Salem. So, grab a beer from the Brady Pub or coffee from Club TBD and watch DAYS because...

49. ... Salem is getting safer every day with Chase Jennings moving toward becoming a karate master

48. ...the onslaught of adorableness that happens when Daniel gives Parker a zerbert makes even the grumpiest of folks happy.

47. ... thanks to the writers' obsession with stereotypes, eventually Clyde is going to break out the big orange General Lee and lead a car chase all over Hazzard Salem County. Ben's totally a Luke, too (always ready for a fight)!

46. ... trying to solve where Salem is located on the map can be entertaining, especially during "Dannifer" scenes.

45. ... with Eve as a role model, it's just a matter of time before Paige shows a little pizzazz and starts scheming. Watch out, Dr. Dan! She still has a key to you place and a little gleam in her eye when she sees you. *insert evil laughter*

44. ... the House of DiMera is still standing, and you can't wait to see what Chad does with it.

43. ... you know you secretly want to party in the woods with Rory and Bev.

42. ... as long as Abigail is around, you know there's going to be juicy drama involving at least two Grade-A soap hunks!

41. ...that is, until Melanie shows up and gives her "bestie" some competition!

40. ... you want to see what Tammy Sue/Lynda Chechert/Joan Cooper/Ellen Rogers/Jordan Ridgeway will call herself next.

39. ... Theresa has the looks of a precious porcelain doll, but the temperament of Chuckie, which keeps things interesting, to say the least.

38. ... T serving you a drink at Club TBD with his special brand of T-ness advice and humor will put a smile on your face, no doubt.

37. ... someone is going to put Ciara in her place eventually. Our money's on Theo. Never bet against the kid who's part DiMera.

36. ... Julie's new Zen attitude may help you learn to relax during those occasional frustrating moments in Salem.

35. ... you want to see just how old baby Arianna Grace is when she returns to Salem with Will.

34. ... Hope and Aiden's love story is just getting started, and if it's anything like the sweet slow burn we've been watching, you don't want to miss out on a second of it!

33. ... you secretly want to be invited to poker night with Henderson, Harold, and Mary to hear about what really goes on in the Kiriakis and DiMera mansions. We know they know each other and talk!

32. ... you know the Jennifer Rose we use to know and adore is still in there, and you want to encourage her plucky, feisty investigative reporter side to return.

31. ... Kate is a fashion icon, and lady will inspire you to: Work. It.

30. ... it's fun to discuss DAYS with those in our lives who "totally don't watch it" but secretly know more than we do (looking at your husbands, boyfriends, dads, and brothers)!

29. ... you need to help Roman with his game! Really, gang, he needs help. He let Gisselle von Hottie go so he could pine after Marlena again. Dead horse, Roman, dead horse.

28. ... to see if there's ever a case where Rafe doesn't "know a guy" who owes him a favor. Let's face it, the man knows how to get the job done.

27. ... Aiden has two important things we want in a soap guy -- mystery and dreaminess!

26. ... everyone loves Doctor Kayla! Mary Beth Evans lights up the screen, doesn't she?

25. ... when Justin finally shows his handsome dimpled face in Salem again you want to give him a great, big welcome back hug! Sorry, Adrienne, the line forms behind all DAYS' fans, but you'll learn all sorts of juicy gossip to spread later while waiting.

24. ... no matter if he's in Salem or a chair in parts unknown, Stefano still gives you the creeps when he rolls his R's at you!

23. ... you need to pay your respects to Will for the service he's making to public health. There is an obscene number of soul-crushing cardigans in circulation, luckily Will owns 98% of them, so there is very little chance that you will be infected.

22. ... Abe knows what's up, and you want to know too.

21. ... Adrienne might own up to her inner buttinskie and officially become a gossip columnist.

20. ... Anne still thinks that Dr. Dan flirts with her, and you have to love her optimism.

19. ... you still miss Kate and Sami's pajama parties and want to keep Kate company now that Sami is gone.

18. ... if Susan Banks can make a cameo return to Salem, anything is possible! Dr. Rolf, Anna, Shane, anyone?

17. ... when Eric Brady (occasionally) smiles, it makes us want to doodle his name and draw hearts around it. (Psst! Please don't tell Nicole we said that!)

16. ...sooner or later, Eve will get those vocal cords fixed, and you don't want to miss her triumphant return to the stage (just ask her)!

15. ... Caroline's blend of blunt honesty and famous cookies is a winning combination.

14. ... Sonny keeps expanding Club TBD, proving his business skills, and sooner or later Victor will recruit him at Titan. Seeing more of his savvy Kiriakis side? Yes, please!

13. ... the fairy tale that was John and Marlena has read more like a tabloid lately, but you want to be there when they whip out the strawberries and cream again.

12. ... you're dying to know if there's a bad decision Brady doesn't like to make. And secretly hope he doesn't stop making them because watching Eric Martsolf play those kinds of scenes is award-winning (get it? He just won a well-deserved Emmy)!

11. ... eventually Eric and Nicole will get over themselves and strap on some rollerblades for old time's sake.

10. ... Maggie isn't afraid to dish out tough love to a grumpy Greek gangster -- or his addict grandson. You want her in your corner when the chips are down or if you just need a Big Red hug.

9. ... they're totally coming! Those Horton Christmas ornaments are right around the corner, and Sonny gets one this year!!!

8. ... when Lucas pops up, it's like a sarcastic truth bomb that goes off each time.

7. ... Hope is still as fabulous as ever!

6. ... although she may have her faults, we still can't give up on wishing good things for Nicole.

5. ... no matter what storyline J.J. has going on, Casey Moss brings about a billion and a half gallons of charm (and a guitar) to the role.

4. ... DAYS has the one and only Victor Kiriakis, and how can you not love this surly, sarcastic son of a gun (who secretly has a heart of gold)!?

3. ... wowza! Kristen DiMera and all her fabulous crazy left Salem in a blaze of glory, and you don't want to miss it if she returns!

2. ... Alison Sweeney wants you to keep on rooting for the home team, and has promised us Sami will pay a visit or two. And if we've learned anything the past 20-plus years, it's not to cross Sami!

1. ... because despite who comes and goes, or what's happening on the show, as long as we hear the ageless voice of MacDonald Carey proclaim, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days our lives," it's like a battle cry for DAYS fans!

That's our list, but we'd love to know why YOU keep tuning in to DAYS! Leave a comment below or tweet us at @LaurisaDays and @Tony_S_Days. Cheers, fellow DAYS fans!

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