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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of December 19, 2016
Hot holiday happenings in Salem!
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of December 19, 2016 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of December 19, 2016. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Holiday traditions are celebrated in Salem with the annual Horton family tree trimming with their personalized ornaments

As the Hortons reflect on family and friends, other Salemites gather at the hospital for Christmas festivities

Sonny, Gabi, Dario, and others spend time at the hospital while Rafe attempts to brighten Hope's holiday

An optimistic Hope believes she may find herself a free woman sooner rather than later, and Rafe agrees

Rafe is all ears when Shane shocks him, Steve, and Kayla with some potentially game-changing news

Though still skeptical Jade is playing games with him, Joey has a change of heart when he spots a sincere Jade having a moment

Always ready to win the game, Kate might have the upper hand after discovering helpful intel on Eduardo

Adrienne is appreciative as Kate continues to help her through her cancer battle by supporting her through her first chemo session

Justin also lends a supportive and helping hand to Adrienne, stirring up old feelings between them along the way

Lani finds her way back to Salem and reunites with her family, but it's Theo who's especially happy to see his sister

Theo shares his suspicions of Valerie with Lani, who agrees to see what she can dig up on Abe's new-old flame

While Paul digs up dirt on Dario and Eduardo, Dario catches him, but Sonny may end up smoothing things over

J.J. hopes to smooth things over with Gabi but still worries his newest secret will get between them once and for all

Rafe attempts to rally J.J. to work things out with Gabi, which prompts J.J. to purchase a lavish gift for Gabi

J.J.'s worst fears come true when Gabi ends their relationship, but her budding one with Chad might already be doomed...

Gabi and Chad are a bit stunned to realize they had an audience during their scandalous smooch

Still, Chad and Gabi find time for a little holiday merriment as they exchange Christmas gifts

As Chad and Gabi attempt to figure out what they mean to one another, Andre attempts to get Abigail to resurrect to Chad

Abigail is adamant that she must remain dead for the sake of Chad and Thomas, much to Andre's dismay

Believing she must leave Salem once and for all, Abigail says a tearful farewell to Jennifer at the Horton home

Abigail heads to the DiMera mansion one last time to say goodbye to Thomas but is blindsided when Chad walks in

Needless to say, Chad is utterly stunned that Abigail is alive, but his initial joy may take a turn when he hears her twisted tale

It's a not so joyous holiday for Philip as he continues to reel over what Deimos did to him, and he lets his uncle have it

Philip flees to Chicago, where he shares his sordid tale about Deimos with Chloe, who's still adamant she can't trust Deimos

After Maggie's pep talk about Chloe, Nicole trusts in their friendship and also ventures to Chicago to find Chloe

Although he doesn't fully trust Deimos, Brady believes that his story about Chloe carrying Nicole's baby could be true

Brady also believes Deimos is still dangerous and warns him not to harm Chloe -- or else he'll answer to Brady

Chloe is shocked when Nicole arrives, thinking that Nicole knows the truth about the baby she is carrying

Chloe's caution level drops when Nicole attempts to mend their strained friendship, which works until Deimos is brought up

Chloe and Nicole reach an understanding, but as the friends says goodbye, Chloe's water breaks

Snowy conditions force Nicole and Chloe to find shelter in the storm, but the baby is arriving quickly

In Salem, both Brady and Deimos begin to worry that Nicole has been gone far too long and set out to find her

Nicole finds herself in a position where she has to deliver Chloe's baby -- her baby -- and does so as the storm rages outside

With Nicole's help, Chloe delivers a baby girl, which she hands to Nicole and suggests that she name her

As Chloe is about to come clean with Nicole, her health takes a turn for the worse, and she loses consciousness, but Brady may save the day

Casting scoops

GH alum Robb Derringer is engaged; actor also joining DAYS

DAYS casts Steve and Ava's son

John-Paul Lavoisier's final DAYS airdate revealed

DAYS casting: Valerie's getting a son with a rumored Horton family connection

Craig Welzbacher joins DAYS

DAYS brings TLC's T-Boz to Salem

Billy Flynn breaks from DAYS, begins new film D.O.A. Blood River

Greg Vaughan returning to DAYS

Drake Hogestyn returns to DAYS post injury

Sneak Peek: Austin Peck back on set at DAYS

DAYS' Christie Clark and Austin Peck returning

DAYS casting hunky new role described as a sex addict

DAYS casting four new characters that sound like tons of trouble

DAYS searching for gorgeous African American actor to take on new role

A sneak peek at next week

Old friends face off over their love for the same man

Allies are united to face their enemies, but danger abounds

Another alliance is strengthened, and they're determined to expose a scandalous secret

Down the road previews

A Salemite's broken heart may mend as an old friend's support could blossom into something more

While old enemies reluctantly find themselves working together, they may be in for a bigger shock when other ties are exposed

2017 ushers in the return of several former Salemites who journey home to deal with new drama...

...two returnees must deal with a crisis while another may have a lot of explaining to do if a dirty secret is exposed

A romantic Valentine's Day wedding is in the works, but things don't always go off without a hitch in Salem

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