Lani plots to interrupt the wedding
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, February 14, 2020
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Friday, February 14, 2020

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail complained to Chad about how tired she was after helping Gabi all day. With a grin, Chad gave Abigail a necklace for Valentine's Day. Chad put the necklace around Abigail's neck. "The kids and I have something special for you, too," Abigail said. Abigail handed Chad a homemade card. As Chad smiled, Harold called Chad's phone to tell him that someone had left a light on in the guesthouse. Chad said he would check it out.

"Are you out of your mind?" Abigail asked. Abigail suggested that Chad ask one of the security guards to check the guesthouse for him. When Chad suggested that Abigail was overacting, Abigail shrugged and told Chad that she would see him at the wedding.

In the DiMera guesthouse, Ciara checked the news on her phone. The news confirmed that the roads were locked down for the manhunt. Ben was eager to make a run for it, and he pleaded with Ciara not to go with him. "We have to face reality and say goodbye," Ben said. Furious, Ciara refused to say goodbye to Ben. Ben said he did not want Ciara to live her life on the run, but Ciara claimed that she did not have a life without Ben in it.

"If I take you with me, I'm going to end up hating myself," Ben stressed. Ben said he hoped that he would be with Ciara in the future but that they could not be together in the present. "Every cop in three states is looking for me, and you're my main known associate, which means that they are looking for you, too," Ben said. Ben noted that the longer that Ciara ignored her phone, the more likely it would be that everyone would believe she was on the run with him. As Ben opened the door to leave, he ran into Chad.

"Weston! What the hell are you doing here?" Chad asked. Chad shoved Ben aside, and he asked Ciara if she was helping Ben. Ben claimed that he had forced Ciara to help him. Chad grabbed his cell phone. Ciara begged Chad not to call the police because Ben was innocent.

"I don't know what he did or didn't do to his sister, but I know what he did to my wife. Ciara, he killed three people!" Chad shouted. "He's different now," Ciara objected. Chad argued that Ben had not changed, and he intended to send Ben back to prison. Ben argued that Chad was right.

"I put Abigail through hell, I killed three people, I tried to kill Will. That's never going to go away, and it shouldn't go away," Ben said. Ciara argued that Clyde was to blame. "Ben is better now. He is the man he would have been if he hadn't had Clyde for a father. He is sweet, he is kind, he is caring, and I love him," Ciara said. Chad countered that Bo would be upset to hear Ciara say those words.

"People stand by the ones they love. Abigail did some horrible things when she was not in her right mind, but you still love her, right?" Ciara asked. Ciara begged Chad to show compassion. Reluctantly, Chad shoved his phone back in his coat pocket. "I want you out by tomorrow," Chad growled. Ben swore he would be gone. Chad asked Ciara to be careful. "If it were Abigail, you would be doing the exact same thing," Ciara said. Ciara thanked Chad. "You're lucky it is Valentine's Day," Chad said. With a grunt, Chad walked out.

Ciara smiled at Ben and pointed out what Chad had said. Ben said he had not realized it was Valentine's Day because he had been too busy thinking about evading the police. "Let's make the most of it," Ciara said. Ciara said she did not want to spend their last night together arguing. "I want to make love to you right now," Ciara said. "I love you. More than anyone. More than I ever thought I could love someone. That's all I got for you for Valentine's Day," Ben said. Ciara smiled. "That's all I want," Ciara said.

In Gabi's bedroom, Gabi talked to Julie on the phone. Julie confirmed that her new pacemaker had been installed and that she was ready to conduct the wedding ceremony. Julie told Gabi that Doug could not attend the wedding because he was focused on Hope, and Gabi said she understood. After Gabi ended the call, she checked the app on her phone. The app confirmed that Julie's new pacemaker was active. Gabi looked in the mirror and saw Stefan's wedding ring on the necklace around her neck.

Gabi looked at a photo of Stefan and said, "I'll always love you. I'm never going to forget you. I know that you wouldn't want me to spend the rest of my life alone. You'd want me to be happy, and Eli makes me happy. There is always going to be a very special place in my heart for you. I still miss you. I miss how honest we were with each other." Gabi said that the happiest day of her life had also been the worst. Gabi broke down in tears.

"I was driving myself crazy. I made [Lani] get on her knees and beg for your heart. I thought it was going to make me feel better, but it didn't. Stefan, I lost you. And Lani had Eli, and Julie had your heart keeping her alive, and I couldn't stand it. So, I came up with this plan so that I could feel sane again," Gabi said. Gabi told the photo of Stefan that she had not expected to fall in love with Eli or for Julie's attitude toward her to change.

Gabi told the photo that she wanted to delete the pacemaker app, but she was afraid that without having leverage over Lani, everyone would find out what she had done. Gabi worried aloud that Eli would hate her, she would go to prison, and Arianna would grow up without her mother. "I can't take that chance," Gabi said.

After Gabi dressed, Rafe stopped by. Rafe announced that he was there to walk Gabi over to the square. Gabi hugged her brother and thanked him. As Gabi collected her stuff, Rafe picked up the photo of Stefan. "You've been thinking about him today, huh?" Rafe asked. Gabi nodded yes.

"I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him," Gabi said. Rafe asked Gabi if she was sure that she wanted to marry Eli. Gabi stressed that she loved Eli and wanted him to be her husband. "This marriage is going to work. Eli is an amazing man, and I am the luckiest woman in the world," Gabi said. Rafe disagreed and said that Gabi was not lucky.

"You used to think you had to trick people into finding happiness or getting what you want. Now, you realize that you got the best man in the world and he loves you because of you. You've changed. You've grown up," Rafe said. Rafe said that Eli was the luckiest man in the world. With a sigh, Rafe suggested that they leave for the wedding. Gabi nodded, and she said she had one more thing to do. Gabi took off her necklace that contained Stefan's ring. Gabi placed the ring on top of Stefan's photo, and she put them into the desk drawer.

Abigail went to the hospital to check on Julie and see if she was up for officiating Gabi's wedding. Julie said she was anxious to see Eli get married. "It is my chance to make amends. I have never been so wrong about anybody in my life as I've been about Gabi," Julie said. Abigail rolled her eyes. "I'll never be a fan," Abigail said. Julie reminded Abigail of when Julie had believed in her when nobody else had.

"I certainly hope you can find it in your heart to forgive her because tonight, she is going to become a member of the Horton family. She is going to become our relative," Julie said.

While Eli and J.J. made small talk in the town square, Eli noticed J.J.'s sour mood. Eli asked what was wrong. "Just thinking about Haley," J.J. said. Eli apologized for being insensitive, and he asked if J.J. wanted to back out of participating in the wedding. J.J. confirmed that he still wanted to be the best man. Eli asked if J.J. would be able to stomach seeing Kristen.

"Gabi insisted on inviting her. She didn't RSVP, though," Eli said. J.J. said that he accepted that Haley's death had been a horrible accident. J.J. added that he would keep his distance but that he could be at the same event as Kristen.

In J.J.'s apartment, Lani called Kristen's phone and left her a voicemail. "Gabi and Eli's wedding is tonight. I know what I have to do, but I would feel a lot better if I could talk it over with you," Lani said. Lani changed clothes and said, "God, I don't know if this is the right thing. All I know is that I have to do it."

At the Salem Inn, Kristen finished her workout and noticed that Gabi had called. Before Kristen could call Gabi back, Brady knocked at the door. Brady was dressed in a tuxedo. Brady asked Kristen to be his date for Gabi's wedding. When Kristen groaned, Brady noted that Gabi had invited Kristen to the wedding. Kristen argued that she had only been invited because Gabi wanted her stock. Brady asked Kristen if she wanted to join him. Kristen said she could not go because she did not want to be disloyal to Lani.

"Lani left Eli at the altar. Are you saying she still loves him?" Brady asked. Kristen said she had misspoken and that Lani's love was in the past. Kristen argued that the issue was sensitive for Lani, and Brady said he understood. Brady asked about Kristen's charm bracelet. Brady worried aloud that Kristen had taken off the bracelet because the memories of their daughter were too painful. Kristen pulled the bracelet out of the desk drawer.

"Good, because I have an addition to it," Brady said. Brady pulled a box out of his pocket, and he said he wanted to put the painful memories of their past behind them. When Brady opened the box, it revealed a heart charm. "Happy Valentine's Day," Brady said. Brady put the charm on the bracelet, and Kristen noted that the day Brady had given her the bracelet had been one of her favorite days. Brady and Kristen talked about their daughter, and Brady suggested that they stop living in the past. Brady asked Kristen to join him.

After Kristen dressed, she asked Brady for help with her zipper. Brady started to zip the dress, paused, then unzipped it. Brady kissed Kristen's neck. "What are you doing?" Kristen asked breathlessly. "What do you think," Brady whispered as he kissed Kristen. "You didn't really want to go to this wedding in the first place, did you?" Brady asked. Kristen giggled and said she would much rather be with Brady than anywhere else.

In the town square, Eli sat alone and looked at the decorations for the ceremony. Abe was passing through, and he stopped to wish Eli well. "I still can't believe what Lani did. Or that she disappeared from my life the way she has," Abe said. Abe explained that he had spoken to Lani about her plans to become a nun. As Abe chatted with Eli, a disguised Lani lurked nearby and listened.

"All I can tell you is that the Lani that broke your heart that day is not the daughter that I know and love," Abe said. Abe told Eli that Lani had retreated behind the walls of the convent and that he missed her. Eli said he understood. Eli asked Abe if he would stay for the wedding.

"Ever since I came to Salem, you've been like a father to me," Eli said. "That means the world to me," Abe said as his eyes lit up. Eli started to warn Abe that Valerie would be at the ceremony, but he was interrupted when Valerie walked into the square. Abe and Valerie hugged and greeted one another.

Eli stepped away to call the photographer. Alone in the park, Eli thought about when Lani had broken up with him. From nearby, Lani watched him sitting on the bench. When Eli returned to the square, Lani sighed as she watched him walk away.

In the square, Chad joined Abigail and the other wedding guests. Abigail asked about the guesthouse. Chad promised to fill Abigail in later. When Julie arrived with J.J., Julie said she was thrilled to officiate the wedding. The processional started, and everyone took their places. Rafe walked Gabi down the aisle.

"Marriage. It should not be entered into lightly, but reverently and with true belief in one another. Into this holy agreement, Eli and Gabi come together to be joined. If anyone here can show just cause why these two here should not be joined together, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace. And they'll have to deal with me," Julie said. The audience laughed. When there were no objections, Julie continued with the ceremony. Julie administered the first part of the vows, and Eli and Gabi said, "I do."

When Julie asked for the rings, J.J. was distracted and did not notice. Eli nudged his best man. After a frantic moment of searching his pockets, J.J. found the rings and handed them to Eli. "What's a Salem wedding without a little drama," Julie joked. Gabi placed a ring on Eli's finger and said her vows. Eli did the same with Gabi.

"Inasmuch as Gabi and Eli have consented together in the union of matrimony and pledge their belief in each other, in the presence of these witnesses, I now pronounce them," Julie said. "Don't you say another word!" Lani objected as she walked into the square, dressed in her nun costume.

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