Xander confirms Stefan is innocent
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, August 16, 2019
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Friday, August 16, 2019

In the Brady Pub, Anna informed Tony that she was engaged to Roman. "This is not what you want. I don't believe this," Tony said. Anna grabbed Roman and kissed him. "This is not real. You love me, not him," Tony said. Anna said she had loved Tony but had moved on.

"But I'm standing right here!" Tony objected. Anna explained that she had returned to Salem to inter Tony's ashes and move on with Roman. Roman remained speechless as Anna told Tony that she had grown closer to Roman when he had stood by her when the police had accused her of Andre's murder. Anna noted that she and Roman had dated, and she encouraged him to confirm her story.

"Yeah. But we broke up," Roman stammered. "What kind of game are you playing here?" Tony wondered aloud. Anna admitted that she and Roman had broken up because she had been unable to let go of Tony. Anna added that she had gotten past her feelings for Tony and was ready to move on with Roman.

"This doesn't make sense! I was with Marlena, and she told me that you were heartbroken this morning because you and I are gonna spend another day apart," Tony cried out. With a smile, Anna said that Marlena had been mistaken.

"I see it in your eyes. You love me just as much as I love you," Tony said. Tony told Anna that they belonged together. "Then why are you still married to Nicole?" Anna asked. Tony promised that his marriage to Nicole would not be forever. Annoyed, Anna said she did not want to wait for someone that believed a company was more important than her. Anna said she and Roman were anxious to spend their lives together.

Tony leaned in close to Roman and asked if he intended to make Anna his wife. Roman hesitated then said, "We didn't get it right the first time, and I am a big believer in second chances." Upset, Tony said that he had battled back from death because he wanted to return to Anna. "I am not about to give you up for another man!" Tony yelled. Anna told Tony that the only way he could win her back was to divorce Nicole.

"I understand what is going on. You're using Roman to try and force my hand," Tony said. Anna denied the charge, but Tony countered that Anna would have married Roman if she had truly loved him. "All I know is that I want a husband who truly loves me. It might be Roman; it might be you. May the best man win," Anna said. Tony said he would think about it.

After Tony left, Anna thanked Roman for playing along. "I don't appreciate being blindsided," Roman grumbled. Anna argued that her bluff would force Tony to return to his senses and divorce Nicole. "What if he doesn't?" Roman asked. Anna said she was certain that Tony was stewing with jealousy. When Roman reiterated his question, Anna said they would "cross that bridge when we come to it."

At the police station, Gabi asked Rafe if he had found any evidence to clear Stefan of Ted's murder. Rafe warned Gabi that she could not ask him about an ongoing investigation. "He's my husband. If he is innocent, I have a right to know," Gabi insisted. With a look of disbelief, Rafe pointed out that Gabi had only married Stefan to get revenge. Rafe noted that Gabi did not appear happy, and he asked her if she had second thoughts about destroying Stefan.

Before Gabi could answer, an officer called Rafe down to the evidence room. While Rafe was away, Gabi rifled through the folders on Rafe's desk until she saw one labeled: "Laurent -- Homicide." As Gabi opened the folder, Rafe returned and complained that Gabi had jeopardized his job with her snooping.

"I need to know who that woman is in the file," Gabi argued. Confused, Rafe asked Gabi what she meant. Gabi handed the folder to Rafe and barked, "This mystery woman." As Rafe sat at his desk, Gabi explained that Hope had seen a woman in the park. Gabi shared her theory that the mystery woman had been in Ted's apartment, and she added that she was sure that the woman had killed Ted.

"All I can tell you is that I am asking the same questions that you are asking me," Rafe confirmed. With a nod, Gabi argued that the woman could have shot Ted before Stefan had arrived at the apartment. Frustrated, Rafe told Gabi that he was looking for the woman already.

"If Stefan didn't kill Ted, then he is not going to go to prison. This changes everything," Gabi said. Concerned, Rafe countered, "I still don't get why you care, but if you hate Stefan, then why are you worried about what happens to him?" Gabi explained that if Stefan was cleared of wrongdoing, he could go after her.

"You want him to be cleared on one hand, but yet on the other, you're worried if he is cleared that he is going to come after you?" Rafe asked. Gabi said she did not want Stefan to be wrongfully convicted, but she also worried that "he could be a maniac." Unconvinced, Rafe said, "I think you're in love with him."

"How could I possibly love a man that framed me for a murder that I did not commit?" Gabi countered. Rafe said he understood that Gabi had suffered, but he warned her that revenge would not make her feel better in the long term. Rafe urged Gabi to be honest with herself about her feelings for Stefan. Rafe pointed out that Gabi had defended Stefan against the kidnapping charges, and Gabi was hopeful that Stefan was innocent of murder.

"I never said that," Gabi protested. "Didn't have to. I can see it," Rafe said. Rafe added that although he did not want Gabi to be with Stefan, he would not stand in her way. "I hope he is innocent and that it all works out," Rafe said.

In the Kiriakis living room, a defensive Xander told John and Hope that he would tell them who had made him kidnap Ted and Kate. "If it wasn't Stefan, who were you working for?" John asked. When Xander paused, Hope assured him that he could tell them anything, and it would not surprise them.

"Trust me. You will be blown away when I tell you who is really running this show," Xander said. Xander offered to spill the beans if he could secure another immunity deal. When John demanded the information, Xander explained that John had warned him that his immunity deal would be invalidated if he changed his testimony.

"I don't want to end up being charged with Ted's murder," Xander muttered. John explained that neither he nor Hope could give Xander an immunity deal. When Xander shrugged, Hope warned Xander that the police would suspect him. "If you tell us the truth right now, we can help you get out in front of all this and avoid a long stretch in prison," John said. Xander reiterated that he had not killed Ted. Xander urged John and Hope to track down the real killer.

John took Hope aside to talk privately. John said his gut told him that Xander had information they wanted. Hope agreed it was worth a shot to talk to the D.A. about an immunity deal. "Let's head down to the station and see what we can do for you," Hope said to Xander.

At the Salem Inn, Ben and Ciara hid under the bed in "Nicole's" room and listened as Kate and "Nicole" talked. Kate said she wanted to discuss the fact that Stefan had not ordered the kidnapping. "Nicole" played dumb, but Kate argued that she knew that Xander had not taken Ted from the docks. When "Nicole" pushed for details, Kate explained that Ted had told her that he had been hit over the head by Nicole.

"I don't know why Ted would tell you that, but he was lying," "Nicole" said. "My eyes weren't lying when I saw you open the door to the secret room. You saw Ted and me, and you slammed the door shut," Kate countered. Kate asked if "Nicole" had knocked her out, too.

"Either it was you, or it is the person that is threatening us both," Kate said. Annoyed, "Nicole" opened the door to show Kate out. "I know you're as scared as I am," Kate said. Kate offered to team up against their shared nemesis. "Nicole's" phone rang. It was Mr. Shin calling from the town square. Mr. Shin complained that "Nicole" had kept him waiting.

As Stefan rounded the corner in the square, he overheard Mr. Shin on the phone. "I will support [Gabi] as CEO unless you can make an extremely compelling argument as to why you should replace her," Shin warned "Nicole." As Shin ended the call, Stefan marched over and warned him that Nicole was "dangerous, erratic, and untrustworthy."

"That's rich coming from a man that's just been charged with murder," Shin countered. Stefan argued that Nicole was the criminal, not him. Stefan added that Nicole would swear loyalty and then stab that person in the back. As Shin appeared to mull over Stefan's words, Stefan stressed that someone had framed him for the kidnapping and the murder.

"Miss Hernandez?" Shin asked. Shin noted that Nicole had informed him that Gabi had married Stefan in order to settle a score. "That is true, Gabi wants to destroy my life, but Nicole is the one who is trying to frame me," Stefan argued. "Another personal vendetta?" Shin asked. With a sigh, Stefan admitted that he did not know Nicole's motivation.

"I think Nicole killed Ted to put the final nail in my coffin," Stefan said. Shin noted that Stefan's accusation was a serious charge without proof. Stefan promised that he had someone investigating Nicole.

At the Salem Inn, "Nicole" was eager to meet with Shin, but Kate refused to let her go. "Don't you realize we could both end up like Ted?" Kate asked. "Nicole" said she was not worried because she was doing what she was supposed to do. "Nicole" added that Kate had made a big mistake in her attempt to team up. Worried, Kate begged "Nicole" not to tell anyone that she had been there.

"I'm sorry, Kate, but, unlike you, I know where my loyalties belong," "Nicole" said. With a satisfied grin, "Nicole" walked out. "What the hell have I done? Who's going to help me now?" Kate muttered to herself. "How about us?" Ben said as he and Ciara crawled out from under the bed. Kate hurriedly closed the door and asked why they were hiding in Nicole's room. Ben explained that they were helping Stefan.

"Mr. DiMera believes that Nicole is setting him up for your kidnapping and Ted's murder. We came here to find proof," Ben said. "And based on what we just heard, Nicole isn't the only one involved," Ciara added. Ben asked who was pulling the strings. Kate warned Ben and Ciara to forget everything they had heard. Ben reminded Kate that she had told the police that Stefan was to blame.

"I had no choice. My family was threatened," Kate growled. Ben argued that Stefan was as much a victim as Kate and that they should team up together. "Nicole is already out there reporting what I wanted to do. I'm as good as dead," Kate said. Ciara asked to whom Nicole reported. Upset, Kate yelled at Ben and Ciara to leave. Under threat of security, Ben and Ciara reluctantly left.

When Tony returned home to the Salem Inn, Kate was still there. Kate informed Tony that she had attempted to convince Nicole to help her fight back against Kristen. "She is totally under Kristen's control," Kate lamented. "I don't know anything about that," Tony said. Kate said she hoped Tony was truthful because her life was on the line. With a nod, Tony said he had his own problems because of his marriage to Nicole. Tony told Kate about Anna's ultimatum.

"Roman wouldn't marry Anna," Kate said. Tony noted that Roman was with Anna. With a shrug, Kate suggested that Tony was better off without someone as unstable as Anna. After Kate left, Tony stared at a photo of Anna and thought about Kristen's warning to steer clear of her.

In the square, "Nicole" was annoyed to arrive and find no trace of Shin. "Nicole" left a voicemail stating that she was anxious to talk about how to oust Gabi from the company before she could destroy it. When Shin failed to show, "Nicole" grumbled that Gabi was to blame. "Nice try, bitch. You're going down," "Nicole" muttered.

In the park, Stefan thanked Shin for moving their conversation to the park for privacy. Stefan urged Shin to get rid of Nicole, but Shin reasoned aloud that without proof, he was reluctant to force Nicole out of the company. Shin's phone rang. It was "Nicole." Stefan asked Shin not to answer Nicole's call until Stefan could gather more proof. With a nod, Mr. Shin agreed to ignore Nicole for the time being, but he noted that there was no guarantee that he would restore Stefan as CEO. Shin argued that the company was at risk if Gabi decided to destroy it.

After Shin left, Ben and Ciara met up with Stefan in the park. Ben told Stefan that Kate had interrupted them during their search and that they had overheard a conversation between Nicole and Kate. "So [Nicole] did try to frame me?" Stefan asked. Ben explained that there was a third party that had leverage over Kate and Nicole.

"So we need to get Kate alone?" Stefan suggested. Ben told Stefan that he had pitched the idea to Kate to team up with Stefan, but she had turned him down. "If Kate won't play ball, then I'll go to Nicole," Stefan said.

At the police station, Hope, John, and Xander met with Rafe to discuss an immunity deal. "So, Stefan's not involved?" Rafe asked. Xander explained that he had been in fear for his life and had lied to protect himself. Rafe escorted Xander to talk to Melinda Trask then he returned to the bullpen to tell John and Hope that Xander's testimony was wobbly because he was a liar.

"Whoever this mystery woman is, we need to catch her before she hurts someone else," Rafe said. After John and Hope left, Rafe texted Stefan and asked him to meet at the station. When Stefan arrived, Rafe informed him that Xander intended to point the finger at someone else.

"I told you I was innocent," Stefan said. When Stefan said he was eager to tell Gabi that he was going to take his company back from her, Rafe nodded. As Stefan started to leave, Rafe stopped him.

"For the record? I just spoke with my sister, actually, and as much as she wants revenge, I actually think she regrets what she did to you," Rafe said. Rafe added that he did not want Stefan to go near his sister, but he knew that Gabi had feelings for Stefan.

"I think you feel the same way about her. So why don't the two of you just grow up, be honest with each other, and put this behind you," Rafe suggested. Without a word, Stefan walked out.

In the square, Hope and John agreed that their interrogation of Xander had been beneficial. "I wish we had more to go on. If we could identify that mystery woman," Hope said. As Ben and Ciara approached, Ciara said, "Actually, we have some new leads."

At Doug's' Place, Kate left a voicemail for Xander to set up a meeting with Kristen. "This needs to be over," Kate said. Kate sat down and sipped a martini, and Shin sidled up beside her at the bar. Shin admitted that neither Gabi nor Nicole inspired much confidence in him. "There is another Mrs. DiMera I could consider," Shin said.

When Gabi arrived home, she thought about what Rafe had said about her feelings for Stefan. Gabi started to text Stefan, but she stopped herself. "Nicole" barged in and exclaimed, "Where is Shin? What kind of bull have you been feeding him?" Gabi said she did not know what Nicole was talking about. "Nicole" explained that Shin had failed to meet up with her because Gabi had stopped him.

"You're sounding paranoid," Gabi said. "Nicole" informed Gabi that she had told Shin about Gabi's plot to destroy Stefan. "He knows that you're a schemey little bitch, and he is going to fire your ass and make me CEO!" "Nicole" said with glee. "You're the one that kidnapped Kate and Ted and tried to pin it on Stefan," Gabi countered. Gabi said that the cops agreed with her and were investigating a mystery woman.

"You didn't just frame Stefan for kidnapping; you framed him for murder!" Gabi exclaimed. "Nicole" smirked. "It was you. You killed Ted Laurent," Gabi said. "Nicole" denied that she had been a part of Ted's murder. Gabi shook her head no. Gabi argued that Nicole had killed two birds with one stone by killing Ted because it had kept Ted quiet, and it had framed Stefan.

"You don't know what you're talking about," "Nicole" said. Gabi said she would not let Nicole frame Stefan or take the company. "Nicole" grabbed Gabi and banged her head against the table. Gabi cried out in horror, and she struggled with "Nicole." Gabi clutched "Nicole's" hair in her hand and pulled. When the mask gave way, Gabi fell to the ground and stared at it. Gabi looked over and exclaimed, "Kristen?"

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