Mackenzie spikes a fever
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, December 6, 2019
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Friday, December 6, 2019

At the penthouse, John located Brady's old baseball card collection and gave it to him for Tate. Brady noticed the flowers on the table, and he asked about them. John confided to Brady about his theory that Stefano was alive and wanted Marlena to know it. "If the old man is still alive, Kristen might be with him," Brady suggested. Brady worried that Kristen was in a dark place. John added that it would be a much darker place if Kristen was with her father.

With a sigh, Brady noted that Kristen had been a changed person when she'd been pregnant. Brady said he knew that Kristen's change might not have been permanent. Brady imagined what his life would have looked like if the baby had survived. In his fantasy, Brady and Kristen happily cooed over their daughter and joked about who she looked more like.

"It's hard not to think about what might have been," Brady told John. "I wish I could have helped," Brady said. John assured Brady that Brady had done everything he could have done to help Kristen. John added that in the end, Kristen was a loner. Brady thanked John for standing by him throughout Kristen's pregnancy and legal issues. With a deep sigh, Brady said he hoped that Kristen had the same comfort that John had given him. John said he hoped that Stefano was not the one providing the comfort.

In the DiMera office, Gabi talked to Eli on the phone. Eli confirmed that he was in Rome, and he promised to convince Kristen to take the offer to buy her stock. Chad burst into Gabi's office, and Gabi ended her call. Chad yelled at Gabi for giving his jet to Eli. "Since when does a security guard outrank family?" Chad demanded. Gabi rolled her eyes and noted that she knew about Chad's plan to go to Rome and buy Kristen's stock.

"I'm going to get to Kristen first!" Gabi exclaimed. Chad scoffed at the thought, and he argued that Kristen would never sell her stock to Gabi over her brother. Gabi countered that Kristen was interested in money for the convent and that the offer would meet Kristen's needs. When Chad complained that Gabi had prevented him from going to Rome because all flights were grounded due to a storm, Gabi groaned. Annoyed, Gabi fired Chad.

Chad argued that the board would never allow Gabi to fire Stefano's son. Chad threatened to tell the board about Gabi's efforts to institutionalize Abigail under false pretenses. When Gabi reminded Chad that Abigail had never filed charges, Chad argued that Abigail would be happy to write her story and publish it in the newspaper. Chad noted that Arianna would learn all about her mother.

"You leave my daughter out of this!" Gabi growled. Chad explained that he did not want to hurt Arianna, but a news story would make its way to Arianna's ears. Gabi pointed out that her daughter had already suffered enough. Chad agreed. Chad argued that with Will in prison, Gabi needed to think twice about how to proceed. Gabi agreed to give Chad his job back, but she added that when she bought Kristen's shares, she would have the clout to fire Chad and get rid of the board of the company. Chad and Gabi agreed they were "at all-out war."

In Rome, Eli sat in a caf and called his hotel to check on his room. After he had stowed away on Eli's jet, J.J. caught up with Eli at the caf and eavesdropped on his call. J.J. swallowed a pill. Eli ordered a car, but he said he did not have the destination address yet. When Eli walked to his hotel, J.J. started to follow. Haley stopped him.

Shaken, J.J. muttered, "You can't be here." The vision of Haley asked J.J. what he planned to do to Kristen. J.J. said that he needed to make Kristen pay. J.J. turned to walk away, and the vision of Haley materialized in his path. "I can't let you do this," Haley said. J.J. winced.

"You're a mess. You're high as a kite, and you're talking about getting even with people. What happened to the guy who used to get choked up over puppy videos?" Haley asked. "Somebody killed his girlfriend," J.J. answered. Haley reminded J.J. that that he had saved her life. Haley warned J.J. that revenge would not make him feel better.

"You're throwing your life away for nothing," Haley said. Haley urged J.J. to make peace with what had happened to her. "Get out of my head. Get out of my way," J.J. barked as he walked away. When J.J. arrived at Eli's hotel, he crept into the room while Eli was in the bathroom. J.J. rooted through Eli's suitcase and found Eli's gun. After a shower, Eli walked over to his suitcase but stopped in front of it. "Diplomacy," Eli whispered before he left his room.

At the convent in Rome, Lani told Kristen about her final interview before her vows. Lani explained that her assignment was to forgive Gabi so that she could take her final vows. "You're still not sure, are you?" Kristen asked. Lani admitted that when she had first arrived at the convent, she had felt like she'd been in the right place, but she was no longer so sure. Kristen stressed that she had a lot more sins, and she was committed to doing her life's work there.

"My baby girl is gone, and I took it out on that poor nurse. If only things had worked out differently," Kristen said. Kristen imagined a life where her daughter had lived and she was happy with Brady. "I would be a different person right now, but she didn't live," Kristen told Lani. Kristen said she had prayed that no one from her past would find her.

Lani said that she understood the pain of losing a child, and she noted that the pain of that loss had pulled her and Eli together. Lani imagined a world where she had confessed everything to Eli the day of their wedding, and they had teamed up to defeat Gabi. Kristen roused Lani from her fantasy, and she urged Lani to tell Eli the truth before she took her vows. With a shake of her head, Lani shared her fear that Gabi would kill Julie.

"You really think she'd do that?" Kristen asked. "She hates me. I shot her husband. Your brother," Lani yelped. When Kristen argued that the shooting had been an accident, Lani pointed out that Gabi had not agreed with that assessment. Lani said her only choice was to stay away from Eli and Salem forever. Curious, Kristen asked Lani if she was hiding, but Lani did not think so. Lani said she needed to find a way to forgive Gabi before she took her vows. Kristen added that she needed to find a way to forgive herself.

While Kristen left for the chapel, Lani stayed behind to pray. Lani prayed for a sign, and Eli walked in. Outside in the gardens, Kristen prayed to make herself worthy. J.J. stepped out of the bushes and pointed a gun in Kristen's face.

In Marlena's office at the hospital, a smiling Eric pushed Mackenzie's stroller in for a visit. As Eric grinned, Marlena's smile fell away. Marlena noted that Mackenzie appeared to be lethargic. With a frown, Marlena felt Mackenzie's forehead and announced that the baby appeared to have a fever. Marlena assured Eric that Mackenzie likely had a virus and would be fine.

After Kayla examined Mackenzie, she informed Eric and Marlena that the baby's temperature was 103. When Kayla asked Eric if he had noticed any behavioral changes with Mackenzie, Eric shrugged and noted that he had not spent enough time with his daughter yet to notice any changes. Kayla recommended admitting Mackenzie for fluids and tests.

In Sarah's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander agreed to move out so that Sarah would not need to fight Eric for custody. "I have to go. We both know that's what's best for Mickey," Xander whispered. Sarah grabbed Xander's arm, and she announced that she had something to say. After a moment, Sarah kissed Xander passionately. Sarah and Xander stumbled into her room, and they fell onto the bed.

"I didn't mean to just throw myself at you, it's just, you surprised me when you gave up your home for Mickey," Sarah said. Xander smiled at Sarah. "It just hit me how much you really do care about Mickey and me," Sarah added. Xander joked that Sarah wanted to give him a proper send-off. With a chuckle, Sarah kissed Xander, and he started to undress. "I'm still gonna miss you," Sarah whispered. Sarah's phone rang with a call from Eric. Eric told Sarah about Mackenzie's sudden fever, and she told him she was on her way. "I'll drive," Xander said.

When Sarah and Xander arrived at the hospital, Eric scowled. "What is he doing here?" Eric asked. Sarah asked about her daughter's health. When Eric continued to stare at Xander, an annoyed Xander ordered Eric, "Just tell her!" "You get lost, and I will!" Eric yelled back. When Eric threatened to throw Xander out of the hospital, Sarah stepped between the two of them. Kayla walked over and announced that she was taking Mackenzie's blood to the lab. As Sarah and Xander started to enter Mackenzie's room, Eric stopped Xander.

"You stay here. You're not going anywhere near my daughter!" Eric yelled. "I took care of that baby for months. You got her sick in one day!" Xander countered. Sarah promised to update Xander, and he agreed to stay in the waiting area. Sarah and Eric rushed into their daughter's room, and Sarah held back tears as she stood next to a sleeping Mackenzie. Eric blamed himself, but Sarah reassured Eric that babies spiked sudden fevers all the time. Eric put his arm around Sarah.

In the hallway, Xander asked Marlena about Mackenzie. Marlena said that the baby was sleeping. "I should be with her. I'm the one she knows, but your son won't allow it," Xander complained. Marlena countered that it was only because Xander had lied to Eric about Mackenzie that the baby did not know her father. Marlena urged Xander to go home, but Xander refused to leave in case Mackenzie asked for him. With a sad smile, Marlena told Xander that Mackenzie was in good hands.

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