Vivian learns that Kate is still alive
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
by Mike

Eric, Nicole, and Holly returned to Salem together -- then headed straight over to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Marlena, who had been anxiously awaiting their arrival.

"I'm so happy for you...[but] I am [also] a little concerned about Sarah," Marlena admitted to Eric while Nicole was getting Holly settled in one of the bedrooms. "So am I," Eric agreed. "Have you spoken to her since you got back?" Marlena asked. "No, not yet -- [well, I mean, she] called earlier, when I was still [in Chicago, and] I explained that I had found Nicole and Holly, [but we haven't spoken since then]," Eric replied. "I told Nicole everything about Sarah. I didn't want us to have any secrets between each other. [And Nicole's] been very understanding -- and so has Sarah," Eric continued.

"Well, I'm a big believer in honesty...[but], in this situation, it can't be easy -- [I mean], I know you really came to care for Sarah," Marlena acknowledged, unaware that Nicole had just returned. "Would you mind watching Holly for us for a little while?" Eric asked Marlena after spotting Nicole. "I have to go to the police station and [give] a full statement on what Kristen DiMera did to me," Nicole explained. "[It would be] my absolute pleasure," Marlena agreed with a smile. "I am so glad that you're home, where you belong," Marlena told Nicole before going to check on Holly.

Nicole grabbed a purse and started to follow Eric out of the townhouse -- just as Brady approached it. "I'm a little shocked right now, just looking at you..." Brady admitted while staring at Nicole. "It's so good to see you...[and], um...I'm happy for you -- I'm happy for both of you..." Brady awkwardly continued. "How's Holly?" Brady wondered. "She's okay...[although] the last few months have been...challenging..." Nicole reported. "Nicole did her best [to] keep things as normal as possible, [so Holly] never knew [they were] being held against [their] will," Eric elaborated. "She's reading now," Nicole bragged.

"You can see her now, if you want -- she's [gonna be] hanging out with my mom while we run down to the station," Eric revealed. "Great...[but]...before you guys go...can, um...can I say something to you right now, please?" Brady awkwardly requested. "Sure," Nicole replied, and Eric nodded in agreement. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. For everything. [It was] wrong, and it was cruel, and I have never regretted anything more in my life, honestly, [and] I'm gonna do whatever I can to make it up to you," Brady continued. "You've already done something [for us]," Nicole argued.

"You pulled Eric out of that burning warehouse just in time to save his life," Nicole elaborated. "[And] I'm sorry, too, [because] Kristen used me -- she transformed herself into me so she could take advantage of you -- and I let it happen, [and] I even coached her on how to pull it off," Nicole continued. "I don't blame you for that. Kristen was threatening you, [and] you needed to save Holly, [so] there is nothing to forgive," Brady insisted.

"Then how 'bout you forgive me [instead] -- for accusing you of trying to get close to 'Nicole' [and] taking advantage of her grief," Eric requested. "You were out of your mind," Brady acknowledged. "But I never should have taken it out on you," Eric maintained. "[And I'm so] angry at myself for not seeing through [Kristen's act]," Eric continued. "If anybody should have seen through it --" Brady regretfully began to argue.

"You know what? It's over [now, and] neither one of you should blame yourselves or each other," Nicole interjected, clearly sick of the apology tour. "This entire thing was no one's fault but Kristen's, so can we just...put this behind us?" Nicole continued, and Eric and Brady both nodded in agreement then shook hands to further seal the deal.

After Eric and Nicole exited the townhouse, Marlena joined Brady in the living room and wondered if everything was okay. "I think things are gonna be better, actually, between Eric and I from now on," Brady happily replied.

"[But it was] a shock to see the...the real Nicole..." Brady continued. "Yeah... What about the...the fake Nicole?" Marlena countered. "Kristen? She's -- she's behind bars," Brady reminded Marlena, waving a hand dismissively. "[But] everybody's back in Salem now, [so] she's fulfilled the terms of her agreement, [and] I guess [that means] she'll go free," Marlena reasoned.

"I do hope that doesn't mean she'll walk out of jail [and] into your arms," Marlena continued. "I am finished with Kristen DiMera -- promise," Brady insisted. "She's gone to some extraordinary lengths to get you. [She] won't give up so easily," Marlena warned. "She can try whatever she wants, [but] I'm not gonna return [her] feelings," Brady maintained. "Maybe, on a very subconscious do," Marlena gently suggested.

Vivian sneaked out of the DiMera mansion as Eli continued questioning Stefan and Gabi about Kate's shooting. "I know [Vivian's] alive," Eli revealed, stopping Stefan from trying to pretend otherwise. "I'd like to question her," Eli continued. "Why? She had nothing to do with Kate's shooting!" Stefan protested. "She had motive -- Kate shot her first -- [so] I need to speak with her. Now," Eli countered.

"She's upstairs," Gabi blurted out. "[And, again, she] had nothing to do with Kate being shot -- she came straight here from Chicago, [and] she's been with me ever since. [But] she's sleeping right now, [so] when she wakes up, I'll have her call you," Stefan quickly elaborated. "If you're lying, [that] makes you an accessory," Eli warned. "I'm not lying," Stefan insisted before trying to chase Eli off. "You've been awfully quiet," Eli said to Gabi, staying put. "Know anything about Kate's shooting?" Eli asked. "I would tell you if I did. Kate is my friend. Vivian, on the other hand, I am not a fan of," Gabi replied.

"That's why I didn't hesitate to tell you she was here -- I thought you were gonna drag her off," Gabi continued. "As I've said, my mother's not going anywhere," Stefan maintained. "Well, then...when Vivian wakes up, tell her I will be back with a warrant," Eli began, shouting the words so they could be heard upstairs. "And when I do come back, I'll have some more questions for you," Eli warned Stefan. "Oh? Like what -- my favorite color?" Stefan asked. "I'd like to know where you were when Kate was shot. Vivian may be our number-one suspect, but you are a very close second," Eli replied before exiting the mansion.

"Do you have an alibi?" Gabi wondered once the coast was clear. "I'm more concerned right now with protecting my mother," Stefan admitted before heading upstairs to talk to Vivian.

Stefan returned a short time later and worriedly revealed that Vivian was gone. "Maybe she went to go kill somebody else," Gabi dryly suggested, but Stefan wasn't amused. "Maybe [she] overheard us talking about Kate [and] went to the hospital to finish her off," Gabi continued. "I still have [her] gun," Stefan argued. "We both know there's more than one way to skin a cat," Gabi countered.

At the police station, one of the police officers escorted Kristen to one of the conference rooms. "Ooh -- I have a visitor? That means I am about to get some very good news! [See], I heard that Dr. Rolf is back in Salem, [so] I'm guessing the D.A. is here to see me -- or the commissioner, [or] maybe the mayor himself -- to tell me that I am about to be released!" Kristen bragged to the police officer during the trip. "You think?" the police officer replied with a knowing chuckle of anticipation before opening the door to the conference room and watching as Kristen's smile faded at the sight of the visitor -- John.

"You must be here to thank me for my cooperation," Kristen guessed after the police officer left the conference room. "I'm here to tell you to stay the hell away from my boy," John clarified. "My, my -- someone's testy today," Kristen observed with a smirk. "Just the thought of me going anywhere near Brady makes you --" Kristen continued. "Sick? Yeah," John confirmed. "I was going to say 'jealous,'" Kristen countered. "You're wasting your time with my boy," John insisted, ignoring Kristen's taunt. "Brady wants nothing to do with you," John continued. "If you're so convinced [of that, then] why bother coming here?" Kristen asked.

"You're worried, because you know the pull between Brady and me is as strong as ever," Kristen guessed. "He thought you were Nicole," John stressed. "He says that...[but], on some level, he knew it was me...and once he accepts that -- once he admits that I am under his skin, and I always will be -- well, the next thing you know, I'll be calling you 'Daddy,'" Kristen countered.

Nicole burst into the conference room just then, with Eric right behind. "You evil bitch!" Nicole spat while slamming Kristen against a wall, but Eric and John intervened before things could escalate further.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Kristen asked incredulously. "What the hell do you think is wrong with me? You stole my face! You stole my whole life! You would have done anything to get what you wanted, including trying to kill my daughter!" Nicole angrily replied. "I was your prisoner, but I'm free now, and you're gonna spend the rest of your pathetic life, rotting behind bars!" Nicole continued. "Wrong! I made a deal with the mayor -- I told Jack exactly where you were in exchange for complete immunity -- and here you are, so my information was good, and now it's my turn to go free!" Kristen countered.

"I know about your whole deal with Jack -- Eric told me everything -- [but] I'm gonna give my statement [to] the police and the press, and then the whole world is gonna know all the demented things you did to me...and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Jack tore up your little deal, locked you in a cage, and threw away the key!" Nicole warned. "[Jack] wouldn't do that," Kristen insisted. "Jack's whole campaign was about being tougher on crime -- that's how he got elected -- so how do you think the public will react --" Nicole began to argue. "That's not my problem," Kristen reasoned, shrugging dismissively.

"You bunch of ingrates! I dragged you from that burning building [and] saved your life, [Nicole -- and] I gave Holly back her mama -- [and]...what, I don't even get an ounce of gratitude?" Kristen complained. "You want us to thank you? You've caused our families unbelievable pain!" Eric snapped. "Yeah, [but] for good reason -- the best reason! Everything I did, every action I took -- it was to get back the love of my life!" Kristen explained. "You deceived Brady in the most twisted way, [and] you used my child to break [Eric's] heart!" Nicole spat. "[But] I didn't make [Eric] fall in love with another woman," Kristen countered.

Nicole lunged at Kristen again, but Eli entered the conference room just then. "It's time to get your statement," Eli said to Nicole. "You should be arresting her for assault!" Kristen complained.

"What Kristen said about Sarah --" Eric began after following Nicole out of the conference room. "[You told me I was] the only woman that you want to spend your life with, [and] I believe you," Nicole assured Eric.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny ran into each other in the living room. "Did you hear?" Sonny, who had been looking for Will, excitedly began. "No? What? Tell me!" Will, who had gone to the kitchen to get some ice cream, excitedly replied. "Eric found Nicole and Holly -- [and, according to Maggie, they're already] back in Salem, safe and sound!" Sonny elaborated. "That's incredible! I'm so happy [to hear that -- and] Eric's gotta be over the moon!" Will declared. "Um...but...Sarah..." Will continued, sighing. "Yeah -- she's probably having some, uh...mixed feelings...right about now," Sonny agreed, also sighing.

"What do you think [this] is gonna mean for Sarah and Eric?" Will wondered. "I can only speak from my own experience, but, know, I did love Paul, and I was going to marry him...but, deep down, in my heart and in my soul, I knew that you were the only one for me, so...I'm pretty sure that's what Eric is feeling about Nicole right now," Sonny guessed. "So, Sarah's gonna get her heart broken, and all we can do there for her?" Will summarized. "We can start right now. I think she's upstairs," Sonny suggested, and Will nodded in agreement.

The doorbell rang just as Will and Sonny were about to head upstairs -- and both men were shocked to discover that the visitor was someone who was supposed to be dead.

"What are you doing here?" Sonny asked as Vivian barged into the mansion and began searching the living room. "At the moment, uh, I'm looking for where you boys hid the bar cart," Vivian replied. "No -- he means, 'How are you here?'" Will tiredly clarified, sharing Sonny's confusion. "Oh? As I understand it, you and I [were both] the recipients of a really miraculous injection," Vivian explained, surprised that the answer hadn't been immediately obvious to Will. "Rolf's serum," Will realized. "Yes! He restored my life [and] my memory -- which is...quite a miracle, after what your grandmother did to me," Vivian elaborated.

"What do you want?" Will impatiently demanded to know. "I came to apologize to Sonny -- well, and to you, too," Vivian sweetly explained before turning to Sonny.

"It was really wrong of me to hire that horrible Leo Stark to come after you," Vivian acknowledged. "He didn't 'come after' me; he falsely accused me of sexual harassment!" Sonny bitterly countered. "[But] when he found out that I was dead, [I'm guessing] he gave up [on] being able to get his grubby little hands on any more money, [and then he just] slithered back from whence he came," Vivian dismissively argued, implying that no real harm had ever been done. "No -- actually, Kate took over your little plan," Sonny clarified. "Real-ly? My, my, my -- she's even more ruthless than I thought!" Vivian dramatically declared.

"We moved past that...but it all started with you, Vivian -- you tried to destroy Sonny's life, [and] you cost him his job, [and] his reputation, [and] his dignity --" Will snapped. "I'm really, deeply sorry for that...[but you have to] understand that, at the time, I was blinded by my need for revenge," Vivian stressed. "So...what, we're just supposed to let it go?" Sonny incredulously summarized. "There's nothing I can do about the past...but, I promise you, I'm gonna be a better person [from now on]," Vivian insisted. "Yeah, I don't believe you," Will argued. "Nearly dying can change a person -- you ought to know that," Vivian reasoned.

"I just want to make amends to everyone that I have ever harmed -- and I know there are a lot of people -- so...I'm beginning, uh, with the two of you," Vivian innocently explained. "And,, there would be Maggie, [so] she at home?" Vivian asked sweetly. "No," Will and Sonny curtly replied in unison. "Okay, then... Next in line would be...your grandmother -- Kate," Vivian said to Will, struggling to utter Kate's name without contempt. "Now, I went to the DiMera mansion, [and] I also checked all of her other haunts in town, [and] she was nowhere to be found, you have any idea where she might be?" Vivian continued.

"You expect me to believe that you want to make amends to Kate after she shot you?" Will asked with a scoff. "My enemies cannot forgive me unless I forgive my enemies," Vivian replied with a smile.

"We've just gotta learn to live together peacefully, so...think of me as, ambassadress of goodwill," Vivian continued -- just as Sarah burst into the living room. "I just got a call from the hospital -- [Kate] is in surgery, [and], apparently, she was shot!" Sarah apologetically informed Will and Sonny, who were both too shocked to notice Vivian's reaction to the news. "Who -- who -- who shot her?" Will asked. "I don't know -- I don't have any of the details," Sarah replied. "We gotta get to the hospital!" Will said to Sonny. "I'll drive," Sonny assured Will, who was clearly upset.

As Will and Sonny rushed out of the mansion, Sarah tried to contact Rex, and Vivian seized the opportunity to sneak out through a back door. "You're not going anywhere," Sarah called out, stopping Vivian. "I recognize you, Vivian Alamain," Sarah continued. "And you would be...?" Vivian countered. "Sarah Horton -- the daughter of the woman you tried to bury alive!" Sarah spat. "Oh -- you mean Maggie," Vivian realized after a moment of thought. "There was more than one?" Sarah asked incredulously. "Ages ago. I'm a changed woman now. A near-death experience will do that to you," Vivian dismissively replied.

"You were shot," Sarah recalled. "Yes -- in cold blood, by a vicious, vindictive slut!" Vivian spat. "But, uh...I have been recuperating for the past year with Dr. Rolf in Chicago," Vivian continued in a much sweeter tone. "[And] Holly and Nicole?" Sarah assumed. "Yes -- until they escaped...and then that...that 'Eric Brady'...showed up, looking for them," Vivian reported. "He found them," Sarah muttered. "You don't seem too happy about that, [so]...was, um, there a thing going on between you and Eric?" Vivian asked curiously. "[It's over]. I have resigned myself to the fact that Eric wants to be with Nicole now," Sarah sadly replied.

"A moment ago, when you stopped me from going out of the door, I thought, 'There's one feisty little pistol!'" Vivian admitted. "Boy, did I read you wrong. [Turns out], you're just like your mother -- [a] namby-pamby goody two-shoes; a wimp," Vivian decided, annoying Sarah. "If you were smart, you'd listen to me, [because] I've gotten to know 'the other woman' over the past few months, and I can tell you, the word 'resigned' is not in her vocabulary; she's as feisty as they come! [And] that's clearly what Eric likes. And, clearly, you still care a lot about him. So, I ask you...why are you giving up so easily?" Vivian continued.

"I am no wimp, and neither is my mother...and, to answer your question, I'm 'giving up' because Eric and Nicole are in love, and he and I would have never gotten together in the first place if he knew that she was still alive," Sarah defensively explained. "If I were you -- madly in love with someone [whose] old flame [just] showed up -- I would use every weapon in my arsenal [to keep him for myself]," Vivian shamelessly countered.

After Vivian left, Sarah started considering the advice. "Test results don't lie... I am pregnant with Eric's baby..." Sarah mused -- before suddenly realizing that Eric had just entered the mansion.

John returned home and regretfully began to share some bad news with Marlena -- bad news about Kristen, whom Brady soon ran into while passing through the park. "I'm free!" Kristen cheerfully summarized.

At the hospital, Sonny tried to assure Will that Kate, who was still undergoing surgery, was going to be okay. "You don't know that, though," Will worriedly argued. "She was shot, and I want answers; I want to know who did this," Will continued. "It's gotta be Stefan, right?" Will decided. "Stefan's a viable suspect...but I keep wondering if the person who did this was right under our noses before," Sonny suggested. "Vivian," Will agreed with a nod, sure that Sonny was right -- that Vivian's earlier apology tour had simply been an act, meant to establish an alibi of sorts. "She's not gonna get away with it," Will vowed, scowling.

Meanwhile, Vivian returned to the DiMera mansion and hinted to Stefan that Kate was going to have to be dealt with again.

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• Jordan returns to Salem again.

• Rafe waits for news about David.

• Maggie questions Victor about Ben's attack.

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