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Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Ciara ordered room service while Ben was taking a shower.

After ending the call, Ciara joined Ben, who had been enjoying the luxury of showering in total privacy for a change but was quick to admit that sharing a shower with someone wasn't always a bad thing.

Later, Ciara and Ben ate Chinese food and drank Champagne while lounging in bed together.

Brady went to the cemetery in search of Kristen, who was in the process of putting flowers on Rachel's grave.

"How did you know I was here?" Kristen wondered after greeting Brady with a hug. "When you...kind of's usually about Rachel," Brady explained. "Do you ever think that you're just never gonna get past this -- you know, that life, uh, doesn't have any meaning, and it never will?" Kristen asked. "Let's just say that my faith...yeah, it's been sorely tested," Brady replied. "One thing that keeps me going [is Mickey -- I mean], I'm gonna sound crazy, [but] long as she's alive, I feel that Rachel is still here with us," Kristen admitted to Brady, who insisted that didn't sound crazy at all.

"You know, I've been thinking...and I know it's a long shot [and] probably wouldn't even be able to happen...but, um...why don't we think about...trying to conceive another child?" Brady suggested. "I couldn't -- I mean, it -- it -- it just -- it wouldn't be right, Brady -- [I mean], I feel like we would be betraying Rachel," Kristen admitted, confusing Brady. "The thought of replacing her right now, while she's still [fresh] in our hearts..." Kristen clarified for Brady, who gave a nod of understanding. "[Then let's] set up a charity under Rachel's name [at the hospital -- you know, for kids like Mickey]," Brady suggested, and Kristen excitedly agreed.

At the hospital, Sarah and Eric waited anxiously for a staff member to confirm that Mackenzie was free to leave. "Is everything ready [for Mickey at the mansion]? Need me to do anything?" Eric asked. "No, no -- we're good," Sarah replied. "'We're good' -- you and Xander," Eric translated. "Yeah," Sarah confirmed. "Nicole said the two of you got engaged," Eric reported. "Yeah," Sarah repeated. "When were you planning on telling me?" Eric wondered. "Oh -- uh, Eric...Xander and I got engaged. [Now], can that be the end of that particular discussion? [Because] my love life is none of your concern," Sarah countered.

"This is about me being a concerned father -- [I mean], when you get all 'stand by your man,' and that man is Xander, it makes my head explode, 'cause you know I've never liked him anywhere near my daughter --" Eric began to stress. "Tell us how you really feel, Padre," Xander interjected, joining Eric and Sarah in Mackenzie's room. "Is that supposed to make me feel awkward? Well, it didn't. In fact, I'd be happy to tell you how I really feel, [which is that you're] still a crook who smuggled blood diamonds, tried to strangle my cousin on her wedding day --" Eric began to counter, hurting Xander and annoying Sarah.

"I've never denied my past, but I'm not that person anymore," Xander said to Eric. "Can't this wait for later, somewhere else?" Sarah begged the men. "Never, ever forget [that] you're not that baby's father," Eric said to Xander. "Not now, not here!" Sarah snapped at the men. "Trust me -- I'm very, very clear about who her father is," Xander said to Eric. "Please!" Sarah urged the men. "I imagine you were 'very clear' that Brady was CEO of Titan, [too] -- right up to the moment that you got Victor to give you the job," Eric said to Xander. "Stop it!" Sarah ordered the men, who both finally listened.

"You have to respect that Eric's concerns are valid," Sarah said to Xander. "[And] you have to respect the fact that just because you're Mickey's father, [that] does not give you the right to dictate my life," Sarah said to Eric. "[Now], because of Mickey, our lives are always going to be intertwined, [so] I suggest that we all try and act like grownups," Sarah concluded, speaking to both men. "I will if he does," Xander promised, glaring at Eric. "And I will if you stop provoking me," Eric promised, glaring at Xander. "Oh, my God!" Sarah snapped at the men, fighting back tears of frustration.

Xander and Eric both apologized for upsetting Sarah -- but continued glaring at each other. "I'm gonna help you get Mickey home [and] get her settled in," Eric insisted. "That's no problem -- I actually have some business to attend to, [anyway]," Xander conceded. "Need to go blow something up?" Eric guessed, hurting Xander again and annoying Sarah again.

"I know that it is hard for you to believe, but...Xander really does love me and Mickey, and there is nothing that he wouldn't do for us," Sarah assured Eric after Xander rushed off. "[But] you're never gonna trust, by extension, you will never trust me -- not fully," Sarah guessed. "Look, Eric, it would really help if you at least just tried to accept Xander, because he makes me happy, and he is crazy about [Mickey]," Sarah stressed. "You deserve better," Eric insisted. "Like Rex?" Sarah countered with a bitter laugh.

"So, you think that Nicole can change, but Xander -- he just can't," Sarah summarized. "[Yes], I'm afraid that's what I think," Eric confirmed. "So, Nicole learned her lesson, and she'll never let you down [again, and] it'll be smooth sailing for you two from here on out," Sarah continued, each word dripping with skepticism. "No relationship is perfect, and I'm sure Nicole and I are [still] gonna hit our rough spots, but there's one thing I know -- Nicole's never gonna keep a secret from me again, ever," Eric declared.

A staff member soon interrupted Eric and Sarah's argument to announce that Mackenzie was free to leave the hospital. With nothing left to say to each other, Eric and Sarah settled into an awkward silence and started to rush off together with Mackenzie -- but ran into Brady and Kristen at the nearest elevator. "Any news about Mom?" Eric asked hopefully. "No, I haven't heard anything yet," Brady sadly replied. "Oh. I thought [that was] maybe why you were here," Eric admitted. "No, we actually, uh -- we had a little idea..." Brady began to clarify before telling Eric and Sarah everything -- and, by the end of the explanation, Kristen was in tears.

Sarah comforted Kristen, who eventually recovered. "Eric told me that you asked to hold Mickey --" Sarah revealed. "I'm so sorry --" Kristen began to stress. "Don't be. I -- I -- I totally understand -- [well], I mean, I -- I -- I think I do...[but, of course], how could anyone [truly] understand what you are going through?" Sarah replied. "[Anyway, look]...the hospital has this program where volunteers can hold babies whose mothers can't --" Sarah continued. "Kristen said [that] she didn't want to just give money [through this charity fund]," Brady reported. "Yeah -- [and] that [program] sounds nice," Kristen raved, perking up at once.

"You're gonna try to help other children, [and] you got your marrow tested to try to save a child's life, [even though] you lost yours -- that is [all] very brave in my book, Kristen, [and] I don't think I could ever be as brave as you," Sarah stressed. "If there is anything [that] we can do to help your charity, you have to let us know, okay? Isn't that right, Eric?" Sarah concluded, and Eric forced a smile and agreed.

"Oh, my God -- she was so sweet!" Kristen said to Brady after Sarah and Eric rushed off with Mackenzie. "[Although] she doesn't understand, [because] they get to take their baby home, and we're never going to be able to," Kristen continued -- with plenty of sadness but not a hint of bitterness -- before seizing a hug from Brady.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole incredulously repeated the results of Mackenzie's maternity test -- just as Abe approached. "What is that?" Abe asked. "Test results," Nicole replied. "Are you all right?" Abe wondered. "They're not mine -- they're Mackenzie's," Nicole clarified. "I heard she was going to be fine," Abe protested. "Oh, she is -- this isn't about the cancer," Nicole stressed. "Why do I get this...sick feeling of déjà vu? What are you up to now?" Abe challenged Nicole. "That's nice, coming from an old friend..." Nicole grumbled. "I am a friend, yes...which is why I know you're up to something," Abe countered.

"Okay -- if I tell you, will you promise not to say anything?" Nicole asked hopefully. "That depends," Abe carefully replied. "When I tell you this, I know that you will want to keep it between us," Nicole insisted. "It's right here in black and white, but I just don't believe it..." Nicole began to explain with a shake of the head while taking another look at the test results. "Let me buy you lunch, okay?" Nicole offered.

Meanwhile, inside the pub, Roman wrapped up a phone conversation with John -- just as Hattie approached. "[Still] no word on Marlena?" Hattie assumed. "He has no idea where Steve took her," Roman confirmed. "Oh... Well, he'll find her -- he always does," Hattie optimistically predicted. "Let's hope so," Roman glumly replied.

"Listen,, in the interest of a little more cheerful workplace...uh, do you suppose that we could be a little less Irish around here?" Hattie randomly suggested. "What's that supposed to mean?" Roman defensively wondered. "Well, I -- I just -- I mean, under all the blarney, it's a pretty gloomy group..." Hattie reasoned. "That is a cultural stereotype -- and not even accurate!" Roman protested. "[Just] look at you -- you always expect the worst possible outcome of things," Hattie countered. "That's not really true...but, unfortunately, sometimes that's what we get," Roman argued.

"I never catch you smiling," Hattie maintained. "I mean, here's a guy that's fallen in love with me, and he's been kissing on me, [and it's like he thinks he's] gotta go to confession about that --" Hattie continued. "Who said anything about falling in love?" Roman interjected. "Well...I did...'cause you never talk about it -- [I mean], you would rather die than have a talk about your feelings, [and] your face gets all scrunched up [whenever] somebody says the word 'relationship' to you!" Hattie replied. "Anyway, you've kissed on me twice, so I got a question to ask you -- is this thing going anywhere or not?" Hattie concluded.

"Abe just came in, and he called about Marlena [earlier, so]..." Roman replied before rushing over to Abe and Nicole's table. "That is a one-woman man [who's] always trying to find the one that got away..." Hattie grumbled.

Roman updated Abe and Nicole on the search for Marlena then rushed off to the kitchen, steering clear of Hattie in the process. "Okay, let's try this again -- what are you up to now?" Abe challenged Nicole once the coast was clear. "I got a DNA test on Mackenzie --" Nicole began to explain. "Oh, boy -- why am I not surprised..." Abe mused with a groan, hurting Nicole's feelings again. "You don't think Eric is her father," Abe guessed. "Or that Sarah is her mother," Nicole clarified before explaining everything to Abe. "I have a horrible feeling that I'm right. [I mean], this is Salem -- can we really trust test results?" Nicole concluded.

"I don't deny that Xander is capable of this, but...why? [I mean], I don't think he would do anything that doesn't serve his own self-interest...[although] trying to figure out [his] mind makes me a little bit nauseous..." Abe mused. "I actually think [that], in Xander's own sick way, he really does love Sarah, and he would do anything for her," Nicole guessed after some thought.

"Are you doing this to get at the truth...or to settle a score with Xander?" Abe wondered. "I will never forgive Xander for all the things he did to me...[but] this is not about settling a score -- this is about finding the truth," Nicole insisted. "Do you know how weird it is to feel sorry for Kristen? But I know how she feels, and it's hell. [Look], if Mackenzie really isn't Eric and Sarah's baby, and if Kristen and Brady's baby didn't die, then they all need to know," Nicole reasoned.

"[But] this will affect their lives profoundly --" Nicole acknowledged. "Yours, too," Abe warned. "Yes -- mine, too," Nicole agreed. "[And] that's why I have to be sure -- I have to have proof," Nicole continued. "Well, aren't those test results proof?" Abe argued. "No -- Xander knew I was onto him, so he made sure those test results said exactly what he wanted them to say," Nicole guessed.

"Xander knows you're suspicious, and you know how vicious he is, so I don't think that he is going to sit idly by and let you play Nancy Drew. [Look], maybe you need to tread softly..." Abe advised. "Yeah, you're right..." Nicole agreed. "I've gotta get to Raynor, [because] she's between a rock and a hard place [right now, so] I can easily crack her -- I just have to figure out where she is..." Nicole decided seconds later. "What a surprise -- Nicole Walker, not treading softly..." Abe mused with a hint of amusement.

Nicole thanked Abe for the talk then rushed out of the pub.

Meanwhile, Roman wrapped up a phone conversation with a beer distributor -- just as Hattie approached. "Now that you're [done talking to Abe and you're] off your phone call, [what's next -- you gonna] join the Foreign Legion [so] you can [continue to] avoid my question?" Hattie wondered. "I'm not avoiding any question," Roman insisted. "Well, you sure as hell didn't answer it!" Hattie pointed out.

"[And] it was a yes-or-no question, [so] you can answer it with a single syllable!" Hattie continued. "Hattie! [Look], this is not the time or place to talk about...whatever the hell it is you want to talk about," Roman snapped. "Okay -- if that's the way you feel, [then] I am done with this job, and I am done with you!" Hattie spontaneously decided before storming off to the upstairs bedroom to pack.

Roman chased after Hattie, who refused to open the bedroom door. "I'm tired of talking to you -- and I'm tired of you not talking to me!" Hattie grumbled. "[Then] open the door, and [we'll] talk," Roman countered, and Hattie reluctantly complied. "I get it -- I look like your ex-wife, [but I come] without [her] soul! [Or] maybe there's some unwritten rule about [how] an ex-cop [isn't allowed to] date an ex-con! But whatever it is, I'm done -- I'm done embarrassing myself, 'cause I keep on doing it over and over and over, [so just let me] pack up whatever I have left of my dignity and go!" Hattie snapped. "You should stay," Roman insisted.

Meanwhile, Abe exited the pub -- just as Xander walked away from a chance encounter with Nicole. "What was that all about?" Abe asked. "I just told Xander what he needed to hear," Nicole replied.

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