Sean Kanan returning to General Hospital

Posted Monday, September 17, 2012 11:29:11 PM
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Sean Kanan returning to General Hospital

A familiar face is returning to General Hospital in October. Sean Kanan, who appeared on GH in the 1990s as A.J. Quartermaine, is rejoining the show -- but who will he play? Kanan has also appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, Sunset Beach, and The Young and the Restless.

A few weeks ago, General Hospital pulled off the surprise of surprises, by having Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) pop up -- without warning -- at the end of an episode. Now, the ABC soap is hoping that lightning will strike twice as the show attempts to keep details involving another high-profile return under wraps.

Former GH star Sean Kanan (ex-A.J. Quartermaine) has confirmed that he is returning to the show next month. In an interview with TVGuide's Michael Logan, Kanan admits that no one is more surprised by his GH return than he is.

"This is all pretty surreal and utterly unexpected -- in fact, I thought it was going to take an Act of Congress to get me back on GH," Kanan revealed in the interview. "GH is one of those places I never thought I'd see again and that makes what's happened even more exciting. My life has changed completely since those days. I'm newly married and have a baby on the way. I also have an 11-year-old daughter and four stepchildren. I'm not the guy I used to be."

One thing Kanan did not reveal was who he'll be playing when he does make his way back to GH next month -- and ABC is hoping that the identity of Kanan's role will remain a secret until then. That hasn't kept fans from speculating.

Will Kanan step back into the shoes of his original Port Charles alter ego, A.J. Quartermaine? It's possible, but A.J. was killed off in 2005. Kanan made his GH debut in 1993 and remained with the show through 1997. The role was subsequently recast, and actor Billy Warlock was playing the role at the time of A.J.'s death.

Kanan could be taking on an entirely new role. It wouldn't be the first time that GH hired a former star for a new role. Emmy winner Sarah Brown first appeared as Carly Corinthos, and later rejoined the show as Claudia Zacchara.

There is also chatter that Kanan might be taking over another role, perhaps one that's already on the canvas. Next month, actor Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) will be exiting General Hospital, and some fans have wondered if the show might recast the role.

Since leaving General Hospital, Kanan has gone on to star on three different soaps -- but only in two roles. Kanan originated the role of Deacon Sharpe on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful in November 2000, and also played the role on B&B's sister soap, The Young and the Restless. Kanan makes a short-term return to B&B this week.

Kanan also appeared as Jude Cavenaugh on the short-lived NBC soap, Sunset Beach.

In a recent appearance on Soap Central's radio program, Soap Central Live, Kanan discussed how his life has changed through his work in daytime. He also previewed his participation in an unscripted soap opera that he and other daytime stars will be performing in Los Angeles. To hear the interview with Sean, click here.

Kanan's still-unknown role will be a contract role. He first appears on-screen on October 26.

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