Willow collapses during a heated argument with Nina

General Hospital Recap for Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Willow collapses during a heated argument with Nina | GH Recap (Thursday, December 1, 2022)
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Thursday, December 1, 2022

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn greeted Dante at the door and handed him an envelope with a letter for the review board. Dante explained that it was too late because the deadline for the letter had been the previous Friday, and the board had already convened. Brook Lynn decided to address the review board in person because she had pivotal information, but Dante warned her that the board would want to know why Brook Lynn hadn't spoken up sooner. Brook Lynn assured Dante that she would think of something, but Dante warned Brook Lynn that Chase would not want her to lie. Dejected, Brook Lynn entered the living room, so Dante asked why she hadn't written the letter sooner. Brook Lynn admitted that she'd been selfish.

Brook Lynn explained that she had wanted to take down Linc, and she had hoped to make Chase a star. However, she had feared that she would lose both if Chase was reinstated with the police. Brook Lynn acknowledged that she had wanted to keep Chase in the world that they had been creating, but it no longer mattered because she had lost Chase. Brook Lynn was surprised when Dante admitted that he had thought she had been good for Chase because Brook Lynn had put a fire under Chase, and Chase had been happy. Dante assured Brook Lynn that she was smart, fun, and creative, and she could do some good if she ever got out of her own way.

Brook Lynn admitted that she had no idea why she had been unable to see how much Chase had wanted to be reinstated. She asked if there was any way to help Chase, but Dante warned her not to try to pull strings because Chase wouldn't appreciate it. After Dante left, Brook Lynn read the letter that she had written praising Chase as a dedicated police officer and describing her role in the altercations that Chase had been involved in. Frustrated, Brook Lynn decided that she had to fix things, so she made a phone call and asked for help.

At Rice Plaza, Nina and Sasha carried two large boxes to a table. Nina looked around and realized that she and Sasha had been the first to arrive, but Nina was confident the other volunteers would be along shortly. Sasha was flattered when Nina revealed that she had put Sasha in charge of the holiday decorations for the plaza. Sasha assured Nina that she would not let Nina down. After Nina left, Sasha sorted through the boxes until Chase walked up. Chase was curious what Sasha was up to, so she told him that Metro Court had sponsored the Community Decoration Project, and Nina had put Sasha in charge of transforming the plaza.

Chase thought it had been generous of Sasha to take on the project, but Sasha confessed that it helped to stay busy, since the guardianship limited what she could do at Deception. Sasha teasingly invited Chase to help, and he took her up on the offer. He admitted that he needed something to focus on because he had broken up with Brook Lynn. Sasha felt bad for Chase, and she assured him that she was a good listener if he needed to talk. Chase explained that it was complicated, but the breakup had boiled down to Chase and Brook Lynn having different priorities.

Chase opened up about Brook Lynn's desire to make him a pop star, which had conflicted with Chase's desire to get his badge back. He admitted that Brook Lynn had been in a position to help with Chase's law enforcement career, but she had chosen not to. Later, Chase and Sasha were organizing the decorations as Chase conceded that he had no idea if Brook Lynn's letter would have influenced the review board, but it bothered him that Brook Lynn had never bothered to try. Sasha suggested that perhaps Brook Lynn had genuinely believed that Brook Lynn knew what Chase needed better than he did. Sasha clarified that it was not okay, but Chase and Sasha had done something similar when they had decided to help Michael and Willow during the custody fight for Wiley.

Chase accused Brook Lynn of acting in her own self-interest, but Sasha asked if it was possible that Brook Lynn had believed it had been best for the relationship. Chase conceded that Sasha had a point. Sasha thought that both Chase and Sasha's troubles were karma for the things they had done. Chase wondered if she thought he was a hypocrite for judging Brook Lynn. Sasha assured him that she had only been pointing out that they had all made mistakes.

Just then, Dante walked up. Chase was eager for news about the review board, but Dante hadn't heard anything. However, Dante was hopeful that his testimony had made a difference. Chase thanked Dante for his support. Sasha shifted gears and invited Dante to help them decorate the plaza. To her delight, Dante agreed.

After Sasha went to fetch a box, Chase's phone beeped. Chase pulled it out and read a text message. "It's final. The review board turned down my appeal," Chase said. Dante was sorry for Chase. Chase's tone filled with sadness as he realized that he was no longer a police officer -- and never would be again.

At Pozzulo's, Valentin knocked on the open door to Sonny's office and entered. Sonny asked about Anna, but Valentin revealed that Anna had decided to handle things on her own for a while. Sonny was curious why Valentin had stopped by, so Valentin revealed that he had a business proposal for Sonny. Sonny wasn't interested in doing business with Valentin. Sonny explained that his collaboration with Valentin had been for Anna's sake because Anna was important to Sonny. Sonny reminded Valentin that Valentin had threatened Spencer when Spencer had been a child, but Valentin assured Sonny that Spencer had never been in any danger.

Valentin asked if Sonny had ever heard of the Pikeman Security Group. Sonny was familiar with the mercenary group that trafficked in munitions, so Valentin revealed that the group wanted to move "classified merchandise" through Port Charles -- without interference from the government or law enforcement -- and Sonny's facilities would be ideal for the operation. Valentin acknowledged that he would receive a fee, but the group was prepared to pay Sonny $10,000,000 for every successful shipment. Sonny had reservations because it sounded too good to be true, and Sonny was curious how Valentin was connected to the group. Valentin explained that he had occasionally worked as a logistics contractor with Pikeman, and extending the offer to Sonny had earned Valentin a favor.

Sonny wanted to know more about Valentin's agreement with Pikeman, but Valentin would only tell Sonny that it had nothing to do with Sonny or Sonny's organization. Valentin gave his word, but Sonny informed Valentin that Valentin's word meant nothing to Sonny. "Fair enough," Valentin said. However, Valentin advised Sonny that it would be in Sonny's best interest to take Pikeman up on the offer. Sonny made it clear that he did not respond well to ultimatums, but Valentin clarified that he was merely the messenger.

Valentin explained that Pikeman would find someone else, but the group fully intended to move their merchandise through Port Charles because it was a shipping hub with access to the Atlantic and Canadian sea lanes. According to Valentin, if Sonny wasn't interested in working with Pikeman, then Sonny would be considered a liability, and Pikeman had a reputation for removing obstacles. Valentin warned Sonny that there were two choices: Sonny could make a boatload of money, or Sonny could gain a new set of powerful enemies. "Ball is in your court," Valentin said.

After Valentin left, Sonny called Brick. Sonny asked Brick to gather intel on Pikeman Security Group and to get back to Sonny as quickly as possible.

At Carly's house, Carly entered the kitchen and greeted her daughter. Josslyn was seated at the island and focused on the open laptop. After Carly got her daughter's attention, Josslyn announced that she had decided to change her major. Josslyn had applied for medical school. Carly was shocked, and she wondered what had prompted the change. Josslyn explained that she had hated feeling helpless when Dex had been shot, but Carly assured her daughter that Josslyn had done more than most could have.

Josslyn admitted that she feared what might have happened if Carly hadn't secured the antibiotics. It was a position that Josslyn never wanted to be in again, which meant that Josslyn would need training. "Is that the real reason you want to be a doctor?" Carly asked. Carly pointed out that all of Josslyn's encounters with Dex had been charged, and emotions had been running high. Josslyn was surprised at her mother's lack of enthusiasm for Josslyn's desire to become a doctor, but Carly had concerns because medical school was difficult and time-consuming.

Carly insisted it was important for Josslyn to be clear on why she wanted to be a doctor. Josslyn promised that she was not interested in medical school to become Dex's on-call doctor, but Carly wondered if Josslyn wanted to be a doctor because it was safer than admitting that Josslyn had feelings for Dex. Josslyn acknowledged that the situation with Dex had shifted Josslyn's perspective, but Josslyn insisted it was about Josslyn's future. Carly warned Josslyn that Dex had been shot, so the odds were good that Dex would have more violence in his life.

Josslyn promised that becoming a doctor was separate from Dex, and she opened up to Carly about finding Ava after the attack. Josslyn admitted that she would have felt responsible if Ava had died, so Josslyn wanted to know what to do in the event that someone else needed lifesaving help. Satisfied, Carly hugged her daughter.

Carly envied Josslyn because Carly hadn't had the same kind of clarity at Josslyn's age. Carly broached the subject of Cameron, and Josslyn confessed that her feelings for Cameron had changed. Josslyn promised that Dex had nothing to do with the shift, but Josslyn no longer felt the connection that she had once shared with Cameron. Josslyn was adamant that Cameron was her best friend, and it was the reason that she was reluctant to end things. Carly advised Josslyn that waiting would only make things worse for Cameron. Josslyn thanked her mother and decided to go for a run to clear her head.

At the gatehouse, Michael and Willow arrived home. Willow was weak as Michael helped guide her to the sectional sofa. He offered to make some tea, but Willow declined. She sat on the chaise as Michael knelt at her feet and slid off her boots. Willow urged Michael to go about his day as usual because Michael and Wiley's routine gave her a sense of normalcy. Willow lay down to take a nap as Michael draped a blanket on her. He promised to return soon, but he stopped at the door to look at her. "And he says he doesn't hover," Willow said. Her eyes remained closed, but she smiled.

At Dex's apartment, Dex had a dream about Josslyn and their passionate kiss in her dorm room. He jolted awake and sat up, but he winced in pain from the gunshot wound. A short time later, Dex answered the door. As Michael entered the apartment, he handed Dex's phone to Dex. Michael asked how the phone had ended up outside the gatehouse, so Dex filled Michael in about Dex's role in Anna's escape and the gunshot wound.

Dex explained that he had hoped Michael might get Dex patched up or to the apartment. Michael was not happy when Dex admitted that Josslyn had helped, but Michael realized that it had explained Josslyn's odd behavior when Michael and Willow had arrived home. Michael was furious that Dex had made Josslyn an accomplice to a crime, and Michael was concerned that Dex had further complicated things by revealing the truth about Dex's mission. Dex was certain that Josslyn would have said something if Dex had mentioned Michael. Michael agreed, but his mood didn't improve when Dex confessed that Carly had secured antibiotics for Dex.

Livid, Michael made it clear that he had no desire to dismantle Sonny's life at the cost of both his mother and sister. Dex promised that it wouldn't happen again, but Michael wasn't satisfied. Michael warned Dex that Michael would rather call everything off than put Josslyn at risk. "You need to find a way to keep her at arm's length," Michael said. Shortly after Michael left, Dex answered a knock at his door. It was Josslyn.

At the gatehouse, Willow woke up when she heard someone knocking at the door. She was confused when she saw Nina standing on the doorstep. Nina explained that she had a favor to ask of Willow. Willow informed Nina that Wiley was at school, so Nina's attempt to accidently run into him would not work. Nina admitted that she had purposefully stopped by when Wiley was not home. "I was hoping you might want to help out a friend," Nina said.

Willow walked to a sideboard and poured herself a glass of water as Nina told her about the holiday project at Rice Plaza and Sasha's role in getting everything done. Nina admitted that she had thought it might help Sasha to have a supportive friend on hand to get the work done, but Willow told Nina that it was not a good day for Willow. Nina explained that the project had been bigger than both Nina and Sasha had realized, and Nina reminded Willow that Sasha had had a difficult year. Nina suggested that Sasha could use some friends to rally around her, but Willow was unmoved.

Willow pointed out that Nina had not only taken on the project because Nina had decided it was what Sasha had needed, but Nina had put Sasha in charge of it without consulting Sasha about any of it. Nina was confident that she had made the right decision because Sasha had seemed happy when Nina had left the plaza. Willow was curious why -- if Sasha had been doing great -- Sasha needed friends to rally around her. "You are spinning your own narrative like you always do," Willow said.

Willow accused Nina of not having consideration for anyone, and Willow advised Nina to pick a lane about the impact of the project on Sasha. Nina turned defensive. Nina claimed that she had hoped that Willow would be willing to set aside their differences to help a friend. "There goes that narrative again," Willow said. "Willow Tait, you're as selfish as they come," Nina shot back.

Nina insisted that Willow had everything, while Sasha had lost Liam and Brando, suffered several nervous breakdowns, and been put under a guardianship. Nina claimed that Willow's life was perfect because Willow had graduated from nursing school, had plenty of time off from work to take naps, and lived on a beautiful estate in a house with a man and son who loved and adored Willow. Nina also reminded Willow that Willow was pregnant with another child. As Nina ranted about Willow's perfect life, Willow grew increasingly angry until she snapped.

"Shut up!" Willow shouted. Willow repeated it two more times for good measure. Shocked, Nina fell silent. Willow accused Nina of using Sasha as an excuse to get close to Willow and scheme her way back into Wiley's orbit. Willow insisted it had been ludicrous of Nina to think that Willow would look past the lies that Nina had spread about Willow and T.J. Outside, Carly approached the gatehouse, but she slowed when she saw Willow talking to Nina through a window.

When Willow ordered Nina to leave, Carly opened the door and stood in the doorway. Nina threw her hands up in defeat. Seconds later, Willow collapsed.

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