Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, November 24, 2021
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General Hospital Daily Recap for Wednesday, November 24, 2021 |
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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Brook Lynn interrupted Chase's post-Turkey Trot shower with a phone call to ask why he was not at the Quartermaine mansion. Chase advised Brook Lynn to calm down and assured her that he'd be headed her way soon.

Chase stepped out of the shower, peered into the mirror, and practiced how he'd break the news about being the father of Brook Lynn's baby to Finn.

Brook Lynn found Ned in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion, and Ned told his daughter that things were looking up. He shared that he and Olivia were finally "on the same page" about Leo needing to see a specialist. Ned sensed that something was troubling Brook Lynn, and he asked her if it had anything to do with Valentin and Charlotte unexpectedly moving out of the mansion.

Rather than answer, Brook Lynn started to walk away. Ned admitted that he had initially been happy to see Valentin move out, but he said that he knew something was amiss when Yuri kept repeating "something Bailey in Belarusian." Ned said that he had entered the phrase into a translator, and the result had said something about "the right seed." Ned praised Brook Lynn's maturity in how she and Valentin had co-parented "Bailey." Citing himself and Olivia as an example, he assured her that she and Valentin could get past whatever bump in the road they had hit.

Brook Lynn told her dad that Valentin was not "Bailey's" father. Ned was shocked that Brook Lynn had "been with more than one man around the same time." Brook Lynn claimed that she had always known who the father of her child was, but she had decided to be untruthful about it because of the ELQ situation.

Ned shook his head when he realized what Brook Lynn had done -- she had lied to two men and denied a child the right to know her father. Surprisingly, Ned assumed much of the blame, saying that he had put too much pressure on Brook Lynn. Ned sat down, took a deep breath, and expressed relief that he still had a granddaughter. When Ned learned that Valentin had not taken the news well, he feared that it was only a matter of time before Valentin fought back.

Ned became angry as he suggested that Chase had known that he had fathered Brook Lynn's child and had chosen to act as if he had not known. "Maybe he was too busy chasing after Willow," Ned growled. Brook Lynn closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Ned stormed out of the room.

After a moment, Brook Lynn followed her dad. She confronted him in the foyer as he was about to walk upstairs. She accused Ned of projecting his anger at her onto Chase. Ned made it clear that he was mad at both Chase and her. He called their actions "reckless, thoughtless, and selfish." Brook Lynn fired back that Ned was "not exactly a saint" himself. She repeated that Chase was not to blame. The doorbell rang, temporarily pausing the argument. When Ned opened the door, a smiling Chase stood on the other side, happily sharing that he had brought dessert.

At General Hospital, T.J. stood between Austin and Finn as they jokingly argued over which elective rotation he would be selecting next. Austin feigned outrage when he learned that T.J. had selected infectious diseases, musing that there was "no adrenaline rush" in that field. Marshall hid behind a pillar on the upper level, observing their conversation.

T.J. invited Austin to join him and Molly at Portia's for Thanksgiving. Austin did not immediately respond, prompting Finn to jokingly ask if Austin was waiting for a better offer. Before Austin could say anything, Olivia stepped off the elevator and asked if she could speak to Austin. Austin bluntly replied that he would not be speaking to Olivia or anyone else in her family ever again. Austin walked off, but Olivia chased after him.

Olivia eventually caught up to Austin, and he reluctantly agreed to hear her out. "I was wrong about you," she said. She shared the details of Leo running off to the docks with Austin, noting that if it had not been for Austin expressing his concerns, things could have ended very differently. Olivia apologized profusely to Austin and invited him to join the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving. Austin immediately rejected the idea, stating that he would "never forgive" the Quartermaines for denying his father nor would he forgive Brook Lynn for trying to sabotage his medical career.

Olivia understood Austin's stance and tried to explain Brook Lynn's actions, but Austin was not receptive of the explanation. He said that the important thing was that Leo would be getting the care that he needed. Olivia thanked Austin again, told him that the dinner invitation still stood, and turned and headed on her way back to the mansion.

Marshall made his way down to where T.J. was standing and asked him if he had a minute. T.J. questioned how his mysterious disappearing patient knew his nickname. Marshall pretended to have to think about what the initials meant, but eventually spat out that T.J. was short for "Thomas Junior." Again T.J. asked how the man knew the information. Marshall confessed that he had not needed medical attention when he'd last seen T.J.

T.J. politely declined the chance to talk to the man. Marshall understood why T.J. was suspicious of him. Marshall said that it would mean the world to him if he could have just a few minutes of T.J.'s time to explain everything.

Chase tracked Finn down in his office to say that he would not be joining Finn and the others for Thanksgiving dinner. Finn tried to guilt Chase into attending, but Chase said he had a personal matter that he had to attend to. Finn determined that a "lucky lady" was involved and pressed for details about who she was. "The mother of my child," Chase replied.

Finn listened intently as Chase explained that Brook Lynn was the woman in question. Chase stated that he and Brook Lynn were "just friends." Finn gave his brother a hug and congratulated him on becoming a dad. Chase asked Finn not to share the news with anyone else for the time being. Finn agreed but warned Chase to be careful of Valentin and the Quartermaines. Finn gushed about what an amazing father Chase would be. Chase wished his brother a happy Thanksgiving and could not exit the office fast enough, his eyes widening as he raced down the corridor.

Later, Finn passed by Austin and asked why he had such a long face. Austin responded that "sometimes the only way to turn a frown into a smile is the satisfaction of payback." Taken aback by the comment, Finn rescinded his dinner invitation and suggested that it might be best for Austin to have dinner alone in front of the television as Austin had originally planned.

Curtis sat at a table at the Savoy, looking at the 1985-dated photo that Marshall had given him. He didn't hear Portia when she entered. When he shook off his daydream, he didn't realize that it was Thanksgiving. Curtis told Portia that he was not ready to get into what had him so distracted. Portia told Curtis that when he was ready to talk, she would be there for him. She said that she would also understand if he did not want to join her for Thanksgiving.

Portia wished Curtis well, said she would miss him, and headed for the door. Before she could leave, Curtis called out to her and asked that she stop. Curtis and Portia sat at the bar, and Curtis told Portia that he had met the man from the sketch. "He claimed he was my father," Curtis said. Portia was caught off guard, stating that she had thought Curtis' father had passed away when Curtis had been a child.

Curtis confirmed that Portia was correct -- or at least that was what he had been led to believe. Curtis explained that Marshall had said he had stayed away "because it wasn't safe, whatever in the hell that means." Curtis admitted that Marshall's appearance had caused a lot of feelings to bubble up. However, no matter who Marshall really turned out to be, Curtis was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with the man. Portia questioned if that was what Curtis really wanted or if he was trying to protect himself. She posited that there could be more to Marshall's story.

Curtis insisted that he did not care if there was more to Marshall's story. By staying away, Curtis said angrily, Marshall had single-handedly altered the lives of countless people. Portia asked if Curtis had dug into Marshall's past. He replied that he had not because he had been "paralyzed" since Marshall had made his big announcement. Curtis explained that he had not told his Aunt Stella about Marshall because she was still recovering from her stroke. However, he was certain that Stella would never have lied about his father's death.

Portia and Curtis agreed that T.J. should be given a heads-up about Marshall so that T.J. was not blindsided. Portia shared that her home would always be open to Curtis. Curtis apologized for pushing Portia away, adding that opening up to her was the best decision he could have made. He said that he considered her one of his blessings.

Dante, Sam, and the kids watched the Wyndham's Thanksgiving Parade from the terrace of Sam's apartment. Rocco asked his dad why they had never watched from that vantage point before. Dante replied that they had never been invited before. Sam looked longingly at Dante and cloyingly said that she was certain they'd receive another invitation.

After the parade, Dante told the kids that he had a movie for them to watch called "Christina Comes Home for Christmas." Rocco groused that the movie was "ancient," but Scout was excited to watch it. The kids headed upstairs to watch the movie, leaving Dante and Sam to discuss their plans for the rest of the day: dinner with the Quartermaines and dessert at the Davises'.

Without going into detail, Dante told Sam that there had been "a situation" with Leo that had led to a realization that Leo could be on the autism spectrum. Sam understood "how trying" that could be because her brother had had a "genetic disorder that caused behavior issues." Sam became emotional as she thought about her late brother. Dante praised Sam as a "strong, fierce, beautiful, independent woman." Sam, in turn, said that she admired how Dante could be loyal to both his job and Sonny. The two had just barely locked lips when Scout appeared at the top of the steps to complain that the boys had changed the movie.

Dante assured Scout that he would handle Danny and Rocco and make sure that she got to see the entirety of the Christmas movie. Moments after Dante escorted Scout back upstairs, a knock sounded on the front door. Sam opened the door, and her jaw dropped as she saw a clean-shaven Drew standing in the hallway.

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