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Hamilton Finn
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Actor History
April 27, 2016 to present


Chief of infectious diseases at General Hospital

Developed a cure for Blackwood's syndrome; sold the research to Biospen Pharmaceuticals to help save General Hospital [Mar 2, 2017]



Metro Court Hotel, Room 501 (1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles)

Marital Status

Single/Widower (Reiko, deceased)

Past Marriages

Reiko (deceased)


Gregory Chase (father)

Unnamed mother

Harrison Chase (paternal half-brother)


Roxy, a bearded dragon (pet)

Flings & Affairs

Kristina Corinthos-Davis

Crimes Committed

Trespassing; arrested for treating Sabrina Santiago's son, Teddy, at the hospital while on suspension (Jun 27, 2016)

Blackmailed by Brad Cooper to keep silent about Finn's addiction for co-credit of the cure for Blackwood's syndrome [Jan 23, 2017]

Had become addicted to pain medication [Revealed Feb 6, 2017]

Finn was addicted to Zekenestrol [Revealed Feb 24, 2017]

Health and Vitals

Assaulted by Julian Jerome; pinned to the wall [May 31, 2016]

Dying from Blackwood's Syndrome, which he contracted in New Guinea in 2013 [illness revealed Jun 20, 2016; name of illness revealed Dec 19, 2016]

Refused medical treatment after being found unconscious and suffering from pain as a result of his unknown illness [Jul 1, 2016]


His phone number is (716) 555-0174

Brief Character History

Dr. Finn was invited to General Hospital as a consultant on Tracy's illness. Finn arrived with a small aquarium containing a large lizard and advised it was his service animal. Everyone noticed Finn's striking resemblance to Silas Clay.

Finn charmed Tracy with his frank manner and diagnosed her with a larval infestation that she'd picked up from unsanitary conditions in Mexico. He advised Tracy that the condition was treatable with medication, and other options were available if the drug protocol failed. Tracy was delighted with her new doctor and demanded that Monica hire him. Finn moved into the Metro Court hotel with his service lizard, Roxy.

In his suite, Finn jotted a few notes in his notebook and pulled out a kit with a vial of medication and a syringe, which he used to inject himself. Carly discovered the kit, but he claimed he had diabetes. Carly knew it was a lie, but she didn't challenge him. Grateful, Finn agreed to help Carly find the person who had donated a kidney to her daughter, Josslyn.

After Finn discovered that Hayden was Rachel Berlin, he paid her a visit to tell her that her father, Raymond Berlin, had destroyed millions of lives when he'd bilked investors, including the research facility where Finn had been working on a cure for a fatal virus. Hayden was horrified when Finn revealed that his own wife had succumbed to the virus and that Finn had it.

Liesl became suspicious of Finn when medications started disappearing from the dispensary at the hospital. At the same time, a serial killer lurked the hallways, killing patients with an overdose of a drug called derisifol, which was used only for surgery. After Liesl found Finn's syringe kit in his locker, Finn was arrested for theft of drugs from the hospital and on suspicion that he was the killer. However, the "Angel of Mercy" killer struck while Finn was in jail, which cleared his name. Monica reinstated him, but he was furious when he discovered that Liesl had destroyed all of his lab work. Adding to Finn's troubles, his overseas supplier for the drug that kept him alive decided to stop shipping the life-saving medicine out of fear that it would be traced back to them.

Hayden enlisted Tracy's help to get the medicine, but Tracy had a change of heart when she and Hayden learned that the medicine was in the same class as heroin. Finn decided to turn to Sonny for help. Sonny only agreed to help Finn because he knew that Finn wouldn't use the medicine for recreational purposes and because Finn had agreed to help Julian Jerome get healthy enough to face trial.

Finn told Hayden he was leaving town because he'd found another source for his drug and would never forget all Hayden had done for him. Finn also said he didn't want to cause more sorrow in her life. Hayden vowed she wouldn't let him die alone.

When Finn returned from his trip, Carly introduced Finn to Jax and said Finn had helped her identify the administrator who had overseen Josslyn's transplant.

Sam was stunned at how much Finn looked like her ex-boyfriend Silas. Finn said Sam could have contracted a virus in Mediterranean during her visit there which might be the cause of her fainting spells. He later told Sam that she was pregnant.

When Finn returned to check on Sam, she asked him to check Jason. Finn suspected Jason had malaria and assured Sam it was treatable. Finn informed Sam she'd have to be tested for malaria, since she'd been exposed to the illness, and the symptoms could take up to twenty-five days to manifest but could cause complications with her pregnancy.

Finn went to Wyndemere to offer his condolences to Hayden after he'd heard that Nikolas had died. Hayden said that Nikolas had staged his death on the night of the Nurses Ball to frame her for murder. Finn held her while she wept. Finn told Hayden about his wife's illness and her death and assured Hayden that he had enough doses to last him three months. He hoped to have a cure by then.

When Finn returned to the hospital, Liesl asked how he could afford a private jet to fly out of the country. Finn refused to answer her and asked why she had such a problem with him. Liesl pointed out that the murders had started shortly after his arrival in Port Charles. Finn accused Liesl of being a killer and said he was familiar with her criminal history. He suggested she wanted revenge for her demotion and hoped the hospital doors would close as a result.

Valerie entered Finn's lab and said she'd been cleared to conduct a sweep. Finn told her not to disturb any of his work.

When Finn had returned to his lab, Liesl was going through his notes. Liesl warned him that she knew he'd been working with highly restricted and illegal substances, which explained why Finn had taken Sonny's private jet. Liesl threatened to report him and was positive Finn had been formulating a party drug for Sonny to sell. Finn said he'd been working with the FDA on a treatment for a rare infectious disease, and his FDA contacts wouldn't appreciate her hindering his research. Liesl was sure Valerie would be interested in hearing about his research, especially after Valerie's attack in his lab. Finn hadn't been aware of Valerie's attack. Liesl was certain Finn had knocked Valerie out. Finn ordered Liesl to leave.

Hayden told Finn that Naomi wanted her to leave town and asked if he would miss her. Finn accused her of hoping he'd ask her to stay and told her that she didn't need justification from a man. He couldn't save her because he couldn't save himself. After Hayden left, Finn knew he'd been cruel and felt terrible about hurting her.

Back at the lab, Finn noticed his recorder was missing and went directly to Liesl. He found her listening to his recording, called her a miserable bitch, and demanded to know how much she'd heard. Liesl assured him she'd heard more than enough. Finn took the recorder from her and vowed to kill her if she made another move against him.

Finn overheard Elizabeth's call to Jordan and covered the head of a patient who had died while under Andre's care. Andre said he'd been talking to the patient when the patient had grabbed his chest and passed out.

In the hallway, Finn witnessed Hayden slap Elizabeth and separated them. Finn told Elizabeth to check in with Monica before she left. Hayden said that Elizabeth was trying to destroy her. Finn assured Hayden he would not let that happen.

After the power outage at the hospital, Finn was called to attend to Elizabeth, who had fallen down the stairs. Finn returned to the nurses' station and questioned Hayden about Elizabeth's fall and assured her that he was her friend and wanted to help her. Franco had been beside Elizabeth and had accused Hayden of being better off if Elizabeth had died. He'd told Finn about the diamonds and said the diamonds proved Hayden had committed fraud and theft. Finn demanded answers from Hayden.

In the locker room, Hayden admitted she'd confronted Elizabeth and slapped her, but she hadn't tried to kill her. When Finn questioned Hayden about the diamonds, she told him that she'd taken them as a fallback. Finn accused her of either being clueless of totally selfish and understood why Franco had been suspicious. Hayden said she'd planned on blackmailing Elizabeth for knowing that Nikolas had hired a hit man but assured Finn she was not a murderer.

When Jordan questioned Hayden about Elizabeth's fall, Finn provided Hayden with an alibi. Finn said he'd been apologizing to Hayden for an argument they'd had the previous day. Finn later told Hayden that he'd defended her because he didn't believe she had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs.

At Perks Coffee, Finn told Hayden he didn't want her to leave and kissed her. Jordan arrived and arrested Hayden for the attempted murder of Elizabeth.

At the nurses' station, Finn instructed a nurse to make sure Hayden's file was delivered to the police station. Hayden had been shot in the head and needed medication that could only be administered by a physician. Finn called Curtis and left him a message about a mutual friend who was in trouble. Finn entered the interrogation room and gave Hayden two tablets and explained they were antacids. He encouraged her to have faith.

Finn met Curtis at the Floating Rib and filled him in about Hayden's arrest. He said he needed Curtis' help to clear her name. Witnesses had seen Hayden and Elizabeth arguing, and Franco had found Hayden standing over Elizabeth's body in the stairwell. Finn said Hayden had had motive, but Curtis argued that the case was weak. Curtis assured Finn he was determined to exonerate Hayden.

At the hospital, Finn arranged for Curtis to have unrestricted access there. Finn gave Curtis an identification badge and advised him to keep a low profile. Finn stopped a nurse who had had Elizabeth's personal effects, and he found Elizabeth's cell phone. He scrolled through the phone and told Curtis he might have a picture of Elizabeth's attacker. It was a photograph showing a man's legs from the knees down, wearing dress pants and brown shoes. Finn felt that was enough to exonerate Hayden.

At the police station, Finn and Curtis showed Jordan the photograph on Elizabeth's phone and shared that the geolocator confirmed that the photo had been taken at the hospital during the time that Elizabeth had been pushed, the phone carrier had confirmed the phone belonged to Elizabeth, and the photo's geotag had established that the photo was of Elizabeth's attacker.

At the hospital, Finn was with Hayden when he received a call from Curtis advising that the charges against Hayden had been dropped.

In Finn's suite, Finn suggested that Hayden get some rest. When Hayden awoke the following morning, he asked her to help inject him. Hayden followed his instructions and slid the needle into his vein. Hayden expressed her gratitude to Finn for clearing her name. Hayden confessed that she wanted to use the diamonds to fund Finn's research. When Hayden saw Finn was uncomfortable with the discussion, she asked him about the kiss they had shared. Finn reminded her that he was a dying man and was still in love with his wife.

At Metro Court, Tracy pressured Finn into pleading her case to the board to keep the hospital from closing. Finn reminded Tracy that the board had recently suspended him and that Liesl had approached the board with numerous complaints about him.

After the hospital had been closed, Finn returned to his suite and told Roxy he was unemployed and wouldn't be around much longer. Finn assured Roxy that he'd find her a great home and was sure Josslyn would be interested. Finn found a letter from his wife, Reiko, asking him to find a cure for the disease that had claimed her life. Finn began to cry for failing her, and in a fit of anger, he upended some of the furniture and fell to the floor and sobbed.

When Hayden arrived to see Finn, he opened up and told Hayden about traveling to another country to develop a cure for the disease. Reiko had wanted to return home, but he had felt it was imperative to study the disease where it had originated. He and Reiko had worked with a new batch of samples but hadn't been careful. Reiko had fallen ill with the disease, and it had killed her. Finn blamed himself for Reiko's illness.

After the hospital reopened, Finn was in the lab and grew frustrated when his hands shook while he tried to work. He recorded that he'd had to ration his life-saving medication because it was running low, causing his research to be stalled. He picked up a beaker and spoke about how he'd isolated the pathogen from the deadly disease he'd been infected with, and he hoped to use the pathogen to formulate a cure.

Brad entered the lab and told Finn he had hoped that Finn had found another lab to work in. Finn assured Brad he knew what he was doing, but Brad argued that he didn't have any guarantees that Finn wouldn't contaminate the hospital with a deadly toxin. Finn panicked when Brad picked up a beaker filled with an amber liquid. Brad realized it contained a hazardous material and wanted to know why it hadn't been stored in a proper containment unit. Brad became concerned when he saw Finn's hand shaking. Brad knew that Finn worked with infectious diseases.

Brad wanted to know if Finn had infected himself. Finn denied it. When asked, Finn admitted the beaker contained a deadly pathogen that could be contagious if it was in contact with an open wound. Brad accused Finn of endangering the hospital and stormed out of the lab. After Brad left, Finn returned to work, but the beaker slipped out of his hand, and the toxic chemical splattered on the floor.

Finn left to find something to clean up the mess. When he returned with a mop, bleach, and a bucket, he received a call from Tracy. She told him about Brad's accusations. Finn froze in the doorway to his lab when he saw Hayden picking a shard of glass out of her shoe. Alarmed, he ordered her to drop the glass and closely examined her hands. He rinsed her hands thoroughly and informed her that he'd been working with the bacteria that had caused his disease. Finn was horrified when he saw the cut on Hayden's hand. Finn reluctantly admitted that Hayden had been exposed to the same disease he had.

Finn found a wobbly Hayden and demanded to know why she'd left the hospital before he'd had an opportunity to draw blood to see if she'd been infected. Hayden agreed to go to the hospital but collapsed. Finn realized that Hayden had been infected with the disease that was slowly killing him. He promised to find a cure, but she needed to go to hospital immediately.

Hayden began struggling to breathe then passed out. Finn took out a large needle and injected adrenaline straight into her heart. Hayden gasped and awoke. He and Laura got Hayden to the hospital, where Tracy revealed that Brad and Liesl had taken their concerns about Finn's lab to the board. He told Tracy he wasn't leaving Hayden and that her illness might be worse than his because she'd been infected with a more concentrated version of the disease. He knew he was the only one who could save Hayden. Finn instructed Elizabeth to gather a week's worth of all the medication they'd need for Hayden and to prepare paperwork for a patient transfer because Hayden was going to be moved to Tracy's home.

At Tracy's, Finn monitored Hayden and promised to take care of her. Finn received Hayden's test results and was disheartened. The following day, Hayden strolled into the living room, eating an egg sandwich, and announced that she was going to work. Finn tried to stop her and revealed her test results. Hayden admitted she felt fine and couldn't afford to take the day off. Finn vowed not to rest until he'd discovered a cure.

After Hayden left, Tracy asked Finn how much Zekenestrol he had. Finn admitted he didn't have enough to treat himself and Hayden. Tracy decided to put her resources to work and find a legal source for the drug. Finn objected, fearing Tracy would be putting ELQ at risk if she were caught.

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