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Sibley Gamble
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Veronica Cartwright
July 8, 2019 to present


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On July 8, 2019, grieving mother Ava Jerome arranged to meet psychic Sibley Gamble at Metro Court Restaurant. Ava had great hope that Sibley could help her contact Ava's murdered daughter Kiki because Ava was eager to make peace with the child that she had been estranged from at the time of Kiki's murder. However, before Ava could probe Sibley about her gift to communicate with departed loved ones, Nina Reeves spotted the pair and approached the table. Nina was well acquainted with Sibley because Nina's mother, the late Madeline Reeves, had been one of Sibley's most loyal clients. Nina warned Ava that Sibley was a charlatan who was out to make a buck.

Sibley took Nina's outburst in stride, but she had a message for Nina's fiancé from Madeline. "Next time, use tweezers," Sibley relayed to Valentin Cassadine. Valentin recalled stealing a sample of Madeline's DNA before the funeral, but he pushed the memory away then ushered Nina to a nearby table. Sibley explained that she had "occasional clairvoyance," and she couldn't control or predict the intensity or focus of who she contacted. Ava remained skeptical until Sibley had recounted the private exchange between Ava and Connie Falconeri right before Ava had murdered Connie.

Sibley advised that the restaurant was not the best place to make contact with Kiki because everyone was made of energy, which left a mark, especially when the death had been violent. Ava couldn't take Sibley to the apartment where Kiki had been attacked because it had been sold, so she took Sibley to the Haunted Star where Kiki's body had been discovered.

Sibley and Ava arrived at the Haunted Star as Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber celebrated their February wedding with friends and family. Sibley greeted the newlyweds, but she warned Franco that he would soon not be feeling like himself. Sibley also advised Liz to hold onto her husband. Sibley also had an encounter with Dr. Hamilton Finn who had been missing his fiancée, Anna Devane. Sibley cautioned Finn that he would soon have more women than he could handle. Ava was not pleased with Sibley's free readings, so she ushered Sibley to the stateroom where Kiki's body had been found.

Ava was shaken when Sibley revealed that Kiki had been mortally wounded in the apartment, but she had taken her last breath in the stateroom. Sibley confirmed that she felt Kiki's presence in the room just as the lights on the ship suddenly went out. Ava was certain that it had been her daughter's doing, but Sibley was confident that it had just been a blown fuse. Moments later, the lights returned -- someone had tampered with the breaker box.

Overcome with emotion, Ava began to apologize to her daughter and expressing her regret that she and Kiki had been estranged at the time of the murder, but Sibley had demanded silence because she needed to concentrate. Unfortunately, it was too late because Kiki's "spirit" had left. Ava was furious when Sibley announced that the session was over. Ava accused Sibley of being a fraud, and the two women exchanged heated words until Ava suddenly stilled. Ava had felt her daughter's presence.

Sibley picked up Kiki's thoughts as Kiki acknowledged a special dinner that Ava had planned. Moved, Ava revealed that she'd gone to dinner at a little restaurant that she and Kiki had wanted to try. Sibley revealed that Kiki had wanted to be there with her mother. After Kiki had once again faded away, Ava demanded that Sibley put her back in contact with Kiki. Sibley conceded that she occasionally acted as a conduit to the other side, and she agreed to try to help Ava speak directly to Kiki -- another day.

On July 16, Sibley joined Ava on General Hospital's rooftop overlooking the paving stone dedicated to Kiki. Ava handed Sibley a necklace that Kiki had always worn -- except in the months prior to her death. It had been a graduation gift from Ava. Sibley closed her hand around the special memento, reached for Ava's hand, then closed her eyes as she instructed Ava to focus on a strong memory of Kiki.

Moments later, Sibley's body jolted then her eyes slowly opened as she dropped Ava's hand. Ava asked Sibley if it had worked. "No, mother, it's me," "Kiki" replied. Ava wanted proof, so "Kiki" revealed that she'd worn the necklace until Ava had drugged Sasha to set Griffin up. "Kiki" reminded her mother of several other volatile encounters that the mother and daughter had had until Ava conceded that she was speaking to her daughter. Ava started to apologize, but "Kiki" wasn't interested in what Ava had to say. "Kiki" claimed that she was finally at peace because she was free of her mother.

Hurt, Ava confessed that Ryan had told her that Kiki had forgiven her, but "Kiki" was stunned that Ava would believe her daughter's killer. "Kiki" doubted that Ava would ever change, so she was through talking to her mother. Moments later, Sibley returned. Ava angrily accused Sibley of scamming her, but Sibley explained that she couldn't control what a spirit said. Just then, Sibley received a message from Kiki, which she relayed to Ava. Kiki wanted Avery to know that she loved and missed Avery.

Ava was desperate to talk to Kiki, but Sibley explained that Kiki was hurt, and she refused to speak. However, Sibley agreed to try again in the future -- free of charge. Determined to start making amends as Kiki would want, Ava asked if Sibley could contact Nikolas Cassadine. Sibley reached out, but she had not sensed his presence on "the other side."

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